Stephanie Discovers

by Knotty Master

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© Copyright 2009 - Knotty Master - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; cuffs; gag; oral; reluct; X

This story contains adult content and should not be made available to minors or be read by anyone who is offended by sexual materials. Feel free to repost this story as long as it is in an appropriate place for the content and as long as this disclaimer remains with it.

Part 1

As Stephanie shut down her car, she was still trying to come up with her excuse for being late. Her social skills were minimal, as she had married her high school boyfriend and they rarely went anywhere. He was the only lover she had ever known. Recently divorced, this was her first social outing in a long time.

She had worked at the firm for several years, but until now had been a little shy around the other secretaries. When her supervisor Shannon invited her to spend a night out clubbing with the girls, it took her a fair amount of courage to accept.

Bing-bong, letting her finger off the button, she waited with a little trepidation. The garage door was down so she couldn’t tell if Shannon’s car was there or not. Just as she was about to ring the button again, the door opened.

“Hey Stephanie, I had just gotten out of the shower and had to throw some clothes on. The other two should be here soon, so why don’t you have a seat in the kitchen and I will put on my face. Would you like a drink? Help yourself.”

As Stephanie made her way to the bar, she was relived that her tardiness hadn’t caused a delay. Taking her glass of wine to the counter, she perched atop one of the barstools.

She sat in uncomfortable quiet, too timid to turn on the television. After the first couple of sips, she found herself gulping the rest of the glass. As she poured another, she could already feel the warming effects of the first. She rarely drank and the wine was working quickly.

As she finished her second helping, she heard the phone ring. She could hear Shannon’s voice, but not what she was saying. As the effects of the two large glasses began to kick in she started to relax a bit.

A short time later, Shannon emerged from the hallway. “I hate to tell you this, but the girls had gone to Denver right after work and had some car trouble. The mechanic was kind enough to stay late, but they just now got back on the road. They have to go and change, so they wont be here for nearly three hours. How about a tour of the house to kill some time?”

As they passed from room to room, Stephanie had to admit it was quite a place. She knew Shannon made allot more than she did, But not the kind of money to live like this. Every piece of furnishing was the highest quality antique. Even the drapes were made of rich looking materials.

Passing through the master bedroom, Shannon was excited to show off the newly remodeled bath. Entering the “hers” walk in closet, Stephanie noticed it was larger than her own bedroom. As Shannon showed off the features of the closet, Stephanie picked up a strange object from one of the shelves.

As she turned it this way and that, She couldn’t figure out what it was. It was two wide leather circles, connected by a metal block. The leather loops looked like they opened but there appeared to be locking mechanisms on them. Her mind was so transfixed on it, she hadn’t heard a single word Shannon had Shannon had spoken. When she finally acknowledged Shannon, she was a little embarrassed.

“Looks like I forgot to put one of my toys away.” Stephanie looked at the object in her hands and back to Shannon.

“What is it?”

“It’s a pair of wrist cuffs. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Stephanie’s mind was working over time. She still didn’t have a clue about the object. “Wrist cuffs? I don’t understand. What are they for?”

Grinning at her friends lack of knowledge, she took the cuffs and got the key from the drawer. She unlocked the buckles and then the link between them. “It will be easier to show you. Here hold your arms out.”

As Shannon buckled and locked the leather around each of Stephanie’s wrists, she was beginning to understand. When Shannon tried to take her wrists behind her back, she pulled away and covered the cuffs with the opposing hand.

Shannon gave her a puzzled look and smiled. “Don’t be shy. Here you hold onto the key. You can take them off anytime you wish. If you tell me to stop, I will. Okay?”

Stephanie looked at the key she had just been handed. She recognized it as a handcuff key. Looking at the cuffs, she noticed the round holes were slotted to accept the key. Partly the wine, but mostly the fear of looking like a prude, she palmed the key and turned back around.

Shannon quickly clicked the cuffs into each other. “How do they feel?”

Twisting her arms around a bit, she suddenly felt a wave of heat pass through her body. The sensation was strangely familiar. It suddenly took her back to the night she had given her chastity. As she had laid on the bed, waiting for the events to follow, she had felt the same sensation she felt now.

“I’m not sure, They are comfortable at least. I still don’t get the point.” She was lying a bit. Deep down, she was beginning to make the connection with restraint and sexual feelings.

Shannon moved in front of her. “Close your eyes for a moment. I want you to understand what is so wonderful about this. Now think about the perfect man. Someone you want to be with like no one else. You trust him. Now he has tied your hands behind your back and blindfolds you.”

Stephanie gasped when she felt the silk touch her face. “Wait… I… don’t think I…” She stammered nervously, but made little physical action to stop it. Shannon just kept making revolutions with the long smooth silk. She watched Stephanie’s breathing increase its pace.

Stephanie felt numb and frozen. She wanted to speak or resist, but her body refused to move. She held her breath as Shannon knotted the blindfold off at the back of her head. Her world was starting to spin. She felt herself start to wobble on her legs. She suddenly snapped back to reality when Shannon spoke.

“Take a breath. You need to breathe.”

It took her a moment to process the comment. Slowly it sank in that she had been holding her breath.

“I don’t like this. I want out. Please!”

Shannon looked down and smiled. Placing her index finger over Stephanie’s lips in a hush now manner, she stepped closer.

“These lips say this, but your other lips are calling you a liar. Your wet clear through your jeans. Besides, you have the key.”

Stephanie was now completely embarrassed. As she became aware of her dampness, she knew her arousal was no longer hidden. As she began fumbling with the Key, she came to realize the real reason she wanted out was to go hide under a rock.

She was also discovering the dubious nature of the cuffs. No matter how she twisted, the fact that they didn’t pivot on each other kept her fingers from getting anywhere near the locks. When she dropped the key, she had already accepted defeat. She tried to find anything to say, but the words weren’t there. “I’m not gay.” she blurted out.

“Neither am I darling. It’s not about that. Bondage is about the feeling. People do it because it feels good. The more freedom and senses you give up, the stronger the other senses and feelings get. I have to be honest with you. This entire evening was a set up. The other girls thought we were going to meet them at the club. I called them and told them we were not going to make it. I had a boyfriend call and you had to deal with your ex. When the phone rang earlier, it was me calling the house with my cell phone. I have been watching you at work and could see how lonely you were. I’ve been pretty lonely myself. I wanted to let you in on this after we had become friends, but when you found the cuffs, I couldn’t help myself. If you tell me to, I will take off the cuffs and you can go. Just please don’t think badly of me.”

Stephanie didn’t know how to feel. No one had paid this much attention to her in a long time. Certain words echoed in her mind. “Friends. Lonely. Want.” She was lonely. She knew Shannon wasn’t going to hurt her. But it was so morally wrong.

Stephanie battled in her mind for a long time. She was well aware of her body’s reaction. Physically she wanted it, but her sensibilities screamed no. She calmed herself and uttered a simple “Yes.”

“Yes, let you go or yes, more?”

Stephanie had to take a few seconds before she could answer.

“Yes, more. I want more, but I’m afraid I might tell you to stop.” Stephanie wasn’t sure where that last part came from. Why wouldn’t she want to stop this if it became too intense. She was confused with herself.

Shannon was elated. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a ring gag harness. “I can help you with that. Open your mouth.”

Stephanie wanted to tell her she didn’t mean it. Her senses told her not to allow this. Before she could stop herself, she opened her jaw wide and accepted the leather covered steel ring.

Shannon pulled Stephanie’s long brunette hair back and wrapped the straps over it. As each strap was tightened and buckled, Stephanie felt the ring being locked tighter in place. “There you are. Try to speak.”

“Ah, ahh, ah.” Stephanie couldn‘t form a single intelligible word. She worked her tongue on the ring in an attempt to expel it, only to find it wasn’t going anywhere. She found herself tilting her head back, in order to keep the drool from leaking out of her mouth. With her jaw locked open, swallowing was difficult.

“Lets get you out of those clothes.” For Stephanie, this was a new source of unease. As Shannon unbuckled her belt and worked the fly on her jeans open, Stephanie began to tremble.

Shannon pulled Stephanie’s shirt out from the hem of the jeans. “I hope this shirt doesn’t have any sentimental value.” Before she could think about the comment, Stephanie realized a pair of scissors were hacking away at her shirt. When she felt Shannon unhitching her bra catches she was grateful it was strapless and wouldn’t need to be destroyed.

“Take off your shoes, socks and jeans.” Stephanie had no trouble kicking off her shoes and using her toes to pull down and remove the socks, but with the limited mobility in her arms, the task of getting the snug pants down from her hips was another story.

She twisted and contorted in every direction, working the hem of the jeans with her hands. Once she worked the pant legs past her feet she was able to step on them, alternating lifting her legs to pull them off. Shannon had to catch her several times to keep her from falling over.

When Stephanie pulled her last foot free from the pants, she relished a certain victory. Then she thought more about what she had done. She was now standing here with nothing on but her white cotton panties. Those too were gone when Shannon hooked her finger in the elastic and pulled them down in one swift motion.

Stephanie was completely embarrassed. She clenched her legs tightly together and swung her hands from one side and the other in a futile attempt to cover her mound. She wanted nothing more than to have the panties that were lying around her ankles, back up where they belonged. She could feel their cool dampness on the tops of her feet.

“You might want to step out of those so you don’t trip.” Shannon took her blind friend by the forearm and guided her into the bedroom. “Turn around and back up a little”. As Stephanie began taking uneasy steps back she felt the backs of her legs hit the side of the bed.

‘The bed. No this wasn’t right. What am I doing. I can’t do this. I don’t do this sort of thing.’ She couldn’t rationalize why she was allowing this to continue, yet she still offered no resistance.

“Stay right there and I’ll be back.” Shannon hurried back into the closet and grabbed her special bag from the drawer. As she made her way back into the room, she couldn’t help admiring her captive. She stood in the doorway for a moment, watching the petite brunette fidgeting nervously.

She approached quietly and held her hand over one of Stephanie’s naked breasts. Ever so softly, she brushed a finger over the nipple. Stephanie jumped in shock, inhaling sharply. A chill ran down her spine and relit the fire in her loins. She started to cringe at the thought of another woman touching her in such a sensual manner. But… it felt good…

‘What the hell, I’m tied up right. Whatever happens is out of my control. I’m not the one doing anything wrong.’

It was that instant that Stephanie discovered the freedom that bondage offered. She was suddenly free to enjoy any sensations that would come her way. Her entire body was surging with passion.

As Shannon tossed several strands of rope onto the bed and readied the ankle cuff, she could see the change in Stephanie’s body language. She was elated as she buckled the restraints around each slender ankle. Before standing back up, she slowly ran her hands up Stephanie’s legs. Taking hold of Stephanie’s hips she raised up, brushing her nose lightly over her mound, exhaling warm breath onto the sensitive spot.

Stephanie nearly crumpled to the floor. Her entire body went limp, absorbing every bit of the sensation. When Shannon raised up further and took one of her nipples between her teeth, biting down slightly and pulling outward, her body tensed back up. She found herself taking rapid shallow breaths.

Shannon guided her onto the bed, centered and kneeling. She had a hard time staying upright, as she listened to Shannon moving around the bed, fixing the ropes to the frame.

“Spread your legs out wide.”


“You can do it, a little wider.”

Stephanie’s legs started to shake from supporting her weight at such a harsh angle. Shannon took the rope from the left corner of the headboard, removing all of the slack and tied it to the left ankle cuff. Moving around the bed, she tied off the right in the same manner. Climbing onto the bed, she took the rope from the center of the footboard and brought it up between Stephanie’s legs. Passing it over the center of the wrist cuffs and back down between her legs, Shannon fed the end through a loop she had tied near the footboard.

Reaching between Stephanie’s legs, taking hold of the wrist cuffs, Shannon instructed her to lay back. Shannon pulled Stephanie’s wrists towards the footboard as she let herself fall back. Pulling all of the slack from the rope left Stephanie arched up like a bow. Her hips were thrust up high, the only parts of her that contacted the bed were her lower legs, arms and the back of her head.

Shannon positioned herself, kneeling between her captives legs. Taking her left index and middle fingers, she parted the folds, exposing the sensitive bud. She worked it softly with her right index finger, rubbing ever so softly. Stephanie moaned in ecstasy. Her ex had never paid her this kind of attention, always more interested in his own satisfaction.

When Shannon went to work with her mouth, Stephanie exploded. It was the first oral pleasuring she had ever received and it was incredible. As she climaxed, she tensed in her bonds, making every effort to thrust her hips harder into the sensation. When she finally started to come down, falling into the afterglow, she knew satisfaction for the first time.

Shannon was happy, knowing she had done her job well. Working her way around the bed, she removed all of the ropes and helped Stephanie straighten her legs. She removed the ankle cuffs and tossed them into the bag.

Helping Stephanie to sit up, she removed the gag and unwound the blindfold. Stephanie had to squint as the blinding light flooded back in. Shannon moved to remove the wrist cuffs.

“No, leave them for a while.”

Shannon backed off and smiled. She had created the exact results she had hoped for.

Stephanie laid back and curled up on her side. She knew she had just gone through a life altering moment and everything would be different. She would measure her life as what had happened before and what would happen after tonight.