Story with no name

by Robert Deane

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© Copyright 2001 - Robert Deane - Used by permission

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Hello, my friend!  I know it has been entirely too long since I sat down at the keyboard and banged out a story.  But I finally did the other day, and thought you might get a kick out of it.  It doesn't have a name or maybe it's "The Story With No Name."

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Keep well - and keep warm!


She wasn't sure how long she could stay that way, how long until someone came through the front door and found her, kneeling, tied, blindfolded, and her mouth kept wide open by an O-ring gag.

If it wasn't for the blindfold, she might have tried to inch herself away from the door.  But she wasn't sure which direction it was.  And there was no hope in standing -- her ankles tied, crossed. The rest of the bondage was just as unforgiving, her wrists tied palm to palm, the white rope pulling them tight and a cinch rope pulling those ropes even tighter.  Another piece of rope above her elbows pulled her arms close together, nearly touching.  She could do that, she was that flexible.  That rope, also cinched snugly between her arms, forced her to arch her back.

And that was, at least in her mind, the effect that he wanted, because it forced her to thrust her breasts forward.  And in short order he had unbuttoned her blouse, slid the cups of her bra down beneath her breasts, and fastened a nipple clamp to each nipple.  It was tighter than she had ever felt before, but something about that tightness served only to arouse her even more.

It was only moments later that he placed the leather blindfold across her face, fastening it at the back of her head.  The smell of the leather was almost intoxicating; it also increased her arousal. She was sure at that moment that she was already soaked, though she was unable to find out for herself.

All of this was followed by the sound of his voice, telling her simply to "open wide, young lady."  She knew not why, but she followed his instructions.  Were they instructions, or had they become an order? Before she could decide, he slid what she knew was a rubber-covered O-ring, behind her teeth, holding her mouth open wider than she had thought possible. She could feel the strap being pulled tight. She knew that her mouth would not close; she did not have to wait long to find out what was next.

She didn't like ballgags because they made her drool.  And this was worse, because she had nothing to even wrap her lips around.  But if she thought that she was going to worry about the drool, the next sound she heard she liked even less. It was the sound of a zipper - his zipper!  In what seemed like only a heartbeat later, she felt his hands, strong hands, holding her head tight, followed by the tip of his cock touching her tongue.  And in one slow but deliberate movement, he shoved his cock deep inside her mouth.

She had no choice, she could either gag or somehow manage to accept it.  She made what she thought was her only choice, to accept his swollen member and to try to use her tongue to make him cum as soon as possible.

As he began his "in and out" movement, she actually began to enjoy it, this forced blowjob.  As he slid outward, she would push her tongue forward to entice it back into her mouth. She would even lean forward to keep as much of him in her mouth as she could.

Her tongue, and the "in and out" movements, finally achieved their purpose as he held her head tight and exploded inside her throat.  But there was a problem -- with the O-ring gag she could not shallow, not at all.  In a moment her mouth filled with his cum, and seconds later slid out of her mouth, down her chin, and across her exposed breasts.   It was then that, in another single movement, he slid his cock out of her mouth, took hold of her hair, and wiped his cum-soaked member with her hair.

And in one more heartbeat, without even a word of praise for her talented tongue, he was out the front door, leaving her kneeling, tied, mouth wide open, his cum across her face, in her hair, and sliding down her breasts to her belly.

She wanted him back again, soon!

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