The Summoning

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2018 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; drawing; fire; Other/f; rune; ritual; spirit; bond; rope; gag; strip; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

Once again it was completely dark as Andie hurried in the door to the University. It wasn’t like she wasn’t allowed to be there during the night, she was contracted to complete her research and she could do the work at any hour she wanted. But she was still somewhat ashamed that her working hours had started to resemble those of Batman.

Andie tried to sneak past the few classrooms and offices that were still occupied without being noticed. She still held out some misplaced hope that people hadn’t noticed her unconservative working hours, as if everybody hadn’t already caught on by the fact she was nowhere to be seen during the day. The faculty was not that big. But she still maintained the illusion to herself that she was in control of it.

But as she entered her office, she knew immediately that she was beyond busted.

Her small work room was one of the fancier of the faculty, one of the last ones where the fireplace was still completely usable. She was too lazy to actually light a fire in it, but now a healthy fire was roaring in it. And it wasn’t hard to guess who was behind it.

“You better not be reading my emails,” she said before she even looked at who was sitting at her desk.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Jack said in even more flamboyant manner than usual. “I’m just filling your search history with all kinds of filth.”

“How nice,” Andie said while taking her coat off.

“Believe me, I’m doing you a favour,” he said while she approached the desk. “You should really check some of this stuff out.”

“Scoot,” she said and waved him off. Jack obediently stood up from the chair and let Andie look at the computer. It sure was not safe for work, although she wondered if it was safe for pretty much anywhere. She closed the browser.

“You think that’s what I’m into?” Andie asked.

“I wouldn’t judge.”

Andie sighed. Jack was his best friend, both at work and outside it but he sure could be a huge pain sometimes.

“It’s always the sex with you gay guys.”

“Hey, don’t you judge either,” he said defensively, but his grin gave away that he wasn’t really upset.

“I really should work, so you should mosey along. Thank you for lighting the fire and… the bookmarks.”

“Oh, no worries. But I actually meant to ask you about these doodles on your desk. They look interesting.”

Jack pointed at the assortment of circular drawings with minor alterations, scribbled in all sorts of pieces of paper next to the computer. This was clearly something that Andie had spent quite some time assembling.

“Ah,” she said, slightly embarrassed. “That is something that I call a slight detour in my research.”

“I see.”

“I noticed that this very similar symbol has appeared in seemingly disparate cultures throughout history, just with minor differences.”


“Yeah,” she said and started to pull different versions of the drawing from the pile while explaining them to Jack. Some of them were printed and some she had drawn herself. “See here, this symbol is from just after the fall of Rome and this very similar carving is from an Aztec temple. They have all the same basic elements with minor differences and additions even though they don’t seem to have common ancestry. And here it is from Japan and this is it from an ancient Jewish manuscript. I tell you, image search is brilliant for stuff like this.”

“I’m sure.” Jack said skeptically.

“The interesting thing is that the symbol seems to be associated with seemingly contradictory meanings. Sin, filth, and sexual deviancy while also purification, forgiveness and healing. Sometimes at the same time. And these slight alterations seem to have some correlation with what elements of the symbols go with which meaning.”

“And this has something to do with your actual research topic how?”

Andie’s enthusiasm suddenly plummeted. She put down the papers she had just been so enthusiastically parading in front of Jack. The truth was, it had nothing to with anything and it was just a massive exercise in procrastination. On the university dime, no less.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to judge,” she whined.

“I’m not. But you should be making a presentation on your progress the day after tomorrow and I’m pretty sure that the faculty is looking for something a bit more concrete.”

Andie slouched even deeper into her chair, closed her eyes and let out a painful sigh. She had forgotten all about the presentation. She really should’ve used all this time preparing for it, and now she’d have to pull all-nighters to get it done in time. Or all-dayers as it was more appropriate in her case.

“Fuck me,” Andie sighed out with exasperation.

“I would,” Jack said. “But you’re just as gay as I am so it really wouldn’t work for either of us.”

Jack was about to turn away, when a particularly busy scribble of the symbol caught his eye. He pointed at it.

“What’s this one? It looks different.”

“Huh? Oh, that one. That my own version. I tried what it would look like if I crammed all the disparate elements into the same symbol.” She let out a weak chuckle. “It was actually what I worked on all last night. Good call, eh?”

Jack retreated to the door. He might’ve been a bit of an arse sometimes, but he sure knew when it was time to make a hasty retreat.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he said as he opened the door.

“Yeah, you do that,” Andie said weakly to the closing door.

“Fuck,” she repeated again once she was on her own. She had had lapses of judgement before, but this was up there in scale. Her whole funding was dependent on that presentation and she sure didn’t want to return to teaching quite just yet.

Andie took the scribble Jack had asked about and studied it as she went to the fireplace. She had spent the past week on this completely inconsequential finding and for some reason  she had real trouble letting it go. It was like there was an urgency to her curiosity. She knew she’d have quite a lot of trouble concentrating on the presentation. It wasn’t like she had to write all kinds of stupid research reports every couple of weeks anyway, so it wasn’t very motivating to have to do even more.

The fire sure was soothing, though. She didn’t know what had given Jack the idea to light it, but she appreciated the calming glow. At least it was going to be warm and cozy while working her little butt off.

“Yeah, this was a great idea,” she muttered to herself as she threw the scribble into the fire.

Andie had just managed to turn away from the fireplace when a blast of air knocked her down to the floor. She turned to look at what was happening, but all she could see was blinding light.

Gasping for air from the shock, she tried to make something out from the light. But even if she tried to block some of the it with her hand, there was only blinding brightness. Pushing herself further away from the fireplace, she tried to remember where the fire alarm triggers were. She knew fires could start suddenly and violently, but this was just unbelievable. What could’ve been feeding such a violent fire? All she did was throw a small piece of paper into it.

She was just about to get up to run when the light started to fade. And slowly, a figure began to emerge from the bright void.

The figure was mostly without form at first, but as the light faded, its true form slowly appeared. It was definitely human, or at least humanoid. Clear feminine curves were the first thing that drew Andie’s attention and as the figure became more and more distinct, she was completely transfixed.

Eventually the light retreated back to the cosy fire it had been before. Andie looked around her and was surprised to see that everything was still in their place. The fire alarms hadn’t started and the windows had not shattered. It was as if the blast had only affected her.

But she soon forgot all about her surroundings as she took a closer look at the creature. It was weirdly familiar although many things about it were alien. It had these beautiful curves on its hips, legs and voluptuous breasts. The breasts were so perfect in shape that they were like sculptures. But what made them alien was that they didn’t have nipples. They were smooth, beautiful skin throughout. As the creature was all around, there was nothing resembling clothes on it at all.

And the eyes. The eyes didn’t resemble human eyes much at all, but it was still easy to make out that the creature was staring right into hers. The stare was so intense that it was like the creature was digging into her soul. And for all she knew, maybe it was.

“You summoned us,” it said, with a voice that was neither male or female, but still distantly human.

Still dazed, it took Andie a while to process that she had been addressed to.

“Wu...What?” was her response.

“You have produced the rune and you have destroyed it in a blaze,” it said. “You completed the ritual. And we have come.”

“It was just a doodle! I don’t know anything about summonings or rituals!”

“The intent is meaningless,” it said, strictly. “The only thing of relevance is lust. You possess that lust and thus we have responded.”

“What... Who... What are you?”

“We are Ixunia, the dark desires of many become one. And you belong to us now!”

Andie was just about to retort with something when Ixunia made a circular gesture. She could feel something wrapping tightly around her wrist and then shooting a rope firmly into the wall. Ixunia repeated the gesture and the same thing happened to her other wrist. This time when the other end of the rope shot at the opposite wall, both ropes tightened and lurched her upwards and forwards so that she was now on her knees, arms stretched to opposite sides of her. At the same time she could feel restraints grabbing her ankles, securing them tightly to the floor.

“Wha... What is this? What are you doing to me? How is this happening?” Andie asked with increasing alarm.

“So many questions,” Ixunia muttered. “You will get all the answers you are looking for. But they can be told so much better in other ways than with words.”

“What does that mea...”

Andie’s question was interrupted when Ixunia made a gesture with their fist and she could feel her mouth filling up with some kind of firm material. Once her mouth was full enough to force her jaw open, a web formed around her head, keeping the stuffing tightly in place. It had just enough give to allow her to move her jaw slightly and breath around, but she couldn’t make anything close to intelligible speech.

As Ixunia approached the now utterly helpless Andie, she could see that their fingers were unusually muscular and long. Ixunia slid one of those intoxicating fingers down inside the collar of her shirt and ripped it open in one smooth movement.

Andie let out a yelp, but not of alarm. The helplessness of the situation and the dreamlike quality of Ixunia had made her drop down her defences. The restraints somehow made her feel safe in this strange and precarious situation. But paradoxically, the creature filled her her mind with trust.

“You humans and your silly garments,” Ixunia scoffed when they saw Andie’s bra. To be honest, she couldn’t honestly disagree in this particular case since her petite breasts didn’t really need the support. She just wore them out of some societal expectation.

Ixunia made a quick gesture and the bra split open between the cups like they had been cut with scissors. The fabric dropped away uselessly, exposing her breasts. Ixunia brought their fingers to one of them, dancing around the nipple, barely touching. But the little touch there was intoxicated Andie, much to her surprise.

She couldn’t deny it, she was starting to get extremely aroused by what was happening. But she really couldn’t believe it, because it was all so wrong. She tried to convince herself that this was just a dream and thus it was all ok, but in her heart of hearts she wasn’t convinced. And if this wasn’t some warped dream, she was essentially being assaulted. She should be panicking, not feeling aroused. She should’ve tried to escape, not push her chest forward to feel Ixunia’s touch more firmly. But that was what she was doing, and the touch was electrifying.

But Ixunia didn’t let her have the touch she so craved, but rather moved away as she tried to get closer. They looked at her intensely while they moved to her rear. Andie tried to follow the creature with her gaze, but couldn’t turn herself at all, her arms were held too tightly.

“I sense so much need in you,” Ixunia said as they put their hands around her neck. When they moved away, Andie could feel that a collar had formed. She could see from the corner of her eye that Ixunia flicked their finger and a rope shot down from the collar, lodging itself to the floor and pulling her down by her neck.

The ropes attached to her arms gave just enough way to let her bend down. Her arms were let pointing upwards, but not so much that she couldn’t handle it. As if they knew exactly where her limit was.

She was acutely aware that she was now presenting her ass and crotch firmly up in the air and yet again she couldn’t fight back the arousal that was roaring inside her. It was like her clitoris was aching, trying to take over the resolving of any moral quandaries about all this.

Andie tried to see behind her to get an idea as to what was happening, but the restraints kept her from getting a clear look. But it was soon pretty clear when she felt both her jeans and her panties pulled down to her knees in one swift movement. She let out another yelp, unsure as to what it was exactly supposed to communicate.

She could feel Ixunia’s hands feeling around her buttocks and thighs, slowly getting more and more aggressive with the way they grabbed her exposed flesh. Andie couldn’t resist it anymore, she could only surrender. It wasn’t like her wetness didn’t do the talking anyway.

Ixunia’s touches slowly became rhythmic strokes along her skin and she started to breathe with the sensation. And then it happened, Ixunia’s muscular fingers just slipped inside her.

The relief of finally getting honest to goodness sexual stimulation made Andie tremble and let out a guttural growl that didn’t have any pretense of being a protest anymore. Ixunia’s fingers moved inside her with surgical precision, touching all the right places in all the right ways. And as if that wasn’t enough, another finger started to twirl gently around her clitoris intensifying the feeling by several times over.

By now Andie was screaming behind her gag out of pure gratification. It was almost too much, the synapses and nerve endings tiptoeing on the verge of an overload. But just as Ixunia had known the perfect way to do everything so far, they also knew not to take her over the limit.

Andie prayed for Ixunia to keep going forever, for the intense stimulation to never stop. She bit into the gag to hold on, to keep herself from climaxing for just a second longer.

But ultimately it was of no avail and she felt herself release major amounts of liquid on Ixunia’s hands. It wasn’t like she hadn’t squirted before, but not quite to this extent. And as she felt herself doing that, she finally lost control and reached an earth shattering orgasm.

It was like time wrapped around itself as she was hit by wave after wave of undiluted pleasure. She gasped for air and felt her entire body spasming, trying to cope with the sensations. She hadn’t known orgasms could go on for such a long time, but she hoped it could keep going forever.

But eventually the feeling had to fade and she started to get a hold of her body and her sense of self again. And as she did, she slid gently down to the floor, the restraints and the gag having vanished into thin air.

It took awhile for her to gain enough courage and strength to open her eyes again, but as she did, she was completely alone again. There was no sign of Ixunia or any visible trace of the restraints that had been there just moments earlier. There were no markings left by the tight ropes on her wrists. She would’ve been quick to dismiss the whole thing as a hallucination, but her shirt and bra were still shred in half, her pants were down to her knees and she was lying in something that was unmistakably a bit of a puddle made of her own juices.

Not knowing what to think or what to do, she just lay there a while, taking in the afterglow, squirming a little every now and then, strengthening the feeling. Looking around, she was glad she still had her coat or she would’ve had to think of something creative to cover herself for the trip home.

But the most distinct thing in the room had her transfixed as soon as she saw it. On the floor next to her was the paper with her version of the symbol. Completely unburned.


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