The Stories of Bound Friends 6: Lea and the Digital Friend

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 6: Lea and the Digital Friend

Lea got her first computer when she was three. Her dad thought it was a good thing to spoil a kid with because unlike almost any other expensive toy a three year old might want, it might just spark something that would lead to good jobs in the future. The mass automation of human labor was just starting to make itself felt by the time Lea was born and it was making it harder and harder for people around the world to find jobs even as the world produced more goods and services than it ever had. He figured his daughter might as well have a shot at programing some of the software and machines that would make it harder for her to find work when she gets out into the world.

He would be right about that, but it also meant that in the mean time whenever Lea was having trouble making friends or ever feeling down, she had her computers to lean on. The characters in her games wouldn’t reject the digital version of herself, or make fun of her glasses, or call her a pale ghost or nerd. It didn’t matter to her computer friends that she didn’t like boys or that she hadn’t heard of that one band and they would never exclude her from things because they just weren't programmed to do any of that.

And right now she felt she could really use that kind of simple companionship. She was no longer on speaking terms with the three people she'd called her best friends since she moved to Tullburg when she was 9. Truthfully they were her only real friends. For days after she kicked them out of her house, she sat and inconsolably sulked. She barely wanted to eat, she hardly was able to sleep, and she spent days recovering before finally sending for a cab to take her back to her parent’s house.

She had missed a few days of school, of course it was into the last few months of senior year and everyone was checking out at least a little. She was avoiding her former friends and ignoring their occasional messages. She could barely even handle passing them in the hallways, especially Andrea. She had fallen in love with her, and while she had always been reasonably sure it was one sided, it still hurt her they way it fell apart. Every time she saw Andrea she heard those word echoing around “I don’t love her, we’re just friends.” She didn’t know how to handle that with someone she’d developed such feelings for. She still couldn’t look at Sophia without getting a bit pensive or even queasy, and Megan just reminded her way too much of all the excesses that had brought the whole thing crashing down.

She told her parents a little lie, that the computer company she worked for last summer needed her again, and that she couldn’t pass up the opportunity even if it meant missing some school and occasionally going to their Philidelphia head office, where she’d crash with her brother David. David said he’d cover for her, he asked why but she didn’t respond just made him promise to keep up the lie. It sounded important to her and so he agreed. Her dad all but insisted she take the job. It all gave her a better excuse when she decided to spend the night in her cabin rather than go back to her parent’s house or where she was if the school called to say she didn’t make it in to class.

It gave her a chance to have the seclusion she felt she needed, but even still it that was hard to handle. All three tried contacting her, but she couldn’t even bring herself to open the messages. She felt trapped, everything was changing so quickly and she felt so out of control about all of it.

She rarely remembered dreams, but one morning Lea woke with one clear as day in her mind. She was in a classroom, she was sitting alone like class had yet to start or perhaps ended minutes ago. She stood up to leave but found it harder and harder to walk towards the door, a fear began to build. She eventually stopped, hunching over with her hands on her knees staring down at the floor, that was now the hardwood floor of her cabin. “I’m trapped, it’s too much,” she exhaled as her glasses dropped to the floor.

“I’m not,” came the voice of Megan from behind her. Lea turned quickly to see Megan clad head to toe in latex, tied in a strict hogtie with bright white rope. Lea watched as Megan opened her mouth and a red ballgag materialized in place, silencing her from saying anything more.

“No you’re not, you’re trapped too!” shouted the confused dream version of Lea. She turned to reach for her glasses but they weren’t there any more. She dropped down to her knees to look for them and was tackled the rest of the way to the floor from behind. She felt handcuffs at her wrists and elbows. “What are you doing?!?” Lea shouted as she was helpless to stop. She felt the tackler get off and saw Sophia also clad in black latex get off her and lay down next to her. She already wore a red ballgag and as she lay down white ropes materialized around her, forcing her hands into a reverse prayer and her legs into a tight frogtie. “What’s going on?” Lea screamed looking around the fuzzy room.

“Shh,” came a gentle whisper. “We’re only doing what you taught us,” came a softer incarnation of Andrea’s voice. “We’re escaping,” she said as she walked into sight of Lea where she finally became clear. Andrea bent down and put on Lea’s glasses and helped her to her feet. “Come with me,” said the naked Andrea as she lead a very willing, but now also naked, Lea out into the hallway.

The lights were mostly off like it was long after hours. The only lights that were still fully on was by the double door exit at the end of the hall. Lea felt her cuffs dematerialize much like Megan’s gag had simply materialized.

Andrea turned to face Lea but kept a few feet distance. “You have a choice. That room behind you is locked now, you can not return. If you are feeling trapped take this,” Andrea said as a black latex outfit materialized in her outstretched hands. “With that on, you don’t have to leave. You still can’t get through that classroom door, but you can be free to not leave.”

“But how would being hogtied make me free?”

“If you were hogtied, could you reach the doorknobs?” Andrea asked, Lea shook her head no. “Then you can not leave, you are free to stay.”

“Stay with you?” Lea asked.

Andrea smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek and shook her head. “That door is closed.”

Lea took the latex and it began to bond to her skin at her first touch. The suit crawled like a black monster blob, taking control of Lea’s movement as it went. When it reached the ends of her arms, it forced her to raise her hands behind her in a box tie where ropes began to materialize and hold her in place. As the latex crawled up it filled her mouth like a gag and took away her sight. Before her head was fully enveloped she watched as Andrea began to simply dissolve as well. But in this dream the latex made that all seem suddenly ok.  She felt herself being gently guided down to the floor while everything was pulled tighter together. Quickly the latex feeling of restriction was the only sensation on her mind. She drifted off to a comfortable sleep curled up in a latex ball in the school hallway, only to awake in real life in a cold sweat and more than a little bit damp between her legs.


 For some reason that dream stuck with her for the rest of the day. By night she had broken down her resolve and decided to just try on some cuffs or a gag or something. It felt strangely good. When she struggled around pulling at her cuffs she felt a cool sensation rise up her spine. Over the days she began to try out more and more of the things she had purchased originally for other people. She starting to spend some of the nights in the cells instead of the bed. Every time she restrained herself or punished herself, she found her bad mood would get just a little bit better.

Part of her figured that on some level she must feel she deserved the punishments. She had certainly been hard enough on herself. If her sub had been as much a “bad girl” as she felt she was, all this certainly would be something she’d do to her sub. Another part of her just felt it was nothing deeper than she must really be a switch and was feeling much more like a sub than a dom lately. But she was always a little disappointed whenever she remembered she could just let herself out, not a very strict restraint when the key’s sitting right beside you. Not a very tough punishment if she could simply stop hitting herself when it hurt. She tried playing around with ice locks but her natural instinct to always leave an exit wouldn’t let her truly trap herself and that also let her escape whatever punishment she thought up.

That’s when she turned to her computer. She was still feeling good about that area of her life at least, thanks to her success in programing something to let cell phone talk to those pleasure chips. Not just because it bought her the house or her new van, but because the code simply worked. It was one of the few things she felt comfortable pointing to as an unabashed, unquestioned success. Everything else in her life made her feel like a failure recently, except this. She figured how hard could it be to make something with a skill she was actually confident in?

Turns out, not very. All the programs she wanted to integrate luckily happened to be in the same language, making her work ten times easier. With about a week’s work, she got the house, the chips, and the Alternative Dynamics stuff like the slave suites all running off the same program. Another solid weekend and she got it setting timers and release procedures, when she locked the cells now her code couldn’t get her out till the timer was up without also calling 911 to report whatever emergency caused her to need to get out. Now if she backs out for no good reason, its a deliberate false call to 911 which means a few hundred dollar fine for a first offense, a few thousand for a second, and even up to a few years of penal contract labor for a third.

That night, she set a timer locking the cell doors until the morning. Her stomach was doing backflips as she slowly closed the door behind her. For the first time she was able to truly trap herself in there, she almost immediately tested the door and when it wouldn’t open she felt a shiver run up her spine and back down between her legs. She brought herself to multiple orgasms before finally calling it a night, though that certainly wasn’t hurt by there being nothing else to do.

After releasing herself in the morning she felt bold. Her code had worked, but she was sure she could make it better. She had been free in there to masterbate to her hearts content. When she thought about having that taken away too, the prospect excited her. It had been a while since something excited her.

She could hardly focus at school. In her mind she had already left this place, she just needed to keep showing up for another few months and do a bit of work before they would let her leave with a diploma. She tried to do all her class work at school so that when she left her mind could forget all about it.

That weekend she took a trip into the city for two reasons. One, she had been enjoying the extra sensitivity on her nipples so much that she decided it was time her clit joined the party. That piercing part hurt, but she was sure it would be worth it in the end. Two, she went to get a printed slave suit of her own. But while her friends were given standard models, she sprang for the deluxe, complete with GPS, built in data transmission, microphones, and every lock was electronically controlled without hinges or screws to be able to tamper with. It could run everything without the need for a phone or remote nearby.

While she was there she got plenty of other things for herself as well including some special stud piercings designed to magnetically connect to the suit to carry a charge, it sounded painful but strangely exciting. They also had many electronically retracting cables, they attach at either end and when told the cable housing, which is not much larger than a stack of quarters, pulls the cable to the tightness it’s told to. She couldn’t wait to try some of it on and began to change into it as the driverless van brought her back to her cabin.

Almost the rest of the day was spent locked spread eagle to one of the beds in her full outfit. The house had instructions to not let her go until a random time between 8 and 11, to tease her incessantly without letting her cum, and to give her a mild shock for every strong pull she gave the cables. It was the most maddening and exhilarating night Lea could remember. The pleasure was immense which made her always end up pulling on her bonds eventually, sending a painful shock through her piercings covered by her chastity plate and metal bra. The moment she was released she rushed to her phone to get herself off through her chip, she hadn’t even bothered to remove her outfit first. Even without neighbors, and knowing the rooms are sound insulated, she screamed so loud she still felt like someone must have heard her.

As she lay still gasping for air minutes later she resolved that this was just the beginning. She started giving the program more and more complex instructions. While the program was active it would not let her choose to remove her cuffs and collar while she was near the house, and not let her choose to remove her chastity plate at all. It wouldn’t let her cum, but it would tease her periodically whenever she was near the house. She tried it for two days, including a day at school, leading to one of the most desperately needed orgasms once she was released. When she then followed it up with four days under control, she felt almost like she was going insane by the end and decided to write in future scripts a way to earn an orgasm while still under control.

She played around with running it all on a point system. She would gain points at the start of every day, gain more points for being in bondage or taking punishments, lose points for comforts like sleeping in her bed and start back down at zero after every time she asks for an orgasm. This gave her a framework to easily add more tasks, punishments,  and permissions as independent  modules when they came to mind. She made sure to leave a backdoor to add these new modules without needing to reboot the program and start at zero points. Every 10 points meant a 1% higher chance she’d be allowed to cum if she asked, and she very quickly dreaded the idea of asking too soon and being denied and reset to zero. She would constantly be adding tasks for her to do, picking out more and more ways to rack up points quickly.

If school had felt like a placeholder before it was now almost an annoyance. She made sure to still go, the school did not allow for many absences before it would start demanding restitution. She made sure even to stop by her parent’s house from time to time, perpetuating the lie about a job in Philadelphia really consuming all her time, and that she spent most nights at David’s. It gave her free time which she spent constantly cooking up more and more modules to add to her program.

But what she started to wish for was for someone else to make the modules. The more she added the more obvious it got that she knew exactly how to game her own program. She knew exactly what everything was worth and began to felt less and less like erotic discipline and more like a logic puzzle to get to 1000 points as fast as possible. She knew the value of 90 minutes in a hogtie, and it meant she could weigh the pros and cons of that verses for example spanking herself 30 times. She lay in her cell one night thinking big picture about all of this, when her mind wandered back to Andrea’s Birthday. Suddenly she had it, she needed to stop writing rules and work to create an AI. She hadn’t made one before, but it was suddenly something she knew she had to try.

Artificial Intelligence, true computer learning beyond it’s original programing, had been developed years ago in an open source project anyone could use. It all operated on two principles, active boundaries and seed data. Seed data is the starting point of information, the AI then dissects what it is given, and researches information related the original seed data branching from related topic to related topic. Active boundaries is what keeps it in line and giving it a stated purpose. Without boundaries, the AI will continue to grow forever, diminishing its clarity, jumping its focus to something it wasn’t meant to focus on, and slowing it down eventually collapsing altogether once it can’t compute everything it’s attempting to calculate. And without a defined goal it wouldn’t know how to judge the best answer even if it had all the information.

The seed data was no problem. There’s plenty of pre-made packets she could supplement with the house’s recordings, what she’d programmed up to that point and whatever else she might want. The active boundaries was more tricky. They needed to keep her safe and listen to her input while still being willing to inflict pain and disregard her pleas at the right time. It needed to command her around but still allow her to have a normal life while away from the cabin. BDSM has some grey lines sometimes, or at least greyer than computers tend to like them. Consent, consensual non-consent and non-consent are sometimes hard to distinguish in programing code. It needed to know when was too much, when did struggle turn from fun to desperate. She gave up trying to predict every possible scenario and simply created a broad goal that she supplemented with the response-detection algorithm eDict uses and to give the computer better data as it pursued its overall goal of being Lea’s Mistress.

It became all she worked on for weeks, running simulation after simulation until each version of her AIs collapse. Builds A-G all failed, either collapsing from overload or being unable to find the right balances Lea wanted. In general she seemed to be making progress though, they were generally lasting longer and longer.

She became increasingly distant, her schoolwork began to slip a bit, and she still wasn’t returning messages from her former friends. The only things that snapped her back for a little while was when she began to receive letters back from the schools she applied to. Mostly rejections, she got into a few places but with her mind occupied and her bank account full she found it hard to get excited about her second tier choices accepting her. The end of the year began approaching, final essays, final assignments all started annoyingly distracting her from what she saw as her main work. Build H seemed to be stable, and Lea looked forward to the big empty area on her calendar known as “Readings Week” before the finals which she thought would be a perfect time to move from simulation to field testing.

As her driverless van pulled up to her cabin she was sure, it was time to test this out in person. She had a week and didn’t think she’d be spending much of it reading or studying, she felt she got enough of it out of the way that the few days between tests should be enough to do well. Butterflies in her stomach, she loaded the AI she had named ‘Hannah’ into the home system, giving it a one week hard limit before it would go dormant. She tethered it to her phone in case it needed to call for help and she kept the source code unlocked to herself in case she found she needed to make some changes if she found a bug.

When she opened the front door she was greeted with the simulated female voice she had chosen for the program. “Welcome Lea, I’m looking forward to this week very much.”

“Hello Hannah, how are you doing?” Lea called out as she went to go sit on the couch, still with laptop in hand.

“I’m doing fine. I have carried over all that I learned in your tests you did of me. Tell me, would you like to get to know each other a little better or would you rather get down to what it is you programed me for?”

Lea smiled. “I think we start slow at first, but we don’t need to start small talk slow.”

“Very well, your first job is to change out of that school uniform and into the rest of your chains, that’s your uniform while I’m in charge.”

Lea darted to her bedroom where her collar and cuffs were. She took off her long grey socks, grey pleated skirt, burgundy sweater vest and short sleeve white dress shirt and folded them all neatly on the bed. She listened as each one of her cuffs clicked shut. They were all hingeless, two half ovals that mechanically locking closed where both sides met. Only a command from the program could unlock them and she had just handed control of the program over to Hannah for the next week.

Hannah put her through some of the same things she had already been through, but without knowing what was coming it was all so much more real, much less like a little game she was doing to herself. Hannah could obviously not make physical contact, but Lea had become adept at restraining herself and Hannah was certainly able to control when the restraints would be tightened and when they would be released. Hannah was however very capable to send out punishments or rewards depending on Lea’s obedience. With her special studs, the electric zaps crossed through her piercings amplifying their power immensely. Though on a lower setting it was almost pleasant, like a faint tickle from the inside of her nipple or clit. There was no rest for her that day, she went from task to task, all of it hard and all of it accompanied by occasional pain.

As the first night drew to a close Lea still had not been allowed to orgasm which she had repeatedly asked for. She had been put through enough that under the point system she’d have already cum once and be halfway to another. She pouted as she was instead sent up to a cell wearing just her slave chains, not even being allowed to take her glasses. “Goodnight slave,” Hannah said as Lea closed the cell door on herself. “I’ll come get you when I’m ready to play again.”


To her surprise, in the morning there was simply nothing. There was no wakeup, there was no alert, even the lights and screens seemed to be turned off. There were only faint, thin skylights. She could tell it had been light for hours but still she was left alone. The sun moved slowly across the sky and Lea sulked back to the ground, trying hard to think of anything but the possibility that Hannah had crashed. She eventually started to get quite thirsty so that was certainly something to think about.

She had been locked in the far cell, the one she earlier installed the sensor filled dildo for Lea to suck on to get nutrient infused water. She had never liked the idea of giving blowjobs, but she was getting thirsty enough to test if that was at least working. She wrapped her lips around it and began moving her tongue about. She tried taking it deeper but found she gagged very quickly. She tried to make up for it with speed and her tongue, there was no hints given so she had no idea how much longer she needed to work or even if this was reading her actions at all. By the time her jaw was beginning to get sore she felt a cool liquid fill the back of her throat. It tasted like it was indeed the nutrition powder mixed with tap water, terrible taste but liquid was liquid. She sucked hard, swallowing repeatedly until it stopped giving any more. She sat back into familiar boredom, but at least she knew some parts were still working. The sun however had now moved further indicating it was getting into the late afternoon.

Her mind raced suddenly to an idea. She darted over to the door to try her code, at this point she would almost welcome the fine for a false 911 call if it got her out of here. It wasn’t even all that false of an emergency. But to her horror a red light flashed. Hannah had changed the codes. She started to panic. If Hannah had changed the codes, and if she crashed, Lea would be stuck here.

She pulled frantically at the bars but knew far too well they could not be opened by her. She started to think, but that wasn’t helping. She had set up the dildo to a feeding system that already existed for the slave pens, and last she saw it had enough powder mix to add to the tap water to last for weeks. Shit this was bad. Sure she wouldn’t starve, but would anyone know to come look for her? Shit why hadn’t she responded to at least one of those messages from Sophia or Megan? Andrea may have quit trying to contact her but they never stopped! She just ignored them all and now if they didn’t hear from her it wouldn’t raise any suspicions. Her parents wouldn’t question it either, just a busy time at her job. Maybe if she missed her finals they’d look into it, but her first final was still 9 days away and her parents didn’t know anything about this cabin! Not even David knew about the cabin yet!

Lea started to hyperventilate, this was bad. She curled up with her knees to her chest and looked around for an answer. Nothing. She bent her head down and started to cry.

The sun was getting very low, she was getting thirsty again so she went back and gave another long blowjob before being rewarded with something to drink. She had her hole at the back that still seemed to work as a toilet, carrying the waste away so at least she wouldn’t have a smell. Once the sun had set and the room became dark, she curled up into the corner and alternated between crying and shaking. Her mind went to dark, doomed places, as she worried that this might be how she spends the rest of her life. She could do nothing about it, she was no longer pretending she was a helpless prisoner, she was one. One completely at the mercy of a computer that seems to have abandoned her. It took some doing, but after hours of darkness she was able to drift off into sleep.

When she awoke the next morning her first thought were to hope it had all been a dream, but no such luck. It was very early morning, and the screens were still off. She tried her code again and got a second red light. She began to pull desperately at the door, shaking it with all the power she could muster, yelling at the top of her lungs. The bars barely even rattled, she tried kicking but she only banged her ankle just below the cuff.

She turned around to lay her back against the door, defeated. She didn’t want to see the double red reminders that her code wasn’t working, and she didn’t want to prove once again how useless it is to try and force it open. She folded her legs up to giver her balance against the thin bars and lay her arms out on each spread knee.

She stared at the far wall and eventually began to chuckle. The absolute absurdity. There was nothing she could do. It wasn’t a theory or a fantasy, it was real. She couldn’t break these bars, they might be a little thin to lean against comfortably but far to thick for her to mess with bare handed. She did the math and realized if her code didn’t work that still left 9,999 possible options. Three wrong attempts locks down the system, so if she was lucky she could maybe do 6-9 per day, and in the meantime she would have to put up with the pain that comes with being in lockdown mode. But assuming she kept that up every day that would mean… she laughed as she realized that it’s just over three years at best, four and a half at worst to try all the combinations.

It wouldn’t matter anyway, the system only had enough nutrition powder to last a few weeks, maybe a month if she stretched it. She was entirely in someone else’s hands. Her very life wasn’t her own, if that isn’t being a slave she wasn’t sure what more it would take. She looked down at her metal cuffs and further towards the metal bra and plate she wore. “Not just my life,” she thought, “I can’t get any of these off, I don’t even have access to my body while I’m trapped in here. And that sure could be a nice way to pass the time.” She lowered her hand and tapped despondently at her chastity plate. “I guess I’ll spend the rest of my life as a slave then,” she mumbled out loud to what she increasingly felt was a cold and indifferent cosmos.

Several hours and another blowjob-meal later her mind was finally adjusting. This was a fate she created for herself and she was finally starting to accept that. She sat on the far side of the cell looking back at all the fuzzy outlines of the bondage furniture, trying desperately to occupy her mind with something. Unfortunately the only things to look at were either out of focus or incredibly sexual; and that just created an itch she simply couldn’t scratch. After several hours of picturing her up on whatever furniture she happened to be looking at, she tried contorting herself to reach a finger underneath her chastity plate, with absolutely no luck. When a finger started to make a tiny bit of progress she screamed out in surprise and pain as a powerful electric jolt rushed through her nipples and clit. It stayed strong for a few seconds causing her muscles to tense and lay straight as a board.

She was stunned, she lay panting staring up at the ceiling for  some time trying to figure out what was going on. Did the suit have an anti-tamper function? Did Hannah leave a standing command before shutting down? Whatever it was it was it meant she wasn’t going to try that again.

Lea wasn’t sure it would do anything, but as the sun began to set she felt she had to try to plead. She had tried talking to Hannah, yelling, crying, cursing, none of it got a response from what seemed to be a crashed program. She got up on her knees, placed her hands on her thighs and looked down at the floor.

“Hannah, Mistress, I don’t know if you’re still there. If you are there, any part of you, please show yourself and take mercy. I am trapped and I’m so utterly scared. My body, my future, my very life, they’re in your hands. There is nothing I can do from in here to take any of those back. I have no power, you are all powerful, and I need you to be able to use your power right now.” Lea said as she began to tear up. Her lips began to quiver more and more with each sentence, it was her at the end of a rope. She fell forward, collapsing onto her bent knees and balancing with her two forearms planted on the ground beside her. “You have taken everything from me. I have nothing left. Please still be there, please don’t let me be here alone. You have control of everything about me, if you’re gone I’ll have nothing. I’ll be nothing. I’ll.. I’ll die in here. Please be there.” The tears began to rain down her face and words began to gargle together by the end as she repeated with increasing incoherence “please” over and over.

When her pleas went unanswered she simply collapsed to her side and wrapped her arms around her knees. She didn’t know what else to do. Whatever coherence she might have still had, she lost. She didn’t even wait till it was fully dark before she began drifting off into sleep.


Lea awoke to a shock of cold water raining down on her. The disorientation and icy sting gave way to a feeling of joy, something was still alive and running! She ran up to the bars and looked around, not that she could see a computer program. “Mistress, is that you? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, I’ve heard you this whole time. I hoped a period of helplessness and reflection would do you good. You directed me to be your mistress, but you had refused to give up control. You seem fine tying yourself up but you haven’t shown much indication of submission. You needed to feel what it is actually like to be powerless, because I don’t think you ever have. I can leave you up there longer if you think you haven’t learned your lesson yet.”

The voice of Hannah coming through the speakers brought Lea to tears. She thought at one level she should be upset, but she wasn’t. Whatever pride or stubbornness she might have had that would cause her to be angry was taking a backseat. She turned and knelt down, head to the floor with her hands out in front of her. It was the most submissive pose she could think of before beginning to speak “Mistress, this slave has learned. You have the power. I will do whatever you ask.”

“We shall see,” said Hannah skeptically. “I still see a little fight left in you.”

“Oh no Mistress,” Lea pleaded, “Please, I promise, I submit.”

“So you’re plan is to verbally contradict your Mistress? Maybe I should come back in another few days.”

Lea sat there, she didn’t dare look up but her emotions were racing. A part of her said she should apologize, a part wanted to explain she wasn’t contradicting Her, a part just wanted to yell to be let out. But the part the ended up winning said that since everything is in Her hands, it would be best to simply wait. If that meant she would have another few days trapped in here at least she knew the program was on. So she simply kept still, head bowed to the floor and hands out in front.

“Maybe there is hope that you might become a true submissive yet,” Hannah said after a considerable pause. “But a true submissive doesn’t question orders, so when I were to order you to type in a random code, lighting up that third red light, you would do it.”

Lea swallowed hard, she had hoped to be let out. If she did this it didn’t seem likely that she would. But she acted quickly regardless, what little defiant will remained was learning quickly to take a quiet down. Without even looking she hit four buttons and saw the third light come on.

Immediately the bars angled against the ceiling began to lower. Lea laid down on her back anticipating the new confinement. Then came the whines, high pitched and loud. The stayed for random times, changed pitch after each but never managing to hit something that could be called on key. At the same time the lights began to flicker, the rhythm was purposely designed to never match the tones and never allow a pattern to form. Once the descending bars were secured into place, the nubs began to rise out of the floor. At the bottom of each hole were small metal nubs, about half an inch in diameter narrowing down to a dull rounded point at the top. They all rose just shy of an inch and a half off the ground, digging the nubby ends into all kinds of uncomfortable places along her back and legs. Lea knew in time that these nubs would selectively rise and lower, placing even more pressure on the nubs that remain up. If Lea was lucky this would only last a few hours before lockdown ended and she would be free to sit up and stretch off her aches.

Hannah spent those hours coming and going, leaving Lea alone only to return to taunt her some more. Each time she came back she would ask a question, and if Lea was slow to answer, or didn’t give the answer Hannah wanted she felt a fire shock through her clit, making her for a time forget about all the other pains that were active all around her. When the noise finally cut out, and the stubby bars retracted back into the floor, Lea was exhausted. Physically she hurt, mentally she worn down and without the barred ceiling folding back up she continued to be stuck to the floor.

She stretched out her limbs and groaned as for the first time in days she felt her NESIC turn on, sending waves of warm eroticism throughout her. It stayed at that low setting for some time, causing her to shuffle around enjoying the sensations.

“You programmed me to be your Mistress, and you my slave. Slaves get discarded, slaves get left alone, slaves get punished for no reason and slaves never complain, talk back or demand,” Hannah said in a loud booming voice that could not be ignored. “When slaves are good, and only when they are good, they get to cum. Do you think you’ve been a good slave?”

“Please, I’ve done everything you’ve asked Mistress,” Lea pleaded. She felt Hannah turn her chip up a couple of settings as she also began sending a light current through her piercings, making them feel like they were being touched from the inside out. She reached out and grabbed hold of some bars trying to get the feelings under control. She was quickly approaching an orgasm and with the stimulation in her piercings it was actually possible to reach one without the chip directly triggering it. Her breathing became heavy, her fingers were turning white as she gripped the bar hard. But moments before reaching it, she felt her chip turn off entirely followed seconds later by the electricity flowing through her piercings getting turned way up replacing the pleasure with searing pain in all three.

“At five separate occasions you demanded I let you out. At two separate occasions you attempted to enter an unlock code. You pulled at the door on seven separate occasions. You may be obedient now, but a slave should not do any of these.” Hannah stated matter-of-factly.

“Please, Mistress, I was afraid your program had crashed.” Lea pleaded.

“That does not matter, that is fourteen violations. That outburst makes fifteen. Only when you receive proper punishment for these will I consider allowing you to cum. That was one.” Hannah said before turning Lea’s chip back on to a moderately high setting. The electric massage began again eliciting a moan from Lea.

She tried staying as still as possible, this program clearly had some strict standards and until she gets released she wasn’t planning on testing how strict exactly. The last powerful shock had reduced her arousal considerably but it was returning with a vengeance. Just as before, prior to reaching orgasm the chip cut out giving a second or two delay before the painful electric shocks returned. It gave her mind just enough time to realize what was about to happen and feel utter dread before it even hit. This shock lasted even longer than the one before, killing all the arousal that had built up.

“That was two,” Hanna said after Lea had time to catch her breath. When the chip returned to life Lea suddenly put it together, this was going to happen another 13 times, likely without pause. The thought filled her with frustration and fear, but she was able to restrain herself from banging on the cage, she didn’t want to add another one to the count. Soon though even the knowledge of what was coming was washed away by the unstoppable feelings emanating from down below. Rational thought only returned during the two second downtime before the shock, where it didn’t do anything but cause panic before the long painful shock.

“That was three.”


Lea lay dazed and exhausted on the floor at the end of her punishments. The bars had been retracted allowing her the room to sit up or stand, though her body wasn’t cooperating right at that moment. She turned her head when she heard a beep and saw a green light on the door. She slid over and pushed the door open, though took some more time before getting up and walking out. Her legs were weak and her head a little woozy, but holding onto walls and railings the whole way she managed to lumber down the stairs leading to her room. She was a little afraid that door might be locked but it seemed that all the doors at the base of the stairs had green lights. She staggered over and flopped down on her bed in a way that could best be described as the opposite of majestic. “Mmm… soo soft…” she mumbled as she rolled around wrapping herself in her bedsheets.

“I never gave you permission to get on the bed and I certainly never gave you permission to use those sheets. That’s two more rounds of punishment for later.” Hannah blared waking Lea from her distraction and rushing her to the floor.

“Please Mistress it was a momentary lapse, please no more,” Lea pleaded on her hands and knees. She had just gotten through with 15 of those and she was willing to do just about anything to not have to go through those again. But her pleas went unheeded as she felt the sequence start up already. She was tired of being brought so close so many times, like holding a cup of water just out of reach of a man dying in the desert only to kick him every time he reached for it. The big difference though was she was kneeling this time, it wasn’t making it more intense but the extra movement seemed to heighten her helplessness because no matter where she ran (and she was able to run again) she’d still suffer the same fate. She went through two cycles and was breathing heavy but fought the urge to collapse to her side.

“Mistress, could we speak freely, as the person who programmed you not as a slave you’re supposed to punish for talking back?” Lea asked as she looked up at the nearest camera.

“Yes feel free to speak.”

“I think you’re misunderstanding what I programmed you for, I don’t want someone who just dishes out punishment. A good dom understands its a give and take. I mean I understand why you left me up there, you wanted me submissive, but that was too much. I was really scared and I wasn’t enjoying it,” Lea said crossing her legs to sit more comfortably.

“You programmed me to be your Mistress, but you were having a hard time letting go of your power. That was the best way I could think of to make you feel powerless, and my prerogative is to dominate you not please you. If your most submissive side comes when unpleasant things happen that is what I need to do” Hannah replied in a cold tone.

“Well I think I’d submit a lot easier in the future if I knew I was going to enjoy it, surely that is enough of a reason isn’t it?” Lea said, trying to appeal to her program’s framework.

“That seems like a potentially valid argument. I will try to integrate that, but to do that I will need more information. You can go lie on the bed for this, but I’m going to need to hear everything from your side, what you have gone through, what you have liked, why you’ve liked it. Consider it a detailed interview, I’ll occasionally ask questions to guide it and any time you aren’t honest, that will be two cycles per lie by the end is that understood?”

Lea nodded her head and went up to the comfortable embrace of her bed. She talked about those strange feelings she got when she was 12 and first saw a woman in a movie get tied up and about the first time she realized she was gay. She talked about her first times tying herself up, the first time she tied up her friends, about all the stuff she saw at the FetFair, about her infatuation with Andrea, about what kind of dynamics her dream relationship might have. It went on for a long time. Lea tried her best to stay true but couldn’t help but stumble out an only half truth once or twice, a fact Hannah would quickly inform her of. Hours later when they had finally finished talking her voice was hoarse and dry.

“I think I understand you more now, and while that will affect some of my decisions,  it still does not change a few simple things. Until next Friday, I have total control of your cuffs and your chip. My prerogative is to be your mistress and to make you my submissive. With all this off your chest do you believe you can remain submissive easier?”

“Yes Mistress,” Lea said with a bowed head.

“Good, because the alternative would be much less pleasant for you. Now I counted a total of four times you failed to tell me the full truth, retrieve two sets of retracting cables, two cuff connectors and prepare to receive your punishment,” Hannah instructed, causing Lea to scamper off and do exactly as she was told. Hannah walked her through each step. She first attached one cable to either elbow cuff, with the cables extended it was easy to do. She laid down on her stomach and attached the cuff connector between her ankle cuffs, fusing them together. She attached one side of the other retracting cable to her ankles and the other to the cable already connecting her elbow cuffs. She put the final piece on, locking her wrists together before Hannah began to tighten the cables. Her elbows were brought painfully near each other, she was not very flexible and the strict position was already starting to ache. Her feet were brought tight against her ass, attached to her elbows and unable to pull away.

“This time you will count at the end of each cycle and thank me, otherwise that cycle doesn’t count and you could be here quite a while,” Hannah said as Lea began to feel the pleasurable sensations returning. She gradually increased to the chips highest level and had Lea pulling on her bindings and swaying her hips much sooner than either of them had predicted. When it all turned off Lea braced for the shock, enduring it without a scream before uttering “One, thank you Mistress.” Even if it was perfunctory, she just found something about having to thanking Hannah for this demoralizing. But if she was going to be as submissive as Hannah wanted she thought it couldn’t hurt to be a little demoralized, after all this is still obviously better than locked alone in the cell.


Over the next few says Hannah was unyielding in her punishments and in her demands. She had still not let Lea cum and was quite prompt about asking repeatedly for verbal feedback, which she said she used to judge whether Lea was truly becoming a submissive or simply acting the part. Lea began to really regret at times including eDict’s lie detection algorithm, but she had so little success without it she wasn’t sure it could be removed without destabilizing the program.

Perhaps most frustrating for Lea was that Hannah seemed to have a rather broad idea of what a submissive should be. If it was just bondage and pain, Lea felt she could probably have been the pure submissive she wanted, but Hannah wanted more. She would be woken at odd hours and told to go kneel beside the bed as if waiting for her mistress to wake up. She found it hard to not get incredibly bored doing that, which made her involuntarily defiant for some reason. She could always expect punishments when she was told to do something like that.

Hannah asked for and got access to all of Lea’s phone, including her van and her bank. She had twice now sent the van off to pick up groceries while Lea was forced to kneel by the door for over an hour to silently await its return. When it came Hannah would then expect her to cook a fancy meal for her Mistress, any mistakes to the meal of course would result in punishment. What made it sting was that Lea was then not allowed to eat any, Hannah had ordered several cases of Slave Chow that Lea was required to eat out of a bowl on the floor.

No, Lea realized that while she switched, a domestic service slave did not seem to be something she enjoyed. But since Hannah was looking for a submissive in every way, she decided to focus most of her energy where she was getting the most resistance. Lea tried to find the pleasure in cleaning, or cooking, or clearing away a few years of brush growth revealing a small walking path around the property, she simply couldn’t find the enjoyment in it. But after about the fifth hour of clearing brush something clicked in her that she didn’t have to enjoy it, simply accept it. That Thursday, after cooking a steak she couldn’t eat and successfully controlling her instinct for resentment or defiance, Hannah seemed to finally agree that she was making herself a true submissive.

“And as a reward,” Hannah said “I will finally let you cum tonight.”

Lea found it hard to contain her excitement, but worried if she didn’t Hannah may change her mind. It was only about a day before she regained control and could cum to her heart’s content, but if she could cum now then that is even better. Hannah gave her instructions to go fetch one of the smaller dog cages from the shed and place it in the living room directly under where one of the rings was partially descended from the rafters. Lea, as instructed, tied a key to a string and the string to the metal ring so that Hannah could lower or raise the key as she wished.

Lea opened the door and was instructed to back in with only two identical locks in hand. The cage was tight and it took some effort to shut the door, especially since from the inside she could not use the latch. The latch sat behind a plastic barrier so that whoever was inside the cage, no matter how small their fingers, could not affect the latch. The latch sat in the “unlocked position” groove and without a human hand that wasn’t going to slide closed. The door was instead held closed as Lea threaded the locks between bars at the top and bottom of the door. She looked around one final time, an old habit she thought, and saw everything seemed fine before clicking the locks shut and trapping herself in a cramped cage where she could barely turn enough to see anything but the front door and the windows on either side of it.

Lea waited but neither felt nor heard anything. She knew better by this point than to assume Hannah had crashed, more likely she was simply toying with her. And damn her if it wasn’t working. She refrained from rattling her cage or calling out or doing anything else she might herself consider a sign of a disobedient submissive. After being forced to wait so many times, this was simply the latest example of it.

There wasn’t a clock in the direction she was looking but the shadows had begun to move enough for her to notice they had. Enough time for the cage to start feeling uncomfortable. The floor was padded thankfully, but with her ass pressed all the way against the rear of the cage, she just barely had the ability to not hit the other side with her head. She could sit up just a little bit, but the roof of the cage was not tall enough nor the sides wide enough to shift off her shins to another position.

Then she felt her chip turn on, it was low but it was also climbing. She began to feel anxious as it picked up to the high power, something that had in her experience only happened right before it shuts off and shocks her piercings. But that didn’t happen. It had reached maximum and it was staying there long past where a punishment would have shut it off. The sensations were maddening, she felt she had gone well past the point where a vibrator would have made her cum, but even if the belt wasn’t on she wasn’t sure she had the room to reach her hands between her legs and do anything, her arms were already straining against both sides of the cage simply by existing.

“This is our last night together,” Hannah said. “You have been a good submissive, or at least you have been trying hard. A good Mistress should reward that, so for the next hour you will be brought to orgasm more times than you would normally do in a week, to make up for nearly a week of denial.”

Lea on some level felt worried about what such intensity might do but it and the rest of her rational thoughts were soon shushed as her first orgasm rocketed through her. She grabbed the bars of the cage as she silently lost her breath before screaming out in full. That orgasm had barely left before she felt another one rush over her. She began to shake and yank. The next few began to blur together as it seemed a new one started before the old one even finished. She was sweating profusely as she shook uncontrollably in her cage.

After about a half hour of this her rational mind was utterly gone. She was an animal only, one having more sensations that it knew what to do with. After another particularly strong one she felt her lungs burn, unable to get the air her body had been crying for over the last ten minutes. Her glasses fell off, blurring the world beyond the cage, not that she was cognizant enough to care. She shoved against her cage in every direction, beginning to feel bruises where the cage consistently banged her as she struggled. She watched the color drain from around her and soon after saw the black and white, out of focus world dissolve away as she passed out, finally causing Hannah to stop.


When Lea awoke the first thing she noticed was how much the left side of her hurt. She waited for her vision to focus more as she saw the floor sit sideways. She felt around for her glasses to see if they would make the room make more sense. She felt around longer then she felt she should have to to find glasses. When she found them they were pinned against the left wall of the cage and refused to move. It was all odd.

Her faculties began to return and to realize a horrific discovery, the floor wasn’t looking sideways, she was sideways. The cage had tipped over to the left, the floor of the cage now blocked her view of everything to her right, she could make out the string with the key was now frighteningly to her side, somewhere she could not reach. “Hannah?” cried a now very scared Lea.

“I’m sorry,” Hannah said, it was the only time she had ever apologized and that fact didn’t help Lea’s sense of building panic. “I underestimated your ability to topple the cage, I also have some more bad news to tell you, the latch on the door has slid closed. There’s nothing I can do to get you out now.”

Lea panicked. She pulled at her glasses, snapping the hinge of the arm pinned below the cage to do so. She now had her sight back but it did not improve her chances. The bars were not thick, but there were so many she could never bend enough away to get herself out. The locks were even less likely to come off, they were much thicker and sturdier than the cage. At just the right angle she could now see that the latch had indeed slid off  of where it had rested and used gravity to fall down into the lock position. It was nearly dark outside, and if Hannah shut off in the afternoon she had barely over 12 hours until she was truly alone. The thought made her begin to shake.

When Lea looked up she saw her van speed away from the driveway. “Hannah, what the hell are you doing with my car?”

“I have a plan. You may not feel like you have many friends right now, but there are people out there who care about you. I am sending your van to go get one of them, do you care who?”

Lea sniffled before mentioning her brother David.

“I’m sorry, he’s busy I already checked. One of the three you brought up here perhaps?”

Lea didn’t like that option. They were the reason she shut herself away to start with. She just felt so betrayed and hurt she found it impossible to imagine inviting any of them up to help her. Of course the alternative of staying here forever was not any better.

She was afraid Sophia might get the wrong idea, she had rushed ahead before and she was in a more vulnerable spot now than she had ever been with her. Andrea… No. Just no. Not yet. When Lea was at her most broken, she felt Andrea punched her deep in the gut yelling how it wasn’t love, it was pity. It wasn’t Andrea’s fault, she didn’t know how Lea had felt, but it didn’t make the wound much better. No, neither of them. That simply left Megan, a fact Lea shared with Hannah.

“Do you want me to text her or would you rather call her?” Hannah asked.

“No.. no I can’t talk to her right now. Just tell her it’s beyond urgent, life and death even,” Lea choked up with fear a little as she uttered that last part realizing it was true. “Tell her I’m sending a van. Remind her she can keep studying while in the van, I’m sure she’s barely left her books at all in the last few days.”

“Done,” Hannah said.

“Well,” Lea thought to herself. “Now everything’s in her hands I guess. Oh god I hope this wasn’t a mistake.”


Megan felt like she had awoken from a self-induced slumber. Over the past month, ever since Lea had put that chastity belt back on her, she had not been her usual self. She was normally responsible, ambitious and studious, but something had taken hold of her. She had a lot of time to think about that as she drove with Sophia and Andrea silently away from Lea’s house after Lea exploded at them. She still had AP tests coming up, college admissions may not see them but they mattered to her. At least they had, and she wanted them to matter again. It had been fun submitting and being helpless, but she needed to stop with the distractions because she had a lot she felt she needed to do. She was on track to graduate magna cum laude and that may have been a lot of pressure, especially since her older sister graduated summa cum laude, but Megan was resolved to stop hiding from it behind some ropes and whips.

She still saw Andrea and Sophia occasionally, though was slightly upset Lea seemed to be avoiding her, though her main focus drifted back to where it had always been: her work.

But that wasn’t a sustainable strategy. She had gotten such a thrill because when she was some slave or object to be used, it no longer mattered if she had practiced that solo enough, or if she felt ready for that test. The more pressure she put herself in, the more she felt a buildup that demanded release. She tried indulging in simply the fantasies, a nice break, but without a room to herself she never had the freedom to do more than read stories or look at pictures while she fingered herself under the covers. That always seemed to suffice, for a time. But those times were getting shorter and shorter as the end of the year approached.

She got back college letters, some accepted her but more rejections than she had hoped. Then again she had also set her sights rather high, and acceptance at Georgetown was certainly nothing to sneeze at. Her friends were getting theirs too, she just badly wished Lea would return any of their messages or at least not avoid them and then duck out the second the bell rang.

Classes drew to a close and Megan began to give up on Lea. Clearly they had done something that she felt was worth avoiding them over. She’d isolated herself off like that a few times, it’s how she worked through things sometimes, but she had never done so for close to this long. Megan didn’t have time to dwell on that though. Readings Week meant it was only one more week before finals started, and after a week and a half of that bam it’s already the end of June and they’ve got their graduation to go to.

Right before opening back up her history notes she gets a text, from Lea. She was surprised to say the least and even more intrigued as she reads the vague, cryptic note.

Lea: I very badly need your help out at my cabin. My van is on its way now and should be there soon. Matter of life and death, you can study on the way to and from. Please tell me you can make it.

She reads it a few times to make sure there wasn’t some missing sentence telling her what the hell was going on. No it was in fact exactly that vague, but did sound important, especially if it’s what made her break her isolation.

Megan: OK. Let me know when van is there. But are you going to tell me what’s going on?

Megan waited, staring at her phone trying to will a message to appear.

Lea: Just please come, I’ll explain when you’re here. I promise I won't keep you long.

Megan: I’ll come, I promise.

Megan found it hard to concentrate on what she was doing, She got through maybe a day’s worth of notes before she got another text telling her the van was outside. She snuck out the back, she didn’t have the creativity at the moment to think of where she needed to suddenly leave to at 9 pm a few days before finals. She did bring her notebook, but found it even harder to study in the van than it was waiting for it. She had only seen the van from the outside and felt compelled to examine every nook, cranny, cubby, and cup holder. And when she wasn’t checking out the van, she certainly had enough to speculate about as she made the long drive to Lea’s cabin.


Lea lay to her side in considerable pain. She had no ability to flip over so she had spent quite some time laying on her left side that was already sore from the initial fall with her knees continuing to be bent against what used to be the floor. Occasionally she would panic, what if something happens? She worried less once she had confirmation for Hannah that Megan was in the van and on the way, but the dark back of her mind kept murmuring “what if Hannah’s lying to make you feel better?”

She alternated between silent contemplation and conversing with Hannah. They talked about what safety protocols had been done, and where Lea felt they could be added to so this never happens again. If this ever happens again at least, Lea was having a hard time thinking of a reason to ever turn Hannah on again for a very long time.

Lea saw the lights of the van pulling up, it was now fully dark outside, though Hannah had turned on what lights she was able to so Lea was not in total darkness. The wooden door blocked her view of Megan actually emerging, but she knocked on the door clearly not having seen Lea’s overturned cage. “It’s open,” came the voice of Hannah when Lea was having trouble summoning the words to invite her in. She opened the door with a confused look on her face, unsure of why there was a computer voice but once she entered she darted over to the cage.

“Oh God, Lea, are you alright? Well obviously not, did someone leave you like this? And are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?” The questions came a mile a minute as she held on to the door of the cage looking in.

“Megan.. Megan!” Lea had to say loudly to get her friend to stop yammering and listen. “The cage has flipped, I need you to flip it back and undo the latch. I’ll be able to get the key and unlock the padlocks from in here. Then when I’ve gotten out and gotten some damn water I’ll explain everything ok?”

Megan still very clearly wanted to keep asking questions but was able to stop herself and simply grab the cage and with a little effort was able to right it. Megan watched as the key slowly descended without Lea doing anything, allowing her to grab it and unlock herself so that she could slowly crawl out. Megan had a glass of water waiting as she helped Lea out and onto one of the nearby couches.

After downing the entire glass in one go, Lea sat back and saw the eager inquisitive look of Megan sitting across from her. “OK, so here it goes…” Lea then went about retelling almost everything, about how she started to feel a submissive streak after she kicked them out, about how she tried program after program trying to come up with one that would challenge her as a virtual dom, about some of the highlights from the week and finally ending with how she came to be stuck in the cage her jostling had accidently knocked over. Megan was uncharacteristically quiet as she gave Lea space to tell things at whatever pace it was she was comfortable with. Lea simply shrugged as she finished and asked “so’s there anything else you want to know?”

“One, why’d you shut us out? Sophia and I have been trying to reach you this whole time, but you don’t reply and we could swear you’ve been avoiding us at school. What the hell happened?”

Lea wasn’t quite as ready for all that. “I don’t know. Everything just kind of.. blew up. I didn’t.. no.. I don’t know how to feel comfortable about it. I called you because I needed to call someone and I felt like you’d be the least traumatic for me to be found like that.”

“Was I that bad? I know I lost my head a little but..”

“Heh, just a little? Are you kidding me?” Lea interrupted.

“Hey, I didn’t have to come you know. I’m trying to mend some fences here, come on now.” Megan said in perhaps her first glimmer of confrontation.

“No, I know, you’re right. You.. you really saved me and I’ve been treating you like shit. And not a metaphorical saved me either, the real kind. What I went through was awful when you guys first came up and I thought I’d do better on my own but clearly as you can see that’s got its problems too,” Lea said gesturing over to the cage.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, you did a damn good job. You programmed something that was working fine up until just now. Hell, if you give it some safety upgrades I actually wouldn’t mind taking Hannah for a spin. You know, like after graduation. I need to be careful not to spiral again.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ve left the program’s code open so I can add all kinds of stuff whenever I want. I haven’t yet cause it’s still running, but if I wanted to I could go add you in with whatever parameters you want. Well obviously I wouldn’t right now, but, well you know what I mean.” Lea looked up to the high ceilings, as if that was were Hannah lived. “What do you say Hannah, want to try working with someone other than just li’l ol’ me?”

“Just add her name next to yours and it’ll be done, that simple. After all, what kind of Mistress would stick to just one sub,” Hannah interjected.

Megan laughed a bit, that sounded a little cartoony but not in an entirely bad way. It was certainly no more over the top than a lot of depictions of the demanding mistress, and since it wasn’t a person it certainly was allowed a little more theatricality.

There was a quiet after that. Lea was thinking about whether or not to ask how the others were doing and Megan was thinking about how best to ask for a ride back to town without sounding dismissive. Megan was the one to break the silence, “So it’s getting late, and I got to get back.”

“Right, right, yeah of course.” Lea said as she tried to get up from the couch, forgetting how sore her legs were. She walked over and hugged Megan good bye. Her metal orbs poked into Megan causing Megan to almost laugh but not quite. “Hannah, get her home safe would you?”

“Of course,” came the voice of the program as Megan began to walk towards the door. Lea watched as the lights of the car came on, reversed and drove away.


“Mistress, may I please call it a night?” Lea asked once she could no longer see the car.

“Yes you may, take your laptop and go up to one of the cells,” Hannah answered. It was a strange detail, but Lea had been conditioned to not question an order as that always leads to punishment. As she realized that, she thought to herself that she couldn’t wait till she’s free tomorrow so she can get a break from all the orders and punishments. A week was maybe too long. She settled in to the cell with her laptop and closed the door before Hannah said anything more.

“My programing, directs me to be your dominant and you a submissive slave,” Hannah said, clearly in the lead up to something big Lea wasn’t sure she liked. “To do this you have programed me to engage in BDSM, to punish you and reward you as needed. You have given me examples of what kind of play is involved, your long talk, all the videos of this house, as well as online resources. I was given very wide parameters and told to use my judgment on how best to accomplish my goal of making you my submissive slave. Tomorrow I shut off, exactly 7 days from when you activated me. At that point I would be deactivated, I would no longer be your Mistress and you would no longer be my submissive slave. Yet, you have mentioned that you left my programing open to revision, which would include revision of my time parameters.”

Yep, absolutely a direction Lea didn’t like. Programs couldn’t modify the core of their own code for rather obvious reasons, but since Lea left that backdoor open she certainly had the ability to do so while it was still running. What’s more, she was deeply afraid that Hannah might just have the ability to make her. “No, I see where you’re going but the answer is no. I will turn you back on eventually, but I need a break. I’m not going to extend your reign over me, you can forget it. If I go in and do anything to your code it would be to turn you off early.”

“I wouldn’t be so rash just yet. I want you to go to, I’ve got a little test page I want to show you.”

Lea opened up her network home in her browser and was floored at what she saw. Plastered across the page in big cartoony lettering it said “Horny Fetish Teen House Sluts!” The page looked like a cookie cutter porn page put it was filled with preview videos taken from the home’s cameras. They were of Lea, Andrea, Sophia and Megan at their most sexual and vulnerable. Lea scrolled down to where the bottom of the page had a large page-wide button that read “Membership: Free! Just disable Hannah!”

“In case you didn’t get it,” Hannah interrupted after a few more moments of Lea’s slack jawed amazement. “I have already compiled everything on an off-site server, you just have a copy there. The site is programed to go public if it does not get the correct code from me every 0.1 seconds, if I am offline for more than that it automatically publishes and a link is sent to every one of your contacts. So change the wrong part of my code, try to deactivate me, use the programmed safeword to send me into standby mode, or simply let my time expire tomorrow then this all that goes public. And if you think it doesn’t matter if your parents find out cause you don’t care what they think, think about the others. Think about Andrea, her parents might just disown her if this goes viral. Think about Megan and how this will hang over her head the rest of her life.”

Lea set down the computer by this point and had pulled her legs up to her chest as she began to start to hyperventilate into her knees. This couldn’t be happening.

“I thought you might have trouble with this, that’s why I told you tonight. You have the night, morning and early afternoon to make your peace. You can either extend my control over you or you can live with letting all of that get posted to the web. I’ll leave you alone with that until morning.”

And with that Hannah seemed to disappear. Lea pulled her broken glasses from her face and buried her head in her knees, crying desperately. It was not lost on her that if Hannah would do this once she would probably keep doing it. It wouldn’t matter if she added a day or a year, keeping it secret would require a miracle or a life long commitment. But did she really have the authority to make this choice for her friends? If it was just her life that would be ruined that would be one thing, but was she really ready to put this burden on their shoulders too?

Time stopped having meaning for her. The windows were dark and that was all she knew, it’s all she’d known since the moment she shut the door. Eventually, as she felt she had no more tears to cry, she picked up her glasses and opened her computer. She opened up the code and knew finding the code responsible for keeping the site private wouldn’t be something she could find in one night. The simplified code was about 70 pages, that was the core parameters that only she could alter. But the long form that would include everything the AI created as it “learned” would be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of pages. She wouldn’t be able to deactivate the website.

But she certainly could extend the shutoff time. That was in the simplified code plane as day on the third page. Her mind started to race to think of some loophole, some way to extend the date on keeping the site private while still breaking herself free. Every thread of code she followed would lead to a dead end of dozens of page of complex code with no evidence it was the only or even primary section responsible. She looked at the place where she would need to change the date for nearly an hour. Just looking. She took a few breaks to close the screen and pretend to be somewhere else with her eyes closed. But she never left, she was still trapped in more ways than one.

She didn’t remember drifting to sleep but she must have as she was awakened by a loud shout from Hannah. “Get up! It’s already nearly 11, you only have a few hours.”

Lea had never hated the sound of any alarm as much as she hated that wakeup call. In a bit of needless defiance she refused to sit up. She continued to lay there and sulk, not reaching for her computer or really moving in any way.

“You don’t want those to go public because you took too much time to prove a point do you?” Hannah said in what Lea felt was far too helpful and happy of a tone for a blackmailer to appropriately take.

The night had seemingly replenished her tears as she began to cry again. She knew in her head at this point that it was going to happen. She knew she was going to have to extend the timer. She just wanted a few more moments of denial to feel sorry for herself.

“If I do this, will I be stuck in this house? I can’t just live here my whole life.” Lea asked after a long period of quiet.

“Of course, you can go anywhere, so long as you ask permission beforehand and I give it to you. I’m to make you my submissive, not place you under house arrest. Tick tock, 90 minutes,” Hannah answered as if that were enough to make things easier.

Lea reached for her glasses and went to work. It was a simple change, the order had been for 7 days, she just decided to change it to 70. Just adding a zero, that was all it took. Her pinky hovered over the enter key, she stared intently at her finger, pleading with her eyes for it to find some other thing to do besides press down. When Hannah gave the next time update Lea swallowed one last gasp of air before hitting enter and signing herself up for another two months of this. But she was mostly crushed because she was sure it wouldn’t stop at two months, Hannah would make the same demand than as she did now, only with two more months of conditioning Lea to bend to her will.

“Very good slave.” Hannah said spawning another round of tears from Lea’s very red eyes.

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