Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 17. Bound To Serve Time

Emma was not sure how much she slept. It was a nightmare more than she expected. Worst part was that she asked for it. If she wasn't exhausted she wouldn't have likely gotten any. 

Emma remembered she finally met beta for the first time. She was shorter and far slimmer than Emma imagined. The extensive surgeries and treatments removed all the masculinity. Despite her femininity, she was truly genderless as a metal disk with a small protrusion replaced her former genitals.

Their interaction was brief as beta ended up in her cell and she was prepared to endure the box. Emma stood inside the box with her restraints still on including the mittens. The Warden returned to her and attached a gas mask to her head. She was helped with lowering herself into the box until she was basically on all fours. She remembered Miss Keys said it would be a tight fit and that wasn't a lie or exaggeration. The lid of the box pushed Emma’s back further down, compressing her deeper into the box.

When the lid fully closed, she heard the latches engaged. She was helpless with no chance of escape at that point but it wasn't enough. The clicks of locks soon reverberated in her metal prison. There was no movement. It was uncomfortable as hell. If she thought the gas mask had limited her breathing when it was put on, she was sorely mistaken. Her compressed body combined with the lack of air in the box and lack of air circulating through the mask nearly set Emma in a panic. Emma was concerned she made a huge mistake and there was no turning back now. She did her best to try and calm down as she had little to no options until the warden let her out.

On top of her current predicament, this wasn't the end of what she seemingly asked to endure. While mild at first, she felt various parts of the metal, heating up or cooling down. As she was scrunched inside, her flesh touched most of the inner surfaces of the box. Different parts of the surfaces continued to change temperature throughout her time in the box. It didn't hurt or cause damage but was another level of discomfort for Emma to endure and overcome.

She must have at least been dozing as she never heard the locks or latches open. It was the release of pressure and the rush of cool air that startled Emma awake. If anything it nearly made her wet herself as she really needed to use the restroom. Emma was still in a fog of sleep, trying to wake up as hands reached in to grab her.

After being helped out of the box, she was walked to her cell and helped in. It was clear beta had been gone for a bit as there were only traces of water on the floor of the empty cell. The door closed and locked behind Emma who remained restrained and in the gas mask.

Before she could turn around the Warden's voice seemingly boomed through Emma’s sleep deprived haze, "Step on the plates and take a shower. Don't get off until I give you permission. Relieve yourself as well. We have things to accomplish today so the more time you waste following instructions, the less chance you have of potentially fun stuff."

Emma was not looking forward to this as she stepped on the plates. The ice cold water hit Emma causing her to shriek inside her mask. Maybe it wasn't ice cold but Emma’s body surely disagreed. She knew better than to leave the plates and end it. The more concerning part was her need to relieve herself. She stared at the warden through the mask who watched her intently. Emma was utterly embarrassed by doing it in front of someone. Not that she had a choice as her full bladder combined with the shock of cold water had her trickle warm fluid as it started to expel from her body. 

That trickle wasn't just between her legs. Miss Keys had injected her breasts before they left the room for the box. Emma was still trying to wake up before then to remember that detail. She looked down as the water cascaded over her, her engorged breasts not liking the cold anymore than the rest of her body. Small dribbles of milk periodically leaked out of her sensitive nipples.

When her cold shower was over, Emma was happier. That is until she found out that Miss Keys was unhappy Emma hadn't finished on her own. Emma was commanded to approach the cell bars. Once she turned around and bent over, she yelped most in surprise by the hand slapping her ass. She tried to wriggle her butt playfully but was admonished and something pressed against the wall of her sphincter. 

Minutes later though it felt like hours, Emma was cramping and her belly distended. She was unable to expel the fluid inside with the inflated end sealing her sphincter inside and out. Emma was sure the warden was enjoying the sight of her squirming in discomfort as the fluid continued to fill her bowels. 

"I wonder if that is what it feels like to be pregnant. Not all the time but I imagine there would be moments at the very least like this," remarked the warden.

Emma heard her cell open but she was told to keep her eyes down. She was soon commanded to go back to her hole. Her mask was removed as she found herself face to face with beta, mostly because she was squatting due to the low cell height. With her shower restarted, beta removed the plug holding her enema in. She likely had an up close and personal look as Emma’s fluids shot out her orifice. 

"You will find beta is often a sanitation worker, both in the traditional way and with a more personal experience," she heard the warden call out.

Emma was surprised when beta shifted herself under Emma’s squatted pose. The cold water rushed over both of them now. Her bowels were empty by now as beta's tongue found purchase on Emma’s anal ring. Despite being cold and in an uncomfortable position, Emma couldn't stop herself from moaning after the initial shock.

Emma got another chance to inspect beta as she dried Emma off with a towel. Her hair was cotton candy pink. Her body was clearly not natural. Her proportions were grossly exaggerated in places. The tiny waist, enhanced hips, and breasts not as large as Emma’s but looked massive on her dainty frame. She moved around on the balls of her feet. Emma was pretty sure she couldn't stand flat foot.

Emma shouldn't have been surprised even though she was when beta spoke in a high pitched feminine voice, "Thank you epsilon for allowing me to clean and care for you. I also thank you for allowing me to spend part of my rest in your room. It's a luxury I rarely ever get."

Their warden only allowed a brief interaction between the two before they went their separate ways. 

Emma found herself back in the familiar room she seemingly ends up in. Her restraints were finally removed leaving her only in her chastity belt. On the table sat her meal, she didn't know the time but it was the first of the day so it may as well be breakfast. She was warned it had better be finished before the warden returned. Unfortunately for Emma it smelled and tasted as bad as the first one she had been given days before.

Emma was sitting and waiting when three people entered. Each walked in carrying things. Miss Keys was the first to reach the table and sat directly across the table from Emma. She was flanked by Mister Lomer and Princess, who was still in her maid uniform. 

Emma felt the display of power as the three of them sat across from her before Miss Keys spoke up, "Changes are being made and a new contract is in order along with working out your future plans. As you can see, Princess is here. After a brief discussion with her, today is her last day as a maid. She will be my full time assistant and one of her first acts is to become my associate warden and be the only other person besides me to have full responsibility over you, epsilon. Anything you would like to add, Princess?”

Princess’ face was plastered with a large grin. “There is no escape anymore. I will have more input into what you do. Now I will have more chances to show you what you are missing.”

After a brief pause, Miss Keys asked Emma, "How were your sleeping arrangements from earlier?"

"Honestly. It was worth the experience. I couldn't get comfortable but all the extra sensations probably made it more bearable. It was tight in there and not much room to shift, especially with the hot and cold that was added. I'm curious as to how the gas mask affected everything. It seemed to reduce my ability to breathe but did it change the feeling or how I would have breathed without it in the box? While I have no idea the time of day, I imagine I will be in for what feels like a longer day as I know I didn't get much rest."

Thus began the talks that would set Emma’s immediate future.

As the talks went on, Princess dressed Emma if you could call it that. First came the underbust corset leaving her breasts exposed and her breath significantly shallower. Then came the ballet boots. Emma thought she was only minorly dressed but at least they were things she wanted to wear. She just wished there was more covering her.

After she was dressed, the pumps were attached to her engorged breasts. She sat there being milked in front of the others. Her breasts being drained was a relief but also a distraction that had the others smiling at her at various times. This left Emma once again at a disadvantage if they decided to take advantage of her. Part of her was curious if they would. She almost desired it.

As the discussion ended, Emma’s next few days were planned out and her contracts were revised. There was a certain sense of excitement for Emma even though there were decisions to be made in the future about her future including some of the other opportunities she was still undecided about. But her immediate future was definitely set as she would remain epsilon and inside Subspace Prison until dinner time. They had no plans to let her renege on having dinner with the guests as she was popular enough that most days were filled up with people still wanting to eat with her.

Princess stood and came to Emma and spoke, “I’m glad you allowed me to be a part of this. I will ensure you suffer well and pleasure me as a thank you.”

She grabbed Emma’s septum ring and pulled her into a kiss, “You will be mine in the end even if I must share.”

As Princess walked out of the door of the room, Miss Keys walked up to Emma with a set of shackles. As she put them on Emma she said, “Can’t let our high risk hardcore criminal have much freedom."

Emma found herself once again restrained. Her wrists were cuffed to the chain around her corseted waist. A chain hung from the front of her waist and attached to cuffed ankles. She would only be able to shuffle along if one could shuffle in ballet boots. She now had to play her next part of confessing her crimes.

The warden had stepped out to deal with other matters leaving Emma with Mister Lomer. He guided her through her confession and written statement. He stayed professional and was every bit the lawyer she was used to being around when they were serious at work.

"… these are your own words and you were not coerced, threatened, blackmailed…"

"These are my own words, Sir. The truth of what I've done."

"Then please sign it."

After Mister Lomer collected her confession statement and put it away in his briefcase along with the contracts Emma made earlier. His face was quite serious as was his tone when he said, "I will forward your statement to the DA and the courts. We will see what deals are offered if any and go from there."

He got up and went to walk out. When he got to the door, he turned to Emma and said, "Good luck Miss Locke."

The way he said the last statement sent a chill up Emma’s spine. She found herself alone and waiting once again in the room with nothing to do. Thankfully the wait was short lived as a uniformed woman entered that Emma was unfamiliar with.

"What's going on?" Emma asked.

"You're being returned to your home, inmate. Now stand up and come with me or we can do this the fun way."


That was all Emma got out before the guard was on her. Electricity pulsed through her left nipple. It was still overly sensitive from the milking earlier. Screaming wasn't an option and the sounds coming out were not of her own volition. 

"You had better learn to obey quickly, inmate. We have been made aware that you are violent and highly resistant. Maximum force has been authorized when dealing with you. Now the only thing I want to hear from you is 'Yes, Officer Graves.' Do you understand, you pathetic lowlife?"

"Yes, Officer Graves."

Emma was hauled up from her chair and escorted to her cell. Once inside, Officer Graves spoke again, "I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping you would resist more. Since we are not allowed to play with you directly, I had hoped to get more chances to play… I mean punish you. Maybe next time if I get another opportunity."

Emma watched Officer Graves walk away through the bars of her cell. Her uniform pants gave Emma an idea of the fit ass Officer Graves had as she watched each step. As she continued to watch her walk she wondered what she looked like nude. She was definitely on the taller side, likely around Emma’s height. The ballet boots gave Emma a temporary advantage earlier when they stood together. 

The ballet boots were not an advantage in the low ceiling of her cell. It was already difficult as Emma couldn't stand up straight barefoot. This forced her to move in weird angles. Thankfully the cot was not locked to the wall, allowing her to sit and once again wait. Her life as a prisoner. Her shackles and attire combined with the small cell reduced her options considerably. She at least could lay down, sort of, as her lack of sleep was on her mind.

"That worked this time. Sleeping Beauty has finally awoken."

Emma was still trying to wake up as she tried to figure out the unfamiliar voice. She found herself curled up on her side. She tried to reach up to wipe the drool that leaked out of the corner of her mouth, but her wrists were held by the cuffs attached to her waist chain. She tried to stretch her legs only for her to be stopped by the bars as they wedged in between the arch of the heel of her boots.

It took Emma a few moments to maneuver herself into a sitting position and regain her faculties. When she looked out of her cell, another unfamiliar woman sat with her legs crossed on a chair just outside. She appeared to be professionally dressed with her navy blazer, skirt, and heels. A white blouse under her blazer. Nude pantyhose encased her toned legs. A bag sat on the side of her as a notebook and a pen lay in her lap. Her brunette hair was a little darker then Emma’s and pulled back in a ponytail. Her brown eyes stared at Emma through her wire-framed glasses. Her teeth flashed Emma with her lips parted in a smile.

"Good afternoon, Emma. I am Angela Mason but I prefer to go by Angie. I was told that you go by Emma but if you prefer something else, let me know."

"Emma is good. I'm a bit confused as to why you are here."

"I'm a therapist here to check your mental state and hopefully get to know you more overall."

"Didn't know you made prison calls. Also didn’t know when this was officially going to happen."

With the introductions out of the way, Emma had her first therapy session from her cell while shackled and only wearing a corset, chastity belt, and ballet boots. She wouldn't be surprised if the notes she wrote called her a freak or worse. It was definitely not how she expected things to be for her first or any session for that matter. But Angie made her feel comfortable and Emma couldn't help but open up.

"You have been through a lot in such a short time here. You have been offered some good advice by some of the others. I hope I helped a bit today. I look forward to seeing you again in the group session," Angie bit her lip as she looked at Emma. "I also hope we can have another solo session in the future. I'm glad to have met you Emma. You are an amazing woman. Those you allow in your life are blessed."

"Thank you Angie for visiting. It can get a little dull sitting in here alone," Emma shifted and the chains to shackles rattled. "My options to entertain myself are limited. Before you leave, can you answer another question or two?"

Angie had a smile plastered on her face, "Of course."

Emma had a smirk on her face as she asked, "How wet are you and is it leaking? And is it because you are attracted to me? Or my predicament?"

Angie blushed as she stared at Emma in shock. Her eyes dropped to the ground but no answer came yet.

"If we do another solo session, I expect you to tell me more about you as well, Angela Mason."

"I didn't think you would have much interest in me seeing as you have plenty already. The answer to your questions is yes. If you want to know about me, ensure I have no choice," Angie winked at Emma as she stood up and grabbed her stuff.

Emma watched as her therapist walked away, while it wasn't clear she was pretty sure there was a dark splotch on the back of Angie's skirt. Emma couldn't help but grin. Then again she groaned immediately after. Too many beautiful and interesting people and she would give up all of them for her. Miss Keys. 

Emma must have dozed off again. She had missed the earlier screams as well as the two people who stood in front of her cell. She mostly awoke at the sound of her cell door opening. A naked but restrained figure entered her cell. Her restraints were the same as her worshiper ones. A chastity belt tightly encircled her waist. Her brunette hair currently covered her face. 

The woman was taller than the ceiling even if she was shorter than her. It still made moving within the cell more difficult. 

"Turn towards me and step on both plates on either side of the hole," said the familiar voice of the warden.

Emma looked over towards the warden but was soon splashed by the cold water while her guest squealed and got off the plates. This interrupted Emma’s focus on Miss Keys as she failed to scramble and avoid the water herself. 

"I didn't tell you to get off. Get back on and stay until I tell you to get off."


"I didn’t give you permission to talk or anything besides following my orders. You will obey or suffer the consequences."

There was a whimper but Emma watched her step back on the plates. Unfortunately for Emma the cell was so small that she couldn't hide from getting wet. The woman under the cell shower didn’t have very big breasts but her erect nipples were enough to draw Emma’s attention momentarily. Emma continued to look at the woman who was in her cell with her and eventually realized it was Angie. Emma was confused why Angie was in there with her but wisely said nothing. 

By the time the warden allowed the shower to end, Emma got a good look at Warden Keys. She didn't look like a warden, she looked like she was going to a 1980s dance exercise class. The spandex leotard and tights were in pastel colors. She had thick leg warmers and armbands that were full of bright colors. She even had a matching headband. Thankfully her shoes were more modern athletic shoes even if they were also in pastel colors.

Her hair was also tied in a ponytail. But the real thing of notice was Emma got to see her true shape. Miss Keys didn’t need a corset as she seemed to have a natural hourglass figure. Though years of training with corsets and other things may have gotten her there. It was also the first time she had seen her not in a dress or skirt. The spandex allowed slightly more details of what has been hidden from Emma. She couldn't see it yet but she was also just as curious as to how the spandex and tights made her backside look.

Emma was broken out of her spandex related fantasies when the warden asked, "Are the insides of your boots wet, epsilon?"

Took Emma a moment to respond, "I don't think so."

"Good then we don't have to waste more time. It will probably be easier to get on your knees and exit your cell."

Emma slid down to her knees onto the wet floor. She was trying not to provoke the warden considering her past indiscretions and her desire to impress her. Angie looked back and forth between the two wide-eyed. Angie shifted her position to allow Emma to pass. 

The cot was secured to the wall and Angie left inside much like Emma had been.

Warden Keys spoke again to Angie, "Take time and reflect on things now. You wanted to experience what she did. Those were probably my instructions but I am pretty sure she quickly fell asleep. She had hours in between what happened next, you won't get quite as much time nor will you endure everything. I'll be back for you shortly to get the next part started after I get epsilon ready for her exercise."

A leash was attached to Emma’s septum ring after her shackles were removed. She was then led through a number of halls and doors until they entered the gym. The spandex did wonderful things to Miss Keys' backside. Emma barely took her eyes off as she followed. Her normal attire didn’t really do her justice to the shape was in. Emma was almost embarrassed how out of shape she appeared to be compared to her.

"I take it you like what you see?"

"Yes, Warden."

When Emma finally looked up and met Warden Keys' eyes, she caught the smirk on her face, "As much as I want to say I meant the gym, I knew where your eyes were the whole way. I guess the hard work pays off. It isn't free and I need to keep it up. You have been slacking and it's time you get into shape as well. Don't worry, your workout will be anything but boring. It will require an immense amount of focus though. We will work on your cardio and stamina today."

Emma found herself on a special treadmill. A special monoglove encased her hands and arms. It was put on with a bit of extra tightness to keep her arms close together, working towards getting her elbows to touch. The extra harness and straps attached to a structure above her kept her standing up right and were meant to keep her from falling. Another chain connected to the ring at the end of her monoglove to the shackles at her ankles.

“As part of your punishment, you will be restricted in the length of your steps. The maximum length is twelve inches if you could take every step perfectly. That won’t be an option as you have quite a distance to go and you will need to be moving as fast as you can. You may wonder how far that is but you haven’t earned that knowledge either. You say you want to please and prove yourself to me, give me everything you have, epsilon.”

Warden Keys came to Emma with a set of nipple clamps with large rings on the end of them.

“More punishment though I didn’t want you to get too bored. If you fail to keep a good pace, try to game the system, fall, or misstep enough, you will receive weights on each. 

In a moment I will be going to take care of NG’s next step in following in your footsteps of your first time in the prison. Though I have to go a little quicker and not go as far as she can’t handle your level. You may want to ask why I’m doing this. She has asked me many times before. She practically begged me again to try out what you experienced. You seem to have caught her interest as well. We shall see how that develops. 

As I said it is slightly different as you had other things in between, but she will enter the torture room in moments. I am sure you remember. She will get her own version of the first couple of steps in our fun including a meeting with Glut.

I will be back once Glut is started. You had better be far enough along that I will allow you to watch me exercise in front of you. I did put on this specifically for you. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you fully inspecting my body. I bet you still try to imagine me without clothes.”

Emma couldn’t help but blush.

“Impress me and you won’t have to imagine what my body looks like when I am working on stretching, lifting, or maybe even running.”

Warden Keys tugged Emma’s nipple clamps and added, “Officer Graves will be here to monitor you. She will add the weights for your failures. She also has my permission to add more at her own whim. It seems she also wants to play with you and this is as close as she gets. She is quite vindictive and has a nasty sadistic streak. Depending on your mood, provoke her or not.”

Warden Keys hit some buttons and the treadmill and walked away. It didn’t start moving or do anything but soon started beeping and Emma tried to walk. It moved with Emma’s steps but she also learned how short her steps would be in the ballet boots with the chain restricting her. Emma nearly tripped a few steps in but was held up after briefly losing focus. She was still processing some of what the warden said and realized she needed to get a move on. She looked forward to seeing the warden exercise. 

She noticed her breasts sticking out and flopping with the clamps. Weights would not go well she thought. Though truthfully she wanted to know what some would be like. She didn’t have to wait long as Officer Graves came over and gave her the first set weights. The sadistic grin on Officer Graves face let Emma know that no matter what, she was likely to have plenty hanging from the rings before the end.

“It would be wise to keep going while I put these on so you don’t disappoint her.”

It was quickly becoming obvious as well that her corset was also a significant issue especially as far as breathing deeply. The corset did offer one small advantage. The weights hanging bounced off the corset rather than the flesh of her midsection, dulling some of the impact. Emma wasn’t sure how she felt about it as she was curious as to the feeling of it on her flesh.

As much as she tried to focus and work to walk faster, she made enough mistakes or Officer Graves was just having fun. She found herself with more weights added with some taunting from Officer Graves. 

“I was trained by one of her disciples. The stories and reverence that they all hold towards her… I have never experienced her kiss but I have heard you have. I’d be very interested in giving you my kiss if you lick every bit of me.”

Whether Emma blushed or not wouldn’t be obvious with how red and flush her cheeks were from her excursion already. She was most definitely not in that great of shape despite trying to get into a modicum of shape before her vacation. While she wanted to train walking and doing things in ballet boots, she didn’t expect anything like this. 

As much as Emma wanted to respond, she was breathless with each step. The lactic acid continued to build up in her muscles. Her toes were angry in discomfort. She still didn’t know if what she accomplished would be enough. If Officer Graves didn’t keep messing with her, Emma would try to use the rhythm of her bouncing breast and weights bouncing to keep her pace. That wasn’t always an option.

“Are you not any fun? No talking. No screaming. No moaning. Almost no reaction besides some heavy breathing at times and probably not for fun reasons. Hmm. Do you like being choked? Some erotic asphyxiation.”

“You first,” Emma responded but it broke her concentration causing her to trip. She was held up by the straps but the bigger issue was Officer Graves' smile. Emma didn’t have time to groan as she tried to get her feet back under her. Officer Graves quickly procured her next set of weights.

“Does that mean you are open to playing at some point?” She asked with a bit of a smirk.

Emma stared back at the guard in front of her, contemplating her own response. 

Another voice rings out from behind Emma, breaking her focus and causing her to misstep again. Thankfully she regained her balance soon enough but the jolt with the weights dangling from her breasts added intensity to her situation. It definitely was painfully pleasurable if not awkward. It was hard not to be as turned on as she was despite the physical labor.

“I see you are increasing her difficulty. No matter. Should she play with you, you might consider she has no problems going both ways. I’m curious as to what she would do to you if you gave her a chance.”

The spandex clad warden reappeared to the side of the momentarily frozen guard. 

"She is quite intriguing isn't she? I really don't blame you. Many can tell she is special. There are plenty who want her attention. What about effi? Do you think she is more interested in her?"

Emma watched as Warden Keys stroked Officer Graves' cheek.

"Or are you hoping I finally break you like she did?"

Officer Graves' face was pale as she looked over at the warden. Emma watched her swallow as she was currently ignored, still trying to keep a pace that she had no idea if it was enough. 

Officer Graves found her composure quickly, "Can I go wrong if either of you give me a chance?"

“Possibly but unlikely. Especially since effi wants to feel my kiss and find out if it is better than her Mistress. To know if I live up to the hype and devotion the others have for me. I need to train the new associate warden and we can see if epsilon wants to join in. Do you think effi is willing to sacrifice her body for their training? I will even give you the offer to give effi the experience she truly desires. Though that would have to wait until after the cruise. I promise I will properly mark you, but I need Officer Graves more than effi at this time. That means the training will be lighter than you want and you will be healed as I expect you to do this in your free time and not miss your shifts. The choice is yours though. It is as much as you will potentially get to play with her as well as I will not allow her to be broken for the remainder of the cruise no matter how much she desires it as well,” responded Warden Keys. 

Emma continued to walk as best she could. Trying to follow what was being said was harder than expected. When she lost focus enough she would make mistakes that were unpleasant enough without further additions of weights on her nipples. She barely noticed the two women staring at her with their own smirks as her rhythm of each short step followed by the weights bouncing off her corset.

Eventually Warden Keys looked at the numbers on the machine and spoke again, “I expect better from you, epsilon. I know you have been trying hard to impress me today, so I will allow you to watch. Maybe this will incentivize you to work harder. As all future exercise routines will require more of you and your failures will have much more severe consequences. 

This will start with you having more exercise while you are in here. When my assistant or I are unavailable, Officer Graves will now be in charge of ensuring proper exercise for you. I expect she will want to be rewarded, so I will work out details with her. I imagine she will want you to orally pleasure her at a minimum.”

Officer Graves nodded.

“We'll discuss specifics later. Get four more sets of weights and hold off on anymore until I am done,” the warden said before she walked away from Emma.

Emma was distracted by the spandex clad ass bent over facing her as Miss Keys worked on stretching. While she wasn't getting anymore weights, that didn’t mean Officer Graves didn’t have other options to punish Emma’s mistakes or any lack of effort. It really didn’t deter Emma as she would endure it all in her mind to get a chance to do more than watch. Watching was all she would get today. It was surprisingly good motivation as Emma wanted to please her warden to the point she could do more and be more with her… for her… to her.

Emma watched as the warden’s legs were split much wider now. Her hands reached for her right shoe and ankle as her upper body folded over at her waist. Her chest lay against her lower thigh and knee. She held the stretch before slowly pulling up dragging her hands up her leg. First they ran over her leg warmers before reaching her tights. 

Emma had been turned on for quite some time but the sexiness of her display and movements caused Emma to ache further as her vaginal walls squeezed its tormentor under her belt. It caused her to once again lose focus and her balance. She also missed the smirk on the warden’s face. By the time she recovered, the warden had moved to stretch the other side. 

This woman is a massive tease Emma thought. Worse was Emma wanted more, so much more. And Miss Keys didn’t disappoint when she shifted her body and dropped down into the splits. Once again Emma lost focus and her balance. Electricity pulsed through her body as Officer Graves stepped in to punish her once again.

Emma got her stride back and looked at the back of Miss Keys still in the splits with her arms stretched over her head. She was leaning to each side, stretching her body further. Her tiny waist bending on one side as the other stretched to accommodate her position.

While Emma enjoyed staring at her backside, the wall mirror in the front allowed her to see the front side as well through the reflection. The two caught each other's eyes as Miss Keys was upright with her hands over her head. She lowered them and seductively traced the curves of her body until they eventually cupped the spandex over her breasts. Emma got a good view as she massaged them and even heard a couple of moans slip out. The sadistic smirk on Miss Keys’ face let Emma know this show was specifically for her. 

Emma wasn’t the only one enjoying the show as Officer Graves let out a “Fuck me” that had come after a couple of her own moans. Emma couldn't look over to Officer Graves without likely losing her balance. Emma imagined her face was flush and that she was turned on as well. Emma smiled internally as she was struggling with breathing through her mouth as her exertion wore on her.

Miss Keys wasn't finished as she leaned forward stretching her arms and body out in front of her across the floor. What caught Emma’s attention the most is what it did to her backside. Her ass was more exposed and her crotch lifted slightly off the ground. The spandex and tights tightly conformed to her body leaving little to the imagination. 

Emma’s mind nearly blew a gasket as she somehow managed to shout out breathlessly, “Tease!”

That may or may not have encouraged Miss Keys more as she sat back up in the splits. Emma found the smirking face looking at her as she brought her hand up and licked the inner length of her fingers. That hand dropped and started rubbing her spandex covered crotch. Emma looked up after a moan came from Miss Keys and noticed her eyes closed as she continued to rub herself while maintaining a face filled with pleasure. 

Emma didn’t know whether to be jealous or happy for her. She was definitely curious as to what was on Miss Keys’ mind. This was not only sexy but also utter torment for Emma. It was everything she wanted yet it was also terrifying and frustrating. Emma never did things the easy way and rarely wanted to. Mostly she wanted enough stimulation to have an orgasm, punishment be damned. She was sure they had no intention of letting her have the chance any time soon.

The stretch tease ended soon after and Miss Keys was now on a treadmill still in Emma’s view. Emma had caught moments of them looking at each other in the mirror. Reality was that Miss Keys was more focused on her own run. Emma was focused on Miss Keys’ body while trying to keep up her own walking. 

Miss Keys was looking at the display of Emma’s treadmill, “You are still not as far as I want so you will keep going.”

“She did seem to go faster as she stared at your ass on the treadmill. Maybe she thought she could get a closer look or something,” Officer Graves said.

“I know she has a thing for my ass since she first saw me. It's why I need to keep it nice and firm. Maybe we should test if it is only mine though. Next time you do the treadmill,” Miss Keys said. She looked to Emma, “Maybe ask her nicely and she will do it naked in her socks and shoes.”

Emma struggled to respond, “Ch… choke… her… first.”

Miss Keys smiled at Emma and ran her hands over her spandex covered body. She turned and let Emma see her backside one final time before walking out.

“Drink,” Officer Graves said as she held a water bottle to Emma’s lips, “or it will be you choking first. Also I suggest you swallow it all or what comes next will be much worse.”

Emma wasn’t sure what she meant but she was thirsty. Her lips wrapped around the opening of the sports bottle. She didn’t expect the fluid that shot into her mouth to be warm. Worse, she didn’t expect it to be salty and slightly bitter as she spit it out.

“I told you to swallow all of it,” Emma felt electricity course through her as Officer Graves voice carried on, “Now I get to properly punish you for disobeying. I've been waiting for this resistance. Now drink up or it only gets worse for you.”

Emma was still disoriented and her body was not functioning correctly. She wasn’t even standing at this point as she hung from the straps. Officer Graves didn’t much care as more of the warm liquid was shot into Emma’s mouth. She couldn’t properly swallow at the time and instead started choking.

“Is my golden nectar not good enough for you, epsilon? Well tough shit. Drink it. And I will be refilling the bottle momentarily so you can enjoy more of such a fine vintage. A rare treat for someone like you.”

She continued to squirt more down Emma’s throat. Thankfully Emma started to be able to properly swallow though she was quite unhappy. The guard in front of her smiled as Emma squinted at her. Emma took advantage of a moment when the bottle was removed and spit a mouthful onto the guard.

Her smile didn’t fade in response, “You reject my gift. No matter, inmate. I may not get to properly mark you but I have other fun things I am allowed to do to you.” 

As Emma struggled to get back on her booted feet, Officer Graves disappeared from her immediate sight.

Her arms were sore from the strain of how the glove pulls when she loses her balance. That paled in comparison to her breasts with all the weight hanging from her clamped nipples. The thumping of the weights battered her corseted midsection. Her restricted breathing hampered by the corset was another detriment. Her toes were killing her. The ballet boots were already tough to workout in but the added restriction from the chain forced Emma to work even harder. Normally she wouldn't be so tired from walking but the whole predicament along with the lack of rest and constantly being aroused was draining. 

Emma was a bit distracted trying to build up the rhythm as she was aware she still had to impress the warden. She failed to notice the gag that came from behind her until it reached her lips. She tried to shake her head away but her body went rigid as the electricity coursed through her again. This allowed Emma to be forcibly gagged.

The penis gag wasn’t an issue normally except breathing was already a struggle. Thankfully there was a hole for Emma to breathe through. 

Officer Graves returned to the front of Emma. The sadistic grin let Emma know she was in for more trouble. A funnel was shown to Emma as her eyes went wide realizing it was going to be attached to her gag. She definitely didn't want this but she knew she had no rights at the moment to prevent it. 

Once the funnel was attached, Officer Graves commanded, “Walk.”

Emma was a bit frustrated and started walking. Less because she was commanded as she most definitely wanted to defy Officer Graves more. She did it for the warden. She feared her and was afraid of disappointing her again. 

Emma’s tongue was trapped beneath the penis plug in her mouth. Urine trickled at first before it flowed and filled her mouth. She couldn't stop the flow and she quickly found out she couldn't breathe with her mouth filled. The fluids filled the gaps and reached her taste buds leaving her wanting to retch. She decided to just try and drink it as quickly as possible so she could breathe again.

It seemed the sports bottle was empty and that portion of her dilemma was over. It turned out she was most definitely wrong. The guard had moved away and dropped her lower clothing. Emma got her first sight of the guard’s trimmed crotch. She couldn’t quite figure out the tattoo she saw with the funnel messing with her view. What was clear was the yellowish fluid streaming out of Officer Graves’ mound and refilling the sports bottle. 

Officer Graves stepped back in front of Emma when she finished, “I am very excited for this opportunity, epsilon. Now we up the ante a bit. Spitting in my face intentionally cannot go unpunished. As much as you seemingly want to choke me first, you have lost that opportunity.”

Officer Graves looped her belt around Emma’s neck. Threading the end through the buckle, she pulled until it tightened. Emma felt a sense of panic as her breath was cut off again.

“It’s time to learn your next lesson. You need to learn to appreciate and savor the gifts you are given. I gave you a part of me, one of the few things I can give while on duty. You will learn how special it was as you will truly savor more of it as well as each breath you get a chance to take. Any one of them could be your last.”

Emma felt the belt around her neck slacken and tried to suck in a deep breath. Unfortunately it wasn't that slack and her corset still heavily limited her intake. She gasped anyway trying to get what she could. She had forgotten to do anything but fill her lungs with air the best she could.

“Keep walking, even if you're dead. You don’t have permission to stop. Plus you should enjoy your exercise as your cell doesn't allow for much of it.”

Emma grunted as she received another set of weights. 

“You might want to take a deep breath, it might be the last you ever take.”

Emma attempted to take a deep breath as much as her corset allowed. Officer Graves never allowed her to finish as she punched Emma in her gut. It instantly forced out what air Emma had been sucking in. Before Emma could recover, the belt tightened around her neck again cutting off her access to breathe. 

Emma hadn't expected the clothespin added to her nose forcing her to attempt to only breathe through the gag. Panic set in again as the lack of air was getting to her quickly. Emma had tried to shake her head causing Officer Graves to hold her at the funnel connection. This allowed her to dump the contents into the funnel. The warm salty and slightly bitter taste reached her taste buds again as her mouth filled up.

“Keep walking inmate or you will wait longer for me to loosen the belt.”

Emma tried to swallow even a little bit of the urine invading her mouth. Her throat was too constricted to swallow or breathe. She was trying to fight the panic and move her feet. Her head was beginning to thump, her veins fighting to pump the blood through her head. Her eyes were wide and pleading with the guard in front of her.

“You look adorable at the moment. Your face is moving through the shades of red. I'm hopeful to get to purple. I hear you are a magical mythical beast and a goddess. I wonder what type of magic or whatever you have to get out of this. Maybe you will grow gills?”

Emma was really straining right now especially to stay conscious. Worse is she was required to keep exercising at the same time. She wasn't sure she would survive this. It wasn't panic anymore, she felt certain she was going to die.

“I'll tell you a secret, my mistress conditioned me so that I could only have full orgasms by being asphyxiated and drowned by her own golden nectar much like you are experiencing now. The kicker is my orgasm starts as I pass out and I never get to fully enjoy the experience. Now you will learn my plight if you are not truly magical or at the very least very lucky.”

The belt loosened around her neck and Emma instinctually sucked in a breath. Unfortunately for Emma, it wasn’t air that filled her lungs. She immediately tried to cough as she choked. She was held up by the straps and was unable to eject the gag inside her mouth. Emma found herself fighting. Fighting to breathe. Fighting to escape. Fighting to stay conscious. Fighting to live.

Emma awoke laying on her side and immediately coughing. The taste in her mouth was foul and her lungs were still trying to expel the remnants of the golden nectar as Officer Graves called it. She was clearly still bound as her arms were held behind her in the monoglove. Her corset still restricted her breathing. The nipple clamps with the weights were still attached though hanging at a different angle as they lay on the floor.

Emma was mostly shocked to still be alive. She was sure she was going to die. Drowning was definitely not a pleasant way to go. It was utterly terrifying.

Emma knew others were around her but she was still lost in her own thoughts as she coughed up bits of vomit and urine.

“I wasn’t joking about getting you a personal room in the infirmary,” came the voice of the warden from over her.

Emma tried to groan between her coughs.

“Truly I am not surprised you pushed her buttons. You should be thankful she was restricted in what she could do. I warned you she could be vindictive though I am not sure this is truly the case this time. Hopefully you will be fine soon but we can take you to the infirmary to check you out. Actually we should do exactly that, safety first.”

Emma grumbled while shaking her head while trying to sit up. She ended up flopping like a fish out of water. Everything she was wearing was working against her. She continued to struggle until someone took sympathy on her and helped her sit up. 

“Good thing the doctor is nearly here to check on you.”

“How long?” Emma creaked out.

Officer Graves responded, “Long enough it could have killed you. Short enough that you are still here.”

Warden Keys grumbled something Emma didn’t fully catch.

Officer Graves added, “I had you breathing within a minute or two. You were still hacking some of my precious gift from your lungs but you weren't conscious at first. The doctor was sent for in any case.

I know it's a traumatic experience. I have experienced more than you could imagine. I said I was conditioned by similar experiences. Every time I wish to experience a proper orgasm, I must go through a variation of that. I face my own death by drowning and asphyxiation to achieve relief. Worst I never fully feel it because I am unconscious before it fully manifests. It's like a massive tease.

You are not the first nor the last to experience it. Well unless the warden finally agrees to recondition me as she is the only one I would allow to do it at this point.”

“I don't like to recondition people in the sense you want. Yes I have done it to a few in the past. That was for my own protection as some of my earlier trainees including your mistress intended to enslave me after their training. They didn’t know I knew so I got them all to admit their own desires. Though I twisted their desires and instilled in all of them their place beneath me. She probably doesn't remember how much she loved anal but couldn't get any release from it. All she wanted was to orgasm from it but I am sure you know she has an abject hatred for anal no matter what now. What they don’t know is that they can never ask me to undo it and I have no desire to undo it as I would have to redo their training completely. At this point it is their life after all these years. 

One side effect I didn’t intend is their reverence towards me. I had just tried to ensure they would never turn on me again. I was younger then. I would like to say I was more vindictive and cruel then than now but that is likely not true. I was not a good person and still not despite wanting to do the right thing to those I feel deserve it. But time has had me question who I am to judge and pick and choose. My reckoning will come one day.

I just want you to understand Officer Graves, what you know and have seen has been built around a lie that has become its own reality that they and I can’t escape. If effi really wants to be reconditioned that badly, I am likely the worst option you could ask for,” Warden Keys responded with a saddened smile.

Officer Graves didn’t respond immediately, allowing the warden to add in, “I have been warning you and the others, epsilon. There are a lot of darkness and shady choices throughout my life. There is no guarantee something similar or worse wouldn't happen to you if we had a relationship. I still wonder if I should end this now but I am weak. I have so few opportunities left that I still cling to my nemesis, hope.”

Officer Graves spoke up again, “While I didn’t know the story you just told, that only excites effi more. You still outmaneuvered them and put them in their proper place. I know you are aware that she trained and kept me enslaved for nearly five years. As much as I wanted to be a dominatrix, my time with her uncovered my true desire to be a slave instead. She rejected it and forced me to be what I am today. That is the lesser of my true desires.”

“I don’t keep slaves in a traditional sense besides beta. Most everyone else came from my keyholding service and part of their contract to pay or perform specific services. Rarely do I interact with most other than unique and special occasions and I am compensated well for my time. Many even continue to renew their contracts though I am looking to discontinue any renewals and push them towards those who properly run the service these days. Even beta weighs heavily as I debate my future. I’m truly not looking for another slave.”

“What does that mean for epsilon?”

Emma looked up at the two of them.

“There is plenty to figure out as many are vying for her attention. If she truly wants to be enslaved despite her switch personality, it wouldn’t be like what you are asking. It also may not be to me. I feel she would be happy with a great number of options if I am a part of her life. That is what this is partly about. She is on vacation which I want her to enjoy but I am trying to placate both our desires to discover what we want. There is no good time for me until I decide to retire to give her or anyone else all my attention. It’s part of why I encourage her to at least explore her other options.”

The doctor came in and started examining Emma. She tried to follow the conversation when it restarted. As per usual, they wanted her to go back to the infirmary but Emma refused. Thankfully Warden Keys was supportive and the doctor relented.

“If I didn’t have my own submissive wife, I would be less receptive and understanding. Do try to be more careful if possible. We see you far too often in my opinion. Some of your trauma bothers me and I feel you should get further evaluations and examinations when you have the time at least.”

“This is a discussion for later. We have guests to accommodate soon. Get her cleaned up. You know where to meet me,” the warden said to the guard.


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