Taken for a Ride

by XVX

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© Copyright 2002 - XVX - Used by permission

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“Are you going to actually walk in those?” Asked Lyle. His face lit by the light of the computer screen showing a leering smile on his face.

“Yes.” Said Lilly as she tottered on a pair of extremely high-heeled boots. Ballet boot they where called. Lyle could not help stare at how the thigh high boots shaped his wife legs. Her entire body was being supported on two square inches of foot support. She was slowly become the woman of his most deepest desires.

After three years of marriage their love making had become stale and Lyle had a secret fantasy of being master of a bondage leather slut. Lilly did some experimentation but seemed to be holding back. Lyle wanted her to go further and she said she was willing to but wanted to go at it more slowly. Lyle had his own ideas. He planned to have her completely under his control by the time of his birthday at the end of the month.

Lilly was always into these self help tapes. He'd met her in college. She was a drama major with aspirations of being an actress. He was working on a psychology degree before finding a better job at the college radio station. Lilly was adventurous out going and free spirited person but aside from their marriage. She did not stick or commit herself to anything. She was hoping these self-motivational tapes would improve her. But after two years the only thing that improved was the bank account of the self-help experts.

Lyle had gone through two year of college before getting involved at the campus radio station and now was well on his way towards his radio engineer certification. He then got the idea of editing one her self-help tapes. He did a term paper on subliminal suggestions. That and borrowing the equipment at the radio station he was able to edit in his subtle suggestion on how his wife should behave and act.

If it has not been for her winning the E-lotto. She would not have been able to afford the boots. In fact she had been getting mysterious packages for the past several days. She inched her way toward him. It was like watching a ballet dancer in high heels doing a high wire act. It was a definite turn on and pure torture for Lilly. She steadied herself by bracing against the furniture. Then leaning against the desk she placed her right toe and dug it into his crotch. 

“So.” said Lyle stroking the presented leg. “What other things do you have in mind?”

“Actually I do.” She leaned toward him nearly pressing her breasts into his face. With a few click of the mouse and keystrokes she brought up a web site. “Will pay money for bondage pictures.” She recited off the web page displayed on their computer.

Lilly used the computer more than he did and he wondered if she had found this web page on her own or she some how found it by some how tracked it down on one his infrequent foray into the internet.

“I see.” Lyle mused. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes. In fact you wheel your bike around the back. I have few ideas.”

“My bike? What for?”

“You’ll see”

Lyle watched her totter off to the bedroom. Her ass wiggled seductively away from him.

Lyle was consumed with curiosity. He did not plan on share his fantasy much less his wife with a million or so people. This was meant to be private. But if it was a means to an end. So be it. His next batch of tapes he would have to modify to curb this behavior. The back yard was large and had a slight Japanese theme to it. There was small pool no more than five foot deep. The house and property used to belong to her grandmother. She was no means rich and neither where they. But when she moved out she gave the house to them saying she was giving it away before the IRS got it.

He wheeled his 69’ Harley out back and waited for her to emerge. His bike was his pride and joy. Next to Lilly it was his most cherished possession. He sweated out the payments and had to live off condiment tomato soup for a few days but like Lilly. She was all his.

“I want you to move the bike against the rose bushes.” Said Lilly from the bedroom window.

Lyle repositioned the bike glanced at the window. But there was no sign of her. What was she up to?

After awhile she emerged using a broom as an improvised cane to help steady herself in one hand and a leather bag in the other. She had changed from a T-shirt and cut off to a leather mini skirt and bustier top. She still wore the boots and had added black leather gloves that went past the elbow. With the exception of the gloves and boots he knew the rest of the outfit. It was last years Christmas present he gave her. Complete with the mini H/D logos. The outfit was of course planned to go with the bike. It also temporarily fulfilled his secret desire. She was nearly his vision of a bondage slave.

She mounted the bike and settled her frame across it.

“Can I join you?” said Lyle 

“No. Someone has to take the pictures.” Lilly pulled out a digital camera. Not a very cheap one either.

Lyle did some photography work but that was a for the high school yearbook.

“I took psychology not photography.”

“The camera does most of the work. You know what a good shot looks like. Here are the instructions.”

While Lyle reviewed what button did what. Lilly was finding her balance. She grasped her ankles and leaned against the backrest of the bike. She then removed a black ball gag from the leather bag. Lyle's eyes grew wide as she strapped the ball gag in to her mouth. Then she took out a set of padded cuffs that where connected to each other in a ‘X’ fashion by a chain.

Again bringing her ankles behind her and then cuffed each of them. Locking them behind the bike backrest. Lyle was horrified and aroused at the same time. The chain was scratching the fender but at the same time the act of her willing to do this was arousing. 

She took out a loop of small chain with a handcuff key at its end and hung it on her neck. Then she cuffed her wrists behind her. He was in an upright hog tie. She was totally helpless bound to his bike. A Vision he had longed since had dreamed. Her black pointed feet made a stark contrast with chrome exhaust pipes.

“Mmmakk mik ures.” Lilly said through the gag. Lyle snapped out of it and he began to take pictures. The shot from every angle and his wife was doing a slow grind on the seat.

She was getting off on it.

The moment he stopped shooting she would notice and say something as best she could about keep taking more shots.

Front, back, side, three quarter shots and using a patio chair some high angle shots. When the memory was full so was she. Lilly climaxed at his last shot. Figuring she was helpless. He sat down on his bike facing her.

“So. Can I have a ride.”

Somehow a hand became free. Lyle’s jaw dropped. He saw the way she struggled. There was no way she could have been faking. She unbuckled the gag. And used the key to release the rest of her restraints.

“How did you do that?”

“Timed cuffs. You wind them up with the key and when you lock them in. It started to unwind like a child toy. When the spring winds down. It releases the latch. But if you use the key in the other direction. They become regular cuffs. It’s a gamble on how long and depending on which one you set up. If you don’t watch what your doing you could have all four set to regular.”

“Tricky.” Said Lyle. “So when can I have my ride?”

“Later.” She gave him one of those. ‘I have a headache’ looks and took the camera from him. “I've got to get these ready.”

She dismounted and tottered off leaving Lyle in a very disappointed state.

Later in the day he saw the photos. The heading of the photo read the caption ‘Taken for a ride’. They where better than he expected but the idea of sharing his wife on the Internet did not sit well with him. There was no guarantee she would even win this contest. That night she wore a chastity belt with a timer. It would not come off until he was already at work. How many more devices did she have to frustrate him? Was she doing this to him on purpose or had he over done his conditioning? 

It was a week later and she called him into their bedroom that afternoon. She was dressed in the Ballet boots and black leather gloves along with something new. A hobble skirt dress. She was trying to fit into a corset built into the dress. She needed his help tightening the lacing. The black leather dresses smell was intoxicating. He worked hard at lacing and squeezed four inches off her frame. She was the vision of his dreams he wanted to take her now but she handed him the camera.

Lilly had set up her wind up cuffs to their four poster bed. She did some posing in front of the bed while Lyle snapped away. 

Then Lilly lay down on the bed and locked her ankles to the frame. Then out from the leather bag she produced a padded gag harness. It forced her mouth closed by a series of straps under the chin, over and behind the head.

Then she placed on a sleeping mask blindfold. Then pressed her on hand on her belly he heard the soft hum of a vibrator. She quickly and very easily found the cuffs above her head. She muffled the words 'take pictures'.

Lyle watched as his wife began to struggle against her bounds. He noticed that with out his direction that her blindfolded eyes seemed to follow him. She squirmed and twisted. The hum varied in pitch and rhythm. It was surreal feeling. She was becoming his every desire but at the same time denied the enjoyment and pleasure of his work.

He snapped away until he was out of memory in the camera but Lilly murrffed ‘mrrr mmemmrreeee himmmemmmerrrrr.”

It took awhile but he figured out that there was a swappable memory card on the dresser. He swapped card and changed some lighting. It was obvious now that she was not truly blindfolded but could see him.

When the second memory card was finish so was she. She was struggling so violently that he though he might have injured herself. But the excitement level in his pants was evident and yet his enjoyment was denied to him.

While she was undressing herself he took a long very cold shower. The chastity belt was always on at night. His instruction of always being his may have gone one step too far.

The next day he asked what happened to her motivational tapes. He searched around the house and could not find a one. It was hoped he might have the opportunity to tighten up her mental conditioning.

Lilly replied “I lent them to my sister.”

Lyle had to contain his horror. Her sister Rose was a good-looking woman but an inch or two shorter. If she was vulnerable to his machination he might have created two monsters. 

What now Dr Frankenstein?

His horror was realised when Rose stopped by for a visit to return her audio tapes. She kept wanting to sit next to and giving him ‘the eye’. He had to leave the room when she tried to slip her hand into his pants. Lyle was a one woman man. He loved Lilly and wanted his fantasy to be an intimate private affair. He was in the kitchen and fixing a drink and he though he heard some muffled giggling coming from the living room. When he returned Rose was constantly staring at him. He felt she would have had sex with him then and there in front of his wife the moment he gave the word. He was drenched in sweat by the time she left.

His birthday was in four days. Lilly had stopped asking for the latest and greatest in motivational tapes. She even stopped listing to the ones she had. Lilly began to run around the house in skimpy and sexy outfits. But she seemed to tease him and deny him. He respected her too much to force himself on her. That weekend he was buffing out the scratches on his bike. He may have to replace the fender. That chain had cut a deep grove in one side.


He turned and saw his wife dressed in the hobble dress, ballet boots and long gloves and something new, a posture collar. She supported herself with a long cane.

“More pictures.”

‘No master. I have your birthday present.”

Lyle was bowled over. She had said the word ‘master’ so naturally. Had his conditioning finally corrected itself?

And how did his wife lace up the corset without his help?

He was watching her seductively wiggle away from him back into the house and any questions he had dropped from his mind.

She was his vision, his creation. His fantasy taken life.  She was all his to have and to own. Lyle head swelled a with the feeling of absolute power and control. Something else was swelling as he dropped his tools the ground. Their ringing on the concrete floor was like a bell to his sound a profound change in his life.

Lyle followed her into the bedroom. Which was just across from the Kitchen. Further down the hall were the living room and dining room and the other bedroom they used as a study.  She had managed to adjust nicely to walking in the boots.

The bed was covered in a leather sheet. Attached to the sheet was some sort of cocoon.

“Master. Your slave wants to worship you. Your slave begs her master to lie on the bed and not move.”

Lyle was still on cloud nine and laid face up on the bed.  She strapped his arms to his side and teased him by sucking on his nipples. She zipped up the cocoon and tighten the laces. His cock was erect and she covered it in a latex form-fitting condom. But it was made of heavier gauge rubber. She was almost done when somewhere in the back of his mind he felt alarm bells go off but she rubbed her body against his and the bells became silent. He was so engrossed in his expectation of what was to come that he had very little idea of what was happening now.

When Lilly withdrew and pulled out that leather bag Lyle realized he was totally helpless and unable to move. Furthermore anytime he saw that bag it always meant trouble. A ball gag emerged from her magic bag. He resisted but a playful twist of his rubber-encased cock forced open his locked jaws.

“Now your slave will worship her master.”

Lilly licked and sucked his cock and the pressure was enormous. Not having any sex or intimate contact with his wife within the last month was showing. He moaned through the gag and his excitement caused his whole body to tremble. The leather cocoon made it hard to bend at the waist and knee. Plus it seemed to be anchored to bed.

He was close to a climax when she withdrew. There was a look in her eye he did not like.

“I always want to remember my master this way.”

She straddled him sidesaddle because of the dress. She made gentile rocking motions flicked the heels of her boots against his erect penis. Lyle wanted to hold back but she was doing her best to make him cum. The condom straight jacket she put on him seemed to be exerting pressure and sealing off his cock. Her hand went into the bag. Lyle moaned. No, she was not going to take pictures. Not now! He would die of embarrassment. Instead she pulled out a knife.

Lyle screamed. But who would hear him?

“I won’t be shared by any one but my master. My master is to be obeyed.” She held up her cassette player.

Those words! They where on the tapes he doctored. He never specified who her master was. Oh god. She must think her master is the cassette player. He was going to be killed because of his own desires. He tried to buck her off but she squealed in delight. He was too firmly held down.

“Master must be obeyed.”

She plunged the knife into his chest.


And again.

Each time Lyle screamed.

Then nothing.

No white light at the end of life. No flashing of his life before his eyes.

His heart was still beating. No blood was on the knife. Then the expression change on Lilly’s face.

She was laughing.

Lyle started laughing mostly because he was still alive and his wife has pulled one over on him.

Lilly then showed the knife was a fake retractable kind used in movies and stage plays. “You’re a bastard you know that. I could divorce you for what you did. If the batteries had not ran low while I was jogging.  I would have never noticed something funny with the tape. You’re quite the little pervert. I never knew that about you. But I'll tell you what honey. I don’t mind. I was afraid you had found out about my family secret.”

“You see Grandma was a bondage model in her day. No Betty or Tempest but she did all right. Unfortunately most of the money she earned was cash only and never reported. That’s why she is in a bit of tangle with the IRS. It would be rather embarrassing for some one who is a volunteer Sunday school and forth grade teacher to found out moonlighting as a “Klaw girl”. I decided to play a trick on you and teach a lesson.” She pulled out their joint credit card out of the bag. “You are going to pay for all the stuff I bought that you wanted your devoted slave to have. I don’t want you to sell our bike but we are going to get a second job. Or having to do with out a few things. Oh I did win a little something on E-lotto but it hardly covered all of this.”

She snuggled up to him. Her fingers lightly twiddling his still erect cock. “Neat little item.” Indicating his black rubber encased penis. “ It shrinks with body heat. It forms a very tight seal so you can’t cum. I’ll bet the pressure is just killing you.”

Lyle nodded in agreement he wanted release but couldn’t.

 “The original plan was to have Rose come bursting in and ‘kill’ us both. But after she could not keep a straight face for more than five minutes I had to change the plan. So here is was we are going to do. First you are never going to saying I’m a bad actress. Agreed?” Lyle nodded in agreement. She had taken him on an emotion roller coaster.

“Next. We are going to set up a bondage web site and I keep any profit.”

Lyle head was bobbing up and down like the toy dog on a cars dashboard.

“Good. I love being your wife and dressing up like this is a tremendous turn on for me. Mom never cared for it. Rose and me did some rope bondage when we were younger. But I think you are going to have to apologize to me. I want you to kiss my feet. In the livingroom. And if you behave yourself. I'll let you out. Then maybe later I can be your slave. How about I be your slave on the weekends of the full moon. That sounds like fun.” More nodding. Lyle was seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

 She pulled out one his doctored tapes. “I’m going to keep these in a very safe place. Just so I know you won't try something like this again and to keep you in line. But for today. You are my slave. My little sex snake to do what I want. And what I want is that after I unhook the cocoon from the bed, you are going to slither, crawl and I don’t care how you do it. But I want you to come to me on your belly and kiss my feet and I want you to mean it. Understand?”

Lyle nodded affirmative.  She was mad but willing to forgive him if he complied.

“That’s a good little slave.”

She disconnected the buckles that attached the cocoon to the bed sheet. Her hand went to the bag. Lyle eyes went wide with what she now had. It looked like a tiny manacle. "It called a cock cuff.” She waved it in front of him like a hypnotist waving a pocket watch. “It’s going to put your dick in an iron maiden. Crawling with this on is going to interesting to watch.”

She snapped it on before he could even try to move off the bed or groan any sort of protest.

“OH! By the way. Happy Birthday.”

She moved to the living room. Lyle moved cautiously and slid off the bed going feet first then out in the hallway. His penis was throbbing the cock cuff was painful and the sooner her made up to her the sooner she would remove it.

The hallway was the toughest. The hardwood floor offered little traction. He was breathing hard but the joy of emotion and expectation of what ever his wife had planned was outweighed common sense. Motivation provided the pain in his penis.

In the living room he found seductively poised in a chair was his wife. Next to her had to be her sister Rose in an identical outfit she was wearing except she was blindfolded and had a arm binder. The binder was a  single leather sleeve that forced the arms together at the wrist and elbows. Strapped around her waist is a serving tray.

This explained how Lilly got the corset on. Lyle knew that this would the best birthday he would have in a long while.

Lilly was an excellent actress. She had, in words of mob hit men, Taken him for a ride. And his ride was just beginning.





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