The Storage Unit

by Tiffini

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© Copyright 2018 - Tiffini - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; handcuffs; blindfold; cage; transport; storage-locker; strip; naked; collar; chain; leg-irons; isolation; abandon; locked-in; stuck; true; cons; X

Abandonment. It's not for everyone - peoples life experiences can make this a no go for many people. Thankfully not for me.

Here is a true story about a fantasy I had, that was brought to life earlier this year. This won't be a super long story - because there wasn't a lot that happened. It just took time, lots of time.

I told my hubs about a fantasy that I've had for years. a fantasy to be handcuffed, leg ironed, naked, locked up somewhere and just left.

When I tell him this, I see the wheels turning, but he doesn't say anything about it, and I put it in the back of my mind thinking it will never happen.

I come home from work on Friday, and just want to take it easy for the weekend.

We have supper, and start cuddling on the couch. He takes my shirt and bra off, and cuffs me behind my back. I smile - I love being chained up and helpless. He loops a collar around my neck, and clips a leash onto it. He locks the leg irons on (double locked of course). Then he starts leading me out to the garage.

I see the back door of his work van open, and the cage in there. He has me sit in the cage, locks me in, and closes the door. He starts the van, and we drive.

We talk like nothing's different. Just like we're sitting side by side.

He stops, and climbs in the back. He opens the back of the cage, and puts a blindfold on me. He gets out of the van, and opens the back door.

He helps me out, I know I'm outside, topless, wearing a work skirt, panties, handcuffs, leg irons and blindfold.

It's paved, which makes me realize that we're in public.

He leads me inside a building. I hear what sounds like a garage door open. We walk in.

He moves the handcuffs in front of me, double locking them. He sits me down on a thin pad, and removes the blindfold.

We're sitting in a 5x8 storage unit.

He tells me there is a case of water, 4 protein bars, a bucket, and a flashlight. He pulls the skirt off me, and cuts my panties off.

I'm naked. "See you later" he says. "don't let anyone hear you in here! You'd be so humiliated if anyone found you like this. Your night meds are in the buttle there. There's only a bit of life left in the flashlight, don't waste the power!"

He turns the lights off, removes the light bulb, closes the door, and I hear him latch it, and lock it. I hear him walking away.

It's pitch black. I have no idea what time it is - no idea if it's day or night. Nothing.

I lay down and just let my mind wander. I analyze in my head some issues I've been struggling with at work, think through some personal issues, and feel stress just float away from me, now that I have a plan.

It feels like it is late. I turn on the flashlight, find a bottle of water, take a sip of water and my meds. I go over to the bucket, take the lid off and find a roll of toilet paper in it. I take it out, urinate, wipe and put the lid on tight.

I feel the pills starting to take effect, I lay down on the mat, turn the light off, and fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up, feeling groggy. It takes me a few minutes to remember where I am. I have no idea what time it is... no idea how long I've been chained up... no idea how long I've been naked and locked in here.

Then I hear a door open from outside. I hear what sounds like 2 or 3 guys come in, and open the unit beside where I am.

"Holy shit" one of the guys says, "There's a lot of stuff in here - this will take hours to clear out"

"yep" another guy sighs and says "my mom was more of a hoarder than I thought"

"Well, let's get started" a different guy says.

They slowly start moving stuff out. I hear them going through boxes...


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