Tan Lines 3

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; D/s; bond; rope; harness; sunbed; tease; massage; gag; toys; bdsm; wand; torment; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 3

9 a.m. Ginny pushes through the door.

"Good morning, Ginny."


I flip the OPEN sign over and Ginny follows me down the hall. It starts the same as it has every session for the last month. She strips slowly, very slowly, turns, closes her eyes, raises her hands behind her neck, and opens her legs. I rub her down with the exfoliating cream, wipe her dry, then lotion her, top to bottom, front and back, even the places where the sun don't shine.

I stop.

I'm resisting an urge.

Resistance is futile.

"Would you like me to caress you?"

Ginny frowns, the moment draws out, but she nods.

"Ask me."

"Would you please caress me," she whispers.

Other than Hey and Bye, those are the only words she's spoken since the first session. All the others have been conducted in silence.


Again the pause, but then, "Would you please caress me, Mistress."

I do.

I'm good at what I do. I know how to drive girls crazy. And I should be driving Ginny crazy, but she doesn't show it other than squirming a bit, biting her lip, furrowing her brow. Otherwise she stands as always - still, utterly passive.

"Would you like me to finger your ass."

Another pause. Then she nods.

"Yes, Mistress, would you please finger my ass."

I have to admit Ginny is a quick study. When a top asks a bottom if she would like something, the only correct answer is "yes," regardless of what it is, whether or not she really would like it.

I slide an oily finger into her bottom. That gets me a gasp and a bit more squirm. I push my thumb into her pussy and play with her clit with my other hand. I may not be driving her crazy, but I'm definitely getting her attention. She makes an "mm" sound, then a grunt, followed by a gasp - again and again with each breath.

She comes. It's hard to tell because, like everything else about Ginny, it's done softly. The only way I can tell is she takes several small, soft breaths. I pull my hands away.

"That's enough."

Ginny nods.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

I was confused at first, but now the clues are piling up thick and fast. She's definitely a sub. This past month I've been able to do anything I wanted. Kind of makes me wish I'd done more sooner. And she has some scene experience. Responding properly to my questions and even thanking me without having to be prodded.

But then a thought occurs. Why her? Why me? What are the odds that a subbie would happen to walk into my shop and, well, submit?

As in past sessions, I grab a coil of rope and tie her, but I omit the knot over her clit. Why? I don't know, but there's a germ of an idea floating back there somewhere. I split the ropes to pass on either side of her pussy lips. It makes them bulge enticingly. Too enticingly. I've never kissed, really kissed a girl before Ginny. I've never been eaten by a girl before Ginny. And I've certainly never wanted to eat a girl ... before Ginny. Now I want to slip my tongue between those lips, clamp my mouth to her clit, and suck it 'til she screams. I settle for a gentle caress while I tug the rope up between her ass cheeks. She makes a little purring sound. That's new.


Once I have her upper body tied I drag her to her knees. I raise my skirt and press her mouth to my pussy. It's better this time. I'm more in control, better able to enjoy it. The first time, after a weekend in bondage with no sexual release, I was a little crazy. I told Ted, of course. He seemed interested, but didn't press me for details. He did cane me, though, for coming without permission. Seven hard swats, one for each orgasm. I wasn't sure if I had had six or seven, so he gave me seven just to be on the safe side. He also gave me permission to indulge myself if the situation should present itself. It did and I did. But now it was Ginny's last session and I had no idea what I would do. I was making it up as I went along, going with the flow. Something was going to happen ... I just didn't know what.

Ginny eats me, rather expertly I realize. Pushing me up to the edge, then pulling me back, until I can't stand it and jam her face hard against my crotch. She gets the message. I come, come again.

After the third orgasm I push Ginny away, pull her to her feet, and kiss her, taste my juices on her lips. I decide that, definitely, the next scene I do with a straight woman would include some serious munching on her part.

As always, I tie Ginny's legs, fit the goggles over her eyes, and ease her down onto the tanning bed, set the control. And as was my new habit, I take a walk down the corridor. Except this time I don't bring the vibrator back with me.

I slip on my UV glasses, pull the chair next to the bed, reach in and press the rubber ball into Ginny's mouth. She doesn't resist, though she does hesitate for a moment before opening her mouth. I peel off a strip of tape and press it over her lips. I take another and run in under her chin up onto her cheeks. Ginny never saw it coming - literally. Because while the goggles I put on her looked the same as before, I'd painted the insides. So now my pretty little captive is not only helpless, but blind and now mute. I curse myself for having waited, for not having had fun with her from the get-go. But that's water under the bridge. I insert the plugs into the wall sockets. And as an afterthought, I kill the lamps. No sense wasting electricity. I doff my glasses.

The vibrator looks benign enough, your basic cylinder with a long, thin neck, and a knobby bead at the end. Ginny's thighs are a touch on the heavy side, so even with her legs tied together there's a bit of a gap at her crotch. And the way I'd tied the crotch ropes gives me unrestricted access to her clit. I slide the knob between her pussy lips, press it up against her clit, turn the thing on. This time I get a reaction.

Ginny's back arches, her fists clench, brow furrows. As the seconds pass she becomes a bit more animated, squealing behind her gag, taking gasping breaths through her nose. Even gagged, the sound echoes in the small room. I feel a certain amount of self satisfaction. I sensed there was another, more spirited Ginny in there. And I was determined to find her. I'm off to a good start.

I play her. Play her like a concert violinist plays her instrument, right up to the teeth-grating, screeching highs and down to the soft, mellow lows, from her muffled squeals to her grunting gasps.

"You don't come unless I give you permission. Do you understand?"

She doesn't answer, just lies, squirming, tossing her head from side to side.

"Virginia! Do you understand?!"

She nods, says, "Yes, Mistress." It's garbled, but it's there. You'd be amazed at how even gagged they can make themselves understood

Soon she is reduced to wracking sobs, to begging "please" over and over.

"Okay. You can come."

And she does. She arches her back so hard she damn near levitates. She falls back, chest heaving, gasping.

"Good girl. Okay, from now on you can come whenever you want. Okay?"

She nods, but doesn't answer. She still doesn't have enough breath for that.

Now that I'd played with her a bit I pretty much have her dialed in. I string her along for a while, stimulating her, pulling back. Then I let her get close ... and pick up the violet wand. I'd set the dial to a fairly high setting, something like having someone snap a really strong rubber band against the skin combined with an electric shock. I touch it to her left nipple.

The effect was instantaneous and very satisfying. She screams. Doesn't grunt, doesn't squeal. She screams. Okay, maybe that was a tad much. I dial it back a hair.

I spend the next hour toying with her. Running the vibrator down between her pussy lips, up to her clit, bringing her closer and closer, pulling her back. She writhes on the tanning bed, naked, helpless. Sometimes I let her come straight off, but mostly not. Most of the time the wand finds a nipple. Tap, tap, tap, until she is frantic, until all thoughts of pleasure are banished. Sometimes I nestle it under her clit hood. Then I put the vibrator to work again.

It's very intense and very draining ... for me. Seriously.

I sense the change. Ginny is no longer reacting. Her body is, sure, but Ginny has left the building. She might be in subspace. You can drive a girl there with pleasure as well as pain. And I flash on Ginny strapped to the horse, but it's just the two of us. No boyfriend this time. I tie her down, grab the strap. She boards the train and I drive her straight to hell ... or heaven, depending on how you view these things. I've never had feelings like this for a girl. It's very ... personal.

After the third orgasm of this type I ease back, turn off the toys, unplug them. I fiddle with the ropes a bit, reposition them, then I reset the bulb controls for just a half hour. That should be enough for her to recover.

A half hour later I pull her off the bed. I have to hold her by the ropes because her body is slick with oily sweat. I rub her down.

I'm at the front desk when she comes out looking a bit disheveled. I walk her to the door. She hugs me.

"Thanks. Thanks ... for everything."

"My pleasure."


And that's it. She's gone. I watch the little, white Nissan pull out of the lot. I feel ... I feel ... I need a drink.

*** Alternate ending follows.

I unlock the file cabinet and pull out the bottle of vodka. It's 10:30, but that's as good a time as any. I pour a shot, toss it back, pour a double and head down the hall. I go through the motions of cleaning up. There won't be any customers 'til after lunch. I'd arranged things that way on Ginny's days just in case ...


Once the room is put back in order, I clean the toys, return them to the file draw. The phone rings.

"It's me. Call Doris. See if she'll come in early. It's been a hell of a month and I feel the urge to get out of Dodge."

He's not speaking to me in his Master voice, so I say, "Okay."

I call Doris and, sure, she'll come in early. Can always use the extra money. I'm contemplating another drink when, lo and behold, in walks Doris.

"I had to go to the post office, so I just scooted on by."

I drive home in a funk. It wasn't supposed to end this way. Okay, it was never supposed to have happened in the first place, but, shit, this sucks.

I turn the corner and damn near run off the road. There, in the driveway, behind Ted's car, is another car, a white car, a Nissan. I am in such a state that I miss the turn in and have to roll by. I bump the curb, back up, and pull in. I glance at the plate. Somewhere in my subconscious a little light lights. It's Ginny's car!

"What the ..."

I stand there, trembling, confused. Is Ted screwing around with Ginny? I mean, why is her car here? And what about all those business trips? I'm not the jealous type. Not at all, but I feel a twinge. Damnit! Ginny's mine!

Where the hell did that come from?

I walk up the steps, reach a shaky hand for the knob - the door opens. Ginny, naked save for a leather collar, steps back and kneels. I take a step in.

"Master is in the office, Ma'am."

I walk through the house, into the office. "Master" is certainly there, but he's not in "Master" mode. I can sense it.

"Uh, okay. What's going on?"

"You have a sub ... a sub of your own."

"Of my own?"

"If it please you, Ma'am."

I turn. Ginny is kneeling behind me, head bowed, knees open, hands palm up on her thighs. I want to grab her, yank her to her feet, hug her, kiss her, hug her some more, do the happy dance. I want to, but I don't.

"Have your slave get us a drink and I'll explain."

"Vodka, neat, Ma'am?"

"Uh, yes, thank you."

"You're welcome Ma'am. Master? Red wine?"

"Yes, Virginia. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Master."

She knows what he drinks?

Ted is in his chair, still in "Ted" mode as far as I can tell. I'm on the couch with Rusty in my lap. He's licking my hand. He can sense when there's tension in the air. Ginny kneels at my feet.

"But what do I do with her?"

"That's up to you."

I ponder that.

"Ginny, what do you-"

"Inappropriate question, slave."

Ooookay, so now we're in slave mode.

I swallow.

"Yes, Sir."

"Virginia is an unowned sub."

"No boyfriend?"

I start to say "Sir," but he's back in Ted mode. I can tell. This whole thing is really messing with my head.

"No. That was a ruse. I acquired her a bit over a month ago."


"And I wanted you to get to know each other. By the way, the rope dress came out very nice."

"Er, thanks."

Truth be told, it had come out nice. I'd ramped up the bulbs and, being careful not to burn her, I had turned her into a beautifully brown tanned thing and the rope mark/tan lines glowed almost white agains her skin.

"Virginia. Go take a shower. We have to leave soon."

"Yes, Master."

Ginny pads out of the room.


"Well, DUH!"

He chuckles.

"Blame my intuition."

He sips his drink, I sip mine.

"This house." He gestures. "I saw it. I bought it. Didn't have to check with you. I knew you'd like it. Although you did have veto power."

"No, I love it. Always did. Thank you"

"Same with Virginia. You've always had a thing for the soft, curvy subs. The scenes always seemed to be more, er, personal."

Is there an echo in here?

"Yeah. Yeah, well, what can I say? I guess I do kind of like-"

"And so when I saw Virginia's ad, well, it was just like when I bought this house. I knew she would be perfect, so I acquired her."

"Okay. Define 'acquired'."

"She was an unowned, straight-"

'Scuze me? Straight?"

"Yes. She is. Get into Domme mode."

"Hm. Okay. I can kind of sort of see that."

I take a sip of my drink.

"There's a certain type of girl you like. Virginia is that type of girl."

Damn! He's right.

"What's weird is being with her has made me want to top more straight girls."

"You have."

That little light bulb lit again.

"Yeah. Yeah! You're right. It's starting to make sense. I'm so used to dealing with scene people, I never thought for a moment she was into it."

"Well, she-"

"Wasn't! I mean, not before. Not really."

"That's right."

I finish my drink, take Ted's glass, and get refills.

"So now what?"

"While, technically, I own her, she belongs to you."

"But what do I do with her?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something."



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