Summer at Pond Cove

by The Technician

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A few final surprises await Walter and Holly at Pond Cove.

The saga comes to a close as Walter and Holly return to school... now as teachers. How they get their new teaching positions, who their principals will be, and where they will teach is all discovered in this final chapter of Summer at Pond Cove.

This story stands on its own, but makes a little more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

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Chapter 8

It’s hard to believe that my summer at Pond Cove has come to an end. Things didn’t finish the way I had expected. Actually things didn’t begin the way I expected either and the summer was nothing like I thought it would be. I thought I would have a lot of time to myself over the summer to get ready for my first year of teaching. Instead, most of my summer was taken up finding out I was a painslut, falling in love with another painslut– holly– submitting myself to Mistress Gloria... and then serving her for the rest of the summer

Some of the summer did go as expected. I kept Uncle Walter’s cabin in good shape and the grass around it mowed and trimmed. I had some help with that. Holly would also mow and puddy tat and cheryl would clear brush and trim. That is, it was puddy tat and cheryl until cheryl became Mistress Cheryl and Mistress Tracy became slave tracy. Then puddy tat and tracy cleared brush and trimmed while holly and I mowed. Holly and I couldn’t trim or clear brush because we couldn’t get off our mowers. Mistress Gloria and Mistress Sam modified the mowers with big, inflatable, butt plugs to keep us in our seats– they caught us screwing in the grass when we should have been mowing.

Holly and puddy tat and tracy and me did some minor repairs on Uncle Cornelius’ cabin. We also painted the porch and touched up the trim on Uncle Walter’s cabin. Nothing interesting happened there except puddy tat, tracy, and holly decided that I would look good green and painted me almost all over with the porch deck paint. I guess they didn’t know it wasn’t latex and couldn’t be washed off with water. Mistress Gloria was furious. She made them clean me off, but I was the one who had to stand there while they used a couple of gallons of mineral spirits to get the paint off my body.

I stunk so bad after that Mistress Gloria made me sleep out in the yard for a couple nights. That wasn’t so bad except that Holly couldn’t sleep out there with me. Holly and I are slave bound, which is sort of like married except it is only recognized by our Mistress and her friends.

The Fourth of July was interesting. We– and by we, I mean Mistress Gloria– helped Master Jeremy and slave kristi find out who they really were. They and some of their friends came into the cove to swim. Jeremy had the balls to talk back to Mistress Gloria when she told them to leave and, by the time they finally left, he was Master Jeremy and his fiancé was his slave kristi. Actually he was a Master before that and she was a slave before that, they just didn’t realize it. Their friends had left in the middle of the argument with Mistress Gloria, so I drove them home the next Monday.

I thought I would never see them again, but then we went to the club. Holly and I screwed up by talking when we should have been quiet and, as punishment, Mistress Gloria entered us into that night’s Beautiful Butts, I mean, Cutest Ass contest. No matter what you call it, all the other contestants were girls, and I still won. That is probably the most embarrassing thing to happen to me all summer. What I didn’t know until I was wheeled up on stage was that the winner got auctioned off for the evening to raise money for charity. I was doubled up inside this weird curtain thing that hid everything but my ass, but you could tell I was a guy... I hope. The way I was doubled up SOMETHING had to be showing.

I won the contest and then Master Jeremy won me in the auction. After he took me back to the room, he said he knew who I was and told me who he was. Then he told me that another thing he discovered on the Fourth of July was that he was bi, or at least that he really wanted to fuck my ass. Really early the next morning, Mistress Gloria reclaimed me and we drove back to the pond.

The next morning, I asked permission to speak to her and she agreed. I said that I really needed to try to finalize a teaching position for next school year. I knew she was also going into teaching, so she would understand. I was really upset when she started laughing.

“Did you really think that I wouldn’t already be working on that for you?” she said as I stared at her in shock. “In fact, I have arranged for an interview for you and holly for tomorrow.”

“Where?” I sputtered out.

“Here, of course,” she answered with a smile.

“I mean, where is the school?” I said.

She continued to smile at me and asked, “Have you ever visited your great-grandparents in Ferndale?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Uncle Walter still lives there. He and three or four other families sort of run the place.”

“So does Holly’s great uncle,” she said. After a pause she said, “And I grew up there. My family is also one of those three or four who run the town. My Mother is the president of the school board. She and two other members of the board will be here tomorrow morning at ten to interview you and holly.”

Her voice suddenly became very serious. “You still have to be able to do the job,” she said, pointing a finger at me, “and do it properly.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered, and then immediately correctly myself. “I mean, Yes, Mistress.”

“You might be dressed in civilian clothing for the interview,” she said quietly. “That isn’t really necessary since they all know of everything that goes on here, but they might need to record the interview so it can be shown to the other board members before their vote. And it would look a little weird if you and holly were naked.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

“It probably won’t be necessary to record the interview,” she said with a laugh. “Everyone on the school board has an equal vote, but some votes are more equal than others.” She chuckled to herself and then continued, “Regardless of what they decide, the board will vote the way the executive committee has voted.”

“What about you, Mistress?” I asked. “Aren’t you also going into teaching?”

She laughed again. “Mistress Sam and I are already into teaching, walter... at Ferndale. With school board permission, we took two years off to go back and get masters degrees so we could go into administration. I am going to be a grade school principle. Mistress Sam will be the Dean of Students at the high school.”

“Oh,” I said. “But what about Mistress Cheryl and slave tracy?

“Mistress Cheryl and slave Tracy are both business majors,” Mistress Gloria said. “Slave Tracy was sent back to school by a business your uncle owns because she wasn’t working out in the management position they had her in. She was supposed to get a Masters in Business, but she is still a few credits short. I think Mistress Cheryl will fill that position just fine with tracy as her personal assistant.”

“And puddy tat?” I asked.

Mistress Gloria smiled at me. “Inquisitive slave today, aren’t you, walter?” she said. “But to answer your question puddy tat will be teaching Kindergarten. She is such a child herself that she relates very well to that age. She interviewed with the school board last fall before school was out.”

Holly stepped forward and said, “May I speak, Mistress?”

Mistress Gloria nodded her head and holly asked, “How far in advance will we know whether we are to be in civilian clothes? I want to look my best.” She paused and looked down at the ground. “If they know all about us, it would reflect badly on you if we looked sloppy.”

“Thank you, holly,” Mistress Gloria replied, “but I will make sure you both have enough time to make yourselves presentable. But keep in mind that your performance as teachers will also reflect on me... especially since I will be your principal.”

I looked at her with my eyes... and my mouth... wide open. She laughed, and said, “and since they know everything, how you act as my submissives will also reflect on me.” Her voice hardened as she added, “... so keep that in mind!”

“Yes, Mistress!” we both responded in unison.

The interview, itself, was rather boring. Mistress Sam had us set up a couple of tables and a bunch of chairs in the game room. Mistress Gloria’s mother and two rather stern-looking men sat behind one of the tables. Holly and I were behind the other table facing them. Mistress Gloria, Mistress Sam, and Mistress Cheryl sat in chairs behind the school board members. Puddy tat and tracy sat in chairs behind me and holly.

The questions were typical interview questions about my background and classes I had taken. Toward the end, one of the men– I think he might be Mistress Sam’s father because he looks so much like her– he said, “I understand that you and holly are living together. Do you intend to get married before the start of school?”

Holly and I both stared back with open mouths and muttered, “Uh, uh, uh.”

We both looked over to Mistress Gloria and she said calmly, “It is totally your decision, walter and holly. However, there is a morals clause in the contracts that says you cannot live together unless you are married. So... if you want the positions... and if you want to be legally married...”

“Yes,” holly and I said in unison.

“But there is so little time,” holly said.

“Luckily I know a Justice of the Peace here,” the other man said. “I met him at the club. He could come out here to do the ceremony.”

“What about the license?” holly squeaked.

“He’s also the County Clerk,” Mistress Gloria’s mother replied with a laugh.

Two weeks later, holly and I were married. I don’t know for sure what I had envisioned as my wedding day, but I am sure it not include me and my bride naked in front of about a hundred people.

About half of them were also naked. The others were dressed in various leather Masters’ or Mistress’ outfits. There were also a few “civilians” who were dressed in regular clothes. Mistress Gloria decided to wear the same black outfit she wore to the club. Mistress Sam and Mistress Cheryl also wore the same outfits they had worn that night.

My mother, Mistress Mandy, wore a black, patent leather bikini, high-heeled boots, and chaps. She always was partial to the cowboy look. My dad, fred, wore nothing except a black collar with his name emblazoned on it in gold. When it was time for the parents of the groom to walk down the aisle, she led him to his seat as he crawled down the aisle behind her. After he was seated, she came back to stand alongside me. I was also wearing a black collar and a black leash which she took into her hand and held tightly while we waited.

Master David, holly’s father, came around the corner leading bobbie jo. She was crawling on the ground behind him with her head held high so her blond hair hung down on either side of her neck. You could easily see her collar. It just said “bb.” He led her down to where the bride’s parents were supposed to sit and then also returned to the back.

Mistress Mandy whispered firmly, “Stay standing,” then she flipped the leash so it tugged on my collar and started walking down the aisle. I had no choice but to follow her. When we got up to the front she positioned me so that I was facing everybody, unclipped the leash, and then sat down next to fred.

Mistress Gloria had gotten a small electric organ from somewhere, and when the organist started playing “Here Comes The Bride,” everyone– except for slaves which were kneeling at their Masters’ feet– stood up.

I gasped when I saw holly. Master David was leading her down the aisle with a short white leash. She had on a white collar with her name on it in bright silver. There were small, bright silver, butterfly clamps on her nipples with bright silver chains leading down from them to the front of an equally bright silver chastity belt. She smiled at me as she was led down the aisle. As she got closer, I could see that there was a bright, golden lock on the front of the chastity belt, holding it firmly in place. Master David positioned her at the front of the aisle, unclipped her leash, and then stepped back to his seat.

While everyone was watching holly, Mister Cox, the local Justice of the Peace, stepped forward and looked out at all the people. He was wearing a rather tight pair of leather pants, black boots, and an open, black leather vest. There was a small gold chain around his neck with something hanging on it in the front, but I couldn’t tell for sure what it was. After holly was in position, he made a motion with his hand and I stepped over to stand next to her. A few moments later, he asked loudly, “Who permits this slave to be married to this slave?”

Mistress Gloria stood up and said loudly, “I, Mistress of both holly and weird worm, so permit.”

He then looked down at both holly and me and said, “You holly, and you walter, have already slave bound yourself to each other. Your Mistress has given permission for you to be legally married. Is this what you freely desire?”

“I do,” I said softly. Holly followed almost immediately with her own, “I do.”

“The rings?” he asked solemnly.

Holly and I looked at each other in complete surprise. We hadn’t thought about rings.

Mistress Gloria stepped forward and said, “Here are the rings.”

She leaned down close to us and said softly, “Consider these a present from your Mistress.”

She was holding a black satin pillow on which were two rings... three actually since the smaller one was two rings that seemed to be locked together. There was a small diamond on one of the smaller rings. The other ring locked to it was– I guess– the actual wedding ring. It had an elaborated design that went all the way around. From a distance, it looked like just a pattern, but if you looked close, you could see that it was chain. The bigger ring– my ring– had a similar pattern.

“You go first, walter,” Mistress Gloria said softly and nodded toward the pillow in her hands.

I picked up holly’s rings and the Justice of the Peace said, “Put it on her finger with these words...” Then he said slowly with pauses for me to repeat, “I walter... take you holly... to be my lawful wedded wife... and I give you this ring... with all that it symbolizes... as my pledge... to be faithful to you... until death parts us.”

As I was pushing the ring onto her finger, I could feel the chain design and the words, “with all that it symbolizes” went through my head once again. Then holly picked up my ring and said the same thing– more or less– as she pushed it onto my finger.

The man doing the wedding signaled that we should turn around and face everybody. “As an authorized representative of this great state in which we live,” he said loudly, “I now pronounce walter and holly legally married.”

I was sort of surprised that was all there was to it. Holly and I had already signed a bunch of paperwork, but I thought there would be more words and ceremony.

I was definitely surprised by what came next. He walked around so he was in front of us, reached toward holly and grabbed both nipple clamps. He knew what he was doing and had obviously done it before. He squeezed the releases and let the clamps drop so that they hung by their silver chains. Holly shifted back and forth on her feet. It was obvious she wanted to massage her nipples which were undoubted stinging as proper circulation returned to them.

Mister Cox then reached up to his own neck, and removed the gold chain. Once it was dangling in his hand, it was obvious that it was a key that was on the chain. He stepped forward and inserted the small key in the lock on the front of holly’s chastity belt.

Once the lock was released, the belt portion opened wide. The crotch strap portion, however, did not move. That’s because there was a large vaginal dildo and a slightly smaller anal probe on the crotch strap and both were firmly lodged inside holly.

Mistress Gloria was still standing behind us. I didn’t see her move until holly gasped as the crotch section of the chastity belt was suddenly pulled down and back from between her legs. The nipple clamps flashed in the light as they wrapped against holly’s legs and disappeared. Mistress Gloria stepped around us and walked quickly back up the aisle, carrying the belt.

The man nodded at holly and I and said solemnly, “You may now consummate the marriage.”

I couldn’t help it. I blurted out loudly, “What?”

Holly turned me so I was facing her and said, “He means, fuck me, stupid.”

She giggled and then said, “Or maybe fuck me stupid.”

With that she lowered herself to the ground and pulled me with her. I know that I never imagined I would be making love in front of my parents, holly’s parents, and a bunch of their friends and our friends, but once holly pulled me on top of her, my mind sort of went on vacation and my body took over. I forgot all about everyone until holly screamed out in orgasm and everyone burst into loud, long applause.

After that, there was more or less a regular wedding reception... well, as regular as it could be with a naked bride and groom and naked slaves kneeling at the feet of their Master or crawling along behind their Mistresses. There was a dance floor, but it was mainly Masters and Mistresses dancing, except for a few slaves who were allowed to dance by themselves over in the corner. Holly and I were the only slaves dancing with another slave.

Mistress Gloria let holly and me dance together all night. Holly kept leaning in and whispering in my ear, “Wait ‘til we get back to our own bedroom.” I had to work really hard to keep Little Bill from popping up and bobbing all over the place while we danced.

A little after midnight, Mistress Gloria clapped her hands together real hard and said, “I know that many of you have to get into civilian clothes and head back into town, so...” Then she turned slowly around as she shouted loudly, “It’s Shivaree time.”

I turned to holly and mouthed, “What?!”

She loudly gasped “Nooooo,” but suddenly several of the Masters grabbed me and several Mistresses grabbed her.

“Now, obviously,” Mistress Gloria said loud enough to be heard over the ruckus, “we are not going to put our newlyweds on a haystack for the night or bang on pots and pans to make it impossible for them to get it on.”

I suddenly understood what she was talking about. I had seen it in a couple of old western movies where the townsfolk did various things to keep the newlyweds from being able to make love on their wedding night.

“What are they planning to do?” I asked holly and she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

Then I felt one of the Masters wrapping a wide belt around my waist. It was as big as one of those gaudy TV wrestler’s belts, but was just black leather. I could see some white leather hanging from the back of it as they pulled it tight and put two locks on the front of it.

Holly gave a loud squeak as the Mistresses pushed her tight up against my back. Then I felt a tugging on my belt as they did something with the white pieces of leather I had seen for just an instant.

“No, No, Nooooo!” holly screamed and I felt her pull hard trying to get out of whatever was holding her. All she did was drag me across the floor with her.

Mistress Gloria... and all of the Masters and Mistresses present... began laughing. “The bride’s belt is white,” Mistress Gloria said gleefully. “The groom’s belt is black.”

Mistress Sam added loudly, “And the time locks on those belts will not open until seven o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Everyone laughed again and then Mistress Gloria said, “The newlyweds may now go to their room.”

After a pause, she said, “That’s you, walter!”

Mistress Sam added, “And you holly, but you two will have to figure out who walks forward and who walks backward.”

“Or we can walk sideways,” holly whispered over her shoulder.

We couldn’t. We tried, but we just ended up tripping over our own– and each other’s– feet. We ended up walking more or less in little circles as holly and then I tried to lead us to the game room where we normally slept.

Once we got there we were able to lower ourselves down onto our mattress, but we were hopelessly locked back to back. I couldn’t even reach around and touch her breasts... or anything else.

“We can’t do anything,” I wailed, and then I heard some laughter just outside our door.

“Yes, we can,” holly whispered back very quietly.

“What?” I asked. I seemed to be saying that a lot.

“Pretend that we are far away from each other and doing phone sex,” she whispered firmly.

“You want me to pretend I’m talking to you over the phone?” I said, a little louder than I had intended.

“Talking isn’t the only thing you do in phone sex,” she hissed back.

“Oh,” I said. Then holly said softly, “My lips are nibbling their way down your stomach to your prick. I am slowly pulling that monster into my mouth. You can feel my lips and my tongue as I slowly bob my head up and down on your engorged manhood.”

It was impossible, but I could feel her lips... or I thought so until I looked down at my hand. My fingers were formed in an ‘O’ and were circled around my prick like a closed mouth.

Holly kept talking and I kept moving my hand like it was her mouth until suddenly I spurted all over the mattress. She must have felt me quiver and shake because she said, “Your cum is filling my mouth. It tastes so good on my tongue.”

I lay there panting for a little bit and then holly said, “Why don’t you try it?”

I had to think for a minute, but then I said, “My hands are stroking your breasts. My fingers are softly pulling and pinching your nipples.”

“Harder,” holly breathed, and I replied, “I am now pinching your nipples very hard with one hand while my other hand slides down your stomach to your clit. I am circling your clit while I pinch your nipples.”

Holly began bucking slightly and basically pushed herself over so that she was on top of me with her legs widely spread. I pushed myself up slightly from the mattress so I could keep talking. I lay there supporting myself on my elbows and said, “I am now entering you with my fingers while my thumb continues to make small swirls on your clit. My other hand continues to pinch and pull at your nipples.”

Her bucking increased and I was having trouble breathing, let alone speaking, as she bounced on top of me and drove me again face first into the mattress.

I pushed myself back up and continued, “My fingers are pumping rapidly in and out of your cunt as you go higher and higher and higher. You are almost at orgasm. When I pinch your nipples really hard you will go over the top.”

Holly’s hands must have been doing what I said I was doing because when I said, “I am pinching your nipples REALLY hard, she screamed out and began thrashing wildly.

She had just begun to settle back down when I heard heels clicking across the floor. Then Mistress Gloria was standing beside us. “You two really are inventive,” she said with a chuckle. “I came in here because, from the noise, it sounded like at least one of you had gotten out of the belts.”

“Just a little phone sex, Mistress,” holly said softly.

“Well,” Mistress Gloria said, “we could hear you all the way outside.” Her voice hardened slightly as she continued, “... and we don’t want to embarrass our Mistress in front of all of her friends, do we?”

“No, Mistress Gloria,” holly and I said together.

“If you keep quiet for the rest of the night,” Mistress Gloria said softly, “I will let you stay in bed until nine tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” we said in unison.

As Mistress Gloria turned to leave, she said, “If any of the locks malfunction and don’t open automatically, there is a key hanging on the back porch.”

Again holly and I said, “Thank you, Mistress” as she left the room.

After that, holly and I curled up back to back on the mattress and fell asleep. I awoke around eight to holly suckling on my cock. “You overslept,” she said with a grin, “but all the locks opened on time like they were supposed to. I thought I would start by waking up Little Bill.”

I didn’t say anything, but instead pulled her up so that we could actually kiss. I was lying on my back with her draped over me. We kissed for a while, then she straddled me and moved back so she could settle down on my prick. Evidently she wanted to ride me from on top.

“You just lie there and enjoy this,” she said as she began rocking on my hips.

She kept changing how she was moving so she could take herself higher without taking me over the top. Finally, she gave a big groan and grabbed my chest in both hands. I don’t have much muscle there, but she was squeezing a handful in each hand as we both experienced a tremendous orgasm.

“I needed that,” holly said in a raspy voice. “Now you do me low and slow. Then we’ll get up and help puddy tat and tracy clean up from last night.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by low, but I understood slow. I took my time stroking her all over before entering her and slowly, but deeply, fucking her. It was almost nine o’clock when she finally screamed out her orgasm. Shortly after we could hear Mistress Cheryl calling us to come out and help clean up.

The rest of the summer was rather ordinary. Along with the regular stuff, we had to get at least the first month or two of our class preparation done, and we had to start getting the cabins ready for winter. It doesn’t get real cold here, but it does freeze, so we had to blow out all the water lines that we could and put special anti-freeze in the others.

Both Uncle Walter and Uncle Cornelius asked if we could watch the cabins for them again next summer. Mistress Gloria and Mistress Sam said they will both be able to spend the summer here, so puddy tat will be here to help us. Mistress Cheryl said she could come down for a couple weeks vacation and maybe a weekend here or there. It looks like summers at Pond Cove might become regular things for me and holly... and of course Mistress Gloria.

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