A Swinging Pool Performance

by FetGames

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Storycodes: Solo-F; dream; true; M/f; pool; bond; harness; poletie; rope; gag; public; exhib; susp; crotchrope; tease; climax; cons; X

This is a story a real dream I had. I wrote it down shortly after waking up, to try my best to tell the story exactly as it happened.

The first part of the story I remember was being put into a harness behind some bleachers. It was some kind of combination of straps and rope. The harness was pretty much what you would think of, something to secure the mid-section of the body for suspensions. I do not recall what I was wearing, so feel free to make up an outfit in your head to begin with!

I heard the crowd from the bleachers and an announcer. After the harness was on, I was prompted to walk out in front of the crowd. There was a performance going on inside a very large pool. I walked alongside the pool and watched the performance and looked at the crowd, somewhat wondering what was going on and wondering what the performance was all about.

The announcer saw me and said to come towards him and introduced me to the crowd as his willing participant. He asked me if I was ready to experience something amazing and be a part of the act. I said yes without really knowing what it was I was getting myself into.

Side note: there was probably some more back story to this whole story, but I don't remember anything before where this story started. I remember being somewhat ok with everything going on and knowing the announcer and assistants, but at the same time not knowing exactly what was about to happen. I felt safe going along with it like I had done something similar before with them.

Continuing on, the announcer came over and started to tie my ankles together with a piece of rope. When he finishes, he picked me up and threw me in the pool.

I could swim fairly well so I was able to tread water even with my ankles tied. I quickly noticed a pole in the water that was sticking straight upwards, and I grabbed on with one arm. There was a very small ledge sticking out from the pole that allowed me to somewhat stand on the pole and stay above water a bit. He jumped in too and swam up from behind me. He grabbed my free arm and tied some rope around my wrist. Then, he grabbed my other arm and brought it behind my back, around the pole, and tied it to my other wrist. Then he pulled some slack from the ankle rope around the pole and wrapped it several times around the pole, going up the body. Then he grabbed a a hook from pole and snapped it onto the harness.

He swam to the side of the pool and got out. While he did, the pole raised out of the water slowly straight into the air. As it cleared the pool water, another rope was pulled to the side by the announcer, bringing the pole to the side of the pool. I was half dangling from the pole and half standing on the ledge still. The hook was doing a good job of keeping me still and without much strain on my bonds.

The pole and me were laid on the ground. He quickly added a ball gag, then continued adding a few more ties to the harness and around the pole. Then, he grabbed a pre-knotted rope with a big loop in it, put it around my forehead. The loop had a leather strap on it that went over my forehead. Then the rope went over the back and through my crotch to my front side. Then he attached a flag to the end of that rope with a small loop in the rope and a hook on the flag. The other end of the flag was then hooked to the loop around the my head. So essentially, there was now a flag hanging in front of my body that was attached to my forehead while my head was forced backwards slightly, and the other end of the flag was attached near my crotch to the end of that rope. That rope went through my crotch, which meant there was a bit of strain already through my crotch. Any time I moved my head, I could feel the rope rub against my crotch.

Most of this time I was focused on what was happening, as well as being a bit embarrassed being in front of a huge crowd doing bondage that I secretly loved. The entire time, the assistants were speaking to the crowd. I have no idea what they were saying, I was focused on the bondage.

After completed, the pole was raised up once again. This time the pole was horizontal, so I dangled beneath it with my hands tied behind my back. Due to the ties to the harness, most of the pressure was in the harness so it was mostly comfortable hanging there.

The pole was then released through his fingers so the pole was swung out over the pool. I was now wondering what was going to happen and what this all was about. But at the same time, it was exhilarating being tied up and dangling over the pool. Also, the flag was slightly waving in the breeze as it dangled below. As it waved in the wind, it gently vibrated the crotch rope it was hanging from.

Then he grabbed the rope, pulled it back, then let go, effectively letting me swing back and forth over the pool. With each tug, he brought the swing higher and higher, faster and faster. At the same time, the pole raised slightly higher and higher over the water. As he pulled on the rope, I noticed he had somehow attached his rope to the rope with the flag, which meant also attached to my crotch rope. Each time he pulled it, I could feel it send a rope vibration against my crotch. It felt pretty good and got me even more turned on being subjected to that. Since I was so into bondage, suspension, and exhibitionism, I was already pretty turned on to begin with, but that extra tug each time was sending me into bliss.

Then the rig stopped from swinging and from raising anymore above the pool. I was probably about 25 feet above the pool now! It was exhilarating. then I felt the entire rig being pulled backwards towards the bleachers. Up and up and up, all the way to the upper tiered seats. They were quite large bleachers, and it was probably close to 50 feet from the pool now.

He said something to the crowd and the crowd let out a huge cheer, as he quickly let go of the rope before I could figure out what was going on. I shrieked a bit as my eyes bulged in disbelief and my stomach raised from the free fall. I swung down quickly and out over the pool. I realized very quickly how very high I was above the pool and swinging very rapidly and uncontrollably! As I swung out, the pole raised even higher and very quickly, which made me swing even higher into the air. The flag was flapping violently in the air, sending vibrations through the crotch rope. I was squirming violently against my bonds and screaming into the gag in shear exhilaration.

To the crowd, I just looked like a damsel in distress putting on a show that was staged, but in reality it was a scary but exciting bondage scene. It was such a mind fuck and literal fuck through the crotch rope, that it lead to a violent full body orgasm. No one could tell, it just looked like more squirming and the announcer laughed and made comments about how helpless I was, squirming to get free. As I swung back and forth, the rig was lowered and raised randomly, to give even more unpredictability and suspense to the already crazy experience. The mind fuck was so much that the orgasm just continued on and on. I was swinging back and forth over the pool and crowd, high above the water. The crotch vibrations were never ending. I was feeling like I was going to pass out because I just kept shaking and writhing in excitement.

Then, my eyes opened, and my mind came quickly back to reality. It took a second or two, but then realized I had been dreaming and I was back in the real world now. Except my body was twitching and convulsing just as it was in the dream, and I was having a massive orgasm in real life. So I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling I was having. I felt like I was making a mess all over my bed because my orgasm was so strong. But I didn't care, it was too late to care, so I just enjoyed and moved how I felt was right.

After it finally subsided, I was concerned about the mess I likely just made everywhere. So I reached down to see what kind of mess was made, only to find everything was completely dry. It was dark in the room, so all I could do is feel around. I felt around everywhere, but no mess anywhere. It turned out to be a full body dry orgasm.

So then I laid there reminiscing about what just happened in the dream. I was wondering how it could be reenacted in real life someday. Another thought was to write this down as soon as possible, so I could remember it in as much detail as possible!

The End

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