Surprise Weekend

by Rawl

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© Copyright 2002 - Rawl - Used by permission

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Surprise Weekend
by Rawl

 Hi all;
 I wanted to relate to something my girlfriend and I did about 2 years ago. First I must explain we have a very busy 7-year-old girl.  This along with the shift work my girlfriend works puts a strain our play time.  So it came as a pleasant surprise when her youngest from a previous marriage offered to take our little girl for the weekend.  What made it even better was the fact that my girlfriend had the weekend off.  I was sure we could find something to do. 

 Oh! I suppose I should explain that when I met my girl she knew nothing about Cross-dressers, except for what she had seen on shows like “Jerry Springer” and even less about bondage never mind self-bondage.  About two weeks into our relationship I invited her over for dinner and drinks.  After retiring to the living room I dropped the whole thing in her lap.  I showed her my bondage books and introduced her to my feminine side by showing her my “stash” of clothes.  To my great relief she took it all in and asked questions not once looking like she was about to bolt for the door. Now keeping in mind her inexperience and our lack of playtime I think this weekend turned out well.

 After delivering our “bundle” of joy to her daughters and getting this settled as to when and where to pick her up by the time we got home it was after 10pm.  We opted for a couple of drinks and sat; still in disbelief that we actually had time alone.  I think the word is stunned!  We were very shy about what we wanted to do it took some liquid courage to bring out some of those buried feeling.  As I said shift work can really put a strain on a relationship. Anyway we started talking about what we would like to do.  We tossed around phoning one of our couple friends that we like to get kinky with but were not sure.  It had been so long since we had anything but vanilla sex that we did not know where to start.  Now I usually use Cding and self-bondage as a stress release.  I had been quite keyed up lately and needed some down time but wasn’t sure if my girl would want that.

 I think it was she who suggested I get dressed up, she is reluctant to have sex when I am dressed but has on occasion.  She has her demons too.  After we agreed I would spend some time as my alter ego I decided to ask if that could include some bondage.  I asked if she would like a Maid for the day.  A bound maid!  A slow mysterious smile crept across her face and she agreed.  Not wanting to get drunk, (a hang over can really ruin the best-laid plans) we finished our drinks and called it a night.  It was well after midnight by now and all we both wanted was sleep.

 She let me sleep late and when I finally hauled my sorry ass out of bed it was around ten in the morning.  We did our usual, I poured a coffee lit a smoke and sat down to read the paper, my usual weekend morning fair.  She went and had a rare morning shower.  Normally she showers after work to wash off the day.  By the time I was finished the paper she was dressed and pouring her-self another coffee.  We kind of skirted around what we wanted to say but finally she managed the courage and asked if I still wanted to do what we had discussed the night before.  I told her I did and she told me to get showered and change.  Since I shave my legs on a regular basis it did not take long before I was out of the shower and ready to start dressing.  I should add that although I am allowed to shave my legs my girlfriend likes a hairy chest so because she helps me buy girl clothes I feel I can accommodate her on the hairy chest thing. 

 Now for you Cder’s out there I will explain what I wore. Tucking my penis between my legs I pulled on a pair of silky panties followed by a pair of black seamed stay up nylons.  Then I added a tight high waisted panty girdle and my bra (I can’t afford breast forms) stuffed them with water filled balloons.  Over this I slid a satin full slip and then my “little black dress” and a pair of four inch black heels. 

 Next I clicked my way back to the bathroom and carefully painted on my face.  I started with a foundation and some make up that helps hide my black shadow.  Then I brushed on some rouge and painted my eyes with a dark brown eye shadow, black eye liner and lash lengthener.  The final touch was bright red glossy lipstick and outlined my lips with red pencil. 

 I have very long brown hair it comes well down my back.  Back down stairs my girlfriend braided a long leather thong into my hair.  This will be explained later.  Now we proceeded to bind me.  First she locked wide leather cuffs (home made out of an old leather briefcase) around each ankle a short 10” chain hobbled my steps.  Another chain was wrapped tight around my waist and locked into place with another chain left dangling that would eventually be locked to my wrist cuffs.  We have built most of our own bondage toys and to that end she then added a large yellow ball gag with straps that go over the head with straps running on either side of my nose and down to the strap that secures the ball deep in my mouth.  Next she cuffs my wrists together with another short chain running between them then she locks the center of that chain to the chain she has left hanging down in front.  Now I can only raise my arms about shoulder height.  Finally she tied the leather thong in my hair, to the center of the chain around my waist in the back.  She pulled this tight forcing me to hold my chin high in the air. 
 That done; she handed me a list of chores that needed to be completed with a time limit for each one.  I was told not to deviate from the list or I would suffer punishment.  Then she sat down to watch TV. 

 My list consisted of cleaning the bathroom first and with my hands tied as they were with my head held high it took me some time to finish it.  I knew I had run over my allowed time.  My girlfriend did not tell me what kind of punishments I would suffer but I figured she could come up with something. I worked all afternoon hobbling around and grunting a lot with each movement.  My cock was straining to be free of its confinement the whole time.  With my cleaning chores done I prepared dinner for two.  It consisted of broiled steak, baked potato and a green salad.  After having worn the ballgag for over five hours now my jaw had gone numb.  So when she finally pulled it out the pain reawakened and I had to work my mouth for about five minutes before I could chew.  The rest of my bondage stayed in place.  We chatted about the day and she wanted to know if I was doing all right.  As I have said before she is relatively new at this and isn’t sure how far to go.  We also discussed the evening ahead she was feeling out how far she could go with this. 

 Dinner done I was re-gagged and set about cleaning up the dinner dishes.  Oh I should tell you that although we do have a dishwasher I was not allowed to use it I had to do the dishes by hand.  With my hands bound as they were I could not reach to put the dishes away though and knew there would be punishment for that as well.

 It was about seven o’clock by the time I was done and she ordered me to sit at her feet.  We watched the news together.  After the news she ordered me to my feet and adjusted my arm bondage.  She released my wrists from in front, removed the chain from between them, and re-locked them together behind my back.  Then she directed me under a hook I had installed in the doorway.  She left the chain dangle in front.  Threading a long rope through the lock at my wrists she flipped the rope over the hook and pulled hauling my arms into a very high strappado forcing me to my toes.  Not satisfied with my predicament she then retrieved a home made spreader bar and attached it between my ankles this really put a strain on my arms and forced me higher onto my toes. 

 I was stuck I couldn’t move a muscle with out it hurting or threatening to over balance me and hanging me by my arms.  She smiled into my face and asked sarcastically if I was comfy.  With that she walked disappeared upstairs.  When she returned she carried a blindfold and proceeded to take my sight away.  I couldn’t talk, see or move.  My insides were fluttering like they were full of butterflies.  I had never felt so helpless or thrilled before.  I knew she was about to spank me but I had no idea how or if she would use anything other than her hand. 

 She left me there for an eternity.  I was shacking from the strain and the excitement by the time I felt her flip my dress up over my hips and tug my girdle and panties as low as they would go.  “For not finishing the bathroom on time I have decided that you need a spanking ten swats on each cheek. And for me having to put the dishes away twenty on each cheek.  How do you like that?”  I mrruphed into my gag that I thought it was extreme and tried to plead that my arms were bound how could I put the dishes away.

 She ignored my protests.  The first one stung like hell she had really put her arm into it.  I found out she was using one of her large wooden mixing spoons.  You know the kind the ones your mothers used to threaten you with when you were kids.  Anyway each swat was landed just above or below the last and I was dancing one my toes trying to escape the burning punishment.  After she was done she let me hang there for a while and cool my bum.  Tears had found their way out from under my blindfold and she immediately voiced her concern that she had gone too far.  To her questions I nodded or shock my head indicating I was OK.  Extremely sore but OK.

 She let me down but did not free my bonds.  “I am not done with you yet.” She said and removed my blindfold, gag and spreader bar.  She then ordered me to eat her out.  I knelt down with her help and she forced me to sit on my ankles.  My bum screamed in pain but I managed.  After I had given her a couple of orgasms she ordered me onto my back.  She freed my trapped member and it stood out at attention.  She laughed and said that I didn’t get off that easily.  With that she reattached my ankles to the spreader bar and tied the rope to it pulling my legs into the air.  She applied the gag, blindfold again, and left me there. 

 When she returned she stroked me to a raging hard-on.  I heard her cut something with a pair of scissors.  Something cool touched my prick and she smoothed it down the length of my shaft.  She was using PVC tape on me.  She continued with the tape until my whole shaft had been covered from the tip to my balls.  Once she was done taping it from top to bottom with strips she started at the base and wrapped tight from bottom to top.  She did this two more times.  This effectively deadened any sensation I might feel.  After she was done she pulled my panties, girdle back up trapping my taped prick under its tight confines, and released my legs from the hook. 

 Then she again removed the spreader bar and locked my ankles back together.  Then she rolled me on my tummy, pulled my legs up behind me, and locked my ankles to my wrists.  She removed my blindfold and told me to enjoy myself.  I struggled for a while trying to get myself off but couldn’t.  The tape and the girdle saw to that. I was stuck until she decided to let me out and I was not getting off until she decided.

 She left me like that for about two hours while she watched TV.  Then she removed the gag and once more had me pleasure her to two more orgasms.  During this entire event I kept wondering how she had come up with all of this.  After I had satisfied her she offered me a sip of water and re-applied the gag.  My jaw was in quite a bit of pain by now and I really did not want it back in but I could not stop her.  About midnight she put the blindfold back on me and told me she was going to bed.  I struggled trying to plead with her to release me but she ignored me and told me the keys were on the floor.  If I wanted out I had to find them and do it myself. 

 My muscle protested my moving my body had been abused and it did not want to respond to my commands.  I humped the carpet for a while trying with increasing frustration to get off.  My only movement was kind of a scrunch or a roll, my feet and bum didn’t like it when I rolled so I tried to avoid that.  After struggling around for a while my questing finger finally found the keys.  Now the real frustration set in.  We don’t use keyed alike locks so I had to hunt through a ring of keys for each lock.  The first priority for me was releasing my hands. 

 Once I fumbled the key into place and released my hands now I could straighten my legs. Next I removed the blindfold and released my hair from the constant pull.  Then I tried rubbing myself pulling my skirt up and forcing my hand into my girdle.  The tape did its job and denied me any satisfaction. From all my struggling my cock had hardened again as much as the tape would allow.  The ballgag came off next I massaged my jaw for quite awhile before I moved on to releasing my feet. I stripped my girdle and panties off and set to the task off releasing my tortured member.  The first two layers came off easily once I found the end of the tape.  The next two layers took their toll on my sensitive skin.  My bum still ached and my penis was being skinned alive with each piece of tape I pulled off.  The pain had shriveled my cock up and I lost my hard-on.

 With the tape removed I nursed my sore tool back to life.  Stroking it and pulling on it until I exploded all over my dress and belly.  I cleaned  myself up, rinsed my dress off and threw it in the washer. Then I tidied up the living-room and dragged my abused and sore body up stair to slip quietly into bed beside my sleeping girlfriend. 

 In the morning we made love and discussed the previous day.  She explained that while I was in the shower getting dressed she had dug into some of my old stories and also jumped on the internet specifically Gromet’s web page and quickly perused some of the stories there. 

 When I asked her about the tape thing she explained that she figured she could use it on me like I had once taped her closed with her little ben-wa balls.  Brilliant.  Suffice to say I had a great weekend and felt very refreshed to meet the new week.  She said at that time we needed to do it more often and I agreed.  Alas we have very little time because of our little girl BUT…..