The Stories of Bound Friends 13: Lea and the Unexpected Companion

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2015 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 13: Lea and the Unexpected Companion

“Alright Leota, are you almost finished?” Marian asked as she barged into the hotel room Lea had been staying and working in the past few days. Lea looked up from her computer wearing only a bathrobe, nervous about how to respond. She knew that as soon as she was finished with her project she had the remainder of her two week sentence to return to. “Well, can we start printing collars or not?” Marian continued.

“Sure.. I guess the hardware’s finished. The company was working on wearable controls already to try to have them ready for the holidays, so that wasn’t that hard to match the hardware to the looks of the collars you use here and elsewhere. I’ve been working hard.. I just don’t know about how.. it’ll all.. I think I need some more time,” Lea explained.

“Well.. see there’s the problem,” Marian said in a look of disappointment. “That’s a lie, you’ve been wasting a lot of today,” she said as she tapped around on her tablet. “The system picked up that you’ve not been working much the last few hours. So either you’re going purposely slow, or you already finished but didn’t want to tell me.. If you had been honest and offered some explanation that might have been something I could excuse..”

“Please, no, I’m sorry I can explain!” Lea said as she dropped to her knees. “I.. I got it ready earlier today but I started panicking about going back out there. I mean I’m sure there’s got to be some software side you need me to work on right? I mean..”

“We have lots of techs ourselves, and I had them look at what you had before I came in here. They said they should be able to have them up and running system wide by tomorrow. I just wanted to hear from you if there was anything more that needed to happen first.” Marian said, causing Lea to nervously swallow. “Now, I have the printers lined up to start producing, is there any reason I shouldn’t tell them to start?”

Lea looked down and shook her head. “I’m sorry, please, I’ll do anything you want!”

“That’s what your contract says you’ll do, yes. And the policy is, we always follow through on any matters of discipline. That way everyone knows there is no talking their way out. In fact that lie you just told has added another two days to your sentence. So be cooperative, and I’ll make sure you get one of the first collars printed up today. That should hopefully make your time down there a little more bearable yes?” Marian asked rhetorically. “Now are you going to go cooperatively or do I need to have you escorted?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be good I promise.”

“Good girl Leota. Now go clean up if you need, then head back down there and we’ll be by shortly with a new collar.” Marian said

“Right away Marian,” Leota said as she ran back to the bathroom for a quick shower. She wanted desperately to take her time but made herself hurry, fearing she might be on some kind of clock. She walked briskly back towards the dungeon, once again in her collar and hugging the walls of closely through the maze of staff hallways to keep all the signs visible and not get lost. Back here, everything looked the same. All of it just a maze of florescent lighting, cream walls and cheap white linoleum. She came out the back staff entrance of the dungeon and poked her head out hoping to be seen and be directed somewhere.

“Good, right on time,” one of the staff members dressed as a guard said as he rushed towards her. He however kept walking past Leota to meet someone else standing back by the door.

“And you must be Leota right?” the someone else said from behind her. “Hi, I’m Trevor, I’ve got this collar to try out on ya, see if it all works. If it does I’ve got a lot of work to do the next few days,” he said as he reached around to put this new collar on after the guard took the old one off. “It’ll just be a moment then I can send you back out there..”

“Take your time,” Leota joked as she otherwise stood cooperatively still.

“Give me your hands,” the guard said as he held out two long white half cylinders. They were just over a foot long and selectively hollowed out with padding on the inside. Leota frowned as she recognized the devices, extending her right arm while Trevor still fiddled with her collar and his computer. Her arms sat most of the way into the cylinder, bringing her hand into a fist around a padded bar. When the top half was clicked into place with the bottom, the guard inserted a plug to inflate the padding to give cushion and ensure a tight fit. From the outside it looked like her hand was replaced by a long mostly featureless white plastic cylinder that went up not quite half way up her forearm. There were metal indentations near the base to let it attach to things. It prevented her from moving her fingers or even bending her wrists. Soon a matching one was put onto her left hand rendering her hands totally useless.

Leota let out a grunt as her NESIC slowly spun to life. She felt it run up in strength and then back down until it was off again. “I take it you felt it?” Trevor asked. Leota nodded her head. “Alright, so I’ll leave it up to you or the guests how high it should go, the collar’s got these three touch buttons on the side of the collar there. I think the new chips should start coming tomorrow and otherwise it looks like only one of the other girls here has one already. Why don’t you get this one situated and then I’ll come back with the other collar to show you what to do with the other one,” Trevor explained to the guard as he nudged Leota forward by the small of her back.

The guard grabbed Leota by the chin and looked into her eyes. “You’ve been away a few days now, and I am sure you must have been doing some important work to get that break, so I will give you a single choice as a reward. Would you rather be gagged, or ungagged?”

“Gagged sir,” Leota said after a brief moment to consider. She knew her mouth may get sore, but she decided she would rather have something to bite down on than have a slightly more rested jaw. She looked at what he might pick and was glad to see a clear plastic bit attached to a clear plastic head harness. Unlike the tube or ring gags it was also rather good at convincing guests to use someone else’s throat, a chance she was hoping for when she made her decision. She opened obediently and let him fasten the straps around her bald head. There would be drool, but that was something she could live with.

Once he was done, he held her gently by the back of the neck and began leading her out into the public area. She had barely walked ten steps before she could feel eyes turning towards her. He walked her to one of the platforms that stood about a foot off the ground and helped her down to a kneel. There were two small indentations about two feet apart. Leota helped as much as she could as he fed the cylinders that encapsulated her arms into the indentations. It held her arms just outside of shoulder length apart and melded to the floor. He reached over and turned on her NESIC before slapping her on the cheek and leaving.

Leota swayed around and moaned. Her position made her keep her arms as they were, making both kneeling and standing bent over awkward to maintain. Laying down was just physically not possible. But right now what Leota wanted more than the ability to lay down was some more stimulation. She had a little, enough to get her worked up, but not enough to get her close to cumming.

“Well aren’t you a randy little slave?” a man asked, finally drawing Leota’s attention.

Leota couldn’t help but nod. She jostled around, wishing there was something she could rub against. She didn’t like admitting it, but this small change made the entire experience different. She tried to watch as the guest disappeared behind her, knowing he was probably going to grab something to use on her.

He signaled his return with a hard strike across Leota’s back with a single tail whip. Leota screamed into her gag as she bit down. But the sting brought with it a smile, something she didn’t expect and something she felt embarrassed but thrilled about. Her minor masochistic tendencies were lit up by the feelings coming from between her legs. When another hit landed, her cry seemed almost more a moan than a scream.

“Oh, you like that?” came the man’s deep voice as he whipped her back again. This time though there was not as much pleasure, much more pain. He seemed to pick up the pace, causing her to start to fidget and pull at her restraints. She wasn’t enjoying this any more as he continued to verbally taunt her in his deep voice.

“Something the matter slave?” A woman asked as she stepped into view. “Doesn’t look like you’ll be going anywhere, why are you struggling so hard?”

The whippings stopped as she stepped up to the platform. She was older but still in great shape. Her face had the odd imperfection and wrinkle, but her deep greyish blue eyes were hypnotizing. Her brown hair was neat and tied behind her in a bun. Leota began to breath heavy as she desperately wanted this woman to touch her over-teased sex.

Leota felt hands from behind her on her hips, helping her to her feet. It was awkward to stand with her hands still planted in the ground. She felt a cock, presumably from the man who had been whipping her, sliding deep into her cunt. The woman seemed content to watch as he picked up the pace. Leota began to moan and scream, imagining this woman she was staring at was actually the one behind all this. She found it so much more enjoyable, she closed her eyes to immerse herself in the fantasy. She felt herself approaching orgasm, moaning and grunting loudly as her NESIC enhanced the sensations. Moments before she could finish however, she felt the man behind her stop. He let out a deep grunt as he came, ending things just shy of enough for Leota.

She opened her eyes and was sad to see that the woman was gone. She tried to look around, but she could not turn much and anything more than a few feet away began to get hazy. She saw the man leave, zipping up his pants and walking out. She spread her legs trying to get more comfortable, but with her chip still running all she wanted was for that woman to return and stroke her now very desperate pussy.


Leota was utterly exhausted by the time she was released to rest. They turned off her chip, which had been on for most of her service. She was brought over to the wall around the corner from the main chamber and her collar clipped to a dangling cable. The cylinders remained around her hands and they were clipped into the small indentations in the floor they fit into. She prefered it when they simply cuffed her hands behind her but she was not in any real position to complain. She looked over and saw two others resting against the wall, one in the cylinders one one simply with her hands cuffed behind her. Once they took out her gag she leaned her head against the wall and tried her best to relax.

But as she closed her eyes her mind continued to project to her the woman it had been day dreaming about all night. The real woman had never returned, at least not that she noticed. Leota didn’t know her name or anything about her. However, when she pictured this woman then everything seemed more palatable. The arousal that had been emanating from her chip needed something to focus on, and tonight it had been the grey eyed girl.

“So,” came the voice of Marian that snapped Leota back to the here and now. “You are the first to finish a rotation with your chip in, and I find out you got a few complaints.”

“I’m sorry, what were they?” Leota said as she looked up at Marian.

“It seems you were very distracted. Guests were saying it was like you weren't even there. I don’t like hearing that and considering you’re trying out new technology I want to implement more widely, it’s doubly troubling. Which is also odd because other guests seemed to still find you mostly enthusiastic. Is there a problem with the chip?”

“No, no nothing like that. I’m sorry for being distracted but.. that was on me I think. Mostly,” Leota replied.

“What the hell does ‘mostly’ mean? Is the new collar something I shouldn’t widely implement or does it work?” Marian asked.

“Oh no, it works. It really kept me sexually engaged like I hadn’t been most of my time here. The problem is.. well..” Leota replied suddenly feeling intimidated by the large assistant standing beside Marian. “Well.. you know how I said I was gay? Yeah, the chip excites me but it doesn’t change that part of me. It was making me try to imagine there wasn’t actually a guy even though it almost always was. Some guests were quiet so it was easy to pretend, others not as much so that must have been where I seemed distracted. That I think might be a kind of unique problem that only really applies to me, nothing to do with the collar or the chip.”

“Oh.. well.. that makes sense,” Marian said as she half cocked a smile. “Well for now then, I think maybe it’s best if you’re just blindfolded when you go out there, would you agree?” she asked without any resentment or irritation. Leota hesitated but eventually nodded her head in agreement.  “Alright, well then I won't add any extra time for the complaints I got today. Chock it up to not knowing how to use the new technology best. So from what you can tell there’s no reason I can’t start issuing the collars more widely right?”

“As far as I can tell there shouldn’t be a problem with the collars. And, Marian, thank you for not adding more time,” Leota replied.

Marian just nodded her head in recognition before turning to leave. Leota watched her disappear before taking the opportunity to close her eyes again and visit with her mystery woman for a few more minutes before she drifted off to sleep.


Sophia sat naked and held the new collar in her hands that they said will hook into her NESIC. She waited for the staff member to finish removing her old one as she examined her new one. It looked nearly identical, brushed smooth inside with a rough outside, with the same metal disk hanging from it. The only difference was the faint sight of three small nubs at the side in the shape of an up or down arrow with a circle in the middle. As soon as she felt her old collar come off, the man behind her grabbed for the new collar and clicked it shut.

He tapped the arrows on the collar, clicking Sophia’s long dormant NESIC chip to life. She leaned her head back and let out a low grunt. As he continued to press the sensation continued to get stronger, making her feel suddenly flushed. Satisfied with the test though, the man turned it back down before letting it go off entirely.

Sophia ran her fingers up to the new buttons, examining the new device. But as she pushed, the buttons seemed to do nothing. “So what’s the deal, did you turn this off?” she eventually asked, feeling no response and no indication that the buttons pushed in.

“Nope, but it’ll detect that it’s your fingers. We thought as we try this out it’s probably best if you can’t turn it on or off yourself,” he said as demonstrated by touching it back on and then immediately off. “So guest, staff, the guys in the remote control centre via wifi, basically anyone not in a collar is who you need to see about turning them up or down.”

“Hurray..” Sophia sarcastically moaned. It made her unprepared when her chip jolted back to life at a low setting without him touching her collar.

“Alright, and now you’re in the system so we got ya covered anywhere,” he said as he looked over his tablet.

“Double hurray..” she said through gritted teeth trying to get more accustomed to the feelings of arousal coming from between her legs. The man grabbed her wrists and pulled them in front of her into waiting cuffs. Sophia grunted but cooperated.

“Alright Savina, I want you to go to room 215. Lock your collar to the chain attached to the bed and wait seductively. You’re only allowed to cum when the client's there, you got it?” he said as he bent down and handed Sophia a key card. Sophia nodded her head and got up to go.

The room was a little on the small side, there was a large bed with a metal frame, a small bathroom, but not room for much else. She sighed as she wondered how long she would be in here, but quickly went and locked herself into place all the same. In boredom, and with the continued presence of her NESIC, her hand started to wonder. The touch felt so good, she could not help but moan and bite her lower lip. She writhed on the bed as she brought herself closer and closer to an orgasm, remembering only at the last minute that it was actually not allowed. And that the passive monitoring would know. She pulled her hand away in a pout. She tried again to turn the device off but once again the collar didn’t respond to her touch.

She sat up as she heard the door open. She was most of the way through her rehearsed greeting before noticing that the man who walked through was Rob. “Rob? Oh, this isn’t a good time. Seriously, it’s sweet that you check up on me over the last week and a bit, but whatever snack or goodie you might have, this is not the right time! And I doubly don’t have time if you’re just here to ogle or worship or whatever it is you want to call it. Some client's going to be here any second and it’ll be bad for both of us if you’re here when he shows up.,” Sophia said in a hushed tone.

“I know,” he said as he set his bag down. “The client’s me.”

“What? You better not be joking, come on you can’t afford all this,” she said as her eyes went wide.

“No, no the money’s from one of your friends. And they did some talking and if I never rent you for a full day the casino isn’t going to care if we do anything… you know anything.. I mean unless my Mistress wanted to.. um.. well” Rob said nervously as he started searching through the drawers for a key.

“Come on, I’m naked and chained to a bed, you can say it. Anything sexual. That’s what you’re trying to say right?” Sophia said with one eyebrow slightly raised. Rob blushed as he came to hand Sophia the key.

“I mean.. I dont want to try to tell you.. or.. I mean..”

“Normally you’d be right,” Sophia said as she unfastened her cuffs. “But you see you caught me in a good mood and I’ve just got this new collar that’s been teasing me now for a while.”

“I heard they were rolling those out,” he said as he looked at the collar.

“Well, come over here,” She said as she beckoned him over with her finger.

Rob nervously climbed on the bed. Sophia crawled forward to close the distance, placing her arms on his folded legs and leaning in to kiss him. “Now, take off your clothes,” she said before pulling back to unfasten her collar. It was still attached to the bed, and still sending its signal, but it was at least not around her neck any more. Once Rob was down to just his boxers, Sophia came back to Rob and placed the collar around his neck.

Rob froze, breathing heavy but locked in on Sophia’s eyes. He ran one hand around the collar and chain but the other one sat limply at his side. He was pulled by the collar to the centre of the bed before being pushed down onto his back. From that position it was impossible to hide his quickly hardening cock creating a tent in his boxers.

Sophia pulled his boxers off before slowly straddling him. She sat just above his knees, just short of his cock. She slowly ran a single finger up and down, circling around the head and smiled at ever jerk and squarm it elicited. “Does my slave like being toyed with?” She asked as she grabbed hold of his cock with her whole hand and began to slowly stroke.

Rob squirmed and gasped, being overwhelmed by the attention. Cum began dripping out of his cock in thick milky streams. “Uh, seriously?” Sophia said as she let go of his cock, letting him hump the air as his orgasm was ruined. She collapsed to the side of the bed in a grunt. She looked over and saw Rob staring off a thousand miles away.

She grabbed his hand and pulled his index finger up to the collar he still wore. Using his finger she turned up her own chip, bringing her back to the edge of orgasm before making his finger press the circle button. She grabbed tightly to his hand as she rocketed over the edge, cumming in a satisfying ending which also seemed to turn her chip off after it was through. She let go of him and took her own time to catch her breath.


“So, um, Rob?” Sophia said breaking a long silence the two were sharing. “Please don’t take this the wrong way. I.. Are you just doing all this for the sex?”

Rob sat up with the collar still around his neck and looked over. “Doing all what?”

“Well, like, everything. You always have this look of.. I don’t know. Like you’re expecting something in return. Like ‘maybe if I just keep doing these things she’ll feel so grateful she’ll have sex with me’ or something. I could be reading this totally wrong so please don’t be offended.”

“No. God no. I’m sorry I’m just trying to be a nice guy and I really like helping you,” he explained as he fully sat up to be able to look her in the eyes, though he seemed to be needing to put in effort to not stare instead at her uncovered breasts..

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m just.. I mean you have this look like you just want to fuck me,” she said as she got up off the bed to go get a towel from the bathroom to put on. “Just this.. this lust in your eye. I guess I’m just in my own head to much about it.”

“Well yeah, I do have lust. I.. I mean you’re just so beautiful,” Rob said as he got up to grab his clothes only to find the limit of his leash before he could reach them.

Sophia couldn’t help but blush and smile in the safe concealment of the bathroom. “That’s just ‘cause you’ve seen me naked,” she fired back, partly out of self deprecation and partly to tease. She opened the door and couldn’t help but snort a laugh as she saw Rob trying to reach for his boxers with an outstretched foot and just coming up short.

“I.. I couldn’t find the key,” he said as he moved his hands to conceal his crotch.

“That’s cause I brought it with me to the bathroom,” Sophia said as she dangled the red allen key in her hand. “Do you want me to let you out?”

“Unless you’d rather laugh at me Mistress,” he said as he got back up onto the bed.

“You know, actually I might,” she said as she dropped the key and started walking back to the bed. “So, I assume like always you’ve got messages to forward on? News to share? Let me lay down and relax while you fill me in. That.. that would be the perfect break in my book.” she said as she got into bed, causing Rob to scoot over some to give her more space. She closed her eyes and listened as Rob began to pass along messages and tell her about what else was going on out there.


Leota had been blindfolded before, but it had never been more than a few hours. However it had now been nearly a week since she had been able to see on her own. It had been strange for her to adjust to not having glasses and only seeing clearly what was in front of her. Yet, oddly, she fell into a rhythm of perpetual blindness more easily than her previous experience would have suggested.

It was already difficult to tell how much time passed, and so long as she was assigned to the dungeon she was never free of her bindings. Somehow not being able to see any of it seemed a natural extension. It completed her helplessness, there were no questions or doubt left. She was utterly at their mercy for absolutely everything.

And just as importantly, it allowed her mind to fill in all the gaps in information she now had without her sight. That usually meant she needed to make up her own image of who it was she was interacting with, and she had found the grey eyed woman to be the perfect stand in. Leota knew nothing about her, so there was no pesky facts to contradict and there was never anything she couldn’t imagine her doing. Any change to her NESIC? It was her. Any whipping or punishment was her. Sex even seemed possible to all be at her directive, that she wanted to use Leota as a fucktoy for her male friends. It made Leota much more capable of losing herself and simply enjoying whatever sensations were brought down on her. She wasn’t pleasing these men that she felt nothing for, she was pleasing this woman.

Leota had even created a name for this imaginary woman, Vera Grey. She had no illusions that any of it was real, but she found the name fitting and found the fantasy engrossing. She was Vera’s slave, not the resort’s. No matter what happened to her, Vera would keep her safe. No matter what was done to her, it was for the purpose of pleasuring Vera.

Leota sat against the wall, her collar clipped to the short leash and her hands in cylinders attached to the floor. She was nearly off to sleep when a male voice came up to her. “Do you need a rest from the blindfold at all?” he asked with a tone more of curiosity than concern.

Leota thought about it. She knew the view she would have with it off, a few feet of nothing followed by a blurred distance. She couldn’t imagine what she would have to gain, but it still felt strange when she replied “no.” But that was the whole of it, no follow up questions were asked, as far as she could tell he wasn’t there anymore anyway. She laid her head back against the wall once again and began to drift off into a nap.


“Ohmygod! What the hell are you doing up here?” Andrea squealed seeing Zainab walking up to her as she was leaving her last class of the day in a lazy day combination of sweater, sweats and boots.

“What? I need a reason to come up here?” Zainab said as she stood to the side to not block the torrent of people changing classes.

“Well.. yeah actually. You almost never come up here and I almost always go down there,”

“You think I need a special reason to come up here?”

“So there’s no special reason?” Andrea asked skeptically.

“.. OK so there is but I’m hurt you’d think I wouldn’t come visit for no reason,” Zainab blurted out, wishing she had a way to better backpeddle.

“I’m sure it hurts, I know how much of a delicate little flower you are,” Andrea teased, earning a cross look from Zainab. “I mean how will your ego survive?”

“You done? So I got something new,” Zainab said with a coy smile. “Your roommate in?”

“She’ll be in class for over an hour, uh.. is this something a naughty something?” Andrea asked as she grabbed Zainab by the hand and started walking back to her dorm. They walked past the reception and into the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed Zainab grabbed something from her purse and turned Andrea around. She pushed her against the wall, whispering “who’s the delicate flower now?” with a playfully malevolent tone. Andrea felt plastic zip ties pulled around her wrists, locking her hands behind her. She smiled, loving how instantly helpless she had become. She was flipped back around and heard the sounds of another zip tie locking before Zainab stretched up to kiss her. She had worked quickly as the door only just opened up to the sixth floor.

When Andrea tried to walk for the door, she found her cuffs had been fastened to the railing along the back of the elevator. “Haha, very funny,” Andrea said as she pulled to try to free herself, all she managed to do was add pressure to her wrists.

“I actually do find it funny, here let me show you the humor,” she said as she pulled out her phone. Andrea balled up her fists as she felt her NESIC turn on. Zainab kicked Andrea’s bag to the other side of the elevator as the doors shut and the elevator began to go back down.

“Ok, I’m sorry. Just let me go,” Andrea said as she began to shuffle back and forth on her feet.

“No, not yet. I think we’ll play a little game. Before someone gets on at the ground floor, you guess the floor they’re going to go to. If you’re right then I release you and turn everything off. If you guess wrong, I turn it up another notch. I mean there’s only 7 floors, your chances aren’t that bad..” Zainab said as she walked back to stand between Andrea and the buttons.

“Well, shouldn’t it start at off then?” Andrea cracked. Zainab sneered and visibly showed Andrea as she turned up the device to level two. “I’ll be good, um.. fifth floor,” she said as the elevator came to a rest at the ground floor. It was a moment before the doors opened, Zainab put her own hands behind her back and leaned against the wall, making it look like Andrea was simply doing the same.

“What floor?” Zainab asked.

“Uh, four,” the girl who had just gotten on said.

“Alright then,” Zainab said in a satisfied tone as she hit the button before looking at Andrea and subtlly turning up the device. The girl got off and looked back at them, giving them a second look before the doors closed.

The elevator began to rise. “Please, ok you win, I don’t want to play any more,” Andrea said in a more serious tone.

“This getting too much?” Zainab asked as she leaned in closer.

“Yes.. please I live with these people. Can’t we just go to my room? You can do whatever it is you had planned for me there,” Andrea said nervously as the doors opened on the 7th floor and someone held the door, shouting for his friend to hurry up.

Zainab didn’t say a word, she simply grabbed some cutters out of her purse and freed Andrea’s cuff from the railing before hitting 6. The group of guys looked at the two girls a little confused “Sorry, missed our floor,” Zainab offered up as their excuse. She grabbed both her bag and Andrea’s before the two slid out at their floor.

The two rushed down the hall to Andrea’s room, Andrea still cuffed but seemingly comfortable with that fact. Zainab grabbed the key from Andrea’s front pocket and the two scooted inside.

“Better?” Zainab asked, causing Andrea to nod her head vigorously. “Good,” she said as she grabbed Andrea by the arm and pushed her over onto her bed. Zainab began removing her tight jeans and black thong panties before climbing into bed in front of Andrea. “So my surprise,” Zainab started.

“Wanting me to eat you out is not a surprise,” Andrea said jokingly.

“You don’t learn do you?” Zainab said as she flipped Andrea over to lay on her back. Andrea let out an excited yelp and helped flip herself as best she could. Zainab began removing Andrea’s sweater and shirt, causing Andrea to smile with excitement. She sat her naked ass on Andrea’s bare stomach as she worked Andrea’s shirt around her head. She unhooked Andrea’s front hook bra and began to twist her pierced nipples hard. Andrea groaned and bit her lip. Zainab let go and began instead to slap her tits from either direction, causing Andrea to try her best to roll around.

“You know, I think you might enjoy these punishments too much,” Zainab lamented as she leaned herself forward.

“Hehe, what do you mean? I totally, utterly, 100% don’t love it when you pinch my nipples or bind my wrists or slap my ass! Not at all!” Andrea replied as she did her best to lean forward for a kiss, only to have Zainab pull back just enough to prevent it.

“Well if you like them so much they aren’t exactly a good tool at effectively instilling any kind of order or routine.”

“Come on now. You routinely order me to do all kinds of things and I routinely like to annoy you until you feel I’ve earned a punishment,” Andrea joked. “But seriously, what did you want to tell me that was so special?”

“I’m not on the waitlist any more..” Zainab replied coyly.

“Waitlist for.. Oh for.. you have a chip too?” Andrea said as she finally understood Zainab’s meaning. “So you’re wanting to take it for a test run is that it?”

“I was thinking test ride but yes,” Zainab said as she spun around and straddled Andrea’s head. She lowered herself down and allowed Andrea to eagerly get to work. She reached for her phone and turned on her own chip, causing her to moan deeply at the feeling, and how it multiplied what Andrea was doing.

She set the phone down and began to slide Andrea’s sweatpants down to her knees, followed by her white and pink panties. She moved down and began to return the favor to Andrea, licking and sucking delicately. She began to slide a finger into Andrea’s wet cunt, causing Andrea to moan into Zainab’s pussy.

As the feelings got more intense, Zainab began to lose focus. She sat up, grabbing on to Andrea’s leg and reaching to find her phone. She turned her chip up, giving her enough extra stimulation to convulse powerfully to an orgasm. She felt like she was seeing stars as she took every ounce of concentration to find the off switch on her phone and grunt at Andrea to stop. She lay panting, resting her head on Andrea’s thigh, having moved up slightly to give Andrea easier air.

She looked back at her phone and switched it over to control Andrea’s chip. She turned it up and listened as Andrea grunted in recognition of the change. Zainab smiled, feeling Andrea squirm beneath her. Her hand hovered over the button that would send out the signal to cum, but she decided instead to simply slide it back down a little bit and finish Andrea off with her tongue.

Andrea was at the edge already, and so it took almost no time at all before she began to plead with Zainab that she be allowed to cum. Zainab loved the desperateness Andrea’s voice took on as she continued her work without comment. Eventually Andrea began to rock and buck, trying in vain to push Zainab off so that she could get a pause.

Just then the door opened and at once both Andrea and Zainab’s heads shot up. “Fuck sorry,” came the voice of Devin, Andrea’s roommate’s boyfriend. The utter shock cause Andrea to lose her concentration and she began to cum even before he had finished shutting the door. She found herself hot and sweaty, welcoming it when Zainab rolled off her and opened up the window. It was especially nice when Zainab turned off her chip.

When Andrea sat up and looked at Zainab, the two tried hard not to giggle, which only made it impossible to resist.

“I thought you’d lock the door,” Zainab said playfully as she cut Andrea’s hands loose before rushing to retrieve her clothes. “Why wouldn’t you do that?”

“I had my hands tied, you shoved me onto my bed and I was horney, what’s your excuse?” Andrea replied as she began to rub her wrists.

“You had your hands tied, I shoved you onto your bed and I was horney.. I guess it’s the same excuse really,” Zainab replied. “This.. this is why I don’t visit very much,” she said as she finished zipping up her jeans. “So I wonder if this is one of those things he’ll want to keep to himself or tell the world.”

“Well, his girlfriend said she was getting tired of his jokes about wanting to get some three ways going, so I bet he’ll keep it quiet,” Andrea said as she pulled her shirt back down over her and pulled up her sweatpants.

“He didn’t look so bad, I’m down for one if you are,” Zainab joked as she walked back to sit next to Andrea by the open window.

“Ha, just don’t let him hear you say that..”


As Leota felt them lower her back down to the ground her arms rejoiced. She didn’t know how long she had been hanging by them, but it had been long enough. Her legs were tender from some of the whippings but it was a relief to be standing all the same. She felt a pull from her arms and followed as she was led away again. Over the days she had become very used to being led around, and it had become routine.

What shocked her though was that she was not led back to the wall, she felt the ground change to the cheap linoleum of the staff hallways but otherwise had no idea where she was being taken.

She felt some hands behind her head and braced to have the leather blindfold off for the first time in days. Even with her eyelids tight it felt like there was an instant spotlight on her. She squinted and blinked, trying to make herself adjust.

“So Leota,” came the voice of Marian, though she still couldn’t make out from where. “I heard that your performance actually improved when blindfolded, you were even asked if you wanted a break and you declined, is all that correct?” Marian asked.

Leota had started to regain her sight and could see they were in some kind of logistics room. Marian and an assistant stood closely in front of her and behind them were several more people doing something she couldn’t make out.

“Um.. yes. I.. had kind of gotten into a rhythm,” Leota meekly replied.

“Good, then I think this new thing should be up your alley. We’re still a new operation here and so where’re still in a ‘throw everything against the wall and see what sticks’ mode and you’re going to be our newest thing we try to throw. And of course you’ll be good and cooperate, yes?” Marian said, as she waved for someone at the far table to bring something over.

The man that had led Leota there removed her cuffs just in time for one of the other men to bring over what she was about to be put into. It was chrome framed, a solid middle bar with four pairs of bars coming off of it, each with a cuff restraint. The bar itself extended even beyond the last cuff with several indentations. Leota watched the man disappeared behind her with the metal armbinder and started by attaching a cuff around each wrist, locking her hands about two inches apart. Then he worked his way up, at the forearm, just below the elbow and just above the elbow. Her elbows were not pushed very close together, but she was very stuck in it nonetheless. As he was doing that, another man came and placed a chrome ankle cuff around each of her feet with a single large D ring protruding from the back of the cuffs.

“How does it fit?” Marian asked as she looked on at what was happening.

“It feels fine, not as heavy as it looks,” Leota said.

“Good, good.” Marian said before turning back to where the rest of the people were. “Is it ready now?” she asked getting a few head nods and thumbs ups.

Leota heard a mechanical sound like wheels as she watched what looked like a footstool crawl towards her. It went at the speed of a slow walk and maneuvered surprisingly well. It was about as long as her torso, just a little bit wider and stood maybe two and a bit feet tall. It was cream colored, covered in a combination of hard plastic and a vinyl like fabric which formed a kind of skirt all around it that hid whatever mechanics was actually at work at making it move. There were what looked like drawers on either long side of it, and a triangular indentation at the top that looked very much like it was meant to have her arm binder lock into it. At the side her head would go, someone grabbed a clip and pulled out what turned out to be a retractable leash and attached it to the front of Leota’s collar.

“This, is a MeshBot. Mobile entertainment and service hoster. A little toy we’ve been tinkering that wasn’t quite ready when we opened, we think it’s ready now,” Marian explained.

“So, do I just lay down on it?” Leota asked.

“Not right yet you don’t, but since you’re so eager let’s jump to that test,” Marian said as she signaled to one of the other people.

“Turn around,” the machine said in a cold robotic voice. Leota did before she heard the robot start to maneuver itself. “Sit down and place your harness in the slot,” it commanded. Leota looked over at Marian before sitting back and hoping the robot was there. It was and with a little more instruction, Leota found a hole that the rod of her armbinder clicked into. Leota felt her whole body leaning back as the rod up the centre of her armbinder began to get bent back into place. She slid effortlessly into place, laying vertical with her legs bent over the sides. The cold voice then helped her locate where to move her feet so that the back d-ring on each of her ankle cuffs could find the slot at the corners they were meant to lock into. Leota’s feet were now several inches off the ground and spread wide. She tried closing her ankles to conceal a bit of modesty, but not only was that not very easy, but the attempt caused her collar to shock her.

“Hey, I just felt a shock,” Leota said, hoping it was just a malfunction.

“Sorry, should have warned you, struggle too much and it is programmed to shock you. Just comply and you should be fine.” Marian said, as she examined how the whole package fit together. Leota’s head was just past the edge of the main body, but a plank had been extended for her head to rest on. Her legs were well spread, and her pussy lay just at the edge of the machine. “Run through the rest of the test,” she called out to one of the techs.

Suddenly Leota felt the board her head was resting on fold down, causing her head to begin to fall before she realized it was gone. She felt and heard more things move as drawers at the side of the platform opened and closed. The drawers were large but currently empty as they tested everything. The head platform raised back up, before the whole device began to move around. It seemed able to move in all directions and spin, something that was not nearly as disorienting as she thought it might be. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two of the techs, one man one woman, kneel down and attempt to push the machine manually. They seemed to be straining heavily and yet the platform did not move.

Shortly after they left, Leota felt her legs released from the machine and she instantly placed them down on the ground in front of her. She watched helplessly as the bar began tilting up, lifting her back to a sitting position. When she tried pulling away however she found the bar was still very much attached to the machine, which gave her a mild shock for what it interpreted as a struggle. A few moments passed silently as she sat at attention, she was about to say something but was interrupted by another robotic command. “Stand,” was all it said. Leota tried once again to stand and this time found it had released her. Once on her feet she noticed the tether to her collar was still attached and so she simply stood, waiting for further instruction.

“Now was any of that painful? I mean other than the shocks of course..” One of the techs asked. Leota shook her head which seemed to give the people some relief.

“There is one more part to all this,” Marian said as she walked up and put a hand on Leota’s shoulder. “For some people this may be too much, but frankly your choice is to try or to go back to the dungeon. Of course remember, I reward obedience and those who prove to be valuable. I need someone to do this and I’d prefer someone marked like you,” she said as she tapped on the SLAVE tattoo on Leota’s forehead. “I also know you wear glasses, did you ever wear contacts?” she asked.

“Yes, I did for a few years before going back to glasses.”

“Well, you’re going back to contacts again for a little while. Except these are blackout contacts. You won’t be able to see anything while you are paired with the Meshbot. I’m also going to be putting some plugs in your ears. They’ll have little speakers so you can hear, but it will only tell you what the machine wants to tell you. Which will not happen often. You will be, for all real intents and purposes, mostly deaf and fully blind. Now, contacts are a little hard to do if you don’t cooperate, so I’ll give you this chance to back out if you want, the dungeon is still an option.”

Leota shook her head. She wasn’t sure this would be much better, but on principle she wanted to be cooperative. She knew good assignments are given to good workers, and she desperately did not want to stay with bad assignments her whole time here.

“Good, well then I shall leave you in capable hands,” Marian said as she looked up and back at everyone.

Leota watched briefly as Marian left before she saw someone else walk into sight with a pale white contact lens on his finger. “Kind of eerie look’n huh? It’ll be like you have no pupil at all,” he said as he made sure she got a close look. Leota swallowed nervously as she watched him gently get the lense into place. She blinked frantically to get it situated and found it disorienting to have lost sight. She took a deep breath and then opened her other eye wide to watch as the last shreds of light were eclipsed before once again blinking to get it situated.

When she had been blind in the dungeon it was a blindfold, she had always felt it, it was always an explanation, a reason why opening her eyes did nothing. Now there was no such reminder and she suddenly felt very alone. She tried walking away but felt the pull from the tether. She even tried pulling hard but the machine may as well have been welded to the floor. It at least seemed to be off and didn’t zap her for her momentary panic.

“You going to be ok?” the man said as he put both hands on her arms. It was calming. The touch seemed to be enough. She knew the ears would be next and she nodded her head telling them she was ready. They felt strange going in, a little slimy even. Pressure stayed in place as the slime seemed to harden somewhat, once she couldn’t feel any more moisture the pressure removed but the plugs seemed firmly in place.

“Testing, testing nod if you can hear” came a voice through the speakers. The sound quality was tinny, but it came through clear enough and she nodded her head. “Good, now once I turn this on, the shock will start happening again if you struggle or resist. That will also include talking when you shouldn’t be. So just follow what it tells you and try to act nice and helpless for the guests.”

With that, silence. She had a laugh to herself at the warning, “act.” She didn't feel she needed to really act that much, she already felt pretty damn helpless. She waited for what seemed like an overly long time. The staff were putting finishing touches on, and filling the empty drawers with an assortment of toys, but Leota was oblivious to all of that. She simply stood waiting for a command to finally come. “Forward,” came the cold metallic voice of the machine through her earpiece. Leota simply began to dutifully follow as the machine rode out of the room with her close in tow.


Sophia woke up smiling and laughed at that realization. She found it odd, nothing about her situation had changed. She still wore the same slave collar she had been wearing for some time now. Of course there was the addition that it activated her NESIC now, but she was sure that wasn’t what was making her smile. She didn’t feel any closer to escape, she wasn’t given better assignments, she just found it hard not to be more positive. She felt like she had her secret network of supporters helping her out now. Rob was there and Zainab seemed to be banking him.

It was an optimism that got the better of her three days ago when she was rented out to a client, who was actually a client and not simply Rob. She had let herself get her hopes up only to see a fat man in a polo shirt waddle in. It made the whippings hurt a little more, and the sex seem a little more demeaning, but by the next day it was forgotten.

Now she was once again laying naked on a bed, chained to the headboard and being teased by her chip. She told her mind to temper her optimism, to not be caught surprised again, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to do that. It had already been a long day for her, and when she heard she was being rented for the night she couldn’t help but presume that it was Rob and her friends coming through for her again.

Her smile grew a mile wide when the door opened and Rob walked in with a small suitcase. It was the same suitcase they had bought over Thanksgiving to keep her clothes in. Since she could not keep them herself, they were technically Rob’s, but it was in name only. Rob gave her an awkward wave before he rushed over to retrieve the key to unlock her collar.

“First, turn this damn thing off would you?” she said as he approached her on the bed, pointing to the buttons at the side of the collar. He quickly turned them off before reaching back to remove the collar. She then moved in for a hug and a light kiss before kneeling back down on the bed and covering her breasts with one arm. “I assume that’s my stuff I can change into?” she asked as she pointed to the suitcase with her eyes.

“Oh, yeah..” he said as he lifted the suitcase onto the bed and opened it. He pulled out a few gift wrapped boxes that sat at the top which immediately caught Sophia’s attention.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” Sophia asked as her eyes went to packages. “Is it the 5th already?”

“Yes it is, happy birthday.” He said with a grin. “You’re rented out until tomorrow late morning, and since you’ve already worked today there’s no restrictions on you at all. Your friends sent up some gifts as well.”

“I so don’t deserve you,” she said as she scooted forward and kissed him.

“Are you kidding? I’m the one way out of my league,” he muttered as Sophia pulled back away. “But there’s one present’ I’ve been wanting to show you for a while now,” he said as he started to remove his pants.

“Already? Ok, sure.. I guess,” Sophia said slid down to the floor in front of Rob and onto her knees.

“No, no I think you have the wrong idea,” Rob said as he pulled away.

“What I don’t take offence. You’re a guy, it’s ok I get why you’re always in such a rush to get it out,” she said looking up at him.

“No, this isn’t that. I know you’ve commented about that before, so I thought I’d give you something else,” he said as she struggled to take his shoes off with his pants already around his ankles. “You remember a few days ago, when I had you put your thumb on that small pad?” he said as he reached for the sides of his boxers. “Well, maybe I should just show you.”

As he pulled down his boxers and then removed his t-shirt Sophia was surprised to say the least. He wore a metal chastity belt that looked very similar to the kind she used to wear. It went around his hips with indentations to lock things to, looked to be a perfect fit of brushed metal. Of course there was the major difference that as it passed his penis there were two small cage protrusions. His balls were pushed to either side of his cock cage, while his cock cage bent around keeping the whole thing low profile. The cages were made of thin metal bars held closely together like a ridged metal fishing net. As the chastity belt circled around she saw a wide opening around his asshole, suggesting this could be worn rather long term. The last difference was that just above the penis was a small black panel which looked like what she had touched her thumb to the other day.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve accused me of wanting to jump right to sex, and sure.. I kind of do that a lot. But I’m.. I don’t want you to think I’m some perv and that’s all I care about. I’m trying to be a nice guy, and a good slave. And thanks to the thumbprint thing, only you can unlock me from my chastity belt. I want you to know that you dictate the terms here Mistress. If you choose, this will never come off and I’ll just be a chastity slave forever. It’s also my way of showing that I trust you as well as letting you know that you’re not powerless here in the casino cause.. you have a lot of power over me at least,” he quickly rambled as Sophia walked around, unsure of what kind of reaction it was causing.

“But this is something you like too I assume?” she asked as she stood in front of him.

“I.. I mean yes, yeah it’s something I’ve had a lot of interest in. I’ve never had a belt this secure or anyone to be a keyholder, but it’s always kind of been a fantasy,” he replied nervously. “But this wasn’t just about me. I thought you’d like it too.. do you.. like it?” he asked.

Sophia paced around, examining him, trying to decide what to say. “So I’m assuming if you try to get hard it’ll hurt right?” she asked, to which Rob simply nodded his head. “So if I did this?” Sophia asked as she pulled herself close to him, pressing her naked body against his. “Or maybe some of this?” she whispered as on hand reached down for his ass while another grabbed the back of his head

Rob winced and moaned as he began to nod his head. Sophia smiled. “Then you like the strain it causes? Feeling turned on but knowing there’s nothing you can do about it?” she whispered gently into his ear. He gasped and nodded his head. “Good, then I think I’ll get dressed and you can just stare and watch as I try out which underwear I’d prefer. And don’t you dare look away,” she said as she turned to go look through the suitcase to see what she had to try on.

Rob breathed heavily but stood perfectly still. “Yes Mistress,” he replied.


Leota walked forward through the silent blackness. She saw nothing, heard nothing, but continued on all the same. She still darted her head around when she thought she heard a noise or maybe hoping that this time she’d get a view of something. But nothing. The floor changed from the cheap linoleum of the hallway to a buffed smooth surface. She could not tell where, but she knew she was once again in public.

“Stop,” a cold metallic voice commanded. Without the movement, she was all of a sudden much more aware of her bondage. She tried jostling her arms but nothing budged. She imagined thousands of eyes could be on her, she felt utterly exposed. She gasped as she felt something turn on her NESIC, turning it up high. She had noticed a pattern in the dungeon that moments before her use someone would turn it on very high but briefly, just long enough to get her sex crazed hormones into drive.

She began panting as she waited for.. well she wasn’t sure what to expect but she was sure it would happen soon. A firm hand grabbed her breast, making her look down instinctively expecting to see some clue as to who just grabbed her there. He moved his thumb up to play with her nipple piercing. Soon another hand was on her ass, and before long a third hand was feeling the stud piercing that still sat at her clit.

Leota moved her head about but continued to see and hear absolutely nothing as the hands jostled around. She moaned at the sensations, there were certainly plenty of them and no image to attach them to.

She tried to picture who these three, and she was sure it was three separate people from the angles of the hands, but she had difficulty. She pictured herself, hands locked behind her in a totally black void. Light illuminated her, but if there was anything else the light did not show it. She pictured the hands, three of them, unattached to people. Just three hands roaming around by magic, exploring her helpless body as it stayed trapped in this void space.

“Say, ‘I do whatever my robot master wishes,’” came instructions through her ear. She repeated the words in a sultry, eager tone. She hadn’t heard the conversation leading up to that phrase, but she was sure it was meant to be a sincere sounding admission of helplessness, of servitude to this mechanical thing.

She knew she was not alone but still the image of standing in an empty void was hard to shake. As she felt a body press up against her, the disorientation began to feel overwhelming. She struggled again with hands, visibly distressed and suddenly feeling like she needed to get out of there. Her pulling only seemed to bring in more attention. She started breathing heavy, trying to calm herself down.

“You have been asked, why are you struggling so hard? That it Doesn’t look like you’ll be going anywhere. Answer the guest,” The robot voice requested. It gave Leota a stark realization. If the robot was to always be a middle man, then what was in the black void and more importantly who was in it would be entirely her creation. She was not creative enough to envision herself anywhere else but the casino, but as she was about to answer this unknown, unseen guest, she could make that person anyone. And why not the same woman that had gotten her through the dungeon? The grey eyed woman, Vera.

“This slave is simply new, and is simply feeling overwhelmed by so much attention,” Leota answered flirtatiously. She saw Vera smile and felt Vera’s eyes on her as Vera directed her friends to tease her poor slave. Leota felt the man pressing against her back reach down and take out his cock. He bent her over slightly as he positioned himself.

Leota looked ahead imagining Vera nearly cackling at the humiliation she was inflicting on her. “I hope you enjoy them, I will enjoy watching you pleasure them,” she said in this imagined world. Leota felt the very real cock press deep into her pussy, causing her to moan and bite her lower lip.

She felt someone else grab her by the chin and tilt her head up, placing a kiss on her lips. The person had no beard and as far as Leota could picture was one of Vera’s female friends looking on. The person pulled away before she felt a hand on the back of her head. She was brought down to someone’s waiting and throbbing cock.

Leota began to suck eagerly. The thick circumcised cock was salty and pungent as it pressed on towards the back of her throat. Leota felt so humiliated, being made to do this thing she finds so revolting, all to please this maniacal woman. She felt the cock swell and stiffen as she continued to bob her head, going to great effort to debase herself and be an obedient slave to her Mistress.  It was strenuous work, all while remaining bent and pounded from behind. She did the best she could. And when that wasn’t good enough, she felt an encouraging hand push her head lower, push it deeper, causing her to gag more than a few times.

With some final thrusts, the man behind her erupted, pulling out to shoot his cum across her back. As he pulled away, the man that had been using her throat decided to take the other man’s place behind her. He grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust, at least allowing her the ability to straighten up somewhat. He thrusted considerably faster, finally rushing her past orgasm without stopping or even slowing. She tried to limit her moan of pleasure but was sure it was rather loud.  After reaching a second orgasm in only minutes, he tightly grabbed her and shot his load deep inside her. He held onto her for some time as they both caught their breaths.

“The guest wants to know if you liked it,” the robotic voice asked. She watched as she imagined Vera cocking an eyebrow eagerly awaiting her response. “This slave enjoyed being used, thank you,” she said, causing Vera to nod her head in approval. Sophia nearly jumped as she felt a quick slap to her ass, causing her heart to race again. She looked around, trying to guess if everyone had left or if they were still all there. She didn’t know, but she at least felt that Vera was still there with her.


“So, should I be expecting any more surprises?” Sophia asked as the two sat quietly at their table. “Like, no one’s going to be waiting in the room or anything when we get back right?”

“No, it’s just me.. They sent greetings and all that but it’s a weeknight and.. and there’s still the gifts, back in the room,” Rob replied after finishing his last bight.

“Right, I almost forgot about those..” she said as she took another sip of red wine. “And speaking of.. I gotta ask.. isn’t that thing.. annoying?” she asked pointing down towards his crotch.

“You’d probably be surprised. I put it on yesterday to get a feel before I put the thumbprint lock on..”

“Wait, you’ve already been wearing it a day?” Sophia chuckled.

“Well.. to make sure it fit and stuff. I really only notice it when I bend all the way over for something and even then it’s not that bad. You wore something like this long term didn’t you?”

“Well, yes I did. But I don’t have anything that sticks out or grows or anything like that,” she said as she blushed slightly.

“Yeah, when it tries to get hard it’s uncomfortable, but then it goes away. Your friend gave me a bunch of money and said to get something to hang on to that will show you you’re important to me. And I.. hoped that might fit the bill. Did I mess up?” he said nervously.

“No.. no just surprising. Still getting used to it. I might be dominant, but I’m not actually used to being ‘the dominant,’ you know? I mean when I did that one time you would have watched I really messed things up” she lamented as she took another sip of wine.

“Well.. You don’t have to worry about scaring me off like what happened to your friends. I’m not going anywhere, you’re not going anywhere, and now you’ve got quite a lot of power over me,” he said as he reached his hand across the table to grab ahold of Sophia’s. Sophia smiled at the warm reassurance, causing Rob to smile as well.

“And did we save any room for dessert?” the waiter asked as he came by seeing their finished plates.

“Yes, I think so, I could do with some celebrating.”


Leota blindly walked, following this basic pattern several times. She would be led somewhere, she would be manhandled, she would be used and she would be discarded. She imagined Vera sat atop the machine as it moved from place to place, like some kind of carrage with Leota being the poor animal pulled beside the cart. Leota was enjoying being this woman’s slave, even if it was only in her head. It certainly beat what she had been.

But Leota felt something was different this time. She was walking on a tile floor now, somewhere she hadn’t been to before. She was told to stop walking, right as one foot began to feel a drain. She looked around nervously. For whatever reason she was still in the habit of leaving her eyes open, even if she saw as much as when they were closed.

She yelped as a jet of cold water began to pelt her unprotected skin. It ran across her chest, and down to her crotch. The cold water was coming out fast, like icy needles pricking her delicate pussy. She turned to protect herself but was immediately shocked by her collar. “Hold still slave while these guests hose you off,” the robotic voice said.

She stood herself back up, hoping that cooperating would get this all over faster. Whoever was holding the hose began to move around, getting both sides of her with their icy stream. The water started climbing up again. As it reached her neck she closed her eyes, which protected her as the hose was turned to her bald head. The water seemed to lose some of its power there, but it did not get any warmer.

“Turn around, spread your legs and bend over,” the voice commanded. The hose had been turned off, or at least directed away from her, but she was sure that wasn’t going to stay that way. She slowly spun herself what she presumed was all the way around, she spread her legs about two feet apart and bent over at the hips. Just as she feared it would, the water returned in full force, bearing down on her exposed crotch and ass. When that had finished the water once again turned off and Leota stood up shivering.

Her teeth began to chatter as she longed to be dried off and warmed up. She opened her eyes again and looked around, hoping that it might inspire someone to do something about this cold, defenseless slave girl.

“I want you to repeat after me, for the benefit of a guest,” the voice said. “I am a slave to this robot. I can not see, I can not hear anything except my master.” Leota swallowed and repeated the phrase, putting her helplessly on display for the person or people that might be surrounding her. She breathed heavily, as she felt someone grabbing onto the rod that made up the spine of her arm restraints. She felt it slowly raising up, forcing her to bend forward into a strappado. She spread her legs to keep balance on the wet tile floor and was thankful when it stopped raising her arms to be parallel with her shoulders as she was bent at about forty five degrees.

“The guest wishes to play a game, he is holding up fingers on one hand, if you guess correctly he will dry you off. If you guess incorrectly you will be whipped,” the voice instructed.

“Please, I am absolutely blind, I can’t see your fingers at all,” Leota pleaded. She felt a searing pain as a whip landed across her wet ass, causing her to bite down hard to suppress a scream.

“He insists you pick a number,” the voice said coldly.

Leota’s teeth were chattering as she simply said “three?” Her answer was rewarded with two more strikes across her wet ass, amplifying the pain from what it would normally have been. After the whipping stopped she said “five?” this answer gave her four more hits, ones that Leota couldn’t help but scream over. She felt muscles begin to protest, she was cold and uncomfortably bound. She took a deep breath before making her next guess “one?”

She braced for another strike but was instead very relieved to feel a towel placed over her ass instead. It dried her off, though certainly taking extra time to “dry” her crotch and breasts. She was still very cold but she at least felt she wasn’t getting any colder.

Two large hands grabbed her hips, as she felt a cock pressing against her ass. He pushed in slowly, gripping her tightly as he did. He was not particularly thick, something Leota was thankful for as she gritted her teeth and moaned. Moaned both from the sensations as well as her NESIC turning itself back on shortly after he began to push. It was a tight fit, but not an overly painful one.

As he began to thrust, she felt another pair of hands at her head. She opened her mouth anticipating the cock she was so sure was coming. Instead she felt herself buried in another woman’s pussy. It was trimmed but not shaved, causing loose hairs to tickle her cheeks and nose. But it smelt so sweet to her.

She began to get very turned on as this woman grabbed her by the ears and pulled her close. Every breath she took was through the hairy mound, adding the unmistakable smell to every inhale. Her tongue worked furiously, teasing in and around the lips before focusing the bulk of its attention on her clit. Leota wished so badly to hear this woman’s cries of passion. Leota was at least hopeful that she was eliciting such cries from the woman, she had no way of knowing.

The cock in her ass simply became a distraction, a secondary form of stimulation as she worked to please this mystery woman in front of her. She felt herself getting close to orgasm as she continued to picture this woman, before feeling the woman start to shake and convulse into an orgasm of her own. As she pulled away, the man picked up his pace, rocketing them both into orgasm. Leota stood there out of breath as the man had partially collapsed onto her strappado-ed frame.

When he finally pulled out, he released her hands from whatever had been holding them. Leota stood up and hoped that the woman would return, but no one did. She was left to stand on the tile floor in darkness. She smiled a little, realizing that at least she was no longer feeling cold.


Sophia felt actual, utter excitement as she got back to the room. She knew there weren't many, and that technically they were probably all being “given” to Rob, but the prospect of opening some gifts was freeing. It was such a normal thing that normal people got to do. She started with Zainab’s present, a large gift card in Rob’s name to the store where she bought her outfit when they had come to visit. Next came Andrea’s, which she assumed (correctly) was simply another gift paid for by Zainab, a small tablet. Megan’s gift was headphones and a list of subscriptions to streaming sites so she could use the tablet to watch whatever she wanted.

Then she noticed the last two. One from Rob and one from her parents. She looked up at Rob. “This isn’t a sexual gift like the..” she asked as she pointed down at his crotch.

“No, no nothing like that,” he said.

Sophia looked the two over, the small box from her parents or the thin wide present from Rob. She decided to start with the small box. She unwrapped it and found it was an old jewelry case she had in her room. She put her hand to her mouth before opening it up. Inside was a picture they had taken when she graduated, still in cap and gown with her little half sister standing in front of her. Below it was a small thin silver anklet with a butterfly, one of the few pieces of jewelry she ever used to wear.

She set it down and collapsed back onto the bed, nearly landing on her new tablet. “Did.. did they ship it over?  Did they say anything?” Sophia mumbled.

“They shipped it, they.. didn’t include anything though. Andrea talked to them though and they seem to be holding up well.”

Sophia closed her eyes in bittersweet contentment. She sat back up with half a smile and proceeded to put the anklet on. After staring at it and flicking the butterfly a few times she reached over for her last gift. It was tall and wide, but very thin. She opened it up and saw  the back of a picture frame. When she turned it around she couldn’t help but marvel. It was a picture of her standing against a blurry background in the jeans and crop top she had worn out to the club when they first met. It was pencil and monochrome, but the detail was incredible. It seemed like each stitch of fabric and strand of hair had been distinguished with a stroke of the pencil. “You made this?”

“Yes, I.. it’s one of those things I do for fun is draw. I don’t think I’d ever make a profession out of it or anything, but it’s just sometimes a nice.. Making something that’s beautiful.. something people can appreciate, there’s no better feeling I think than making something that people will like to see. I, I hope you don’t think it’s too much,” Rob said as he put a hand on the back of his head.

“No, no it’s perfect. I’m.. I can get the same way. I used to love getting up on stage, being part of a big production, hopefully giving a few people something nice to enjoy. No, you don’t need to justify that,” she said as she alternated between looking at the drawing and at Rob.

“Have you.. no never mind,” Rob started before quickly stopping himself.

“No, tell me what you were thinking.”

“I don’t wanna ruin the mood or..”

“Hey, tell me,” Sophia said with a firmer tone.

“Have you ever.. I don’t know. Have you ever thought of maybe this kind of work you do.. like that? I’m sure it’s not the same in a bunch of ways.. but I mean people are paying you to entertain them. Well, ok not paying you specifically but that’s not the issue. I mean, people pay good good money hoping for a little distraction, something they can enjoy. You ever think of it like that?” Rob said, looking up at Sophia as much as he could but finding eye contact hard to maintain.

“No.. no this is different. This isn’t.. I mean it’s not..”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned it.” Rob interrupted apologetically.

“Damn right you shouldn’t. Shit..” Sophia said looking distraught. She reached over for her jewelry box and retrieved the picture. She stared at it and with a few deep breaths she had calmed herself back down. “I didn’t mean to snap, this I guess is clearly just a touchy subject still. Come here,” she said as she slid over to make room on the bed. Rob jumped up and laid down next to her. “And I want you to promise, you keep this on you at all times you hear me?” she said as she shook the photograph.

“Anything you say Mistress,” Rob said as he leaned up against her. Sophia smiled and wrapped her arm around Rob. The two sat there quietly until Rob began to squirm and moan.

“Is that moaning from what I think?” Sophia asked with a slightly coy smile.

“Yes.. I’m sorry, you’re just.. I’m sorry. I’ll try to take the discomfort better for you Mistress,” he said sheepishly.

“Oh, I haven’t shown you discomfort yet,”


Leota felt her stomach growl, it had been a long day and she hadn’t yet eaten since she had started being the captive of this robot. She followed behind it as she noticed the floor changed again, into a kind of carpet like most guest’s rooms have. She was told to stop and to kneel, both of which she did quickly.

A hand grabbed the back of her head unexpectedly. She opened her mouth, but the hand was forcing her to bend forward. She closed her eyes as she started getting closer and closer to the ground, lifting her ass and spreading her knees to keep balance and not fall totally forward. Her face landed in something cool and gelatinous. It was utterly odorless and tasteless, reminding her of Slave Chow. The hand let go of her head, letting her pull it up a bit and out of the mush.

“Eat that food, finish it completely” the cold robotic voice told her. She sighed and leaned in with her mouth once again open. She began to eat and swallow. The texture was off putting but she was hungry and thankful to have anything.

As she ate she felt a hand slide across her ass. She lost concentration for a moment but quickly returned to eating from what she was now sure was a metal dog bowl. The hand slid down her crack and began to play with her pussy. She grunted as the hand found her clit and again when a finger slipped inside. She felt the hand pull away and something round and soft replace it. When it hummed to life she suddenly recognized exactly what it was.

The powerful vibrations coming from the magic wand were enough to get her to stop eating and jolt up suddenly. It was incredibly strange to not hear it, but she was sure that is what it was. She felt it pulled away however, and a hand returned to her ass in the form of a hard slap. The person continued to spank her until she knelt back down and resumed her meal. When she returned to work, so did the vibrator.

She had to force herself to stay focused. As she got near the bottom she needed to feel around for anything that might remain, and by then the vibrator had begun getting her very near an orgasm. When she could not find any more trace of food, she lay her head down and began to moan loudly. Even her own voice was difficult to hear, and so she couldn’t be fully sure how loud she was actually being.

When she finally finished into a massive orgasm, she convulsed and grunted. She pulled ineffectively at her arm bindings once again before eventually straightening out. She was becoming sensitive and the vibrator was becoming too much. She lay panting on her stomach before a hand grabbed her and helped her up. She stood, still slightly out of breath and waited.

“Sit, and slide your wrists into the slot,” the mechanical voice said. She sat down, which was disorienting because she couldn’t see if the robot was actually there to sit on. It was, and with a little maneuvering she found the slot again that her arm restraints could fit into. As she expected she then was bent onto her back and instructed to put her ankle cuffs into the slots designated for them.

Then when she was helplessly laying on her back, she felt the vibrator return to her sensitive crotch. She whimpered in protest but held her tongue from actually protesting with words. When it came back on it felt good, but also hurt more than a little bit. She was brought to orgasm one after the other and with each passing orgasm the pain got worse. By her fourth, every muscle in her body was crying out for mercy, becoming a voice too powerful to ignore. “Please.. please it hurts,” she whimpered softly. The vibrator continued unchanged as it rocked her to a fifth orgasm before turning off.

She was out of breath and lay panting with her eyes wide open. It didn’t reveal any sight but she was so exhausted it seemed the right thing to do. The board had been flipped out before she lay down and so her head was well supported. It was actually, somewhat a comfortable position.

The person who had been using the vibrator was once again ignoring her. She smiled as she had the passing thought, this guest hadn’t used a penis. It was very possible this was a woman, she wondered if in her mind it was preferable to think of her as Vera or as the woman she had eaten out earlier. Either way she enjoyed the vision of what had just happened all the more.

She lay still, finally catching her breath and relaxing as best as she could. It had been a long day and she didn’t know how long she would be like this. It was as good a time as any to try to rest. She had a feeling this was how she would be sleeping for the foreseeable future. But the bindings weren't terribly bad and she knew this is simply how Vera wanted her to serve.


“Ah.. shit,” Sophia mumbled as she woke up and looked over at the time. She neglected to set an alarm and now had only half an hour before her time with Rob would be through. She threw the covers off of her and scurried toward the shower, removing her nighty as she ran. Rob woke up and turned just in time to see Sophia nakedly round the corner towards towards the shower.

Rob sat up and put his hand against the collar, feeling it’s restriction. He inadvertently hit the up arrow, causing Sophia’s NESIC to turn on.

“Uh.. Rob please not now I’m just trying to shower,” Sophia shouted out.

“Oh but Mistress, please I slept next to you in this cage all night. And now you're naked, showering yourself in there..  come on, can’t we just do something?” he said as he hit the arrow a few more times.

“Rob, I’m serious,” she said as she poked her head out to look at Rob who was still trapped at the bed. Her hair was dripping and her eyes were not amused.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I’m just kind of trapped here still and.. my mind wandered after I hit it by accident,” he said before turning the chip back down.

“Here,” Sophia said as she walked forward and grabbed the red alan key she had left by the bathroom door earlier. Her body had soap suds and glistened from the lights on the bathroom wall. She threw the key at Rob before heading back to the shower. “Get my stuff together so we can clear out of here soon.”

“Yes Mistress,” Rob said, grabbing the key and removing the collar. He had slept naked beyond the belt and first gathered up his change of clothes for himself before getting all of Sophia’s. He folded them neatly, putting them all back in the suitcase along with all her recent gifts except for the picture which he folded and put in his wallet. By the time Sophia was out of the shower, Rob had finished packing and had already gotten dressed again, forgoing the shower until went back to his apartment.

“This.. all this was very nice. Thank you.” Sophia said as she flopped back down on the bed wearing only a towel. “But you should get going or they’ll charge you for staying late.”

“Thank you my Mistress. I’ll see you soon I hope,” he said as he took the suitcase and began walking out the door. The clock said 10:29, Sophia smiled at how under the wire this had all been.

To her surprise the phone began to ring. She sat on the bed waiting for it to stop, knowing that without Felix’s permission she couldn’t pick it up. She was sure it was someone wanting to give her instructions about where to go next but until someone came in person she’d simply have to wait.

About ten minutes later Aaron, the person in charge of scheduling for the adult entertainment at the casino walked in. “Sorry, told someone new to get you from the room and they didn’t know about your whole ‘no communication’ thing. Kind of a real pain in the ass actually.”

“Preaching to the goddamn choir on that one. Take it up with Felix, not that he’s likely to give me any favors. “ Sophia joked before standing and walking towards the door.

“I wouldn’t bring anything up with him if I was you, if he knew about you and Rob he’d probably try to shut that whole thing down. Not exactly a ‘hard assignment’ being rented out to a pushover kid in puppydog love. Thankfully he’s not watching nearly as close or I might be more inclined to shut it down myself to save my own ass.”

“Wait, what do you mean ‘not watching?’” Sophia asked as she stopped in her tracks.

“Forget it I shouldn’t have said anything,” Aaron said trying to recover.

“Oh come on now.. please? What do you mean he’s not watching?” Sophia asked, putting her hands together in a praying pantomime.

“Fine.. He’s obviously not the one doing the day to day scheduling, that’s my job and it’s a full damn job. But at meetings he used to ask what I had you doing and well.. he’s kind of just stopped asking. He hasn’t taken back that I should give you shit assignments, he’s just not really checking up as much.”

“I.. that’s amazing! Oh.. please.. please put me somewhere nicer. Please I’m.. you know I work hard I’m sure there’s somewhere you’re short staffed. Just give me something else please?” Sophia begged.

“Well you know where I could use you right now? Back at the dungeon. Both Claudia and Marcia finished their time and so we got two openings just waiting for ya,” He said as he opened the door to leave.

“Alright, I’m going..” Sophia said before she threw the towel to the floor and walked out the door to head to the dungeon again. “Just.. think about it?”


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