Technology Bondage

by Jake R

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© Copyright 2015 - Jake R - Used by permission

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I have to say that I am not really into technology, and related gadgets. I use a computer for the bare necessities of life in this new age of technological advancement. I recognize the ease and advantage of cell phones, but I still do not own a cell phone; in the few situations when I have borrowed one for an emergency call, I have to rely on the person lending it to me to show me how to use it. My reasons for being a technology idiot are not important, but I readily admit that--despite their usefulness--they make me very uncomfortable.

A young friend of mine who shares my enjoyment of bondage with other guys came to my home one day for just such a meeting. Grey was his usual cheerful self when he arrived, and we sat and conversed on our lives since our last meeting. Grey seemed a bit more animated than usual as we talked, and I just chalked it up to his excitement of our pending time together (tying each other up). We both enjoy tying up another guy more than being tied up, but take turns tying up each other out of fairness.

After a short time, he asked if I was ready to begin. I nodded, enjoying Grey's eagerness to start, and commented on his obvious excitement. But then he added, "Jake, I want to try something a bit different today!" I inclined my head to one side as he continued, "I have been in contact with a great guy who lives on the east coast and really enjoys bondage situations with other guys. I have told him about our meetings, and--if it is okay with you--he wants to join us for our meeting today--at least for the first couple of hours. Are you okay with that?"

This came as a surprise, but I was totally okay with it. I asked where the guy was, and when he was due to arrive.

Grey continued, "Oh, he's still back east."

"How is he going to join us?" I asked (realizing that Grey and I live in the middle of the great American desert regions in the western United States).

"Oh, this is the fun part!" Grey said with a big smile. 'He is going to join us with his cell phone and on-line using your computer. I hope it is okay with you, but he wants to tell us how to tie each other up, and we just follow his direction." Grey went on to explain how it would all fit together, but he was speaking fast and using technical words that I did not readily understand; it was all above my head in comprehension right from the start. Grey finally ended his dialogue with, "All I have to do is call him on my cell phone and we can start. He's waiting for my call."

As we moved into the room where my computer is located, I confirmed with Grey that this stranger who would remain a stranger was going to tell us just what to do to each other. And he would be tracking it through the computer and Grey's cell phone.

"Yep," Grey replied. "Kind of different, but he is quite a dominant guy and it could be fun--and maybe a bit safer than having him here in person. But I did tell him that we don't have expensive toys and we are just into bondage for the sake of bondage; we don't move into the realm of sexual things. He is okay with that, but he says the bondage will be more strict and tight since that is the case. It sounds kind of exciting--don't you think? And we can just disconnect if his demands get too dangerous or out of control."

I had to admit: it was all unusual, but interesting and seemed safe enough. Grey sat down at my computer to set things up while I went into the garage to get our box of bondage supplies. Grey was still thumping away on the computer doing..... whatever..... and had made the call and set his cell phone on speaker when I returned with the box. I was introduced to our east coast friend whose name was Max. Max' voice was low and had a sinister tone to it that was difficult to describe. But he seemed to be an "okay" guy, as he asked me questions to get better acquainted with me as a person while Grey finished with whatever he was working on.

When Grey announced to Max that we were ready, Max began to give instructions in his low, sinister tone. "From this point on, I will do most of the talking. The two of you will only speak if you have a question or when you have completed my last order and are ready to move on. And I expect to see firsthand the progress you are making to ensure you are following my instructions. Grey, you will see to that!!"

I was thinking how interesting that Max was taking control of the situation from a distance of a few thousand miles using a speaker phone. It was a new experience for me--for sure. Grey was ready to comply, and a big smile appeared on his face as Max began his instructions. Max' voice was void of emotion as he spoke--well, there was maybe just a tinge of excitement.

"Grey, you will be tying Jake up first." (The reason for Grey's smile was made obvious with that remark.) "Find a low back chair with no wheels--one that sits flat on the floor."

"Got it!" Grey did not even try to hide the excitement in his voice as he pulled a wooden chair from the corner and set it in the middle of the room.

"Jake, before you sit down on the chair, strip to your underwear and socks. If you are wearing a t-shirt, take it off also. You wear nothing but briefs and socks!" Grey's smile grew as I followed instructions, then sat down on the chair.

"Grey, Jake's hands are to be tied together behind the back of the chair." Grey moved quickly as the instructions continued to come. "Tie Jake's feet together--side by side. Tie his knees together. Find something to use as a blindfold." A pause followed while Grey followed Max instructions to the letter. "And I want a picture!"

Grey did not mention anything about pictures, I thought as he knotted the blindfold in place! "Grey, you didn't say anything about pictures....." I protested. "And how can you send Max a picture? Is there......"

"Picture sent, Max," Grey said interrupting my questions.

"While I'm checking it out, put a gag on that guy, and make it tight! I specifically said no talking!"

I heard a small chuckle from Grey. A wad of cloth was shoved into my mouth, then a roll of cloth was pulled between my teeth--forcing the wad of cloth further back in my mouth as Grey knotted it behind my head. I was confident that my cheeks were bulging! Grey went from a slight chuckle to an outright laugh. "Done!" Grey announced (with a little too much excitement in his voice).

Max made a couple of comments before continuing with his instructions. "Picture has arrived. It's a good thing I am not there in person--I have a thing for hairy chests and would likely do something to Jake that he would not appreciate!" (Audible laugh.) "The chair has a low back--great!! Tie Jake's arms together at elbow level behind the chair, and pull them as close together as you possibly can in the process. When you are done with that, send another picture!"

Grey moved quickly to obey. When he was finished, my arms were not touching, but the absolute discomfort made it evident that they were tied not far apart. Max continued, "Picture received. Good job, Grey! Tweak and pinch those nipples for a few minutes until I hear Jake moan!" It didn't take long for the moan to surface, but I will admit that Grey did me a huge favor by pinching with one hand and holding the phone closer to my gagged mouth with the other.

Max gave a low, loud laugh, then continued. "Take the phone off speaker, Grey," he said.

After a couple of minutes I heard Grey say, "Right away--coming right up!" Grey wrapped rope around my upper legs, effectively tying them to the seat of the chair. He then tied a separate rope to the one he had used to tie my knees, wrapped it around the back of my neck, and pulled me forward in the chair. As my head was pulled lower toward my legs, my arms were pulled up so my forearms were resting on the back of the chair. Grey again knotted the rope behind my neck to the ropes tying my knees, and I was forced to remain leaning forward so that my chin was just a short distance from my bound knees. Grey then tied my arms to the backrest of the chair. There was no way I could sit up straight--I was in a totally helpless bondage situation.

"Pictures sent from front, back, and sides," Grey said with a chuckle, then once again put the phone on speaker.

I heard Max' voice say, "Pictures received!" followed by the familiar low laugh. "Well done, Grey." (Long pause.) I would like to tell you to pull Jake's feet back and tie them to the backrest on the chair in a sort of hogtie, but I'm concerned that the chair would tip forward and break Jake's neck when it falls over! Better to keep his feet flat on the floor." Another laugh followed. "Now, Grey, keep the speaker on and I will tell you when to untie Jake. Oh....and if you want to do something to him while he is tied up like that and helpless, be my guest. Just tell me what you are doing when you do it. I am just enjoying the pictures you sent and wishing I was there in person!"

Grey just sat back and enjoyed the sight of me--even though he was there with me in person!! Occasionally he would rise and reach his hand under my torso to pinch my nipples, or tug at my chest hair. Sometimes he rubbed his hand across my shoulders. Once, he even dug his fingers into my sides. He would speak out loud and tell Max what he was doing, but only after he had done it. I could do nothing but endure, and wait for Max to give him the order to untie me. Every so often, I would hear Max laugh, and utter words like: great! wow! good job!

It seemed like a few hours had passed while I was tied in that uncomfortable position! Just when the stress on my shoulders and lower back was at its peak, and I was confident that I would be walking bent over that way for the rest of my life, Max' voice came through the speaker. "Grey, lay Jake's shirt over his shoulders and send me another picture. I need to make sure you kept him tied up until I told you otherwise. Once you have sent the picture, you can untie Jake. But take your time untying him." ("Take your time". Just what I really needed to hear!!)

A bundle of cloth was laid on my upper back, and Grey's voice followed, "Picture sent."

"Picture received. Let me know when you finish untying Jake. I will enjoy these pictures while you untie him. Remember, once he is untied, he gets to tie you up."

With motivation like that, Grey did take his time removing the ropes from me. He started by removing the blindfold (leaving the gag in place). He then untied my arms from the chair back and slowly untied my feet. He removed the rope around my neck so I could at least sit upright once again. He untied my legs form the chair, then untied my knees and assisted me into a standing position. He let me walk around a little to get the cramps out of my legs and back--but he left my hands and elbows tied tightly behind me for another ten minutes or so.

Max' low voice came from the speaker, "Are you finished yet, Grey?"

"Almost," Grey responded. ".....just having a hard time with the hands and elbows!"

"Send me a picture!" Max' voice came through with a hint of excitement. Grey did, and a sinister laugh came from Max. "Nice picture, Grey. You did a great job capturing that hairy chest once again! But that has to be uncomfortable. Finish it up."

Grey's smile turned into a laugh as he untied my hands. He left my elbows tied while he removed the gag, then slowly untied my elbows. I moved my jaws back and forth and opened my mouth as if giving a huge yawn as Grey announced, "Jake is untied."

As I rubbed my wrists and elbows, Max' voice was heard. "Jake, it's your turn to tie Grey up. But first, Grey needs to show you how to take pictures and fire them off to me. Let me know when Grey is finished explaining how to do it. And Grey--do not take a lot of time explaining it or you will suffer later on!" Grey quickly ran me through the procedure.

"It's done," Grey said. "Jake should now be a whiz at doing it!"

"We'll see soon enough," Max replied. "Your turn to strip down to your briefs and socks, Grey."

Grey's smooth, broad chest and moderately hairy legs soon came into view as he followed Max' instructions. "Done," he said, with a slight smile. I did notice at that point that Grey had developed a respectable erection underneath his briefs.

"Let's test out the training you gave to Jake," Max said. "Jake, take a picture of Grey and send it to me."

I used Grey's cell phone to take a photo of him and did what Grey had shown me a short time before. "Picture sent," I said, and sarcastically wondered if I should be saluting when I said it.

"Nice," Max' voice came through. "No chest hair, but very impressive nonetheless." A slight pause followed, and neither Grey nor I dared to break the silence. "Tie Grey's hands together behind his back, Jake," Max ordered. "Then I want two pictures sent: one from the front, and one from the back."

I followed Max' demands, and the photos were soon on their way. "Pictures sent," I said.

"Quite an impressive view from the front," Max said, and gave a small laugh. "Grey, I do believe you are enjoying all this a bit too much." There was a long pause before Max spoke again. "Jake, tie Grey's feet together while he's standing there." I moved the chair that I had been tied to into a corner of the room, and knelt to tie Grey's feet.

No more instructions came forth, so I said, "Done." The silence continued as Grey and I just looked at each other.

Finally, Max spoke again in his low voice, but with a slightly sinister inflection, "Jake, pull Grey's underwear down to his ankles, and send me another picture from the front."

Grey's smile faded, and a grimace took its place as I moved behind him and jerked his underwear down his legs. I took the requested picture and sent it. Grey looked at me with a vague expression on his face as I looked at his impressive cock--with his hands tied behind him, there was no chance of hiding his enlarged manhood. We could both hear Max' chuckling and laughter coming from the cellphone. "Very nice," he finally said. "Jake, pull Grey's underwear back up and help him get down on the floor, face down. We need to be moving along."

I pulled Grey's underwear up as directed, and carefully maneuvered it over his enlarged cock. Grey caught his breath as I slowly rubbed the elastic band of his underwear up the full length of it. (I had to smile--and I do admit that I did it on purpose.) I took him by the arm and pulled back as Grey eased himself down to the floor and rolled into a face down position.

"Grey shoulders are too broad for you to tie his arms together like he did to you, Jake, so just tie a rope around his feet and hogtie them to his hands. But don't leave any slack in the hogtie at all. I want his fingers to be able to touch his heels when you are through. Then take a picture and send it to me."

I did everything that Max instructed, and enjoyed Grey's discomfort--made more evident by a few moans from him--as I knotted the hogtie rope. "Picture sent," I said when I was finished.

"Very nice," came the response from Max, and he repeated it a few more times. "Now add a gag just like he did to you. Then send me another picture."

"Picture sent," I said after following his orders, making sure the cloth gag was just as tight as the one Grey had put on me earlier.

There was a long pause interspersed occasionally by the quiet laughter of Max. I just sat down on a chair and enjoyed the sight of Grey, silenced and tightly hogtied on the floor in the middle of the room. I remained silent, and watched as Grey shifted at times or tested the ropes with an occasional struggle. I knew Max would tell me when it was time to set him free, and I will admit that I was enjoying this threesome bondage meeting.

About twenty minutes passed before I heard Max' voice again on the speaker. "Jake, is Grey still hogtied?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Good. Now roll him onto his side and tell me if that huge erection is still intact."

"It sure is!"

"Send me a pic!" I took a photo, thinking that revenge is indeed sweet! "Picture sent."

Max laughed, and I knew the picture had reached its destination. "Jake," he said. "Do exactly as I say. I know this may be out of your comfort zone, but do it anyway. Pull Grey's underwear down to his knees, then roll Grey back onto his stomach. Roll him back and forth from side to side, and--in the process--do anything you can to get him to struggle--tickle his feet, or dig your finger into his ribs, or whatever. You know where I'm going with this, so make it happen!!"

I began to follow Max' orders with all diligence (and a big smile). Grey initially shook his head back and forth, but was helpless to put up much resistance as I rolled him from side to side and attacked his body and feet with my probing fingers. He struggled and shouted into his gag and moaned almost constantly. I could hear Max' laughter coming from the speaker, and kept up my assault. The soft, thick rug Grey was laying on added to my efforts, and several minutes later, Grey threw his head back, closed his eyes, and attempted a loud shout into the gag. His struggling decreased considerably, and he lay with his forehead on the rug, breathing deeply. A resounding cheer came from Max through the speaker, followed by a long burst of laughter. I retreated to the chair and watched as Grey continued to breath deeply through his nose, his back rising each time he took an intake of air into his lungs--his eyes still closed.

As Grey's breathing returned to normal, Max' voice (tinged with an obvious touch of mirth) came over the speaker. "Jake, you can untie Grey now."

Grey kept his eyes closed as I untied the hogtie rope and lowered his feet to the floor. I untied his ankles, then his hands. When his hands were free, Grey rolled onto his side and reached behind his head to untie the knot on his gag. His formerly enlarged cock was still big, but now limp. A large wet spot on the rug and the wet, matted hair surrounding Grey's cock and balls were sufficient evidence of what had taken place. Grey's eyes remained closed through it all--almost as though he was thinking that as long as he could not see anyone else, no one else could see him. But once the gag was removed and Grey had exercised his jaws for a short time, he opened his eyes then removed his underwear completely and slowly rose to his feet. He looked at me and pointed his finger toward the direction of the bathroom and disappeared through the door.

"Grey, are you there?" Max' voice came again from the speaker after a few minutes, then broke into a laugh when I explained that Grey had gone to the bathroom to clean himself up. "Let me know when he returns," Max said, then added, "I probably need to excuse myself from the meeting fairly soon." I was putting my trousers on as Grey walked back into the room and Max was still speaking, "I want to tell Grey one last thing." Grey announced his return, and Max continued, "If you put any of the photos that either of you took on Jake's computer, I want you to delete them now."

"What? Are you sure?" Grey asked in a surprised tone. "I thought Jake would like to have them as a reminder of a great time!"

"NOW!" Max' voice was coming through in a demanding tone. "Jake sounded a bit concerned at the beginning of the meeting about you not mentioning pictures being taken. So delete them!"

"Okay." Grey sat down at the computer and pressed a number of buttons on the keyboard. After a few minutes, he pushed the chair back and announced, "They're deleted." The expression on Grey's face was not a happy one. I guess my expression was not too different as I realized that I definitely would have liked a visual record of a great time. But part of friendship is trust, and Grey and I held to that.

"It's been great guys!" Max said. 'Jake, you're a good sport. Grey, I hope you're not offended by what happened. If you are, remember: I told Jake to do it! Hope we can do it again sometime! I'm hanging up now, Grey; you can turn your phone off." A click followed.

Grey picked up his cell phone and pushed a button. He set it back on the table and looked at me. I picked up my shirt and started to slide one arm into a sleeve. "Did you enjoy the threesome?" Grey asked. I gave a big smile and nodded. "Want to continue the meeting a little longer? Grey asked.

"It's up to you," I said, as I began to button my shirt. "I'm not sure when you need to be on the road again or what other plans you have for today. But I wouldn't mind tying you up again if you have the time."

"Oh, I have the time, but I want to tie you up again, Jake---the same way--in fact--that you tied me up when you were following Max' instructions."

"But Grey, we're at my house," I replied with a smile. "Shouldn't I be calling the shots this time around? I want to tie you up--to the chair, just like you tied me earlier." (I really enjoyed these little bantering sessions with Grey about who should be the one to get tied up.)

"True, but let me put it this way, Jake," Grey's face broke into a big smile. "You remember when Max told me delete the pictures that I had transferred from my cell phone to your computer?" I nodded. "I did delete them, as he ordered. BUT, I still have them on my cell phone and plan on transferring them to my computer when I get home. Call it larceny or whatever, but I would hate for those pictures of you to be sent to a lot of people who know you, but may not know of your interest in bondage. That would be quite a tidbit of information for your boss, or your family, or even a number of your friends and coworkers. Right?"

"They are still on your cellphone?" I repeated.

"You have a lot to learn about cell phones, Jake!"

I shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair in exasperation, and looked over at Grey as he grinned back at me. This was something that I had definitely overlooked! "Face down on the floor?" I asked.

Grey nodded. "Eventually, yes. Oh..... but first, while I get dressed, you strip...... completely this time.... including your underwear and socks. I want to have you ready when I dish out what you put me through." My mind was racing as Grey tied my hands together behind my back and tied my ankles together. I began to wonder if Grey and Max have this plot with the pictures all planned out in advance so Grey could take advantage of my ignorance?

I snapped back to reality and looked back over my shoulder as Grey wrapped a rope around my arms near the elbows and pulled them closer together to be tied. "Hey, that wasn't part of your hogtie!" I said with some alarm.

"I know," Grey grinned as he tightened the ropes so my elbows were separated by just a couple of inches. "But I like how you look when you are tied like this, and you are not really in a position to argue!"

Grey added a few more pictures to the arsenal of photos on his cell phone as he progressed. He tied my knees together next--another surprise addition. He pulled back on my arms to assist as I eased myself to a face down position on the floor. As he took another rope and hogtied my feet to my wrists--tight enough that my fingers could easily touch my heels, I reflected on the future blackmail possibilities that this growing arsenal of pictures could create. After a few more pictures were taken, he reinforced the hogtie with a rope from my bare feet to the ropes binding my elbows. Then more pictures.

"Just one more thing, Jake," he said and he took two cloths and recreated the same gag as earlier--only tighter (if that were possible!). But no blindfold this time.

He retreated to the chair, and leaned back to relax and enjoy my predicament. "It's mid afternoon, Jake," Grey said. "And--to put your mind at ease--I really don't have to be on the road until this evening. We still have a long time yet." (I groaned into the gag, causing Grey to break into a big smile.) He put his hands behind his head and leaned back even further in the chair, stretching his long legs in front of him as he continued, "Anyway, you will know when it is close to the time that I need to leave. I will start rolling you back and forth, and digging my fingers into your sides and tickling the soles of your feet. But before then, I may even roll you onto your side and pinch your nipples or tug at your chest hair a few times. You know, just so you get a little exercise. Like this....!"

He rose from the chair and rolled me onto my side (I was trussed up too tight to manage it on my own). He began to pinch my nipples and tug at my chest hair with one hand, and lightly run his fingers up and down my thighs with his other hand. He gave a big smile as my cock began to involuntarily form a hard erection, and rolled me back into a face down position. He returned to the chair and picked up his cell phone. Grey kept his big smile as he aimed the cell phone my direction and began to press the same button over and over at various intervals.

"Just make yourself comfortable, Jake....... if you can," he said with a bored tone to his voice. "This is going to be a long afternoon for both of us...... and completely enjoyable for at least one of us!"

Before the afternoon was over, and Grey had carried out all his earlier threats (or promises) before he left to return home, I was determined to buy and learn everything I could about a cell phone. Technology bondage and its accompanying blackmail possibilities can be endless!!

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