Stuffed for Display

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2011 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; MF+/fm; bond; chast; corset; wrap; display; electro; torment; insert; toys; hum; oral; anal; sex; reluct/nc; XXX

I agreed, that after I lost my job, and my apartment, and my car, to finally submit to my old girlfriend rather than become homeless. Sue had particular tastes in having me being in bondage... she wanted me mummified into a doll, and mounted to the foot of her bed so I was forced to watch her with other guys. Although I wasn't, her taste in men was usually of black men, bigger, stronger, powerfull black men.

"It's either me or the streets pussy boy" she said.

I remember the first night like it was yesterday. I knew Sue was dating after we broke up, and it drove me wild to finally see her in action with Phil....a 30 year old 6'4", 200 pound black guy (5 years older than her)

The night started with her painting my fingernails and toenails black.

"This is your new BITCH color" she informed me.

Next I was handed a CB3000. I knew nothing about chastity but was about to learn. She handed me a plastic ring I tightly slid around my cock and balls. I usually wear a 1 3/4" cockring, she informed me that she had a ring that size, but I wasn't getting it, this was 1 5/8", and it would be TIGHT! Next came this small acrylic cage... pushed onto my lubed up cock... my 8" (when hard) cock, was now squashed into a tube like cage about 3 1/2" long!! Guide pins lined it up then a center pin with a hole in it was slid in and an actual padlocked locked it on!!! She just barely got it on before I started to get hard and learned my first lesson in cock control... my cock was squshing out the vent holes, unable to get any bigger and I was in agony!!!

There might have been 2 keys but I only saw one, it was placed in a small plastic easter egg and taped shut... lubed up and Sue pushed the egg into my ass!!! This was followed by a second, larger plastic egg, pretty well filling me up!!!

"We'll try that for... say... a week?" Sue giggled...

"WE?...... a WEEK?!..... I'M dying here... this thing hurts!!" I practiclly sobbed!!!

"Well" Sue whispered moving in closer and tracing her hand down my belly... which only arroused me even more!!!

"I don't feel a thing..... and every time you ask me to take it off, we're going to ADD a day to it being on!"

"WE?...... whos we!?... who else nows about this?!" I grumbled!!!

" new stud..... he insisted that if you were going to be here from now on, that HE'S the only cock in the house... you WILL thank him for that later!!"

"I can't even jerk off with this on!" I complained!

"That's not MY problem!" Sue saisd with a big smile...

"You did enough of that when you lived here... did you really think I wouldn't notice all the crust stains in my underwear when I did laundry?!"

"Phils going to be here soon, gotta get you ready" she said.

I was dressed in a pair of her well worn pink panties that did little to hide the cock cage but looked absolutely humiliating on me! Next came an old pair of her 3" open toed high heels. My feet were too big for them so she taped them onto my feet, and they did manage to make it very difficult to stand and maintain my balance in them.

I was placed in a 2" wide spiked dog collar I actually bought for Sue to wear one kinky night... she resented it and promised to get even for it some day!! After buckling it tightly around my neck, she super glued the remaining 2 or so inches down so it would have to be cut off!!!

"What makes you think.... it's coming off?!" she whispered!!!

Finally I was led to the foot of what was our queen size 4 poster bed. My legs were spread incredibly wide and tied to the foot posts, my wrists, in the leather cuffs I bought for her were stretched straight out and tied to the same foot posts. I stood there stretched out facing the bed, teetering in her high heels, my cock throbbing and squashed down to less than half size, and suddenly, in this position, very aware of the two eggs inside my ass!!!

"I'm supposed to stand here and watch you get fucked by another guy?" I asked sort of snottily...

"Oh... you'll watch" Sue replied...

"You won't be able NOT to.... this is gonna be the best porn you ever saw!!"

Now Sue crawled up on the bed with something I never gave much thought to... I had bought it for her but gave little thought to her when she was forced to wear it!!

"Remember...this?" she asked!!

"Awwww HELL NO!" I growled!!!

Sue grabbed my right nipple and twisted it until I obeyed her and opened my mouth!! She pushed the 4" fat rubber penis gag into my mouth and buckled it around my head!! I actually gagged a second and she just laughed!!

"How do YOU like that fuckin' thing stuffed down YOUR throat?!" she screamed!!!

"I laid there for half the fuckin' night, choking on that damn thing, while you fucked me, front back and sideways.... then came all over my face and smiled watching me trying to breathe with cum in my nose!!!"

"The only thing wrong with that" Sue then added, "Is it ain't BIG enough, my mouth was so fuckin' stretched around that thing, I thought my jaw would break.... your next one, and there will be a next one... is gonna be twice that size!!!"

Lastly sue pulled out the chrome nipple clamps I used on her (of course she was gagged!) and she swore I never would again!! They were little squares with screws on the bottom to screw a plate inside the square upwards and tighter flattening the nipple. Tears actually filled my eyes as she pulled on my nipples, got the clamps on and squished my nipples flat!!! I was in AGONY....FUCK!...they hurt!!! My nipples were less tham 1/16 inch thick, and already turning purple... Sue traced a finger across the very tips poking out from the clamps and I screamed thru the gag!!

"Wait till they come OFF!" she said with a big smile!!

Sue used rope to tie my upper legs to the cross support on the bed, then she wrapped my waist a couple times and dragged the rope down between my butt and tied it off to the cross support. For her last torment, she tied a rope to the ring on the front of the collar, and pulled it down!! I was forced over in an almost 45* forward bend, looking down onto the bed!! This also put an incredible strain on my now pulled backwards shoulders!

"I want you to have a nice close view" Sue whispered.... "Of Phils sweaty black ass when he's fucking the hell of of me tonight!!"

Sue stood back and stared at my already trembling, straining, aching, body for a second and just smiled!! She took a shoelace and bent down behind me. Sue tied a loop around my balls, that were hanging out of and behind the CB3000, then hung one of her tennis shoes out of the closet to my balls! Tennis shoes, her size aren't very heavy but when they're hanging from your nuts, they weigh ALOT!!!

"Can't have you getting too comfortable" she said...then the doorbell rang!

It took a few miutes of small talk and smooching in the entrance hall before Phil and Sue entered the bedroom and I turned beet red and started squirming! I know Phil checked me out, then continued whispering to Sue like I wasn't even there!!

Sue jumped into the shower, while Phil undressed and stretched out on the bed and started stroking his cock! In minutes it was huge, at least 10" long and a fat as my wrist!!! He didn't say a word, knowing I was watching and my cock was in agony!

When Sue jumped on the bed, Phil attacked her like a hungry wolf on fresh meat!! Sue gave him a nice long blowjob, staring up at me as she did, then he rolled her over and slammed all that monster cock into her belly!!!

Sue screamed as he fucked her viciously, my face was inches above his butt and her pussy, so stretched and tight I couldn't believe he actualy got that thing inside her!!!

"OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMING!!!" Sue screamed!!!

She did and Phil didn't miss a stroke!! he fucked her like a machine.... she was twisting and wiggling trying to take his cock, her orgasms were almost non stop... and Phil never even slowed down!

I was dying, my cock was trying so hard o get hard... I was sure I'd bust that cage wde open but I didn't... my balls were on fire from the tightness of the loop around them, fuck!... my shoulders hurt, and I could smell the raw vicious sex right below me!!

After about 30 miutes Phil grunted once, I could hear him tell Sue he was going to cum.... then for the first time he stopped, slammed into Sues pussy and I could actually see his huge cock pumping Sue full of his cum!!!

Phil laid there for a second, he was so tight in her pussy, not a drop leaked out, fuck!... she was holding all thet spunk inside her!!! Phil raised his head, and started fucking again!!!

I could hear Sues pussy squishing inside...

She still wasn't leaking, all that cum was being forced deeper and deeper into her as Phil just fucked away like a madman!! Sue was grunting louder and louder every time he slammed into her, where all that cock was going, I just didn't know!!!

After another 20 or 30 minutes, Sues legs were just splayed out, she was limp as a rag as Phils cock moved almost mechanically in and out of her body!!

"CUM!!...c'mon.....please!.......CUM!...." Sue was begging... pleading for him to finish!!

Phil reached down and lifted her legs up and over his shoulders. I could hear Sue groan as her body was doubled up! This gave Phil another inch or two depth as he continued to slam up and down.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Sue screamed!!!!

"Almost... there" Phil kept grunting.....

"Almost...there... closer...yehhhhh....almost...yes...gonna...... FUCK.....gonna....CUM!!"

Again Phil pumped into Sues pussy like a hose at a gas station... I never saw anyone cum like that... and Sue was still holding every drop!! Phil didn't move, in fact, minutes later he was snoring with his cock still plugged into Sues helpless body under his 200 pounds compared to her 110!!

"HELP?" she sort of grunted and giggled.... "OH FUCK!....I'm so fucking FULL.... he's still fuckin' hard isn't he?.... of FUCK!....I can't ....move... and I'm about to burst!!!"

I think most of that was for me... because I was in mental, physical and sexual agony beyond my wildest imagination!!! Sue peeked around and up at me and smiled....

"Hows that COCK?" she teased....

Looking down I could see my cum dripping from it, I didn't get the pleasure of actully cumming but I was so horny I was delerious!!!

That was almost three months ago. Phil not only moved in, but Sue's his slut, slave, and personal property almost as much as I am now. He keeps her naked, chained with a one foot long hobble chain between her ankles so she can't go out or get away unless she does it naked!! She has tiny gold rings in her nipples, and tiny bells on then so he can hear her moving around. She also has a ring right thru her clit and one in each of her pussy lips! when he's not there, usually for hours each day, Sue wears a tiny padock thru her 3 pussy rings, locking her pussy closed so no one can get "into her' as he says! Sue has a one inch chrome ring thru her septum, for no other reason than to humiliate her, and she has three sets of two tongue piercings front to back, with tiny balls on her tongue because Phil says he likes the way they feel when she sucks his cock!! Around her neck, is a chrome steel 1/2 " thick ring, welded on with a 3 inch chrome cock hanging in the front.

"Thats all you're good for!" he laughed at her, she sobbed when it was welded on and he just laughed at her "trophy"!

Lastly she wears a 6 inch by 3 inch wide chrome steel, quite solid and unyeilding butt plug all day. He broke her in to butt fucking a couple weeks ago but complained she was so tight it hurt him!! For the whole following week, Phil brought in several of his black friends to fuck Sue in the ass every day to loosen her up enough to get the plug in!! Now a 3 foot shiny black tail hangs from her behind and she wiggles uncomfortably, but very erotically walks around wearing her plug!

As for me?....well, believe me, Sue....has it good!!!

I'm still in the house... and probably will be until Phil decides to carry out his threats and sell me to one or more of his black friends as a sex toy.

Most of my time I'm in the huge living room where most of the activity in the house takes place. I'm there 6 days a week, one day a week Sue and one or more of Phil's male friends, for security... take me into a spare beroom to clean me, inside and out, let me stretch and exercise, then spend the day using me for blowjobs or their fuck toy.

I spend my time standing. Phil has made a metal plate for me to stand on, with a steel pole sticking up. As you can guess, on top of the pole, is a now 12 inch incredible fat chrome steel dildo. Phil likes the steel ones because they retain their solidity, they don't softly and comfortably conform to the insides of a persons body, the body has to suffer their never forgiving firmness.

Phil started at my big toes, a flat metal band goes around each toe with a tab sticking inwards. As I am horribly and always painfully mounted on the pole with most of the steel dildo stabbed upwards into my guts, my toes are screwed into the plate I stand on. the dildo inside me is always so high, I spend my days on tip toe. I can and have taken the whole 12 inches into my ass... a very painfull and agonizing fet.... however when I do, and actually get some relief in my toes, my heels drop onto plunger buttons and the steel cock inside me becomes viciously electrified!!

Depending on the time of day... the electric shocks are set at around a second apart, for a period of 15 minutes even if i raise up off the plungers. At say, 8AM, the shocks are mild, its early in my day.... the shocks are off from midnite till 6AM, so I can rest, standing up, even if the entire 12 inch cock is all the way inside me. Every hour, the intensity of the shocks increase, Phil knows the longer I stand there, the more tired I am and the harder it is to remain on my increasingly sore and tired toes.

By noon, I'm wiggling alot from the shocks, by 6PM I'm squeeling like a little girl and shaking like a small tree in a windstorm... the shocks are racking my whole body... after that unil midnight... the shocks are like explosions deep inside my ass... my grunts and sobs can be heard all over the house! This is when Phil likes to entertain, his male friends and often their girlfriends gather around the room and drink and visit and chat, and watch me struggle to keep on my toes, often they bet on how long I can stay raised up knowing I've been fighting the exaustion and pain all day!!

While on the pole and dildo, I am shrink wrapped extremely tight and unmovble. My legs are tightly togeher, thats why I'm mounted on the dildo, to keep me upright. between my legs up to just under my balls, a thick double sided very scratchy mat is placed. It's horribly irritating and scratchy, and keps me wiggling all day trying to relieve the maddening itching it produced. I'm further wrapped up to my still collared neck. My arms and hands are firmly at my sides. My hands are in fists, each hand holding a ping pong sized ball with about 1/2 inck spikes on it... as if the sikes digging into my hands aren't enough, the balls are electrified, and tied to the several big screen TVs remotes, every time someone adjusts the volume up and down, it changes the intensity of electric shocks the balls produce. Every time a channel is changed, a several second shock is felt in both hands!! Another deliciously sadistic way to keep me jerking and struggling!

My nipples are of course exposed thru holes on the shrink wrap.. during the night they are in little suction cups, and are now about 1/4 inch long and insanely sensative! They are also always in some sort of clamps... Phil decided against rings thru them, instead there are tiny spring steel rings around the base of them to keep them erect and firm, easier to torment and torture!!

I also wear a horribly tight corset, usually black and red, or pink, something embarassingly feminine... reducing my mans waist to an incredible 22 inches. It's almost impossible to get a good breath, especilly when my guts are being stabbed and electrified, so I have to constantly fight not to become excited... and thats not easy... when my poor cock and balls are hanging out and fully exposed!!!

Phil welded on a special 3 ring device that surround my scrotum just under my cock. two more smaller and quite tight rings welded onto this ring, like an inverted V seperates my balls and keeps them widely stretched apart, never to touch each other again. horizontally from the bottom of these two rings runs a bar with a tiny loop on the bottom of it. This is to hang things from, constantly pulling my always sore, stretched downwards and swollen balls toward the floor! Right now there is a short cord with a 1/4 pound weight on it. On the bottom of each weight is a hook to add another weight to. During my pain wracked day, more and more weights find their way to my nuts... right now I'm at 7.. with room for more!! The dull... constant... maddening pain never ends... I want to cry, and often do... I want to scream... I want someone... anyone.. to lift the weights for a mere second... but no one does, or will... instead, more weights will be added... soon, and someone, will stand there grinning at my agony!!!

Around my cock and ball sack is a 1/2" steel ring. Of course its obscenely too small... if I concentate real hard, I can sometimes get my cock to soften, and allow circulation in it... but whenever someone sees me flaccid, I'm immediately stroked, or played with until I'm helplessly rock hard and in pain again! When my cock is that hard and held by the ring digging deep into my flesh, it takes hours to go down!

I'm stroked and teased and tickled, even sucked by anyone who wants to hear me whine and whimper and groan in frustration. I cannot cum, I mean, actually I do... I just can't ejaculate... the built up pressure of an inside orgasm is horrendous!!! I throb and pulsate and my cock looks like it will explode, but not a drop can get out, and my cock refuses to go down!!!

Often when Phil and some of his friends are there, especially the women, he will tie Sue onto a specially built cart he designed just for her. Its 4 legs are hinged on the bottom and under it is a motor attached to a circular wheel. Sue is tied face down, her body of course at the perfect height to be placed right in front of me!!!

Sue has two torments which she hates with all her soul!! First Phil backs her up to me and slips my huge forced and permanant erection into her pussy or her ass!! The wheels of the cart are locked and when the motor is turned on, the cart moves back and forth about 10 inches!!!

I am totally unable to move, but Sue is helplessly fucked back and forth on my cock!!! Another torment is to put her mouth on my cock!!! At forward, she is gagged on my nearly 9 inch erection, but the cart doesn't go back enough to let it out of her mouth!! In either position. another guy can sit or stand on the other end of the cart and she's fucked at both ends at the same time!!! She spent over 3 hours with me in her sloppy pussy last week, another 2 in her ass!! I was in agony trying to cum but the harder and hornier I got, the tighter the cock ring became and I came.... over and over and over but didn't ejaculate a single dop!!!

During that long gruelling day, I watched 14 guys cum in Sues mouth! When it was done, a device was added to the cart, to hold a Fleshlight... the masturbation device.... and it was slipped onto my cock for another 4 hours, constantly moving, stroking, sucking tormenting me... with no relief!!!

I exist as a living, suffering, moaning, groaning, grunting, crying, teased, tomented, and tortured statue. Phil found a tight leather hood for me to wear because he didn't want to have to look at me when he fucks Sue right in front of me, then turns her over to his friends to use until she can barely walk or talk from hours of savage oral, anal and pussy fucking!!

The hood has a built in hollow feeding 6 inch inflatable penis gag. Over the months I have managed to take the whole gag into my throat wihout gagging. It is then inflated until I think my face will explode!!!

The hood is then laced up so tight I think my head will be crushed by it. Built in nose tubes fill my nostrils so I can breathe, Phil says he won't allow me to die.. as long as can still feel humiliation, frustration... and pain!! My eye holes remain open so I can see the non stop pleasure around me, the orgasms other people have, the naked sexy people who love to show off and tease me, the hot black women who love to sit back on the couch in front of me and masturbate, showing their hot juiced up pussies I'll never get to enjoy, feel or taste, and the endless abuse everyone loves to inflict on my ex girlfriend Sue!!!

Every morning I get Phil's morning piss, or Sue's mixed with the cum from Phil's morning fuck, from an enema bag hung over my head, when it's empty, any one of numerous men or incredibly sexy women stand in front of me and refill it with their piss or cum, then watch me gulp it down!! When my bladder is full, it's drained by a catheter inserted into me behind my balls and conceald in the shrink wrap... emptied into a small cabinet behind me.

Next month Phil says he's getting a new stand for me.... with a bigger dildo, more electricity, and it wll fuck.. up and down, different speeds at different intervals, and an electric probe that will go into my urethera!!!

I'll split my time between being the mummified sex statue I am now and on a movable cart like Sues, so I can start giving blowjobs... he can't wait to see me deep throat 12 or 13 inches of fat black cock for hours at a time!! I'll be fist fucked since my asshole will be so streched out, no one will want to fuck me.

Sue will become a sex statue like me... he's tired of her.. she's all fucked out but he can still torture her... especially when her 22 year old sister arrives and becomes his new slut and slave!!

"That dildo in his ass... will fill you up nicely...when you take his place" Phil sighed softly.

He was getting a nice blowjob from a friends wife, while Sue was on her moving cart. Phil had her backed onto my cock, and when the cart moved back, burying every inch of me in her ass, he shut it off!! Sue was not only stuffed with a live, pulsating, throbbing cock now, it was stuck there, un moving and her guts were starting to churn and cramp up horribly!!

In front of her, the husband of the girl sucking Phil, was just getting the last of his 11 inch cock into Sues gagging, choking throat!!!

"As soon as you cum" Phil said to the guy cock choking Sue...

"Gag her and leave her there till morning... I think we need to double team your hot little wife here!!!"

"You go ahead... fuck her" the guy moaned...

"I'm gonna be in this bitches throat for another hour or so... I'm good for 3 or 4 loads a night, and she's gonna get the first two!!!"

My toes gave out about then and I started convulsng from the massive 9PM shocks exploding in my guts. When the guy pumped his first load down Sues groaning choking throat, I came too but as usual, it was all horribly internal!!

I just closed my eyes and cried... dreamed a moment of being able to move, walk flat footed, let my asshole close, drink anything that didn't come from another person... and look at Sue across from me..... suffering just like me.... this was all her fault and soon she would pay for it by seeing Phil and his friends fuck the hell out of her innocent little sister!!!

Relief or not...there would be justice!!!