Taylor's New Job

by Tankpoet

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© Copyright 2014 - Tankpoet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; bond; display; resort; chast; toys insert; bdsm; crop; tease; torment; messy; climax; cons; X

Taylor couldn’t hide her excitement if she wanted to. A local resort was opening up and the whisper was that there would be a very big fetish component. As if that wasn’t enough, they were advertising for staff and she had an interview today.

At 168cm, Taylor was one of those women whose legs just seemed to go on forever. A brunette with piercing green eyes and a curvy figure that caught people’s attention the instant she entered their peripheral vision. Yes, she knew she was beautiful and she was 100% sub.

Her interviewer confirmed her hopes and then some. The fetish component was more than just an extra on the side, it was half the operation, to be kept separate from the normal tourists. A massive 25km square complex devoted to any kind of BDSM play that you could dream up.

She had told them about how she was into exhibitionism, bondage, sploshing, humiliation and pain. At that point, though she didn’t realise it, a job was hers. Paying 6 figures plus bonuses. This job would let her live out her wildest dream every day, being a bondage display piece in a resort full of masochists. The only condition was that she would have to be in a chastity belt for a month before the opening, how hard could that be?


One month later and it was time for the grand opening. Taylor had to get there a full three hours before the ribbon cutting so that she could be put in position in the resort’s lobby.

She was to be restrained in a standing position with her feet trapped shoulder width apart in plaster moulds. A severe chastity belt with little spikes coated in itching powder and two 7 inch intruders on the inside was padlocked to her waist with a combination lock. Her hands were tied to the sides of her breasts and a cardboard sign was placed in them with the combination to the lock on it and a message that read, ‘If you want to end my torment, please enter the combination 1-7-6-3-4 in the lock below.’

The two intruders had sensors linked to motion sensors set a certain distance from her. The first one, about 10m away, set the intruders to vibrating, but on a teasing setting that would never get her off. The second, at her side, did that.

Unbeknownst to Taylor, above her were two huge containers, one full of glue mixed with black food dye and the other full of feathers.

Beside her was a bin containing a variety of crops, whips and canes.

Taylor was ready. She was more than ready. She was a desperate, horny mess.


When the first guests entered, Taylor started struggling, hoping to attract some attention. It didn’t take long.

A man and a woman came up to her and stopped, just out of range of the second sensor.

There they read another sign, this one told them all about the sensors and the glue and feathers above Taylor’s head.

Taylor’s hips began to move with the vibrations inside her as they stood there without speaking, just watching her writhe in frustration.

‘Please,’ she begged, ‘come closer and whip me. It’s what I need, it’s what I deserve.’

The woman raised and amused eyebrow at such desperate whining so soon. She was a beautiful, yet petite woman of African descent, with deceptive power in her slight frame.

‘And what have you done to deserve such punishment?’ she asked.

Taylor was taken aback by this question, it had never taken any effort for her to get a woman to pay out on her with a whip before. She paused a second before answering, ‘I’ve been a wanton slut, I have been locked in this chastity belt for the past month in an attempt to control my urges but, I fear it has made me even more desperate to be used and abused in the pursuit of pleasure Ma’am.’ She decided at the last moment that addressing this woman with respect might be a good idea.

By now a crowd had begun to gather to watch the entertainment.

‘So what makes you think that my punishing you will help?’ The mysterious woman had by now pegged Taylor for the total pain slut that she was and was now just enjoying making her beg for it.

‘Surely your correction can only serve to help this pathetic slut to mend her ways.’ Taylor was getting really into this now, the humiliating words, the restrictive position, the public setting and the vibrations down below all combining to turn her into an orgasm waiting to happen.

So she’s into humiliation as well, thought the woman. How interesting…

‘Tell the truth slut!’ she barked in response. ‘Tell all these people how the real reason you want me to punish you is that you need pain to get off! Tell them how the humiliation you feel right now is lubricating your little cunt so that it feels like a dam that’s about to burst! Tell them how the thought of being on display for them has you more turned on than ever before in your pathetic little life and tell them how you feel more alive right now than ever before!’

How does she know me so well? Taylor thought to herself.

‘Yes, it’s true. I need you to cause me pain Ma’am, it’s the only way I can get off. My cunt is going to burst from all this stimulation and the people watching me are just making me feel more turned on and more alive than ever before.’ Tears of humiliation and frustration were running down her face now.

The woman smiled and stepped forward to pick up the most brutal looking cane that Taylor had ever seen. ‘Would you like me to use this on you, slut?’

‘Yes, Ma’am, I would like that very much.’

‘Very well then, you will get 6 on each udder and then I will give you a final surprise as a reward.’

Taylor began to tremble with excitement in her bindings.

The woman stepped closer and tripped the sensor, the vibrations ramped up to high.

As the first stroke fell down across her right breast, Taylor felt her orgasm beginning to build.

By the fifth, she was feeling no pain, only stimulation.

By the tenth, she was begging loudly, ‘GIVE ME MORE MA’AM, PLEASE!’

After the last, the woman stepped back and turned off the sensor once more, leaving Taylor just seconds away from a mighty orgasm.

‘Please Ma’am, just a few more, I’m almost there.’ Her whining voice was causing open laughter now amongst the patrons at the resort.

‘Ok, slut, I’ll give you something to tip you over the edge.’

The woman stepped within range once more and pushed a concealed button on the bin. The container above Taylor tipped over and the black dyed glue tipped all over her head and ran down her body.

The sound of laughter got louder and then louder still as the container of feathers tipped over her head.

Then, just as she was about to go over the edge, the woman leaned in close and whispered, ‘the worst part for you is that the glue has covered up your combination, you’ll be stuck here all day until they release you.’

Taylor’s orgasm exploded from her with a primal scream that transcended language. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped her very soul apart as she stood there on display to a room full of people revelling in her abject humiliation.

Her first day at her new job and she was having the time of her life.


As her manager came and released her, roughly three hours later, Taylor was told that she had received over $4,000 worth of tips, 7 requests to hire her out for the evening and 2 proposals to become someone’s sub.

However, all she really wanted to know was who the mysterious woman who’d tortured her was and how she could get in contact…

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