The Stand In

by XVX

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© Copyright 2014 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; chast; boots; corset; leather; hobble; armbinder; harness; collar; bond; cuffs; gag; chain; pole; remote; tease; denial; cons; X

The road noise and lack of radio reception made her nod off more than once. She looked over to her left looking at her boyfriend/driver.

“I did not know it was going to be such a long winding drive.” He said.

“Its okay.” She slid over and rested her head on his shoulders. Although it was not really okay. Those damm boots where killing her and the dress was not that much help.

Valerie MacKinnon. Aka Venus Venture. Was hoping to either make it big or get out of this trap she had fallen into. It started at a strip club in Denver called ‘The Mile High Club‘. She was trying to make it as a dancer. That was her fall back. But one thing or another always got in her way and she always fell back to riding the pole.

Willie was the only person who was willing to manage her and look out for her. This was her second gig as a show piece. Much like a private dance except she went to the parties and homes.

This was something different. She and Willie where to go out to some place in the Rockies. The client sent clothes she was to wear. The instructions where very specific. Two hundred dollar just for trying on the outfit. Send a picture to a email address. Then she had to be at his home in two weeks. Willie set it all up and would be her guardian /bodyguard.

Another thousand was to follow. She really could use the money. So could Willie. He had sacrificed a lot for her. Oh he never said much but he was the soft spoken type. For a guy weighting a good 280 pounds and standing six two. He was a teddy bear. He was a fitness instructor at Denver fitness. He also was a part time bouncer and confidant at the Mile High Club. Rumor had it he served a tour in the army and left after his first hitch. He never said why.

Willie was a person you could trust. He would listen to all your stories and troubles. Offer advice or slip you a few dollars when you where short. Drive you home when your car did not start. That was how they met. All the girls at the club thought he was gay. He wasn’t. But he had this thing for no sex until marriage. Honorable but frustrating.

Valerie was a little adventurous when it came to sex. But after a year of safe sex. (I.E. No sex) She wanted something more. Why she latched onto Willie was a mystery to her. Maybe because he was safe. Dependable. Although the lack an adventurous spirit was the one thing she had spoken about. She wanted adventure. Excitement.

Someone once said that a woman will look at a man and think of him as a fix-er-upper. A man will take a woman for what she is.

They wanted to get married but did not have the money. He had not officially proposed. It just seemed their relationship was heading that way. The lack of cash seemed to be the main obstacle She was almost two months behind her rent and her car took a dump on her. Willie would not move in until they where married. Again honorable.

She had a book of what her ultimate wedding would look like. Clipping and photos. Every detail was planned out. She picked out her wedding dress as one of those sweet hart mermaid type. Slimming and form fitting past the waist. Hugging at the knees where it flared out. No shoulder straps or gloves. A lace choker with two sterling silver hearts on it. That was not going to be cheap.

But there was a nagging doubt about her love for Willie. He knew it. Valerie wedding had to be perfect. She had every detail in her wedding scarp book. But was she in love with Willie or in love with the idea of being married.

Maybe if Willie was a bit more spirituous or adventuring she would not have these doubts. But Willie was ex-army. Planning every detail and not letting the moment happen was in his nature. Valerie had made a promise to herself that she only would marry one man. She had seen what multiple marriages had done to her family. One train wreck after the other.

So this opportunity came along and they accepted. Their was always a catch and the catch was the outfit she was wearing. She squirmed in the front seat of the Willie's car. Everybody called him that. It was hard to get comfortable, It was not because Willie jeep seats where uncomfortable. It was the outfit she had to wear that was.

To begin with the chastity belt. That was no chastity belt. The instructions made it very clear. Do not put it on as the key was at the house. She was to put it on before making the trip. The belt had a probe that allowed you to pee and yet it snuggled deep inside her.

Then there is a pair of ballet boots. High heeled shoes that force her feet to a pointed toe so she walk like ballerina on her toes. She was to practice in them and had them off and on for the last ten days. Again emailing photos of her practice session accompanied with the daily newspaper of the day.

Also there was a corset she was to wear with the boots. It slimmed down her waist nicely and made her breasts bigger. It had two button caps where her nipples where. It teased her a little when she wore it.

Then there was the skirt. This was to be worn the day before leaving. All black. Buckled at the waist. And narrowed down at the ankles with zippers down the sides. Walking in it was a chore with the zipper down. But watching a video of herself was interesting. She had a seductive wiggle to her butt. Willie said was beautiful to watch.

In fact her outfit almost mirrored her wedding dress. Odd she never thought of it before.

The package had other items but she was not to wear these until after she arrived. Those were an arm binder that laced the arms behind her back so lightly that her elbows would touch. A head harness and a padded ball gag. A thick stiff, wide collar that also had a key. A key that was at the house they where on there way too. Locking ankle cuffs that also needed a key.

Valerie was being tormented by the probe. The dress nearly fused her legs together and the high heels of the boot did not make it any better. The stiff leather stopped at mid thigh making her want to keep her legs straight.

She knew what lay in store later. She was wondering if this was too much of an adventure. The whole mystery surrounding this had gone to her sense of adventure, Now she was wondering if she had gotten over her head. The problem was once she put on the belt. There was no backing out. So now it tormented her as the miles passed.

Turning off the main road they saw patches of snow still around them. It was mid march and the ice was starting to melt as the road twisted around. Water falls crusted with ice from the run off where still going strong. They where deep in the Rockies and Willie was following his On-star and printed directions. They were in the valley and satellite connection where fine but the radio and cell phone could not get a signal.

Valerie was getting a bit worried but also her curiosity grew. The ‘probe’ as she called it was still inside her. She shifted around knowing it was going to do something to her but what. Since she had been with Willie. Her sexual forays were damped considerably. But she was a young woman with needs and this whole thing was defiantly going to fulfill those needs.

She relent to the dress and boots and sat up in her seat. The seat belt was not helping that much. It only seemed to confine her more and press again the chastity belt. She pulled a jacket from the back seat and used it as a blanket. It was getting colder. Her current mode of dress had nothing covering the arms or shoulders.

“How much farther?”

“Ten miles. But it look like twenty.”

“I am getting worried. This all seems so mysterious.”

“I thought you liked mystery?”

“I have a confession to make. I cheat.”


“I read the end of the book. First then if I like it . I read the whole thing.”

Willie laughed. “Well this time you can't cheat. The minute you put that thing on. We were committed. The belt is made of steel. I don’t know if I could cut it off. They key is odd too. Looks like a cross.”

“So only one key will do and he has got it.”

“It's for two days. Maybe three. Some party he is throwing. I hate to say it but we need the money. A thousand dollars. That will put us in the black. Don’t worry. I checked him out. Dale at the Firehouse said he done this once before. You stand around looking beautiful as you always do. I got your back.”

“You always do.”

Valerie gave him a peck on the cheek. Willie smiled that big smile of his. The view change a bit to a wide open prairie and she saw a moose. Even from far away it looked huge. Television and videos did not do the animal justice. Very regal and it hardly paid them any notice. Then the view was gone. The moose with it. They once again where surrounded by trees. So far she had not succumb to a ‘rocky mountain’ sickness. Changes in altitude and all this fresh pine air could make you dizzy. Then a round wide bend in the road revealed. Two stone pillars. One marking it as private property. The other had a name carved into it.

“Icewind?” she repeated the name aloud.

“Yeah. Our host likes the cold and winter sports. Has a stable for horses and a track. Dale told me he has this big shindig once a year. Winterfest he calls it. Google maps showed me he has a lake. I spotted a heliport. Lloyd Benson is the guy. Not super rich. I found his name in the middle of the Fortune five hundred list. Likes his privacy as you can tell. Big in the middle east oil. Very hands on guy. Wife and Kids died in a terrorist attack about three maybe four years ago. That about all I got on Wikipedia.”

“That is so sad.”

Willie let out a small sigh.

Valerie was born in Kansas, Missouri. This many trees was something to behold. Kansas was so flat you would hardly see a tree at all. Then the view open up to a lake and a third of the way around it she could look across and see the house. The word house was not the right word, It looked like a winter palace.

“Oh my.”

“Holy smokes.” said Willie. “A real castle.”

Valerie apprehension faded. But then they where so far off the beaten path. She doubted any one would find them if something happened to them. The main gate open by some unseen hand as they approached. They drove up the main entrance. Some one was coming down the stair to meet them.

Valerie put on her game face. She was Venus Venture from this moment on. She check the mirror to see her make up was right. She noticed her lipstick had left a little kiss shaped mark on Willie cheek and she quickly wiped it off. Willie had his ‘do not mess with me or her’ game face on. His demeanor cracked a little when she wiped off the lipstick.

“Could have saved it.” he muttered jokingly as he got out of the car. He went around and opened the door like a chafferer. He offered her his arm to steady her as she stepped out. The cold air had an immediate impact on her. Her whole body stiffened. Her breasts got firm pressing against the studs of the corset.

“AHH Miss Venture. You look every bit as I had imaged. I am your host. Lloyd Benson.”

Vicki gave a seductive little smile. What little experience she had. She learned to let the host do most of the talking. Lonely men who hate their job or have a ungrateful wife or any number of things she would hear as they talked. She learn to let them buy her drinks but always ask for extra ice. This watered down the drink and their expectation of them getting you drunk was going to be long in coming and expensive.

Never give any details about your real life. Never a phone number or email. If they want to see you. It had to be at the club. Paying a cover charge of ten dollar was a way to keep the ‘bums’ out. Drinks where slightly overpriced as was the ‘pub’ food.

“A pleasure to be here.” she said with a slight fake southern drawl. She had watched ‘Gone with the Wind’ so many times she just picked up the accent.

“Let help you up the stairs.” Lloyd said offering an arm. “Your man can get the bags.”

Willie grunted.

With no panties or a bra. Not that it would offer that much protection. She felt almost naked in what she was wearing. She shivered a little.

“Before we go any further. Have you done everything I requested?”

“I am wearing it.” she said some what embarrassed.

“Excellent. “ He reach down and zipped up the dress allowing her legs more freedom of movement. “Now if you will accompany me.”

Grateful she had practiced in the confining footwear. It was still a chore going up. The cold however seemed to inspire her to go on. The trick with these things was not to let the heel touch first. Push the foot out and let the pointed toe make contact first. Then settle the weight on the spiked heel. Repeat.

That walk was good for these stairs.

The other way of walking was to not move front to back. But have the foot circle around so both heel and toe made contact. That walk gave her that seductive wiggle to her ass. It was faster paced that the toe-heel walk and was good on level sturdy ground.

At the top of the stairs he zipped the dress back down. Then opened the door to the house. The main entry was like stepping to a castle. High vaulted ceiling with ornate gold filigree. A crystal chandler that looked like a giant snowflake. Marble floors that she was going to have to be mindful off. There where hallways to her left and right. As well as straight ahead. Above the hallway straight ahead was a portrait. It showed Mr. Benson and his wife and two children. What stunned her the most was that how much she looked like his deceased wife. Same blond hair and green eyes. The hair was the same length and she wore it the same as she did. The dress she had on looked almost like hers. It was spooky.

“Your wife and children? I am sorry to hear about your loss.”

“Bethany loved kids. After Josh and Jane. We could not have anymore. I planned to have this be a getaway for single parents and orphans. But after she died. The idea just seemed hollow. So instead I throw this benefit every year.”

He stared up at the painting. Valerie could see his him get misty eyed.

“She and I where into the ‘scene’. Beth loved the attention she got. She was a such a strong dominate personality but she liked to be dress up like you are now. “

Lloyd shifted his focus from the painting to her.

“Sorry. The west wing and guest house are off limits. Your rooms and the other entertainers arriving will be here as the day goes on. All of you will be housed in the east wing. Yours are the rooms with red ribbons on the door. You’re the first to arrive. Some will be flown in.”

“All of the house hold staff have the morning off and are in town. They and the caterers will arrive tonight. So for the most part its just us.”

“Your manner of dress will be as you are while outside your room. Plus the collar and ankle cuffs. Your man is required to wear a suit and tie. The main ballroom is straight down this way. I want you to get your bags and settled in. Meet me in the ballroom in one hour. I will go over your duties.”

He walked away. Clearly he was a little upset. But she was sure it was nothing she had done. The man was a tormented soul. She had seen his type before. Regret and guilt. The unsaid word. The tragedy and memory that surrounded him. All the money in the world could not get his wife and children back.

Willie moved beside her so she could use him as support. She was still a little unsure in these boots. They picked out a room that had red ribbons on the handles. Her room was bigger than her apartment. The bathroom had an adjoining door to Willie’s room. She sipped some water, removed the skirt and sat on the toilet. She was able to relive herself and had little to eat or drink since leaving Denver. It was over a good two hour drive to here. Between the corset squeezing her stomach and the chastity belt. Eating anything was going to be restrictive.

The probe was not as hard to piss in as she thought. She was damm sure she knew that this was going to do something to her but when. Valerie cleaned herself. Check the make up and then dragged the skirt behind her flopping down on the bed. She stretched out on the bed as best she was able. Bloody footwear was starting to make her feet throb. Taking them off would take too long. But it did make her legs so sexy. Wearing them at work would be a crowd getter but the dancing part. Best forget that.

Willie was in the other room and heard a phone ring. She saw she had one too. Cell phone reception here was sketchy. It made sense. He was dressed in a suit and tie. As instructed. Willie came through the bathroom and saw her stretched out. He plopped the bag with her ‘accessories’ on the bed and sat down. The chastity belt steel glinted in the light from the over head chandler.

“Our host wanted to remind us that we need to bring all the accessories. “

“Okay. Let me rest a bit. These things are killing me.”

“What do you think?”

“About what.”


“Oh I do not know. I can tell he misses his wife. You saw the painting“

“I noticed. You look a lot like her.”.

“I hope he is not expecting me to …Well I don’t know.”

“We can leave.”

“I wish.” said Valerie patting her chastity belt. “For all I know it could be a bomb.”


“I am sorry. I was just kidding.” Valerie clearly hit a nerve. Willie past had always been a topic of conversation at the club. His one weekend he took off was a mystery. No one knew where he went and what he did on his vacations. Valerie and him had been together over a year and he seems to have this little air of mystery about him. Now she found he had something to of a dark shadow. It had to do with a bomb. She wanted to press the issue but did not feel this was the time and place.

“No, I should not have yelled at you.”


“Its nothing. Better get you ready. Here sit up.”

Willie latched the collar on her. There was a fatalistic click which meant she had one more reason for her to stay. The collar was stiff and had wings for the front and back of the neck and wings up the side to head the head from turning or moving. The key lock looked the same as the chastity belt. One of a kind.

Then Willie locked on the ankle manacles. The same lock was on them too. Now the boots would never come off. He then help step back into the skirt and buckle it back on around her waist. She knew what was left in that bag. The arm binder. Head harness and the gag. When would those come into play?

She passed a mirror and saw herself. She felt like Benson's late wife. The restriction of movement. The denying of freedom seemed to cause a chill through her. The collar was making her think she had no choice but to obey her masters. She was not a person any more. Valerie MacKinnon. A.K.A Venus Venture was property. A slave.

Valerie let her imagination wander as the walked down the halls. The added weight of the metal ankle manacles threw her stride off a little. She just walking heel to toe. The sound of her steps echoed off the walls. What would happen tonight? She might become a sex toy at the hands of a grieving mad man. What erotic torture did he have in mind. Would Willie be her savoir? Her white knight? Save her from erotic bondage and free her? Then they would make love until the sun rise.

Resting one arm on Willie shoulder for support as she walked. There was a sound. She stopped and paused. She thought she heard something. A giggle or laugh... A small Childs voice.

She stopped. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what.”

“I thought I heard a child laughing.”

“You better not be joking.”

“No I am sure of it.”

They both paused in silence. No sound was heard.

“Haunted?” Said Willie in a whisper.

“I hope not. If I find anything in my bed tonight it better be you.”

“Not until we are married.”

“Oh darn.” she said in a mocking tone. She gave him a little kiss. They resumed their walk and took a right to the main ballroom. This was huge. A football game could be played in here. At the far end was a portable bar. Tables and chairs where scattered about ready to be set up.

Their host was on a barstool next to a round stage. Another black bag was next to him. The stage looked like a bulls eye with metal ring alternating with red velvet. It was a good foot high and four feet in diameter.

“Excellent. Miss Venture you are stunning. Now I need to see you walk without assistance. Put you hand on your hips if you would.”

Valerie did walk to him and pushed her butt side to side a little more to accent her wiggle. It was more a vaudeville type of walk. Jessica Rabbit was the only example she could come up with.

“Very nice. Now this party is a little extreme and adults only. Sort of costume ball. We have three main area of interest. The ball room. The grotto and the stables.”


“Yes. We have a natural hot water spring that overflows to the lake. We use geothermal energy. Wind, solar and a back up generator aside from being hooked up to the grid. The house almost pays for itself.”

“That is very nice.”

“Now. If you will be seated. I would like to see you in the entire outfit.”

Valerie took the offered bar stool seat. Lloyd fussed with the lacing of her corset and tighten them. Her breath was taken away for a moment.

“There. Much better. Now, arms behind your back please.”

This was the moment she dreaded. She watched Willie as he stood in front of her. He gave her a concerned look and she nodded. It was ok. Willie took a chair and sat down. He wanted to offer her comfort but also would stop this whole thing if she felt that this was not right. But the collar, belt. and ankle cuffs being locked on stood forefront in her mind. They where solid and made of polished metal. Cutting off the collar one might mean cutting off her head. She could have backed out long ago before this started. Now she had to go all the way. Valerie knew this was going to be a big step.

She had seen videos of women in this thing. They were utterly helpless. Some acted that way but in others she could see the other actor pressing their luck a bit. Valerie closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing with the new constriction about her waist. Small slow breaths worked best. She could feel her arms being made immobile. Fused together into one single useless limb behind her. Tighter and tighter it squeezed. She felt her elbows touch. To help relieve the pressure she had to thrust out her chest. Pushing her already swollen breasts out more.

Once finished Lloyd pulled up on the d-ring at the tip of the arm binder. She bent over still arching her back. He had so much control over her. An odd erotic shiver washed over her. She had no control. Maybe this is why his wife did this. He did say she was a very dominate person. Maybe this was her way of giving up that control. Maybe it excited her to be dominated. To let go. Like a roller coaster but in the dark. You had a sense of control but not really. You could not see the turns and loops. You where out of control yet in control.

If Valerie got a little aroused. It must have been a big thrill for his wife.

Releasing the d-ring, She was able to straighten up. Willie look amused. She tried to escape the confines of her dress and wiggled a little trying to settle in to her discomfort.

“Stunning. Absolutely stunning. You are your namesake. A Venus.”

He was right. She was essentially armless. She was Venus like that of the statue.

“I need a drink, Would any of you. Like something,” asked Mr. Benson.

“Orange juice.” said Willie. She knew most bars had it to make screwdrivers. He was always eating right. Not a big health nut. But he would eat a garbage burger at the club now and then.

Valerie mouth was dry. “Water.”

“With a straw.“ Added Benson.

She moved her shoulders trying to get comfortable but that did not seem to happen. Her eyes wander over to where Willie was sitting.

“You look good. Like Venus.”

“Thank you. I never knew you where into this sort of thing.”

“I could be if you are.”

“It is an odd feeling. I feel so helpless.”

“We could get the key?’”

“No I’m okay. Just I never let some one tie me up before.”

“This looks a bit more complicated than cowboys and Indians.”

“I just a different feeling. I can't really put it into words.”

Benson returned with a tray. ”Here we are. You feeling alright Ms. Venture.”

“A little odd.”

“It is for a first timer. You know you are dependant on some one. You let go and place your trust completely in the hands of another. All your emotions are a jumble. The body feeling the constriction. The human spirit of wanting to be free but knowing something may come of it. It is quite an emotional cocktail.”

He assisted in letting her sip water with a straw. “Now on the stage with you. And I'll finished putting on the rest of the outfit. Then I'll explain everything.”

With Willie’s help she was placed on the round stage. “Feet together on the bulls eye. Excellent. Now you are my Venus. You will be an attraction. Let me finish the outfit.”

He motion to the bag Willie had brought and brought his own bag with him up on stage. He fitted the head harness that framed her face and head. He brushed her hair softly. Almost a petting motion. She then allowed him to gag her.

Benson stepped back to admire his work. “Excellent. More than I could have imagined. You have earned your thousand dollars but I want to make a small wager.”

“What’s that.” asked Willie sipping his orange juice. Valerie was not able to speak. Or speak clearly.

“One hundred dollars for every hour she stays on that stage. Double or nothing every hour past that. So in three hours that would be four hundred dollars.”

“So the money doubles every hour?”

“Unless you want me to got ensure she can't leave the stage. Then I'll double that.”

“Wait. You will make sure she can't leave the stage and pay double.”

“My only caveat is I get to use my phone and add to her outfit..”

Willie looked at her. Valerie did the math. Two then four then eight. Eight hundred for standing in place for three hours. Sixteen if she made it to four. Valerie wondered about the phone. Was he going to take pictures?

What more could he do to her? She could hardly walk. Her arms where useless and she could barely mutter a word. What was left?

Her wedding dress and her perfect wedding seemed so much more tangible at that very moment. She nodded yes.

“You have deal.” Willie answered.


With their bag empty. Benson opened his and took a small chain. Kneeling. He connected the chain to one ankle then as she heard more than saw something metal being pulled through metal, like a chain through a loop. Then the other ankle was connected. A small step forward told her what she expected. She was hobbled and chained to the platform.

Now she could not leave.

But Benson was not done. He took a poles out of the bag and they snapped together. Then that pole was slipped into a concealed hole in the base of her stage.

Then straps went around her knees, waist, chest, and neck. She was staked out. Ready to be burned at the stake. So she could not move if she wanted to . She could raise a foot a little and nod her head a bit. Maybe mumble some unintelligible. But that seemed to be the range of her abilities. Then something with a box with wires came out of that bag. The box attached to her waist strap and had wires coming out.

Those wires attached to the button caps at her breasts. Bloody hell. What was that going to do?

Someone once said you can't read the fine print in a verbal contract. But now she made a deal with the devil. And the devil always cheats.

“I cannot put into words how I feel Ms Venture, Lets begin.”

He showed his phone and the timer on it had started.

“Now as you are. Guest can come and ogle you. But if they down load an app. They can do more than just watch. They can play with you. “


“You can guess your chastity belt does something. It has a gps tracker. That went on the moment it was inside you. I can track you anywhere on the globe. The heat of your body powers it. Endothermic reaction. Heat applied to two different metals causes a minor charge of voltage. So as along as your alive and kicking. I know where you are.”

“Bethany and I would play a kind of hi tech hide and go seek. Naturally I always found her,”

Great. He knew they were coming and could track their progress. So if they did chicken out before arriving he could find them. Which sounded very creepy.

“Another function of the belt it is a vibratory device. It is powered by the box though induction. Let me demonstrate. “

Valerie suspected it did something like that. It started at a low buzz. Then cycled up and down. Not having any sex for a year had made her wanting what it did more that she should have. Worse. Or better. Was she squirmed in her bondage trying to make it do what ever it was doing to hit the right spot. She was just starting to feel it when it stopped.

Not wanting to. She let out a little moan of disappointment.

“That was thirty seconds and it cost me fifty dollars. Now the fun part is that the human body can be like tuning fork. You just have to hit it right to get the right vibration. Often it is better to work slowly and see what your sweet spot is. Or hit the bulls eye as it where.”

Now she understood this game. Oh lord this was sick. He began to walk away and the stage turned and moved to follow him. She was strapped to a giant room sweeping robot!

“Now my guests are not allowed on stage but they can cart you around a little. For a small fee.”

She was not looking at Willie nor could she. The neck collar pretty much kept the head locked in a forward looking position.

She was a toy. A remote controlled sex object.

“WMMFPH” was all she could manage.

“Now the box does a bit more. I'll show you.”

Now little vibrations started on her breasts. Damm it. This thing was turning her on. But it stopped just as it was getting good.

“There is a two minute rest period. However if some wants to hit the bulls eye. They pay more for longer times. They can choose an automatic setting or try a manual setting. Some people act in teams or compete to see who they can get to your sweet spot the quickest. So in interest of charity act like you like it but try to throw them off if you do orgasm. These people are pros. They will know if you are lying.“

Good god. Tomorrow was going to be a blast or one continuous orgasmic bender. She did not even know she had a sweet spot. A bulls eye.

“New girls always get the most money. I have three others coming. One has done this before. None from the local area. I do have a porn star this year. Should be interesting to see how she holds up. You work in pairs. After three hours. You are done. We cart you away and another girl takes your place. The party starts at six and goes to midnight.”

Benson held up his phone. Forty minutes had past. It felt longer.

She started trying to keep her mind off the pain and ache of her bondage. She now understood why someone would do this. Or at least she thought she did.

Pain make the pleasure more pleasurable. The brain releases endorphins to counter the pain. But in the throws of an orgasm. That chemical stimulus is over dosing the body putting the brain in overdrive. Going from neutral to reverse. That was one thing. But going from reverse to drive. Was something else. The swing of emotion must help make every thing feel so good.

One hour had past. Standing with no other feeling that the dull ache of her body being held so rigidly. Shifting from side to side taking tiny steps back and forth. They all helped. Putting her mind someplace else helped too. Imagining herself as Joan of Ark did not help. Nor did being a witch at the Salem witch trials. But she was trying.

“Ninety minutes. Very good Ms. Venture. I thought you would not last the hour.”

Odd. Willie had not said a word. He did not even check on her. She could not see him. Benson had her turned away.

“You look so much like my wife. I would be hard pressed to not think of you as her. Her record was four hours. After that she was putty in my hands. But come morning I could tell she was supercharged. Very driven women. Family came first. She was my guiding star. Now I feel lost. “

Benson paused. What happen to Willie?

She watched him watching her. She was just standing there. Shifting about as best she was able. The dull ache was constant and mind numbing. She wanted it to stop or have him use his phone again.

“Two hours. Very good. Lets say I give you a little reward.”

Again he touched his phone and she felt the probe cycle and the things on her breast joined in the action. This time she moaned without wanting to. She then remembered to act like she liked it. It would encourage more people to use the app. But not to like it too much. Damm this thing was good. But she had been abstaining from any sexual stimulation for a year. So anything that got her off was good. She groaned and moaned. Stamped her feet a little as she was able. The straps kept her from leaving and falling over.

Then it stopped. No, It was just getting good. Really good.

“Like that? I could tell. But I want to make it last. Our marriage was special Even after our children we would have play time. Beth liked it when we play.”

He paused again reflecting on his words.

“This used to be a site for a silver mining camp. The caverns where so small that children where used to mine it. Many died in a cave in. That was a long time ago. Beth wanted to make this a happy place. A safe place. That why I made it look like a castle. A fortress to keep all the bad and evil things away. I was always her knight in shining armor. But I could not protect her outside of this place. She would always charge ahead of me for a good cause.”

Benson looked about. Valerie was getting concerned. That man was in worse pain than she was.

“Some times I hear the children. Their ghosts…”

Oh god this place is haunted. Lloyd Benson was hearing ghosts. But whose ghosts. The ones from long ago or his own children. She thought she heard a child laughing. This place must have been slowly driving him mad with the memories of his dead wife and children.

“mphileeee” she tried calling out for Willie but he did not answer. “MMMmillmmeeeee”

Valerie was really getting worried. Benson seemed to pace in front of her. Walking right at the stage edge.

“What made you be a dancer at a gentleman’s club. Dancing or was it the last option. Do you enjoy the attention?”

It was the only thing she could do. Well maybe not, but she wanted a some thrills. She knew she had the body and looks. Now being constrained and tied up as she was. Her body was getting mixed signals. Jobs where hard to come by and student loans where due. She never finished any of her courses. Three years and nothing to show for it. She wanted to be a model and get attention. A dancer. But she was either not good enough or just not at the right place at the right time. All her life she never committed to anything.

“He loves you. I saw the way he looks at you. I know his kind. Say the word and he would take a bullet for you. I know he is ex-army special forces. But what is holding him back. Or is it you…”

Special forces? Willie? That sounded awfully dangerous. But the bomb remark she had made seemed to have a more deeper connection. Was it her or him that was holding their relationship back from taking the final step. Willie loved her. She knew that.

Another long pause. Something was going on inside their host's head and she was not liking the direction this seemed to be heading.

“If you were mine. You would never want for anything. I would keep you safe from harm.”

He motioned and the platform turned one eighty. She saw Willie passed out. The orange juice on the floor. Oh god. He spiked his drink.

That dark chill of fear swelled up inside her. She was now at Lloyd's mercy.

That platform turned back to Lloyd.

“There you are. Just standing there. I could keep you like this for ever. Just Standing. Standing forever. My Venus. I would never let any one hurt you again. But I will give you choice. Him or me.’

He showed his phone with a red button displayed on its screen. “Say you will be mine and I press this button. You will be in a state of sexual bliss for as long as you are with me. Or stay with him and be a common dancer. To stay with him. Just stamp you feet once. To stay with me. Twice. I'll give you thirty seconds.”

He looked at his watch. The clock was ticking. What was her choice? Oh god in heaven help her. She was actually thinking about staying with Lloyd.

No. Willie was there for her any time things got tough. But Lloyd had money. He could do things to her that she had not felt in a year. She tried to turn her head to look at Willie one more time but could not. She needed for the first time in her life make a commitment and stay with it. Valerie choice became clear. It took a gun to her head to make it . She stamped her foot once. She made sure she did not accidentally do it twice.

“Very well.”

He motioned and again the platform turned back toward Willie. But this time Willie was on bended knee holding a ring.

“Valerie MacKinnon.” he said. “Will you marry me?”

Valerie head was resting on Willie chest. The gag was removed and she was in her bedroom on her bed. She still was in the arm binder, boots with the hobble. The head harness was still on. Willie was slowly petting her head with one hand and the other was behind his head. Valerie squirmed a little in her bondage but she was starting to settle into it. Her eyes staring at the ring in the open box on his stomach.


“Yes. I just can't believe you did all this.”

“Well you wanted adventure.”

“Not like this… well maybe a little.”

“Yeah ,well I apologize.”

“No. I love you but I made myself a promise.”

“Oh what is that?

“That any promise I make. I keep. Which is maybe why I don’t try and make very many.”

“So you still want to marry me.”

“Oh yes. I want to get even with you some how and marrying you is the best way I can think of.”

“I look forward it.”

Valerie paused in inhaling as best she was able with the corset on. Then letting out a deep sigh.

“Mrs. Valerie….What is your last name. I forgot. Everybody kept calling you Willie so often I thought I heard it.”

“I thought you knew. You been saying my whole name since we met.”


“William Lea. Like in Tea but with a ‘L’. You botched it up and everyone at the club just called me Will or William. But Willie caught on and the name stuck.”

“You're kidding?” She tried to look at him but the neck corset pushed her head back down.


“Mrs. William Lea. Sounds nice. I like it. “ She wiggled some more bringing her booted feet to her bound arms. She tried to roll on top of him but failed.

“For some who is supposed to bound and held immobile. You do squirm around a lot.”

“I like the squirming. “

“I think you're trying to get that thing inside you to go off.”

“Well that too.”

“I could get Lloyd's phone.”

“It will cost you.

“Worth it.” he retorted

She smiled and tried to kiss him but the damm neck thing snapped her head back again. Valerie shifted around again. Rubbing against Willie's side trying to make to probe inside her move. God was she this horny or was she becoming a freak.

“Hey wiggle worm. I better unlock you. We do have a dinner to go to.”

“But Lloyd has the key.”

“Nope I do. Had it since you got the outfit. Just incase you did something stupid.”

“What? You stinker. Oh you are so going to get it!”

He rolled her over to unlock the collar first but she wiggled away. Valerie had a bolt of insight. She wanted to know something. Plus she was starting to like it.

“Wait. Before you free me. I want to free you!”

“Excuse me?”

“When I mention I might have a bomb inside me. You completely freaked. Was that an act?”


“Tell me”

She thought that in her bound state she might be able to play on his sympathies a little and get him to open up to her.

Will got out of bed. Put the ring on the night stand. Then stood up. He paced a bit. Valerie shifted about to see him at the foot of the bed collecting his thoughts.

“I was on my first rotation. I finished special force training and was assigned babysitter duty. It was Lloyd and his family. Beth was doing a tour of local shelters and handing out aid packets. She had her two kids with her. She wanted them to appreciate the things they had. This was an object lesson for their children. So on our last stop I see a kid hanging back with a back pack on. He has a padded jacket on and keeps one hand in his pocket.”

“I was about to let some one know about this when he comes running right at us. His hand had something in it. The next thing I know. I blew a hole in his head. We bugged out before any more suicide bombers showed up.”

“You saved their lives?”

“Yeah but I could not get the image out of my head. I shot a kid. Barely in his teens. I mean who would do that to a kid. Worse it messed me up in the head. I did not reenlist when my hitch was up, I came home to find my girlfriend had been two timing me. With my best friend. I lost it. I just walked out the door and kept walking.”

“I bummed around for a year when Lloyd's people tracked me down. They found me through my dad. I kept in touch but going home was just too painful. I had enough common sense not to crawl into a bottle or drugs. My problem was I did not know what to do. I was a lost soul. Lloyd set me up here and I got my head straight. I got the fitness job and took the bouncer job for some extra cash. I then enlisted in the air national guard here. I am leaning to be a cook.”

“A cook. You?”

“Hey. I have been to your apartment. If it does not have microwave directions. You're lost.”

Valerie wiggled some more in her bondage trying to get that probe to the right spot. No luck. She relented to her failure and focused back on Willie. “This guard thing. How long have you been doing this.”

“Just before you showed up. I work the rotations with Henry. I keep it quiet because I don’t want to be treated as a hero.”

“But you are.”

“I don’t feel like one. The heroes I know are dead.”

A somber mood washed over him. Valerie thought it was odd. Willie was the one who was in bondage. The kind of mental straight jacket she could not imagine. What it would be like to take a life. She hoped she would never know.

“Any other skeletons in your closet .”

“That’s about it.”

“So why do all this? It was a lot of work to get you to propose.”

“It was a lot of work to see if you would accept. To be honest I was afraid you would say no. After Annie burned me with my best friend. I was a little gun shy. I had to know you loved me. Really loved me.. I was willing to sacrifice everything for you and I had to know the person I was going to marry was willing to do the same for me.”

Valerie rotated her shoulders to work a cramp out. “I was not sure until Benson put the question to me… Wait a minute… Did Bensons wife die when you shot the kid.”


“That means their still alive?”

“Yep. Beth was the one who set this all up. The kids are at their grandmothers in Boulder. She has a wicked sense of humor and scripted the whole thing out. Her main influence was Steven Kings ‘Shining‘. She was talking to Lloyd in a ear peace. Coaching him. She was in the guest house where the security station is. She was watching you the whole time. By the way. You two do look alike. I think that was got her started on this.”

Valerie lay on her side digesting all of this. It was a very elaborate trick and in the end. Worth it. Marrying Willie would be an adventure. That was for sure.

“Now can I unlock you?”

“Not for awhile I am starting to like this.”

“You're kidding.”

“No. I feel safe. Its weird I know, But I feel protected. Beside you been denying me for a year. With this thing on. I am pretty sure you can't ravish me.”

“I never ravished any one before and I am pretty sure I can come up with something until our wedding.”

“Okay. So should we set a date?”

“Two days from now. As the sun sets.”

“No. I want to have a good wedding. I wanted to be married in the spring. I have everything planned out.”

Valerie tried to sit up but failed. She squirmed around and found that one heel of her shoe had poked through the d-ring at the end of her arm binder. It was stuck on the heel. Now she was in worse shape. She was essentially hogtied.

“I got it all figured out. In two days it will be the vernal equinox. The first day of spring.”

Still trying to get the d-ring off the shoe. “But my dress. The flowers. The food.“

“I got some thing to show you. Come here.”

“I can't. I’m stuck. Help.”

“Mrs. Valerie Lea. What am I going to do with such a wiggle worm.”

Willie dragged her to the edge of the bed unhooked her shoe from the d-ring. Then scooped her up.

“Carrying me across the threshold already?”

“Practice.” he said and walked thought the adjoining bathroom. She sat her down at the edge of his bed facing a large closet. Valerie must thought a really big TV was inside but when he open the doors. She saw a manikin wearing her dress. Her wedding dress. It was perfect in every detail.

“NO. You didn’t.” She jumped up so quick she forgot the boots and hobble chain where still on her. She toppled over only to be caught by Willie before hitting the floor.

Willie stood her up and steadied her. “My size. How…”

“The girls at the club. They knew your size. Ever wonder how that outfit you're wearing now fit so well. It was a test to see if we had the right size shoes. Waist. Body measurements.”

“You sneaky.. But my book! I did not bring my book!”

“Well getting it away from you was a the hardest part. So while you where on stage. Patty ran to a copy store and we made copies. Every time we saw you fiddling or updating it. We had to update it by stealing it and make sure you where occupied. Joan made sure you got an extra private dance so to keep you busy. Buying us time “

He opened a desk drawer and produced a large stack of papers. “It's up to date as of three days ago.”

Valerie was starting to cry. She waddle next to the dress but kept a small distance away fearing she would stain it with her tears.

“Wait… Isn’t it bad luck for a groom to see her wife before the wedding in her wedding dress.”

“Well you're not IN you wedding dress. So I think that does not count.”

“You… You…Oh this so… How are we going to pay for it?”

“Well, you're not dancing anymore. No wife of mine is going to be shaking her booty at strange men anymore. Your going back to finish collage in the fall.”

“So you got three jobs. Will that be enough for this and student loans.”

“Nope. I going to quit working at the club and fitness center.”

“So this air guard thing is the only paycheck we will have?”

“Well in two weeks I start my new job.”

“What new job.”

“Head of security for Lloyd Benson. Mostly I become a care taker here at Icewind. Six month out of the year during the off seasons. We have full access to the guest house.”

“You mean we live here?”

“Yep. From mid March to August. Longer if we need to. The weddings already paid for. I promised I'd pay Lloyd back. ”

“But wait about this charity thing Benson has for tomorrow.”

“That was last week. Oh. If you don’t mind if the girls from the club show up at the wedding. They promised to be on their best behavior. And would it be okay if Benson's children be a flower girl and ring bearer. You did not have names listed.”

“Yes. And most defiantly yes. Now get me out of this thing.”


Tonight’s dinner was a black tie. Again another closet had formal wear for her and Willie. She had on a elegant black dress. Willie looked like James Bond in a tux. The current one. God she never knew how good he could look in a tux. If he said Monypenny in a British accent she would jump him right now.

Dinner was a surprise too. All her friends and family where there. They had been hiding in the west wing. They did not know about her bondage affair and only knew some elaborate joke had been played on her. Then Willie proposed.

She met Bethany Benson. They did look a great deal alike. Beth may have had a inch or two on her more then Valerie. But nearly the same. There was an exchange of knowing looks and hugging. A kinship had been formed.

“That sound effect you had of the children laughing in the halls was a nice touch.” said Valerie

“I did no sound effects.” answered Bethany.

“Come on.”

“No really. I swear. My children are with their gran in Boulder They are due here tomorrow.”

“Then what about that story of children dying in a mine cave in.”

“That is true. The used to be an orphanage a long time ago. Then it was also a spa that sold mineral water. Then a hospital for the insane and criminal. Then we took it over and remodeled it into this manor house.”

“You mean that story is true.?”

“Yes. This place is haunted. Or so the story goes.”

Valerie stared at Beth wide eyed. Beth smiled a little it was hard to say if she was kidding or not. Willie was right. She did have a wicked sense of humor.

The evening went on and it could not been more perfect. The food was everything she could imagine. The night passed so quickly and she was so giddy. That she thought she never go to sleep when it all ended.

Tomorrow every thing was going to be in full wedding mode. An army of caterers and designer where already being trucked or flown in.

One assessory she kept on was the chastity belt. She wanted to tease Will a bit and felt some how until after the wedding. She would be his. For only Willie’s key could unlock the chain not only to her sex. But to her heart.


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