TCC Inc.

by Daxter

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Storycodes: F/m; F+/m+; fpov; chastity; bodymod; electro; toys; naked; permanent; cons; XX

My husband and I were not exactly regulars in the local BDSM environment, but several of my friends were, so we kept in touch. For us the play happened in the bedroom. Adrian, my husband, often came up with new things to try, but he quickly lost interest and moved on to other activities. That meant we have tried a lot. But we absolutely enjoyed the BDSM activities.

It was always me being the dominant. That was natural because I don’t have a shred of submissiveness in me. The furthest we went with him dominating me was a pair of handcuffs and an afternoon of play. Neither of us enjoyed that, so we left it at that.

At one point, we tried male chastity. That actually lasted for a few months. I loved the control it gave me and the affection he showed me, but after he managed to slip out of his cage, he lost interest. He wanted his chastity to be inescapable – or not at all. And he absolutely refused to have his penis pierced.

Fast forward about a year, to a party held by Ruby, one of my very dominating friends. It was a “dress up” thing, a garden party on her huge estate hidden away deep in a valley. I was dressed to kill, in black with white seams and bands, corset with a flaring skirt, thigh high boots and opera gloves. My hair was flowing over my shoulders. I am a natural blonde, and my honey-colored hair really put the exclamation mark on the outfit. Adrian – well – he was quite uninspired wearing jeans and a white shirt. I was a bit upset with him but kept my peace. While the ladies had taken to heart the dress up thing, the men seemed to care very little.

Towards the end of the evening, I ended up with Ruby in a corner of the patio by the pool. It had been a great party, good music, good food and excellent wine. The men had drifted off to the pool room in the house. The rest of the ladies were spread out all over the patio in smaller groups, chatting and sipping wine.

“What happened with you and Adrian and chastity?” Ruby asked.

I told her the story. She smiled, took out her phone, pressed a few buttons and a minute later her husband, Mark, arrived where we were sitting.

“Strip,” she gently told him and soon he was naked in front of us except for a chastity cage. The cage itself seemed small, but there was something attached to it.

“Mark, please tell Anna honestly: Can you remove the chastity cage if you wanted to?”

“No, Mistress, there is no way of removing this cage without severe bodily harm, possibly cutting off my penis,” Mark answered, blushing slightly.

“That is a myth,” I blurted out. All ball trapping cages can be removed!”

Ruby smiled overbearing. “Until now, all ball trapping cages allowed the penis to escape, or they clamped down so hard that they damaged the penis. The answer was to use a piercing, but piercings can be cut too. So I came up with a new concept. It was by accident really.

We experimented with titanium cages, as plastic really did nothing for us, and the weight of a steel cage was prohibitive. But even the titanium cage was a bit on the heavy side. I bought a new device, a printer of sorts – but with a powerful laser. I had it shoot thousands of tiny holes in the penis tube of the cage. It left a cage that looked more like a fine mesh. After some polishing, it was smooth inside. It was amazing to see how much weight we saved. Mark wore the cage for a week. He had no problems at all. When we were about to remove it to check for injuries, we discovered that his penis had started fusing with the fine titanium mesh. It simply could not be taken off without tearing off some skin. Frankly, I freaked out, but Mark was calm. We eventually managed to get the tube off with a lot of lotion and oils and only minimal skin damage.”

I noticed Mark blushing. I also reflected on him not blushing when stripping.

“Well, Mark had a kick from this, and started working on an improved cage. It was still titanium, the cage was still extensively perforated to the point where it looked like a mesh, but now the ring part and the penis tube were made electrically isolated from each other. One day he put on the new cage and handed me the key. Two weeks later there was no way he could get his penis out of the tube without surgery.

Mark had also made an additional device, the one you see clamped around the cage. It is a special TENS unit. The ball ring is one pole and the penis tube is the other. It locks on. It is remotely controlled from my phone. Let me show you. Mark, hold your position.”

She pressed some buttons, and Mark started breathing heavily. He really struggled to stay still and soon he was sweating from every pure in his body. Then he stiffened up with a pained look on his face.

“Pain and pleasure – it has both. That was mild stimulation followed by light pain. He is expected to remain motionless. Now, Mark – persuade me to not give you a punishment shock!”

The big man fell to his knees, crawled towards Ruby, feverishly kissed her feet and begged her with folded hands: “Please Mistress, please don’t punish me”.

With a laugh, Ruby pushed a button and Mark fell over clutching his crotch. He did not scream, but from his face it was clear that he wanted to. With a smile, Ruby let go of the button.

“Mark, get dressed. Go get Andy to come here. You will have an orgasm in four minutes, so better be quick about it! It would be very embarrassing to have that in front of all guests.” She pushed a few buttons.

Mark got to his feet very quickly, he got his clothing back on and went running to find Andy.

“Let me play this from here,” Ruby said quietly to me once Mark was out of hearing range.

A few minutes later the men were back. Ruby smiled and pressed a few buttons, canceling Mark’s orgasm I guessed. Mark looked relieved.

“Why did you stop chastity play?” Ruby was not one to beat around the bush. Andy blushed and stammered and did not really make any sense. Ruby had him just where she wanted him.

“Was it because you could easily slip out of the penis tube, masturbate and slip back in – and Anna would not have a clue?”

Andy was now beet red in his face. It looked like he wanted to sink into the ground.

“Well, if I am to submit and let her restrain me, I want it to be proper. Ropes and cuffs I can slip out will not make it for me, - and I don’t want a piercing down there – besides piercings can be cut,” he said quietly while studying the tips of his shoes.

“I fully get that,” Ruby drove on. “But would you be willing to try chastity again if the device was inescapable?”

“Well, yes, I guess so, it was hot until I discovered I could escape.”

For Andy, it was a losing battle from there on. For me it was total and utter victory. Andy left the party wearing a perforated titanium chastity cage and with his hands chained in front of him to his collar. For two weeks I did not let him touch his penis. You should have seen the look in his eyes when he finally was allowed – and discovered that the penis tube was on for good – and that the ring behind his balls would not, even if unlocked, slip over the penis tube.

I must give it to him: He tried really hard to get out and it took him two weeks to admit defeat. When he finally did, he begged me to unlock him – something I was absolutely incapable of doing. That weekend we visited Ruby and Mark again. Ruby gave me a TENS unit that I locked to the cage. We kept Mark and Andy naked and controlled the entire weekend. To make things harder for them, the cages were set to react with shocks to sounds. When an older and noisy freighter airliner passed overhead, both boys were rolling around in pain on the lawn – but none of them made a sound. The ban on speech also meant that they could not communicate with anything but eyes and face as their hands were cuffed behind their backs. By the end of the weekend we had two boys deep in subspace. They were busy serving our needs and whims, while we were busy setting up a new company, TCC Inc. standing for “Total Chastity Control” – but we used only the acronym on the registration and company letterhead.

That was two years ago. Mark and Andy have not worn clothing since then, although we allow them hiking boots when out in the terrain. We have invested in modern production equipment. We added a lot of functionality to the TENS unit, like geofencing, movement detection, recognition of certain words, more reward and punishment programs, pending orgasm detection – the list goes on. Imagine having a man that has to be crawling all day – or else. Or crawling to get an orgasm. Or having said orgasm ruined. The possibilities are endless.

And sales? – It is like selling ice cream on a hot summer day. In our latest offerings, we offer people to come here and stay for two weeks. The men get fitted and the women get trained on effective male management. We don’t advertise. There is no need. We sell about as many units as we can make, and the farm is always at full capacity with ten couples at any given time.

Life is really good with a man that obeys your every command – with enthusiasm. Add to that a steady cash flow, and you know you are in heaven on Earth. And for Mark and Andy? It is not like they can’t have orgasms. They can of course have any number of orgasms – if we want them to.


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