Superhero Saga

by Blake

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© Copyright 2001 - Blake - Used by permission

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This is a story that every person who loves being tied well, (and, in my case, wearing tight things) should find absolutely wonderful!  My name is Blake, and, believe me, I am no stranger to this... I have loved the look and feel of being tied up while wearing tights and leotards ever since I was a little kid!  I know there are lots of you that can probably relate to how this particularly fun, exciting and very sexy part of my life got its start.

When I was twelve, my cousin Jill, who was also twelve, and her sister Lisa, who was thirteen, got me started with this particular kink, which, thankfully, has lasted ever since.  I had gone next door to their house just after they got back from their ballet class, and I began reading some of their comic books.  They were dressed in their tights and leotards and I was expecting them to change.  Instead, they both sat down and began to read with me.  I was looking at a Fantastic Four comic when I commented that they looked just like the superheroes in the comic book.  Jill looked over to Lisa and then said that we should all be dressed the same.  When I didn’t immediately say yes, Lisa said that if I wanted to play with them, I’d have to do what they say.  Well, it really sounded like fun and I was, secretly, a superhero at heart, so I agreed.

Lisa went next door to her house and returned a few minutes later with an armful of tights, leotards, and other stuff, in an assortment of colors.  Plopping it all down on the floor, she said to Jill that they ought to pick out a nice outfit for me.  They decided on blue tights, a green leotard, and red briefs.  I wasn’t ready for what happened next when Lisa then told me to get undressed and put the things on right then and there!  When I got down to my underwear, they took one look and told me to take them off and gave me a pair of Lisa’s’ panties to put on!  Oh well, at that point I wasn’t in any position to argue, so, if it’s inevitable...

They both laughed as I pulled up the panties and I couldn’t wait to get the rest of the stuff on.  The tights and leotard came next and finally, the briefs which, I found out as I was pulling them up, were at least two sizes too small for me!  The feel of the tightness over my whole body was really nice and I liked it immediately.  When I was done getting dressed, they inspected my new attire from all angles, and finally Lisa said to Jill that I could pass easily for one of the superheroes.  After she made a comment of how cute my butt looked and another comment about my crotch, the three of us sat on the floor and began to read more comics.  My superhero costume looked great!  I felt like I could save the world from any evil that any super-villain could conjure up. 

As we read, I started to get really strange feelings and found that I was enjoying this play very much!!  The panties and the too-small red briefs which, as I learned much later on was due to the spandex and Lycra in the fabric accentuated the tightness of the leotard and tights.  But, as things tend to go when you are beginning to have the time of your life, things have a way of turning around.  Little did I know what was in store for me. All of a sudden, when we turned the page of a Batman comic at a point where Catwoman had just thrown a net over Batman and hoisted him off the ground, this adventure began to take a strange road.  The next frame showed Batman, tied totally, head to toe, and gagged, with Catwoman looming over him.  His state of helplessness was particularly arousing to me!  The feeling of the tights and everything else against my body was beginning to have very strange and pleasurable effects on me!  Just then, Lisa got up and said she’d be right back.  I didn’t pay much attention to her because I was mesmerized at the pictures of one of my heroes tied up and under Catwoman’s total control.  I was about to say something about it, but, just then, Lisa came back into the room with a big pile of rope in her hands! 
“Looks like we need a captive,” she said to Jill as I looked on, having a mishmash of feelings that ranged from excitement to trepidation.  “Put your hands behind you, Blake,” she ordered!  As soon as I did, they were tied tight and, after a couple of reasonably good attempts at freeing myself, I realized that escape was impossible!

In the comic book, there was a band of ropes around Batman’s upper arms and another band midway between his wrists and elbows.  In no time flat, I was tied the same!
I was standing there tied totally from the waist up.  The pressure of the ropes gave me a feeling I have never forgotten, and, to this day, I always get a tingle when I think of it!
Lisa then asked Jill when their Mom was due to come home.  Being that she was just a couple of houses away playing bridge, they figured we had at least a couple of hours, maybe three, where we could be reasonably assured we would be alone.  Just then, the phone rang and it was their Mom checking of things.  Jill gave me a sly grin when she told her Mom that we three were playing and they were trying to talk me into taking ballet with them.  “Our teacher said that it would be so nice to have a boy in the class to help us with lifts and that sort of stuff,” she said.  I almost died at the thought of being in a class dressed in tights for the whole world to see! 

Well, I couldn’t really worry about that because they began to tie my legs, starting at my ankles.  After a few minutes, wide bands of rope were tightly tied around my ankles, mid-calf, above and below my knees, mid-thigh, and the last band, wider than the others, around my upper-thighs.  They still had lots of rope left, so they began to add more here and there!  They took rope from my wrists and tied it to the band of rope around my upper-thighs and, when they pulled it tight, I realized that I was now unable to even begin to bend my body.  I was as rigid as a tree and was terrified at the thought of toppling over!!!
“Well, what’cha, think?”  Lisa asked Jill, as I stood there, truly realizing the hopelessness of my situation, but, at the same time, having body sensations that I never dreamed were possible.  I had started to get an erection just after I put the panties on, but now, it was an erection like I never had before, painfully obvious under the tight briefs, and both of the girls began to giggle uncontrollably!  Lisa then freaked me out when she gave me a little rub and said she was going to “make sure that thing didn’t get any bigger!”  With that, she took a piece of rope and tied it from the rope holding my elbows, over my hands, through my legs and up my front, connecting it to the band of ropes and then pulling it tightly through to the back, again!! 
I was mortified!  Lisa made sure the ropes were pulled tightly up my cock and cutting into the crack of my ass!  The harder I tried to will myself to not be erect, the harder it became!!!  While all this was happening, I was trying my best not to fall over, too!  When I said something about being afraid of falling over, Lisa just told me to stand still until they could use up the rest of the rope!  They still had about seventy-five to a hundred feet left.  They tied the rope at its mid-point around my ankles and proceeded to begin wrapping me, going in opposite directions, making a criss-cross pattern all the way up to my shoulders until I was wrapped up like a cocoon!  It took all my self-control to maintain my balance while, at the same time, the pressure of the ropes, especially around my middle, was causing me great pleasure mixed with anxiety!

Readers, let me explain some things.  As you know, twelve-year-olds are pretty much in tune with their bodies.  Like any normal kid my age, I had learned the joys of masturbating, but never did I ever dream up, in my wildest imaginative flights, anything as wonderful as this!  There were several criss-crosses of rope across my erection, pushing against the ropes through my crotch, and to this day, even though Lisa denies it, I know in my heart as they were putting the final touches on my being tied up, they pulled a little bit tighter as they approached my obviously-erect crotch area. 
Now, keep in mind, I am still in a standing position!  They came over to me and slowly helped me turn around until I saw myself, all of me, in a full-length mirror which was on the back of Jill’s closet door.  I couldn’t believe it!!!  You can only imagine what it was like seeing yourself, dressed in tights, leotard, and briefs, wound in what had to be two hundred feet of clothesline!  The rope over my crotch was beginning to stimulate me a great deal and as I looked at myself, just the act of squeezing the cheeks of my ass together made me realize very quick-like that I was on the verge of having my first, (public!) truly sexual, orgasm!

I was jolted out of my reverie when Jill commented to Lisa that there was one thing missing.  Obviously, whatever it was, I would not be able to prevent it.  Lisa then proceeded to roll one of her socks into a ball and shoved it into my mouth!  She then insured it staying put by wrapping a couple of turns of two-inch adhesive tape over my mouth!!
“Mmmmmm,” said Lisa, “I like our cousin this way!”  “Me too” said Jill.  “We will have to do this often,” she said, with an impish grin on her face.  “We’ll need to make sure he is agreeable”, Lisa said, and, with that, produced her Polaroid camera, and began to take pictures of me from every angle!!!  “Mmmmmfffggghhhhh!” was all I could manage.  Finally, they helped me to lie on the bed, and took more pictures!  I almost lost it when they rolled me onto my stomach...the feeling of the ropes around my middle was overpowering!  They took turns standing over me while the other took pictures with their captive.  One of them gave my ass a couple of whacks with her palm and that sent shock waves through my whole body!  “Our captive had better not try to escape,” Jill said, laughing.  Then, they took some more rope and secured my tied ankles to the foot of the bed.  She then did the same around my legs, chest, and, finally, around my middle, directly over my well-bound erection!!  A mini-squirm was all I could accomplish! 

“OK, listen-up!”  Lisa proclaimed very sternly, “If you don’t agree, right now, to join our ballet class, we are going to show these pictures to everybody and, you’ll never, ever, live it down!”  “You know we’ll do it!”  I cringed as I slowly nodded my head, realizing right then and there that my life was taking a major turn. 
“We really aren’t kidding around about this,” Lisa said, “so make sure you are really agreeing to what we are saying”.  “Anyway, we’ll be right back,” Lisa said, as she and Jill went into the other room, leaving me lying on the bed, tied, gagged, staring at the ceiling, unable to move an inch, and wondering what things awaited me this wild day!!  “Don’t go anywhere”, Jill said with a smile.  “We’ve got a few calls to make.”

As you can imagine, readers, this twelve-year-old was in a highly emotional state!  I knew that I was just a millisecond from losing it, if you know what I mean.  I was so well tied that I started to feel like I was floating.  Really!  The head-to-toe pressure of all the ropes plus my hands, arms, and shoulders being so tightly bound gave me a feeling of, well, levitation.  It’s hard to explain.  The added pressure of the ropes through my crotch and over my erection made it feel all the more otherworldly.  I really wondered where my cousins learned this stuff, or, did it just come naturally to them? 
I started wondering about this whole ballet-class thing.  Maybe, I hoped, it wouldn’t be so bad after all.  I knew their teacher from school-she was a teaching assistant in PE class.  Jennifer, something-or-other.  She was really pretty and all us guys had secret crushes on her!  I was sure, though, that I’d have to wear tights and leotards while in her class, and, the thought of that was getting to be more and more appealing the longer I thought about it!

About twenty minutes had gone by and my mouth was getting really dry and I was craving at the thought of getting rid of this damn gag and being able to have a drink of water when I heard some talking in the other room.  The more I listened, I realized that there were more people there that Jill and Lisa!  Just then, Jill came in and told me she had called some of the girls from her ballet class to come over and meet their newest classmate!  “MMMMFFFFGGGGHHHHH”, was all I could say.  I motioned “NO” to her, but she just smiled and called for the others to come in!

Immediately, about seven girls, all in tights and leotards, came into the room and made their way to the bed and before I realized it, they were all around me!  They were all talking at once, telling Jill and Lisa how pretty a package I was and stuff like that.  I was mortified, but, at the same time, more excited than I had ever been!  Jill pointed out to the others that they had to use extra rope around my middle because of my erect state and she then gave it a little rub to prove her point!  The others began to get closer.  “I guess this means he must really like this?” one of the girls said as she lightly felt my hardness between the ropes.  “Mmmmmm, yes”, another purred.  “I’m sure Blakey-poo does, and I know he’ll just love to be in our class!”
“Let’s get him up, for awhile,” Jill said, as she began to untie the ropes holding me to the bed.  She also began to remove the ropes that criss-crossed my body, and then removed the ropes from my legs, leaving only the band of ropes at my upper thighs.  Lastly, (and finally!), she removed my gag.  Lisa brought me a glass of water and I gulped it down as fast as I could.  It was hard drinking with Lisa holding the glass and several splashes landed squarely on my crotch!  Lisa had brought a towel and seemed to take great pleasure at wiping the spill with un-ladylike gusto!  It was very obvious to her that my erection hadn’t subsided one iota and obvious to me that my dear cousin liked it! 

“Let’s take him outside,” one of the girls said.  “He can walk ok, I think.”  As it was, I could walk reasonably well, however, the ropes through my crotch that were attached to my wrists kept a major pressure on my continually swollen and sensitive private(!) parts.  “How long ‘til your Mom gets back?”  Ingrid, one of the girls asked.  “Probably, not for another couple of hours”, Jill replied.  “Oh good!”  Ingrid said, “we can have fun!”
Someone, behind me, put a blindfold on me and all of a sudden, I couldn’t see a thing.  Nothing.  As I was being led to the back yard, I hoped I could at least get a little glimpse of where we were going, but, it was to no avail.  The blindfold was total.  I learned later that Lisa had gotten her mom’s, the one she uses when she tries to take a nap during the day.
I could tell we had gotten outside and I hoped it was in their back yard!  The girls were not talking much at all…every once in a while I could hear a giggle, but that was about it.  Then Lisa said, “OK, let’s tie him to this telephone pole!”  “There’ll be lots of cars coming by!”  As I was about to yell something, the gag was shoved back into my mouth and tied in place!  I felt myself being pushed up against the pole and my ankles were tied and I could feel the rope being wound around my legs, securing me to the pole.  Around and around until I was literally, a part of the pole!!  I had no idea where I was and I also had no idea who could see me in the state I was in. 

Something went around my forehead and now, my head, the last thing I was able to move, was held firmly against the pole.  This was absolutely the craziest thing!  I felt so vulnerable and excited at the same time.  I had never been at the mercy of, or under the control of anyone like this before.  The tightness of the ropes encircling me compounded by the tights, leotards, panties, and briefs, created electricity that would not relent!  I could only imagine what was going on around me because I couldn’t see a thing, couldn’t speak, and could barely hear anything!
I could just make out some sort of commotion.  After several minutes, my blindfold was removed.  As soon as my eyes became adjusted to the light and looked around, I realized that I was not tied to a light pole out on the street.  I was in the backyard tied to one of the poles that supported the clothesline.  Then, I saw Brandy; one of the girls I knew from class tied to the other pole!  She was tied just like I was, but her gag and blindfold were still in place.  Lisa went to Brandi and removed the gag and blindfold and then came over to me and took out my gag.  The rest of the girls had gone inside and Lisa went in without saying a word.  “We’ll leave you two out here for awhile,” she said.  “It’s better with two captives.”
“What happened to you?”  I asked.  Brandi then told me she had mentioned that I looked like I was really enjoying being tied and she wondered how it felt.  That was all it took!  Before she knew what was happening, she was tied just like me!
“I feel great,” I exclaimed to Brandi.  “How about you?”  She replied that she was feeling wonderful.  I could see that she, too, had several ropes through her crotch and she seemed to be moving rhythmically, with a smile on her face.  “Oh man!” she said, “this really is nice!”

“You look great,” I told her.  “I can’t believe we’re both back here tied and dressed like we are!”  Brandi had on red tights with a purple leotard and looked absolutely great!  The ropes, which encircled her from head to toe, accentuated her every curve.  I could tell that ballet class had been very good for her physique!
“The other girls were talking with Miss Jennifer and I heard them tell her that the only way they were going to be able to get you to ballet class dressed appropriately, was to tie you up first!” she said.  “Lisa said that Miss Jennifer told them to do whatever they had to do and she’d be by to pick us up first thing tomorrow morning.”  “I think they’re going to tie me, too!”  Brandy said.  “At first, I thought it was a dumb idea, but now, I’m kinda looking forward to it.” 
“The thought of us being tied up and taken to ballet class sounds wonderful,” I said.  “Can you imagine, we’d be captured superheroes; kidnapped, being taken away, driven around town!”  I wondered what Miss Jennifer will say?  …or think?
I really liked Brandy, so I decided to ask the big question.  “I know this is pretty personal, but have you ever done it with a guy?” I asked, adding quickly that I hadn’t even come close to losing my virginity. 
“N-no,” she replied.  “I’ve thought about it a lot this past year, though,  but I don’t think I would, even if I had the chance.” 
I then told her about how the ropes around my middle were driving me crazy and she replied that she had never felt such a feeling before, either.  As she was talking, I could see her strain a bit more against the tight ropes and I heard a little moan. 

As I watched, I started to straining and wriggling too.  Brandy had nicely developed breasts and there were several ropes that pressed them in tightly and I could also see her trying to rub the ropes over her erect nipples!  This was too much!!!
“Do you ever, like, fiddle with yourself?”  Brandy asked.
“Whew!” I said, sheepishly adding, “y-y-yes, d-do you?” 
“Just this year, a lot,” Brandy said.  With that, she started to squirm even more, as did I.
“I’ve been trying to not lose it ever since Lisa and Jill tied me up,” I said, “but, I don’t think I’m going to be able to control myself much longer!”  “You are the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life!”  I told her. 
“You look great, too”, she replied.  “I can’t control myself much longer, either,” she said.  As we looked at each other, we seemed to both fall into a rhythm as we both squirmed in our bonds. 
“OOH, Brandy!” I said, realizing I was on the verge of exploding!
“Blake, this is like us doing it…OOH..  OOH..  Blake!!!” 
Well…let me tell was the most wonderful orgasm of my young life and I shared it with Brandy, as she gasped in the throes of her orgasm!
“NAUGHTY CHILDREN!” yelled Jill and Lisa as they came out of the house.  “We watched the whole thing!”  “You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves!”  Lisa said with a sly grin on her face.  “Actually, it was great watching the two of you struggle and then finally lose it!”  Jill said. 

However, as all good things go, they must come to an end.  Lisa started to untie me as Jill untied Brandy.  I was horrified at the thought of a big stain all over the front of my red briefs, but, Jill explained when she saw me looking, that the panties I had on would prevent any leakage!  Good for her!  However, I did have further thoughts that these two knew more than they were letting on.
“Brandy,” I said when we were alone, “I hope you don’t get turned off, but these two made me put on a pair of their panties underneath all of this other stuff.” 
“Oh. No, Blake”, she said, “I think that’s great!”  “I’d love to give you a pair of mine to wear if you’d like.” 
“I would like that very much”, I replied, looking deep into her eyes.

Well, we were finally untied and allowed to clean up from our wonderful ordeal <g>.  Lisa had me call my Mom and ask if I could stay over because they had invited me to go to their dance class first thing in the morning and, luckily, my Mom said it was ok.
Brandy did the same and it looked like the four of us were going to enjoy a sleepover—one with a few new wrinkles, I bet!
Lisa and Jill’s Mom called and said that she would be a while longer because her friend had rented a movie and that we should order a pizza, or something, for dinner.  It was a little after five and we didn’t expect her to be home until eight, or so.
All I had on was another pair of Lisa’s panties…these had a thong that went all the way up the crack of my ass!  I was feeling pretty vulnerable—duh!  Brandy only had a bra and panties on; hers were a thong-type, also!  When you’re twelve, almost thirteen, it seems like life is a perpetual hard-on, and this day was no different!  Brandy kept taking quick looks at my obvious state of excitement.  Finally, I told her I really had no choice in the matter—or anything else, it seemed.  “I hope I look a tenth as sexy to you as you look to me,” I said to Brandy.  She just smiled at me said something under her breath that I couldn’t quite make out.

“We’re all going out!”  Lisa exclaimed as she bounded into the room with another pile of stuff.  In a few minutes, I was in green tights, a brown, long-sleeved, turtleneck leotard, and very tight black briefs.  Brandy was dressed identically to me.  Lisa and Jill had tights and leotards and briefs, also.  We were the fantastic four!  I did worry about going out side, but, it was starting to get dark and I figured “what the heck!”  Anyhow, after tomorrow, there was no doubt in my mind that the whole world would know what I was up to!

“Lets all go over to the park,” Lisa said.”  “But first, maybe these two need to be tied.”  “They seemed to really like it!” 

“Great idea”, Jill replied, as Brandy and I looked at each other.  With that, Lisa began to tie me while Jill began tying Brandy.  When our hands were tied securely, Lisa asked Jill to come over to see something.  When I looked over, I saw that Lisa was looking at a magazine that had pictures of people tied all different ways! 

“So!” I said, “I knew you must have been getting your ideas from somewhere!”  Lisa said that she had found the magazine in the back of her older brother’s closet, after he left to go to college.  The name of the magazine was “Knotty” and it had page after page of very well-tied women.  One thing that caught my eye immediately was that in almost every case, the tied person also had a crotchrope in place! 

“Ooh, I like this one,” Jill said as she looked at a woman in a red leotard with her arms bound tightly behind her with her tied elbows touching. There was a double-strand crotchrope pulling her wrists tightly against her ass and pulled up tightly in front!  “Let’s tie them both just like this!” she said.  Lisa quickly agreed and they got down to business and, in no time flat, I couldn’t move my arms an inch!  My elbows were pulled to within three or four inches of touching and that caused my chest to protrude. 

“Wait!” cried Lisa, just as Jill was beginning to attach my crotchrope to the rope around my chest. She ran into her room and I couldn’t believe my eyes when she came back in with what looked to be falsies!  “Let’s make them twins,” she said as she shoved them down the front of my leotard.  “Now, let’s fix the ropes around your ‘breasts’ so that they don’t move!”  Several loops of rope above and below made sure they’d stay where they should!

“Well, now, I think that just about completes it for our two captives,” Jill said.  “I think they’ll have some great fun tonight!”  “I wonder who’ll be at the park?”

“We’ll be right out,” Lisa said as she pushed Brandy and I out the door.  “Don’t wander too far away, you hear!”

At least we weren’t gagged, yet, so Brandy and I began to discuss our mutually helpless states we were in. 

To be continued……. 

“Mmmmmm, every step I take sends shivers through me,” Brandy said.  “Jill pulled this rope really tight up my ass and through my crotch!”  “How about you?”

“Lisa didn’t leave any slack on me, either,” I replied.  “I think I’ll have a hard-on for the rest of my life!”