Stranger in the House

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lingerie; bond; cuffs; rope; gag; chairtie; tease; caught; hogtie; toys; climax; cons; X

The room was a study in quiet elegance. Furnished in dark wood and soft leather, gently lighted, the room bespoke wealth and comfort. But to the woman perched rather nervously in one of the room’s chairs, it was simply home.

Sandra James was a Cinderella story brought to life. Married at seventeen to a poor but hard working clerk, she had watched as her husband, with her help, had worked his way to success, finally becoming owner of the regional retail chain that had previously employed him. When her husband died in a plane crash, Sandra had stepped in to run the company, which continued to grow under her firm guidance.

Tonight, fidgeting in her chair, she seemed anything but the confident businesswoman. Dressed entirely in white, her lacy bra and panties, garter belt and sheer stockings seemed more appropriate for the bedroom than the study. As she sat, she cast repeated glances toward the clock, as if awaiting something. It was nearing nine in the evening when another figure entered the room. Dressed in a black, close-fitting cat suit, the statuesque blonde froze at the sight of the woman now rising from her chair.

“You made it,” Sandra exclaimed. “I wasn’t sure if you could find the place.”

“Excuse me?” the blonde replied, seeming puzzled.

“I wasn’t sure if I gave the club good enough directions,” Sandra explained. “After all, this place is rather isolated. But you’re here now, so I guess we’re ready. Just one question. Do you prefer rope or leather?”

“Er, leather,” said the blonde.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Sandra beamed. “Leather is much more comfortable I think.” So saying, she reached into a chest and withdrew a set of leather cuffs. “Of course,” she continued, “you’ll still need to use rope to connect them. Do you want to put them on me, or should I?”

“Put them…….?” The blonde seemed at a total loss, but forged ahead. “Please, go ahead and put them on.”

Not noticing the blonde’s puzzlement, Sandra quickly applied cuffs to each wrist and ankle.

“You know,” she said as she adjusted the fit, “when I first contacted the club, I wasn’t sure about this. I mean, hiring someone to tie you up is a bit unusual. But you seem like a confident woman. I’m sure I’ll be in the best of hands.” Turning to face the blonde, she asked, “Could we do a chair tie? I really like those.”

“Certainly,” the blonde replied. “After all, we want you to enjoy this.”

“There’s rope in the chest,” Sandra said, seating herself in a sturdy wooden chair that seemed slightly out of place in the room. Calmly, she watched as her guest drew several lengths of rope from the chest.

First, the blonde used a long piece of rope to tie together the D rings on Sandra’s ankle cuffs. She then wrapped the ends of the rope repeatedly around the chair legs, trapping Sandra’s ankles between the wraps, before drawing the ends together and tying them off once more at the D rings. Some experimental tugs showed Sandra that, not only were her feet bound together, but the wraps kept her from moving them at all.

“Now the hands,” the blonde said. Drawing Sandra’s hands over her head, she once more tied the D rings together, then pulled the rope down the back of the chair, drawing Sandra’s bound hands behind her head, tying the rope off at the bottom of the center slat on the chair back. The remaining length was passed between the slats, around Sandra‘s waist, then tied off once again at the center slat, holding her firmly against the back of the chair.

“Wouldn‘t want you falling out, would we?” the blonde asked, smiling.

“No,” Sandra replied with a smile, “we wouldn‘t.” She squirmed against her bonds. “This feels so good,” she murmured. “I’d forgotten what this feels like.”

For a moment, the blonde simply watched as Sandra squirmed in her bonds. Then, reaching into the chest once more, she withdrew two more items. Sandra smiled at the sight of the gag, willingly accepting it into her mouth. The sight of the vibrator, however, drew a questioning look.

Smiling, the blonde activated the vibrator, then drew it across the bound woman’s large breasts. Sandra moaned as the vibrations quickly brought her nipples to full erection. Slowly, the blonde drew the vibrator downward, stopping only when she reached the very noticeable damp patch on the front of the white panties.

“Do you want a little more?” she asked, smiling at the sight of Sandra’s enthusiastic nod. Slowly, she drew the vibrator up and down along the panties, causing Sandra’s hips to twitch as she tried to push herself against the source of her pleasure.

“More?” Again, Sandra nodded. Using one finger, the blonde drew aside the crotch of her panties, gliding the vibrator across the exposed lips.

For Sandra, this was pure torture. As the vibrator continued to brush against her, it sent lightning bolts of pure pleasure throughout her bound body. She wanted so desperately to cum, but the stimulations wasn’t quite enough. Moaning, eyes closed, she writhed against her bonds, her need making it impossible to remain still.

Lost in her need and helplessness, Sandra barely felt her bra being pushed up, baring her breasts. At the feel of lips on her nipple, she opened her eyes, glancing down at the blonde head bend toward her. At the gentle suckling of her nipple, her eyes closed once more, her body relaxing as she surrendered totally to the feelings within her.

“So pretty,” the blonde murmured, moving from one nipple to the other. “And so ready.” Gently, she pushed the vibrator between Sandra’s lips, easing it deep within her. “Cum for me, pretty one.”

At these words, Sandra’s body stiffened, the long sought orgasm crashing through her. For long moments, she bucked and thrashed against her bonds, then her body collapsed, seeming to melt into the chair.

“Very nice.” At the sound of the words, two heads snapped around. Standing in the doorway was a submissive’s dream. Her well stacked body sheathed in form fitting leather, the brunette gazed curiously at the room’s occupants.

“Mrs. James, I know,” she said. “Now who are you.”

Instead of replying, the blonde scrambled to her feet and broke for the door. The brunette responded to the sudden move with a quick fist to the stomach, dropping the blonde at Sandra’s feet. Struggling to regain her breath, the blonde offered no resistance as the brunette drew more rope from the open chest, securing her in a tight hogtie. A ball gag, ensured her silence as the brunette turned her attention to Sandra.

Her own gag removed, Sandra licked her lips. “Who….. who are you?” she asked, still struggling to recover from the force of her orgasm.

“I’m Caroline,” the brunette responded, bending to work on Sandra’s bonds. “The club sent me out to conduct your session tonight.”

“The club?” Sandra glanced at the bound blonde. “But if you’re from the club, who is she?”

“I have no idea,” Caroline responded. “I’ve never seen her before.” Finishing with the final knot, she rose. “Now, if you’re ok, I’ll call the police.”

“No,” Sandra said. “No, I’ll take care of that.” Donning a robe taken from a nearby couch, she took Caroline’s arm, guiding her toward the door. “Thank the club for me, please, and let them know I understand they had no part in what happened tonight. And say nothing of this. I prefer to handle it myself.”

With Caroline gone, Sandra returned to the study, seating herself once more on the wooden chair. For a moment, she gazed at the blonde lying bound at her feet, then leaned down and removed the gag.

“I think,” she said quietly, “that you should now tell me who you are and why you’re in my home. Or would you rather I simply called the police?”

For a moment, the blonde tugged at her bonds, then her body relaxed in defeat.

“My name is Amber,” she replied softly. “I came here to rob you.”

“Rob me?” Sandra was shocked. “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because you’re the reason I’m here.”

“I’m sorry,” Sandra said, “but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I took care of the books in my father’s shop,” Amber replied, “ever since I got out of school. We were doing pretty good then, but it got harder and harder to compete with your chain stores. Two months ago, dad gave up and retired. I came here to find a job and go to accounting school, but nobody would even look at me. The only job offer I got was to model nude. I don’t even have the money to get home now, so I decided to take it from you. Someone as rich as you wouldn’t miss it, and, if it weren’t for your stores, I’d be home right now, doing the books in dad’s shop.”

Sandra was shocked. She’d known her stores were putting pressure on the smaller places, but it hadn’t occurred to her that they might be going out of business. Silently, she gazed down at the bound blonde, a smile beginning to form as an idea took shape.


“Dad reopened his shop today.”


“He’s thrilled. So is everyone in town. Now that he’s franchised to your chain, they don’t have to drive all the way to one of your big stores.”


“Oh, and I got an A on my last test. The teacher said I’m the brightest accounting student he’s ever seen.”


“Are you sure? I still have your checkbook to balance, and last month’s bills to file. But I think they can wait for just a bit.”

Tied spread eagle on her bed, Sandra squirmed as Amber’s lips closed over her nipple. The three months since Amber had become her accountant and Mistress had been the happiest she’d known since her husband’s death. Now, writhing under the gentle assault, she thought that a stranger in the house might not always be a bad thing.