The Tack Trap

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2012 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F+/f; harness; bridle; gag; bond; susp; bdsm; crop; outdoors; hum; saddle; phallus; insert; ride; climax; nc/reluct; XX

We were all watching her as she went into the tack room. Waiting to see if she took the bait. Suzy Sue, our lovely leggy instructress. Our equestrienne goddess. We had deliberately left the tack room untidy, and amongst the disorder we had left the bait for our trap.

Instead of the shouts and bellowing cries for recrimination we had half expected there was only silence. And silence was good for our plan. Very good indeed.

I crept carefully up to a tiny grille in the door and peered into the rack room. Suzy’s lovely face wore a frown and her bewitchingly dark eyes were alive with curiosity as she turned a piece of tack over and over in her hands. We had left it in a very obvious place and Suzy had taken the bait.

As a rider and keeper of horses for many years the fact something was not quite right about that piece of tack was very obvious and now she was trying to work out what it was. And soon, oh so very soon we hoped she would take the bait.

I watched as she stretched it out between her hands and some sort of understanding dawned across her features. There was still puzzlement in those lovely eyes, but I could see she was beginning to figure it out.

She turned her back on me and faced the mirror and I knew she was ours. I watched in silent wonder as she took the piece of tack in both hands and lifted it up in front of her. She had worked out what was wrong with the shape of the tack and had realised it’s true purpose.

Higher and higher she lifted it until it hung in front of her face. Suzy was a quick thinker, you had to give her that. None of the other lecturers had even noticed the cunningly constructed bridle amongst all the other tack. I felt another face appear by my side in that tiny window and I glanced down to see my tiny blonde companion with a ridiculously wide smile on her face. True Suzy Sue had not been our first choice as the victim of our trap, but she was the only one of the instructors intelligent enough to be caught.

As we both watched Suzy brought the bridle back towards her face. The remains of the frown still danced about her brows and for a fleeting moment she froze as the steel bit touched her lips. We were both holding our breaths as for a second we thought she might change her mind, then we started to breath again as we watched Suzy Sue take the metal bit between those lovely lips of hers and allow the leather straps to wrap about her head. Straps that could only have been crafted to enclose a human head.

Her nimble fingers found the buckles behind her head and deftly fastened them. We could hear the soft sound of leather running through buckles and our hearts beat faster as we knew Suzy Sue was ours.

We watched a little longer as she pulled the straps snug about her head, her curiosity getting the better of her time and time again as she tugged the straps tighter and tighter about her head. The tight straps made deep furrows through the mass of dark curly hair she always wore lose about her tanned face.

We waited our moment carefully. Too soon and we would forfeit some of the pleasure of watching what came next. Suzy was turning back and forth in front of the mirror taking in the scene she now presented. Her lovely face confined within snug leather straps, her lips parted by a gleaming steel bit, and her vision confined by blinkers. Then came the moment had waited for for so long.

Suzy Sue lifted her fingers to the back of her head to unfasten the straps, to release herself, and then she discovered the nature of our cunning trap. Buckles can look so innocent, so commonplace. But with a little careful alternation they can be made very cunning in their design. As Suzy Sue is currently finding out. As we watch her fingers are dancing about our buckles, tugging at them, her fingertips scrabbling at buckles and loose ends her adult mind tell her should be easy to undo. But they are not. Cunning tags and sears have locked them into place about her lovely face. Tags and sears that cannot be released without a simple yet carefully fashioned tool. Suzy Sue has strapped herself into helpless bondage that we intend to complete for her

As we watch Suzy Sue is getting more and more frustrated. That smooth steel bit has reduced her frustrated cries to mewing whines as we watch her lips working at soundlessly about it’s implacable surface, the very tip of her tongue almost caressing it as she tries to find a way to cry out for help. Now is our moment to strike.

As we step into the room Suzy lets out a wail as she tugs at the bridle, and as she sees the straps we have dangling from our hands she realises that she has been tricked.

We hold up the straps, straps with wide leather cuffs dangling from them, and hold out our hands. Suzy Sue is breathing hard now, those big dark eyes registering fear as she looks for a way out. But we are blocking the doorway, and her own exertions have proved that she cannot get free without help. Without a word she offers up her wrists and moments later they are cuffed with buckles every bit as cunning as those that have made a prisoner of her face.

Quick as we can the ends of the straps are tossed over the beams and hauled tight, dragging her up onto her tiptoes before tying them off. Sue let out a squeal as her shoulders protested as being hauled high and wide, but we knew what we wanted to do and were not going to give her a chance to fight back.

Dropping to our knees we swiftly relieved Suzy of her slinky riding boots, and before she could protest her flimsy panties were hauled from under her long skirt and discarded on the floor.

Swaying back and forth on her very tiptoes Suzy Sue let out a wail as my little blonde companion slashed a whip across her arse, then slashed it again, a smile on her face. I watched as her lips writhed about the bit that held her voice it’s prisoner and I never felt so turned on before. Never before had I had such complete control over another person and it made me wet in a way I just could not have imagined. Sure, I had controlled horses of all shapes and sizes, and that was a thrill, but to have a real person under your control, that was a whole new ball game of perversion.

We unfastened the straps and Suzy Sue dropped hard to her knees, gasping past the gag in an almost equine manner. We deftly pulled her towards us, then moved quickly behind her back. Before her head could turn and follow what we are doing her arms are secured behind her, the long straps circling her waist pinning her wrists in the small of her back. As we pulled the straps tight she gave a gasp as her shoulders are arched, forcing her breasts up and outwards until they strained the buttons of her blouse.

I stood before her with a smile on my face, and slowly reached out to pop open the top couple of buttons until an enticing amount of cleavage is in display. There are girls outside amongst the class who will like that look. Oh yes they most certainly will.

I snapped a rein on her bridle and gave a hard tag while my little blonde friend applied the whip to that lovely tight arse of hers and we were soon up and moving. Suzy Sue shied at the door, but another hard tug and the crack of that whip made her lurch forwards out into the sunlight and we were greeted by a ragged cheer from the other girls.

Suzy Sue went red. A really bright, fire engine red but we were far from finished with her. Oh no, this was just the start as we led her out across the stable ring and on towards the mounting blocks. She fought us, but once you have lost your arms and stand at the end of a tight rein with a long whip plying your arse there is nothing you can do. Suzy Sue was ours to do with as we pleased.

As she stood atop the mounting block the sound of horseshoes on the flags brought her head snapping round. One of the girls was leading Sabre out of his stall. Sabre. Mighty, gentle Sabre. He of the wide back and gentle, undulating gait. Fully tacked up in all his gentle glory. Soft leather harness and a lovingly worn brown saddle that glowed in the sunlight. It as only as Sabre ambled closer that Suzy Sue let out a squeal as she saw what we had in store for her.

Sticking straight up from that lovingly oiled saddle was a new feature. A tall, wide phallus in gleaming brown leather.

Suzy Sue started to fight us then, but we were used to holding big, strong horses in check. The whip cracked, the reins snapped and jerked under my hands, but Suzy Sue stayed right where she was on that mounting block as Sabre came to stand alongside her.

Her eyes were wide as she looked at that gleaming leather penis. Wide with a terrible mixture of horror and fascination.

“Mount up!” the shout echoed and for a moment Suzy Sue stood at bay like a frightened animal. Her head twisted back and forth desperately looking for help, and I could see panic dancing behind her eyes. I felt myself smile and gave the reins a tug. It wasn’t a hard tug, but it was just enough to tell Suzy Sue her time had come.

She lifted one long leg and straddled Sabre’s broad back. He shook his head and whinnied as if to offer encouragement, and slowly but surely Sue settled towards that terrible saddle.

I knew the moment that mighty leather intruder touched her lips as she let out a tiny sigh. She was kneeling on Sabre’s saddled now, the very tip of the penis just inside her. Someone made a noise and Sabre shifted on his feet. Suzy Sue’s knees slipped and she let out a howl as that proud leather penis plunged inside her.

We all cheered as she desperately tried to haul herself up off of it, but the stirrups had been cunningly lengthened so all she could do was lift herself tantalisingly half way off that proud leather rapist before slipping back down onto the saddle again.

“Walk on” long years in the school had taught Sabre to obey without thinking and he moved obediently away from the block in his slow, rolling gait with Suzy Sue pinned to his muscular back.

Sabre trotted slowly round the yard, then started to move faster and faster until Sue was bouncing up and down on the saddle. Rolling gently back and forth as Sabre turned in a wide circle. Her head fell back, and despite the cold steel of the bit between her teeth Suzy Sue started to wail. To cry out, and soon to make the harsh sounds of orgasm that we were all waiting for. Her skin flushed, her knees clutching Sabre’s flanks for all she was worth in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, but there was no hope as the motion of the mighty animal rocked her back and forth and up and down on that mighty leather intruder.

And when she came she came hard. She let out a long, keening cry that sounded only half human as her legs finally lost their fight to keep a tight grip on Sabre’s flanks and she sank down onto the very base of the phallus and it fucked her long and deep and hard.

Slowly, almost casually, Sabre trotted to a slow halt besides us. There was cheering from the other girls and they slowly dispersed leaving us to deal with Suzy Sue. She was slumped on the saddle, her womanhood still packed with that leather intruder. She hung her head, her mass of curly hair soaked with sweat as she was breathing hard. Her legs hung loose at Sabre’s flanks as she made no attempt to lift herself free. Deep breaths racked her body as she slumped there. Her passions spent.

I climbed the mounting block and unsnapped the bit with our special little tool and gently pulled it from between those lovely generous lips. Looking down I could see her breasts heaving and for a fleeting moment I fought the urge to reach out and touch them.

Slowly she pulled her head up to look up into my eyes. Those big brown eyes were distant and unfocused.

“You bitch” she gasped quietly. I felt myself smile. “Put it back” she gasped, opening her mouth wide “Then send me round again. Only this time you bitch, make him gallop!”