Sweat This!

by Phoebegetsit

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© Copyright 2012 - Phoebegetsit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; basement; cage; bond; spandex; force; hum; sex; cons/reluct; X

They made love in the hot Southern afternoon until she was satisfied several times before he completed the job with his usual crescendo and immediate lack of interest. They were both hot and glistening.

"Oh," he said, jumping up, "I just have to shower, you know I must always be clean."

So off he went, leaving her to wonder as usual if he quite got it. Mars and Venus had no effect, she thought, although he said he'd read it. It was time to encourage a little more post-coital appreciation. A woman of means, she cracked her laptop and soon found exactly what she was looking for. Some clicks and around $500 later, she was closing it when he came out of the bathroom, in a cloud of her expensive soap, toweling off his hair.

"I have to be away on business," he said.

"Sure," she said, smiling, "We'll have some fun when you get back."

The UPS guy lugged in several large boxes. It was a warm afternoon, but she slipped out of her dress, underwear and sandals, and then pulled out some capri leggings, a crop top and a tight short sleeve hoodie from a drawer and went downstairs to the basement to assemble her latest acquisition. When all the bolts were inserted and the nuts were tight, she threw an old tablecloth over it. Now the sweat between her breasts and pubic region was soaking through the spandex, so she peeled everything off and threw it on a chair.

For the next several days, she put it all back on to work out, and by Friday the cute pink outfit was a smelly, stained mess. On Saturday he called and came over. Deprived of affection for a whole week, he was certainly eager to please, and didn't stop to question her suggestion that they do it down on the basement couch. As usual, he jumped up as soon as he was done and started to make for the door. She did, too, and suddenly he found himself looking at a very ladylike, pearl-handled automatic, which no doubt could deliver teeny, ladylike, but quite real little bullets.

"Not so fast, buddy" she said, eyeballing him along the barrel, "Kneel on the floor right here."

Stunned, he had no choice.

"Now," she said, "In!" as she peeled away the cloth like a magician's assistant to reveal a very sturdy steel puppy cage.

"It might be cold down here tonight, so here's something to wear." She threw her smelly workout clothes in after him and slammed the door shut.

"What the . . . !" he shouted, as she clicked both padlocks shut on the door.

"Put it all on. Now!" she said, and watched as he pulled the leggings up and the crop top down.

"They smell really bad!" he said.

"Really?" she said. "Don't forget the hoodie, and zip it up."

He protested that it was all too tight.

When he was dressed, she knelt down next to the bars, and said, "Now give me your wrists" and with a few clicks, his hands were double locked around the bars behind him, outside the cage.

"No undressing," she said.

"Oh," he said, "It's a kinky game."

"Not this time," she said.

"But suppose I have to pee," he said.

"Oh," she said, "you will, and you'll notice that the the floor has a little hole in the center and there's a tray underneath, so feel free, Of course, some of it will get soaked up by the leggings, so don't worry. Oh, and there's one more thing," pulling out a well-used pink ball gag which she rubbed in the juices still leaking from her honeypot and then reached through the bars to strap it on tightly and lock it behind his head.

"Now, sleep tight!"

The last thing he saw was the crack of her ass disappearing up the basement steps before she turned, smiled, and said, "Tomorrow, we're going to have a lovely little talk about how much I sweat. Your freedom is going to depend on how you feel about it!" then she turned off the light and stepped into the house, bolting the basement door from the outside.


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