Tanestran's Inventions

by Steff

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We were just outside of the town of Block’s Haven when Long Beard, the dwarven fighter, told the group that he was leaving to go home. He’d enough of the adventuring life and wanted to open a mine of his own and marry three nice dwarven women. Mauler also told the group he was thinking about retiring and figured that now would be a good time. Since Block’s Haven was his hometown he said we could stay at his family’s place till we figured out what we were going to do. Once we got into town and got settled down we discussed our future. Torn and Xakeria wanted to go to their home city, Hawk’s Raven, and do their own thing. That left me going my own way. We divided up the loot and I left two days later.

I am Larissa. I like to think of myself as a “Talented Individual,” but I am really a thief. In this world of magic, dragons, and monsters it is really hard to find a good group of people that know how I learned all the stuff I learned and still treat me like a person and not a thief. Of course it helped that I NEVER stole anything from them and I was always honest with them. 

It happens; I knew what I was getting into when I decided to adventure with humans and a dwarf. Elves, like me, live thousands of years if we want. I mean, I was 118 years old and this was my third group in the 25 years I have been out. I decided it was time that I went home for a few years and took a short break of my own. I knew that when I got home mom would try to keep me there. “You are too young to be off on your own. Your brother stayed till he was 140 before he moved out. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up,” she would say when I got there. I really didn’t mind. I missed the forest, and the whole relaxing way of life. 

I set out on the horse I bought and headed south towards home. After about two weeks of just cutting through the wilderness I decided to stop at the next town and give the horse a few days rest. I stayed a little inn just inside town…if you want to call this hole in the wall place a town. I had no real complaints about the place. The people were friendly, everything was cheap and the food was good. What more could a girl want?

During the second night a loud bell rang and people running and screaming disturbed my rest. I stopped one of them outside my room and was told that orcs were coming and that we needed to hide. I got dressed and got my things together. “I haven’t ever run from orcs before, but there’s no reason not to plan for the worst,” I thought as I strapped on my sword. I went downstairs into the common room and there were already 3 orcs trying to kill everyone down there. I drew my sword and killed them with little problem. Outside I had to kill several more before I made it to the stables, only to find 4 of them eating my horse. After I killed them I heard a loud explosion and saw a ball of fire on the other side of town. I headed of that direction killing all the orcs that got in my way. I saw an orc that was twice normal size throwing magic spells at a human. The human just stood there and looked like he was bored. After the orcish mage tried a couple more spells the human just waved his hand and the orc exploded. 

“You really made they look easy,” I told him.

He spun around and after he realized that I wasn’t going to attack him he said, “Thanks. It really wasn’t that hard, he wasn’t as good as he looked.”

I just looked around and then went to kill some more orcs. Once the orc mage died the attack fell apart the townspeople drove them off. 

“You’re handy to have around,” the human mage said from behind me.

“You aren’t bad yourself. How long have you been playing these little magic games?” I asked.

“Probably as long as you have been doing your little sword swinging thing.”

“I take it you’re older than you look?” I asked. He just smiled and walked away.

I went back to the inn and fell back to sleep. In the morning the townspeople where gathering for some kind of meeting. I have always been overly curious so I moved close enough to hear. After listening I found out that a couple of little girls were taken during the raid. The mage stepped up and said that he was going to go and was looking for help. Even after he offered to pay no one stepped forward. 

I walked up and said, “I’ll come along. All I want is one of the kids for myself.”

“NO, YOU CANNOT KEEP OUR CHILDREN!” someone from the crowd yelled.

“Why not? You’re too afraid to follow a group of orcs after them, I really don’t think they mean that much to you.” I replied loudly.

The mage walk over to me and whispered “That was kinda harsh. Give the people here a break. They’re farmers, not fighters. We’ll be better off without them with us. I really don’t foresee us having many problems with the rescue. Are you ready to go?”

“I’ll need a new horse. The orcs decided that my old one looked good enough to eat.”

He laughed and said, “No problem. You can use one of mine.”  I followed him to a small house in the middle of town. In back was a small stable that had three nice looking horses. We each saddled one and rode after the orcs. “My name is Tanestran.”

“Nice to meet you I am Larissa,” I told him. We rode out of town with most of the people just watching us go. 

Once we were outside of town Tanestran stopped and cast a spell. “I found them. I’ll open a gate and then we can ride through it and be about a mile from them.”

“That sounds like a plan,” I said. 

Tanestran did just like he said he would. In front of us a portal opened and we rode through. It only took a couple of minutes to find the tracks made by the orcs. Recovering the children was easy. I snuck into camp and located them, then Tanestran began tossing fireballs all over. The orcs just ran around screaming in fear and I was able to get the kids out and to the horses. We rode for a few hours and decided that the kids needed a break so we stopped and made camp. The children fell asleep quickly and that left Tanestran and I to just talk.

“What is a mage of your ability doing living in such a small town?” I asked him

“I’m working on some new and interesting magic items,” he replied. “I got tired of all the people in the big cities asking me to do all kinds of things for them. In this town most people just leave me alone. When they ask for my help they really need it.”

I was really interested. “What kind of magic items are you working on?”

“Probably not the kind you’re looking for,” he replied.

“What is that crack supposed to mean?” 

“You seem like the kind of person that is into killing, tomb raiding and things like that. These ‘Toys’, as I like to call them, are for playing around with.”

“Now you really got my interest piqued,” I told him. “Tell me more.”

“I’ll tell you all about them when we get back to town…Say over dinner?” he asked.

I thought about it and said, “Sure, why not. You seem harmless to me.”

He grinned and then told me to get some sleep because I had second watch. The night went uneventfully and we made it back to town the following afternoon. We told our story to the town, then I went back to the inn and got cleaned up for my dinner date. 

I arrived at his house just before sunset. It was a small place made of worn looking wood. The living room took up most of the house. “Are you ready to eat or do you want to talk first?”

“I am starved. Let’s eat and then you can show me what you’re working on,” I replied.

“Right this way, my lady,” he said, as he stood up and offered me his hand. We walked through the only door that did not lead outside and behind it was a long wide hallway that was longer than the house. We ate in a room that was about the same size as the living room. The food was good but Tanestran would not talk about his work. He kept changing the subject. Finally he said, “OK, I have left you hanging long enough. Just answer one question. Are you always this curious about things?”

“Most of the time. That’s why I left home when I was only 93…Well that plus the fact that I knew it would drive my brothers crazy. They had all kinds a plans for me and had all ready decided who I was going marry and how many kids I was going to have.”

He laughed and said “I would have left too if my parents tried to do that to me. Follow me and I’ll take you to my workroom.”

Tanestran’s workroom was huge. It looked like there were three different worktables and two different alchemy sets going. Looking over the work tables it appeared that he was working as a tailor, not a mage.

“So what are you working on? It looks like you’re making clothes and things like that,” I asked.

“I am mainly working on sex toys and things like that,” he said with a blush. “I have always liked to see women tied up and restrained when making love to them. However rope left marks and leather wore out and sometimes left marks. I decided to make ‘Toys’ that would not wear out or leave marks. Once I got started I added a few more enchantments. All of my toys are self-cleaning and will adjust in size to fit the wearer. I also added one catch to them. The person being restrained has to be willing in order for them to work. That way I can sell them and not worry about them being used for anything other than pleasure. In here are all the finished items. I’ll show you only if you agree to try one on. You can decide which one and you don’t even have to remove your clothes… Unless you want to of course.”

“Of course,” I said. “As long as you promise to remove it when I ask.”

“Of course,” he replied, as he opened a door that wasn’t there a second ago. Hanging from the wall were leather cuffs of assorted sizes, gags, harnesses; most of which I had no idea what they were for, and a few other things that I could not figure out. In the floor, ceiling, and walls where several small holes that had anchor points. In the middle of the room was a table that had four arm-looking things sticking out of it. I walked up to the table and looked at it closely. It looked like a person could be restrained comfortably on it. “I call that my bondage bench. It will change form to allow me to tie a person up anyway I want.” 

“What’s in there?” I asked, as I pointed to a chest that was in a corner.

“Some other things that I might show, or use on you later.”

“You humans are persistent,” I told him.

He gave me his best innocent look and replied, “What can I say. You are a beautiful elven woman and nobody in this village is really interested. If I asked I could have any woman in town, but that’s mainly because they’re afraid of me. You seem relaxed even after you have seen what I can do.”

“The reason I’m relaxed is because I know if you really wanted to hurt or kill me you could have a long time ago. So what is this for?”

He spent about an hour telling me what most of the stuff did and how it worked. Most of the things could change color and texture. The victim had no control once the first item was put on. After the first one was on the wearer lost all control of what could be done or used. The gags could stop all or some of the sounds the wearer made, and the hoods would block out whatever senses where chosen. The only time the wearer even had a choice about how tight, the texture, or things like that was if she put them on herself. Then the victim decided who was able to control them or how long they would hold her for. Once the decisions where made the restraint tightened up and held her for the duration or until the chosen person released her.

All the talking and his subtle ideas where really getting me horny. Once before I left home one of my boyfriends tied me up. I did enjoy it so I decided to at least try a few of them out. “What do you recommend?” I asked.


“I told you I would try something out. So, yes, what do you recommend for me to try out. I am still considering letting you get your wish,” I told him with a wink. 

He walked over to the wall and got a few things. “Here you go. This is a hobble shirt. It will tighten up from you waist down to your knees. From your knees down you will have some room, so you can still get around but not too quickly. With this,” he held up what looked like leather tube about 10” long, “you put your arms in from opposite directions. It will tighten up and hold them in place.” He held up one of the harnesses. “This wraps around your upper body and holds you tightly. I like the way it looks. I’ll help you put them on. Of course the harness was really made to go on the nude body.” He grinned like a little kid that was about to get some candy when he made the last comment.

Since in the elven society nudity was not as big a deal as in human society I decide to take off my clothes and try out everything he picked. He handed me the body harness first. He told me each strap would tighten up as I went down. He recommended that I have the harness release me 10 minutes after the hobble skirt was removed. I liked that idea and began to put the harness on. The collar was about 3” wide; once it was in place it tightened up just till breathing was not restricted. The next straps went above and below my breasts. A wider strap, about 8”, went around my waist. This one tightened and squeezed my waist so that breathing was a little more difficult, but not too bad. The last strap went between my legs and up into my crotch. 

“Before you tighten that one up, do you want some company down there? I have some toys that will keep you from getting bored down there… If you know what I mean.” 

Tanestran obviously could tell I was really getting horny. I knew that was why he asked. “Sure, why not.”

He walked over to the chest and removed a dildo. “Please allow me,” he said as showed it to me. As I snatched it out of his hand, he said “You can’t blame me for trying, can you.” I slid the phallus into my already wet pussy and then pulled the strap over it. With Tanestran’s advice I spread my pussy lips apart as the strap slowly pulled itself tight. That strap was really tight. I knew that the dildo was not coming out until the harness was removed. As I walked over to the table where the hobble skirt was I could really feel the crotch strap rubbing on my clit. I knew that is why he suggested I spread my lips down there. “Before you put the skirt on you need to set the dildo. It has a 1-10 setting or you can set to tease, or orgasm. If you really feel brave you can let it go on it’s own. Once you do that then go ahead and put on the skirt.”

I decided to let the dildo go on it’s own. I pulled the skirt on. At first it was too big but it tightened and shrunk to fit. It went from the middle of my waist all the way down to my ankles. When it was tightened up I could not move my upper legs at all. The biggest step I could take was about 18 inches. I was able bend at the hips but I really had to work at it. Lastly I picked up the leather tube. Again with Tanestran’s suggestion I stuck one arm through the tube and then put it behind my back and slid the second one through. Once the second one was in the tube tightened up around my wrist. Straps shot out around my arm, just above my elbow. The new straps pulled my arm further into the tube till the inner portion of my arms touched the tube. I heard a voice in my head asking how long until release. I decided 20 minutes. 

After I thought 20 minutes the dildo came to life. It started to vibrate and move. It was wiggling side-to-side and moving in and out. “That thing really feels good,” I told Tanestran. He just grinned. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying the show. He got out of his chair and walked up to me and tickled my side. I jumped, trying to get him to stop and found myself falling. He caught me and gently laid me down on the floor. He started to play with my nipples just as the dildo really started to work on me. I tried to tell him to stop but my first orgasm hit me and all I could was wiggle, squirm and moan. The orgasm continued for a long time and there was nothing I could do but lay there and enjoy it. Tanestran just lightly played with my nipples and the dildo just lightly vibrated for the rest of the time. 

After 20 minutes my arms were released, the dildo stopped vibrating and the skirt loosed up. Once I removed the skirt the crotch strap came disconnected from the back and the harness loosened up. “What do you think?” Tanestran asked.

“I really enjoyed that. What else do you have? I mean, what’s in the box and in rest of your house?” I responded.

He gave me a strange look; “That depends on you. Are you going to let me try them out on you?”

“That really depends on what it is. How do I know you aren’t some crazy mage that really wants to cut me up and see what makes me tick,” I replied.

“Oh come on. You’re the one that already said if I wanted to hurt you…” he said. “If you want to see it I get the option of using it on you. I will not hurt you or make you do anything you really don’t want.”

That was really a tempting offer so I agreed. He waved his hand and the box floated over and landed on a table that rose from the floor. He pulled out a chastity belt, a full body stocking and a few other articles of clothing. “Well what do these do?” I asked.

“Why don’t you put them on and find out,” Tanestran asked. “Of course they are made for sexual pleasure. I really think that you will like them. If you don’t want to try them out then I understand. It’s your call.”

I looked around the room for a few minutes and then decided to let Tanestran have his fun. “Ok, I will let you play, but only for one night. This is not a fulltime thing.”

“Good. I just want to remind you once you agree to put on some of the toys they will all work.”

“I know, but thanks for the reminder,” I said.

He walked over and picked up 4 leather cuffs. He attached one to each wrist and ankle. The cuffs appeared harmless. All they had was a leather strap that was about a foot long attached to them. Once the last one was attached the fittings disappeared. I couldn’t find a seam on them anywhere. Tanestran turned around and started to walk over towards the table when my arms where pulled up and apart. I looked up and saw that the straps had grown and were attached to anchor points in the ceiling. I was startled when my legs where spread and attached to the floor. 

“What do you think?” he asked as he walked over to me.

I pulled a little and said, “That was kinda cool.”

He walked around behind me and started to slide his hands all over my body. “You have nice soft skin. Have I ever told you that you are a beautiful woman?”

“Once, but you can always tell me again. HAY, STOP THAT!” I yelled as he began to tickle me. I tried to wiggle and move to get away from him but I was held tight by the cuffs. He only tickled me for a few minutes, then he stopped. He moved my hair to one side and began to nibble on my neck. He reached around and grabbed on of my breasts.

“I see that having someone nibble on your neck has the same effect it does on humans,” he said as he grabbed one of my nipples. He continued playing with my nipple as his other hand began to play with my pussy. He started to play with my clit. It really felt good. After a few minutes he stuck a couple of fingers into my pussy. “You are really enjoying all this attention. Aren’t you?” he continued till I was just about ready to cum then he stopped.

“You really are an evil man,” I commented.

He laughed and waved his hand. The bondage bench changed shape. Tanestran walked over to a wall and returned with two more cuffs. He also had something in his other hand. “Please open your mouth,” he said as he held up a ring that had two straps attached to it. Just as I opened my mouth to ask what that was for he shoved the ring in. He pulled the straps behind my head and under my hair. Because of the ring I was not able to close my mouth. I felt really vulnerable, knowing that. He knelt down and attached the two new cuffs to my thighs. He walked around in front of me and started to play with my nipples again. Once they were good and hard he reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of rings that he attached to my nipples. They tightened up and squeezed till they hurt. The pain was not unbearable but it was definitely there; after a few minutes the pains lessened to a dull throb. “These rings,” he said as he pinched one of my nipples, “will not come off till I decide they can.” He bent over and started to chew on my nipples. Because of the rings my nipples were really sensitive. He also reached down and began to play with my pussy. Again he stopped just before I was ready to cum. 

Because the ring kept my mouth open I began to drool. I felt really strange when I felt drool running down my face onto my breasts. “Look at you, you are making a mess,” Tanestran said as he stood up and saw my breasts. The straps were released from the ceiling and the floor. I reached up and tried to remove the ring but the strap would not come off. “It’s like I said, the person wearing it cannot remove it.” Despite me growling at him he pushed me over to the bench. I was bent over so I lying on my stomach. The cuffs attached to my wrists were pulled, forcing my arms down and around the bench. My thighs were pulled apart and my ankles were tied under the legs of the bench. 

I was tied face down on the bench with my legs spread wide. Tanestran circled me a couple of times then he retrieved something from the table that had all his toys. He walked back to me and shoved a different dildo into my wet pussy. The end of the dildo that was not inside me began to expand. It felt like it was melting and spreading and covering me from my clit down to my asshole. Once I was covered the material hardened. As it did my cunt lips and clit were pulled slightly up and out. Tanestran walked around in front of me and said, “I hope you’re comfy. Now you are going to have to work for you next orgasm.”

He removed his pants and stuck his hard cock where I would get a good look at it. “That ring is really cool… For me anyway. It will not permit you to bite but the size will adjust so you will have no problem sucking and licking me,” he said just before he stuck his dick in my mouth. Like he said the ring’s size adjusted so I would be able to suck it. The dildo started to vibrate and move slowly. It was more then enough to get really hot and bothered, not enough to push me over the edge. Between the ring in my mouth and the dildo in my pussy I had a tough time pushing Tanestran over the edge. Because of the ring his cum ran all over my face. 

“That felt really great,” he said as the dildo began to vibrate. In addition it began to move as if the tip sprouted several feelers and they were all doing their own thing. It did not take long before I came really hard. The dildo kept going through a second orgasm. This one was longer than the first. I screamed and pulled as hard as I could but the cuffs held me good. The orgasm became even more intense as I struggled. All I could do was lay there and ride the orgasm out. The orgasm continued for a long time before it subsided. When I recovered I was released from the bench. “Let me help you with those,” Tanestran said. He removed the cuff first then the rings on my nipples. I screamed when the nipple rings where removed. It hurt when they loosened up. Finally he removed the ring gag.

“You really have been busy,” I told him. “All those things worked quite well.”

He laughed, “I could tell that you enjoyed them.” We went up stairs and he let me clean up and then we went to sleep in his bed. In the morning we had some straight sex and then I told him I had to leave.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m going home for a vacation, but don’t worry, I will be back so you can try out your new toys on me.” I gave him a kiss and left the village thinking mom was going to be mad when I cut my vacation short. Oh well she’ll get over it.
  Two: Larissa Returns


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