SBS - Surprise Bondage Service

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2012 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; rope; gag; corset; leather; latex; wrap; boxed; voy; cons; X

Prologue: a customer calls.

I dialled the number she had left, a mobile one of course. The first call is never from the home phone. A friendly voice answered, which got a bit nervous once I had said who I was calling for. This was always the case: it takes a bit of courage to call upon our services the first time, and when we call to make an actual appointment, one is suddenly confronted with the consequences of a choice. This lady had more of an excited nervousness though, she was looking forward to the adventure of discovering what we could do. She'd studied the website a bit and could not decide what she wanted ("ah, the agony of choice").

She took my advice for the Extended Package so she could see for herself afterwards what it looked like, leaving it to me to choose how to fill it in. I jotted down some details (size, weight, general health) and asked when she'd like us to come around.

"Well, tonight would be great, actually" she said hesitating.

She was in luck, as normally we have a week or two backlog of appointments. Someone had cancelled tonight (sudden trip abroad of the husband) so I could actually help her. We arranged the final details and I hung up, an idea forming already what I'd do with her. This was getting nice. I had resigned to an evening of work at home (had been thinking of a surprise for Diane), and now I got to do some work still, the work I like so much.

I collected the gear I needed and got to the car, the anonymous white van with small lettering "SBS, give yourself a treat!" on the sides. To be ahead of traffic, I left immediately.

A sudden case of Extended Package, that would mean some editing tonight or tomorrow, but usually it was worth it.

While I was cruising the highway across town, my mind went back how I got into this great job I've got.

1. The 1st bright idea.

It all started innocent enough. My wife and I had Helen visiting us one evening. A colleague of my wife, she had become a good friend of both of us. A personal one too, for often she would confide her marital issues with us.

Helen is a fairly "take-charge" person. Whether at work, at the sports club or at home, nothing could lay about without her doing something about it. This sometimes gave her problems: as she always gave 110%, she naturally expected others to do so too. So if other people "only" gave 90% to help organise, say, a flea market in the village, Helen could almost be disappointed.

Similarly in her marriage: because she took charge quite often, her husband Mark had become a more passive person, leaving many things to her. He often hardly got the chance to show his own talents. We had carefully advised her of this, but she was not always the listening kind.

Tonight Helen seemed to be in a listening mood though. Their sex the evening before had not been up to expectations (his or hers she did not say) and she was obviously disappointed.

"I don't know what to do" she said, "I'm just so tired of always having to take the initiative with Mark. He plays along all right once I have fired him up, but sometimes I'd like him to fire me up!"

I looked at her, a thought suddenly in my mind. "And how could anybody take any initiative with you?" I asked. "You are always well ahead, as we've discussed other times." I paused, she seemed to take this in.

"It seems to me you need to create a situation where it is very obvious that you can not and will not take any initiative, that way he'll know he is free to let his spirits take charge"

"And how do you suggest I do that? I suppose you have some ideas?" she asked after a few seconds.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do" and I glanced at Diane, my wife. She looked a bit anxious, feeling I was about to share something very personal.

"It won't work to change something here, something there. To really get change between you and Mark, you need to do something radical, something totally different", I started. "The way I know you, the only way you could let go of being in control, is if you are made physically helpless. What I really mean, I think you should try some bondage play, with you being bound and Mark being able to do as he pleases."

I let it sink in for some seconds (Helen was obviously stunned at first) to await the usual reaction.

Helen got to her senses after she struggled to believe she heard me right.

"Bondage? Are you kidding? I'm not into SM and such kinky stuff! Can you imagine me with handcuffs being whipped while hanging in chains?"

I waited for a second and stayed calm. "I never said anything about SM, nor chains nor whips, I was talking about bondage. Bondage can be part of SM, but not necessarily the other way around. SM is about one person enjoying pain or humiliation and the other one enjoying inflicting it."

I paused and then let the big news drop. "To me and Diane, bondage is a great extra fun-factor in our love-play, where one person is given a handicap in pleasing the other. I would never dream of hurting Diane, and she would never dream of hurting me. We are not at all into SM. But over the last few years, we very well enjoy a bit of bondage in between us. I have grown to like doing it, I like the look of a damsel in distress, I enjoy it if Diane makes love “with a handicap”. There, now you know our big bedroom secret, and I really think it just might be the thing for you.."

Diane looked anxious from me to Helen, who was struggling to take in all this news.

I added my last message. "I think it would do you well to be bound for a change, it would force you to let go of your urge to control. It might actually let you sink into the depths of your feelings, and purely and only enjoy what is being done to you,.. and with you. That's why Diane likes it, and so do I."

Helen looked up from her thought. "Diane, is that true?"

Diane nodded slowly.

"And do you sometimes tie Bob...?"

Diane nodded again, the sparkle in her eyes telling it all.

Helen hesitated. "I don't know guys, you make it sound easy and logically, but it sound a bit scary to be chained and helpless."

This time Diane replied. "Oh, but it doesn't have to be chains. Much too cold and way too hard. You can use silk scarves or soft ropes, to start slowly. We did, we had to learn what we liked. And you don't have to be all helpless; you can start with a teeny-weeny bit bound."

I had been contemplating how to put it, but chose the direct approach. "Why don't I show you something?" and got up to get some gear from our bedroom before she could object.

A quick look from Diane gave me the OK, she would work on Helen. That's why I love my darling Diane, we are often on the very same wave length at the very same time.

I had put some things in a box when I returned to the living room. Helen & Diane were next to each other on the couch, apparently detailing some more of the secret we just shared.

I motioned Diane to get up, as I took some dark blue leather cuffs out of the box.

"Look, Helen, these are leather cuffs with rings to it, to start easily." I attached the smaller ones to Diane's wrists, the larger ones to her upper arms, just above the elbow. "As you can see, they look very nice. You know I like Diane to look nice, no matter what situation she is in. Now look how simple I can do this and the effect it has."

With that, I attached a short leather strap with quick release snaps to one elbow cuff, pulled the elbow back a bit and attached the other end of the strap to the other elbow cuff. Diane's arms were now half tied behind her back. I took out a second small strap.

"I can tie her hands behind her back the same way, but also in front of her." I did and seconds later Diane stood in front of us, arms tied front and back. I caught her eye and again they gave me an OK. She motioned to me and whispered in my ear: "Keep going dear, it feels good how you are doing this."

I turned to Helen, who was silent and big eyed.

"See, she is not helpless, she has her hands free, yet I can tease her in many ways" I said, while I gently pinched Diane's buttocks, spun her around and played with her a little. Diane obviously liked being played with and showed us too.

"And you know what Helen?" Diane said in between smiling shrieks, "Some times I just love being under control for a change, it is a super turn-on". A mischievous grin went from one lady to another. "Let Bob show you."

Without words, I took out a bundle of soft black bondage rope, some 14meters worth. In a bundle, it always looks like a huge amount.

"See, no chains. Trust me, this won't hurt and you can say stop anytime. If you like it, you can surprise Mark with it You'll be surprised how much rope can disappear on a body....".

Not waiting for a reply, not giving her a chance to recover from the surprise events in front of her, I laid the loop in the middle of the rope (this was our favourite rope for a body spider-web, I kept it pre-tied) over her head. "This will even keep your arms free, a really nice starter."

I arranged the parallel lengths rope with the four equally spaced knots across her chest and tummy and motioned her to widen her legs a little. She was wearing a short summer dress, just what I needed for this little demo. She was too stunned, or motivated by Diane's eager eyes to try this, to refuse. I guess there was some early arousal coming up, like little kids who like playing Cowboys and Indians

The ropes went up her back, with three equally spaced knots on this side. I looped the two long ends underneath the loop at the back of her neck, then underneath her shoulder to the front again. Here I looped them in between the first two knots and looped the ropes back to her back, and there again between two upper knots. By pulling everything gently tight, the first layer of a web was beginning to appear. When I came to the front again, I had to manoeuvre carefully around her breasts. She had an ample supply and this particular bondage does a great job in highlighting what's there. Helen was looking at my hands, directly at me, and sometimes at Diane, still taking in what was being done to her by people she thought she knew well.

Backwards and forwards I looped the ropes around her sides, and the two vertical lengths between her legs were getting pretty tight, pulling her dress up. I caught a flash of Diane looking very approvingly to both me, Helen and my hands in action. It motivated me to do an extra good job.

When I got to the hips area, the side ropes pulled the crotch ropes apart, very nicely accentuating her buttocks. Being so close and pressing her dress onto her body with my “work”, I could clearly see the outlines of a string being worn underneath. I like strings, especially around round buns like, Helen’s.

When I tied the last ends, Helen was "dressed" in a black rope spider web, holding her torso tightly, showing her figure very nicely, the dress being pressed just right around her curves. And should someone want to, the critical openings were “accessible” so to speak.

"See"  I said very content, "this doesn't hurt and your arms are still free."

Helen looked down on herself, assessing her predicament. Obviously it seemed OK, she smiled at me. "Gee Bob, this doesn’t feel too bad or threatening. It is almost like a harness"

"Precisely, that is what a good bondage should do," I said, "it should give you a safe net in which you can let go, even if I do something like this". I grabbed one of the ropes and pulled her to me, until our bodies were touching. "You are very lucky my wife is here and you are a married woman, my dear Helen, you look absolutely gorgeous and I might not have been able to restrain myself"

My breathing had gotten a bit deeper as I looked closely into her eyes, she looked into mine. We could both feel the others breathing for a second, then I let her go.

"Don't let yourself be stopped by the wife, now, Bob," I heard Diane say. "I like what I see and I see what I like. Never knew I had a Peeping Tom inside me"

We both looked around, to see Diane comfortably on the sofa admiring us, her hands still tied front and back.

I smiled at Diane and looked at Helen again. "Care for a step further?"

After only a split second, she nodded. Apparently she liked the surprises both Diane and I were revealing her that night.

I took out another rope, red this time, a bit shorter. It too was folded in half, and I held the middle bit in my hand.

Wit the other hand, I took her arms and laid them across each other behind her back, each hand holding the other elbow. I tied the arms in the middle with the rope, held the rope upwards in between her shoulder blades with one hand while I looped the rest across her chest & above her breasts to come back around at the point where I was holding it.

I wound the rope with a gentle tightness down again a few windings, then swung it around her chest again, this time underneath her breasts. The two loops bound her upper arms to her torso, while the first knot held her lower arms together.

With the separate ends I carefully tied the loops tighter through her armpits, so the loops couldn’t slip upwards. I had some rope still left and brought this over her shoulders, to tie the horizontal loops at her breasts together, thus squeezing them in a rope breast binder.

By now I was well beyond “not touching” this area, but Helen’s eyes and posture had shown me she was comfortable with it.

When I was done, I stepped back and looked at my work, both excited and proud.

Over Helen’s sunflower yellow dress, the black rope web held her tightly and showed all her forms, while the red rope held both her arms and breasts together to her chest.

Diane expressed my thoughts. “Helen, you like lovely, it really looks well on you. Nice job, Bob!”

Helen indeed took well to the ropes. She stood there, bound for the first time in her life and not by her husband, yet she seemed comfortable. She swung her hips and body a bit, to feel the room she had, then looked at us.

“Gosh, I don’t know what to say guys. It feels good, never thought it would. And Diane, you’re right, It does feel good to be at the hands of someone who knows what he wants.”

And after a few seconds thought “….Gosh, I wish I had Mark in front of me now, I could jump him….”

We laughed, and for a split second I toyed with a naughty thought, then decided to share it.

"Helen, close your eyes for a second and imagine what you would do with Mark if he were here right now" I said. She obliged immediately and we could see her thoughts by her slow hip-movements.

I grinned and unclipped Diane, leaving the cuffs in place.

"Excellent, I knew it. Diane, get up and get Helen's car keys, we're taking her for a ride."

Whether she knew my intentions or not, Diane obliged quickly. She knew for sure that my sudden ideas usually meant fun for her too.

I got Helen her coat and put it around her, zipped it up.

She looked at me questioningly. "Trust me, you"ll like this too" I said softly, looking deep into her eyes and feeling the bulge in my pants.

We got into the car in the garage and drove off, Diane following in Helen's car. Nobody had seen I had a bound lady in my car.

I let the excitement sink in for a few minutes, how well & smooth I suddenly had 2 lovely ladies in my bondage scheme.

"Listen, Helen, this is my plan. We'll drive you home and quietly let you into your house. Mark is likely to be watching a game or so, he'll stay put thinking you’re arriving by yourself. We'll keep your coat closed and you'll walk in, looking misty-eyed. When he asks what's up, you can say you have been attacked by the Evil Black Knight, and that you desperately need comfort & consolation by Big Knight Mark, or something similar. By that time, motion him to open up your coat, and his amazement should do the rest."

She nodded, I could see she was already enjoying the prospect. "And what about you?" she asked after a few moments.

I grinned. "Diane and I will be watching outside, just in case something goes wrong. Hey, after all we're doing tonight for your marriage, we'd due for a bit of payback somewhere...!" I answered her look.

And that's basically what we did. After we arrived and let Helen out of the car, Diane asked to have her arms tied again. She liked the feeling of being a voyeur "against her will" she said.

Helen did stunningly great.

Standing in their garden, we had front row seats to a silent movie. Their windows were closed, yet we could imagine the sounds.

We could see Mark's eyes grow big when he unzipped her coat and saw his wife strapped and bound underneath. Before his lips could form the "What the h..?!", she hushed him with her eyes and she sat on his lap. His eyes were surprised, but also feasting on the sight before him, the shapes of Helen in a package he'd never seen before...

I don't know what she said, but before long they were kissing frantically, his hands exploring her bound body like the very first time. He fondled her rope bound breasts like some precious & exotic fruit. She knew we were watching and it seemed it gave her a extra kick as she was squirming all over him.

Diane and I loved watching it all, neither of ever knew we had such a strong Peeping Tom inside of us.

Pretty soon, Helen was on her knees with her arms still tied behind her back, blow jobbing Mark in full view for us, before she got up so he could wriggle her dress up a bit underneath the rope-web. Then she sat on him, and rode him right there and then in his seat. Briefly she looked over her shoulder and blinked at us, before continuing to pleasure her husband again. They held out quite some time, before they exploded and collapsed. When they finally recovered (we were about to leave), he picked her up and lovingly carried her, arms still bound behind her back, in his arms upstairs, with a look in his eyes that promised more action to come.

Diane and I paused a little in silence. "Well well, it seems you found a way for Helen to let go of her control urge allright." Diane said. "And our Marky-Mark certainly enjoys being in control for a change..." she added as we heard shrieks of pleasure coming  through their bedroom window.

I started to take Diane to our car, then stopped in the middle of the lawn. "Yes, that was one heck of a good idea" I replied. "She got very turned on by those ropes, and to be true, so did I."

I looked at Diane, my lovely partner-in-crime, by my side with her arms bound. She looked at me and further words were unnecessary: both of us were hot & horny from the evening and from seeing Helen in action.

I laid her on the grass of Helen's lawn and we made love right there, in the dark, in the open, with Helen & Marks own love-sounds in the back-ground.

Not only had we saved Helen's marriage, we had spiced up our own as well in doing so.

2. The 2nd bright idea.

Diane and Helen often discussed that first night. It had been so great, Helen had said. An evening of life changing surprises. Mark had been in top form too.

After a week or so, she came to our house, a bit shy yet with a mysterious grin on her face.

It took after the 2nd glass of wine for her to spill what was on her mind.

“Bob, Mark is on a trip this week and he’ll be back this Friday. And I was wondering…..”

She paused for breath and then blurted it all out.

“Well, I thought, couldyoutiemeupatourhomeforMarktofindmeinbedandmakewildlovetome?”

I looked at Diane. Her eyes told me this was not a surprise to her.

I smiled at both of them. It started to seem like a dream come true. A lovely lady asking me for bondage, and my wife agreeing to it. I thought of Diane on the lawn after we had returned Helen that night.

“This is asking quite a lot, Helen” I started. “Imagine Mark coming home earlier, or something happening to you. We may have to ask a price for this.”

She looked puzzled, first at me then at Diane. Diane shook her shoulders, she did not know what I was heading for either.

I savoured the moment, briefly. “As you may know, Diane and I enjoyed helping you very much last time, but it’s only a memory. If we help you this time, I’d like her along to take some pictures, so we can enjoy it afterwards as well”. Perhaps I have not yet mentioned I quite liked the Peeping Tom I had discovered inside myself that evening.

Helen thought for a moment. “These pictures, they would be just for you two?” Her tone was almost disappointed. I was feeling the rise of Helen’s exhibitionist side.

“Just for us to enjoy, Helen. They’ll spice up our bedroom life even more” I answered, though my eyes were on Diane. She seemed pleasantly surprised at my plot, then she showed she liked the twist.

“Ok, it’s a deal, then”

It was Diane who mentioned this, and Helen and I both had to laugh.

And so we found ourselves in Helen’s bedroom that Friday afternoon, about an hour before Mark was due home. Diane had planned the escape route and had brought the camera’s. I had meant pictures, but Helen had put a video camera on a tripod as well.

“We had better stay close, Bob, until Mark arrives. Imagine Helen getting cramps, or Mark arriving late, we can’t leave her alone too long.”

What a great excuse to watch a bound lady as long as possible, I thought…..

Helen had “dressed” into some naughty lingerie, wearing a bra with nipple openings. Instead of the spider web, I put her into a corset this time, giving her a lovely small waist. I caressed the shape from her waist to her hips, gently complimenting her buttocks with my hands.

As they had a four-poster bed, I tied her spread eagled to the corner posts. She eagerly spread her arms out when I came close to her and looked me straight in the eye when I tied her down. As I moved over, she spread her legs, she knew what was next. Again she looked at me, with a devilish smile around her mouth, as I enjoyed the lovely landscape in front of me: Helen’s shapely legs coming together just below the hilly landscape of the corset, themselves topped off with two hills, and her smiling face between the outstretched arms.

After a brief spell of being mesmerized, I applied a ring gag and blind fold as finishing touch.

Helen was now deprived of movement, sight or speech, all she had left was hearing and feeling.

Her body language showed she very much liked the attention, liked being manhandled, and liked being recorded. We could clearly see and smell her arousal, it was turning Diane on as well (she had to work harder at steadying herself and the camera).

We exchanged looks and both knew we would enjoy ourselves heartily back home again.

I did not want to see Helen what I had left for last. I wasn’t sure how long she could hold out either.

I tied her already hard nipples with thin rope, then pulled them upward to tie them to the top of the bedposts. I managed to apply just enough tension for it to “hurt gently”. She moaned when I did this. To be honest, I had not been shy when tying the knots. My fingertips know knew quite well the texture of her breasts, the lovely creamy skin. Diane had filmed it extensively as well.

When she sensed we were done, Helen motioned to say something.

I undid the ring gag.

“Hmm, Diane, you married a devil” she said. “My breasts are killing me, I can hardly breathe, yet I feel great and very horny. I can’t wait for Mark to take me violently. Bob, I know I’ve paid with the pictures, is it allowed to give a tip?”

I looked at Diane, who had her eyebrows up as I had. “Sure, Helen, what did you have in mind?”

“I’m thirsty and horny, so I’d like to give you a blowjob, as my way of thanking you in advance for yet another great night”

Wow, the new Helen was surprising us time and again.

Diane smiled and waved the camera. “I’ll own you after this Bob. This evidence will very well stand up in court!”

I smiled and undid my belt. It had been bulging all the way to Helen’s house, and had only grown since our arrival.

With a bit of acrobatics to get in between Helen’s ropes and not getting my knees on her arms and stuff, I got my Johnny Boy close to her. Her eyes might have been covered, but her instinct knew to find it perfectly.

Did I mention her creamy skin? It was nothing compared to her silken lips.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed my tip, listening to the far away clicking of Diane and the camera, the sounds of Helen at work, and the sound of a car stopping in the drive way.

Damn, we had taken too long!

Diane noticed and started putting our stuff in the escape route room while I wondered how to get off Helen quickly. Helen must have noticed, she speeded up and sucked harder, would not let me go. I blew into her just as Diane pulled me off, leaving me to apply the ring gag again with my pants down.

“Thanks Bob”, she whispered before I put the ring in.

Diane and I were just in the room when Mark came up the stairs, calling for Helen. We had laid some of Helen’s clothes on the stairs, to make sure he’d come upstairs and not lounge at the TV. Another good thought of Diane.

“Helen, what the heck..!!!” he exclaimed when he saw her. We could hear him circling the bed. “Who has done this to you…is this one of your surprises again?”

He needed some time to realise she could not speak, then untied the ring gag.

“Hi Mark, trust me, I have done this for you and me. I could look you straight in the eyes, if not for the blindfold. I loved how you took me the other day with my arms tied. Please take charge again and take me violently while I still am helpless.”

Something in her tone must have touched the right nerve in Mark, for first we could hear from her muffled tones he had put the ring gag back in pace, then from the excited muffled tones he enjoyed his wife helpless as well.

“Well done, Bob” Diane quietly whispered into my ear. “Now we have to wait until he makes enough noise so he won’t notice us leaving.”

I kissed her gently. “Got enough pictures?”

She nodded and added “You bet. You are going to enjoy watching this. And by the way, just to make sure you don’t get any ideas, I firmly believe I can do better then Helen. I saw you enjoying yourself over there on the bed.”

She got to her knees and undid my trousers.

I was stunned at first. “Diane, not here, not now!” I whispered. The new Helen was obviously inspiring a whole new Diane as well!

She had lowered my underwear already, my instincts were showing themselves already.

“Why not? They’ll be busy for a little while and we have to wait here anyway. Now shut up and enjoy your wife pleasing you!”

I did, she did.

And of course some more when we got back home and I could tie down this lusty wife of mine, to make her beg for mercy, and more mercy, and more mercy.

Not only had Helen and Mark enjoyed the experience, so had Diane and I. We looked at the pictures and clip many times, and enjoyed our new joint hobby of being involved in other people’s erotic life.

And the unfolding string of surprises was not over yet.

Apparently either Helen or Diane (I guess both) had been talking with others as well, for after a few days I got a request from “a friend of a friend if I could perhaps please tie up a neighbour of the good friend” etc.

In short, could I please expand my friendly service to Helen to other housewives as well?

After the initial pleasant surprise (more people secretly into bondage then I had thought), I happily agreed, on the condition that Diane could be present as well. For the ladies themselves to assure them they were not alone with some unknown guy who was tying them up erotically (but hey, they asked for it, right?), but also for me and Diane, to share the experience afterwards.

When we explained we enjoyed it afterwards for ourselves, we could almost always take pictures too.

And so our initial idea to help Helen, was growing into a hobby. Word-of-mouth spread quickly and we got a string of regular customers.

I found myself binding women in their kitchen, tied to the table, in their bedroom wrapped as a mummy, in the stables to a stable post in between the horses, to the stairs, you name it.

During the bondage we had quite an adrenaline kick of doing something naughty (which always carried over to the lady being bound for her unsuspecting husband), and sometimes we had to hide when the husband came home, until he had fallen asleep and the released wife would let us out. On some such occasions Diane could secretly film the husband getting home, which made the movies even more tantalizing. Meanwhile I had installed a beamer in our own bedroom, showing random pictures of our bondage expeditions while we played ourselves. It gave us great sex, watching others, even better if we played with bondage ourselves too while watching other bondage.

This went on as a hobby for some time and was getting quite a strain in planning it with work and other private life things, when I had my Second Bright Idea (binding Helen for her husband was my first): ask money for it.

This saw the birth of our own company: Surprise Bondage Service, or SB Service in short.

Diane and I thought of several bondage options to choose from(‘Lite or Tite?’, ‘Standing or laying or folded?’, ‘Blind, mute or both?’) with various types of gear (ropes, leather straps, latex, steel cuffs, etc).

You can imagine the fun we had in making the menu.

It was our illustrious Helen who came up with roleplay choices: ‘The Evil Burglar had visited’, ‘The Damsel in Latex threatened by a dragon’, ‘The Angry Supplier who had settled an unpaid bill’, etc.

It worked quite well, we should have done this long time ago. Not only for the money it was bringing in (which was often spent just as quickly in buying all sorts of bondage stuff Diane & I had not yet ventured into), but also for the loads of bondage experience I was getting.

Diane got to enjoy many new ways of being helpless which I had learned or practised elsewhere. Sometimes she’d be the guinea pig for a scenario which had been requested.

We drew a line though at extreme SM bondage, in spite of some high dollar requests for painful or humiliating bondages.

Our bondage was pleasure bondage only, and we intended to keep it at that.

As we live in a big city, there were surprisingly many women looking for a new challenge in the bedroom (or elsewhere in the house, as I mentioned earlier) to keep us busy. Often we had to be very creative and quick in our escape when the husband arrived (we made a point of never leaving the wife alone until he was safely close), adding to the spice of our fun. We even found ourselves under the bed once, with all our camera’s and stuff, when the husband arrived a bit too quickly. Diane was about to hold the camera up for a quick picture, when I restrained her….just.

Now that we had become semi professional, it was easier to explain Diane’s camera too: we kept files of what we had done to the customer, to avoid repeating a specific bondage. We did not have to mention our own joy in watching the pictures at home any more.

And boy, did we enjoy ourselves. After while we had our own collection of mummies (both in rope and in tape, my favourite), some suspensions (boy, that took a lot of practice on Diane to get right, but it gave great positions too), outdoor (trees and terrace tiles are not nice to a naked ladies’ back, I know now), or even in a bath.

One very special Surprise Bondage Service had been in an office, where the wife wanted to surprise her well known CEO husband after a meeting. Clad in very nice lingerie (I made sure Diane got the address), we strapped her in red, white and blue leather straps: arms behind her back, legs double folded, and many straps in many other places. She was put on his desk as a life size paper weight. Our escape route on that one was via the window-washer trolley, and Diane got some great shots of the event afterwards, as we hovered just above window sill level outside….on the 23rd floor…..and the CEO was caressing his packaged wife.

Another very special Surprise Bondage Service I fondly remember was a birthday package. This lady’s request was on the edge of what we called extreme…well, it sure was for us at the time. She knew precisely what she wanted, just not where to get the stuff or how to have it done. This is where we came in: both for the shopping and as the bondage experts to have her bound. It took quite some preparation time, too. We had to borrow a friend’s car to get the major piece to her house: a 2m long richly coloured gift box, including decorative wrap….here’s what she wanted.

She had requested to bring the biggest size vibrator and butt plug, which she inserted herself front & back, and locked them into place, humming away, with a steel chastity belt. She then put on a complete latex cat suit, hood, feet, gloves and all.

We sat there waiting our turn and admiring her determination.

Our turn came to bind her with rope in many stages: ankles, below the knees above the knees, wrists to thighs, thighs together, elbows to waist, breasts (nice cut outs, that cat suit). She had this lovely figure which I still have bright in my memory: just the right spot between “healthy full” and voluptuous, to look absolutely stunning when trussed as she was. Every single one of her lovely curves was highlighted; the ropes weren’t that tight (we knew she had to stay in them for a while) yet seemed to hold her strongly everywhere.

Next up for bondage was her head: the cat suit hood had eyes & mouth openings. We put a special pump-up penis gag with breathing tube in her mouth and locked it in place with a strap. Then came a heavy duty leather hood, again with only mouth and eye openings. After some fidgeting to get both the breathing and pumping tube through the hood (in spite of my earlier practice on Diane, who was into gags anyway), we laced it as tight as we could. She looked at us with bright eyes as we then pumped the gag, as per her request, a large as we could. It strained her jaws against the hood, yet she wouldn’t blink (the agreed signal) until we pumped twice more.

She stood immobile already, fully stuffed in all her openings, yet we were to wrap her extensively in house hold wrap. In all we spent three rolls to cover her literarily from head to toes, with only her eyes and breathing tube sticking out. She had been very specific about the eyes: she wanted to see his reaction when he would find her. One could see the latex suit and rope bindings through the wrap foil though, and she had clearly intended her husband to discover things one step at the time.

We laid her down carefully and put her in a heavy duty body bag, with only her head sticking out. We were sweating by that time, I did not want to know what she must have been like. Yet she gave the OK signal every time we asked. The body bag was secured with 2” wide straps, some 6 or 7 of them. This multi layered package was then put inside the gift box I mentioned earlier with a card on top of herself in her own handwriting: “Happy Birthday Darling! Please take your time in unwrapping your gift!”

The box was put smack in the middle of the living room, he could not miss it when coming home. It was another 30 minutes before he arrived and she must have been in the latex suit for at least 2 hours already, and the ropes an hour and a half too. Yet never a peep when we worked on her, apart from soft moans when the vibrators made her reach another climax.

It was a great experience and we rewatched the pictures many times. We were so sorry we could not see him unpacking his wife. Diane had build up quite some bondage stamina by then, yet she could not stay in so many layers as this lady did.

Our lives had truly changed forever.

3. The 3rd bright idea.

So our Surprise Bondage Service did quite well, yet it became ever more complex to combine our regular jobs with this expanding hobby.

Then my Third Bright Idea struck me one evening, while I was taping her arms behind a lady and I saw Diane taking the pictures “for the file”.

It was so simple and ingenious, I should have thought of it long ago.

SB Service should become a website, tapping into the world market of bondage lovers.

I could kick myself, me being an IT man myself and Diane being in Market Communications.

We took the plunge and quit our jobs. With a few web-cams in our own bedroom, we took several films of ourselves in bondage action, which I edited into downloadable clips with Diane unrecognizable. Under that main condition, she was surprisingly helpful in showing herself erotically to the world. She now had evermore reason to come and join my “bondage deliveries”, to take pictures and to film. By now, we had both very well developed our Peeping Tom fetish.

She made a good website design, very pro in concept yet with the amateur look that seems to appeal more. All the pictures we had taken thus far were put on, with the faces shaded of course. Our customers liked their privacy.

Within days, our "Surprise Bondage Service for Lonely Housewives" website was a huge hit. Apparently there is an even bigger market for "bored & horny housewives" websites then there is for bondage sites, and we seemed to have tapped both. We had paying customers from all sorts of countries (Japan, Italy, Chile, you name it), downloading even our logo occasionally.

It actually was Diane who got the ideas for different service levels that got our income to allow a second nice car.

The Basic package was our original starter: we'd tie up the lady, take a few pictures ‘for our own files’ and leave. All this for a charge depending on the bondage gear she liked.

In the Extended Package, we'd take elaborate pictures and film of the whole process of binding her and putting her in a helpless situation for the husband to find his wife. This we would charge at 50% only, as we got the right to put this pictures and clips on our website, and we would earn from the downloads.

To top it off, we had the Premium Package, in which we would leave carefully hidden spy-cams in the bedroom, to film the arrival of the husband and their sex afterwards. This would be "charged" at 100% discount, as these clips were much hotter on the website. We'd pick up the cameras the next day, edit the film into a clip and put it on the website. It was great to discover how many women loved the idea of having great sex for free, at the "price" that they were anonymously on the Internet. Anything goes for a bargain, and we got great clips to sell as a result.

Every package had a Plus option (Basis Plus, Extended Plus, etc), which meant they could keep the gear afterwards. There was a great take-up on this one (and turnover obviously), even with the repeat customers, who loved our creativity with new positions even though they had quite a collection of gear themselves after a few times.

Our job-gamble had really paid off. Our website had several levels of entry, depending on what people were willing to pay: just a gallery of pictures, or all the films, including downloads. Pretty soon we were making more money then we would have made with both our jobs, and all this with our great hobby: bondage and voyeurism!

On the first anniversary of our website launch, I decorated our bedroom (which had become quite a camera studio already) with LCD screens everywhere, so Diane and I could watch a random display of all our films & pictures of our customers and ourselves in bondage.

What a super turn-on that is.

It never ceased to give us great sex evenings, extra turned on by the pictures of bound ladies being taken all around us.

And we are the ones who had bound them all, who had seen it all first hand, including the action of the husband while hiding in the closet occasionally. Those experiences were often the best, as it added extra spice both to us and to the lady, who knew we were there watching it all.

Throughout all of this wonderful development, Helen remained our nr.1 customer and promoter. Mark loved the thrill of finding his wife in bondage, and she loved being taken in bondage. Just as we discovered our Peeping Tom side, she discovered her exhibitionist side: it was an extra turn-on for her knowing that the world could see her in action. As she was a frequent customer, I wired up her bedroom (later her whole house actually) with cameras which she could activate herself easily. Her clips were always among the most downloaded ones, so this investment easily paid off.

This way we would also get clips of Mark binding her, she had built up quite a bondage gear collection during our many visits (she was an ardent taker of our Plus service, she always kept & bought the gear in which we bound her). Her fan club (yep, she had her special fans, many of which from Asia, and for some reason we have not yet discovered, from Norway) would send requests how they would like to see her bound next time (to which we all happily obliged).

Helen gave us an extra idea for the website too: the DIY option with a clip. A customer could not only order a filmclip or pictures, but also a "How to do this bondage" instruction video (which I'd shoot with Diane or Helen), the gear which was used (the ropes, tape, leather straps, etc.) and all the unedited film material from the spy-cams we had not used on the web-site (faces still blanked out of course). This allowed our fans to edit their own version of the clip, from different angles too, and play out the scene himself afterwards.

The film editing proved very popular with our Asian customers, whereas the gear-option was ordered more often from Europe. It was interesting to learn the world by its favourite bondage behaviour...

Epilogue. Pleasing a customer, or two....

I rang the doorbell of tonight's sudden customer, a miss Sophie Cramer, on the agreed time. Traffic had been easy and I had pondered on sweet bondage memories for half an hour in the car.

Sophie Cramer was an athletic person, almost 6 feet with classic curves & rounding. She had danced a lot in the past, still showing in her cat-like walk. Just what I needed for what I intended. We had a bit of time for introductions, so I explained her how I was going to do her request in terms of signals for distress, where I would hide until the husband had safely arrived, etc.

She took this all in quite calmly, with a light sparkle in her eyes betraying her excitement.

When we got to the bedroom, she undressed without much hesitation, although she did hesitate a bit when I unpacked what I had planned for her tonight.

I took pictures of her in various stages of bondage as we went along, from several angles too.

First I packed her in a bright red leather corset, which I laced nice & tight. I topped it off with a black leather breast binder, which firmly held her cups above the corset. Although she had never been dressed in something like this before (I could always tell), she very much liked the experience (I could also tell). I told her to lie face down on the bed and I proceed to strap her legs double (thigh to calf) with 3" wide straps. I then helped her sit upright again, her legs folded underneath her.

I looked at the clock, 15 minutes until the husband would arrive. The last item should not be on for too long on first-timers: a heavy duty leather armbinder (I was in a leather mood today).

Oh boy, she looked gorgeous, her flexible figure allowed her elbows almost to touch, and it looked great in combination with the corset.

I shot loads of pictures, and she smiled into the lens, seeing I was adoring the way she looked. With 5 minutes to go I put on the final touch: a ring gag head trainer, with straps all over her head. She was already drooling nicely by the time I had packed everything, apart for the camera, ready to escape. The telephone rang and the answering machine came on, her husband.

"Honey, traffic's packed tonight, I'll be 20 minutes later" we could hear upstairs. I looked at her, all tightly tied up to receive her husband in surprise. Before I could ask she motioned no, she'd be all right.

And indeed she was. She sat there upright in pretty uncomfortable bondage for 30 minutes, without a peep, awaiting her fate patiently, perhaps thinking of what was up ahead if she'd be found.

I checked her blood flow several times and after 20 minutes I gave her a drink through the ring gag, which she drank thirstily, yet she still did not budge.

Hmm, with this stamina of holding out, I could see a repeat customer here, hopefully one for clips too...if the husband would take to it positively though.

When mr Cramer finally arrived, he sure took to it positively, very much so. Their bed was creaking in no time after his arrival, I had to fight my urge to look around the door.

On my way home, images of Sophie were on my mind, and I mentally pictured Diane in the same position. No, I changed that to Helen, Diane looks better in other positions, Helen's the more athletic of them.

What a great 2 years this has been since Helen came talking about her problems with Mark. Diane and I had sex like never before and made money with it too. I was planning how to surprise her tonight.

When I came home, Diane was nowhere to be seen, although her car was in the drive way. It wasn't that late, so why would she be in bed? I put down my gear and walked upstairs, calling her name. I opened our bedroom door and found a special surprise: Diane was on the bed, bound in many straps and layers of tape, her arms behind her back, her legs to the bedposts, her body encased in foil, her head encased in a heavy duty trainer with huge ring gag.

She looked stunning, yet I had never seen her bound by anyone but by myself.

How has she done this?

The answer came from behind: a big push in my back toppled me onto the bed, next to Diane, with someone climbing on top of my and grabbing my arms. I recognised the smell before the voice: Helen!

I was too stunned to defend my self and before I knew it, she had an armbinder in place on me, and a ring gag in my mouth.

She turned me over and I had another surprise: she was dressed in a latex catsuit, including a Catwoman hood.

"Yep, my dear Bob, it's me, your lovely Helen. I have suppressed my urge for control long enough with you guys, it’s time I am in charge again!”

She proceeded to take off my pants & underwear, and tore off my shirt somehow around the armbinder.

This was not quite the bondage sessions in which Diane took the lead, yet somehow I liked it. Not only because it was Helen, but also because it was with Diane next to me, with indeed Helen in charge for a change (as I had been for many, many bondage sessions).

She saw I was growing excited. Hey, there was no way in hiding it.

“Like it, eh? Well, wait till you see what I’ll be doing next to you” she said with a mischievous grin under the mask. “As if I’m finished with you yet!”

She pulled my legs apart and sat in between, preventing me from closing them. She got hold of something somehow and started to fumble with my manhood. I liked the sensation and tried to see, and as I did, I suddenly was not so sure I liked it.

She was attaching a mean looking set of straps around my Long John, and a 1” wide steel ring around my balls. As soon as she let it go, I could feel the weight puling my balls down.

“See, my dear Bob, you may be into soft bondage, I discovered recently, as Mark could tell you if he could speak tonight, that I have a streak of dominant SM in me!” With that, she pulled the final strap firmly in place, and my Longjohn was well & tightly encased, in a straight jacket so to speak.

She tickled my balls, who were straining under the weight of the thick steel ring, with her nails, looking at my reaction, and at Diane’s.

“There now, you relax and get used to the feeling. Enjoy the show” she said and moved over to Diane.

I tried to get used to the feeling, yet laying on top of my own arms with all of my weight, with some other contraption holding my attention lower down as well, “relax & get used to it” were not the words I would have used.

However, when I glanced sideways, my own situation was quickly forgotten. Helen was slowly working her way on Diane, using tongue, fingers and vibrators of various sizes in various places and rythms. It was obvious she had wanted to do this a long time, and judging be the reaction, Diane did not quite mind. She was well tied up and could hardly move about, yet her sounds were clear enough. I was surprised how well she managed to eat Helen through the ring gag when Helen sat on her face, later moving around to a 69 position.

My own situation was painful yet exquisite, a rock hard Longjohn ignoring the squeeze from its own prison.

After what seemed like an eternity of beautiful play between a latex clad lady and a strap & tape bound one (I lost count in the number of orgasm they had), Helen turned her attention to me.

“Well, done, Bob, not a peep while we played. You deserve a reward” she said as she went down on me mouth first. She pleased me almost to a climax, then let go and sat herself on top of me.

She was very much enjoying the power she had over us, it was at least half her kick.

And then suddenly, as I was drowning in the pleasure of being pleased while bound, something struck me.

Could this be the Next Bright Idea? The husband surprised and bound by a dominant burglar (Helen in fetish outfit), forced to watch his wife being played with (bound too?) by the Surprise Bondage Lady.

I knew the cameras were rolling (Helen would have taken care of that), and vowed to make sure it got a prime spot on the website.

I looked sideways at Diane, saw her looking at me with love & lust in her eyes, then looked at Helen on top of me, stroking both me and Diane lovingly.

What a great hobby to have as a job, I thought and let myself go with whatever Helen had in store for us tonight.


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