The Takeover 1 - Anne Acts

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 1: Anne Acts

I had judged the time and opportunity perfectly as Maria was walking passed my door towards the parking lot exit.

“Maria – hey don’t go out like that, come in here.”

She hesitated, looked at me, and then her eyes dropped away from mine and she came into my office.

“It’s so cold out there and just look at you.” As I spoke I moved around my desk to meet her.  “You need someone to look after you don’t you?” 

She was wearing a lovely dark green leather coat that just brushed her knees and it was wide open.  As she stood in front of me I reached out and, just like a mother to a child, buttoned it down the front and then moved even closer to her as I reached around for the belt and slipped the end through the buckle to draw it tightly around her waist.

“There now.” I said as I gripped a lapel in each hand and pulled the collar up around her neck “we don’t need the company President getting a cold do we?

“No, thank you Anne” she whispered without raising her eyes to look at me.

 “Do you have some gloves to go with that nice warm coat?

“Yes.” She reached in the side pockets and bought out a pair of black leather gloves that, as she pulled them on, reached well up her wrists.

“Those are just great now just let me fix those wrist straps to keep out the wind and then I’ll close up here and see you tomorrow – bye Maria. Oh” I continued as she started to turn for the door “and make sure you are properly dressed for this weather OK?”

She turned and left without a backwards glance and I just knew I had her pegged to the nth degree – she would soon be mine and so would her company and the money.

It was just over six months ago when Maria had been introduced to me and the rest of the staff as the new owner.  Her grandfather Fred, my boss and friend for the last five years, owned the business and when he died she, by default as the last surviving family member, had inherited and become President of our company.
I was the CEO and Chief Financial Officer and, although just in my early 30’s, had worked too hard for my position to put up with a 23 year old know nothing for a boss.  The first time I met her I pegged her for a sub; she might not know she was but I spotted it right away.

As we were introduced, she even had a “wet fish” handshake.  I made a point of holding her glance until she blinked and dropped her eyes; that’s when I knew.

Over the next weeks and months I made sure that she came to rely on my knowledge and that any meaningful decisions had my input.  I made a habit of dropping papers in front of her for signature without giving her a moment to read them.  Maria had made it clear that she didn’t understand what was going on and trusted my judgment.  The fool.

I adjusted my wardrobe and started wearing a lot of power suits and high heels.  I took every opportunity to tower over this shy ex-hairdresser who was so used to taking orders that when they came from me she accepted them without question.

Later that evening I phoned her at home with a cock and bull story about some papers that just had to be signed immediately.  A half hour later I pulled in the driveway of Fred’s mansion, now hers, that she had moved into after I arranged to have everything she owned, which wasn’t much, shipped in from the west coast.

I knew she would be alone because one of her other problems was she could not get used to the fact that she had all the money anyone would ever need.  Under my guidance the company was netting over $2 million a year but since she was eighteen she had lived by herself on a very tight budget and the habit still stuck.

When she opened the door I posed to let the full affect of my outfit reveal itself.  Tight black leather pencil line skirt, matching belted hip length jacket and knee high boots with 5” stiletto heels.  Even my hands were encased in tight black kid.

Maria looked me up and down, gulped, and then lowered her eyes as she stood aside to let me in.

Striding straight down the hallway to the den I turned and waited for her to close the front door and follow me.  Suggesting that she sit at the desk while I showed her the papers I opened my briefcase and put them in front of her before moving around to stand at her side.

With one gloved finger I pointed out where she was to sign while continuing a stream of verbal bafflegab as too what they meant.  Gently I allowed my other kid gloved hand to rest on her shoulder and, as I leaned closer, moved it to the bare skin at the back of her neck.

I felt her stiffen and the pen stopped moving but I just kept talking and turning pages and the moment passed, the tension went out of her shoulders and the pen moved again.  Yes, it was time to make the next move.

I let my fingers gently squeeze her neck for a second then became all business again and packed the papers back in my briefcase.  “Have you had supper Maria?”

“Yes I had just finished when you called.”

“Then let’s go to the kitchen and make a drink for ourselves because I have a favour to ask you and we need to discuss it.”

I knew my way around the house, having been there many times while Fred was alive – strictly on business mind you – and let her get the full effect of my outfit as she followed me to the kitchen.

A quick glance around showed me that she had indeed finished supper.  There was an empty package for a God Damn TV dinner on the counter.  She could have been eating caviar and prime rib served by a couple of hot and cold running maids and here she was with $3 pre-packaged crap.  Well things were about to change – drastically.

We ended up with our drinks in the living room and I made a point of sitting next to her on the chesterfield so that she could not avoid the scent of all the leather covering me or indeed the proximity of my body invading her space.

“You see Maria, the lease on my home is up at the end of the month and I haven’t been able to find anything else yet.  Since you have this huge house with six bedrooms but live here by yourself I was wondering if you would allow me to move in for a little while until I can find a new place.”

“It would be so convenient and since we spend so much time together at the office with no problems I’m sure we would get along.”

My hand, still in the tight kid, was back on her neck and her chest was rising and falling with something other than just regular breathing.  I moved my other hand to her chin and lifted it until she was facing me.  Her eyes were down but as I tilted her head up she was more or less forced to look at me.

“May I?”

And that’s how I moved in a few weeks ago.

As I write this, sitting at the same desk that she had used to sign away the company to me, I reach down and stroke Maria’s leather covered head.  Tracing the lacing down the back of the helmet I move my fingers around to feel that the strap covering the huge ball gag filling her mouth is nice and tight.

Just for fun I let two fingers cover the holes in the leather under her nostrils for a moment and watch as she strains against her bondage to try and writhe away from my grasp.  That was a hopeless task but I let her breathe as I whisper “Never mind my pet, later we will really have some fun.”

But back to my story and the week she lost a very uneven battle she hadn’t even known she was fighting.

A few days after I moved in I suggested that we go out for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking – the TV dinners had gone in the trash - and waited in the living room while she went for her coat.  As I knew it would be it was the green leather and she took one look at my face and started buttoning the buttons and tying the belt.

When that was done I looked at her and said, “It’s a shame with a lovely coat like that you don’t have some boots to wear that would compliment it.”

“Oh, but I do.”

 “Well why don’t you wear them?” I asked.

Maria shyly explained that she had bought them on a whim as a birthday present to herself but the first time she wore them outside she felt everyone was looking at her and hadn’t worn them since.

“Let me see them on you and we can decide what the problem is with them.”

There was no problem except that in her innocence she had gotten herself a pair of hooker boots with stiletto heels and it was no wonder they drew looks from everyone.

We never did leave the house that evening.  I decided to finish the farce and asked her to come and sit next to me on the chesterfield.  I was wearing my black leather Domme outfit again and as she settled beside me I put my arm around her and drew her to me.

“Maria, you’re a lovely young lady but your lonely and your shy and you need someone strong in your life to help you.  Let me show you how much better you can feel if you try an idea of mine, will you trust me?”

All I got was a nod of her head, as she, for the first time, looked me directly in the eye without dropping her gaze.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

After a moments hesitation she half turned away from me and the leather-covered arms moved back.  With two or three quick twists of the cord I had hidden between the cushions, her wrists were captured; and so was she.

Reaching down with another piece of the cord I knotted it around her booted ankles and then sat back up and put my arm around her shoulders again.

“Now then Maria, for the moment I have made you even more helpless than usual.  You have no choice but to do what I say and you can’t make any decisions for yourself.  So answer me honestly, would there be a sense of relief if I was in charge of everything that happens to you and you no longer had to worry about those huge company responsibilities and other things?  Would you would like that?”

Two large tears welled from the corners of her eyes as she looked at me and whispered,  “Yes please Anne.”

Then I had kissed her and as she first stiffened and then relaxed starting to return the passion in our lip lock I pulled away and rammed in the other item hidden between the cushions – a large dark green ball gag that matched her coat!

Now it was weeks later and I was going to the company Christmas party.  While I had fun and enjoyed compliments from the staff for the very successful year I had guided them through, Maria was going to be spending the evening alone. 

I had spent the last two hours making sure that she would be extremely uncomfortable while I was away and now, wearing a black leather maxi coat over my cocktail dress, I ran one kid gloved hand over the form in front of me, almost tempted to stay and revel in my control over her.  Almost but not quite, instead my evening would be spiced by the thought of what waited for me when I got home.

I turned out the lights and left with the rustle of leather and clicking of my spike heels on the marble floor of the foyer.



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