Tales of the Tinkerer

by ZTVFemdomtales

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© Copyright 2016 - ZTVFemdomtales - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; bond; cuffs; ride; straps; isolation-tank; enslave; reunion; sling; straps; susp; captive; sex; cons/reluct; X

1: A Trial Run

She was a tinkerer. She liked to make things. She loved to make little gadgets just to amuse herself. Her favorite thing to make was gear for her hobby: BDSM. She was always coming up with new bondage gear to make the experience even more enjoyable. Sometimes inspiration would hit her in the strangest places.

She was shopping at Walmart during back to school season. Strolling down the aisle she came across an amusing little device called a slap ruler. It was a brightly colored silicone ruler with a flexible steel core that wrapped itself around your arm becoming a bracelet. Now there was an idea. 

It was a couple of days before she had a working prototype ready. Now all she needed was a guinea pig to test it on. The bar down the road was always a good place to pick up a lonely man for a night of bondage fun. Though to be honest she was starting to find the quality lacking. The barflies there that night were no great shakes. She was ready to call it a night when he walked in.

He was a clean cut boy in his early twenties. His clothes were nice and his hands soft. The look in his eyes said he'd rather not be here. There was something about his innocence that drew her to him. She sauntered over and set down next to him at the bar.

"Not from around here are you?" she asked playfully.

"No, no, I'm not. I got turned around and ended up in this little town. The bartender's digging out a street map for me."

"Well why you wait do you mind if I show you a little magic trick I've been working on?"

"No, of course not!"

"Good, then put your hands together out in front of you."

"Like this?"

"Perfect, now watch this."

From her purse she produced a slap band a bit bigger and thicker than the one at the store. She raised it and slapped it on his arm. The springs released and the band coiled around his arms penning them together with a loud click. 


  He tried for a minute to pull his hands back apart. The band would not budge.

"What the hell? How do I get this thing off?"

"We'd have to use the key I made for it."

"Well then use it, please."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"It's back at my place."


"You can come home with me and I'll unlock it for you or you can let one of these fine men here help you."

He didn't seem to like that idea.

"Fine, I'll go with you."

"Good, I've got lots of other bondage toys to try on you."

"I'm not agreeing to that."

"Since I have the only key I don't think you have any choice in the matter."

"You will let me go afterwards right?"

"A cute boy like you, who no one knows where you are? Not any time soon."


It started as a thought. A strange little thought. Of course as a Tinkerer all her thoughts were strange little thoughts. They hadn't steered her wrong yet. This one came from watching two people get off a roller coaster at the state fair. 

"Let's go on the tilt-o-whirl," the boy said.

"I wanna play a game," the girl countered

"We could ride that roller coaster again."

"No, we'll do tilt-o-whirl."

It was innocent. The thoughts it caused were not. Could you break someone's will with a ride? Could you use it to induce Stockholm syndrome with one? She had to find out. 

It took time to design it out. It took time to find all the materials. It took a lot longer to build it. More than a year later it was ready for a trial run. She put an ad on Craig's List to find a test pilot. She was specific in her request: man in good shape 18 to 35. She hadn't requested cute but she got it. He was a brown eyed barely legal boy whose wide eyed innocence she would enjoy destroying.

"As I said in the ad," she told him. "I'm starting my own ride design firm and need someone to test out my first creation."

That was  a lie ... except for the last part. 

"I'm ready to go when you are."


She drove him out into the patch of woods where her trap was set. It looked like a roller coaster but it was so much more. The only car was circular like a tea cup. She latched him in and fired it up. The cup began to spin slowly, then sped up. Then it really began to spin. Way too fast the boy thought, it was pinning him back in his seat like a centrifuge. Then the linear induction kicked in and the spinning car went flying down the track up a hill, spinning, looping, corkscrewing, all while spinning at that same manic speed. There were drops and tunnels and God only knew what else. He saw the station coming up. Thank God. Just as it entered a second pulse sent it back into the fray for a second trip. This bitch was trying to kill him!

The ride continued like this for five loops before stopping. It unlatched but he was too weak to stand. Finally he did. Suddenly a door in the floor opened and he fell down a dark chute into a strange dark sensation-less void. He couldn't process it but he had fallen into a sensory deprivation tank. The Tinkerer left for lunch. A few hours later she helped him out. He was shaking and confused. She helped him up the stairs and into a seat.

"Thank you." he breathed.

A lap bar locked down.

"No," was all he said before the car started spinning. 

Another five laps later he came to a rest crying. The lap bar released. He tried to stand. The door in the floor opened again. She went to dinner. When she let him out this time he was like a frightened animal trying to fight his way to freedom. She expected this giving him a mild sedative injection which slowed him down enough for her to get back up stairs and on the ride. He was openly crying when he was sent off for the third pass. When she pulled him out of the tank he was quiet, docile, submissive. He was ready.

She drove him home. She changed him into pajamas, fed him a nice dinner, laid down on the couch with him and soothed him as they watched movies all night. She spent the next day catering to his every need. They made love all night. Three weeks passed and he never attempted to leave. He seemed to be in love with her. As he lay curled up next to her in bed she pulled out her journal. "Trial run complete," she wrote, "On to phase two."


2. Hung Up on Him

The Tinkerer had a crush. More of an obsession if she was being honest. His name was Coby. They had gone to high school together. She had wanted him. Another girl got him. She was going to steal him. That wasn't just a turn of phrase for her, so meant it literally. She was going to kidnap Coby. He would be hers. This was when she started tinkering. 

The trap was set. All she needed was her prey. Then the unthinkable happened. His mother got a job out of state. Just like that he was gone. She had never felt such rage and frustration in her life. She had to do something to relieve her stress before she exploded. She went for a drive. It didn't help. Then she saw the school chess team captain walking home. Now that would help. Without thinking she pulled the car over, jumped out and tackled him to the ground.

He was a lightweight and easily over powered. She drug the stunned boy over to the car and popped the trunk. She forced him in where a strange pellet and air filled bag lay. As he tried to clear his head and understand what was going on she molded the bag around him cushioning him in a cradle before folding over extra material over his arms. She flipped a switch on a small air pump which quickly sucked all the air out of the bag. The bag tightened becoming a prison. She closed the lid and drove off. 

Going back home she pulled into the garage. She pressed a button on the back of the car and a door on the underside popped open and the bag fell to the ground.

"Hey!" her prisoner complained.

She held up a RC remote. 

"What's that for?"

She flipped a switch and the bag started rolling on it's own. It was only then he realized it was mounted on a wooden board with wheels and clearly a radio control. She walked up a wooden ramp into the house and he was forced to follow. He remained there for a very long time. Eventually she tired of him and handed him off to a particularly horny sorority for their eternal enjoyment. As for her she continued to tinker.

She had created many toys. There had been the slap bracelet bondage cuffs. There had been the Stockholm Syndrome coaster. She had enjoyed the men these toys had captured for her but eventually lost interest in them. They weren't Coby after all. So when she was done she would sell them to her friend Soltice Rozenberg. She had become quite adept at selling off excess men. After she was done with them of course.

 Then one day just as she finished off her latest prototype an alert on her computer gave her hope she had never dared imagine. Cody was coming back to town for their ten year reunion. He wouldn't get away from her this time.


3. Still Hung Up on Him

The reunion was going far better than the Tinkerer had expected. She found she even liked talking to some of her old classmates. Then he arrived. All thoughts of catching up abandoned her. The Tinkerer was on the hunt. 

Coby had only improved in the decade she'd seen him last. He was now a handsome young man who clearly took good care of himself and enjoyed nice clothes and gadgets the money of a good job could provide. He would have to get used to going without all that soon enough. She advanced on her helpless target.

"Hello Coby."

"Oh hey ..."

They chatted for a little while mostly just small talk. Then came the inevitable question.

"What do you do these days?"

"BDSM," she replied dryly.

She had to forcibly keep herself from laughing at the shocked look on his face as he tried to swallow his punch. 

"Excuse me?"

"I build bondage gear and sell it online."

"Wow, that's ... wow."

She knew he was into the bondage scene. Her cyber-stalking over the last years had proved that. The hook had been baited. 

"What kind of stuff?" he asked weakly.

The bite, right on schedule. 

"Well I could tell you but it would be a lot more pleasurable to show you."

As she said this she placed her hand seductively on his chest. She felt him gulp. 


"No better time."



"I guess no one will miss us if we slip out for a minute."

"Let them notice, changes nothing for me."

As they arrived at her secluded home it was all she could do not to just jump him then and there. She had to be patient. Her new toy would help. She flipped on the lights revealing it to her astonished guest. It appeared to be a simple black chair like leather sling hanging from the ceiling. That was not the interesting part. No that would be the overhead track it was attached to. It flowed seamlessly through every room in her house. 

"Wow," was all Coby could say.

"With this the whole house is now your dungeon."


"Wanna go for a ride?"


"I need to test it out with a real person not the dummy I've been using."

"I don't know."

"Please, it would mean so much to me."

She gave him her best innocent desperate pout.


"Take off your clothes."


"You ask that a lot. It's a sex toy isn't it? If I wanna see if it works or not I need the rider nude."

He balked a little more but eventually gave in. She had to hold herself back again as he disrobed. God he was gorgeous. He sat in the sling and she tightened the straps down sealing his arms, legs, and body into place. 

"You're not getting away from me this time, Coby."

"Come again?"

Instead of answering she started out of the room. The machine started up and the sling was lifted high above the ground before setting off after her.

"How is it doing this?"

"Motion detectors. It will follow you wherever you go with no effort at all. You can also pause it or pilot it with a remote for self-bondage or for tandem activities. The slings even water resistant for easy drying."

"Why would you need that?"

"Follow me and I'll show you," she teased.

She led him into the bathroom where she ran a hot bath. The Tinkerer pressed a button on the wall and suddenly Colby was being lowered into the tub stopping with just his head exposed. 

"While you're in there let's get you all cleaned up."

"Now wait a minute ..."

He stopped when he saw her strip down as well. She climbed into the tub grabbing a bar of soap.

"Get ready."

Before he knew what was happening her hands were all over him. She took her time soaping and scrubbing every inch of his body. Every inch. Climbing back out she maneuvered him over a drain in the floor and began wiping him off. Soon the sling was nice and dry again. Grabbing a remote she climbed up onto his lap and they took off. 

"Where are we going?" Coby asked, already sure of the answer.


"How long do you need me to test this baby out?"

"Oh Coby, I already told you. I'm not letting you get away from me ever again."



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