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“I’m taking you out to dinner even if I have to kidnap you.”

“Sana, that’s not necessary. I’ll be fine.”

“Kidnapping it is then.”

I just stared at my neighbor. I might have thought she’d lost her mind if Sana had acted ‘normal’ at any point since I came to this country. I was moving into my new apartment in Sapporo when the door across the hall opened. I almost dropped a heavy box on my foot at the sight of her. She was in her mid-thirties, a little older than myself, small and leggy with flawless olive toned skin. Her hair was long and wavy perfectly framing an equally perfect face. Her deep brown eyes and pert little nose complimented her full luscious lips. She was lean and athletic with perky little B cup breasts.

This morning she wore nothing but a silk robe one size too small showing off plenty of her beautiful body. She smiled at my reaction before sauntering over to me.

“Good morning, I’m Sana,” she said in flawless English.

“Nice to meet you.”

I sat down the box then introduced myself properly.

“We don’t get many Americans in this building,” she noted.

“I’m not surprised,” I told her, “this is not the most touristy part of town and I’ve been told not many Americans choose to study abroad at such a small Japanese college.”

“Well I’m glad you did. It’ll be nice to have a cute guy around here to play with.”

What she did next utterly shocked me. She kissed me on the lips before heading back into her apartment and closing the door.

Everyday I would run into her somewhere in the building. When I would she would greet me the same way: with a kiss on the lips. It never failed to get my head spinning. One such encounter occurred when the two of us both arrived in the small basement laundry room to start a load. It was late, and we were the only two in the room.

I could feel her next to me but being as introverted as I am I could barely bring myself to look at her, let alone talk to her. After a while I heard her sigh, clearly bored. She then began rummaging through her basket. The next thing I knew she grabbed my hands and began twirling a strand of hemp rope around them, pulling it tight before tying it off in a knot.

“What are you doing?”

“Tying you up.”

“I can see that. Why?”

“Since you won’t talk I’ve got to find some other way to amuse myself.”

“OK, you’ve made your point, untie my hands please.”

“Nope,” she sang.

Instead she pulled more ropes out of her basket. Had she been planning this? She bound my arms together before moving to my chest. She then secured my legs, pushing me on top of the drier. She then joined me, wrapping her arm around me and holding me close so I wouldn’t fall off.

Now we can talk.”

We chatted late into the night as she switched out both our loads. Soon however they were done.

“Now what to do with you? I could just leave you here for someone to find.”


“I could kidnap you, I mean you would pretty cute on display in my living room.”


“Well I guess I can let you go this time. It will give me a chance to kidnap you later.”

She helped him off the drier and began untying him.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet. I like tying you up. I will be doing it again.”

She gave a pinch on the ass then sent me back to my apartment.

The first few weeks had been a flurry of activity, classes and moving. After that the distance from home and the difference in cultures were starting to get to me. I became withdrawn and depressed. Sana noticed, that’s why she was at my door demanding dinner, which I gently refused. She grabbed my arms and pulled my arms behind my back.


“I gave you a chance to come willingly.”

She tied my wrists together with the same hemp rope as that night in the laundry room. Once my arms were secure she took a coat from a closet and draped it over me, hiding my … situation from prying eyes. She then wrapped one arm around my shoulders and led me away. We ended up at table in the back of a small restaurant nearby. The place, I won’t butcher the name with my terrible Japanese, served Kushiage. If you don’t know that’s deep-fried meats and vegetables on a skewer. We spent the night laughing and talking as she fed me, an act that got us more than a few curious looks.

“Are those crabs on a stick?” I remember asking her at one point.

“Just shut up and eat,” she laughed.

After dinner we made our way back to the apartment.

“Thank you, Sana, I needed this.”

I turned my back to her, so she would untie my hands. She laughed again and drug me into her apartment. I was surprised to say the least. I think when most of us white folk from the States think about Japanese homes we picture people in kimonos kneeling on the floor and matts everywhere while someone yells “hi-ya!” in the distance. The truth is a lot of places in Japan do keep the old ways alive. However western culture has changed Japan over the years, so I found myself in just another apartment. One far more simply and tastefully decorated than my own of course but familiar in feel none the less. She had a couch and a TV, what more did she need?

“Cute, Sana, cute.”


She forced me onto the floor arranging me to her desired position. It was like what we called Indian Style back in elementary school.  She then took more rope and tied my legs together. I could no longer stand up. I was trapped.

“Sana, enough, untie me.”

“I think not Koibito. I’ve been following your routine closely. You don’t have class again till Monday afternoon. I’ll let you go then.”

“Why are you doing this?” I sighed, exasperated.

“Because you are just the kawairashi little otoko I’ve ever seen.”

From time to time she would slip into Japanese with me. I got the impression she did it when she wanted to say something to me but make sure I couldn’t fully understand it. She loved messing with me, if you couldn’t tell. She sat down behind me, wrapping her arms and legs around me, pulling me close against her.

“Kamisama, anata no shiroi karada ga watashi o totemo waruku shimasu.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. The best way to beat the blues is to be close to someone who loves you.”


“Yes, I love my sweet little anata.”

To emphasis this strange statement she kissed me on my cheek. She then picked up the remote and flipped on the TV. There we sat for the rest of the night watching whatever Sana found entertaining. My head was too busy swimming from being so close to Sana to pay it much mind. Finally, I heard her yawn.

“Time for bed, Koibito.”

I watched as her legs left me. Her arms, however, did not. Instead she dragged me to my feet, or knees I guess, and began dragging me with her as she backed out of the room. It took me a moment to realize where she’d taken me. I was in Sana’s bedroom. Despite the name there was no bed, at least not like westerners are used to. Sana, it seemed, preferred a Japanese method that found a futon mattress on top of a tanta mat.

“Get comfy, I’ll be back soon.”

She laid me on the bed, covering me with the blanket. From my prone position on the floor I could see her grab something and head into the bathroom. When she came back out she was wearing the silk robe she had been the day we met. It was clear though that this was all she was wearing. She turned off the lights and slipped into bed next to me. She wrapped her limbs around me again and pulled me close.

“Good night.”

She then kissed me on the lips before closing her eyes and falling right to sleep. It took much longer for me to do that myself.

I spent the weekend like that, tied up in Sana’s apartment. She held me against her as much as she possibly could. I had to admit, it did make me feel better. Soon though the time for class came and I was released.  Though my mind was still very much her prisoner. I could think of nothing else but our time together. I would lay in bed masturbating to the memory of her ropes pressing tight against my body.

Unable to take it anymore I went online and looked up self-bondage techniques. I spent the next several days giving it a try. I thought I was doing well, until I got cute. I hooked up a pulley system in my room to hold my hands over my head. I discovered too late the system I had initiated did not have a release mechanism set up. I was now trapped.

I have no idea how many hours I hung there. All I know was my arms had long since fallen asleep.

Koibito, are you in here?” Sana asked, poking her head into my room.

Had I forgotten to lock my door?

“Yes,” I said shamefully.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she shouted at me.

“Fucking up, apparently.”

Angerly she left, came back with a knife and cut me down. I shook my arms trying to regain feeling in them. She grabbed me by the ear.


“Come with me. Now.”

She dragged me out of my apartment and into hers. She cleared a space on the floor and covered it with a towel. She walked into another room and came back with a bottle of oils. I watched her as my arms regained their feeling.

“Strip. Now,” she ordered.

I had never heard Sana so angry, so I did what I was told, no questions asked. So, I tossed my clothes aside, standing in my neighbor’s living room wearing nothing but my underwear.

“All of it.”

Blushing I took them off too.

“On the towel. Face down.”

I did. I felt her kneel over me. I heard her hands smack together. Her hands grabbed my back. They were covered in a warm, soothing oil. She began to then knead my back, my arms, my shoulders, my ass, everywhere. It felt so good, the oil was so good and its scent so soothing I soon drifted off to sleep. When I awoke I found myself wrapped in the towel which had been bound by ropes.

“What’s going on?”

Sana walked through the room, clearly ignoring me.

“Sana, what the hell’s the meaning of this?” I demanded.

“You are staying right there tonight. I will figure out what to do with you in the morning.”

She then turned off the lights and went to bed. Lord, I really fucked up this time, hadn’t I?

I woke the next morning to find Sana sitting next to me.

“I’ve made my decision,” she told me.


“And it’s clear you can’t be trusted to live on your own anymore.”

“Oh, come on …”

“Quiet.  I’ve already been on the phone with the landlord. As far as she’s concerned you’ve moved to another building across town. I told her I would have you moved out by the end of the day.”

“Sana …”

“You will only be permitted to leave my apartment to go to class. I will take you there and I will pick you back up.”

“Sana, this isn’t necessary. I won’t tie myself up again, I promise.”

“No, you won’t. I will.”


“I will teach you about bondage. I will tie you up in different ties each day, so you can experience each one.”

“Sana, you can’t just force me into this.”

“What would have happened if you had gotten a rope caught around your neck while you were tied up? What if we had a fire or an earthquake?”

I hadn’t considered that.

“I will not lose you. If that means taking away your freedom, then by god I am more than willing to do it. You are already trapped here. You’re in a foreign country, no one knows I have you. Your say in the matter is over. If you submit you can still go to school and have a productive life. If you try to fight me over this I will shove you in the closet and that is where you’ll stay. A tiny dungeon where I can keep you safe and sound. What do you say?”

What could I say?

“I submit.”

Sana took care of everything. I just lay on her living room floor watching my freedom being stolen from me. This knowledge resulted in a throbbing day long hard on. The next morning Sana drove me to class. True to her word she was waiting for me out front when it was over. She then drove me straight back to her apartment.

“All clothes off, put them in the laundry basket. You will only be dressed when you go to class. Otherwise I want you naked.”

I nodded and did as I was told.

“Lay on the floor.”

As I did so she grabbed some rope. She tied my ankles together then my knees. She had me cross my arms and hold them over my head. She tied them together. After this she pushed me onto my side and ordered me to touch my toes. When I did she tied the ropes binding my wrists and ankles together.

“This,” she explained, “is called the jackknife.”

It was only once I was in this prone position did I realize what else she had waiting for me. It was a large black leather paddle.

“Sana, what is that for?”

“You want to be forgiven, don’t you?”


“Then you need to be punished.”

Before I could argue anymore she reared back and smacked my ass with the paddle. I cried out in pain.

“This brings me no pleasure Koibito, but you need to learn.”

This was followed up by another whack. Then came another … and another … and another. That night as we went to bed my ass still stung. To provide me a little comfort she allowed me to sleep on my stomach. That prevented one discomfort but caused another. She insisted that I lay on top of her. So, I spent the night naked, arms and legs tied (though separated for now), on top of Sana in her skimpy silk robe. As we lay there she ran her hands gently over my body.

“I promise if you obey me at all times I won’t have to punish you like this again, Otto.”

Otto? What happened to Koibito?”

“We are living together now. Our relationship has changed so must our pet names.”

“Makes sense.”

“Good, from now on, when we are alone, refer to me as Tsuma.”

“What does it mean?”

“Does it matter? I want you to do it.”

“Fair enough, Tsuma.”

She giggled, a kissed me.

I had the next morning off, so she sat me on the floor. She tied my ankles to their attached thighs and my wrists to the ropes on the back of my thighs.

“This is called the frog tie.”

I nodded like the good little student I wanted to be.

“I like to use it for sex.”

I sputtered at her words.


Smiling wickedly, she tossed off her robe, revealing her pert little body to me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me close. I gasped as I slid into her hungry womanhood.

“Hold on baby, I’m a rough ride.”

Laughing at her little joke she began to slam herself down on me again and again screaming my name. My eyes rolled back into my head as I felt pleasure like I never thought possible flooding over me. I must have cum three times before she found her release.

That soon became my routine: some classes, a lot of bondage and more sex than I ever expected to have in my lifetime. Soon, however, the semester ended. It was time for me to go home. I lay in bed, bound, clutched tightly against Sana’s sweaty body.

“What’s wrong, Otto?” she asked me.

“I’ll have to go back to the States soon.”

“Do you want to?”

“Not really.”


“Why’s that?”

“I would have felt guilty otherwise.”

“Guilty about what?”

“Silly Otto, did you really think I would ever let you leave me? I’ve already got you tied up in my apartment. If I never untie you no one will ever find you and you won’t ever be able to leave. You will just live here with me … forever.”

“Thank you Tsuma, I love it here and here is where I’ll stay.”

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