The Statement of William Shelton

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2015 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; tight-clothing; bond; cuffs; bfold; exhib; outdoor; public; spreadeagle; discovered; video; voy; strip; hum, sex; denial; climax; cons/nc; X

Author's note: Some words, including 'hugely' occur far too often in the story. The story is intended to portray the written version of a verbal narrative, and the character "talks that way." The author understands the value of variety in written and spoken words, and practices it. Hugely.

Part 1

My Name is William Randolph Shelton and I make this statement freely and under no coercion.

The night in question I was a participant in a sex scene with the principles of the matter. The other people involved were Robert Hanscom, Marcia East, and at one point in the evening Daria Wilson.

I'd known Bob Hanscom for about 5 years, we had gone to school together since 8th grade and we considered each other good friends. I've been aware of Marcie for about 3 years since she came to our school, but never had more than casual interactions with her before the day in question. We were all of us 17 years old and just graduated from high school at the time, but now I am 18.

Bob and Marcie had a kinky relationship. See, Marcie was a dancer, probably one of the 5 best dancers at school, maybe in the top two. She's five-foot-eight or so, long dishwater blonde hair straight down her back almost to her waist with a little curl in the end, about 120 pounds, really nice medium-to-large-sized tits, an awesome figure, I mean, who wouldn't want to see *her* naked? She wasn't a stick by any means: She had muscles on her bones, enough to make what little you could see of her look real good. No fat at all. She was one of the three or four reasons some guys took dance class, because she like all the girls in that class were in tight spandex a lot of the time. But that was all you got back then, she apparently didn't realize how good a body she had. Before Bob she hardly ever dressed right, but when she did guys drooled when she walked past them in the hallway between classes.

Marcie, before Bob, always used to dress so plain, just blue jeans and loose t-shirts or sweaters, skirts below the knee if not ankle length, nothing tight, nothing to write home about, hardly ever wore heels, nothing. If anything she had a kind of bohemian look sometimes, and that was hugely better but she never did it that often. But then she met Bob and things got way better. She is the sweetest girl anyone ever knew, and she would pretty much cut off her arm for her friends.

After a while of her and Bob dating we started seeing her in better and better clothing, at first tops that were tight around those tits, excuse me, breasts, she must have been 36Cs. so it looked real good, and tighter pants and just above-the-knee-length skirts. Funny thing was, it wasn't what she was wearing from home, she and I rode the same bus into school, and she would wear the same boring stuff she always wore when she got on the bus in the morning. But we finally found out that Bob would meet her at the bus drop-off at school and go with her to the girls' bathroom in the high commons. He'd send her in with his backpack, and she'd come out with everything she had been wearing in the backpack and wearing whatever Bob had packed into it all the rest of the day at school. Bob would give her back her home clothes just before the end of school if she was riding the bus home and she'd change back at school, but if he was giving her a ride home I guess she got to change in his car, 'cause she'd get into the car just like she'd been all day.

First it was just tight tops, but after a while the neckline started getting really low, which was hugely sweet, and sometimes you could tell, especially on a cold morning, that she didn't have a bra under it. Most of the time it wasn't hard to tell when she was braless anyways, instead of having her books in her bag she'd hold them up against her chest as she walked, trying to shield herself, but when she was sitting at a desk in class she couldn’t do that and we all got plenty of the good view. Sometimes the tops were low enough that we guys had a Marcie watch, in case her breasts popped out of the top. Never happened when I was watching though, she figured us out and was real careful.

The skirt hemlines kept coming up and up and better, thinner clothing until sometimes she was wearing miniskirts and mini-dresses, even once or twice a micro-dress. Man, she did have a body under those clothes, she always looked awesome. She was embarrassed as hell, to her girlfriends she said she hated it, but she loved Bob and would do it for him even though sometimes she just wanted to kill him. None of us guys could figure out why she was embarrassed, she looked incredible to us.

Some of the other girls didn't like it, probably because they never would look that good, her friends understood, but us boys all loved it because she looked *real good* in that sort of stuff. She did have the body for it, nice firm tits, not too tiny and legs that seemed to go on forever when she wore high heels. She was flat gorgeous. If guys were drooling before, they damn near walked into walls when she was in a mini and heels. We guys kept wondering how much of this she would put up with, she didn't like it but she did it for Bob. And we hoped she'd keep putting up with it, because some days when she was in class it was *real* hard to study. A total wet dream.

The clothes just kept getting better and better, more revealing as spring came by and the weather heated up. A couple times I heard guys say they caught a glimpse of her, her, well, she was wearing a short skirt and no panties. You could tell when that was going on because those were the times she was so paranoid about her skirt not showing and her hands were always ready to keep the hemline safely down that we all knew what was up.

Then there was the rumor, Janet McArdle said she walked into the 700 section girls' bathroom one day way after school was over and a bit after a dance practice, and found Marcie, hands tied together to that bar that runs across the top of all the toilet stall doors, ankles tied wide to the sides of the front of one of the stall, stark naked, and Bob was just as naked and standing there, giving it to her hard. So yeah, they had a bit of a reputation. I asked Bob about it a while afterward and he bragged a little grouchily that they used to do that and stuff like that a lot until Janet walked in on them, and that was the last time they'd done anything like that, dammit. He said Marcie would do anything he wanted when they were alone, but she got hugely blowtorch, solar flare mad if anyone else got involved.

They did other things, though. One day in the spring, months ago, Bob took me out into the desert north of town one time, the middle of nowhere, but he wanted me to know where it was. There's a dirt road that cuts straight across the desert and through the hills to Windton, nobody ever uses it, but it's there. As the road goes past the first set of hills there's a little cul-de-sac canyon way out of the beaten path, with a spur road that runs up into it.

He told me nobody but he and Marcie ever came out there. At the end of the spur the canyon had a nice view down to the valley and you could see town way, way in the distance but you couldn't see the main dirt road from it or the canyon from the dirt road, the angles were wrong. He pointed out a spot in the canyon wall that had spikes driven in, about three inches off the ground and another set about seven feet off the ground, both were about eight feet apart but the top set had a third spike right in the middle. Then he showed me a spot in the sand where five more spikes were driven into the dirt about the same distance apart and in the same pattern. Last he showed me this big huge flat rock, about eighteen inches high and it had some little bolts and eyehooks and stuff driven into it, in places that were hidden. He hinted that he and Marcie spent a lot of time here.

Bob said he needed a safety man. If he ever texted me that he and Marcie were going out rock climbing, he was taking her out here. If he didn't send me another text message by the next morning saying they had a good time, it meant that something went wrong, especially if they weren't back in town, and I should come out here. Most likely Marcie would still be here, and I'd need to figure out what happened to him.

He said he came out here a huge bunch of times, a lot, on the weekends with Marcie. He'd get her on the outskirts of town and handcuff her, then when they got here, if he hadn't already, he'd take off all of her clothes, handcuff her hands behind her back, and have her sit on the boulder naked while he got whichever spot he was going to use on her ready. Then he'd take her over to it and tie her up to it. He'd have sex with her until he came, then just gather up everything, including and especially including every last stitch of her clothing, and leave her there freshly fucked and with cum oozing out of her, tied up just like she was.

He'd go back into town for a few hours, until he re-charged, down there, and was ready to do her again. Sometimes he blindfolded her, sometimes he didn't, but when he did he used a little duct tape on the inside of the mask so there was no way it was going to come off. He'd come back, pump another load into her, then after a while let her go, let her get dressed, then take her home or go do other things she liked to do together. He'd had his fun, now it was her turn.

A couple of weeks later he had me over to his house. He was in a bragging mood, and he invited me to look through some pictures on his computer. They were of Marcie, naked as a jaybird and tied up in all of those places we'd seen out at the canyon, sometimes blindfolded, sometimes not. I saw pictures of her tied to the canyon wall, every single time butt naked, sometimes with her hands spread out to the sides in an X, sometimes above her so she made a Y. There were other pictures of her laying on the ground tied spread out to the spikes in the sand, and some of her using that big rock. He'd have her kneel at the side of the rock, tie her knees wide apart and then lay her chest and head down on top of it. He'd secure her hands to the far side of the rock, stretching her across it.

In some of the pictures it was real obvious that Bob had just had sex with her, and some of them he had left his cum on different parts of her body. There was one picture of her, her knees were tied to the boulder, but she was folded backward at her knees and flat on her back with her hands tied together above her and the rope tight going out of the picture. I thought, wow, it must hurt to be folded like that but she didn't seem to be in much pain and I realized, yeah, she's really limber since she's a dancer, she could probably do that. She had a big wad of cum all below her belly button and in her.. hair, down there.

He said he had over two thousand pictures, None on the laptop, of course, his mom every once in a while looked it over, but over two thousand pictures of Marcie, most tied, naked, and fucked or getting fucked, all on his portable drive (and he patted a brown case next to the laptop) where his mom would never find them. I spent about six hours that day going through them. He had a lot of pictures of her tied up in different places in his house or hers, tied between trees somewhere, butt naked, to a drainage grate that looked like it was on the side of some highway, even a few of her tied to the goalposts at school, in the framing under the bleachers, all sorts of things. It was a long day, and when I got home I, well, relieved the pressure, which by then was hugely intense.

As I was going through the pictures I pointed to one of the pictures when she was out at the canyon and tied face down at the side of the boulder, and asked Bob if he ever did her, you know, in the butt. You could see her little butt-hole real well in that picture. He said yeah, a little, maybe ten times. He really didn't get into it, and Marcie really, really hated it, but he'd do it to her there every once in a while just to remind her that he was going to do anything he wanted with her however he wanted whenever he wanted. He confided that all but one of the times he did that she was tied up, so she knew he was going to do her butt and there was nothing she could do about it. The one time she wasn't tied up was one of the first times they did it, they were both so drunk that the only way they knew they had done that is that she was sore there the next morning.

He told me about one time out at the canyon, he left her tied spread out on the ground and blindfolded, and told Troy Crasset where she was. Troy's family was moving cross-country about a month later and he would fuck almost any girl that would slow down long enough for him to get a hold of, and he, with all the shit Bob was having her wear, like everyone else male and breathing at school had a huge hardon for Marcie.

He showed me some pictures and let me watch a video of it. Apparently he had a camera and a camcorder set up off to the side in a crack in the rock. The video was running the whole time and it looked like the camera took pictures every ten seconds or so. On the video you could see him and Marcie pull up, it looked like mid-morning. She got out of the car; she was wearing this really cute sundress and was already handcuffed in front. He took the handcuffs off and then pulled the dress and her shoes off. I don't think she knew the camcorder or camera was there, she was a good sport about being stripped naked, held her arms up while he pulled the sundress off her, and she didn't have anything on underneath it. He handcuffed her behind her back and she sat quietly on the boulder naked and just watched, didn't say anything while he put ropes on the four spikes in the corners in the sand. The spot on the sand was closer to the camera than the boulder, so it was going to be a really nice show.

He tied her down in an X on the ground, put the blindfold on her, then pulled off all his clothes and fucked her right there on the ground. You could tell when he pushed into her because she made a little, quiet squeaking sound or a grunt each time. Real quiet, but it was there. They talked a little while he screwed her; you could make it out on the video if you listened hard. Then he tensed up and came inside of her, then rested a few minutes right on top of her. He got up, gathered up everything including her dress and shoes, got back in his truck and drove off.

She lay there for a while, didn't say anything or do anything. I think she might have even fallen back asleep. But then she heard another car coming, and she could tell from the engine it wasn't Bob. She could hope this was just a really screwed up stunt of Bob's but couldn't ignore the chance it could be some guy that knew her from school who had followed them from town and waited until Bob had driven away. She started struggling real hard but of course Bob had tied her up real tight and she couldn't get loose at all or do anything with the blindfold. She was tied up so tight, to be honest, she could hardly move anyway, so there she lay, naked and stuck and scared.

Troy pulled up, never said a thing, but Marcie was freaking out bad, not that it made any difference. Troy walked up to her, sat down beside her on the side away from the camera, and started running his hands all over Marcie. She was first mad, yelling and demanding to know who it was and telling Bob to cut the crap out and stop this, but she wasn't going anywhere and Troy knew that and knew he had plenty of time, so he ignored her and just kept right up playing with her, squeezing her breasts, running his fingers up and down her arms and legs and through her pussy hair. You could tell that one time he stuck his finger inside of her, even though she was tied up real tight she must have jumped about three inches off the ground. By then she was begging whoever it was to let her go and to not hurt her and that she'd do anything he wanted if he'd just let her go first, but Troy wasn't having any of it and still didn't say a word.

Then he took off his clothes. Marcie got real wild about struggling when she heard his blue jeans hit the ground, but she was tied tight and knew she couldn't do anything about that either. He lay on top of her, put his hands on her throat and maybe choked her just a little bit, just to make a point, and she quieted right down and was real still.

He took his time. He started french kissing her, and I wondered if she would bite him but I figured probably not, she was stark naked and tied to the ground twenty miles from town, and I figured, especially after he already put his hands on her throat, that she was thinking she'd better be real, real good. So he took a long time, enjoying her, kissing her everywhere, sucking on her tits, sometimes grabbing a nipple in his teeth and pulling up on it or biting it. She'd squeak but she knew better than to protest. Every once in a while she'd say "ow" or something, but otherwise she seemed to be too frightened to say a word. Then he got around to the main event.

Marcie was gone by then, just laying still and letting him do whatever he wanted, hardly moving, hardly complaining. She knew he wasn't listening to her anyways. There was only one thing left for him to do with her sexually; he'd already done everything else he could do without letting her go. She gave a cry when he shoved into her, and you could see her making fists with her hands as he did her, but there was nothing else she could do but just lay there, making that same little quiet grunt every time he pumped into her, enduring and hoping he didn't plan to kill her when this was all done.

He spent about two hours fucking her. He'd go for a while, then when he got close he'd stop and lay on top of her or pull out and suck on her tits or something until he could do her some more. She'd feel him get in position and push into her, could feel his cock moving in and out of her for a while, then he'd stop but it was only for a little while, then he'd do her more. At first she struggled a little and made the fists, she'd given up on talking, but after the eighth or ninth time she wasn't even making the fists any more, just letting Troy fuck her, slow or fast, hard or soft, whatever he wanted, without reacting at all. Sometimes he'd put his hands beside her when he did her, sometimes he'd mash down on her boobs, but he never put his hands on her neck after that first time.

Finally it looked like he'd had enough, or decided he was done stopping, or maybe it just felt too good and he decided he was going to go all the way this time, but he finally came, bucking like a bronco, deep inside of her. He lay on top of her while he recovered and in the silence you could hear she was crying real quietly, trying not to piss whoever this was off, she'd long ago given up that it was Bob, and if he was going to kill her she now had only a few minutes left of life.

But that was never, ever going to happen. After Troy recovered he gave her a quick peck on the cheek, pulled his clothes back on and got back in his truck and drove away, leaving Marcie crying real hard now, shaking with relief, and with the cum from Bob and whoever it was slowly drooling out of her pussy. She just lay there for another couple of hours, she couldn't do anything different, but when Bob got back all hell broke loose. Madder than hell doesn't even begin to touch it. I've never seen anyone that mad, especially a stark-naked Marcie, boobs flapping all around, screaming and throwing punches at first and kicking and crying that someone had come and raped her.

She'd have to walk up and down the halls at school not knowing which, or even if, the guy she just passed was the one that had seen her naked and tied up, and raped her. Bob even tried to tell her it was him but she didn't believe him. She swore they were done out there, she was never going back again, that he was never going to leave her tied up and alone again. They actually had a mini-breakup for a while, but they got back together. He said he sweet-talked her back into another session out there a couple of weeks later, and they were doing it again, including the leaving her alone, just like before. But she promised him if anyone ever found her, or if he ever came out there in the middle of the day and didn't let her know it was him, she'd be so done with him they'd use it in the dictionary and be talking about it for years. But part of that was finding someone to come rescue her if something happened to him, and that's why he took me out there and showed me around.

As far as I know he never gave her to another guy again, until the night in question, but I got the text message every so often and always had another one saying they were back by Sunday morning.

Bob asked me to help him and Marcie with something on the night in question. He didn't tell me what at the time, just told me I'd like it. I showed up at his house around 7:00 PM as requested. Bob's parents were gone until late the next day, they did demonstrations and sometimes were gone for a day or two. Marcie's mom is an airline flight attendant and Bill told me she wasn't due back for two days, so Marcie and Bob often had a lot of time together at one of their houses. Marcie's parents had divorced when she was real young, like 2 or 3, and her dad had remarried pretty much right away, so her dad wasn't living at home, and really didn't have anything to do with Marcie or her mom anyway. Long gone. When I got there I was greeted by Bob who asked me up to his bedroom. In the bedroom I found camera equipment and Marcie.

Bill explained that Marcie had agreed to make a sex tape with him. They needed a cameraman and wanted me to do it. He was going to play with her a bit at the desk and then on the bed, but there'd be more stuff later. I looked at Marcie, who didn't look entirely happy with the situation but nodded yes, so I did the same. I mean, she didn't know that I had seen the pictures, and who wouldn't want to see Marcie naked in real life? I sure did so I jumped at the chance. It had been six months now since I'd even seen a real live pussy, much less been able to have sex with a girl, since I broke up with Sandra. And it was Marcie East! Oh yes, I agreed.

After that, Bob told me Daria Wilson had agreed to come by, and she was going to play with a tied-up Marcie a bit. That caused me to suck in my breath. Daria wasn't too bad looking, but she was dyke as dyke got, and yeah, she'd really, really enjoy a chance to play with a peach like Marcie. After that, they expected to come back up here, film a little more between him and Marcie, and then call it a night.

They started out at his desk. He was normally clothed, but he told Marcie to take off her clothes, which she did, unhappy that I was in the room and managed to keep her front turned away from me. She wouldn't have even bothered if she knew how many pictures of her completely naked I had already seen, but I sure wasn't going to tell her. Bob produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. That surprised me, sure they were into some kinky shit, but it was a shock seeing it happen in front of me, but damn, Marcie's body lived up to everything I had ever seen and heard about it. She was unhappy about things but it was what Bob wanted so she let it happen. Then Bob wrapped a big pink robe around her to cover her nudity and hide the fact that she was handcuffed. She kept her back to me until Bob covered her up, actually until he told her to turn around and face the camera. I started filming.

The first scene was him sitting at the desk and Marcie standing next to him. She stood at the side of the desk and would have been fully visible except some large boxes stacked beside the desk that blocked her from about the waist down. We took the first scene, he pulled her down to him and kissed her several times, french kissing her each time and caressing her head and hair when he wasn't pulling her down to kiss her again. Then he started kissing her and reaching inside the robe to play with her knockers. He gradually opened the robe and allowed peeks of her breasts.

She seemed unhappy about this but resigned, and did not protest. Then he pushed the robe off her shoulders and it fell to her waist where it was belted, and after a few seconds to let the camera get a good shot of her fully frontally topless he turned her sideways to the camera, facing him. Her hands and the handcuffs were visible then. He spent about 10 minutes sucking on her nipples and playing with her breasts. Then he told her not to move, and she didn't, and he got up. He moved the top box off to the side, off camera, and forced her to open her legs so he could put the bottom box between her feet.

At this point she was standing sideways totally naked, a box about two foot wide between her legs forcing them apart, handcuffed. He pulled the belt on her robe and it slowly played out and then came undone and the robe fell the rest of the way to the carpet. Bob sat back down and from a drawer produced a large vibrator. She still didn't look happy but he put lube on it and put it between her legs. She looked momentarily like she wanted to scream or something, but thought about it and you could see her sag. She had agreed to let this happen and she wasn't going to stop things now and disappoint Bob.

You couldn't see things too well, because, you know, things were happening between her legs and she was sideways to the camera, but he must have put it up against her and then pushed it inside of her because she jumped and gave her little grunt of surprise. He did that about twenty or thirty times, sometimes fast, sometimes dragging out pushing it in a pulling it out real slow, sometimes with a long gap. For a little while he was trying to make her guess the next time he'd push it into her. She only jumped the first time, but gave that same grunt each time he pushed it inside of her.

He got done with that, so he kissed her and thanked her and told her how happy she was making him, and then led her over to the bed. He has one of those nice beds with the gold chrome pipe-like headboard and footboard. He sat down on the bed facing the camera and had her kneel, still butt naked and with her hands still cuffed behind her, and had her start to blow him. We got footage of her head bobbing up and down on his cock, of him with his fingers wrapped into her hair, forcing her to take him so deep she gagged a few times. He didn't let her make him cum. I didn't know it, but he had taken a shot of that hard-on stuff, so even if he came he was going to have a rock-hard cock for about the next six hours.

After he'd had enough of the blowjob he uncuffed her and had her lay down on the bed. She didn't struggle as Bob took each limb and wrapped rope around it, spread-eagling her to the bed. Then he pulled off his clothes, laid on top of her, kissed her and talked with her. Marcie was calm about all of it, not freaked out at all, which surprised me at first, but I’d seen lots of pictures of her just like this; I realized this was far from the first time she'd had this done to her. He licked and kissed her breasts, and then he positioned and drove himself into her. You could see on her face when he went in, and every time he went into her, she gave that little grunt I'd heard on the canyon tape. He seemed to be enjoying himself, Marcie at least wasn't complaining, and on they went for about ten or fifteen minutes.

We stopped at that point to wait for Daria, who Bob said should be there in a few minutes. Bob had played hard but it didn't look like he had cum yet. Once the camera was stopped he untied Marcie and she sat up against the headboard, knees drawn up and tightly closed to hide all the vital areas. After a second he reached behind her with a pair of handcuffs in his hand and just said "2" to her. Her response was instant, almost instinctive, she leaned forward and shot her arms behind her back, and a second later there was the sound of them ratcheting closed back there. He pulled away, satisfied. She looked a little flustered that I had seen that but assumed as much of an unruffled air as could be managed for a beautiful girl, naked and with her hands cuffed behind her in a room with a stranger. Just then Bob's phone rang. He talked on it for a moment, sounded disappointed, then ended the call.

"Daria is running late, but she's ok with the basement. You two wait here while I go down there and set it up." With that he grabbed all the camera equipment and exited the room. I couldn't believe Bob had left me in a room alone with an incredibly beautiful, naked and handcuffed Marcie East.

We just sort of looked at each other for a moment or two. She finally broke the silence. "Surprised?"

I laughed and let out the breath I did not realize I was holding. "Yeah. You are way more beautiful than I imagined." She looked away and smiled, blushing a little. "This is wild, way wilder than I could ever have thought."

She smiled a little. "Yeah, Wild is a good word. You'd be surprised at how wild we get."

"Think Bob would get too pissed if I let you out of those handcuffs?" I asked. "Don't they have that little lever you can push to open them up?"

She laughed. "Bob Hanscom owns about a half-dozen sets of handcuffs, and not one of them has those release levers. Oh no." She rattled the links behind her back. "Unless you have a key, they're not coming off."

I laughed at the breaking of the tension then shrugged sort of sheepishly. "Sorry. Yeah, it is big time wild. Why do you do this sort of thing?"

She looked down with a bit of a bashful smile and shrugged herself, her blonde hair flickering around her beautiful face. It was incredible. She stretched out her legs a little, which brought her breasts back into view, and they were mouthwatering. I guess she was relaxing a little. I sure as hell wasn't going to complain, or even acknowledge it. I hoped there was time for her to relax all the way.

"Yeah. I'm starting to ask myself that too more and more these days. I mean, he's got enough pictures of me that doing a video won't destroy anything he couldn't ruin anyway, so why not? I agree this is really weird, and Bob is mega the kinkiest guy I know, but what the hell? I mean, you're supposed to be pleasing to your boyfriend, and it's just like when I'm dancing, my body is just a tool and I can use to achieve my goals. And keeping him happy is what you're supposed to do, right? So, whatever. He takes really good care of me all the other times." She sounded with that like she was trying to convince herself. "I just don't want to disappoint him."

Yeah, I could see the situation. Any breathing seventeen-year old, given run of Marcie's body, would be a fool if he didn't run as far as he could with it, and take excruciatingly good care of her. She was an incredibly rich line of gold ore, and there was a huge number of guys who would give their left nut (well maybe not that) to mine that vein, properly and often.

"I'm ok with anything we do alone together." She continued. "He can do anything he wants..." She shrugged and smiled. "And usually does. As far as Daria, I can't say I'm thrilled, but it's what Bob wanted real bad for a long time and I can deal with it for him. I'm not happy about you or her seeing me naked and doing these things, but *someone* had to run the camera and you seem to be the nicest guy we know who could do it and you’ve shown you can keep your mouth shut. We had to pick someone, and you're already a bit involved as our safety guy for the canyon. I like you and felt I could trust you..." She trailed off. "I *can* trust you?"

"Oh, uh, oh yes!" I stammered. "Besides, who would believe me? They'd just tell me I must have had a good wet dream."

She laughed at that. It was a beautiful, pearly laugh. Then she sort of gathered herself and chewed a little on her upper lip. "Do you think I'm beautiful?"

I almost laughed, but choked it off. "Marcie, you are so beautiful you could stop hearts."

She smiled again, pleased, looked down, but her knees relaxed down even further. Her knees were just up a little from flat and her belly button was visible. We sat for a little while longer in silence. Finally I broke the silence. "So what's going to happen downstairs?"

"Daria has this dominatrix thing going. They're going to tie me up standing up, then she is going to play with me a while. She was talking about getting a flogger for the video, I hope not, but she promised if she did she wouldn't use it full strength on me. I expect I'll be tied up so if she does I won't be able to do anything about it anyway. Maybe some other stuff he said, but didn't say what, him and Daria together and me. Whatever. I'll make it. I'll heal."

I was dumbstruck at that thought. "What happens if Bob sells the video or it gets out?"

She stiffened. "Mister Hanscom knows they would never find all the body parts if that happened. I am pretty much happy to do anything he wants, but just him. Just him." She got serious and got a scary gleam in her eye. "He's only tried me on that once. Then I made him a true believer out of him. Besides, he's taken a lot of pictures of me; if he wanted to ruin me he doesn't need the video to do that. Anyway I don't think he's stupid enough to kill the golden goose."

I let that settle in silence for a second. "Is this the kinkiest thing you've ever done with him?"

She laughed and as she did her knees fell the rest of the way flat and opened a little. She relaxed all the way. The view was stupendous. "Oh no! This is just the tip of the iceberg, the very tippy top. Most of my time I spend with Bob when we're doing sex things I'm either naked with my hands cuffed behind me or naked tied stretched out between two somethings. You have no idea."

I just raised my eyes and prayed fervently she would continue. She did. "There's a woods the freeway runs through just south of Bay Street. He likes to take me late at night when there's no moon, tie me naked, arms and legs tied to two trees on either side of me, about fifty feet in from the northbound lanes. I can see every car passing, but since their headlights don't turn in that direction no one ever sees me. He likes to tie me standing there, do me, then go get a soda or something and leave me alone to watch cars go by. He brings me back a soda so I know he really did leave me all alone there. There's no feeling like being tied so tight between two trees that you can't move, then watch a mosquito land on the outside of your left breast and you can't shake enough to get the bastard off, so you just watch as it sinks it's stinger into your breast, and know you'll have to wear a bra over that at school for the next few days, itching like hell, and there's nothing you can do about it and no way in hell you, in the middle of school, are going to scratch it. Just hoping too many more mosquitoes don't stop by."

I shook my head. "Wow."

She continued. "There's a drainage tunnel underneath Fifth Street near Teller. It runs under all six lanes, it's only about four feet high, no one ever bothers with it. There's a piece of plywood about halfway through it. He sometimes ties me, naked of course, to the corners of the board, then does me, then leaves me there, without a stitch and stretched out tight. I mean, anyone could find me. He takes my clothes and leaves for a while, do I listen to the traffic go by above me and feel his cum leaking out of me. Then he comes back, does me again, unties me, and we get dressed and go."

I shook my head in disbelief.

"Remember the pool party about a month ago at the Brownmans? You were there."

I did indeed. There were a lot of people, a lot of girls. Marcie may or may not have been the most gorgeous girl there, but she was massively in the running. Top five for sure, maybe top three or two. Maybe number one. She arrived in a brown tank top and a denim super-mini, which was hot enough, but when it came time to go swimming she just stripped them both off right there on the deck to reveal a strapless bikini underneath it. Tan body, long blonde hair, huge cleavage, incredible pear-shaped breasts, and not small pears by any stretch. She had been drinking a bit, and a lot of the boys from that point forward kept half an eye on the pool in the hopes that she would dive in and something would happen to her top, something unfortunate for her but very fortunate for us. It never happened, she mostly just climbed in and out of the pool and the one time she did dive in she had a firm hand on the front of her top as she went in. After a little while she and Bob retired to the Jacuzzi off to the side. People gave them some space for a while, then after a bit, when Bob has gone in the house for more beer, I and a few other guys joined her for a while. Since Bob was out of the pool at the time she seemed nervous, but we just passed it off as being a little drunk and alone in a bikini in a hot tub with four guys not including her boyfriend.

"Remember when Bob and I went off to the Jacuzzi?" I nodded. "The first thing he did once we got in and the bubbles started going was to handcuff my hands behind my back just like this." She rattled the chain again. "I told him OK, and I knew he wasn't going to stop there, not Bob, but I told him if anyone found out I was so permanently gone."

And, I thought to myself, she could claim that she had enough alcohol in her to claim Bob snuck it up on her.

"He gave me a few minutes to adjust to that. Then he reached behind me and unsnapped my top. And there I was, topless and handcuffed in the middle of a pool party, surrounded by about fifty guys that had been drooling all evening and praying my top fell off” (I winced) “with only the bubbles to cover me. Then after another few minutes he took off my bottoms. So there I was, naked as shit and my hands cuffed behind my back in the Jacuzzi. You know what he did next?"


"He tucked my bikini top and bottom into his swim trunks, went inside the house, and left them in there! I could have killed him! He came back for a while. I was terrified, but couldn't do anything but stay cool or people might investigate. Then he decided to go back in the house for another beer and you and three other guys climbed in with me!"

I thought about it, yeah, no one would think about her bare shoulders when the bikini she was, or was supposed to be wearing, was strapless. And she did seem as nervous as hell, and her hands, that appeared to be at her sides but I now realized were behind her, never came to the surface. She was the original cool customer.

"I never knew." I said. "I never even suspected."

"I think Jimmy did. He brushed up against me as he climbed out, once on my hips and then on my sides. I think he figured out I wasn't wearing anything, but he never did anything more than that and none of my girlfriends came to me with rumors, so I guess either I was wrong or I got away with it."

She laughed. "He likes to leave me places, naked, hands cuffed behind my back, and a pair of clover clamps on each nipple tethering me to a pole or something." I got a confused look on my face, not knowing what clover clamps were. "Sure, he leaves the keys to the handcuffs on the chain with the clover clamps, but I have to..." and she winced. Whatever they were, pulling them off obviously hurt " get free. He has all sorts of places for that. There's a post between the den and the dining room at my house. He likes to leave me there like that sometimes when he's done with me, and I have to yank it off to get free before my mom gets home. Or he can do it real early in the morning and leave the front window wide open, and it's either damn near yank my nipples off or be seen from the street standing there naked with my breasts chained once the sun comes up. Once he even did that to me before school in the heater room in the back of the band room at school."

"Wow, Marcie." I began, running quickly out of thought. What do you say in this situation? I finally worked it out "Do this video sort of thing much?"

She snorted. "Made a video? No, never done this before. And I'm only doing it this once. And never again."

We heard Bob coming up the stairs. "And now the real fun begins..." Marcie said quietly, ominously.


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