Adventures of Suzy 6

by Gordian

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© Copyright 2006 - Gordian - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Chapter Six - Suzy Re-bound

Part One

Having thoroughly enjoyed helping me tie, tease and torment my current, but soon to be 'ex' girlfriend, Suzy had driven us back to her place and invited me in for a coffee, then lunch. I wasn't too sure how this would end up, until Suzy said, "And bring that bag of toys in with you, I want my turn again now". Suzy suggested we "continue where we'd left off". Never one to refuse an offer to tie up a sexy, willing lady I very happily obliged.

Inside her apartment, Suzy offered me a seat, told me to make myself comfortable and headed for her bedroom saying she wanted to change out of her jeans. I took my coat off and sitting on the sofa checked my sports bag full of 'toys'. I still had quite a bit of rope left, a couple of leather straps, half a roll of duct tape, the leather padded blindfold, a ballgag and a small vibrator. Plenty to keep Suzy, not to mention me, entertained for the afternoon!!

About ten minutes later Suzy re-appeared from her bedroom, and what a magnificent sight she made! Suzy was wearing a black half-cup bra, black high-cut panties, hold-up stockings and black leather high heels. As if not sexy enough already, she'd added a harness ballgag over the top of a leather blindfold and her hands looked as if they were tied behind her. It was one heck of a way of saying, "fuck me". As she carefully walked into the room from the hallway, I stood up and quietly walked towards her. As I got nearer I saw a loop of string around her neck with a small key attached, probably for the handcuffs I could now see holding her wrists together behind her. As I looked closer, I realised the handcuffs were different to any I'd seen before. I'd thought of myself as pretty experienced, but I'd never yet seen hinged handcuffs, only ones with a connecting chain. I quickly took hold of her handcuffs by the hinge in the middle and pulling Suzy's wrists away from her, gave her pretty little arse a sharp smack.

Suzy yelped through the ballgag in surprise and I let go of her arms to leave her unaware of my location. I just loved her gagged moans and the little reaching movements she made with her cuffed wrists as she felt the space around her. I went over to the sports bag on the floor and picked out two leather straps, one wide and one narrow, before moving the bag onto the sofa. Returning to Suzy, I grabbed her from behind, my hands cupping her breasts as I pulled her backwards against me. Kissing her on the neck, I whispered "I could fuck you now and all afternoon, or I might just tease you relentlessly - and there's nothing you can do to stop me, is there ? ".

I moved Suzy over to the sofa and made her kneel down on the floor, facing the sofa, with me behind her. I ran the thin leather strap underneath the centre hinge of her handcuffs, then taking the two ends upwards, pulled each end up over each shoulder, then back under each armpit to meet in the middle of her back. Buckling the strap, just below her neck lifted Suzy's cuffed hands up into the middle of her back, the shoulder harness holding them about a foot above her the top of her panties. I removed my trousers, and still kneeling behind her, between her legs, I rubbed my cock along the inside of her thigh. Suzy ground her hips back into me and I knew she was as horny as I was. I pulled away and gathering her ankles together, crossed them and secured them with the wider strap.

Holding Suzy bent forwards, I could tell she expected me to fuck her. Suzy's favourite position was tied, blindfolded and taken from behind. I reached into the bag and removed the vibrator. Pulling the crotch of her panties to one side, I turned the vibrator on high and slid it quickly into her wet pussy then pulled her panties back in place to keep it from being expelled. Suzy started grunting in protest and wiggling her hips and arse, hoping I'd remove the vibrator and fuck her. I stood up and pulling my trousers back up my legs said to her, "I'm just off to get myself that coffee and lunch you promised, I'll give you a better fucking on a full stomach". I left Suzy struggling to get her hands down towards her panties and went into her kitchen to get a drink.

I quietly returned to the lounge a few minutes later, with my coffee, and stood in the doorway watching a frustrated Suzy, now laying on her side on the floor, trying to squeeze her thighs together to bring herself to orgasm.

I finished my coffee as I watched Suzy trying to come, and decided to check out her bedroom. Not too surprisingly she had a double bed made out of pine, with a wooded headboard and foot-board - ideal for bondage. One of her wardrobe doors was open, prompting me to look inside. On the floor was a small suitcase, unlocked and open, containing half a dozen coiled lengths of rope, a set of leather ankle and wrist cuffs and some small padlocks with a bunch of keys on a ring.

I decided it was time for the real sex to start. I tied the cuffs to the corners of the bed, but left a few feet of rope as slack, so I could buckle them around her wrist or ankle then tighten the rope later. Going back into the lounge, I found Suzy still on floor but now face down making small humping movements with her hips, obviously still trying to come. "Want a hand", I mocked. Suzy moaned through the harness ballgag and raised her arse in the air invitingly. 

"Here," I said, "let me make you a bit more comfortable". I slipped her panties to the side and removed the vibrator, then I sat her upright and lifted her so she stood on her crossed feet. I picked Suzy up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom, setting her down in the middle of the bed, her ankles near the foot-board. With Suzy sitting, I undid the strap binding her ankles, but quickly used it to secure her legs together just above the knees. Working quickly, I pulled her legs towards the corner of the bed and buckled the ankle cuff around Suzy's left ankle, then pulling her back towards the middle of the bed and using up the slack from her left ankle, I pulled the other cuff up to her right ankle and buckled it securely. It was now easy to tighten these two ropes, leaving Suzy sitting with her legs spread wide to the corners of the bed.

Using the handcuff key Suzy had so thoughtfully left around her neck, I removed her hands one at a time from the handcuffs, re-securing them with the waiting leather wrist cuffs. With Suzy now on her back, I tightened each of the four ropes holding the leather cuffs to the bed until she was tightly spread-eagled on the bed. I took the two pillows from the top of the bed and, lifting her hips, eased them under her arse making her just that bit more 'accessible'.

Early on in our relationship, and quite by accident, I'd discovered that if I spread-eagled Suzy very tightly, with her legs held wide apart, when we had sex she could not come unless I loosened her legs - which I invariably did. However, not one pass up an opportunity to tease a bound and gagged, very horny, sexy lady I decided this would be a good occasion to see if she really couldn't come like that.

Back at the foot of the bed, I steadily but repeatedly tightened the ropes holding her ankle cuffs to the bed until Suzy was tightly stretched and her legs held far apart. Despite her protests and best efforts, Suzy could do absolutely nothing but lay there, open, accessible and totally helpless.

I ripped her panties off, and as Suzy shook her head and tried unsuccessfully to move either her hips or legs, I lowered myself into her. As my cock entered her I could feel the tension in her thigh muscles. I knew I couldn't keep Suzy tied this tightly for very long, but I didn't intend to. I pumped my hips steadily faster and harder, driving my cock in and out of her, until I felt my balls tighten, my come start to rise and I shot my load deep inside her.

My breath returning to normal, my balls empty and my spent cock resting inside her, I said to Suzy, "I'll untie your legs now, so you can come". Suzy nodded her repeatedly and mmmphed "Yes" through her gag". I climbed off the bed and slackened the ropes holding her ankles wide apart and her legs taught. Although Suzy could now flex her thighs and hips she, which she immediately did, she still couldn't do much else.

I turned the vibrator back on and slid it into her pussy. "Don't mind me, I'm hungry and off to run up some lunch", I said, "If you can keep that in, you should manage to come okay". Suzy shook her head and mmmmphed a loud "No" through the gag. Without the panties to hold the vibrator in place, if Suzy tried to grip it with her pussy, all it did was slide slowly back out. I watched from the doorway as slowly the vibrator eased its way out from her pussy and lay buzzing on the bed between her legs and out of reach. Suzy began calling out, struggling and bucking her hips, all to no avail. I left one very frustrated tied to the bed as I made us both some sandwiches.

Part Two

I returned to the bedroom with a plate of sandwiches and drinks to find a spread-eagled and still frustrated Suzy, underneath her rear wet from my come seeping out from her pussy and a still buzzing vibrator out of her reach on the bed between her thighs. "I've brought us some lunch", I announced and setting the food down on her bedside table, I reached over and unbuckled her harness ballgag. I helped Suzy ease the ball from behind her teeth and a trail of her drool followed as it popped free. As she worked her jaw muscles back into shape I undid her blindfold too and turned off the vibrator, moving it to the side of her hips.

Suzy blinked her eyes, then looking up at me said "If you don't bring me off, right now.....". 

I cut her short, "You'll do what?" I laughed. We looked at each other smiling. We both knew I'd make sure she had plenty of orgasms, it was just a question of when, and Suzy enjoyed the wait as much as me.

I fed Suzy her lunch and juice as she lay tied to the bed, then ate mine too. "Well, I'm refreshed and ready for you as dessert", I said, "How about you ?". 

Suzy pulled her arms and legs against the cuffs holding her spread-eagled to the bed, "Do I get a choice then ?" she asked, smiling. I shook my head and fastened the blindfold back over her eyes.

I untied Suzy's right wrist cuff from the corner bed post and lowering her arm, I tied the rope off to the right of the foot-board . This kept her arm laying at her side, but held just away from her body and unable to be raised up. Next I loosened the rope holding her right ankle cuff so there was plenty of slack, then tying a rope around her leg just above the knee, pulled Suzy's knee up and towards the corner of the bed, tying the rope off tightly to the top right of the headboard. Realising my intentions, Suzy said, "Oh no, not like that, you know I can't bear it for long like that". 

I untied the rope from her ankle cuff to the bottom corner of the bed and lifting her lower leg up, bending her knee slightly outwards enabled me to tie Suzy's ankle up over her head to the centre of the headboard. Her leg was now right up over her head and totally immobilised. Doing the same with Suzy's left arm and leg meant Suzy was securely tied to the bed, on her back with her arms tied down away from her side and her knees apart, raised up by her shoulders, her ankles crossed over her head - a classic 'fuck me' position. Realising what I had planned, Suzy pleaded "that's not fair". Unfortunately she couldn't say much else because I pushed the ballgag behind her teeth and buckled the straps tightly behind her head and under her chin.

One sure way of making Suzy come during sex was for me to lift her legs over my shoulders while I fucked her, but she found it so intense that she couldn't last long like that. On one occasion when I kept going, pinning her down, she actually wet the bed !!

With Suzy now blindfolded, gagged, helpless and held open and accessible I started teasing her with my tongue. Starting at her neck I licked, kissed and nibbled Suzy's helpless body all the way her down to her nipples, where finding them nice and hard I took each one into my mouth. While teasing her nipples with my tongue I reached down and parting her pussy lips, used two fingers to probe her deeply. I continued working on her breasts with my mouth and her pussy with my fingers until she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Suzy was rocking her hips and grunting through her gag for me to fuck her - she wanted to come badly.

Suzy stiffened as her orgasm hit and then bucked her hips up to my hand. I bent my fingers up, stroking the top walls of her pussy as she continued coming loudly. Before Suzy realised what I was doing, I moved round so I was above her spread legs and plunged my hard cock deep into her. Pumping my cock hard into her, was all it took for her orgasm to be re-kindled and Suzy came loudly, drooling from her ballgag and snorting the breath through her nose. I kept thrusting into her, reaching over with one hand to retrieve the small vibrator. Turning it back on, I held it against Suzy's clitoris as I continued to fuck her. As Suzy started to come once more, she really started shaking her head and mewing through her gag. I held myself back as long as I could, fucking her through her orgasm as she struggled desperately to get me to stop and lower her legs.

Suzy came loudly and wildly, shaking her head and bucking her hips as best she could. I dropped the vibrator and hammered my cock hard into her spasming pussy, finally shooting my load deep into her. Unable to continue any longer, I quickly withdrew and picking up the vibrator held it against her clit once more.

As Suzy pulled futilely against her ropes and cuffs, pleading through her gag for me to stop, I put my fingers back inside her soaking pussy and finger-fucked her with one hand, the other holding the vibrator up against her clit. Despite her protesting and bucking her hips, I brought Suzy to orgasm yet again. This time though she was shaking almost uncontrollably, her breathing fast and ragged. I kept up the stimulation as Suzy fought her bonds, desperate for me to stop until she finally rode out her orgasm and collapsed limp back onto the bed.

Knowing she really couldn't take any more, I released Suzy's ankle and knee ropes, letting her legs almost flop back down to the bed. Even as I undid her wrist cuffs, Suzy just lay there, totally spent. Lastly, removing her harness ballgag and blindfold, I left her, still in her sweat soaked stockings, recovering on the bed. I tidied up the bondage gear and vibrator and lay myself down on the bed next to Suzy, holding her in my arms, and fell asleep.

About an hour later I woke up, Suzy still half naked and fast asleep next to me on the bed. I got dressed and went to the kitchen to make us each a coffee. Returning to the bedroom, I set the coffee mugs down next to the bed and gently woke Suzy. We drunk the coffee and talked - a lot. Suzy and I both knew we had no chance of a long term relationship, we had different career paths as well as views on marriage and kids etc. However, we also both knew we shared a love of bondage and sex which we would be unlikely to find so well matched with another partner.

Suzy got herself dressed and after relaxing in her apartment for a while we went out to a local restaurant together for dinner. Over dinner we agreed that we both like to spend the night together but that in the morning we should take some time apart before deciding if and how we'd continue seeing each other. Back at Suzy's place with the combination of an exhausting day and a bottle of strong wine we agreed to leave the sex until next morning, Saturday, going to bed and straight asleep.

Part Three

I woke up and looking at the clock saw it was just after nine o'clock. Then I realised Suzy was not in the bed, listening I could hear the shower running. As usual on waking I was getting two very different messages from my body, one from my stomach and one from my cock. With Suzy naked in the shower and a bag full of bondage gear at the side of the bed, breakfast would definitely have to wait !!

I gathered up a ballgag, the hinged handcuffs and a length of rope then hid myself outside the bathroom door waiting for Suzy. A minute later I heard the water stop and after another minute or so Suzy emerged from the bathroom into the hallway, wearing a towel around her hair and her white towelling robe. Holding the gag, rope and cuffs behind me, I called out from just behind her "Morning !". 

Suzy spun round, "Hi", she said, then as her eyes lowered to meet my erection, "I see you're well awake now then". Suzy walked back the few paces towards me and as she got within reach, I dropped the rope and gag to floor and grabbed her by the shoulders. As Suzy managed a "Hey ?", I spun her round and holding her face up against the wall quickly handcuffed her, behind her back. "That's not fair", Suzy complained, "I wanted to surprise you". 

Picking up the ballgag I said "Don't worry, you still might" and laughed. Pushing the rubber ball of the ballgag between her teeth, I pulled the straps tight behind her neck forcing the ball deep into her mouth and secured the buckle.

With Suzy still facing the wall, I picked up the rope and draped it over her shoulders, across the back of her neck. Pulling the ends back under her arm pits I quickly made a shoulder harness, using the free ends to lift the handcuffs up her back and tie them securely up in the small of her back. Ballgagged and with her hands useless to her, I removed the towel around Suzy's hair letting it cascade down her back and shoulders.

"Time for your morning fuck, young lady" I said to Suzy as I propelled her back down the hallway into her bedroom. On reaching the bedroom door, I ushered Suzy over to the bed, but left her standing at its side. Picking up some more rope and a leather blindfold I turned to Suzy, "You're not getting it that easy!" and strapped the blindfold tightly over her eyes. Helping Suzy up onto the bed I unbuckled the ballgag, "First, I want my wake-up blowjob", I informed her as I guided her mouth over my waiting cock.

They say 'practice makes perfect', well Suzy had had plenty of practice sucking cock with her hands tied behind her - and she was good. She quickly got me close to coming, but with Suzy blindfolded I made sure I didn't give away too many signals, so when I climaxed, pumping my come into her mouth she was unpleasantly surprised. Suzy lifted her head up and coughed, and as fast as she could say "Bastard", I strapped the ballgag back into its rightful place, filling her mouth and sealing in the residue and taste of my come.

Pushing Suzy face down onto the bed, I quickly crossed her ankles, tying them so, then cinched the bindings and tied them off to the foot of the bed. "Don't mind me", I told her, "you wait there while I get myself some toast and a coffee". I left Suzy protesting helplessly on the bed and went off for some well earned breakfast and to made preparations for our next liaison.

While brewing the coffee I thought of a good way of 'entertaining' Suzy. I returned to the bedroom with my coffee, toast and Suzy's cordless phone. Her robe had ridden up her hips well enough to present me her bare arse, inviting a welcoming smack. While Suzy mmmphed requests to untie her through her ballgag, I untied her ankles but then spread her legs and tied each separately to the corner of the bed. Reaching around her stomach, I unfastened her robe belt and eased it off her shoulders and front and up over her hips, with her tied wrists being the only impediment to removing it totally. Taking the pillows from the top of the bed I slid them under Suzy's hips raising them off the bed and giving me easier access to her pussy.

Being the horny bitch she was, Suzy was now quite happy with this arrangement and eagerly awaiting a good fucking. Picking up Suzy's cordless telephone I used the stored number feature to dial her sister. After a dozen rings, the phone was answered by a female - hopefully her sister. I immediately hung-up, then re-dialled again. This time the phone was answered almost immediately; I hung-up once more. Now to wait and hope. Within a minute Suzy's phone rung, displaying her sister's number as calling. Suzy lifted her head in surprise at the sound of the phone. I unbuckled her ballgag, "For you, I'd assume" I said and holding the phone to her ear accepted the call. After Suzy had said 'Hi', still holding the phone to her ear, I turned her head and laid it back down on the bed so the phone was underneath - held between the bed and Suzy's right ear.

Moving back between her spread legs, I slid my cock into her. Now she was getting worried !! Her hands fluttering repeatedly in the cuffs, blindfolded, unable to move, she lay there speaking to her sister while I slowly fucked her. Knowing she'd try to end the call, I started to thrust into her harder and faster, holding her hips to keep her steady. Fortunately for me her sister obviously wanted a good chat, so I just kept going. Suzy was struggling to keep quiet, so to really get her attention I pulled my cock out from her pussy and pressed it against her arse hole. !! 

"No!!" Suzy cried out, looking back at me with some concern. I looked down at her and rocked my hips so my cock pressed right against her tight little hole.

"Oh, I've got a friend over, I thought they were going to drop something", Suzy stammered into the phone, still looking at me with some concern. "Look, I've really got to go, I'll call you later", she continued. I slid my cock back into her pussy and fucked her fast. Moments later Suzy lifted her head from the phone. "You bastard", she shouted angrily, just before I pumped my come into her. "You know that's out of bounds", she continued, referring to getting her arse fucked. 

"I know" I replied, "had you worried though, didn't I?" Slipping out from between her spread legs, I picked up the ballgag and pushed it back into her mouth. Despite her head shakings and mmmmphs I buckled the strap behind her neck rendering her mute.

"Well, a blow-job and a fuck, all by 10 o'clock, I wonder what else I'll get by lunch time", I said and laughed. Suzy was genuinely pissed off now, so to keep her sweet, I fetched the vibrator from the bag of gear and holding it against her clit turned it on high. I kept stroking her pussy lips and vibrating her clit until Suzy crashed into a loud orgasm, panting and straining against her bonds. Without letting her recover, I kept the vibrator in place and used my fingers inside her pussy to make sure she climaxed again, pumping her hips into the pillows underneath her.

"Now you can rest while I shower", I told her, as I undid the ropes holding her legs spread to the bed. Suzy closed her legs, squeezing her thighs together, and rolled off the pillows and onto her side. As I got off the bed Suzy called out through her gag to untie her hands, waving them behind her. Ever, the gentleman, (but still a pervert at heart), I untied the rope shoulder harness keeping them high up her back, but left them securely cuffed and went for my shower.

Returning from the shower I found Suzy, still handcuffed, ballgagged and blindfolded, sitting on the edge of the bed, her towelling robe off her totally but stuck on her arms, trapped by the handcuffs. I climbed onto the bed and sat behind her. Removing the belt from her robe, I tied Suzy's elbows together. Then using the key I freed her wrists from the hinged handcuffs, releasing the robe to fall to the floor. I gave her a hug and kissing her neck, said "Just once more, and if you’re good I'll let you loose". I cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she reached her hands up behind her to stroke my now hard cock. Unbuckling her ballgag, I eased the ball out from behind her teeth and kissed her deeply.

Laying myself down on the bed, I guided her astride me and down onto my waiting cock. I held her tits firmly as Suzy used her hips and thighs to fuck me, pausing only to grind her pussy down onto me harder. When she was suitably close to coming, I rolled her off me and face down on to the bed, then picking her up by the hips thrust my cock hard into her. With the gag now off, Suzy came both quickly and loudly. Holding tightly onto her hips, I kept thrusting into her until I too exploded into her.

Relaxing on the bed, I removed Suzy's blindfold and then untied her elbows. We rested, talked, then eventually got up, dressed and went out for a pub lunch together where we talked some more.

We both agreed that the sex together was great, but knew from past experience that living together just didn't work. Although we both felt strongly about each other we also both wanted new partners and experiences, so it was a case of 'just friends' for the moment but if either of us needed the other there was an open invitation to 'play' together. I left Suzy's and headed home Saturday afternoon, both happy and sad. I'd just had the most intense and best sex ever those last two days but was unsure how things would pan out from there.

Arriving home I checked the answer-phone and discovered the two messages from Sophie. It looked like Saturday night would be entertaining after all.

As for what turned out to be my final encounter with Sophie, I'll write soon.



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