The Survey 2

by Sutton

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© Copyright 2009 - Sutton - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; bdsm; rope; gag; nipple; blackmail; tickle; reluct; X

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Part Two

I had no way of knowing how much time had passed, blindfolded as I was. It seemed like hours had gone by since I heard Ms Simms drive away. Suddenly, I heard a car pull into the drive. Was it her or my wife? Or, was it someone else? My imagination was driving me crazy! The door opened and someone walked in.

At first there was no sound. I listened closely for a clue as to who had come in. finally, I heard a zipper open followed by a few clicks. Whoever was there had started taking pictures. The next thing I knew, the blindfold was removed and I saw Ms Simms standing in front of me with a digital camera.

“I thought a few photos would enhance the experience for me and guarantee your cooperation. The internet is full of pictures like these and anyone, even people you know, could stumble across them. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?”

Her smug attitude made me realize that she would publish them if I refused. I shook my head no and waited for her to continue.

“Good, now we can get down to some serious business. First of all, let me explain your situation. You are my slave for the rest of today. You will follow my instructions to the letter without complaint. I will use you as I see fit and if your performance is adequate I may decide to schedule sessions with you in the future. Keep in mind the fact that I have these photos and the tape before you answer. Now, do you agree to my terms?” I groaned into the gag and reluctantly nodded my acceptance.

“Now that that’s settled we can start. I’ll remove the gag but you’re not to speak unless I tell you to.”

She stepped behind me and removed the scarf and pulled the second one out of my mouth. Casting them aside she ran her hands across my shoulders and down my chest, pausing to pinch and tweak my nipples. I responded with a groan at the sexual tension her actions caused. Her breasts pressed against the back of my neck as she continued to stroke further down my body until her hands reached my raging hard on. A few quick strokes were all she allowed.

“We don’t want you cumming too soon. I want to keep you hard for hours before allowing that. You’ll be taking care of my needs first. Have you been tied up before?”

“My wife and I experimented with bondage years ago but it was never like this.”

“Then its time to release you for a while. I don’t want your muscles to cramp. But first I’m going to give you something to wear, just as a reminder of you situation.” She reached into a bag that I hadn’t noticed before and took out a chain with clamps on each end. She placed a clamp on my right nipple and adjusted a screw until I moaned. Then, she did the same to my left one. A tug on the chain reminded me of her control over me.

“I can tighten the clamps from a mild pressure to the point of severe pain, the choice is yours. I have one more item, and then I’ll untie you.”

She rummaged through her bag for a moment and brought out what looked like a small dog collar. Kneeling in front of me, she placed the strap around the base of my cock and balls. The strap was pulled tight and buckled securely in place. I would find out what the ring attached to it was for very shortly. Ms Simms undid the ropes holding me to the chair and ordered me to stand up. Leaving my wrists bound behind me, she fastened a leash to the ring on my cock strap. She gave the leash a sharp tug and began leading me around the house. I had no choice but to follow.

Our kitchen has sliding glass doors that open onto a covered patio. The yard is spacious and surrounded by a privacy fence. Trees on the neighbors’ side of the fence almost completely block their view of the yard and the garage entrance. This is something she Ms Simms noticed immediately.

“This is a wonderful piece of property you have here. We can take full advantage of the yard later. For the moment, we’ll confine our activities to the inside of the house.”

She led me back through the house to the bedroom. Telling me to stand in the open space at the foot of the bed, she took more pictures of me from all sides. Tying the leash to one of the bed posts, she went back to the living room and returned with the ropes and her bag. I watched as she secured a rope to each of the posts of our bed, a solid wood four poster. After giving the chain on the nipple clamps a hard tug she untied my wrists and unfastened the leash from the bed, telling me to lie in the center of the bed with my arms and legs spread wide.

My wrists were secured to the top corners of the bed. She then made loops around my ankles and tied them off. From her bag, she produced two ratchet straps and put one hook of each strap through the ankle loops and the other through the loops on the bed posts. The ratchets clicked slowly, stretching me as taut as a guitar string. When she finished, I couldn’t move an inch. A third ratchet strap was then attached to the ring on my cock and ball strap. This was fastened to the center of the footboard and tightened to make sure I couldn’t move.

Ms Simms climbed onto the bed and stood over me, straddling my chest. She inserted a small hook into the ceiling and attached a pulley to it. She did the same above my crotch before attaching a cord to the chain on my nipple clamps. The cord was passed through the pulleys and a weight was fastened to the loose end. When she released the weight it pulled sharply on the clamps and dangled threateningly over my balls. When I protested she took a ball gag from her bag and shoved it into my mouth. The strap was tightened behind my head, muffling my complaints.

“I warned you about speaking without being told to. Now you need to be punished.” She walked to the closet and came back with a leather belt. The belt stung when she struck my arms and chest with it. Secured to the bed as I was, there was no way to avoid the lashes or protect myself. Five stripes on my arms and ten on my chest and stomach were enough to satisfy her. Her next action was fiendish torture.

Ms Simms, it seems, liked to tickle her partners. She began at my wrists and ran her nails down my arms in slow circular motions. She went completely down the length of my body causing me to breakout in muffled laughter. After a few minutes, she settled down to tickle the soles of my feet. I convulsed in laughter as I struggled in my bonds. The weight on the nipple clamps pulled excruciatingly on my flesh and I tried to lay as still as I could, fearing the clamps would slip allowing the weight to drop onto my balls.

My fear must have been clearly evident to her. After several more minutes of intense tickling she stopped and removed the clamps. As I watched, she released her grip on the clamps and the weight dropped. I closed my eyes expecting to feel intense pain but the chain on the clamps caught in the pulley and held the weight  far above my sensitive balls.

“Mr. James, you silly man, I never planned to hurt you,” she laughed. “I simply wanted to see you squirm.”

I was covered in sweat both from fear and the tickling session. My breath was coming in gasps as she released the ratchet straps and freed me. Again my hands were bound behind my back and she led me through the house toward the kitchen and its sliding glass doors. She sat me on a chair and went out into the yard. After a few minutes, she returned with a sly smile that I knew meant I was in for more torment.

“We’ll be going outside for more fun but first I think you need to rest a bit. I’m going to untie your wrists but the gag will remain in place. You will prepare some lunch for us and afterward I’ll tie you in several different positions and take more photographs, then we’ll go out to your garage for a bit.”

Not having a choice, I did as she told me to. We ate lunch in silence and, true to her word, I spent most of the afternoon being bound hand and foot with her taking pictures of every position. I was tied to various pieces of furniture, hog tied, tied to a post in the basement and tied up lying on the floor. The entire time I was bound I was tickled and spanked. During the hog tie Ms Simms removed her shoes again and had me worship her feet some more. I had actually begun to enjoy being under her strict control. Finally, she released the hog tie and stretched me out on my back.

“Mr. James, I must admit this has been quite a fun day. But it has really gotten me worked into quite a state.” She retrieved one of the scarves and blindfolded me again. “I must have some release now and I intend to use that magnificent cock of yours to get it.”

I could hear her unzipping her skirt and felt it brush across my body as she took it off. The sound of her panties sliding down her nylon clad legs had my cock throbbing. Suddenly, I felt her slide her pussy onto my cock.

“You’ll control yourself until I climax. I don’t want you to cum until I allow it. If you can do that, I will stroke you to an orgasm of your own. Do we have a deal?”

I nodded “yes”, unsure if I could comply. She slowly started to ride my cock. Her moans grew louder and her pace increased. I struggled to contain myself as she bounced up and down on me, paying with my nipples as she did. I felt like I would explode at any moment. With a cry of “Yes! Yes! Oh God!!”  she came and collapsed on top of me. I had managed not to cum but just barely. Ms Simms rolled off me and, as she promised, took hold of my cock and stroked me to one of the best orgasms of my life. She dressed and removed the blindfold. I looked at the clock. It was 5:30 and I thought the torment was over.

But she had other ideas.

To be continued….