The Stories of Bound Friends 11: Lea and the Consequences of Actions

by JessBaby

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Part 11: Lea and the Consequences of Actions

Lea was marched down to a waiting van in the lower garage wearing only her glasses and her clear restraints. She was loaded into the back of a van where another woman already sat. The auburn haired girl wore the same clear cuffs with clear wire connecting to a centre ring at both her wrists and ankles. Her ankle’s centre ring was clipped onto the floor with a simple spring loaded clip; her wrist’s centre ring was held by a hook that retracted into the roof of the van. Soon Lea found herself similarly bound before the staff shut the door leaving the two alone in the van.

The driverless van started and drove off with only its bound cargo. The windows seemed heavily tinted, Lea doubted anyone could see in, but she still attempted to cover herself at the first stoplight when she saw pedestrians passing by. It was a short drive, and thankfully half of it seemed to be on a mostly underground highway without any pedestrians to make her nervous. Though she also realized she would likely be a lot more nervous than this in the coming months. She thought about talking to the woman beside her but the she looked even more nervous than she was.

They pulled around the back of the hotel complex. It was called The Orion, and it was meant to look like it just landed from some distant world. Glass, milk white and stainless steel all at sharp pointed angles, all accented by colorful lights. The back staff entrance she was using was not nearly as glamorous however, just a typical loading bay. The two sat silently for a few minutes, unable to do anything but sit. Lea could see the woman across from her shaking, which shook Lea’s confidence greatly. Eventually men came to release them and lead them down a boring linoleum hallway. She walked beside the other woman, there was no physical leash but two guards did follow behind in case one of them had a last minute change of heart and tried to flee. It certainly crossed Lea’s mind but she simply kept walking with the hobbled steps she was capable of making.

The two were led into what looked like a small breakroom. There were three other women already seated, also naked and cuffed. Their wrist tether was clipped to the seat, and Lea soon was as well.

“Is this all of them then?” a woman asked as she barged in from one of the doors at the other side of the room.

“Everyone that’s been scheduled at least,” one of the guards said.

She looked disappointed and mumbled slightly under her breath but loud enough to be heard “well I’ll just try and make this many work.” She looked something over on the tablet she had with her, seeming to work through some kind of logistics in her head as she went. “Welcome, I understand you’re probably reconsidering signing up right about now yes?” she said rhetorically. She was right.

“We need you to get those thoughts out of your head right fucking now. That person you were when you signed up? You are no longer that person, until the end of your contracts that person no longer exists. You will not have that person’s name, you will not have that person’s things, you will not have that person’s freedom. The sooner you get that through your head the better this will be for you. That is why you are cuffed, that is why you are naked,” The woman rattled off in what she attempted to be tough love, but seemed to be just a touch lacking in love.

“My name is Marian Johnson, and I’m here to make sure this resort’s transition into sexual entertainment extravagancy goes smoothly. We plan on a soft open this weekend, and all of you need to be on top of your game or it will make the club look bad. And when the club looks bad, I look bad. You don’t want to see what I do to people who make me look bad,” she said with a domineering tone that made Lea believe that she really didn’t want to know.

“So I see we have four level eights and one more level nine, which one of you is Lea?” she asked looking down at her tablet. Lea started to raise her hand before remembering it was cuffed to the chair, causing her to eventually just respond by voice.

“Well the four of you, we’re going to have you working in the main hall. You’ll each have a room and it will be your job to show guests to your room and do whatever they want, within the limits of your contract of course. Go down that hallway and one of my men will help get you situated and go over the rules. If I get any complaints from guests, if any of you have attitude, if any of you don’t try your hardest to make yourself available, there will be serious consequences. Don’t test me, you will lose,” She said clinically, and yet with just enough bravado to instil a commanding presence to her words. She looked up and nodded to some of the men standing around. They unhooked the four women and led them out the door Marian had come in from.

“So, this just leaves the two of us then,” Marian said as she half-sat on the table immediately in front of Lea’s chair. “You’ve signed yourself up for just about anything we might want to dish out. Normally I like to let that kind of change sink in over a few days, but I don’t have that kind of time with you. I’m going to be throwing you into the deep end and I need to know you can swim.”

“I understand,” Lea said, judging it to be the safest answer.

“Now, tell me a bit about yourself, something that wouldn’t necessarily be in the contract. Something I might find important to know..” She said, sounding oddly caring considering the tough speech she just gave.

“I’m.. well I’m equipped with a NESIC.. I don’t know if that’s..”

“Well that’s good to know, but we don’t use those all that much. The remotes are ugly, all look the same and their range is limited. Not to mention they’re still on backorder, so not everyone can have one so it can’t be system wide. Not to mention that our employees don’t have their phones with them so their phone app doesn’t work for us. It’s good to know, but it’s not something I expect I’ll make much use of. What else? How about something about you?” Marian said.

“I.. um.. well I have some experience with rope. BDSM in general really, top and bottom. I.. I hope this isn’t a problem but.. I’m..” Lea continued, hesitating in case this possible bad new would be reason for retribution.

“Speak up child, I don’t have all day,” Marian said.

“Well, I’m gay. It didn’t really come up earlier, so..”

“Well that’s unfortunate,” Marian said. “There’s nothing in your contract about that,” she said as she shuffled through Lea’s contract on her tablet. “My job here is to get this whole operation up and running for Mr. Olsen. I am short staffed both for level 8s to work the main room and even more short on level 9s who can do some of the more.. specialized work he wants to be a part of this. And I need the people I have motivated and working hard. That’s why I’m having this little chat in the first place. I reward and I punish by results. You want your tastes given priority? Impress me. Earn it. Think of it like a ranking, you do well and you move up. You move up and you get better things. Do bad and.. well you’re not going to like moving down. Is that understood?”

Lea nodded her head.

“I want to make it clear, I have a lot of tools to punish failure. A lot. And I have a lot of assignments you wouldn't like nearly as much as others. So you don’t have to like what you’re doing, but I can basically guarantee I can make things worse for you if you aren’t doing a good job. Now the good news is you’re only here for a short time, an unusually short time actually, but it is up to you how fast or slow that time is going to seem,” she said, somehow managing to impart both caring and threatening tones, usually at the same time. “Are you nearsighted or far?”

“Nearsighted,” Lea said with a tone of worry as the woman removed her glasses.

“Now, you will do everything you are told yes?” Marian said folding up the glasses and putting them on the table. Lea nodded. “Well, I think this ought to help drive home the point. You will go where we tell you, do what we tell you, and so you only need concern yourself with what’s in front of you. You are not Lea, you’re name is now Leota, and you are property of this casino under my direction is that clear?” She said as she got up from the table and reached down to unfasten Lea’s cuffs.

“Yes Mistress,” Lea said.

“And I’m not your mistress, this is not some bedroom game. You will refer to me as Marian,” she said as she unhooked Lea’s cuffs from the chair. She helped Leota to her feet before she left without another word.

Lea stared at her glasses sitting there. She looked around, and as best as she could see no one was there watching her. She thought about reaching out for them, but imagined this must be a test. Lea would reach out for those glasses, but clearly it was expected the Leota would not. Marian could not have been more clear about her position. Instead she simply stared at them. A symbol of her helplessness.

A few minutes later someone came back in the room, Lea thought it was Marian but she was just far enough away to be slightly out of focus. “Very good,” the voice of Marian said as she started walking into sight. “These are Lea’s glasses, is that understood?” Marian said as she grabbed them and put them in a ziplock bag which she promptly handed to an assistant behind her. “Leota does not get glasses because Leota is only here to do what she is told to do is that understood?” she said as she waited for Leota to nod her head. “Good, now follow me, we’ve got something new for you to try out. Tell me, do you have any metal on you?”

“Um.. just my piercings Marian,” Lea said.

“Quick to learn the proper response, very good Leota,” Marian said praisingly. “Now repeat back, who are you? What do you do here?”

“My name is Leota, and I do whatever I am told to do. I belong to the casino, Marian,” she said, trying to convince herself she could be ok with that answer, trying to convince herself that she could be Leota. As she followed, and her nervousness continued to build, she simply tried repeating to herself “it’s for Sophia. You owe her. You can do this.”


Marian handed Leota off to a few nerdy looking men, looking over multiple computers and tampering with the wiring of a tall box beside a long metal plate. She couldn’t make out the details, the computers were too far away, but she could feel a sense of tension. Someone came by and replaced all her piercings with hard plastic barbell ones before having her lay down on the metal plate. It was about the size of queen sized bed and as she got closer she saw several smaller plates on top of the metal floor, each with restraints attached to them. One plate covered her lower leg, locking to her at the ankle and below the knee. Another long plate attached to her upper arm, again locking itself in place with two cuffs. There was a larger one around her torso and one along the back of her head that prevented her from turning her head. Each plate had a small cable coming off of it, but she didn’t have time to look at them enough to guess at their purpose.

“All right, now it’s very important that you tell us if anything feels strange ok?” One of the men said. It was the only time any of them had bothered addressing her. She felt the metal plate get lifted up, holding her a few feet off the ground. It felt strange, it seemed like wires were holding her up but she certainly saw there was nothing attached to the roof. Yet she moved around very slightly as she shook, it seemed too unstable to just be a piston lifting her up off the ground. But it also couldn’t be the whole floor, the areas of her body not on a plate were left dangling.

“Anything yet?” the man repeated. Lea tried shaking her head but found it too difficult with the plate, eventually replying with a verbal no. “How we looking over there Gary?” he said clearly to one of the other technicians.

“All green, she’s floatin’ pretty,” he said causing the man beside her to very loudly sigh in relief. Lea then felt her arms and leg move, spreading them both out and then back together. She felt herself move from side to side before the plate holding her head tipped down making her see the room upside down. Once her head was raised up and her limbs returned to their original positions there was a small round of clapping.

“Well, we got.. Oh man we’ve only got 9 minutes till the doors open. Talk about cutting it close. Let her down and lets close everything up,” he said checking the time. With that, Lea felt herself lowered back down until she was once again sitting on the metal plate, though it felt slightly warmer than before she was lifted up.

“So, it works?” Came Marian’s voice shortly after the sound of a door opening. “Excellent, I would hate to leave one of our flagship attractions out of commission for our first night.”

“Now we only have one pad working, we haven’t run the other five through any kinds of tests,” he said, starting to make Lea very curious as to what exactly she was strapped into.

“Well one pad works out fine for now, cause for now you only have one girl. This is too experimental still, legal says we couldn’t put level 8s in here just yet and she’s the only spare 9 I got,” Marian said before walking into view over Leota. “How did it feel?”

“I feel fine, I didn’t see any wires though how did you lift me up and move me around?” Leota said, finally deciding to ask for answers.

“That metal floor you’re on now and those plates strapped to your body, they’re both electro-magnets. We flip a switch and they both turn on, both at the same polarity so they push you into the air. With our computers controlling both magnets very exactly we can move them around, treating you I guess like a bit of a 21st century marionette,” she explained with just enough exuberance to not seem jaded to this contraption.

Lea had no words. She couldn’t believe something like this existed, and that it worked! It was enough for her to get lost and forget where she was for a moment. The technicians were busy closing the panels and cleaning up to make it more presentable and Marian had disappeared somewhere as well. It was just Lea looking up at the ceiling lost in thought. Lost that is until she heard the doors open and Marian begin an introduction.

Marian began her long introduction just as Lea felt herself get pushed back up into the air. She saw the lights of camera flashes reflected on the ceiling. She at least felt relief they weren't at an angle to get her face. After a small round of clapping they seemed to leave and Lea was once again back on the ground.

“Maybe this isn’t going to be so bad,” she began to think to herself. She was clearly being used as some proof of concept, and she was totally ok with that, especially for such a cool concept. Another group came in, causing the machine to levitate her back into the air. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, it was actually quite physically relaxing. There was just the tiniest bit of give, making it feel like being on a tightly wound hammock. She was bound but comfortable. And with her eyes open, she could only see the roof anyway, so closing them allowed her such better sights.

Her mental vacation came to an abrupt end however when she felt the head of a dick, rubbing itself against her spread crotch. Her eyes were wide and darting around but her head couldn’t move. She looked to her side and saw Marian who simply pantomimed a smile with her fingers before walking out of view again. This was her first real challenge, she needed to do well. Leota closed her eyes again and began to count to three. She knew she needed to do a good job “selling” how much she was enjoying this, but she needed to build up her mental will a little first.

By the time she got to two she felt her whole body move down onto his cock. She tried to pull her arms, as if there were something she could grab to brace herself, but aside from a slight wiggle her arms were firmly trapped. She felt her body move back up again before returning down, burying his rather average but very hard cock deep inside her. Leota moaned at the sensation, realizing that if she couldn’t see it, she could picture anyone she wanted at the other end. The magnets picked up their pace, stroking her up and down without him seeming to move at all. He didn’t even put his hands on her, he seemed content to just stand there, which Leota was fine with when it helped her better picture a strapon wielding woman at the other end.

Her head was forced to tip back, revealing a man in front of her face with his cock out. The thrusting stopped at the next upward thrust. With the pause, the man walked forward and Leota knew she had to open her mouth and accept his cock. He pushed to the back of her mouth but thankfully stopped there. He placed his hands at his side and the movement restarted. It switched Leota between the two dicks, taking one deep in her pussy before the other sat deep at the back of her mouth.

The only problem being that her pussy was a good deal deeper than her mouth. So while the first cock never left her pussy even on the upstroke, the cock by her head would be fully removed at every downstroke, making for a very awkward blowjob. She kept her mouth as wide as she could, but at more than one thrust the cock missed her mouth and slid across her cheek.

Leota wasn’t at all used to the taste of cock. His precum was salty and strange, she couldn’t picture how other people could stand it. But she knew she didn’t have a choice. She tried sucking as best she could the few times his cock was in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out, trying to extend the period of contact, and act as extra stimulation. But when she felt and tasted his cum spray out she instantly started gagging and coughing. It caused him to make the quick decision to simply coat her face and neck with it instead. With her awkward job complete he seemed content to leave. The first man wasn’t far behind.

She felt many more people come and go throughout the night. She would sometimes have rests after someone finished, but not always and never for long. Thankfully, mercifully, everyone else seemed to rather desire her pussy to her mouth, since it didn’t seem the two could be done simultaneously all that easily yet. Of course they didn’t all agree on how to cum, leaving her with drips of cum oozing out of her pussy and small puddles strewn across her upper legs and lower chest.

But in her mind, Leota was able to mostly enjoy it. The relaxed floaty feeling was nice, though the plates were beginning to get hot by the end of the night. The fact that she could not see even if she wanted to also meant that she could live in a sweet, sweet world of denial. It required much less acting to sound like she was loving every second of it. Leota even came several times that night. By the time they set her down she fell onto a very hot metal plate. It did not burn but it was certainly unpleasant and as soon as she was off she breathed a sigh of relief. It was only her first night, but as Lea was showered and lead to a communal sleeping area she had to admit it wasn’t nearly as bad as she had been preparing herself for.


“You know.. we really just ought to get you your own key at this point,” Zainab said as she met Andrea downstairs to let her into the dorm.

“Or at least like a rope ladder down from your window or something…” Andrea responded playfully. “Sometimes I wonder why I even come down here.”

“Oh you wonder no such thing!” Zainab said as she lightly slapped Andrea’s ass. “Besides, your room usually has your roommate’s boyfriend making cracks about wanting to watch.”

“And your room has all the goodies,”

“Not to mention a roommate who doesn’t bat an eye at what those goodies are! And speaking of which, she’s already left for her sleep-study, room’s ours for the night..” Zainab said tantalizingly as the two walked quickly up to the room.

Andrea couldn’t help but smile as the two walked in. She would joke about keys, but it almost felt for real like she was living there sometimes. She didn’t have any morning classes, so it was not hard to get to classes back at her campus the next day. And with Megan getting that extra credit for volunteering for that long term graduate study, she was sleeping elsewhere about half the week. Andrea had even begun to leave extra toiletries so she wouldn’t have to keep schlepping her shampoo and toothbrush back and forth. The beds weren't big but as she liked to joke about with Zainab, she didn’t exactly need much space to share a bed with her. A short joke that usually got her a slap to the tits or a spanking, and so it’s been a joke she remembers to keep making.

“Oh.. though I got some bad news,” Zainab said as she fetched them each a drink. “You still haven’t heard from Lea?”

Andrea shook her head. “No, not since last week when we saw her at the party. I’ve tried her phone but it’s off. She’s hid from us before when she’s upset, turtling is kind of her go-to move. And anyway, have you heard any more about Sophia?”

“Well, no.. but what I was going to say was that Megan finally got ahold of Lea’s brother. He got a voicemail from Lea last Friday afternoon, saying she ‘had to go somewhere.’ It would have been a few hours after her meeting. She wasn’t more specific.” Zainab said regretfully, even adding in the air quotes. “Megan did some more digging and it turns out she’s dropped out of college too.”

“Damn, I knew if it didn’t work out with Sophia that Lea’d take it hard, but still.. damn. Any more ideas on where to find her?” Andrea said as she took the can from Zainab and had a swig.

“Nope, she never gave her brother her new address and nothing’s turning up in any searches. You don’t think..” Zainab said, trailing off.

“No.. no she’s probably not done anything like.. I mean she’s probably just isolating herself. I don’t think we need to worry.. I mean.. actually should we?” Andrea pondered. “But what else could we do?”

“Exactly. I don’t know her but I’d be worried. Megan said that her brother’s on alert now and will call us if he hears from her. but what else can we do?”

“Actually.. maybe she went back to her cabin,” Andrea wondered aloud.

“She has a cabin? Probably then. Do you know the address?” Zainab asked.

“I.. huh.” Andrea said with a sudden realization. “You know I actually have no idea the address, I only ever went with her and I never paid attention. And it’s really middle of nowhere. No that’s probably where she is. It’s where she went last time things fell apart”

“Should we try to find the address?” Zainab asked.

“No, I think that it’s maybe best that we just let her take her time. She’ll probably call when she’s feeling up to it,” Andrea said with a shrug. “Shit, now you’ve got me all serious.” she said as she playfully punched Zainab’s arm. “You realize now I’m going to need some really good distraction show lined up.. How about we finish that season of Trophy Girls”

“Uh.. that show’s god awful, how did you sit through 6 seasons of it?”

“Oh shut it.. I know it’s kind of bad. It used to be better.. but now I’m just too invested in the characters to quit.”

“But the characters are just so stupid!”

“Oh come now, if you don’t like it you can just tell me how bad a girl I am for watching that drivel when it’s over. Now come on only two more episodes left!” Andrea said as she jumped ass first into bed and grabbed the remote.

“I’m going to have to bring out the big flogger for that conversation,” Zainab said, gazing disparagingly.

“Just hurry up would you?” Andrea said with a playful petulance she knew bugged Zainab.

“To which part, the show or the flogging after?” Zainab asked as she sat beside Andrea.

“Both, I guess,” Andrea said with a smile as she started the show.


For the next several days and nights, that hovering contraption seemed to be Leota’s occupation. Each time they seemed to make minor adjustments. She started wearing a gag, clearly they were abandoning the idea of oral sex for the moment, something she was more than fine with. They tried a blindfold on the second day and immediately saw an improvement from Leota. With her blinded, she could picture whatever she wanted, and she found it much easier to act like she was loving every minute because there were a lot more minutes that she was in reality enjoying.

They had taken to making her hold dicks in her hands, jerking them off as she was helplessly forced up and down. It was something she did not mind all that much since she couldn’t see it, though those handjob people tended to spray her in many more places. That part she wasn’t a fan of, but in the grand scheme a little cum in her hair or on her tits was bad but not terrible when she got to shower right after. She would be let down every few hours to let the machine cool down, and it served as time for her to go to the bathroom or eat. But despite the breaks she figured she was probably up there more hours of any given day than not.

For about a week that was Leota’s life. Communal sleeping area, to communal showers, to that machine back to showers and back to sleep all with a few brief meals squeezed in. She’d be forced to work deep into the wee hours, but it usually meant a late start in the morning would follow. She tried to temper her optimism, but she was starting to go to sleep smiling. Leota did not seem like such a bad person to be. She knew she could do a few months of Leota, and then she’d have Sophia out of her hell for good. But she was trying not to think like that. It was like clockwatching, it made everything go slower.

“Good morning Leota,” Marian said as she surprised Leota after a late morning shower.

“Good morning Marian,” she replied.

“You know, I was worried about you at first,” she said as she continued to read from her tablet. “I don’t know why you signed up and I don’t care, but the fact that you left out you were gay made me worry you rushed into this without thinking. That might still be the case, but you at least seem to be performing well. How is it going in there?”

“It’s going well, but I really do need to get there soon, I might have lingered too long in the showers so now I’m maybe running late,” Leota said as she started walking past Marian. Marian only put out a hand and stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Not so fast, we’ve got a new level 9 that we are giving a rotation to, so I have something else for you,” she said coldly. “When we first met you said something about liking bondage, was that as a sub or domme?”

“Both. I think I prefer domme but I can do both, what do you need me to do?” Leota said, perking up with the new topic.

“I also said that I tend to hand out assignments based on how you’ve been doing, you’ve been doing well so hopefully you’ll like this one. I need you to go to room 201 in the main hall, I’ll be with you in a little bit to get you settled,” she explained before walking away to go flag someone else down and supposedly talk to them as well.

Leota hadn’t been to the particular room, it was on the second floor above the main hall where most of the other woman worked with all the mostly vanilla guests. The main hall was sweeping and open, with two distinct stories and a wide balcony running around the top floor. Up there the doors were further apart, clearly they were larger rooms. It was still early and so most of the women were standing around waiting for someone to take them back to one of their many small rooms. Leota went up one of the glass tube elevators up to the second floor and eventually found room 201. It took her walking around quite a bit, with her limited vision she had trouble finding the right way to go.

When she opened the door she could see it seemed well stocked, which only became more obvious as she walked forward bringing everything into focus. There was a wall full of bondage implements, and several larger structures all with a futuristic bent. A tall skinny cage made of what looked like clear lucite instead of metal, lit from below so the colors traveled up each individual bar separate from all the others. A padded bench made of white leather and stainless steel with clear pvc restraints. Lea didn’t know which implement she’d rather be in but she stopped looking and stood at attention when Marian entered the room.

“Why aren’t you changed yet?” were the first and instantly impatient words to leave her mouth. “Did you think those were laid out for just anyone?” she said as she pointed to the very far corner near the bathroom.

Leota had been so distracted she had not even looked that deep into the room. She ran to try and correct her mistake. Laid out was a white leather corset, white sheer stockings that attached to garters on the corset, two white satin opera gloves and a pair of knee high white leather boots. Leota rushed enough she nearly tripped getting dressed. Leota stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. The corset’s highly polished, gold colored metal glistened as it caught the bathroom lights. Her pussy was completely exposed, but framed beautifully by the garters and stockings to either side of it. The corset was a little tight, not enough to make breathing too difficult but more than enough to push her breast up into a deceptive level of cleavage. She looked good. She felt good. She felt powerful wearing this.

“Ehem,” Marian said to snap Leota back to reality. “So, the reason I’m coming in person and not one of my lackies is to make sure you’re clear here. I need you to be a bit of a dominatrix, and I need to make sure you can handle it. How many people have you dominated before?

“Five.. No, six technically,” Leota said after taking some time to count up.

“Good. We have a whale coming in, her name’s Arianna Novák and she has some very specific requests. She wants to be bound, dominated, objectified, humiliated, fucked and generally treated disparagingly, trapped in this room. She wants this from when she walks in the door a few minutes from now until 10:00 tomorrow morning. She’s got very few limits, and they're on a sheet in the top right drawer in the bathroom beside a quick guide to what some of that stuff was that you were busy eyeing when I came in. Think you can do this?”

“Yes Marian,” Lea said, excited and for some reason deciding a smile and a salute was in order.

“And can you do it with sincerity? I need a Mistress Leota, someone serious who commands respect. Do you think you can be that person?” she asked, giving a clear signal with her eyes that humor would be accepted in the next answer.

“Yes, I can do this, I will not let you down,” Lea said, serious faced but with a hint of glee still creeping in. Being restrained to the metal plates and fucked was fine even bordering on fun, but this.. this was a chance to be a domme again! It had been so long. This seemed almost too good to be true, just about the best conceivable task she could be given! She tried to hide her excitement but wasn’t entirely successful.

“Well, you have a few minutes still. Get all this giddiness out of your system now. If there’s anything you think you need that you don’t have, there’s a temporary equipment repository over in 213. Now she’s spent a few million over the last few years. All the guests from this conference she was responsible for hosting here has brought in nearly half a mill already, and there’s still another three days. It’s very important that she enjoy her night. Now who are you?” Marian said, somehow finding an even more serious face than before.

“I am Mistress Leota, a commanding and serious dominatrix, and I am here to dominate Arianna who will be here shortly.” Leota said, puffing up her chest and standing a little taller. She was a little nervous now, but she was able to hide it better than she was her glee earlier. Marian seemed satisfied with that answer, nodding her head and then quickly leaving the room

Now that she was alone again, she started to worry about things. After all in real life she’d had a rather concentrated experience but it had been less than a year in actual time, and this woman was probably no novice herself. She needed to get that worry out of her head. She needed to be the confident Mistress Leota. She needed to focus.

She decided making a game plan would distract her and get her mind right. She looked around to take stock, trying to decide how best to do this. She developed a quick plan and ran around grabbing a few things, setting a pair of handcuffs between the bed and the bathroom, and finally dashing into the bathroom closing the door. She began looking over the sheet of preferences and limits in the bathroom, finishing just moments before the room’s front door opened.

“Hello?” came the voice of the woman entering the room. Once the door was closed behind her Leota responded while remaining out of site.

“You must be Arianna, correct?” Leota called out from behind the cracked door.

“Yes,” came the meek reply.

“Strip. Leave all your clothes by the door. Then I want you kneel where those handcuffs are, putting them on behind your back. Show me you’re a slut worth my time,” Leota said, somehow managing to hold herself together long enough to maintain a commanding voice. She could not see Arianna, so when the room went quiet she simply hoped that she hadn’t crossed a line already. The next sound she heard was the ratcheting of cuffs. A smile returned. She gave herself to the count of 10, calming herself down and making Arianna wait on the floor, hopefully building up some tension.

In the fastest way she could do without slamming the door deep into the wall, Leota swung the door open to see a naked woman looking up at her with her hands behind her back. The woman was beautiful, a skinny delicate looking frame with small pert breasts and bright blond hair tied off in a ponytail. Leota approached slowly, crossing one foot to land directly centred in front of the other, being careful to maintain her imposing demeanor. She held a white stun baton very prominently in one hand and a clear collar in another. She occasionally turned the baton on, causing a blue arc of electricity to jump visibly between its two metal prongs. As she approached she dropped the collar just in front of Arianna but continued to silently walk around her.

Arianna shivered as she looked down at the collar but didn’t dare raise her head to look at the woman encircling her. She had not expected such a slow start. She found most dommes would rush in, she assumed it was probably a side effect of usually charging by the hour. She was appreciating the buildup, waiting patiently as this woman finished her slow circle.

As Leota returned back to the front, she stood straddling the collar and used her baton to force Arianna to look up. She managed to conjure a coy smile as Arianna's blue eyes sat frozen in anticipation of what this woman might be planning. Leota slowly slid the baton down Arianna’s body, keeping her eyes locked as she did. Arianna started breathing just a little bit heavier as the metal pins at the end of the baton slid past her pussy and continued on down her legs, stopping only once it reached the collar. “You want this?” Leota said with an intensity that she was surprised she could manage. Arianna silently nodded her head.

Leota reached out with her free hand and grabbed Arianna tight by the throat. “You think a little slut like you has earned that yet?” She said, keeping eye contact as she slowly lifted Arianna to her feet by the neck. She seemed frozen, unable to respond, but her labored breathing and intent stare said she liked it. Leota walked her back towards the bed, causing Arianna to basically trip she tried to walk backwards to keep up. As they reached the bed, Leota spun her and threw her face first onto the bed. She zapped her now exposed ass once on each cheek with the baton, causing her to flail her cuffed hands around and let out just a yelp with each assault.

Leaota grabbed the collar and climbed up on the bed. She began crawling forward, leaning her weight down on her captive as she went. She placed the edge of her baton near Arianna's face, intimidatingly lighting up blue arcs of electricity just inches from her nose. “Now you will obey or you will be punished. You will not say anything unless I ask you to. Right now..” Leota said as she placed the collar around Arianna’s neck, allowing the audible click to be heard as it snapped and locked shut. “You’re mine,” she said, finishing her sentence once the collar had closed. “I’m going to tie you.. use you… and discard you like the useless whore that you are,” she said causing Arianna to gasp at each pause. She lit up the baton one more time before loudly saying “Am I understood?”

“Yes… Mistress,” came the gasping, soft reply.


Arianna did not do this frequently, or at least as frequently as she might like, but she had been doing this for years. She ran a branch office of just over 9,400 employees in a field that might just be one of the last remaining bastions of a “boys club.” She didn’t get there at only 32 by being a pushover. She was almost always dominant, decisive, assertive, even a little scary depending on who you ask. If she didn’t, things wouldn’t get done on time without her having to essentially live at the office to personally get them done.

But.. when she was alone, when she knew it could be anonymous and private, someone her regular life didn’t ever interact with, it could be different. There was something she utterly loved about being talked down to, being mistreated, used and discarded. It was satisfying at a primal level. After a long session with a pro-domme, it felt like her batteries were recharged for weeks afterwards.

She would never act, or even want to act, submissive or meek anywhere else in her life. If someone tried talking down to her in the office she’d hand him or her their ass on a plate or worse. She had fired a few people on the spot for showing a contemptuous or overly-dismissive attitude when she tried confronting them about other problems they were having with their work. But alone, knowing the rules ahead of time, knowing she was asking to be treated that way at a scheduled time and place, she slipped into that role with ease.

The commanding voice to strip and don handcuffs had been enough. Her work mind had powered down. She wasn’t Mrs. Novák, chief regional officer; she was just this handcuffed nobody slut named Arianna. When her mistress locked a collar around her neck she quivered. She was hers for the night, she will do everything this young girl orders her to do and she was loving it.

Leota tugged on her collar, causing Arianna to flail as best she could to follow off the bed. She was walked around the bed and towards the tall standing cage. The door opened by holding a card up to the lock, which also activated a low white light along all the bars. Arianna stepped up into it and was turned around to face out. With her hands still behind her back, the door would barely have room to close. Leota spread out Arianna’s legs as far as they could go, which was barely wider than her shoulders, where the cage had built in ankle cuffs that kept her exactly where she was.

Arianna was secured, and so she could do nothing but watch as her Mistress began searching through the stuff beside her to retrieve what she needed. She would not be rushed. When she did return she held two clear bars, they looked like chopsticks with an elastic on one side. She did not give the command, Leota simply opened Arianna’s mouth and pulled out her tongue. She slid her tongue between the two bars before connecting a second elastic band to pull the slightly flexible square bars together. It pinned them against her tongue, it was not overly painful but it meant she could not retract her tongue or close her mouth, almost instantly, drool began to slide down the edges of her mouth which she had no way of preventing.

After she disappeared again, Leota returned with a small square platform, a little bit smaller than the floor of the cage but made of the same clear material. She then brought out an adjustable height rod with a rather large prominent dildo at the end of it. She screwed it into the base and moved the base to just in front of the cage. Arianna was already wet with anticipation, the prospect of being impaled by that large dildo which she had no way of keeping away was almost overwhelming. Her eyes were lustful and transfixed.

“Oh, oh no this isn’t for you,” Leota said as she closed the door to the cage. “No, this is simply for me,” she said as she positioned and lowered herself over the dildo, letting out a loud low groan as she did. She began to lower and raise herself up and down, riding the slick dildo in plain view and just inches away from Arianna’s cage. She locked eyes with Arianna who was breathing heavier and communicating both arousal and desperation in her gaze.

Leota was finding her pleading looks immensely satisfying. She found in very little time, and with the help of her fingers, she reached an orgasm she made sure to embellish to heighten the frustration it would surely cause. “Ohh, mmm. Oh, that felt good, that was nice,” she taunted as she eased herself off the dildo and lay down on the bed just a few feet beside the cage.

The dildo was black and the tell-tale signs of it’s use were clearly visible and dripping down from it. Arianna looked over at her Mistress who seemed now to be closing her eyes as she relaxed on the bed, basking in her afterglow. She tested to see the movement her arms were capable of, but with the cage so narrow there was no way she could bring her cuffed hands in front of her. All the while, drool continued to fall uncontrollably, making two solid lines down her chest by the inside of each breast.

“Rrrhr,” Arianna huffed in absolute frustration. It seemed to go ignored so she made another noise, accompanied by a clattering as her handcuffs jangled. This got Leota to open her eyes and stared daggers, daggers that soon froze Arianna and dissuaded her from making a third outburst.

“You think you’re so important?” Leota said as she got up from her bed. “No, in here you are just a worthless slut is that understood? You will stay there locked all day if that’s what I want, what you want doesn’t matter. I guess you need to learn that better,” she said as she walked over and grabbed a pair of clover style nipple clamps. “Bring your chest forward.”

Arianna saw the nipple clamps but complied anyway. She murmured when the first one went on, and watched as the chain ran on the outside of the bars just barely able to make it to the other nipple. The cage did not offer a lot of room to begin with, but after Leota shortened the chain with a lock Arianna could no longer pull her chest away from the front door without considerable pain.

Leota gave Arianna a condescending pat on the cheek “now you stay quiet while Mistress deals with more important things than you,” she said before heading to the bathroom to grab a magazine to read. She couldn’t care less which celebrity was caught with some extra baby fat, but she was enjoying the read because she knew how much it was humiliating the girl beside her to be ignored like that.

“Do you want that dildo?” Leota suddenly asked after a few minutes of silent and mostly faked reading. Arianna nodded her head rather frantically. “So you like rubber cock invading your holes?” she continued receiving even more head bobbing, enough to fling a line of drool that had been forming. She got up and walked over to grab a gag.

“Now, I’m going to have to open the door,” she said as she unlocked the cage with a keycard. “This might hurt, but I don’t want to hear any complaining is that understood?” she said as she started to crack the door open. At first Arianna tried to lean in, but with her feet locked into place she couldn’t follow for long and soon the clamps were pulling painfully on her sore nipples. The left clamp eventually pulled off causing Arianna to breathe in heavily to avoid making any loud sound. Leota manually removed the other clamp before giving both breasts a good slap.

She lowered the pole of the dildo before carrying it into place and slowly, seemingly a millimeter at a time, pushed it up into Arianna’s waiting pussy. But then the dildo kept pushing in, deeper and deeper until it was nearly hitting her cervix. She stood up on the balls of her feet to relieve the pressure but could tell already the amount of time she could hold it would be limited.

Leota removed the two bars from Arianna’s tongue, allowing her to wiggle it around and after being pinched for so long. The relief was short lived as she was directed to open her mouth for a penis gag. It was held by a large panel with a narrow but much longer than usual phallus, at least three inches maybe four reaching for the back of her throat. There were more straps Leota hurriedly buckled, making it a full head harness.

“There, that ought to keep you happy. After all a slut is happiest when she has the most cocks in her isn’t that right?” Leota taunted as she closed the cage door. Arianna just ate it up, pulling on her handcuffs as she set herself back down on her feet pushing the dildo almost impossibly deep. “So have your fun, but I’ve got some rules. If I just left a slut like you with a cock in you you’d probably just fuck it all day” Leota continued, causing a moan to exist Arianna’s gagged mouth as she started to rock up and down on the dildo. “God you’re fucking it already, you’re so pathetic.”

Arianna closed her eyes, reveling in the humiliation and abuse. She couldn’t tell you why, and frankly she didn’t care. But with a dildo resting so deeply inside her she was lost in her own little world. It wouldn’t be long before she came as she moved herself up and down on the big dildo.

“For the next little while, you can fuck that as much as you want but you aren’t allowed to cum unless I say,” Leota said which caused sounds of pleading and disappointment to try to form in Arianna’s gagged mouth. “Then, at some random time anywhere from ten to thirty minutes from now, I will count down from five. When I reach zero you can cum. No earlier, no later, so you need to be right at the edge the whole time if you hope to be allowed to cum.”

Getting to the edge of orgasm wouldn’t be a problem, after all the teasing she was nearly there already. She just wasn’t sure if she could trust herself to not be too tempted.

“And if you can’t cum on command,” Leota added after retrieving a wand vibrator. “Then you’re no good as a slut and I’ll just have to punish you harshly. But if you can last until I say, then that will only be the first of many orgasms. Is that understood?”

Arianna nodded her head frantically fast before returning to fucking the dildo, more slowly this time as she tried to obey her mistress’s directive. She heard the whine of a vibrator turn on, as Leota sat up against the foot of the bed watching and bringing the vibrator to her own clit. She moaned an over exaggerated moan, and continued to enjoy the sight of watching this woman starved for orgasm watch her freely pleasure herself. They were both in their own way getting quite lost in the moment.


Leota set the vibrator aside after her second orgasm, breathing heavily and starting to sweat. Not enough sweat to make her take off her corset, after all she loved what it did to her figure and how it made her look. It almost made her breasts look big, it gave her so much confidence. She didn’t want to lose it if it could be helped. She looked over at Arianna who was still fucking her dildo, considerably slower than she had been but with desperation in her eyes.

“5..” Leota said, causing Arianna to speed up again. “4.. 3..” Leota continued slowly before stopping altogether and walking over towards the bathroom to wash up.

A loud gag of protest came from Arianna, but as she was left alone she couldn’t deny how much this was working to keep her frantically aroused. She slowed almost to a stop, looking at the bathroom door hoping her Mistress would come back soon and finish counting. When Leota returned from the bathroom, she seemed to ignore her existence entirely, not even glancing in her general direction. Soon she came strutting back, sporting a very large and noticeable purple double dildo strapon.

“2..” Leota said, causing Arianna to rush into a frantic pace. She thought she would start from 5 again, she thought she’d have more time. This would be tough. “1..” Leota said with a longer pause than she had used. Arianna was close and was looking desperately into Leota’s eyes, hoping this could finally be the time. “0.. cum now!” she said as she grabbed the cage.

With only the smallest of delays, Arianna stopped rocking and began to shake. She began to scream into her gag as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. When she seemed to be through she collapsed forward onto the front of the cage. She started to moan in discomfort and lifted herself up with her toes.

“Oh, does my little whore want a rest from straddling that cock?” Lea said in a condescending tone. Nevertheless Arianna responded by nodding her head and let out a “mmuhurm” from behind her gag. Leota pushed her back so that she wasn’t leaning against the door as it opened. She clipped a small leash to her collar and held it tight before lowering the pole and releasing her ankles.

Arianna stumbled forward like a newborn calf who hadn’t quite mastered this whole “legs” thing just yet. If not for Leota there were three separate occasions when she would have fallen as she was guided the short distance over to the padded bench. It bent at a sharp angle, but the white leather was soft to the touch and well padded below. She was bent over it and watched as Lea secured her leash with a simple knot to the base of the bench.

She disappeared from sight, but Arianna could feel her as she attached white leather cuffs to each ankle and thigh. Arianna could feel her legs being spread apart, and at that angle no longer touched the ground. With the thigh cuffs tightened, she could also do nothing to close her legs to shield her very exposed ass and pussy.

Arianna expected to feel the two dildos probing at her back entrances, but instead felt her cuffs being undone. Leota was examining them, she had maybe left them on longer than she should have. There were marks from her times in the cage, and she worried if those would come out by tomorrow morning or not. She decided the safer way to restrain her arms would be with an armbinder. She slid the sheath up Arianna’s arms, who seemed very cooperative in the endeavor. She began tightening the laces expecting at any moment to feel resistance, but the arms kept moving closer and closer with no strong signs of strain.

“Imf durbple jhoinded” Arianna tried to say as her elbows began to touch. Leota finished by tying off the laces, now pulled as tight as the armbinder goes, and bucked a strap around the shoulders to keep it in place. Leota took a moment to back up and simply enjoy the sight. A sight made better as Arianna began to invitingly and suggestively shake her ass.

Arianna was startled to feel a long line of pain as Leota brought down a cane across her ass. “I never gave you permission to talk slut,” Leota said before landing another blow. Three more came after, each separating themselves from the previous hit by just about an inch. The welts that were forming almost looked like she simply sat on a metal grate for too long.

Leota lubed up her dildos, slightly redundant given the low-friction coating and how wet Arianna’s pussy surely was, but she didn’t want to take chances on her ass. As she approached she had more lube in her hand and began to spread it on Arianna’s very exposed asshole. The attention caused her captive to jostle around more, moaning loudly as Lea inserted one finger to make sure there was some inside as well as outside.

Arianna was breathing heavy by the time she felt the two tips press against her. They went in slowly at first, causing her to moan and pull her legs against her bindings. She felt the base of the strapon pressed against her, filling her with the entirety of both dildos. Hands grabbed her hips and Leota started thrusting, causing Arianna’s toes to curl and to flip around as the pleasure began to quickly build toward another orgasm.

“Well aren’t you a slutty little thing, you like having all three of your holes filled at once?” Leota taunted as she began to pick up the pace. Arianna tried responding, but while it sounded like an agreement, it was utterly unintelligible. “I bet you’d really love to cum wouldn’t you?” Leota continued, followed by even more frantic but only slightly more clearly understood sounds.

Leota cracked a smile and picked up the pace, using her grip on Arianna’s hips for more leverage. Arianna tried to fight it, but the feelings were so strong that she eventually began to shake, holding herself back for a short time as she tried to plead with her Mistress to let her cum. But the permission was never given and soon despite herself she came hard.

“Oh could my greedy slut not wait,” Leota said after Arianna seemed to come down from her high. Arianna almost jumped as she felt the edge of a magic wand rest against her clit. “Well, I think it’s time to make you metaphorically smoke the whole pack,” Leota said, turning on the vibrator before once again beginning her rhythmic pounding.

Leota watched in delight as her bound captive writhed around in absolute pleasure and helplessness. Her legs were held firm, her collar was keeping her bent forward, and her arms had been swallowed by the single sleeve armbinder. She brought her captive to another orgasm, and then another, this time without any rest between them. The secondary vibrations and the feel of the strapon rubbing against her were starting to finally inch Leota closer to an orgasm and she didn’t want to stop for anything.

After the final thrust before she climaxed, Leota was gasping for air and went to go cool off by lying on the bed. She watched as the vibrator continued its assault on the surely sensitive by now clit. She smiled at the prospect of leaving her like that for hours, surely she’d go mad by the end of the night. But that would be passive and easy. Leota thought she should be a bit more active. “But, I guess don’t need to get active right away,” she thought as she rested her head on a pillow making sure to have a view of her tormented captive.


Leota turned to a clock and saw it was getting close to dinner time. Normally she would have had to go to a common dining room where meals were being provided by the casino, somehow she doubted that was the case this time.

She had turned off the vibe a bit ago, but was so enjoying the view of Arianna’s bound ass bent over that she hadn’t had the heart to untie her yet. As she got up, the sound made Arianna dart her head to try to see. It wasn’t possible from her angle of course, but Arianna still tried. Leota began to scan around, nothing seemed to be in the room beyond some typical mini-bar fare. She walked back to the bathroom to use the phone in there without alerting Arianna.

“Andromeda Club Service Desk, how may I help you?” came the voice on the other line as Leota, not knowing what else to do, dialed zero.

“Hi, this is.. well I work for the club and I’m assigned in room 201 right now. What should I be doing about.. food,” Leota stammered out quietly.

“Just order off the menu, it’ll be charged to the guest and be brought up right away,” he replied quickly.

“And.. it’s on a plate?” Leota asked, suddenly struck with an idea. “I’m supposed to be degrading this guest, is there any way that could be served in.. some I guess dog bowls or something?”

There was a quick pause and sound of typing. “Sorry, that’s not something we’ve put in place yet, but it seems we do have some bowls in the auxiliary storage room. Just walk over to get them and I’ll instruct room service to put one serving in a bowl when they get there and to fill the other one with water. Will that do?”

“That should be fine,” she said as a grin began to cross her face. With that she hung up the phone and returned to Arianna who seemed to be very anxious to see what was happening behind her. “How are you feeling? Anything in pain?”

“Nro Mishtrush” Arianna said through the gargle of the gag as she shook her head no.

Leota unfastened Arianna’s leash from the bench before freeing her feet. When she landed on solid ground again, she seemed woozy but not clumsy like she had been after the cage. She leaned into Leota’s chest, nuzzling it as Leota put her arms round her. Arianna could hear her Mistress’s heart race and felt her breasts held up so prominently and forcefully by the corset.

It felt good, but Leota eventually backed up to break the embrace. “Come on now, we’ve got something to pick up,” she said with Arianna’s leash still very much in her hand. Arianna followed behind but began to pull back, trying to plant her feet as they began approaching the door. Leota walked back to her and began to hug her again “don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen to you, you’re safe with me.” Arianna looked up with pleading eyes. She seemed scared, and so Leota decided that it was perhaps time for a different tone. “Slut, you don’t have a choice,” she said forcefully as she broke the hug. “You and your worthless body belong to me. Now are you going to follow me or am I going to have to punish you for being disobedient?”

Arianna looked over at the cage and the padded bench and then back at her Mistress. She was shaking but she slowly put one foot in front of the other. She needed to obey her Mistress, and this was clearly what she wanted.

The second story balcony was only slightly cooler than the room, but thankfully seemed deserted. 213 was all the way at the other edge of the hall, and so there was a lot of ground to cover. It was why the still nervous Arianna began to follow closely and on the inside of Leota. The faster they can get to where they’re going the less time she would have to spend on the balcony.

Shortly before the corner, the door to room 209 opened and out walked a couple whose eyes seemed to go wide when she saw the two walking towards them.

“My God, Mrs. Novák? Arianna is that you?” The woman said in an absolute stunned voice. “I knew you liked women but..” she started to continue before Arianna began shouting through her gag. Not a word was making it out intact, but the volume was enough to get her colleague to be quiet.

“Are you ok?” the guy beside the woman asked.

With that, Arianna kicked Leota hard in the back of the knee. It took her by such surprise she nearly fell over, she only cushioned her fall by letting go of the leash and using her hands to stabilize. Arianna quickly ran over to them and shouted a bit more before turning around with her back to her friends and head on with Leota.

The couple seemed confused until one of them started unbuckling the gag harness, which got Arianna to respond with a few quick grunts in the affirmative. Once it was out Arianna didn’t even take another breath before saying loudly “help me, that bitch is crazy!”

Lea was now very confused. She was trying to be this woman’s mistress, she had been told that’s who she was supposed to be and that this is what she wanted. That’s what she acted like she wanted. In her stun she didn’t do anything as the large man rushed over and grabbed her by the hands. “What.. I..” was all she could manage before the woman took the gag and shoved it into Lea’s mouth. She tightened the main line but did not bother yet with the rest of the harness and instead returned to Arianna. “How do you like it?” she asked angrily.

“Jill, Lucas, you two are a miracle, if you hadn’t of been there exactly right then.. I don’t.. know..” Arianna said, choking up a bit. She was laying her chest against the wall in the only way she could hide her naked front.

“Should we get security?” Jill asked taking off her light jacket to wrap around Arianna.

“Yes, I think so. She got so carried away! I just told her ‘maybe we could try it a bit rough,’ and next thing I know she’s locked all these things around me. Take this thing, whatever this thing is, the hell off my arms. It hurts so much,” Arianna said, not wanting to look anyone in the eye as she spun her story. “And could we please get me out of public while I’m still naked,” she said as she started looking at door 209 which the two had just come out of.

Lucas held Lea’s arms behind her and marched her into the room. Lea tried protesting but there was now a gag in her mouth making that impossible. She was stunned, and hurt, and more than a little scared. She watched as Jill freed Adrianna’s arms who began to rub them together and mumble in pain, pain Lea was sure she was faking. She called down on the phone, gave them her name, and said it was important she speak to someone in charge. Lea tried to pull free so she could undo her gag and explain but Lucas held her firm.

It took very little time for that message to summon someone. Marian walked in with two security men beside her. “What seems to be the problem Mrs. Novák and how can I help fix it?” Marian said pleasantly as she scanned the room to try and figure out what was happening.

“The problem.. is her,” Arianna said as she pointed an outstretched finger at Lea. “I tell her I want one thing, next thing I know I’m all tied up and she’s going way out of bounds! I mean I still can’t take this collar off!” she said as she clawed at the clear collar still locked around her neck. One of the security guards fumbled with something that made the collar light green allowing her to open it up and throw it to the bed.

“Now.. Mrs. Novák, you did ask,” Marian started to carefully say, not wanting to tip anything to the other people in the room.

“No! I asked her to play a little rough, ok, I did. But I didn’t ask for her to do what she ended up doing!” Arianna said, playing a very convincing victim as she began to shake. “Is this what the Andromeda Club does? Do you just protect your own like this? I’m not sure I’d feel safe here any more. I.. I mean if I should expect this then maybe I should host next year’s conference somewhere else.”

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. You cut me off and I was only meaning to ask you what it is you told her to do and what she did. But if this went as badly as you say it did then I’m sure I can find something to do to her,” Marian said, being very quick to recover and maintain the narrative Arianna had began to live. “We’ll review the tapes and see..”

“Are you calling her a liar?” Jill said, leaping to Arianna’s defense. “Cause we expect some retribution! That is not ok what she did.”

“I’m not trying to call anyone a liar, I’m sorry I’m just trying to do my job.. you all know paperwork and covering your ass right?” Marian said in a jovial, lighthearted way transparently meant to get on these guests’ good side. “OK, there’s a public sentencing show in a few hours, we could add her to it I guess. Will that work?” This seemed to calm everyone down as they all started to nod their heads in agreement. “Great, then once I have the video evidence I’ll send her down there for the show.”
“And save us three seats up in the front row, I’ll want a good view for whatever it is you’re going to be doing to her,” Lucas said as he lead Lea over to the security guards who once prompted put Lea in plastic zip-tie cuffs.

“Maybe, Mrs. Novák, it might be best if I get your details in private?” Marian said, with a polite facade covering a very unsettled worry. Lucas and Jill stepped outside and shut the door.

“Mrs. Novák, you are a valued client, we appreciate your business, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you feel we deserve it. However, I’m pretty sure if I go get the paperwork and the video it isn’t going to tell close to the same story you just told now,” Marian said in a much more direct less politic tone.

“Look, she took me out of the room, I didn’t agree to that. I might have gone along with it, lost in the moment and all, but that’s why you make those boundaries before you start. That way they’re made in a more rational disposition so that this exact kind of thing doesn’t happen. Now I got those two out there to worry about. You’re going to have to make a choice, me or your employee over there,” Arianna said, also dropping her facade.

“Is that..” Marian said as she turned over to Leota. She waved her hand causing one of the guards to remove the gag. “Is that true Leota? Did you do that?”

“I.. but.. yes but it wasn’t on the list of hard limits,” Lea tried to plead.

“That’s because it was part of the conditions, it specified a few places ‘In the room’ specifically. I thought I had made myself quite clear on the subject,” Arianna said with little sympathy for Leota’s mistake.

“But.. I.. I mean..” Lea tried to say but finding no defense to use.

“I’m sorry, you might not have done everything she just said you did but you still violated the terms. You brought this on yourself Leota. Please accept our apologies Mrs. Novák and a full refund for this and for your room. You and your friends will have free and reserved front row seats to the show,” Marian said apologetically.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Lea said as Arianna started heading for the door, causing her to stop. “Just please.. don’t do this,” Lea tried pleading with Arianna. “Can’t you just let them know? So what if they know you have a kinky side, you.. wait, no, I’m not dorrrn,” Lea began to say before one of the security guards retrieved the gag and shoved it back in her mouth.

“You might not care, but I do. And since I’m the one that has to live with, it’s none of your goddamn business why I don’t want to let them know.” Arianna said, to Lea before turning her gaze to Marian. “Make sure whatever punishment you give her she can’t talk so long as our convention is in town is that clear?”

“Of course Mrs. Novák, I’m sorry this whole confusion happened. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay with us,” Marian said before Arianna shook her hand and left the room. Marian turned to Leota, and shook her head. “You understand Leota, this isn’t personal, this is business. I have a whole wing of a resort to run and your job in helping me do that is to play the part you’re given. Leota, you were supposed to be smarter than that. And know that the part you’ll be playing next you earned every second of and that I can always make it worse. So I hope you get your head on straight Leota, and don’t forget your place here.”


“You two,” Marian continued, directing her gaze at the two men beside Leota. “It’ll be a few hours before the show, I see no reason she can’t work a bit more. I think the second levpod is up and running, she can help speed up that line since it’s about to start peaking again. Just make sure it’s written somewhere that she’ll be needed before the 9:00 show.” With that, the two men guided Leota out by the arms. She could barely stand, she was shaking and wishing with all her strength to just wake up.

They marched her first back into the room 201. She was barely inside the door before they began stripping her down. Lea looked over at the bench that was in clear focus. Why hadn’t she just left Arianna in it? As she continued down a road of could’ve and should’ve, the two guards had her stripped down to nothing but her hard plastic piercings. With a gentle tug, they led her out of the room and back to the more familiar area of the resort.

There was a girl with a deep tan and wavy brown hair laying spread where Leota usually would be. There was a line just a few feet away of people waiting for their turn to be fucked by the helpless floating woman. The pod Lea was led to was about 10 feet away, just as prominent and close to the entrance but simply on the other side of the room. It was far enough away that she began to not see it clearly, but she could make out enough to see many people take interest that a second woman was about to become available.

Lea felt the all too familiar clamps attach, and felt herself quickly blindfolded and lifted up. Yet despite everything being ostensibly the same, something felt different. As she began to bob up and down on someone’s waiting cock, she found it hard to enjoy. Shame was not the right word, but certainly something did not feel right. She could not distract her mind, she could not enjoy it. She especially could not stop worrying about what was in store. The fucking ran for hours with only a small break for food and to let the machine cool. Yet in all that time, she wasn’t able to get excited about it like she had before.

When she was let down a second time, she was quickly led away by a single escort. He brought her to what looked like a backstage dressing room and quickly put her in a dressing alcove. “Don’t remove the gag yourself, someone will be by for you,” he said before closing the door.

Lea could hear the finishing of something big but still no one came for her. The sounds of frantic activity began to die down as she could vaguely hear applause. Whatever was just on was finishing, leaving only whatever she was meant to be in next. She heard the sound of people moving things around outside and knew that at any moment someone would come for her too.

When someone did, it was not the kind of person she expected. He was older, bald and wore a headset around one ear. He came in pushing a small cart with several drawers, and pulled out a clipboard to check things over. He outstretched his hand and just grunted “gag.”

Lea rushed to remove her gag and hand it over. As she was about to say something however the man put a finger up and began to talk. “Girl, I don’t care what you have to say, I’m here to get you ready and that’s what I intend to do. I’ve been told you aren’t allowed to talk so I intend to make sure of that, it’s your choice whether or not you cooperate. Now are we going to have any problems?” he said in a deep, gruff but a surprisingly sympathetic tone, the tone of someone with no ill will just trying to do their job.

Lea thought about protesting, she contemplated what she might say, but words soon failed her. She ended up silently shaking her head.

“Good. So I know they don’t tell you much if it’s your first time, but did they tell ya anything?” he asked as he began retrieving things from his cart. Lea shook her head.

“Well, you’re gonna be playin’ a criminal, Leota. Says here, you’ve been found guilty of kidnapping and a few other stuff. All that’s left wait’n for ya is to get sentenced in front of all those good folks and take the punishment the judge gives ya. Your choice how ya wanna play the character, but you better stay as that character. No breaking realism is that understood?” he said as he started getting an outfit out of one of his shelves.

Lea nodded her head. There was some wisdom there, whether he meant it that way or not. She got in trouble ‘cause she forgot she was supposed to be playing a character, and a character that was supposed to stay limited to the bedroom. She wanted to do better, she would be Leota the criminal, and maybe it might even be easier to take. He dressed her in a deep purple sleeveless coverall, printed with an inmate number across the back and left breast.

He gingerly applied a light amount of makeup before revealing a large tube gag. The tube was more oval than round and only went a small amount deeper than the teeth. Once it was in, the old man grabbed Leota’s tongue with a pair of tongue clamps and let the tool dangle free. With his two free hands he began to remove Leota’s plastic tongue piercing and retrieved a different stud to replace it. Once it was through her tongue, he guided it back into place, moving it around until he was able to get the bottom edge of the stud to find the hole in the gag it screwed into. He finished fitting a wide gel top to the stud, pinning Leota’s tongue directly to the ring gag. She tried to move it but it wasn’t going anywhere.

“There, nice and quiet, let’s get you hooked up to the poles, you’ll be on in about 10 minutes.”


Leota stood with her wrists and ankles in clear cuffs. Her arms were held up and apart from each other while her legs were slightly spread. She stood between two clear poles that were each illuminated to either side of her. Clear cables coming from the top and bottom of each pole connected to her arm and ankle cuffs respectively. She was on a platform with wheels, allowing her to be moved to the side of the stage while still remaining bound. She also wore a collar with a cable loosely attached to the floor of the center of the platform. She could not see well what was going on, it was at too far in the distance, but with the lights blaring at the stage she would have had trouble seeing much anyway.

“Last case. Convict 619-554. Found guilty one count each kidnapping, false imprisonment, slander and assault,” a loud voice echoed out over speakers as Leota’s platform began to move onto the stage. She was wheeled out to the centre of the stage, all the lights aimed at her while the dark blurs that made up the audience stared at her. The audience began to boo and hiss. Even though she was clothed she wanted to move her arms close to her body but the cables kept them just beyond reach of her shoulders.

Leota heard from behind as a different person than before began to speak. He prattled on about the shamefulness of the crimes, that justice must be done, but with her eyes adjusting she was so busy trying to take stock of where she was she missed a lot of it. She found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying but heard one thing nice and clear “I sentence you to two weeks, retributional service.”

With the sentence passed, she watched as some of the audience got up and began walking towards the stage. As they stepped into the light she could finally see Arianna and the two she had been with earlier, Lucas and Jill. Lea wanted to plead with her for mercy, but Leota was able to hold fast. Not that either version of her could have done much talking with the tube gag still very much in her mouth and her tongue fastened to it.

Leota felt her arms being pulled tight as the cables holding her arms began to retract into the columns. Her slack was now down to inches, even her legs became a little more spread. Jill walked up to her with a devilish smile and grabbed the collar of her outfit. As she yanked and pulled, it ripped in several places. It seemed the clothes were designed to be ripped away. Soon enough she was naked while her clothes sat in a ripped pile in front of her, leaving her spread and exposed before the crowd of easily over a hundred.

She felt the slack in her arms and legs return, but only as she for the first time felt the cable attached to her collar retract. It meant that she had to bring herself to a kneeling position and that every inch of slack she was given was taken back by being in the new position on her knees on a raised part of the platform. She was spun around, so she no longer had to face the audience, but she also saw Lucas unzip his pants.

There was nothing she could do. She could not raise herself because of the pull from her collar and she could not lower herself because of the pull from her arms. And as if she were not helpless enough, two guards came with a kind of rigid stand that sat on four legs around her and attached to her collar in multiple places, making all but the very smallest of head movements impossible.

The tube gag kept her mouth open, it even kept her tongue available for the incoming invader. He was at least mercifully not overly large. He could make her gag slightly when all the way in, but it did not attempt to push down her throat. It was humiliating and uncomfortable but it was something Leota felt she could handle.

Then she heard a mechanical buzzing. With most of her vision locked to just what was in front of her she could not find its source as her eyes darted around. Then she felt a cool metal vibration along her head. She could feel it making a pass through her hair, yanking some hairs as it went. It left a cool patch as it went and suddenly it clicked. They were shaving her head. Leota began to pull on her bindings, she was surprised how little her head could move but felt the cutters removed anyway. She could hear slight laughter from the audience who seemed to be reveling in her sudden panic.

But she could do nothing about it, she could not even expel the cock from her mouth. She gave up struggling and felt the blades return. The cutters and dick began to work in harmony. At the start of every new pass, the dick would slowly slide in deep to the back of Lea’s throat, and as soon as the blades were finished their pass the dick would retract again to start over with the next pass. She began to feel locks of hair falling down the small of her back. Leota began to cry as the sensations and the humiliation began to overwhelm her system.

It seemed to take an impossibly long time, but progress quickly continued until the buzzing ceased and the thrusting of his cock sped up. Before he finished, he pulled out and spilled his cum over her freshly shaven head. She could feel it right against her scalp, informing her of just how little of her black hair remained. The sensation caused a renewed round of struggling as she wanted badly to reach up and wipe it off.

When one of the guards did begin to wipe it off however she began to feel a slight tingle as they rubbed some other gel along her defenseless head. They even removed the back of the gag long enough to cover everything, forcing Leota to temporarily bite down to prevent the tube from falling out and pulling painfully on her tongue. After letting it rest long enough for the cool tingling to verge on painful, they wiped the gel away. With each stroke removing the gel, what little of Lea’s remaining hair went with it. She could feel the air hitting her skin as the straps to her gag were reapplied and she began to recognize the smell of hair remover. She thought to herself that things couldn’t get worse, before quickly admonishing herself for tempting fate.

She was spun around to face the audience as yet another man came out with what looked like some kind of needle tipped device. She heard and watched in horror as it buzzed to life, now looking very much like a tattooing needle. She felt it somewhat painfully make contact with her forehead shortly after hands pressed down doing their best to prevent Lea from wrinkling her brow or moving in any way that might disrupt the proceedings.

Not that she had any plans to, she was sure she wouldn’t like whatever the tattoo might say, but she was sure it would look even worse if she tried to fight it. She only prayed it was not the permanent kind but one of the new kind that sat above the durmus and sheds away in a month or so after a few layers of skin cells die off. She didn’t remember anything in the contract about allowing permanent marking, so she just hoped to god she hadn’t missed something.

The tattooer worked quickly, soon reaching the other side of her forehead and backing away. Then a mirror was brought out and Leota almost felt sick. The figure she saw looking back at her was not only hairless, not only helplessly bound, not only was her tongue held in place by its piercing, but across her forehead in large clear letters was the title “SLAVE.” She blinked quickly, hoping it would go away but it remained. She couldn’t significantly turn her head away and so her last refuge was to simply close her eyes and return to shedding tears.


Leota was returned to her present when she felt the cables began to shift. They had removed the stand her collar had rested on, and the cables from her arms were now pulling her back to her feet. But as she stood up the cables continued to retract, as were the ones from her legs. She soon found herself lifted a few inches off the ground by her arms and held almost as tightly by her legs as well. She saw people coming down from the stands and lining up at either one of the two entrances to the stage, though that was about the limit of her line of sight.

She felt the crack of a single tailed whip hitting her hard on her back. It caught her by such surprise she did not even scream until the second hit, the pain was overwhelming her already taxed mind. She pulled the bindings that suspended her but they had no give, and left her vulnerable as she felt a flogger begin to hit her ass as well. The two came too quickly one after the other that they must be at least two different assailants.

Walking into view as the hits continued to land behind her was Arianna, with Lucas and Jill flanking either side of her. “Pfrhhrs” Leota tried to beg, but it would not have mattered what she was trying to say with how limited her ability to talk had become. Nonetheless, she tried one more time to plead when her eyes caught the very large wooden paddle Arianna held in her hand. It looked closer to a cricket bat than anything that belonged in a sexual context.

“Oh, I’m sorry, does that.. Hurt?” Arianna said before letting loose a single powerful hit across Leota’s gut to punctuate the last word. It utterly knocked the wind out of her, but was at least able to take her mind off the hits of the people behind her. “Maybe,” Arianna said as she lifted Leota’s head up with her paddle. “Maybe by the end of this 2 week sentence you’ll think twice. I don’t want anyone going through what I just did.”

She moved the paddle down to Leota’s chest, hovering over her breasts. “So.. You.. Better.. Never.. Fuck.. Up.. Again,” she said, hitting each breast hard alternatingly with each pause in speech. By the end of it, Leota’s nipples were screaming. The stud piercings seemed to take a lot of the force of each hit leaving them sore and sensitive. She was shaking, feeling genuinely frightened of this scorned woman and her paddle.

Arianna looked up at Leota. She could see the tear soaked red eyes, she could see the shaking, she could see the fear. She was not normally a stranger to being feared, but somewhere deep inside she started to feel uneasy. This shivering slave was not the confident Mistress she had seen hours ago. She was not concerned enough to take back what she did, she did not care enough for this woman to break the lie she had created, but she was starting to feel that she had done enough. She had exacted revenge, she had taken everything, and most importantly she had protected herself. She let the paddle drop to her side, before turning and facing Lucas and Jill. “Either of you want a go?”

Jill took the paddle and then almost immediately dropped it. “That’s a lot heavier than I thought, they aren’t messing around are they?” she joked as she handed the paddle back. Arianna took it and handed it one of the staff members who then disappeared from sight with it.

“And remember, this stays between us yes?” Arianna said as she draped her arms around her two employees as all three began to walk away and out of focus.

Leota tried to follow them with her eyes but it was a losing battle. The whipping continued for some time, sometimes harder, sometimes softer, thankfully no one seemed to want the paddle. Some preferred her back, others her ass, still others breasts and more than a few to her pussy. By the time the that last blow landed she was sure she carried many red welts from some of the single tail whips, possibly a few breaks in the skin. She was sure once she was released for the night she wouldn’t find comfort sitting down or laying on her back in the immediate future. The guests had been cruel, but clearly that was part of the draw.

They weren't done though. After the whipping, caning and flogging, the guests began to touch, more intimately. Some preferred to elicit pleasure, others felt more content to rub the more sensitive looking wounds. Standing on the raised part of the platform, one of the guests spread her ass cheeks and slipped his cock deep in her ass. Another person joined him from the front, the two pumping hard and filling Leota from both sides. She did not count how many fucked her, but as soon as one finished another took their place for a seeming eternity. When the last withdrew she breathed a sigh of relief. The cables loosened allowing for her feet to get back on the ground. She knew she would be sore but she could not wait to be released.

She was not released though, instead the platform was simply wheeled away. Her arms had some movement, but still could not touch or even meet her head. They went through some of the staff hallways before appearing in the main hall. She was sure people were staring but couldn’t actually see it herself. She was brought into a darker corridor where she could make out a few other women locked between pillars just as she was.

She felt some kind of cap pushed onto the end of the tube gag, mercifully stopping the line of drool she had been dealing with all night and gave her enough suction to swallow. It was a merciful relief, though one made up for as the guards then simply left. No warning, no instruction, she was now clearly just meant to be one of the punished slave girls in here. As she watched the blurry outline of a guest across from her fucking one of the slaves that was bound like her, all that could go through her mind was how long the next two weeks were going to be.

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