by Unknown

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I had been dating Tanya for over six months, during that time we had tried several sessions which involved bondage but tonight was going to be different. Tanya had asked me to meet her at a house belonging to one of her girlfriends at 8pm that evening. As I rang the doorbell my heart pounded wondering why she had asked to meet at her friends house. Knowing how playful Tanya could be, I was very wary about this meeting, as Tanya had a knack for springing surprises on me, but before I had any more time to contemplate her motives the door open and literally my jaw hit the ground, in front of me was Tanya dressed from head to toe in a body hugging cat suit. I first thought the suit was latex because of the sheen from it’s surface but as I approached and hugged her I smelled the smell of leather, abruptly she pushed me inside brushing away my embrace.

Tanya ushered me inside and as my eyes started to the dark hallway I saw the house was in darkness except for a solitary candle lit in the middle of the room which she pushed me towards. "STRIP" she ordered, once I stood naked before her she told me to stand where I was and not to turn around. I felt her stand behind me and then a blindfold was tied over my eyes leaving me totally to my senses. I was now led into what seemed to be the centre of the room, "Kneel on the floor" she instructed.

I quickly complied and next thing I knew a foot was pushed into my back and I fell forward onto the floor where a strategically placed mattress broke my fall.
"Hands behind your back" Tanya instructed, "NOW".

I quickly complied and felt the touch of rope around my wrists as she wrapped my wrists tightly and tied them off making sure I could not escape her. I next felt another rope being tied around my elbows and pulled tightly making my elbows touch. She knew I was flexible to accept this position and tied me as tight as I had ever been tied before.
"You are now mine" she whispered into my ear. " I have a few surprises for you tonight" she said in a mischievous tone. I now knew for sure I was in for a long night because when Tanya was in this sort of mood she could blow any man away with her great imagination and selflessness for her "victim" and tonight that victim was me.
"What have you in mind?" I blurted knowing I had made a big mistake in asking questions as the words left my mouth.

"You know the penalty for questioning me don’t you?" She said an air of authority in her voice. I nodded knowing that any further verbal responses from me would assure me of extra "punishment".
I suppose though to most what we called "punishment" was to most more pleasure than anyone could normally bear, for neither of us had ever indulged in the "heavy bondage" scene our tastes were all pleasure orientated rather than the pain scene. Tanya knew my limits as I knew hers and we both loved the games we played so for those who love pain our "punishment" would be a real disappointment.

"Stand up" Tanya said "now you will be punished for your insolence". I heard her move across the room as I struggled to stand up. By the time I was on my feet I could feel her back standing beside me.
"Open Wide Lover" Tanya ordered, once I complied I felt my mouth being packed with silk, it felt like my mouth would burst as she packed what seemed like yards of material into my mouth. Once she was satisfied I was gagged effectively enough , I heard the familiar sound of tape being torn from it’s roll. Next I felt the tape being applied , one, two, three, strips sealed my mouth holding the silk in place. As the gag settled in my mouth I began to taste the familiar musk of my lovers pussy from the silk, I inwardly smiled realising she must have prepared it for this purpose, rubbing the silk between her legs to give me the only taste of her sex for the night, Tanya's never let’s me lick her when I am tied up and so I had to content myself with her taste on the gag.

Now she led me from the room into another adjoining room and was she was happy with where I stood she guided me into a sitting position and pushed me back against what must have been the back of the seat where I sat. She wound rope around my chest securing me in an upright position against the back of the chair, it felts like yards of rope being wrapped around me ever tighter as she finally pulled on the last loop of rope and tying it off in front of me leaving it impossible for me to reach the knot.
"SPREAD YOUR LEGS" she ordered, I felt my legs being pulled wide apart leaving me feeling very exposed to her gaze and by now very obvious erection. The seat where I sat must have been specially designed because when Tanya started to tie my legs I felt wood run all the way under my thighs up to my ass and I knew a normal chair would not give this sort of support.

She started tying each ankle to the bottom of the frame and I then felt her start to wind the rope upwards round my knees, upwards and over my thighs finally tying the ropes off just below my ass. Each rope was pulled tight with each loop and so when she finished my legs were completely immobilised I could barely twist my foot let alone move my legs.
The feeling of being tied so tight was indescribable , my penis was now at bursting point and I knew I was in for a very difficult night, a single touch from Tanya could send me over the edge.
This was Tanya’s greatest talent, she always knew when I was close like this and knew just how far to take me.

"Enjoying yourself?" she taunted, I heard her move away from me only to return several seconds later. "Enjoying the taste of me pussy??" she enquired, then without warning the tape was stripped from my mouth in one painful movement, "don’t want you enjoying yourself too much, do we??" she laughed as she pulled the silk from my mouth. "I have a better present for you" she cooed into my ear, "open your mouth" , I complied and was rewarded by the feeling of rubber being forced down my throat, I realised quickly she was gagging me again, but this time it felt more like a long cylinder of about 3 inches in diameter and about the same in length which was being fed into my mouth, as I took it’s length I tried to figure out what it was and as I became accustomed to it in my mouth I suddenly realised she had gagged me with a penis gag.

With the realisation I nearly gagged on the rubber thinking of a male shaped organ in my mouth and I tried desperately to force it out of my mouth, Tanya reacted quickly pulling a silk hood over my head and securing at the rear with what must have been a lacing affair as I felt it tighten around my face pulling the gag deeper into my mouth as it was secured in place. Once she had it secure even my hearing was reduced to a very faint distant level and I could no longer hear Tanya move around me, the gag was now firmly in my mouth deeper than I had ever experienced before and it almost completely silenced me.
"You look so good tied like that for me " she spoke into my ear, obviously saying it loudly so as I could hear her comments through the hood. "I will leave you for a while now, so don’t go away" she laughed and then there was nothing.

I did not know if she was still in the room or not anymore and I now had no idea how long I was sitting there trussed up so tight, but only after what felt like a lifetime did I feel hands suddenly brush my balls, they explored my balls first and then moved to my penis which by now lay limp between my outstretched legs. I felt the tip being lightly stroked and teased and within seconds I was fully erect. Once the hands were satisfied I was fully aroused they withdrew. I now felt the base of my penis being tied, a rope was wrapped around the base just above my balls on the shaft itself and tied as tightly as possible without actually causing pain. Next I felt the rope being pulled downward with the effect of exposing the head of my penis pulling the foreskin free from it’s head and holding it tightly in place ensuring the head would remain exposed for the duration of it’s restraint. I moaned into the gag not knowing whether I could be heard or not.

Now I felt my penis being caressed again, I felt the unmistakable feeling of a tongue swirling round it’s head. My penis felt like a different entity now with the rest of my body restrained leaving my penis exposed to whatever abuse the hands and mouth deemed fit to deal out. As the caresses became more pronounced I struggled against the rope which bound me, my head twisted from side to side and I started to moan loudly into my gag driven wild with pleasure. The stroking of my penis was so precise, each time I was caressed I felt one hand move up my shaft as the other moved around it’s tip lightly touching it in a circular motion, it was driving me wild. I was in total ecstasy and rapidly approaching orgasm. I strained to thrust into the hands which caressed and worked me to fever pitch but the rope held solid and prevented even the slightest movement. Suddenly just as I was about to climax the hands disappeared into the darkness and I struggled like a crazed animal wishing for their return and release of my orgasm. My struggles were ignored and I knew I was not going to be given satisfaction just yet.

After what felt like hours but in reality was only several seconds the hands returned, but not to my penis. I felt oil being massaged into my legs and moving upwards around my balls and shaft but carefully avoiding the tip knowing that I would instantly explode if touched there. The hands rubbed the oil sensually all around my ass and worked their way towards my ass and oiled me there with very erotic reactions to the stimulation there, after several minutes of massaging and caressing my ass a single finger without warning pressed itself home and invaded my most private orifice.
I groaned into the gag as I felt my ass being explored , with a mixture of feeling passing through my head, never being entered here before, I began to have feeling of "should I enjoy being entered in the ass?? Am I gay if I do enjoy it?? I felt so confused. Without warning the finger withdrew and I felt a sigh of relief run through my body as my ass came free of the intrusion.

"He is ready" a female voice rang through the air, then to my horror I heard another voice reply to it in affirmation. I struggled violently now wanting release feeling betrayed by my girlfriend, after several minutes of struggle I heard the voices laugh at my ineffective struggling, "You tied him well Tanya" the female voice said, "yes he is all ours for the taking" they giggled.
I realised I could not break free and all that I was doing was tiring myself out, so I stopped struggling and began to wonder what they had in store for me next. My question was not left unanswered for long as I felt hands return to my legs, next I heard a creaking noise and felt my legs being spread even wider. As the legs of the bench on which I sat started to move even further apart, the back which I was tied also began to move. I slowly felt myself being positioned into a horizontal position.

Once I was lying flat the bench locked itself in this position. The hands which caressed my legs now began their slow ascent upwards toward my balls again, now the first set of hands were joined by another set and they immediately began to caress the shaft of my penis but again the tip was left untouched. Both hands now began to work in unison stroking me and working oil into my shaft and balls, the first set of hands now began to move slowly back downwards towards my ass and my now exposed rectum. The hands which caressed his shaft withdrew now and I was left with the first hands moving nearer to my ass, struggling was pointless as I knew I could barely move a muscle let alone stop her hands from caressing me in this most intimate area.

As I lay prostrate feeling my ass massaged I felt the hood which covered my head receive the attention of the second woman, which hands were which I had still not worked out because of the combination of my depleted hearing and the fact that the two ladies were for the most part silent in their ministrations. The hood which I wore now was opened in the front, via a zip which was attached to the front in the mouth region of the hood. The opening seemed small but was enough for me to push the penis gag out of my mouth and into the waiting hands of my "torturer". As I gasped mouthfuls of air I was soon plugged with what seemed like an identical penis gag.

Soon I felt a strap being buckled at the back of my head and before I was able to utter one syllable I was silenced again. While all this was going on the hands on my ass were still working there and again I felt the pressure of a finger slowly entering me there. I felt the finger probe and stroke my rectum and in some strange way began to get a strange pleasure from the movement in my ass.

I now felt a leg position itself one side of my head as the other took up it’s position the other side of my head. I felt the feeling of her standing now directly above my head and wondered what was happening.
"He’s ready" the voice from between my legs instructed. "Get ready, when I say go, we do it" she said, "OK, I am ready" cooed the voice above me answered. Suddenly the finger in my ass was removed "NOW" …..suddenly from both ends I was what could only describe as being attacked, an object which must have been a dildo was, with on deft movement shoved into my ass, but moreover the woman over me came suddenly down on my head with a sudden impact, I moaned but all that came out was a very low "mmmmppppphhhhhh" because the ass of the woman was also silencing me now.

As I lay there with my ass now filled and a woman sitting on my gagged mouth I started to feel the stroking movement of the dildo in my ass and also the gyrations of the woman on my face. Suddenly it came to me the new dildo in my mouth was one of the double ended variety which she was obviously fucking herself on as the first woman fucked my ass.

Now came the biggest surprise as a third set of hands now stroked my penis, this time the tip was getting full attention as it was stroked in time with the motions of the other two women. I now was moaning loudly knowing I could not hold out very much longer, as the three women worked on my body. Within minutes of the third set of hands starting their ministrations I started to feel my orgasm approach, my moan were as loud as were possible gagged as I was and I was in total heaven now. The dildo in my ass was now actually adding to the pleasure as I lost by inhibitions with this intrusion. I soon came in one long orgasm and soon collapsed totally spent. Within seconds of my orgasm the woman on my face also came, grinding herself on the dildo. Once she had come the dildo in my ass was removed and all hands withdrew.

I was left for several minutes before I felt the ropes which held me start to loosen as I was untied. It took about fifteen minutes before I was completely untied and hood and gag removed. The room which I found myself was darkly lit as my eyes became accustomed to sight again.
Before Tanya sat smiling "did you enjoy my surprise?" she enquired, all I could do was hug her and tell her how much I loved her.

To this day I do not know who the other women were but all I can say is that hopefully some day Tanya will try something similar as it was the most erotic experience I have ever had.