by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bond; rope; gag; tease; toys; sex; cons; X

Sarah was furious when she found the box of magazines at the back of the wardrobe. Tom and her were approaching their 10th wedding anniversary, yet she did not know of the existence of this box or it’s contents. How long had he been collecting them? Some looked pretty tatty. What did he want them for? Well maybe she could guess that. But why? She thought they were happily married. She was happily married, at least she thought she was. She had everything she had ever wanted, a house, a secure and interesting job, and a loving husband. They had no children but that was not important. She had a career and that had always come first. Tom had a good job, and his football, she thought that had been enough, but now she found this. There must have been over twenty magazines. The titles left nothing to the imagination. "Bondage in the Buff"; "101 pictures of Nude Bondage"; Bondage in the Raw" - volume 1, volume 2 and so on.

She knew that Tom had some interest in bondage, that had come up years ago, she had been disgusted by it then, and now to find this. Her first thought was to throw them in the bin, no, someone might see them. Burn them perhaps? No, she knew magazines like this were not cheap, and he would probably get some more and just hide them somewhere else, in the loft perhaps, she never went up there. Perhaps she should go up there, who knows what she might find. Best to confront him with it. But what could she say?  She needed some advice, someone who might understand. Caroline, her sister, she was pretty unshockable, she’d talk to her. In the mean time she had better put the box back where she found it.

The next few days were very difficult for Sara. She found it hard to look Tom in the eye and her mind kept visualising the magazines. She had to wait for Saturday when she could invite Caroline round and Tom would be chasing round the country to watch his beloved team loose another match, actually they were doing quite well this year but that did not make it any more interesting to her.

Caroline arrived with a slightly quizzical look. Obviously Sarah had not concealed her anxiety very well. After the obligatory cup of coffee they transferred to the bedroom.

"I found this." Sarah said simply. Handing over the offending box.

"Ooh, naughty magazines." Said Caroline without looking at them.

"Not quite Playboy." Sarah ventured as near sarcastically as she could manage in the circumstances.

"Hmm. So I see. You do not find these on most top shelves. Tom must have gone to some trouble to find them."

"That’s all very interesting." Sara was exasperated. "But what do I do now?"

"What do you want to do?"

"Burn them."

"That would be a waste."

Sarah tried to decide whether her sister was being serious or having her on. She was never a hundred percent sure but this time it looked genuine. She opened her mouth but nothing came out.

"Quite a good impression of a goldfish, but not very inspiring." Caroline mused, obviously enjoying her sister’s discomfort. "Oh you are such a prude Sis."

Sarah found herself going bright red. "I don’t know what you mean." She retorted

"Oh yes you do. Here’s Tom crying out for a little bit of attention and all you can do is get uppity."

"Crying out for attention!" She shouted "Damn it, he hid them in the back of the wardrobe!"

"Well he could have put them where you would not find them."

Sarah stopped. "What are you trying to say. He wanted me to find them?"

"Well maybe not consciously, but I’m sure he could have tried harder to hide them."

"Well I’ve found them. Now what?"

"How about letting him tie you up?"

"You are kidding. He suggested that ten years ago, I refused then..."

"So he started buying magazines" Caroline interrupted. "Have you looked at them?"

"Of course not"

"Perhaps you should."


"They probably show what Tom is looking for."

"I’m not into all this whips and chains malarkey."

"I don’t see any whips. Or chains for that matter. Just naked women tied up with rope."

"But why? It’s not as if I refuse to have sex with him I give him all the attention he could ever want."

"But you won’t let him tie you up."

"Why should I?"

"Because he wants to. Besides, you might like it."

"You really must be joking."

Caroline said nothing but the smile that crept across her face was very disarming.

"Wait a minute. Does Martin tie you up?"

"He might have."

"Did you enjoy it.?"


"What do you mean?

"Well I got very frustrated until he eventually let me cum. But, boy did I cum."

"Do you do it often?"

"No. Martin is not really interested."

"But you are."

"Not really. I prefer to be in control. But it was interesting for an experiment."

"Perhaps you should have married Tom."

"No. It’s obvious he wants to be the one doing the tying. I would prefer to be the one in charge."

"I seem to have gone to the wrong person."

"On the contrary. I think you have come to the right one. Tell me, do you trust Tom?"


"Then why won’t you let him tie you up?"

"Because I don't want to, besides I might not like it."

"You'll' never know if you do not try."

"And how do I find out without letting him try? If I start and then immediately stop it will be worse than not starting.."

"I could give you a taster."

Sarah could not miss the gleam in her sister’s eye.

"But can I trust you?"

"I’ve done it before, don’t you remember? "

It took a few seconds to rake through childhood memories.

"At camp."

Sara remembered. "That was a long time ago, and we were just kids."

"Well they say your childhood shapes your life."

"I’m yet to be convinced, besides, we were a little young to be thinking about sexual fantasies."

Caroline shrugged mischievously.

"OK, OK,  I trust you. I think. Where do you want me?"

"Not now. I need to prepare some things. Tell you what. We’ll do this again next week. Only I will bring some rope with me."

Sarah was about to call a halt, but muttered."I look forward to it."

Caroline quickly changed the subject. The box was replaced and Tom would still be none the wiser.

If a few days were difficult, then a week was sheer hell. Sara could not concentrate on anything.  The look that Caroline gave as she said her goodbyes was enough to send Sara into a blind panic. She loved her sister. They had been very close, but Caroline was actually two years younger than her and had always been a little bit more reckless. The fact that she had experimented in bondage should not have surprised Sara at all. What had she gotten into? She even took another look at the magazines. The women did not seem to be enjoying things much, but neither were they in any obvious pain, save some of the contortions they had been put into. She hoped that Caroline would keep things simple. Hands behind or perhaps lying on the bed. Perhaps she did not ought to think of it.

Tom left early Saturday. He said it was an away game somewhere in the Midlands and that he would be back around ten o’clock. Caroline arrived eagerly at three, sporting a bulging shoulder bag.

"All set?" She asked

Sarah just nodded.

"Good, I’ve been looking forward to this all week."

"I don’t suppose I can back out then?"

"Just think of all the fun you will be giving Tom. Caroline assured her. "And me." She added mischievously. "Up you go."

"What now?"

"No time like the present."

Caroline went meekly upstairs.

The master bedroom was modest in size but not cluttered. Apart from the bed there was a dressing table and chair. The wardrobe and cupboards were built in leaving plenty of space to walk around in. Caroline placed the chair in the middle of the space with a flourish.

"Your throne awaits." She announced.

Sarah went to sit down.

"Hold it. You are a little over dressed."

Sara flushed. "But."

"No buts. The pictures are all of naked women."

"But this is only a trial."

"An undressed rehearsal." Caroline quipped.

It was embarrassing undressing in front of her sister. She had done it hundreds of times before of course, but they were only children.

"All of it." Caroline nodded her approval.

"The years have been good to you Sis."

Sara flushed again.

"Over here, turn round, hands behind."

Sara involuntarily closed her eyes. Caroline expertly bound her hands behind her back. A quick tug proved beyond doubt that she was held.


To her surprise Sarah relaxed. It was out of her control now, as Caroline proceeded to tie her firmly to the chair she just sat there and let it all happen. Her feet were tied together, with another rope under her knees and a third over her thighs. Ropes circled her waist and upper torso just below the breasts.

"How's that?" Caroline asked.

"Very uncomfortable. Did you have to tie so tight?"

"Well we don’t want you to escape do we?"

"Not much chance of that." Sara concluded. "Now what?  Its not exactly very sexy being trussed up like a chicken."

"You’re not looking from where I’m standing." Caroline assured her. "You look very tempting."

Sara struggled involuntarily.

"You wriggle nicely." Caroline complemented.

Sarah flushed even more than before. She looked at her sister and decided she had made a mistake. As her sister approached the urge to escape became overpowering.

"Just relax Sis. You’re not going anywhere, and we have only just started."

Caroline playfully tweaked a nipple. Sara jumped internally. Encouraged Caroline addressed the other nipple.

"Just to give you an idea." She said sweetly.

Sara growled, but her nipples swelled briefly.

"The idea of bondage is to tease and tantalise but prevent self stimulation and relief" Caroline informed her. "Do you fancy me?"

"You are my sister."

"I know, but it’s not incest between girls."

"I didn’t know you had lesbian tendencies."

"You did not know that I had bondage tendencies either." She said coyly.

"Well you can’t do much with my legs tight together."

"We shall see, besides, how do you propose to stop me opening them?"

Sara considered this for a moment. With her upper torso bound as it was and her hands behind her the only thing she could do was try and hold her legs together with her thigh muscles, and it would not take much for her sister to overcome such resistance.

"Don't worry. For now you can just watch."

Caroline rummaged dramatically in her bag and produced a large shiny vibrator.

"Have you got one of these?" She asked

Sara nodded.

"Well this one’s mine. And I’m going to use it." She paused for effect. "On me."

Caroline stripped quickly. She was not at all embarrassed and she knew Sara would not be impressed with a slow strip tease. She placed herself on the bed in full view of her bound sister.

"Now, just imagine Tom was here, doing this to you."

Caroline left little to the imagination. She lay with her legs parted allowing Sara a view of her   shaved pubic region.. She slowly worked herself up into a frenzy, kneeding her own breasts, stroking and using the vibrator to great effect. She writhed dramatically grinding her hips and shaking her head from side to side in ecstasy. Sara was mesmerised.  Caroline enjoyed several orgasms and then allowed herself a few moments to recover. She offered one more glimpse of her now soaking wet pussy and then licked the vibrator seductively.

"Now." She said slowly, "How about I give you a little bit more attention… "

Sara tensed as her sister approached. She had little doubt about her intentions. The first touch was like a bolt of lightning. Mercilessly Caroline teased and tormented her bound sister. She pulled and sucked at each nipple in turn then took great delight in holding one in each hand. Sara had never been handled this way and was powerless to prevent it. Caroline was almost in a frenzy, rubbing herself against her sister and sitting on her lap and grinding at her with her bottom. She released Sara’s legs and forced them apart tying one to each leg of the chair, both at the ankle and the knee. Any attempt to struggle was futile. Sara now felt very vulnerable. Her legs forced wide and her vagina exposed. The attentions of her sister had produced a kind of itch down there that she was unable to scratch.

The vibrator was run up and down the inside of her thighs, touching the outside of her vagina but never going in. Sara sweated and writhed as her as her bonds would let her, but there was no relief. Suddenly Caroline stopped and backed away.

"I’d love to go on, but that might spoil you for later." She said and turned to get dressed.

Later! What did she mean later? Sara looked at her sister wide eyed.

"I have a little surprise for you Sis. The magazines: they are mine. The box: that’s mine too. And Tom? Well the match was actually at home. He is due here around six. You should be just about ready by then."

Sara opened her mouth to say something but for the second time in a week words failed her.

Caroline playful felt inside her sister’s pussy. Sara gasped at the intrusion but the fingers were removed before any stimulation could be made.

"Hmm. Maybe you also have lesbian tendencies."

Sara shook her head. "Let me go." She pleaded.

"No can do. Tom and I have been planning this for months. I get you for three hours. He gets you for the rest of the night, lucky sod. Pity I can’t have the pleasure of seeing you cum. Maybe some other time."

Sara fought her bonds bravely but with no result. 

"Now let’s see, how can we prepare you for hubby."

Caroline picked out another length of rope. She proceeded to wrap it over and under her helpless sisters breasts making them stand out and encouraging her nipples to swell to their fullest extent.

"One more thing."

Another rummage. Sara recognised the device from the magazines. Her attempt to prevent the insertion of the gag were not successful.

"We can’t have you bad mouthing your husband can we?"

Sara shook her head in frustration. Caroline rubbed her sister’s nipples vigorously.

"Come come now, Tom will be here soon enough."

The time passed almost as a dream, or maybe it was a nightmare. Caroline played her sister's sexual feelings keeping her hot and frustrated, a little touch here, a stroke there. The itch had grown to a dull ache and her muscles ached with the uneven fight against the ropes. When the bedroom door opened she almost fainted. Tom’s eyes were ravenous. Caroline disappeared almost as if by magic.

"Well, well." He said quietly. "Just as Caroline promised. You have a very devious sister dearest."

Sara mewed ineffectively through the gag.

"Not now dear. I want to drink in the sights. Do you know how long I have wanted to see this?"

Sara stopped struggling. Tom’s eyes were full of desire. She had not seen that look in years. His eyes traced over every inch of her. She had no doubt that he would take full advantage of the situation.

Tom approached slowly. He ran his hands ever so gently over her upper body avoiding her now sensitised nipples.

"You won’t scream or shout will you." He said gently. "But I want a kiss."

He reached behind her head and unbuckled the device. Immediately after it fell away it was replaced by his mouth. He kissed hard and probed deep almost gagging her. Tom’s kisses could melt her in a second. When he eventually came up for air Sara was panting hard and more aroused than she had ever been. Damn these ropes.

"Now. Where to begin."

"Are you going to untie me?" She asked desperately.

"Eventually my love.  But first I want to enjoy the package as presented to me."

"I don’t know if I can take any more." She moaned struggling futilely. Her sister was obviously more experienced at rope tying than she had let on.

"We’ll see."

Tom was much more gentle than Caroline. He knew his wife well. He knew where to touch, and how to touch it. He caressed each tortured tit right up to the nipple and kissed them better. He nibbled around her neck and ears and was pleased with the responding shivers and struggles. He knelt between her legs and kissed his way right up to her pussy. Then he sneaked his tongue inside. It was like an explosion inside her head.

"Please," she cried," Don’t stop."

Tom needed no further encouragement. His tongue danced around her clitoris sending her into a frenzy of orgasms.

"Stop. I surrender."

Tom pulled away. He was reluctant to free his now panting wife, but he knew that he must.

Caroline had conveniently left some scissors. He would need new supplies if there was to be a repeat performance.

Sara sagged visibly as the bonds were released. Tom scooped her up and settled her on the bed. He examined the criss cross marks where the ropes had been.

"Aren’t you going to enter me?"

Tom was surprised, but he needed no second bidding. His clothes were off in a moment and he entered her hard and fast. He was not sure who screamed louder on climax, him or his wife.