Tatianna's Task! Part 2

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; leather; straitjacket; oral; toys; cons; X

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Amy was in a daze.  The emotions and fantastic feelings she just experienced over the last half hour had grabbed her by the soul, shaking her to the very core and they had not yet worn off.  In fact she hoped they never did because it was as if a brilliant light had suddenly reached a big, ugly dark spot inside her bursting it wide open until the light reached to the ends of every nerve in her body.

With a start she suddenly realized she was alone.  It seemed that just moments ago she was scared to death with her arms and legs bound, a huge gag in her mouth and an almost stranger pulling at her clothes.  Within a few minutes being scared had turned to a building sense of feelings unknown to her.  Even her sessions with her own fingers, or the vibrator hidden in the bottom drawer of her bedside table, had not reached to her core as this strangers fingers were doing.

Then she had lost all track of everything except the overwhelming sensations coursing through her body until they were uncontrollable and she fell over the edge of a huge cliff.

Now she was alone again!

Amy stripped off her clothes and took a long shower then, wrapped in a white terrycloth bathrobe, poured her feelings out – to her computer.

A couple of hours later after reading Amy’s new diary entry Tati was wondering; how does one give oneself a high five!

The next morning Tati let the phone rang three or four times before answering.


There was a long silence and she knew Amy was screwing up her courage.

“It’s Amy, can I see you again?”

“Can you see me again what Amy?”


“Shower, dress in the leather skirt, your boots with the highest heels, a white silk blouse, and the leather coat.  Amy, you are not to put on any underwear or a bra.  Make sure the coat is properly buttoned, the belt snug and the hood up.  Wear a pair of dressy kid leather gloves and then wait in front of your building.  Do not bother with a handbag, put your keys in your coat pocket.  I expect you there in thirty minutes.  Do you agree?


“Yes what Amy?  Remember what you learnt on the Internet sites.”


“Well done my pet now do as I directed.”

Tati hung up the phone without waiting for an answer.  As often happened when she was in the middle of a job, and the odds turned in her favour, she felt a warmth in her groin.  She fought it down and went to check the outfit she was wearing before driving over to collect Amy.

Deliberately five minutes late Tati pulled her rented sedan to the curb outside Amy’s building and signaled the waiting girl to get in and close the door.

“To use a very overworked expression Amy, this is the first day of the rest of your life in a D/s relationship.  The first lesson is critical; you must start learning to do whatever I tell you immediately and without argument.  Now do up the seat belt and put this in your mouth.”

Amy reached for the belt and buckled it across her shoulder and lap to the center clip.  Her kid gloved hand hesitated as she saw what was in Tati’s hand but then, after a quick glance at the stern face, she picked the golf ball from Tati’s palm and slid it between her teeth.

“It’s not that big Amy so close your lips and relax; I prefer to drive without a lot of chatter going on. And the next time I tell you to do something, do not hesitate, just do it.  Do you understand?”

The leather hood of the coat surrounding the girl’s face bobbed as Amy nodded.

Back at her house Tati led the silent girl through to the living room and told her to stand still with her hands at her sides.  Moving slowly the Domme savoured the fear she could feel emanating from the amateur and uneducated submissive who was so new to the lifestyle.

She stood in front of Amy and watched the girl’s lips quiver as she tried to keep to them closed over the simple gag.  Amy was having another problem with the saliva being generated by the golf ball in her mouth and her throat was in constant motion as she swallowed.  Tati knew what was going on even though the collar of the girl’s leather coat was fastened under Amy’s chin covering her throat.

Looking more like a deer caught in the headlights of a car Amy watched as Tatianna’s tightly gloved fingers moved to the buckle of the belt of her own black leather trench coat.  With the belt undone the fingers started on the buttons until the Domme could shrug out of the coat.

Amy’s eyes widened at a sight she had only seen before on the Internet.  The figure facing her was dressed from the throat down in an amazingly tight, supple black leather cat suit.  There was a gold buckled black strap around her neck then gold zippers, contrasting with the taut leather, over each breast. Under the wide belt circling her waist, also with a large gold buckle, she saw two gilded zippers in a V shape with the points centered through the groin.  The taut leather encased the thighs and legs of the Domme down to the point where it disappeared in the tops of knee high laced stiletto heeled boots.

Even the boots had a strap covering the top of the laces just below each knee with a gold fastening and the toecaps and stiletto heels glistened with the same colour.

She was an amazing sight and Amy just stared at her in awe.

Having made exactly the impression she had planned Tati drove her point home by reaching behind her head, with her hands still in the kid gloves attached to the suit, and released the pins holding her hair in place.  The waves of her glossy black tresses dropped past her shoulders.

Amy’s mouth dropped open and a line of spittle appeared at the corner of her lips.

“Take out the golf ball Amy and wipe your mouth.”

Amy reached up and removed the ball then looked at Tati wondering what she should do with it.

Handing her a box of tissues from the coffee table the leather clad dominatrix then settled herself on a white leather couch.  The contrast with her black leather was startling.

“Wipe it off and put it on the table Amy, then strip off everything you’re wearing except the gloves and boots.

Amy did as she was told but when she got to the point of having on just her blouse and skirt she slowed down until Tati got up from the couch and slapped her across the face.  It was just once and only hard enough to bring a rosy flush to Amy’s left cheek but, by the time she settled back in her seat, the girl was peeling off her silk blouse and then stepping out of her skirt.

“Fold everything neatly and put it on the coffee table, including the coat.”

Amy’s natural reaction after doing as instructed was to stand with her gloved hands covering her vagina.

Smothering a laugh and just managing to keep the stern look on her face Tati instructed the girl to kneel in front of her.

“Now what do you think is going to happen little one?”

“I don’t know.’

“I don’t know what?” snapped Tati.

“I don’t know, Mistress.”

“Don’t forget again or I will punish you.  Now, while we are on that subject, here is the rule.  In private you address me with the respect I am due; in public however, if we can be overheard, you may answer without using my title but, to show you have not forgotten, you will curl the fingers of your left hand so I can see.  Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good.  I can see that you expect now to be attacked or punished or treated however in your fantasies these things are supposed to work so I’m going to surprise you.  In the drawer of that bookcase you will find a hairbrush.  Get it and start brushing my hair while I ask you a few questions.  Go!” 

Amy was so surprised with the order that she forgot to try and cover herself as she rose and moved to the bookcase.  Finding the brush she moved behind the couch and started to draw it through the long, silky black hair of her new Mistress.

Carefully remembering what she was supposed to know and what she wasn’t, while enjoying the feel of the brush, Tati started.

“How old are you, where were you born and where is your family?”

“I’m twenty four and was born in Tacoma, Washington but we moved here when I was five.  I don’t have any family; I was an only child and my father died in an accident six years ago.”  The brush stopped but Tati didn’t push it. 

“My mother passed away two years ago.”

Better and better thought Tatianna as the brush once again started its work.

“Do you work little one and why do I see you eating in the middle of the afternoon? “

Amy explained that she was employed at Infocom as a mid level manager and worked the night shift.  She loved her job and, because she worked the night shift, it came with several extra perks like a higher salary and a month off each year. 

Mentally Tati crossed her fingers.  “And when are you scheduled for your next vacation?”

“In six weeks Mistress.  I was planning on going south and away from this cold weather.”

Bingo!  Tati would have to revise hers plans but she could already see that she had hit the jackpot if she handled everything correctly.

“What hours do you work and which days?”

“From ten pm to five am, Monday evening to Saturday morning Mistress.”

When Tatianna started to push for more information of exactly what was involved with Amy’s employment the brush slowed again with the girl in a quandary as to what to do next.

Tati was up and in her face immediately.

“I asked you a question and I expect and answer – now.”

“Mistress – I would lose my job if I answered; they are very strict about their security and we are not allowed to discuss what we do with anyone outside the company.”

“I accept that little one (at least for now I do she thought to herself) put down the brush, come around and stand in the middle of the room.”

The raven-haired woman rose and moved over to a large sideboard against one wall.  Opening the top drawer she pulled out a bundle of soft black leather that seemed to have straps all over the place.

“When I tied you up yesterday I used a very simple cord technique but today I fancy you in a different kind of bondage.  Raise your arms in front of you and don’t move while I introduce you to the straitjacket.”

She worked the arms of the jacket over Amy’s gloved hands and then up to her shoulders before moving around behind her and starting on the myriad of straps and buckles down the back.

The jacket was one of several in her collection and she was happy to see she had chosen just the right size for her new playmate.  It was a little too small meaning she had to pull firmly on the straps to close the edges and that made it very snug on Amy from the waist up.

There was a strap around each wrist that she pulled closed and then told Amy to lower her arms and put them behind her back.  When the girl complied Tati worked the heavier straps, embedded in reinforced leather at the fingertips, under the opposite elbows and around to the front.

Passing the end of one strap through the buckle on the other she started pulling it tight under Amy’s breasts.  Holding the end of the strap with her right hand she used her left to grip the girl’s left elbow and pulled it towards her while pushing the right elbow away from her with her right hand.   Her right hand kept its tension on the front strap and she took up the slack as the elbows came closer across the girl’s back.  Several more sharp tugs and Amy’s arms were folded across her back with the strap straining across her chest.

Two more straps fastened Amy’s crossed forearms even more tightly together and Tati also closed the collar of the jacket around her neck.  Two other straps hung down from the front hem of the jacket.

Moving to stand directly facing the trembling girl Tatianna used her left arm to pull her close, so that her own leather covered breasts were crushed against Amy’s, and kissed her.  Amy’s lips slowly parted and her breathing quickened as Tati’s tongue started exploring her mouth.

The Domme’s gloved right hand moved downwards and she drew two of her fingers through Amy’s other pair of lips.  Breaking the lip lock she held her hand in front of Amy; the kid covered fingers glistened with moisture.

“My, my Amy, your body is showing just how much you do enjoy being a submissive and in bondage; isn’t it?  Now clean your essence off my glove!”

She thrust her fingers between the panting girl’s teeth and watched as the tongue hesitated, then the bright blue eyes took in the building anger on Tati’s face and she started licking the kid leather covered digits.

Pulling her hand out after a couple of minutes Tati wiped it dry with a couple of tissues then strode back to the open drawer and pulled out another piece of equipment.

Amy groaned and her knees started to give way as Tati pushed the dildo inside her.

“Stand still and stop whining.”

With the remote controlled vibrator in place Tati yanked the two straps hanging from the front of the strait jacket up between Amy’s legs and buckled them at the back.  As she was doing that she had a mental picture of her collection of butt plugs and how she would love to fill this girl’s rosebud with one.  That would have to wait though because it was too early in the game to take a chance on freaking out her ticket to earn a very large number of dollars.

She moved back to take a seat on the couch and spread her legs.

“Come over here and kneel in front of me Amy.”

“Move closer between my knees.”

Amy did as she was instructed and then flinched as Tati’s left hand shot out and grabbed a handful of her hair.  The Domme leaned forward and kissed the girl on her lips that still held the delightful taste of her sexual arousal.

Amy was frantically trying to catch up with, and understand, the feelings that had been coming at her so fast and furiously.  But she was in overload as the hand on the back of her head pulled it towards the crotch of the woman she had known for just a day or so.  The gloved fingers pulled at the two zippers in the leather suit that was now just inches from her nose.  The leather parted to reveal two glistening lips and the pressure increased on the back of her head until her own lips came in contact with them.

“Taste my essence now little one, use your tongue; this is a two way street and it is my turn as well.”

Tati wrapped her booted legs around Amy’s back clamping the helpless body in place.  From the small table beside her she picked up the remote and felt the girl tense as she keyed the vibrator to the slowest setting.

With that Amy felt the pressure on her head increase as a second hand gripped her hair mashing her mouth against the moist love tunnel of her Domme.

It was several long, delightful minutes later that Tati came down enough to thumb the remote to a higher setting causing Amy’s tongue to become more and more frantic as she tried to absorb the sensations that seemed almost ready to threaten her sanity.  She was helplessly bound in the tight leather of the jacket, a rubber dildo was vibrating inside her while her mouth was buried in the pussy of the amazing woman who had done all this to her.

She felt the legs around her tighten and the hands in her hair increase their pressure as the woman’s hips started jerking forwards.  Then Amy’s tongue found the Domme’s clit and she spasmed once, twice then yet again.  Amy’s nose was suddenly buried and her air supply cut off but at the same time the vibrator inside her finished its task and huge spasms shook her own body.

As they did Amy’s head jerked back and the hands dropped from their hold in her hair.  She fell back on her heels with the lower half of her face covered in Tati’s juices.  The vibrator shut down and the two women slowly regained their senses.

“That was very enjoyable Amy; you have an extremely talented tongue.  I would love to continue with your training but you have to go to work tonight so this learning session has to end now.”

After releasing the girl from the strait jacket Tati showed her to a bathroom where they both cleaned away the traces of their encounter.  The Domme sent Amy to get dressed while she closed the openings in her cat suit and pulled on her own coat.

Tati felt she had pushed enough of Amy’s buttons for one day so she didn’t bother with the golf ball gag as she drove her home.  Parking outside Amy’s place she turned to the quiet girl who was obviously still trying to absorb what had happened in the last few hours.

“Go in and get some rest little one.  I will meet you at the restaurant at three thirty tomorrow afternoon; dress as you usually would and remember the rule about my title.  Find time before we meet to put down on paper your feelings about what happened between us today and bring a copy for me.  I insist that you be brutally honest with yourself, and therefore me.  What did you like, what scared you and why.”

“In return I will provide you with a list of some special clothing and toys I want you to purchase.  I will research specialty stores in the city tomorrow morning and we will visit them together on the weekend.”

“While we are at it, on Saturday morning when you finish work, I want you to come directly to my house I will give you a map in case you were not paying attention today.  Do you have a car?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And you understand my instructions?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then go and get some sleep, I will see you tomorrow.”

Tatianna drove home with a great feeling that everything was coming together very nicely.  Of course, the orgasm she’d had an hour or so ago didn’t hurt either.




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