by Beast5

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Storycodes: M/f; conditioning; mc; bond; bdsm; susp; maid; corset; collar; toys; oral; anal; sex; cons; X

Thanks to Bethany(Handcuffgirl) for her help with editing the story.

Give your boyfriend a blowjob tonight

I stared at my screen a moment before hitting ‘enter’. I was planning on testing out my new iPhone app with something a little more like wear a red dress tonight, but somehow I found my fingers typing in a somewhat more exciting command. Whatever, it probably won’t work anyway.

The app was just something quick that I had whipped up and installed on my girlfriend’s new iPhone 4 after I’d checked out the specs on the phone’s box. 326 ppi was more detail than the human eye could see, and a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz was significantly faster than the brain could comprehend. What did Apple think they making? It’s like they were crying out for me to use the thing for subliminal messages!

Writing the code was simple enough, and it was only a bit trickier to find a time when my girlfriend was away from her phone long enough to install it. Then I could access the app from my computer and type in messages that would be flashed on her phone too fast for her to be consciously aware of them. Like I said, it probably wouldn’t work. But it was a fun little test of my amateur programming skills, and I thought it would be a funny prank to pull on my girlfriend if it did work.

Nothing happened all day and I figured that the whole thing had just been a flop. But as soon as we got in bed that night, my girlfriend started kissing me on the lips the way she does when she’s getting ready for more serious action. Before I knew it, she was leaving a trail of sloppy kisses down my chest, then started pulling my boxers off with her teeth. She looked up at me, smiled, and said, “I’ve been thinking about doing this all day.”

I should tell you a bit about my girlfriend. At five-foot-nine, Liz is a few inches shorter than me. She has deliciously smooth skin, intoxicating green eyes, and is just cute as a button. She’s a natural athlete, though she’s put on a bit of weight over the last couple years. Still, the sight and touch of her body never fails to get me going: from her long smooth legs, curvy hips, perfectly shaped big-handful boobs, and long graceful neck.

That girl was now licking up and down the length of my quickly-hardening shaft. This was the first blowjob I’d gotten from her in months, and coming totally out of the blue like this there was no explanation except that my app had worked. I couldn’t concentrate terribly much on that fact as the head of my dick disappeared inside my girlfriend’s mouth though. Her tongue swirled around me, making me forget that she claimed to be not really that in to blow jobs.

Then she looked up at me as she slowly took more and more of me into her mouth. Looking down at her, I remembered why I liked blow jobs so much. It’s not just the incomparable sensations that a tongue and lips can deliver to a cock, it’s also the feeling of power as you look down at your lover, her head stuck there in your crotch, her mouth gagged on your dick. Oh yeah, I was in heaven.

I was super busy the next day, and I just didn’t get around to changing or turning off the subliminal messages Liz was getting through her phone. At least, that’s what I told myself. As soon as we walked into our bedroom that night, she shoved me onto the bed, yanked my pants off, and screamed, “I just can’t wait to suck on your cock again!”

The blow job she gave me was even better than the one the night before, but as we were lying in bed afterwards she started wondering out loud about why she’d been so frantic to blow me both nights. “I mean, it was fun,” she told me, “I just don’t understand why all of a sudden I’ve been so, well, so desperate to suck on your cock! You don’t mind do you?”

I just laughed and told her that I loved her, but inside I was freaking out. Liz would fucking kill me if she found out that I had triggered those blow jobs.

I got up before Liz and turned on my computer to stop the subliminal blow job messages before she used her iPhone. Then to be even safer I left her a new message that read: Do not feel any curiosity about why you gave your boyfriend blow jobs the last two nights.

But how would I know if that kind of message worked? Even if she didn’t bring it up with me right away, she might still be thinking about it. So, to test my ability to curb her curiosity, I left her two additional commands: Do not feel any curiosity about any command you are given by your phone. And: You will wear high heels to work tomorrow. Liz is pretty tall, and she very rarely wears heels. She would basically never wear them to work, and if she did, she would definitely talk to me about how weird it was that she had done it.

Nothing unusual happened all day. No discussions of blow jobs or high heels or subliminal messages or anything. Liz was using her phone quite a bit, since it was still a fairly new toy for her, so I knew she was getting the messages, but I didn’t have any way of knowing if they had worked until the next day.

Sure enough, we both got up for work the next morning and Liz slipped on some high heels before heading out to work, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. She took them off as soon as she got home that night and never said a word about it. She complained a bit about her feet being sore, but made no comments whatsoever about wearing the heels.

I started feeling a bit giddy. Sending subliminal messages seemed wrong, but with the success of my “no curiosity” command, it seemed basically risk free. She had no idea that the she had worn heels because of something her phone had done, and she didn’t even think to look for a reason for her behavior because of the “no curiosity” command. Now, I knew that a lack of consequences was no justification for immoral actions, but what if I just tried a few things that I knew she’d want?

Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day. Limit how much you eat at meals, and do not snack.

Look, I like my baby just how she is. But I know that she would rather have a thinner body. And, to be honest, I’d have to say that I get turned on thinking about her with a flat stomach and more toned legs and arms. It also turned me on when she’d get up early before work to go for a five-mile jog, knowing that it was my subliminal command that was controlling her.

The knowledge of my new-found control over Liz was intoxicating, and after a couple days I couldn’t help myself but branch out beyond the diet and exercise. Next I tried: Have more frequent and adventurous sex with your boyfriend. The command started working right away. That very night she insisted that I do her doggy-style, and the next night she hiked her skirt after dinner and jumped on me while I was still sitting at the table.

I certainly enjoyed the results of my nympho command, but I realized that I wanted more direct control. I started dictating, through her iPhone, what she would wear when we went out to dinner and how skimpy her outfit would be when she went running. After just a couple of weeks, her diet and exercise routine started paying off and she needed to buy some new clothes, which was a great opportunity for me to have her pick up some sexier outfits. Now, I didn’t want my girlfriend looking like a tramp or anything, but some shorter skirts and tighter tops wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

A few weeks in, I ordered her to pick up the sexiest lingerie she could find at Victoria’s Secret and wear it for me that night. I was surprised and more than a little concerned, however, to find her that night in a cute-little babydoll that I knew she’d had for a couple of years. The next day I noticed that she wasn’t using her phone nearly as much as she had when she’d first gotten it. My subliminal message had still gotten through, but it hadn’t been repeated enough to really drill it in.

Easily solved! Start reading the news on your iPhone at least three times a day. Check Facebook on your iPhone at least five times a day. Find a couple games that you enjoy and play them whenever you’re in the bathroom or waiting in line or bored. Read one erotic story from on your iPhone every day.

Since she wasn’t using her phone much, it took a couple days for these commands to kick in, but once they did she became a full-on iPhone addict. From then on, commands I gave her in the morning were fully adopted by noon. I gave the command to pick up new lingerie again, and that night I was blown away by a cut-out teddy that shouldn’t have even been legal!

After the first month and a half, my girlfriend had lost a bunch of weight, was feeling great about herself, and was looking fucking hot. I was the one who had made that all happen, so I started feeling like I should get a reward for it. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t been rewarded all the way along the path, but I hadn’t done anything else like those first blowjob commands, and it seemed like I deserved a little something special for my good results and good behavior.

You’ve always wanted to try anal sex. On Friday night, give yourself an enema, then ask your boyfriend to fuck you up the ass. You will enjoy it greatly

I felt a little bad when I hit ‘enter’ and sent that command to Liz’s phone. She’s always been clear about having no interest in back door sex. But now, well, she was going to have an interest in it. And I really wanted to try it. I mean, a guy shouldn’t have to go through life without ever once trying it, right? And she wouldn’t want me to be unfaithful and try it with someone else, would she?

It was Wednesday afternoon when I gave the command, giving it two and half days to fully sink in to Liz’s brain. I figured that since the command was going directly against her normal desires, it would help to have a little extra time. It also gives me more time to worry about whether I had done the right thing. Every time I saw her on her phone I knew that her desires were being re-written without her knowledge or consent. But then I’d see her rub her ass while reading the news, and… well, I wasn’t really sure if I could negate the command at that point anyway.

All thoughts of remorse went out the window that night when my baby bent over, put her forearms on the edge of our bed, spread her long legs, and waived her newly cleaned ass high in the air. “Hey big man,” she called in her most alluring voice, “I cleaned this out just for you, and I know you’ve always wanted it. Won’t you come fuck me up the ass?”

She had even used the same dirty language of my command. Who was I to refuse? She moaned and wiggled as I placed my lubricated head against her virgin sphincter. “Yes, yes,” she groaned, “Push yourself into me. Push that big cock of yours into my ass!”

It was hard to believe my ears, and impossible to refuse. Her ass was so gloriously tight as I ploughed my way inside, to the sounds of her groaning in pleasure and in pain. I really couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked down at the sight of my sexy girlfriend bent over in front of me with her boobs dangling down, her face caught in ecstasy, and my dick buried all the way in her rear. Even after giving the command, I hadn’t really thought this would happen. Now, hell, I was going to make the most of it.

I reached down and toyed with her boobs as I pumped in and out of her rectum. She was too far gone in her moans to even notice what else I was doing, so I started spanking the fine ass that was being presented up to me. In the past, we’d given each other light swats every now and then, but anything more from me usually drew a rebuke from her. This time she was either too engrossed in the sex to notice, or her brain interpreted it as an integral part of the ass fucking that was supposed to be “greatly enjoyed.” Whatever it was, my increasingly hard slaps and thrusts were met with loader and loader moans and groans and shouts of pleasure. When I finally exploded into her ass, I swear she had an orgasm herself right along with me.

It’s hard not to think of a girl as a sex toy after she cleans her ass for you then screams in ecstasy as you slap and fuck it. I mean, I still loved Liz to death, but I wanted to be able to give her cute butt a good swat when she walked by, and I wanted to squeeze those healthy boobs of hers whenever/wherever I felt like it. And I didn’t want her complaining about that! Complaining was exactly what she did the morning after the ass-fucking. I pinched her little patootie as she walked out the door, and she slapped my hand away and told me not to be a jerk.

I just couldn’t help but sit right down at my computer and type in: You will never complain about your ass being pinched, slapped, poked or touched in any way. When your boyfriend touches your ass, you will know he loves you, and you will smile at him playfully.

By the time she got home later that day, her attitude had been deliciously adjusted. I gave her a good swat as she walked in the door, and she literally turned the other cheek. I was all too happy to give that other cheek a swat as well.

Later that night as Liz was cooking us dinner, I walked up behind her and gave her a little two handed reach-around boob squeeze. She told me to bug-off while she was working. I did just that, but I bugged on over to my computer where I sent the following to her iPhone app: You will never complain when your boyfriend squeezes your boobs. Whenever he does so, you will moan with pleasure. You love it whenever he touches your boobs.

The next morning as she was cooking us breakfast, I repeated my little boob-squeeze-from-behind maneuver. My app had worked its magic. Instead of shooing me away, my baby just moaned in pleasure. This demonstration of my blatant power over her turned me on in a big way. I kept her moaning with one hand on her left boob while I used my other hand to grab a big handful of right ass cheek. She was now moaning and looking at me with that sexy playful look of hers, and in no time I had her naked and was fucking her right there on the floor of our kitchen.

You might have noticed that she was doing a lot of cooking for me. Liz likes to cook, so that’s not totally unexpected, but I have to admit that I added a little subliminal encouragement. Well, okay, I told her that she would always be doing the cooking, as well as washing the dishes, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, and pretty much every other chore around the house. And I told her that she was happy to do it, and would actually be unhappy if I tried to help at all.

Was I going too far? She was kind of serving me hand and foot, and she was open sexually to things she’d never been open to before. But she was always totally happy about it. And it’s not as if I’d changed her personality or anything. I just told her to enjoy some new things. Was there really any harm in that?

One of those new things, which I decided that I had to try, was bondage. I’d always been interested in it, but Liz had never really shown any particular desire to get tied up. I hadn’t wanted her to think I was a deviant or anything, so I’d just never pushed. But, a week after the amazing ass-fucking escapade, I couldn’t stop myself.

On Saturday afternoon you will buy a whole bunch of bondage gear at the adult store. When you get home, you will write a note telling your boyfriend to fuck you exactly as he finds you. You will then lock yourself spread-eagle to the bed using the bondage gear that you purchased. The tighter and stricter you lock yourself, the happier you and your boyfriend will be. Be ready for him by 7PM. You will love whatever he does to you while you are locked up.

Like the ass fucking command, I gave her this message a couple of days early so that it had time to fully sink in. But when I walked into our room on Saturday night, I worried that I had let it sink in too far. She was wearing a tall posture collar, a huge ball gag, and an extremely tight looking corset. The note I had ordered-up was attached to her body with two mean-looking nipple clamps. And she had found a way to tie herself down incredibly tight. She had secured two ratchets to the wall on either side of our bed’s headboard, tied her ankle cuffs to opposite sides of the footboard, then locked her wrist cuffs onto ropes attached to those ratchets. She was able to yank herself as tight as she could, and was then entirely unable to loosen the ropes.

I was actually pretty worried that she was hurting herself, but when I went to un-gag her to ask if she was alright, she shook her head violently and looked down at the note on her nipples. She wanted to make sure I fucked her first! Well, I could live with that

I don’t think I’d ever seen my girlfriend looking so hot. She was totally helpless laying there beneath me, stretched to the limit, gagged, collared, and clamped. And she was going to love whatever I did to her. I knew right then that there was going to be a lot more bondage in our future.

I started by pulling off her nipple clamps so I could get a better hold on the little buds myself. The blood rushing in to her tormented nipps must have hurt, but the pain that showed on her face quickly dissolved into an ecstatic moaning. She loved it! Of course she did. She had just received two and a half days of subliminal commands telling her that she would love anything I was about to do to her, and that gave me an idea.

I pinched her right nipple and used it to stretch the boob it was attached to. I then roughly slapped the side of her stretched boob, yanking the nipple out from between my fingers in the process. It must have hurt like hell, but of course she loved it. I’ve always wanted to give someone a good titty slapping, and now I had free reign to do my worst. Her boobs flew back and forth and up and down from my slapping hands. And the whole time she just kept moaning into her gag for more.

Once her tits were good and red, my next target was her pussy. She’d been keeping it clean-shaven ever since the message I’d sent a couple weeks ago telling her that she liked it better that way. It looked so naked, vulnerable and sensitive down there. Would she really let me get away with slapping it? Only one way to find out!

She screamed into her gag when my hand first came down on her soft flesh, but the note of agony turned into a note of pleasure before the scream was done. This was unbelievable. My hands fell again and again, turning the skin all around her pussy the same red color as her boobs, and she loved every minute of it.

I finally just couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped on top of her and thrust my cock deep into her, slamming my pelvis against the tender flesh I had just abused. My hands grabbed at the two mounds of tender flesh I had left behind earlier, and my poor abused babe screamed her way into a rocking orgasm just as I shot my load up into her.

I was a little worried the next morning that she would give me a hard time about her abused body. But anything that she might have asked or said about it would have meant being curious about one of the subliminal commands she had received, and her brain wouldn’t let her go there. I gave her a huge hug and told her I loved her.


It’s been three years since Liz bought her iPhone 4. She hasn’t been in such good shape since her high school cross country days, and she loves it. She’s also mastered a number of skills that I ‘encouraged’ her to learn. For example, those deep throat blow job classes have really paid off. She can take in my full length without even blinking and she doesn’t have to pull out for air until she’s just about ready to pass out. If I ever want a demonstration of this skill, all I have to do is call her “Boobsie” and she’ll drop whatever she’s doing, drop onto her knees, and go after my dick like a cock-starved whore (that was literally the phrase I used in the command to tell her how to act.)

Her classes on cooking, massage, yoga and tantra have all been quite nice as well, but the ones I’ve really enjoyed are the dancing classes I sent her to. I’ve got her programmed to do the sexiest strip-tease in the world whenever I play certain songs, and her naked break-dance moves are really something every straight man in the world should watch. Those dances often end with me snapping or whistling a certain way, triggering her to lay across my lap to get spanked, bend over for a good ass fucking, or run upstairs to our room and strap herself into a fucking machine to get ready for me.

She’s really gotten much more into bondage as well. If we’re home alone, she always wears her thick slave collar locked tightly around her neck. She does her house cleaning in a french-maid outfit that barely covers her tits or ass. And while she cleans she wears a set of cuffs that keep her elbows touching behind her back. That certainly slows down her work, but it makes her oh-so-delicious to watch. She loves it when I slow her down even more by swatting at her easily exposed ass or when I stop her altogether by clipping her collar to one of the “plant hooks” we have hanging from the ceiling. From there, she’ll dangle on her tiptoes and use her mostly useless arms to playfully and unsuccessfully try to block lashes from the whip that I send towards her boobs and butt.

Liz wears bondage gear out of the house as well, though it’s more discreet. She always makes sure to lock on her chastity belt before she goes out. And if I’m around, she’ll first ask me if I’d like her to lock inside her vibrating dildo, anal plug, remote clit zapper, or any combination thereof. I never have to worry about changing the batteries in those toys or their remote controls, because my baby is programmed to recharge them after each use, to make sure that they are ready to torment her again the next time I’m in the mood.

Yes, the last few years have certainly been fun, but now it’s really time for her to get a new phone. I delayed this day when her two-year contract came up, but at this point I’m worried that her phone could start malfunctioning. So it’s decision time for me. Will I try to load the same app on her new phone, or do I let this little kinky phase of our life come to a close?

The decision really causes me some stress. I mean, I don’t even know just what would happen if she stopped getting the subliminal commands. I know that the commands weaken over time, which is why I’ve got a pretty good sized list of commands that repeat for her every day, maintaining her ongoing requirements about chores, dress, sex, etc.

I have Liz give me a nice long back massage to work out the stress of my decision, then I have her hitch herself to our spanking post so I can do some clear thinking while swatting at her with a new switch I had her pick up recently. I appreciate the fine red marks that the new switch leaves as I try to think about what would be best for my baby. When I’m satisfied with the switching, I unlock her and she makes me a cup of tea, then puts on a little dance show for me as my thoughts wander haphazardly around the question of whether a person is better off with more free will even if it means they’ll be less happy.

In the end, I decide that for Liz’s sake, I’d better try to program her new iPhone with the same subliminal message app. To celebrate my decision I type in a set of commands for my baby to throw a party for us the next night. The commands will sink in overnight, since she’s programmed to wake up and stare at her phone for a couple minutes every half hour. Tomorrow she’ll spend all day preparing – dolling herself up in a new naughty school-girl costume for her ‘graduation’ and cooking all of my favorite foods – so I know that she’ll have a great time. I’m impressed with myself for the thorough and thoughtful decision I made, and for the care I’ve put into making my girlfriend as happy as possible.