Strip Poker Bondage

by Lancer175

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Saturday nights have been poker night for the neighborhood “boys” for years. But the gang keeps decreasing until finally only two of the men would meet. Mitzi came into the basement to check to see if the guys wanted drinks and asked her husband Hank why he has never asked her or Fred’s wife Mandy if they wanted to play poker and make a foursome.

Hank and Fred thought for a minute, “Do you girls think you know enough about how to play poker to make the games interesting?”

“Well, let me talk to Mandy, I think we can make the game very interesting.”

The following Saturday, Mitzi and Mandy showed up at 7PM to play poker.

“We are here, and to make the game interesting for you guys, we suggest we play strip poker, not just us girls either.”

The guys were caught off guard by their wives suggestion. It wasn’t that they have never seen each other naked as they have participated together in a few swinger clubs and wife swapping events. To have this come from the females was different.

“Wow, I really didn’t think you ladies were up for some enticement. Stripping means everything stripped, right?”

“Absolutely!” answered Mitzi, though Mandy did not seem quite as enthusiastic.

The game was on. The first night, the guys both kept their underwear, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls lose everything. Mitzi put on a strip tease act as she removed her Victoria Secret’s lacy bra that held her Grand Tetons in place that barely covered her nipples. She teased and pleased the male companions as she lost a poker hand. She bounced about slinging her bra in the air and flopping her massive melons in front of the husbands as she observed the rise of the pup tents in the men’s underwear.

Mandy was much more reserved, however just as well endowed. Just the same, the guys focused on her boobs as she slowly and sheepishly removed her plain white cotton bra. It only took two more hands of poker before both girls were totally naked with cunt hair in full bloom for all to see. Though they lost in poker, their husbands would reward them for their skill later.

Each week the ladies became more proficient in poker. Times became more frequent that they even watched their husbands lose their shorts. But, after a few weeks of bouncing boobs and hanging dicks, the novelty wore off. Then Hank made another suggestion:

“Let’s add some excitement to the game and tie up the first person that becomes fully naked.”

Mitzi loved the idea, especially since she and Hank frequently had bondage sex. Fred was on board with this new twist in the weekly card games.

Mandy was not so fond of the idea. “I am the lousiest poker player and will wind up being tied up all the time.”

“Don’t be a party pooper, Mandy,” her husband Fred told her. “If you get caught as the last player to strip, I will be the one to tie you up, we’ve played bondage games before, be a sport and play along.”

Against her better judgment, Mandy agreed the next week to play strip tied poker.

The next card night started off with a few drinks to loosen everybody up. There was a bit of excitement about the new game rules for the evening. As the games began, it was the guys that were literally losing their shirts first. The girls would only enjoy the lead for a short time as each wife lost their blouse, then their pants.

Mitzi somewhat cheated on Mandy as she wore nylon stockings on each leg while Mandy had on full panty hose. When Mitzi lost the next hand and only removed one stocking, Mandy really complained.

“No fair! That gives you an advantage over me wearing panty hose,” which Mandy had to remove the very next hand.

As Mandy predicted, she was the first person out and was the first person to be placed in bondage. Fred lived up to his promise and was the one to tie up Mandy. He directed her to stand up and place her hands behind her back. He took soft white rope and tied her hands together. He then proceeded to pick up her panty hose to stuff the panty section in her mouth.

“No fuckin’ way, you’re not going to ga—mfgmfgmdmghfmgmgm!

Fred chuckled as he filled her mouth with the panty section and wrapped the leg sections around her head, knotting the legs together in her mouth to further keep the panty section secured and his wife somewhat quiet.

He took Mitzi’s nylon stockings to tie Mandy’s legs together. Mandy kept trying to scream through her gag and kept tossing around so much so Fred decided to actually tie her directly to the chair. Needless to say, this only served to piss off Mandy even more.

After Mandy was firmly secured, Fred began to tease her and play with her boobs. A gentle bouncing of the boobs up and down, then some playful titty slap caused Mandy to try to say some very nasty words to her husband through her gag. The more Mandy became angry, the more Fred enjoyed it.

“Hey Hank, come on over and check out my wife’s boobs,” Fred called out to Mitzi’s husband.

Fred saw Mitzi give her husband a dirty look when Hank walked over to Mandy and fondled each massive breast.

Fred yelled, “Pinch her nipples, Mandy really likes that.”

So Hank pinched each nipple and twirled the nipples between his fingers. Mandy’s reaction was not very happy as her boobs became the guys personal play toys.

“Hey, Mitzi, how about a little lezzie action?”

If the truth were to be known, Mandy and Mitzi had shared some personal quality time together when the guys hadn't been around. In this case, Mandy actually hoped Mitzi would participate, and she did.

The guys backed away as Mitzi gently caressed each of Mandy’s luscious mounds. She lovingly raised each breast separately to her mouth and looped her wet tongue around and around the areola. Her lips encircled each nipple, gently sucking until the knobs were erect and pointed. Mandy’s muffled sounds of complaint turned into muffled moans of pleasure. The guys seemed a bit bewildered at this mutual erotica between their wives. Both Mandy and Mitzi were enjoying this experience that they obviously had shared before.

Fred turned to his wife, “OK Mandy, time to go home.”

He reached around and removed the rope that attached Mandy to her chair. Mandy was thinking she was about to be totally released and shocked with her husband’s next action. Instead of untying the rest of the knots and removing her gag, he picked up his naked and cinched up wife and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of wheat. As he walked towards the door with his trussed wife, Fred turned to Hank and Mitzi,

“See you guys next week, right Mandy?” Fred slapped his wife’s bare hiney to get a muffled growl.

“Don’t worry guys, I will get her home with a gallon of Captain Morgan and she will be a mellow sex kitten.”

Though somewhat reluctant, Mandy returned with Fred to the poker game the next week. As they began to sit around the table, the guys lit up huge El Producto cigars. Wait a fucking minute” Mitzi yelled. “If you guys are going to smoke those dog turds, we are going to enjoy a couple cigarettes.” Mitzi pulled out a pack of Marlboro lights and tossed one over the table to Mandy.

“What’s this shit, I thought you girls quit smoking?” inquired Hank. Mitzi explained if the guys could stink up the house with cigars, they were going to enjoy smoking some cigarettes while they played cards. With that, Mitzi lit up her Marlboro and took a deep drag, blowing smoke across the table at her husband.

“Come on, Mandy” Mitzi directed her comment to Mandy across the table, “have a smoke”. Mandy picked up a filtered cigarette and truly enjoyed a pleasure she had denied herself for several months.

Mandy was still very leery of playing strip poker that included someone in bondage, knowing it would probably again be her. To put her mind at ease, Mitzi suggested they play teams, boys against the girls. The first one out of either sex would require both be bound. Mandy still wasn’t sure as if she would be out first, poor Mitzi would also have to be placed in bondage, just didn’t seem fair.

“I don’t know Mitzi. I don’t want to force you into some kind of kinky bondage because I am a lousy poker player.”

“Don’t worry, Mandy,” Mitzi replied, “I got it, we can beat these fools” The guys started to laugh. Just the thought of the women beating them in poker was foolhardy.

The game started badly for the women. They lost the first few hands and were already down to their bra and panties. The guys offered them a chance to reconsider the offer, but the girls were more determined than ever to beat the men in poker. Luck began to turn when the girls won the next several hands. Everyone was down to their last piece of clothes, panties and men’s briefs. Hank was dealing when he looked to his wife and snickered,

“Just wait until I get to tie you up, you’ll wish you took our offer to reconsider.”

Mitzi took a puff of her Marlboro and blew smoke rings in the air as she answered,

“Game ain’t over yet, honey.”

The last hand, loser and their partner will be placed in bondage by the other team, and who knows what extra activities may take place. Mandy was very nervous and started chain smoking cigarettes. She knew she would not win. They went around the table, Mandy only had a pair of 4’s, Joe had a pair of 8’s. It was down to Mitzi and her husband, Hank.

“Two pair, baby. Dead man’s hand, aces and eights.” Hank felt sure he and Fred would soon have their tied up wives to play with for the evening.

Mitzi had a cigarette dangling from her mouth like a Vegas high-roller. “Read ‘em and weep, boys, four Jacks”

The men were shocked, and Mandy was very relieved. Mitzi reached in front of her husband and grabbed two El Producto’s, throwing one across the table for Mandy.

“Light ‘em up, baby” Mitzi yelled to Mandy.

The two ecstatic women put a stogie in their mouths and lit up the cigars like Red Auerbach after winning a Celtics game. The girls leaned back puffing on their cigars and watched with glee as their men took off their final piece of clothing, revealing their partially erect cocks. The men actually enjoyed watching the exotic nature of their wives smoking cigars as their bare breasts raised and lowered with each inhale.

“Well Mandy, whatever shall we do with these two passionate men that just yearn to have sex with us? Mitzi questioned while puffing on the cigar.

Hank and Fred looked at each other, “Now, just wait a minute, we didn’t agree to any kind of sex activity” Fred complained.

“And having everyone play with my tits wasn’t a sexual activity?” responded Mandy.

The women looked like a couple of 1930’s crime bosses as they answered them with the big cigars sticking out of their mouths.

“OK, see you guys, in the chairs with your hands behind the chair back and your legs spread out so we can tie them to the chair legs” directed Mitzi in her best Edward G. Robinson imitation as the cigar protruded from the side of her mouth.

The women took absolute joy in tying up their husbands. Mitzi tied her husband Hank’s wrists together first, followed by more rope to pull the elbows close. She took rope around the chair several times encircling the husband’s chest above and below his nipples. She moved to the front of the chair and secured both ankles to the chair legs. She took additional rope and stretched the rope around his belly above his crotch and around the back of the chair to prohibit too much movement. She couldn’t help herself when she placed the rope around his waist and had to tease his partially erect manhood. She stuffed her panties in his mouth, securing the gag with one of her nylon stockings.

Fred wasn’t getting off easy with Mandy, either. Mandy tied each arm from the shoulder to the back chair leg with several rounds of rope so his arms were straight down parallel to the chair back sides. She took rope and ran it around each side of his crotch, under the chair and back around to assure maximum opening to his sexual target. Each leg was looped at the knee with the ropes attached to the bottom chair rung. She took an additional rope to tie his legs securely to the chair legs.

He continued to protest to his wife that this was not fair and much worse than he did to her. Mandy got tired of his noise so she re-secured her stuffed panties in her husband’s mouth with several rounds of duct tape she found lying on a kitchen counter. The women puffed on their cigars and chuckled as they blew smoke at their husbands. They were very pleased with their handiwork as both men were solidly secured in their chairs awaiting whatever pleasures, or other devious actions, their wives had planned.

“Let’s have a cock fight!” Mandy suggested.

“We titty fuck our husbands until one of us is able to cause their husband’s cock to ejaculation.”

“Hey, that’s a great idea, to see which wife has the better set of boobs to give our husband a massive hard-on and grand finale. Can we begin with a blow job to get the party started?”

It was obvious Mitzi was thrilled with the idea of teasing and pleasing their husbands while completely bound at the women’s wishes. The men didn’t need too much additional encouragement as their erections were already beginning to rise to the occasion. A few ups and downs by the girls and the competition was ready to begin.

The guys looked with glee as the giant boobs of their respective wives were lowered and placed around their manhood. Mitzi had already well lubricated her husband with her tongue and throat. She let a bit more drool from her mouth drop between her boobs as she encircled her hubby’s dick with her volumes of soft skin cushion. Mandy likewise made sure her man was ready for the challenge when she gave him her erotic blow job, taking his entire rod into her mouth and pursing her lips around it as she slowly raised her head off the top bulb.

The muffled moans of pleasure from their captives encouraged the girls to move their breasts even faster. Taking their boobs into their hands, squeezing them around the cocks caused the men to try to lift their groin muscles upward as much as they could.

“MMMFFF, MMMFFF, MMMFFF” was coming from behind the gags of their husbands as the men began to reach their pinnacle.

The up and down of the boobs around the concrete tubes of sex squeezed the bulb head of the two penis poking in and out of the mounds of flesh. Mitzi could tell her husband was ready to explode as she squeezed her tits as hard as she could around his cock.

”MMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!”, Mitzi’s husband let out his muffled sounds of glory, a geyser of warm cum shot high into the air, hitting Mitzi in the chin and dripping down both of her boobs.

“Way to go, Hank! We won. I knew you would be great since we have had plenty of practice with your most favorite sex games.”

As Hank looked at her with sweat dripping from all parts of his body, she could tell he was smiling behind the gag. As a final reward, she licked his cock clean and kissed him on his nylon gag. Fred almost reached climax, but wasn’t quite able to come yet.

“Well, Fred. Since you had no problem letting Mitzi and Hank play with me, I think I will let Mitzi finish you off.”

Though they did some wife swapping years ago, Fred wasn’t really happy his wife would let another woman touch him, much less make him ejaculate.

Fred was trying to say a gagged no, “unt uf, unh unh”, when Mandy tightened his bonds even more so his crotch was wide open for whatever Mitzi had in mind to finish his pleasure. Mitzi started by slowly licking his innermost area beside the crotch ropes. She then took his balls into her mouth, rolling them around on her moistened tongue.

“Pinch his nipple, Mitzi, he really loves that” getting even with Fred for pinching and pulling her nipples while she was tied.

Mitzi took the suggestion and pinched his nipples, really hard to the point he made a muffled scream into his gag. Mandy laughed, served him right.

Mitzi would finish the competition for Mandy by getting Fred to ejaculate. She bounced Fred’s cock around in her hand, back and forth like a ping pong. Mitzi took the bulb head into her mouth, circling her lips around the fringe of the bulb with a pursing lip motion bringing the limp noodle back to attention.

Always the inventive one, when Mitzi finished her preliminary with Fred she went into the kitchen to get some olive oil which makes an excellent lubricant. Pouring the oil over her hands, she grabbed Fred’s cock, squeezing as she motioned her hands up and down the shaft. Fred’s body began to become rigid as Fred’s moans of pleasure into his gag indicating the rocket was about to launch. Just as Fred’s groin pushed upwards, Mitzi placed her mouth over the harden rail to catch every last drop in her mouth.

“MMMMMMMFFFFFFFF” Fred was trying to yell beneath his panty gag as his pulsating load was absorbed by Mitzi.

“Hey, that’s way more than I wanted you to do!”

Mandy yelled at Mitzi as the cum dripped from Mitzi’s mouth.

“Good to the last drop,” Mitzi sarcastically answered. Mandy was a bit pissed that Mitzi went above just finishing her husband’s ejaculation by giving Fred some very personalized lip and mouth service. Meanwhile, Fred was exhausted by Mitzi’s unique ways to bring him to his climax.

“OK guys, party’s over,” a still miffed Mandy told the men as she unwrapped the duct tape from her husband’s mouth.

“Sorry, Mandy, I couldn’t help it, she just did some things to me that really turned me on,” Fred told his wife.

“Yeah, right, let’s go home,” Mandy responded as she continued to release her husband from bondage.

The group gathered again the following Saturday night with a different set of partners. This week, the partners would be the husband and wife teams, Mandy and Fred vs. Mitzi and Hank. The first few hands, Mitzi and Hank seemed to be close to stripping first. But the tables turned with Mandy down to her panties and Fred down to his briefs. Mandy was getting worried she would once again be subject to bondage and her husband could again be a sex toy for Mitzi.

“Four kings, Gotcha!” yelled Mitzi with glee.

Mandy dropped her drawers as Fred stood up and let his underwear fall before their captors. Mandy worried what kind of bondage sex she and Fred would be subject to for the rest of the evening.

Mandy’s hands were immediately tied behind her back by Hank as she was led into another room to wait while Mitzi worked on tying up her husband, or worse. Hank stuffed a large sponge into Mandy’s mouth and secured it by wrapping many rounds of duct tape around her head. When Hank brought Mandy back into the room, Fred was tied to a chair with both legs tied to the chair legs. His arms were stretched back behind the chair with his wrists tied together. Ropes criss-crossed his chest with two clothes pins attached to his nipples.

His cheeks bulged with huge wads of packing visible through the clear packing tape that was wrapped several times around his head. What upset Mandy most was the enormous hard on that was rising from his crotch. No doubt, Mitzi once again took full advantage of her time with Fred to use her sexual prowess to get his sex organ ready for action.

Mitzi grabbed Mandy and wound lengths of rope around each of her breasts several times causing the boobs into round orbs with nipples pointing. Mitzi took additional rope and made a rope bra for Mandy with a middle lead rope between her breasts so Mitzi could pull on the rope and lead Mandy where she wanted her. Mandy complained through her gag to no avail.

Mitzi obviously had a devious plan in mind for her neighbor friends. Mitzi pulled on the leash rope attached to Mandy and positioned her in front of her husband Fred. Mandy looked at her husband’s cock and could see the glimmering of fluid most likely already provided by Mitzi as lubricant.

Mandy was directed to slowly back on to her husband’s lap and ease herself on to his erection. Mandy lowered her body and positioned her nest on to the bulb head of Fred’s penis, slowly lowering herself completely on to the rod. Mandy moaned with pleasure as she could feel the massive dick pushing against her inner walls.

“OK Mandy, you can start to enjoy this experience” directed Mitzi.

Mandy didn’t need persuading as she began the up and down motions on his love rod. She could feel his cock pulsating inside of her as she slid faster and faster up and down his pole.

“Whooa, girl!” yelled Mitzi.

She sharply pulled on the breast rope tied to Mandy, quickly pulling her off of her husband’s cock just prior to the couple reaching climax. Fred began to plead through his gag for Mandy to be allowed to keep going.

Mandy was furious, screaming into her gag at Mitzi to let her complete the job. Mitzi and Hank laughed at the frustrated couple. Mandy was placed back over Fred with her soaking wet pussy reaching towards the skyward monument. She slid rapidly down the pole, nearly bounding into the air as her G-spot was touched. Just as Mandy and her husband got into a rhythm, the rope was pulled again, launching Mandy off her husband.

“Oh you poor little thing,” Mitzi said to Mandy, “can’t have an orgasm unless I let you. And your husband is going to explode if he can’t soon shoot his wad. OK, we’ve had enough fun with you guys.”

Mitzi placed Mandy back on to her husband so they both could finally reach ecstasy. Mandy was gyrating, frantically moving her body, her big tits flopping as she could finally come. Mandy let out a horrific muffled scream of passion as she reached orgasm.

Fred’s motions and frantic mumbling sounds indicated he was ready for launch. As the husband and wife team quivered together to explode, Mitzi again pulled Mandy off Fred in perfect time for his load to shoot skyward over Mandy’s ass and back. His fountain kept pumping as the warm cum landed on his legs and on the floor.

Mitzi was fully entertained watching her two neighbors reach orgasm simultaneously, but separately. Mandy failed to see the humor as she was still quivering from the sexual electricity, but without the final cannon fire into her void. Mandy and Fred were absolutely furious with their neighbors. This was much more than they all had agreed for the poker games. Next week would be the final game.

The couples barely spoke to each other the next week. Fred and Mandy were still pissed at how they were denied the sexual pleasures of husband and wife while tied up. But they did agree for one final night, with a slight rule change. The first player out would be tied by the other three, the second player by the other two, and the last man standing would tie the last person and get to utilize all three players as they desired. Definitely a high stress night.

The women were smoking heavily like college girls during exam week with each hand dealt. Even the men seemed a bit concerned with what could be the final outcome. Surprisingly, the first one out was Hank. He was tied to a chair with his ankles secured to both chair legs, hands tied behind his back, and a huge rubber ball taped into his mouth as a very effective gag. Mitzi was concerned that Mandy and Fred would make some even more unusual bondage as a pay back, but, at least for now, a simple chair bondage seemed to satisfy them.

This left Mitzi alone against Fred and Mandy. Mandy was the real nervous one as she was probably the least experienced of the crew playing cards. She lit one cigarette after another during each hand. Fred lost the second hand, and again, the bondage was plain vanilla, Mandy wasn’t going to let Mitzi mess with her husband again. The two women tied him to a chair in the same fashion that Hank was tied.

At this point, neither woman messed with the husbands. Now the final decision came down to the two women. Neither were card sharks, and after Mitzi took advantage of both Mandy and her husband, Mandy was determined to win. In a smoke filled room with ashtrays full, the challenge was on.

Mitzi was sure of her hand and kept calling Mandy until she was finally down to her last few dollars. When the final hand was called, Mandy jumped for joy when she saw Mitzi had three jacks, as Mandy laid down three kings. Mandy finally had her chance to get even with Mitzi for her bondage antics with Fred as well as Mitzi playing with Mandy’s boobs when Mandy was the first victim tied.

“No hard feelings, huh Mitzi? Let’s have a few beers.”

So Mandy and Mitzi sat and smoked cigarettes, sometimes even laughing together when Mandy finally ended the conversation.

“OK, Mitzi, your time has come.” With that rather forceful statement, Mandy grabbed a tipsy Mitzi and quickly tied her hands behind her back.

Mandy picked up Mitzi’s moist panties and stuffed them into her mouth along with the two tube socks Mitzi wore. Mitzi’s cheeks bulged as Mandy wound and wound duct tape around her head to secure her mouth was fully packed.

“Let’s help perk up these boobs,” Mandy said gleefully as she took strands of electrical tape to mold the tits into massive nose cones.

“And I remember how you said my husband liked his nipples clamped, so I am sure you enjoy the same pleasure.”

With that, Mandy sucked on Mitzi’s nipples until they became elongated and very hard. She found some spring loaded clothespins to attach to each breast. Mitzi jerked with pain as the nipple clamps were applied.

As Mitzi sat in her chair, Mandy went over to Hank and began to stroke his already springing penis. Her actions only served to move his missile into a state of readiness, reaching towards the ceiling, solid as granite. Mandy wanted to secure his pleasure for future use by taking a nylon stocking and tying it tightly around his balls. He winched with pain as Mandy knotted the stocking around the back of the chair, pulling his nuts backwards.

To add to his frustrations, Mandy licked his erect manhood with her saliva soaked tongue. She then took the entire shaft into her mouth and looped her lips around the shaft. Hank moaned with pleasure and pain as his payload wanted to explode but couldn’t.

Mitzi became furious watching Mandy have her way with Hank. And after drinking several beers, she really needed to pee. Diabolical Mandy knew Mitzi’s full bladder would be reaching a point of desperation. Making Mitzi slide her pussy onto her husband’s fully erect cock would give Mitzi contrasting feelings of pain and pleasure. Mitzi was trying to keep from flowing while her husband’s cock was positioned inside her. Mandy tied Mitzi’s ankles to her husbands and looped a rope around them both to keep Mitzi steady on the rod.

Mandy was going to pleasure herself and her husband as she sucked his cock with a passion, her head bobbed up and down expanding his manhood with every stroke. Once his phallic was solid, she leapt onto Fred’s lap and jumped onto his enormous erection riding him like a bouncing bronco. Mandy’s huge tits smacked Fred in the face with every gyration of Mandy’s body. Fred lurched as high as his bonds would allow as his hot load smashed into the lining of Mandy’s love nest. His gagged moans of pleasure were barely audible as Mandy screamed with orgasmic ecstasy.

Mandy released Fred from his bindings, embracing him with love and compassion. She turned her eyes to Mitzi and Hank. Two love birds bound together without the ability to fuck. Mandy knew Hank would literally explode when she released the knots around his gonads. Mitzi looked in pain as she kept trying to hold herself from urinating. As soon as Mandy freed Hank’s sex organs, she began to move Mitzi’s body causing Hank and Mitzi to uncontrollably begin the act of love making.

Mitzi couldn’t stop her movements as she felt the jackhammer inside her, forcing a trickle of warm liquid to run down Hank’s leg. Mitzi’s breasts were on fire when the clothes pins snapped off her nipples as she reached the height of pleasure. They both finally reached orgasm as Hank’s cannon fired his hot shots load into Mitzi. Mitzi screamed through her gag as she reached ecstasy causing her bladder to explode, gushing a waterfall around Hank’s penis and down his legs.

Fred and Mandy howled with laughter watching the bound couple fucking like minx while Mitzi’s water flowed between them. Beads of sweat dripped off of Hank and Mitzi as they completed the height of magnificent sexual excitement. Mitzi was still tied on top of Hank’s dick. “So what will happen if I don’t release you Mitzi? You had had your pleasure and released your pain. Mitzi’s anger was boiling. Great sex in a Niagara of piss wasn’t her idea of pleasure. Mandy reached over to remove Mitzi’s gag.

“OK Mitzi, truce. No more bondage and messing with each other’s husbands.” Mitzi spit out the packing from her mouth,

“Ok, Ok, I guess we both went a bit too far. Hank and I will get cleaned up. You mind helping us with this mess?”

Fred and Mandy mopped the tile floor where the couple was tied and cleaned the chairs. Mitzi and Hank came back into the room, cleaned and clothed. “Got to admit, these were some card games!” Hank commented, walking over towards Mandy.

“Well, in all honesty, I really did get quite turned on by these weekly competitions, but I guess we better stop,” Mandy responded.

“But, what will we do on Saturday nights?” Mitzi asked.

“How about naked pickleball, boys against the girls?” Fred suggested.

“Very funny,” replied Mandy, “any game but naked Twister, I’ve had enough knots for a while.”


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