Sunday Church

by Tiffini

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So my guy and I have this thing about (occasionally) doing things that could really get us in trouble - gives life some excitement. This is one of those stories.

My guy and I regularly chat about our sex life, and if we have any cravings, fantasies that we want to live out, things like that. It had been a few months since we did any “dangerous” bondage activities, and honestly I missed it. Don’t get me wrong, I get tied up on a very regular basis, and I absolutely love it. But there’s something about the thrill, however small it may be, of getting caught that can totally bring it up a notch.

One saturday morning, he asked me if I wanted to do some dangerous bondage tomorrow. Knowing my daughter was at my parents, and we were planning on going to church in the morning (after all, he was working the sound board), I knew we wouldn’t have much time, so I said sure.

We got up a bit earlier than normal on Sunday morning, and made it to church. It seemed odd, because it was only 7am, and the band doesn’t start arriving until 8 or 815.

As soon as we got in the doors and he turned the alarm off, he came up behind me and quickly handcuffed me behind my back. I wasn’t sure how I felt about bringing these two lives together, but once the cuffs are on, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter.

The way our church is laid out, there is a “storage area”, a mezzinee above the stage. It’s very rare that anyone goes up there, especially on a Sunday. But that’s where he brought me. We went over into one corner of it, and he quickly lifted my dress up over my head, and run it down my arms. He put another pair of cuffs on me, and took the original ones off, which left me in my bra and panties. (now I know why he wanted me to wear a sexy pair).

He must have really planned this out. He reached into a filing cabinet drawer, and pulled out a bag. Dumping it out in front of me, there were only a few things in it - but enough that I knew I was stuck.

He sat me down on the floor, and quickly locked a pair of leg irons on my ankles. After double locking them, and the handcuffs, he did something he’d never done before. He put another pair on my elbows. We had been playing with elbow bondage before, but I’d never been elbow tied for more than 15 minutes. Thankfully, I’m fairly flexible, and can easily touch my elbows, so I wasn’t worried about circulation.

The next thing he pulled out of the bag kind of freaked me out - he pulled out our full leather, padded, locking hood. He gave me a look that told me that this was my chance to safeword out of it - but if I didn’t, that was it.

I didn’t utter a peep. So he put it over my head, making sure to keep my hair out of my face. He laced it tightly, and secured the collar, the strap over the eyes, and the one on top of my head (it goes under the chin). Then I hear 3 clicks, as he padlocks them in place. The hood has an open mouth, so breathing is not an issue.

“It’s 730 Tiff, I don’t have much time” he says and he quickly spins me around, and lays me on my stomach. He quickly pulls my legs up behind me, and padlocks the chain on the ankle cuffs onto my wrist cuffs.

“I have one more thing for you, babe” he says, as he spreads my legs apart. He pulls my panties off to the side, and I feel him slide in a very well lubricated dildo deep into me. “Don’t you dare let it come out hun, or you’ll be sorry” he warns me. “See you after church” he says, as I hear him walk away, go down the stairs, and shut the door.

A few minutes later, I hear him start talking to someone, and I know we’re not alone anymore. There’s no way he can come up to let me out without it being very obvious, especially once more people start coming. Knowing the church service normally doesn’t let out until 1130, and it takes at least an hour for everyone to leave, I know I’m stuck for at least 4 hours. So I wait - after all, what else can I do?

I hear more and more people coming in, more talking, then the band starts practicing. At least I have an idea about the time. They stop practicing - it’s 930. Light music starts playing, and I hear people coming in. The band starts playing - it’s 10AM. 2 ½ more hours!

I completely forget about the dildo deep inside me, until it gets quiet, and I hear the pastor praying. Then a buzz starts rumbling inside me. The damn guy has put a remote controlled vibrator in me! He knows I can barely stand them! They bring me to orgasm so quickly, and usually very loud.

It get more and more intense, I’m so scared I’m going to scream out when the orgasm does hit me! I just start seeing the stars as it’s about to overwhelm me, then it stops. Thank God!

I hear the preacher preaching - I don’t know how long he’s been preaching, but I am able to hear it. Wouldn’t you know it he’s talking about sex before marriage. How ironic that he’s talking sex, and I’m here, 30’ away from him, chained up in a bra and panties, hooded, with a big ass vibrator stuck inside me. Eventually, the band starts playing again, and I know the service is almost done.

My arms are killing me being chained up so tight for so long. I hear the band leader close the service, then I start to hear it get quieter and quieter, as people leave. Then nothing. No sound at all. I know I can’t say anything, just in case there is someone still around. But I’m so ready to be let out. So ready to have a loud and intense orgasm.

Finally, after what seems like hours after it’s gotten quiet, I feel the vib start rumbling, slowly, then working up more and more, until I can’t hold it anymore, as I fall into one of the most intense orgasms I can remember. I tried to be quiet, I swear, but it didn’t work. He turned off the vib.

I hear the door open, and footsteps coming up and towards me. The padlock holding my ankles & hands together is unlocked, and I’m finally able to stretch out. My arms are still locked behind me. He removes the vibrator and leg irons, and helps me stand up. He then leads me towards the stairs.

“Sir, I can’t go out like this!”

He doesn’t say anything, but leads me on. I know I can’t resist. He leads me down the stairs, then I feel us going outside. He turns me around, and sits me down in the back floor of our SUV, closes the door, and we drive home.

When we finally get home, he unlocks the hood and takes it off, puts my dress over my head (leaving me handcuffed) and brings me inside, where he brings me up to our bedroom, pulls the dress back off me, pushes me over the edge of the bed, and unloads deep inside me before unlocking my elbows, and leaving the key on the bed.

“See you downstairs sweetheart” he says as he leave me in a quivering mess on our bed.

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