Star Student

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; crop; drug; feet; bond; cuffs; collar; leash; teacher; cons; X

Part 1 of 3. Sub student. Dom former teacher. Pool boy job. What can go wrong?

I looked at the crop on the coffee table and licked my lips. What must it be like to feel it strike my ass? It would hurt, sure, but it would also… buzz. A charge of energy sent deep into my oh too willing body to receive. A compulsion to do what the owner of that crop wanted. It had to be her. No man could make me obey. No other woman really. There was just something about her that made me want to obey. Maybe it was the fact that up until last week she had been my teacher. My favorite teacher in fact.

I always wanted to obey Ms. Brouder. She was young for a teacher, maybe ten years older than my own eighteen years. She was gorgeous with a lithe, gymnast’s body. Her wavy brown hair flowed down to just past her shoulders. Round glasses made her stern librarian look complete. That’s why I loved her. She was a boss.

Talk back? She would slap your desk with her crop with each sentence as she dressed you down in front of everyone. Bring something off limits into her classroom? You had to stand nose to the chalk board as she slapped the crop against it, just over your head, every few minutes. Get detention? She would stalk around the room, smacking the palm of her leather gloved hand with her crop.

Not that I ever got to experience that. I’m too much of a wimp. Which is ironic. I don’t look like a wimp. I go to the gym, I lift weights. I’m jacked, if I do say so myself. I just happen to be rather submissive. I like to do as I’m told. Especially for beautiful women like Ms. Brouder. Too bad she only thought of me as her student.

This had been a day of discoveries for Beverly Brouder. Edwin had always been her star student, one of her favorites due to his sweet nature and brilliant mind. Given the baggy clothes he always wore she assumed he was a little on the fat side. So she was shocked when he showed up to answer her ad for a pool boy over the summer. He was fucking gorgeous! Tight abs, broad chest, big powerful arms, he was her wet dreams made real. No, she couldn’t think like that. He was a student. Barely legal. It was wrong.

All day she tried to avoid him as best as she could. It didn’t work. Every so often she would sneak a glance. Stop it! Then he came in for his damn break. He saw that fucking crop on the table. His breathing became shallow and rapid. He was sweating. He had a boner! God, he had a fucking big boner! He was a sub! This was so unfair! She ran to her room, locked the door, and fingered herself.

I had done something wrong. I knew I had. Why else would Ms. Brouder be avoiding me the way she has. It had been two days of this torture. On the third day I paced around her living room, hoping to confront her about it. I gulped down the cup of tea she always left for me. Weird, why were there two today?

Sleep. That’s what she needed. She would tell Edwin she had a headache and had to sleep it off. Now where did she set her cup of extra strength sleepy tea? The coffee table! She’d better get it before Edwin got there. Stepping out of her room, Beverly Brouder’s heart stopped. Edwin lay on the couch, passed out.


A quick check told her he was just fine. He would just be out for the rest of the day thanks to her tea.

“Can’t let anyone see you like this.”

Rushing around the room she drew all the curtains plunging the room into an atmospheric near darkness. She then turned and looked at her ‘guest’. The silly boy was still wearing his trunks. All he was wearing was his trunks. Most of that damnable body that had teased her so much these last few days was there on full display. Her hands began to shake.

He would never know. Not if she acted now. It was only fair, right. For all the teasing. It was only fair. She walked up to the couch. His beautiful chest rose and fell in a peaceful motion. She wondered… she wondered what it must feel like. She placed her still shaking hand on it. It moved. She gasped as a wetness formed between her legs. She ran her fingers over him, feeling every inch that she could. Lord, he was perfection.

She didn’t know why but she had to ride. Beverly kicked off her shoes and straddled Edward. She laid her head on his chest and rode it like a sick triceratops. It was then she felt it. Something stirred under her. It came from within his trunks. It was big. Temptingly big. She felt it play against her ass. She had to see it for herself.

Turning around slowly she slid the trunks down. Finally, the beast popped free. Oh and what a beast it was.

“You’ve really been holding out on me.”

Fingers trembling once more she reached out to touch it.

I woke feeling refreshed but confused. When did I fall asleep? Where was I again? Why was my dick wet?

“About time.”

I jumped off the couch and nearly out of my trunks hearing Mrs. Brauer’s stern voice. She was standing behind the couch. She was holding the crop. My boner sprang to life. I casually, as I could, moved my hand in front of it.

“Mrs. Brauer…”

Smack! She struck the back of the couch.


I immediately shut up and looked down at my feet.

“Is this what you do all day?”

I said nothing.




“I said stay quiet.”

I simply nodded.

“Good. Now I won’t put up with laziness, young man. Go finish your pool work. When you’re done come back in for an extra few hours of housework.”

I nodded but waited for her to excuse me.



“Yes, Mrs. Brouder!”

I bolted out the door.

It took all of Beverly’s willpower not to finger herself as she watched Edwin work. She had to take this slow. After sampling his manhood, she knew she could no longer deny herself what she wanted. She couldn’t chase him away either.

Once my work was done around the pool, I slowly reentered the house.

SMACK! The crop struck the couch again, bringing me to attention.

“Close and lock the door.”

“Yes, Ms. Brouder.”

I slid the sliding glass door and locked it tight.

“I want this place spotless.”

“Yes, Ms. Brouder.”

Grabbing the broom, I got to work. The rest of the afternoon was a horny blur. All I could think about was that crop. The sound it made. The cracking sound that sent an erotic charge deep into my dick. Before long I finished my work.

“Good boy,” Ms. Brouder told me.

I blushed at her words.


She pointed to the couch, and I quickly obeyed. She laid down across it, laying her bare feet in my lap. They rested against my already throbbing crotch.

“Rub them.”


SMACK! She slapped my leg with her crop. It was hard enough to get my attention but not to really harm me. It did what it was meant to. I got to rubbing.

She moaned at his touch. Edwin was a natural at this. How had she gone without his magic fingers for so fucking long? A twitch by the back of her heel told her he loved this as much as she did. She had to cut herself off after an hour. Not too much. Not yet. As she sent him out the door, she made sure to give his ass a little smack with the crop.

“You start an hour earlier from now on.”

“Yes, Ms. Brouder.”

The three days that passed were very enjoyable. He took to his new routine very well. It was time to take it up a notch. I left my bag out.

I shouldn’t touch it. It wasn’t mine. It was Ms. Brouder’s. It was her black leather… gym bag, that was the only way I can think of to describe it. Normally I wouldn’t. It was just… this time… the crop was poking out. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I cleaned the house. Once I was finished, I looked around. Ms. Brouder was nowhere to be found. Maybe a little peek wouldn’t hurt. I unzipped the bag and nearly came on the spot.

It was full of bondage supplies. Fuzzy handcuffs. Shackles with chains. Ropes. Gags. Nipple clamps.

“Like what you see?”

I nearly pissed myself at the sound of Ms. Brouder’s voice. I didn’t hear her walk up. She now wore a sexy one-piece swimsuit.

“I’m so sorry.”

“I asked you a question.”

She didn’t seem mad. If anything, she looked genuinely curious.


“What did you like the most? Besides my crop, of course.”

My face burned at her words. She knew. She fucking knew. Of course, she knew. Of course. What did I have to lose now? I reached into the bag and pulled out the leather shackles connected by a chain.

“Good choice.”

She took them from me.

“Arms behind your back.”

I gasped. My already raging boner somehow got even harder. There was no way this was really happening. This was a dream. Might as well enjoy it. I turned around, offering her my arms. I shuddered as I heard the click and felt them tighten around my wrists. I could only spread my arms a few inches apart. She reached into the bag and produced another set. This one had a little more space between the cuffs. I watched her curiously. What were those for? I soon got my answer as she snapped them on my legs, just above my feet.

She next produced a belt which she locked around my waist. She linked the chains on the arm cuffs to it. She then added a small chain to the one between my legs and connected it to the belt as well. My breath was catching in my chest. This was so much, so soon. Finally came a collar and a leash. No way. She wasn’t…

She locked the collar around my neck and attached the leash. I nearly passed out on the spot. Then, as if it were the most natural thing, she took the leash and walked me like a dog out onto her patio overlooking her fenced in backyard. Right into her waiting hot tub. She sat down and yanked on the leash indicating for me to do the same across from her. I eagerly complied.

“There are new rules going forward.”

I nodded in anticipation.

“We agreed on a Monday to Friday commitment from you. Now it is each and every day. You get no days off.”


“You will wear this harness set-up, slightly modified for work, every day.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

“You will call me Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You are forbidden to tell anyone what happens between us here.”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“One last thing. Very important. Lose the trunks. You wear the harness and only the harness.”


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