Sucker Bet

by The Technician

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Mistress Jane Henderson learns the hard way not to bet on a sure thing.

"One of these days in your travels, a guy is going to come to you and show you a nice, brand new deck of cards on which the seal has not yet been broken. This man is going to offer to bet you that he can make the jack of spades jump out of that deck and piss in your ear. Now son, you do not take this bet, for as sure as you stand there, you are going to wind up with an earful of piss."

From Sky Masterson's speech about his father's advice - from "Guys and Dolls." [The wording is as originally written by Damon Runyon in his short story on which the play was based. For the play, "piss" was changed to "squirt cider." and the speech became known as "the earful of cider speech."]

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David Williams was known for two things, his absolutely over the top BDSM parties, and making– and winning– bets on almost anything.

His skill, or luck, when it came to betting was phenomenal. An example of his almost unbelievable luck occurred last winter when he was at a sports bar watching his favorite basketball team with several of his friends. It was a playoff game and his team was down four points with just seconds to go. Suddenly he offered, "Two hundred says that they still win. Who'll give me five to one odds on that?"

Jim Stout looked at him over his drink and replied, "I'll take your money."

No sooner had he said that than a forward launched a three-quarter court Hail Mary shot that swished through the net just before the buzzer. Also just before the buzzer was the shrill whistle of a ref calling a defensive foul on the shot, and then another whistle as another referee called a second foul on the defensive player for pushing the forward into the stands.

The clock was gone, so only the forward went to the free throw line. He had one for the foul on his shot and two for the following flagrant foul. If he made all three, they won. If he missed any of them, they lost. His free throw average was well under 200. Dave turned to Jim and asked, "Want to go double or nothing?"

Jim laughed and answered, "If you want to give me another hundred, I'll take it."

But the forward did something he had never done before... something unheard of. He shot underhand with both arms like a grade schooler on the playground. He made all three shots, and Master David's favorite team won by one point.

As Jim handed two thousand dollars to Dave he said, "You are the luckiest son of a bitch alive on the planet. ... That, or you can see into the future."

David just smiled at him and said, "Either way, you lose."

Luck like that was what made David Williams' bets legendary, but sometimes it wasn't luck. Sometimes it was a setup from the very beginning. David Williams was also legendary for getting people to accept sucker bets.

He knew every "bar bet" ever devised and had come up with several on his own. What makes a bet a "bar bet" is that often alcohol is involved in the impaired thinking process which causes a person to accept such a bet even knowing that it is most likely a setup that cannot be won.

What makes a bet a sucker bet is not the fact that it cannot be won or that someone was drunk when they accepted the bet. Then it would just be a bar bet. A sucker bet is a sucker bet because it is carefully set up in such a fashion so as to make some sucker think that they can actually win it. A sucker bet only works if the target truly believes they can win.

Most truly great sucker bets takes days, if not weeks or months of preparation so that everything is properly in place. But at last month's BDSM party, Dave proposed, on the spur of the moment, what was possibly his ultimate sucker bet.

Shortly after arriving at the party, Mistress Jane Henderson launched into a long tirade of derogatory remarks about those Master's who "waste so much rope just to restrain a submissive."

Dave took it personally since it was obvious that the submissive slave she was referring to was one of his. And he, himself, had tied her to the large oak tree at the edge of the patio.

David has his petite slave, vanessa, stand naked with her back to the tree and then swathed her-- and the tree, in soft, thick, black rope from head to foot so that she looked like a huge caterpillar in a giant black cocoon. The only things showing were her eyes which peeked out through an intentional gap in the rope and her nipples which were allowed to poke through between the layers.

Dave had intended it to be erotically artistic, and most of his guests agreed with him. Mistress Jane obviously did not. "I assume you think you could do much better," he said somewhat testily.

"I know I could do much better," she replied, "and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I will bet you five thousand dollars that I can tie up a naked slave so she couldn't get possibly get loose with just three pieces of rope, each only two feet long."

This was a well-known bar bet among devotees of rope and Dave knew exactly the tie she was referring to. One rope is tied around the knees, one tied around the elbows and the third tied in back between the other two ropes pulling them into a tight hogtie. The result makes escape almost impossible.

The party guests gathered around silently as Dave seemed to consider her offer for several minutes. Then he made a counter offer. "Let's bet something that means something," he said, raising his drink to her in a mock salute.

"Money is, after all, just... money. I propose we bet ourselves." He smiled at her and took a sip of his drink before continuing. "The bet is this. Since you think I wasted so much rope artfully tying vanessa to the tree, I will bet that I can tie YOU naked to that same tree using just one piece of rope, one sex toy, and one leather belt. And you will have twelve hours in which to try to get free."

Mistress Jane looked like she was thinking about it. "I promise you," he continued, "that your body will not touch the tree; the rope will not loop around your body in any way; your hands and legs will be totally free; and you will still be unable to escape."

Such extra detail as to how the action of the bet is impossible is one of the marks of a bar bet, or in this case, a sucker bet. Almost anyone else would have walked away at this point, but Jane continued to look at him as if she was actually considering his wager. Then she spoke. "All you have to do is put the belt around my waist, tie the rope to the belt, and hoist me to the top of the tree. I wouldn't be able to get free because I would fall."

"Not what I was thinking," Dave replied. "But OK, I promise you, that your body will not touch the tree; the rope will not loop around your body in any way; your hands; and legs will be totally free; I will not pull your feet completely off the ground, and the rope will not be looped around the belt. With those conditions, I will tie you to that tree using only one piece of rope, one belt, and one sex toy of my choosing. And you will not be able to get free within twelve hours."

He laughed, lifted his glass once again in salute to her, and added, "And, of course, you will be naked."

Jane's face was again reflecting her thinking as she considered his wager.

"I won't make you get naked in front of everyone," he continued. "On the morning of my next party, you show up here before 8:00 am. It will just be the two of us. At 8:00 o'clock I will tie you to the tree naked. If you get free before the first guests arrive at 8:00 pm, I will be the one who will be naked when they arrive and I will be your naked slave for the duration of the party."

He smiled at her, "I think you would enjoy that."

He paused to let her picture that possibility in her mind, then he continued, "If you are still tied to the tree when the guests arrive, however, you are my naked slave until morning." He took a sip of his drink and looked out at his guests before adding, "I know I would enjoy that."

The guests could tell that Jane was now seriously considering the bet. What was prompting her to accept was that she was absolutely positive that she could escape. Dave obviously didn't know that she worked her way through college as a magician's assistant. Part of their act involved her escaping from what seemed to be impossible bondage proposed or executed by members of the audience. She smiled as she remembered the three summers in which no fair-goer at any of the county or state fairs had been able to tie her so that she could not escape in the twenty minutes allowed. And Dave was proposing twelve hours!

She knew that she would take the bet. She couldn't loose. But she remained silent hoping to entice Master David into proposing something further.

"OK," he began after a few minutes. "I'll sweeten the bet and give you an out if things don't go as planned. If you are not free at 8:00 pm, I'll give you a second chance... a safety bet, if you want to take it at that time. If you can get free by midnight– an additional four hours, then you are free from the bet. But if you are still bound when the last stroke of midnight rings from the clock in the tower of my mansion, you are my slave until the next party."

Jane smiled at him and bit her lip. She was still thinking.

He continued, "And you can ask any of the guests for help in figuring out how to get out of the bondage. They can't physically help you, but if you haven't figured it out, maybe they can give you some insight. You can back out of the bet all the way up to the time I start tying you to the tree, and you don't even have to consider that second bet unless you can't get free in the first twelve hours."

Jane finally said something, "Why not start out with the time period being until the next party. I could have a lot of fun with you in a month."

There was a gasp of appreciation from the gathered guests. Dave answered in one word, "Done."

"When would I have to tell you if I accept this bet of yours?" Jane asked.

"If you show up here the morning of the party," Dave replied, "you've accepted the bet. If not, I will see you at the party." He laughed. "Actually, I guess either way I will see you at the party."

Jane looked around at the Masters and Mistresses gathered around them. She said, "You are all witnesses to the terms of this bet. I am calling upon you to make sure that he doesn't cheat in any way. One rope, one sex toy, one belt; No binding of my arms or legs; No rope looped around my body in any way; my feet stay on the ground; the rope can't loop around the belt, and I can't be touching the tree."

She stopped and turned back to David. "Just to be sure. Which tree?"

He pointed to the large tree at the edge of the patio where vanessa was still cocooned in black rope. "That's the tree I've been talking about," he said. "It should do nicely. Do we have a bet?"

"OK," she answered. "You tie me naked to that tree at 8:00 o'clock on the morning of your next party. If I am still there at 8:00 at night– which I doubt, then I am your slave for a month– until the next party. Or, I take a second bet that I can, with the help of any guest at the party, figure out how to get out of the bondage before midnight.. If I get out by midnight, no slavery for me and you are my slave until the next party, but if I still can't get out, slavery until..."

She paused. Someone in the crowd yelled out, "A year."

Dave responded, "No, it is a safety bet. The only extra is the humiliation of an addition four hours tied to the tree during the party. Out by midnight, no slavery for Mistress Jane... or for me. If she is still there at midnight, slavery for her until the next party."

Jane nodded her head in agreement.

"That pretty much describes the bet," he answered. Then turning to the crowd around them, he continued, "And if she takes the bet and is free when you get here, she will be your host and I will be her naked, obedient slave for the duration of the party and until the party the following month."

"What are the limits," asked one of the Mistresses in the crowd.

"Nothing permanent, but other than that, no limits, no safeword," Jane answered.
A gasp went through the crowd. This was a totally slavery bet. The only limit was time.

David called out, "It is a bet! You are all the witnesses to this wager, so you are all invited to my next party, fourth Saturday of the month as usual. Arrive no sooner than 8:00 pm. We want to give Mistress Jane her full time to escape my clutches."

He then raised his drink in the air and said, "But that is for next time. For now, I believe that Mistress Robyn has a scene she would like to show us with her disobedient slave, Melinda."

As people drifted out into the yard to where a naked slave was bound to a Saint Andrew's Cross, one of the Masters pointed at Mistress Jane and said quietly to those around him, "That woman is going to end up a slave with an earful of cider."

= = = = = = = = = = =

David sat at a table on his back patio sipping a cup of coffee. His personal valet, Harold, was collecting the breakfast dishes when David said, "Harold, would you please get an additional cup and place setting for Mistress Jane. The party is tonight. She should be arriving any moment now."

"Are you sure, sir?" he replied. "I think it was apparent to everyone at your last party that you were setting her up and that the bet was a trap."

"Yes, that was apparent to ALMOST everyone at the party," David answered with a laugh. "But what everyone else saw as my trap, Mistress Jane saw as her opportunity to trap me. Her desire to beat me in this bet blinded her to the reality in front of her. ... That and her innermost desire to be a slave, not a Mistress."

"What?" responded Harold in surprise. "I have always seen Mistress Jane as a strong woman."

"That is because you are neither a Master nor a slave, Harold, merely a devoted employee. A Master or Mistress would see the weakness behind the facade. A slave would sense a kindred spirit. I think the only reason that Mistress Jane's slave gloria doesn't feel that kindred heart is because she, herself, is not truly a slave at heart. Gloria is at heart a Mistress, not a slave."

He took a sip of his coffee and surveyed Harold's confused face. "Neither of them is aware of their true natures... yet," he said with a smile. "But I believe that will start to change at midnight tonight."

He held up a hand as if to signal for silence. "Ah, I hear the sound of a car in the driveway. You had best hurry with Mistress Jane's cup."

A few moments later, Harold ushered Mistress Jane Hendersen out the patio doors onto the patio. She was wearing a simple sundress and sandals and was carrying an overnight bag. "Good morning Master David," she said merrily as she approached the table.

"Good morning Mistress Jane," he responded. "Since you are here, I assume that our little wager is on.

"I've given it a lot of thought," she answered. "I want to see the equipment you will use first."

"Oh," he responded in a cheery voice. "I wouldn't want to totally spoil the surprise. How about two out of three? I show you the rope and the belt." He smiled at her before continuing, "We can let the sex toy be the surprise."

He turned to his valet and said, "Harold, if you would be so kind?"

Harold left and returned a few moments later with a wide, black leather belt and a coil of very thin, black rope. David took them from him and set them on the table in front of himself. "This rope," he began, "is Seal Team parachute line. It is very thin, but very strong and absolutely not stretchable or breakable– at least not by human hands. And this," picking up the wide black belt, "is a special version of a restraint belt."

He formed the belt into a loop and pushed the D-ring-like prong through one of the slots on the belt. "You can see that the tightness is adjusted by the slot in which you place the restraint connector. You press it through like that and twist it 90 degrees to lock it in place. Normally you would lock handcuffs and ankle chains to the ring, but I am not going to use it like that."

Mistress Jane smiled. She was sure what he was planning now. He would put the belt tightly around her waist and tie the cord to the restraint loop with some sort of extremely difficult knot. He was obviously relying on the sex toy to keep her distracted enough that she would not be able to get the knot loose in the required twelve hours. She had escaped at the fairs with much more distraction than that. This was going to be even easier that she thought.

"You have yourself a bet," she said loudly.

"Then let's get you tied up, shall we?" answered David.

He led her over to the edge of the patio beneath the old oak tree and said. "Take off your dress and stand here with your hands above your head."

She pulled the thin dress over her head. She was wearing nothing beneath it. As David started to tie a blindfold over her eyes, she said, "You said nothing about a blindfold!"

"Merely for while I tie you up. It comes off as soon as you are secure."

"Well..." she answered. "OK, but if it stays on, the bet is void."

"Oh, it will not stay on," he promised.

Jane then felt him wrap the belt around her. She gasped in surprise when he pulled it tight not around her waist, but at her armpits. The belt was above her breasts yet went under her arms. She felt his hands pull the belt tightly together and then push the latch buckle through and twist it to hold it in place. It pushed down hard on the top of her breasts and cut slightly into the underside of her arms, but it was not painful or unbearable.

"You think that will keep me from untying the rope?" she asked.

"Oh," he replied. "The rope won't be tied, at least not to the belt."

She felt something very light weight brush against her upheld hands. Then the rope touched her shoulders. It was being let down from above and there seemed to be two ropes, as if it was doubled over. David grabbed the rope and did something with it and then she could feel it all along the middle of her back. There were definitely two ropes, or a single rope doubled over.

David pulled the rope slightly away from her body and did something. Then he said, "Here comes the surprise."

Jane felt something cold between her ass cheeks. Whatever it was felt like a small metal ball. Then there was pressure on her sphincter and suddenly it was inside her. She could feel the cold metal ball inside her and cold metal between her cheeks and against the top of her ass. It was obviously an anal hook of some sort.

David called out, "Pull it tight, Harold." and suddenly there was pressure on her anus and tailbone and she was being pulled slightly into the air.

"You can put your hands down now," he said, and then removed the blindfold.

"That's not a sex toy," she said heatedly. "That's an anal hook."

"Ah, but it is a sex toy, and three month ago when we had out little demonstration of sex toys used in bondage, you used one on your slave, gloria. You hog-tied her with the anal hook tied to her hair so that she had to keep her back bowed even more than the tie of her legs and arms created. It was the only non-rope item you used, so you definitely thought it was a sex toy that night and I have video to prove it. You even called it your new sex toy."

Jane twisted on her toes so that she could turn herself to face David. "This is so lame," she said. "All I have to do is pull the hook out of my ass and I am free."

"Yes," David chuckled. "That is all you have to do." He then began walking around her in a tight circle. "So why don't you do that?"

Jane reached behind herself and tried to pull the intruder from her ass, but there was too much tension on the rope and she was already on tip toe so she couldn't create any slack.

"The rope doesn't stretch," said David. "And it is looped through a Y in the branch above you so you can't pull it further down and relieve the tension." He laughed again. "I am afraid that you will be on your toes until the party begins." Another laugh. "After that, I think that you might be on your knees at my feet."

Jane wanted to yell, "You Bastard!!" But that would be admitting defeat. Instead she began testing the limits of her bondage.

Her arms were totally free. Her legs were totally free. The only thing truly holding her in place was the anal hook.

She tried bending over to see if that would allow her to pull it out, but since the rope went through the belt clasp high on her body, leaning forward merely increased the tension on the rope and pulled the hook more tightly into her ass.

She tried to slip out of the belt itself, but could not. If the rope were actually tied to the belt, she could have put her hands above her head and easily pulled it over her shoulders. But the rope was not secured to the belt in any way. It merely went through the loop on the belt. There was nothing to pull upward on the belt.

She tried grabbing the rope above her head and pulling herself into the air. But the rope was too thin for her to really get a grip on it and even if she could lift herself up, there was no way that she could hang with one hand and reach down with the other to pull the hook free.

She tried moving out to the limits of the rope and moving in a circle to see if she could stretch the rope, but, as David had informed her, it had been designed not to stretch.

"If you soil yourself before tonight," said David cheerfully, "I will wash you down so you won't be embarrassed by your weakness in front of the Masters and Mistresses."

That was one thing that Jane wasn't worried about, but she wasn't about the tell David that. She had been supremely confident that she could escape, but just in case she had thoroughly cleaned herself out and not eaten anything since. If she had to piss, she would turn in a circle and distribute it around her so that it would more quickly dry up.

She glared at David and went back and tried everything a second time, but without success. Eventually Mistress Jane Hendersen was reduced to standing as close to exactly under the limb as possible to minimize pressure on her ass and shifting her weight from leg to leg to help stave off the cramps that were surely to come.

= = = = = = = = = = =

Party guests began arriving around ten after eight. They each smiled and commented as they found Mistress Jane still tied beneath the oak. Two of the Masters stood behind her talking. "Ingeniously simple," one of them said. "I will have to try a variation of that will my sub," said the other.

Tears began to flow down Jane's face as she realized the truth of her humiliating defeat. Then David was standing in front of her. "So," he began. "Do you want to admit defeat and not have to stand around like this until Midnight, or do you want the safety bet. If you don't get out by midnight, you are still my slave until the next party. If you do get out, you are free, but you don't get me at all."

He reached out and lifted her head so that their eyes met. He was holding a collar and chain in his hands. "What will it be? Walk behind me on the chain or continue your dance on the end of the rope until midnight?"

"I'll stay here until midnight," she answered. She was trying to be haughty and defiant, but she sounded more like a petulant slave whining to her master.

David spoke loudly so that everyone could hear. "Jane has decided to extend her stay in my little trap. If any of you have any suggestions as to how she can escape this simple bondage, please feel free to let her know." Several eyebrows were raised at his lack of use of "Mistress" in front of her name, but the title did not seem to apply to this person who was bound naked in front of everyone with her legs shaking from fatigue.

Gloria, Jane's slave approached. She was wearing, as were most of the slaves at the party, a very short and diaphanous cover over a black leather micro-bikini bottom. "Come to gloat," said Jane sharply.

"No, Mistress, I came to suggest something that might allow you to get free. But you will have to entice one of the men to fuck you while you are tied up."

Jane's face contorted in rage. She screamed out, "You are just trying to cause me to humiliate myself further. You have always been a troublesome and useless slave. The first thing I will do when I return as your Mistress is to sell you to someone who can beat some obedience into your thick head!"

Gloria did not respond to Jane's rage. Nor did she cower before her. Instead she stood tall and said quietly, "We will see. We will see."

= = = = = = = = = = =

At midnight Jane was still tethered to the tree. Somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00 she had lost control of her bladder and wet the ground beneath her. The shame was apparent on her face and the redness spread throughout her body when someone in the crowd began applauding. As the clapping rose in volume, she tried to pull away, but there was no place to go. She was stuck on display on the patio as the urine splattered on the ground. All she could do was hang her head in shame. Soon the water of her tears also wet the pavement beneath her.

Shortly after midnight, David walked out and stood before her. He called out loudly, "Harold, release the rope," and suddenly the tension which had been holding her on her toes for 16 hours was gone. David caught her as she slumped to the pavement and lowered her to the floor.

Gloria ran up with a damp rag and began to wipe her forehead. "I wish you had taken my advice," she said. There was genuine sorrow in her voice. "Then you would have been able to get free."

Jane slapped Gloria's arm away from her face and snarled, "Don't pretend that you would have been able to get out of this. I couldn't do it in 16 hours! You wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting out in 16 years!"

"Would you be willing to bet on that?" Gloria asked in a very icy voice. She stood up alongside the prone woman. "I will bet you that I can get out of this bondage in 16 minutes. If I can't, I will take your place as Master David's slave for the next month. But if I can, after your servitude to Master David is complete, you will take your proper place as my slave and I will be the Mistress from now on."

The collective gasp from those attending punctuated her final words.

Jane laughed slightly and then looked over to Master David. "Would you agree to the substitution?" she asked.

David nodded his head. Then he asked, "Would you agree to slavery if you loose?"

"I will not lose," she spat back. "It's not possible to get out of this in 16 minutes. I couldn't do it in 16 hours. Gloria will be your slave for the next month. Next month gloria will once again be my slave and I will teach her the truth of her place in life. At your party two months from now, I will use her as the subject for a demonstration of the latest caning and paddle techniques. "

Gloria looked out on the crowd. All eyes were on her as she said, "You are witnesses to this bet." Then she turned to David and said, "I would appreciate if the equipment were cleaned up before it was used on me."

"Of course," David answered, and Harold took the belt and anal hook back into the house. A few moments later he returned. There was a slight smell of disinfectant as he handed the two items to David.

Gloria removed what little clothing she was wearing and walked to the spot where Jane had been tethered. "Please put your hands above your head," David said softly. There was a ripple of murmuring in the crowd. He was treating Gloria as an equal... as a Mistress rather than as a slave.

The belt was pulled two positions tighter on Gloria than it had been on Jane. One position was because she was slightly smaller than Jane. The second, which took some tugging, was so that no one could say that it was easier for her.

David fed the rope through the restraint loop, locking it in place. Then he fed the rope through the eye on the end of the anal hook. Pulling the loop back over the hook and the rope caused it to wrap securely in a slip-knot around the metal of the eye.

As he pulled the anal hook upward between Gloria's ass cheeks, she wiggled slightly to better allow it entrance. Then David gave a hand signal and Harold pulled the rope until Gloria was brought up on her tip toes. Then he securely tied it off.

No one could say that things were being made easy for Gloria. She was, if anything, higher on her toes than Jane had been.

David stood in front of her and said, "Sixteen minutes begins right now," and he started a timer app on his phone.

Gloria closed her eyes and stood very still for a moment and then began to sway on the rope. Her body was writhing as she ground herself against the hook which pulled at her ass. "Oh," she exclaimed, "I didn't expect that!"

She rotated her ass to move the hook as much as possible within herself. "That feels sooooo good." She said breathlessly. "I never dreamt it would feel like this. I can't believe how turned on I am."

Jane whispered to a Mistress next to her, "As I thought. Just an excuse to get some attention and a good fucking in public." Then she laughed.

Gloria began to stroke her own breasts and pull on her nipples as she began to grunt and cry out in passion. She put both hands between her legs and began rubbing herself giving a grunting cry of "Oh! Oh! Oh!" with each stroke.

"I need somebody to fuck me!" she screamed out. "I don't care if I can't get out. I don't care if it is a Master or a slave or a Mistress with a strap-on, I need somebody to fuck me!"

Several of the Masters stepped closer, but one of the Mistresses who was standing further back said, "I think we should give one of the slaves a treat." Then she called out, "donald!"

A large, muscular, nearly naked man rushed to her side. "Be a good boy and take care of this slave in heat," she said with a laugh.

He quickly whipped his short toga over his head and rushed to stand in front of Gloria. She pushed herself toward him undulating her body and calling out, "Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

She was held in the upright position by the belt and the anal hook prevented entry from the rear, so the slave, donald, bent his knees slightly and pushed himself forward between Gloria's legs. She grabbed him by the neck and pulled him tightly to herself. Soon she was bouncing on his prick with her legs wrapped around his waist. Evidently, he had been deprived for some time because it only took him a minute or two to climax. He yelled out as he ejaculated within her, but she continued to grind against him for almost another minute. Then she said almost quietly, "Let me down, donald."

He did, and she stood flat on her feet in front of him. In her hand was the anal hook. She had reached around behind herself while he had her lifted up and pulled it from her body.

She slipped the rope over the end of the hook and then pulled it free of the eye at the top. She reached over her head and pulled the now slack rope upward through the belt's restraint loop.

"That meets the requirement of freeing myself," she said matter-of-factly. "But to be sure everyone is satisfied, don't stop the clock just yet."

She then reached over her head and twisted the release loop which was holding the belt tight around her. A moment later it was lying at her feet. "What's the time?" she asked David.

"Seven minutes," he responded.

She walked over to him, or more exactly to Jane who stood next to him. "I tried to tell you what to do, but you wouldn't listen. That cost you dearly... slave!"

Harold hurried to her side and handed her a white robe that was more of a wrap-around dress. He also handed her a pair of white, high-heeled shoes.

After Mistress Gloria had clothed herself, she turned to address the gathered crowd. "Next month, after this slave's servitude to Master David is completed, we will have a collaring ceremony. I have already chosen a name for her. It is ‘sucker bet'. Every time I address her, she will be reminded of what put her in this state. And her name will proclaim to the world the weakness which changed her from Mistress to slave."

Slave sucker bet stared out at the crowd and openly wept and wailed like the slave she now was.

"Oh!" Gloria suddenly said, "And the month after that, we will still have that demonstration of the latest caning and paddle techniques which Mistress Jane promised you, except the former mistress Jane will be the subject of that demonstration, and I, Mistress Gloria, will be the one who demonstrates the proper techniques."

David looked out at the crowd and asked, "Would anyone like to bet on how many strokes of the cane it will take to totally break sucker bet?"

"It will be a while before anyone takes one of your bets again," someone yelled from the crowd.

"Wanna bet?" he replied with a laugh and offered his arm to Mistress Gloria as they walked back into the house with former mistress Jane, now slave sucker bet, pulled along behind them by her collar chain.

= = = = =

"How do you do it?" Mistress Gloria asked.

"How do I do what?" he answered.

"How do you know when someone is going to take one of your bets?" she replied.

David laughed. "It comes to me in a flash," he said. When Gloria stopped and looked at him with her hands on her hips, he continued. "Literally, it comes to me in a flash image of something from the future, or at least something from my mind telling me what the future might be."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"When Jane started her diatribe against the use of so much rope, I suddenly had a vision of her being led naked by a chain that was attached to a slave's collar. No, actually, it wasn't attached to the collar. It was attached to two smaller chains which went through D rings on the sides of the collar and down her back to where they attached to an anal hook."

He turned and smiled broadly at Mistress Gloria. "That's when I knew that Jane was actually a slave and you were actually a Mistress. The collar and anal hook gave me the idea for the bet and from the image, I knew that she would take that bet and that she would lose."

Mistress Gloria stared at him in surprise. "You weren't seeing the future," she replied. "You were reading my mind. What you saw was exactly what I was thinking. I wanted her naked and being led by her ass through the party. I was thinking about how I could do that."

"So maybe the present was the inspiration for the future rather than the other way around." he replied. "In either case you are now Jane's Mistress and next month, you can lead her through the party in your specially designed collar and hook."

"Wait a minute," Mistress Gloria suddenly said. "When you saw the collar, were there two D rings or three? Did the chains drop down over her shoulders or come around the collar to a common ring in the back before going down to the anal hook?"

"Now that you mention it," David said with a shrug, "there were three rings. The one in the back was mounted horizontally rather than vertically. Why do you ask?"

"Because I didn't think of that until I was hanging under the tree and realized that the hook would wobble badly from side to side unless it were held upright like it was through that belt." Her eyes widened. "You were seeing the future. That's how you win your bets! You know how things are going to come out!"

"Not always," he replied, "and I can never depend on it. But when it happens, it is often very interesting... and very profitable."

"That's how you knew your team would win in the playoffs last winter."

Master David laughed as he replied, "No, that was pure luck. I was trying to lose that bet. You have to lose once in a while or nobody will take your wagers. That $200 loss would have set up the next six months worth of bets. I had no idea they could pull off a win. I won two thousand, but no one would take any of my bets until last month when Jane fell into my trap. I would have been better off losing."

"So," Mistress Gloria asked, "what do you see in the future now?"

"Well," he responded, "After the party, I see you and me having a lot of fun with our new slave and then topping off the night with some fantastic sex."

"Maybe I should start making some bets," she replied with a smile. "I see the same thing."

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