by Katherine9

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© Copyright 2001 - Katherine9 - Used by permission

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The click of her heels echoed across the almost-bare room as she approached the bed. Then silence. 

He tugged on the silken bonds at his wrists, struggling in vain to release himself so he could pull his blindfold off and look at this woman who was teasing him.  He could hear nothing to indicate she was still in the room.  He was afraid she had left until one side of the bed dipped lower with her weight.  He expected to feel her hand on his naked thigh, but she made no move to touch him. 

He whispered her name as a half-curse, half-plea.  She laughed softly, the sound of a woman who know she holds the power and know how to use it.  "Bitch," he moaned with another futile attempt to pull his wrists loose. She let him wait for her another few minutes.  The anticipation of what she would do was almost as arousing as her actual movements.  His hips rocked up off the bed, jerking upward when his imagination couldn't take anymore. 

She sighed.  "You're too impatient."  He gritted his teeth and moaned again.  She leaned down over his prone body.  Her hair snaked over his chest, teasing across his nipples, sliding down over his tensed stomach.  He felt her hot breath against the base of his neck. She let him just experience this torture for several minutes, not moving except to blow her breath against his skin and to ever-so-slightly shift her hair over his sensitized body. 

She waited until his breath hissed between his gritted teeth and the tension was obvious in his forearms from pulling on the bindings at his wrists, before she kissed him.  She licked the hollow of his neck, sliding just the tip of her tongue into that slight depression before running it up one collarbone to his shoulder.  His moan only spurred her on. She did the same to the other shoulder. Then she began with her teeth. 

She nibbled on the projection of bone, so prominent since his hands were tied above his head.  He bent his knees, raising his hips and thrusting into the air. She made a tsk-tsk sound once she caught his movements out of the corner of her eye. She pulled away from him and moved off the bed.  "You know you can't move until I tell you that you can.  You didn't ask either."  He swallowed noticeably, his increasing heart rate in ample evidence by the throbbing of  his cock.  She moved down between his spread legs, kneeling between  them. 

"Please," he whispered.  "Please what?" she demanded, her fingernails dragging lightly over his thighs.  First over the corded muscle of the front of  his thighs, then along the soft inner thighs. She watched his chest rise and fall even faster with his increased breathing, his arousal too much to hide any longer. 
"You want it, don't you?" she asked, her nails going just a little deeper into his already heated, taught skin.  He moaned even louder, beyond words.  "You have to ask for it."  His head thrashed on the pillow, the muscles in his arms defined by his struggle against his bonds.  "you have to beg for it."  She bent her head to lick the skin she had just scratched, licking the red furrows of irritated flesh.  His legs fell limp to the mattress.  His body began to shudder with the force of his repressed climax.  "You know you want it." Scratch even deeper, higher on the inside of his thighs, followed by a lick higher yet. 

He arched his back, thrusting his hips into the air again. This time she was prepared for it and held his hips down with her hands.  "No," she reminded him. 
He tucked his head against his arm and she could hear his faint whisper of, "Oh, God," in a repetitive breath.  "Please, let me--" his plea was interrupted by her tongue on the head of his cock, running over it to collect the precum that had leaked out. A noise somewhere between a moan and a scream escaped his throat. "Please take me in your mouth," he begged, his pride driven into the ground by his lust for this woman.  She laughed, the sound scraping over his aroused body like claws. 

"You want me to do what?" she asked, making it seem as if sucking cock was beyond her repetoire.  He writhed underneather her hands and tongue. She had driven him mad.  Driven him to the point of begging.  But his blindfold had prevented him from seeing any part of her.  From seeing her hair spread across his chest, from seeing her kneeling between his thighs, from seeing the look of control and power on her face as she held him just on the brink of orgasm, but not allowing him to cross the line. 

She moved up closer to him, now holding his thighs apart with her knees.  She slid her hands, fingernails pressing hard into his skin, up to cradle his cock between her hands, almost presenting it to be licked. His body went slack.  His head fell back, mouth open with deep breathing, his tongue sneaking over his dry lips intermittently. "Please," he whispered, his voice tortured from his dry mouth.  She began to stroke him. His moan cut through the air, his hips jerking upwards between her hands. 
"Do it," he demanded. 

She pulled completely away from him.  "You never demand," she reminded in a voice that was meant to soften his cock, but only had the opposite effect.  He hissed, "I'm sorry. Please suck my cock." 
"No," she answered.  He heard her heels click on the wood floor yet again as she walked up the side of the bed to lean down over his chest again. She began to lick over his nipples, teasing him in the same manner he was aching to do to her.  Licking all around them with just the tip of her tongue, then over the aroused skin.  As she did this, she began to stroke his bound arms, reinforcing the fact that he was at her mercy. 

He began a constant soft moaning, punctuated by a deep breath. She climbed atop the bed, straddling his waist.  He became aware of the damp heat that was radiating from her pussy, steaming his contracted stomach muscles. "Please," he begged, trying to move his hips to slide himself into that inviting warmth. 
"How much do you want it?" she asked, moving slightly down to let him feel her damp pubic hairs against his skin.  A spasm ran through his body, so close to the breaking point, but not allowed to go over. He gave up his pride to his need.  "Please fuck me . . . I want your pussy around my cock, I want you to fuck me, ride me." 

She slithered down his body to cradle his cock in her slit, not taking him inside, but relieving some of his agony.  "Oh, please, please," he began to repeat, his head thrashing on the pillow, slamming back and forth, his arms shaking with the strain.  "If your cunt doesn't surround my cock, I'm going to die." 
That was closer to what she wanted to hear.  "Now, remember, you can't thrust until I say you can," she told him, moving to take just the head and no more of his cock into her pussy.  He screamed with an agony of need and frustration.  She slid two more inches inside her.  "You can't cum until I say you can."  With that, she slammed him deep inside her, all the way in.  She was so wet, she left a ring of juices around the base of his cock. 

"Oh God, please let me cum, please," he murmured, his body shaking more violently.  He could feel her heels resting against, almost digging into, the skin on his thighs.  She didn't move except to squeeze his cock as it lay inside her body.  Squeeze, release, squeeze, release.  She stopped for a moment to allow his climax to edge off, but then began to fuck him slowly, riding up and down like she was riding a stallion at a walk. 
"More, faster," he whispered.  His pride lay in tatters on the bed.  He wanted her so badly, he couldn't think, and all he wanted to do was cum up inside her wet little pussy.  She began to move a little faster, squeezing him constantly now, so it seemed as if he was sliding into a virgin since she was so tight. 

Her own climax was close, so she began to ride him with no mercy, slamming him deep inside her.  Her moans joined his.  He felt a flood of warmth and wetness around his cock when she came, her fingernails digging and scratching into the skin of his chest. "Please let me cum, I want to cum in your wet cunt, please," he groveled. His climax was so close, he knew he was about to cum whether or not she said he could. She fell on top of his body, her heavy breathing against his neck.  She bit the skin at his shoulder and neck and whispered in his ear, "Flood my pussy.  Cum for me." 

His cock began to drive up into her, pounding upwards.  After a few thrusts, she could feel his cum splash inside her.  His climax drove her to her second, cumming again around his cock, squeezing and milking every drop from him.  A scream of completion echoed in the room as he pushed his last bit of cum into her drenched pussy. 

They both lay limp on the bed, her on top of him.  She reached up and untied his hands, kissing him deeply as she did.  He took his blindfold off and, grabbing her head, kissed her again.  Then he said what he had been hoping to all night, but she wouldn't let him, "You're a great fuck, wife."