The Storm

by Susan C

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© Copyright 2015 - Susan C - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; outdoors; bond; spreadeagle; stakes; rope; gag; storm; overnight; sex; climax; cons; X

All my life, I have had this fantasy to be taken out in to the country. Stripped naked, and left tied down naked during a very bad thunder storm. Last year I told John about my storm fantasy. John told me he was ok with my idea.

We began looking for a location in the country side. John’s father owns a large lot of land. He runs cattle and a small farm. We have keys to all the gates. We found a location that was just right. A small clearing with trees all around. Very small chance any one would find me by accident.

We live in north east Texas. Every spring we get some bad storms. But, I wanted the bad ass storm. A 10 out of 10. I want to be helpless during the storm. I think this fantasy goes back to the time I was a little girl. Every time it rained during the warm time of the year Mom and Dad would let me run naked in the back yard. When I got older, Dad put a stop to my running around naked. But, if Dad was not home, Mom would let me.

After John and I found the location. John drove 4 pieces of pipe in to the ground where he can tie me down spread eagle. We did not get any good thunder storms during the rest of that year. Waiting for the next spring and summer storm season, John got to thinking, what if during this storm we get some very large hail. I have seen hail stones the size of base ball and larger.

John then began building a frame with heavy wire to keep any hail stones from hitting me. John would put the frame over me after he tied me down. John also put some clips on each corner where he can drive some rods in to the ground so high winds can't blow it away from me.

The Storm.

The spring began to come back to North Texas. We had a few cold fronts to move by. But we did not get the bad ass storm that we were looking for. The weather service was putting out warnings about this system 2 days in advance. I told John let's do it. The timing of this storm system. It would be moving in on a Saturday afternoon and during the day on Sunday.

On Saturday John and I checked the weather all day. It looked like the storm system would hit about sundown. At about 4PM we left our home and went to our secret location, we can look off to the West and see these black bad looking clouds. I was so turned on. I can't wait. I get naked. John ties me down spread eagle. John has me tied down so tight I only move very little. I tell John not to come back after me until sunrise. John puts a ball gag in my mouth. Then puts the safety frame over me and leaves.

I am laying there helpless. The storm can have it way with me. And there nothing I can do about but ride it out. I am laying there watching the storm get closer and closer. Then the wind begins blowing like hell. I did not know it at that time. There a TV station 25 miles west of us. They had wind gust of 98 mph. I can hear tree branches breaking around me some blowing over me.

Then the wind becomes very cold. My goose bumps had goose bumps. Then the rain. This was a very hard down pour. It was so hard it was trying to go up my nose. Then some large hail began to fall. The frame is doing it job. The thunder and lightning was boomb, boomb, the ground would shake.

Then the rain slowed down. But it kept falling all night. Then a second line of very hard rain began to fall. The next morning the sun is coming up. John shows up at about 7:30 am. The rain is still falling. 

John looks at me cold and wet. Tells me, I think I will leave you there a few more hours. And he walks off. About an hour or two later the sun begins to break out.

John returns. I am now laying out in the hot sun. John tells me, I may let you stay there all day and work on your suntan. John then unties me. John had taken my clothing. I ask John where my clothing. “At home. You are going home naked”.

 John then takes some of the rope and ties my hands behind my back.  Then ties my elbows together. As we are going home I am hoping we don't get stopped by the cops.

When we get home I take a shower. John and I had some great sex later that day and night. Yes, I will be happy to do it again. I would even like to ride a cat 5 storm on the gulf coast tied down.



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