A Surprise for Marilyn 2

by Lord David

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© Copyright 2002 - Lord David - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; reluct; slave; bdsm; XX

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A Surprise for Marilyn
Part Two
by Lord David

I open the door to the bedroom and look in cheerily as the morning sun rises "Morning Marilyn" I say, looking at her body still tightly bound on the bed, she grunted through her gag, she obviously didn't get much sleep last night, if any, and if I was a nice guy, I'd untie her and let her stretch her arms and legs, but not only was I not that nice of a guy, I also didn't want an angry Marilyn attacking me from the night before, so I thought it best she stayed in her current position, well for now at least.

I walked over to the bed and she looked up at me, her eyes pleading with me to let her go, I shook my head that it wasn't going to happen any time soon as I slowly rubbed my hand over her pussy, she moaned into her ballgag, she didn't want to be turned on by this, but her body was betraying her and she was getting wet, I reached my other hand up and pulled on the needle stuck into her nipple and her eyes shot open as I twisted it around.

"You like that bitch?" I asked rhetorically as she shook her head to say that she didn't like it. "Oh but I think you do my dear, now I need to go out for a bite to eat, however I think you've been in that position long enough, and I'm a fair man, so I'm going to release you for a bit, however you will still be unable to get up from the bed.

I leant down and from the bag at the end of the bed I pulled out a collar, I moved to attach it to Marilyn and her head moved.

"Do you actually want to be able to move your arms and legs?" I asked and she stopped moving, allowing me to attach the collar to her neck before pulling out a padlock which I used to secure it to her neck, I then pulled out a short chain, only a couple of feet long and two padlocks from the bag, I attached one end of chain to the collar with a padlock, and used the other end of the chain to attach it firmly to the bed post, I pulled on it to make sure it wasn't going anywhere and was satisfied with it, I looked down into her eyes "Now don't try anything stupid, I have the key's to those padlocks, so if you wish to get free you will obey me, do you understand?" she nodded to signal she knew what I meant and I slowly untied her legs from the headboard of the bed, I lowered them down onto the bed itself and she stretched them slowly, I then untied her arms as well and she moved them, trying to get some feeling back into her body.

"Now if I remove the gag will you be quiet? This house is in the middle of nowhere remember so nobody can hear you. She nodded to show she accepted and I removed the ballgag, she excercised her jaw.

"Why are you doing this to me?" She said as I saw a tear run down the side of her face.

"Because I can, you see, when I found out you were basically a pain slut, I knew that it would be far more fun, for me at least, to surprise you once I got over here rather than tell you online, now I'm pretty sure that you can't deny that you enjoyed last night" I said to her.

"No I didn't enjoy it, I want you to let me go, please." She was obviously doing her best to let me release her, but I knew differently.

"No you don't, you see, last night you were extremely wet, and this morning it didn't take much to get you going, you love the fact that you're helpless and at my mercy don't you? Admit it. You don't want me to let you go, in fact you would probably be happier if I never let you go wouldn't you?"

"Y...yes" came her meek reply as she looked down towards the bed embarressed.

"Now there's no reason to be embaressed Marilyn, in fact I'm happy you realised that, now I need to go out, I promised another friend I would meet up with them today, I have to teach him how to take a chair shot properly, but I'll be back in a few hours, did you want me to get you something to eat before I leave?"

"Please, but, I need to, well you know, go." She replied.

"Oh that, right, I have something here in case of that problem, the chain attached to the bed can move freely along the headboard, which means you can easily sit down at the side of the bed if you so please, down here" I lifted up a bucket "is a bucket, you may use that if you need to go. I'll go and get you some sammitches" I said, before kissing her lightly on the cheek, I got up and left the room as she looked over the side of the bed at the bucket.

"Well I'm not going in that, if he thinks I am he's got another thing coming" she thought. Laying there waiting for me to return her mind was wandering, wondering what I had in plan for her next, she jumped as I returned in the room holding a plate of sandwiches.

"What's in them?" She asked as she looked at me.

"Don't worry, I haven't gone mad with them, just chicken slices, there should be plenty there for you" I said as I handed her the plate before sitting down on the edge of the bed "You really are beautiful Marilyn, I'll try not to be too long, oh and just so you don't get bored, here's the remote control for the TV, I know most daytime TV isn't very good, but it's better than nothing." I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran my hand through her hair before handing her the remote control, her mind was in two places, one she wanted me to be gone for a long while, because it would mean I wouldn't be torturing her, and two she wanted me to return very shortly because she was enjoying everything, her mind was so confused.

I left the room as she started to eat the sandwiches as I looked back at her, before closing the door behind me, she picked up the TV remote control and turned it on, waiting for me to return, however as she finished her sandwiches she laid down to get comfortable, and due to not having much sleep the night before she very quickly fell asleep.

I returned home about 8 hours later, it definatly had been a long day, but I had enjoyed it, and I was looking forward to enjoying Marilyn even more, I wanted to run upstairs, but knew I had to keep to a slow and deliberate pace, I walked upstairs and opened the door to the bedroom where Marilyn was sleeping on the bed with the TV on, I switched off the TV and moved the empty plate and remote control off the bed, I noticed she still hadn't gone to the toilet and I woke her up.

"ungh... I was having such a nice dream then." She said.

"Oh you were? Do explain."

"Well could I use the bucket first? I was too tired earlier." She asked.

"Sure, I'm not stopping you." I replied.

"But erm.. could you give me some privacy? Please." She obviously wanted to be alone so that she could have a piss, however she already had more than enough time for privacy earlier, so she had two choices.

"You either go now, or not go at all, your choice." I said to her. She reluctantly slide off the bed and bent over the bucket, it took a while but eventually she had no choice but to piss, as she finished I pointed to the side of her foot where a roll of toilet roll was laying, she wiped herself before getting back onto the bed.

"I'll just go and empty this dear, wont be long, then you can tell me all about your little dream." I left the room with the bucket as he mind raced, wondering if she should tell me what she actually dreamt about, I returned to the room and placed the bucket at the side of the bed again, "So let's hear it then darling, what was this great dream?

"Well..erm..are you sure you want to hear it?" She said, trying to stall to find a story that would sound better than what her dream actually was.

"Yes, I'm sure, now talk, and stop stalling." I said to her, looking at her eyes lovingly.

"Well alright, I dreamt that it was just us, and that we were together forever, and I was your love slave." She said, as her face went bright red.

"Now that, Marilyn, is a great dream, and I do love you." I said as I laid down next to her cuddling her "Do you really want to be with me?" I asked.

"Yes, yes I do, more than anything." Came her reply.

"Well that's good, because I have some fun for us tonight." I said climbing off the bed.

"What's that?" She asked. Looking up at me.

"Sorry, but slaves don't ask questions, and from now on you can call me Master." I said matter of factly as I attached a length of rope to her collar before removing the padlock that attached it to the chain, I tugged on it slightly and she stood up, I lead her downstairs and into the front room, I moved her towards the center of the room, directly underneath a large beam running over the ceiling.

"Lie on your front slave" I said, marilyn droped down quickly, eager to please me now and from behind the couch I produced some more rope, I tied her hand together behind her back tightly, cut the end of the rope off and proceeded to tie her ankles together, before bringing them up and tying them to her wrists, now she was helpless I grabbed a wooden pole from behind the sofa, and her eyes widened slightly.

"What are you going to do with that?" She said, looking scared and yet intrigued,.

"I said it before, you call me Master, and you don't ask questions." I replied as I grabbed some rope and tied it to one side of the pole, I threw the rope over the beam in the middle of the ceiling, and carefully helping Marilyn to her knees I pushed the pole under her arms and then attached the other end of the rope, I adjusted it slightly so that it took Marilyn weight properly and she was now balanced on her knees while the pole stopped her from laying down, I then got some more rope and tied it around one ankle before tying the ankle to the wooden pole, I then cut the rope holding her ankles together and caught her over foot before it hit the floor, I proceeded to tie that ankle to the pole as well, I walked around marilyn and looked at her face.

"Comfy down there?" I asked

"Not really Master." She said raising her head to look at me.

"Well I'll fix that."I said, I walked out of the room and into the bedroom, grabbed a pillow from the bed and returned to marilyn, before placing it under her knees. "That should help."

I then grabbed some more rope and tied her chest to the pole, taking the rope around her twice and making sure to go between her breasts each time, I tied the rope off and cut the end from it, I wrapped the rope around her stomach a few times, as she wondered what I was doing, I then made a few knots in the rope before pulling it between her legs very tightly, causing her to yelp a little, I tied the rope to her hands, meaning she couldn't move her hands now if she wanted to and she now had a knoted crotch rope pulling viciously against her pussy.

"Hope you know just how good you look right now." I said before reaching behind the couch again pulling out a riding crop. I watched her eyes widen again.

"No please.. I told you before I can't stand whipping." She said, pleading with me.

I didn't say anything, I put the crop on the floor and grabbed a ballgag, she sighed and opened her mouth to accept the gag, knowing that there was no point in postponing the inevitable. I did the gag up behind her head and then grabbed the riding crop again, bringing it down viciously on her right breast, leaving a lovely red mark, I brought it down again, this time hitting her left breast, and a tear formed in her eye, I whipped her twice in quick succesion on her right breast, causing her to gasp before I repeated the act on her left breast.

"I know you don't like any kind of whipping, which is why I'm going to stop it at that marilyn, however I've had a long day, and I'm tired, so I think I'll have to finish up here tomorrow, but I'm going to leave you with a little present to remember me by first of all."

She wondered what I meant, and hoped that I wouldn't leave her like that, I produced some nasty looking nipple clamps which had a chain running between them, I attached one to her left breast, causing her to jump as much as she could in her current predicament, I then attached the other to her right breast and she jumped again, grabbing the rope once more I tied it to the chain and then ran it straight up to attached it to the beam directly above her. I knelt on the floor next to marilyn and kissed her softly on the cheek.

"Sweet dreams now slave, I'll see you tomorrow, have fun." I said before walking towards the door, I turned to look back at her once more before leaving the room, as marilyn grunted into the gag, hoping that I was joking. Unluckily for her, I wasn't.