Stallions in the Corral

by Techster+Techie

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© Copyright 2002 - Techster+Techie - Used by permission

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Several weeks ago when my husband of 30 + years, Techster and his best friend, Jerry, gave Jerry's wife, Jenine and I a chance to be ponygirls for a day I promised him that I would find a way for him to be my ponyboy. The perfect opportunity appeared about a month later when Jerry and Jenine invited us go 'Natural camping' with them on a remote part of their 700 acre ranch. The area where we would go camping was heavily wooded with no apparent path to the 2-acre clearing that we would use as a campsite. Techster was excited about his being a pony, his first remark when I told him was, "I enjoyed working you as a ponygirl, now it is your turn. I'll be your ponyboy."

I planned to use him as my draft ponyboy. I would use one of several old rock climbing harness that I had purchased at a yard sale (with something kinky in mind). I had the local shoe repair stitch a wide workbelt to the back and sides as his draft tack. This would be where the ropes that were used for pulling a load or a cart would be attached. I also had the shoe repair stitch a pair of locking wrist cuffs to each side of the draft belt. Next I took a pair of his old workboots, took out the removable inner sole and pop riveted a medium sized pony shoe on each foot. To give him more pulling power I made a wooden 3-inch tall heel and using industrial marine epoxy bonded the heels to each boot.

Back at home I cut the lower or seat straps short and using my own sewing machine stitched a piece of seatbelt webbing an adjusting buckle onto the harness. Then I riveted a large steel ring on the end that was to go through the buckle. Techster's cock and balls were to go through the ring. I bent the seat straps in the back of the harness over and riveted the rings of two small chain dog collars onto the straps. These chains would go through the ring that held his cock and balls and keeps the harness from riding up. They would also permit him to answer the "call of nature" with no problems. I modified a training gag with a piece of dowel as a bit. I went into our "toy box" and got out a pair of locking leather ankle cuffs along with 8 keyed-alike small padlocks.

Jenine called to confirm our arrival time and told her of my plans. "That's great! I'll make a set of gear for Jerry. We need to use the horses to widen and clear the path to the pond." I said as I planned, "What we really need is a corral."

Jenine perked and offered, "Let's make an electronic corral. I've got one of the electronic fences we were going to use to control Jerry's brother's Rotweillers. We never used it. It runs on a battery and has 2 heavy duty shockers that go off when one gets too close to the electronic fence."

I listened eagerly: the electronic fence idea seemed like the best way to control our ponies. "How big are the shockers?"

"They measure 2-inches by 2-inches by 1 inch thick. They use a small 6-volt camera battery. If they'll stop a pissed off Rotweiller I feel certain they'll stop a ponyboy." Jenine explained. "I think I'll modify a ball stretcher to hold the shocker. That should result in maximum control!" she laughed.

"Can you make one for Techster?" I pleaded.

"Of course, see you Friday night." Jenine said as she hung up. I quickly finished the work on Techster's tack and neatly packaged everything inside the bags that held our sleeping bag and tent.

At lunch on Thursday I went to a shop that catered to "horsey" clients and bought a set of new leather reins, a small riding crop and a buggy whip with a long handle. I wanted the ponyboy games to be a complete surprise so I hid the crop and the whip in the bag that held the poles and stakes for our tent. I also hid a small toy bag in the watertight container that held the dry food and spices. This bag contained a small vibrator, a butt plug type pony tail and a clit clip with long small silver chains and crystal jewels on it. Being that Techster was going to spend a weekend in harness (nude) I added a bottle of spf 45 lotion.

Lastly (after packing supplies and food) I had Techster get his axe, hatchet, machete, small chainsaw and a gallon of fuel."I gather we're going to do a major project at the campsite?" He asked.

"Yep, we're finally going to clear a path to the little spring fed pond near the campsite." I explained, continuing, "The woods are so dense Jenine and I thought we might have you and Jerry clear out a sunbathing spot for us."

"Sounds great!" Techster agreed with visions of two nude women sunbathing in the middle of the woods.

Techster was so eager he had the car loaded before I got home from work. "Everything is here, saw, axe, hatchet, machette and fuel. The food is iced down. The tent, poles, sleeping bag and clothes are on board. What a load! We're going to need a draft horse to pull this stuff the mile through the woods."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was going to be the "draft pony".

When we reached the farm Techster took our 4-wheel drive car as far into the woods as he dared. "Now all we have to do is to wait for Jenine and Jerry and the horse."

"This weekend you and Jerry are the ponies!" I announced.

"Well, I enjoyed you as a ponygirl I hope you have as much fun." he agreed and asked, "OK, let's beat them to the campsite, where is my gear?"

"You loaded it into the car." I explained, "Your pony boots are inside the sleeping bag, your pony draft harness and bridle are rolled up inside the tent and your inspiration is in among the tent poles."


"Yep, the whip and riding crop. To help you find that extra strength, just like you did to a certain ponygirl when she was struggling getting the cart up a hill." I explained.

Techster began disrobing quickly shed his shirt, shorts and sandals. "Shall I make a travois or do we have a cart?"

"Travois?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know two poles with crossbraces that the load was placed on. Dogs, people and horse used to pull them for the plains Indians."

"We don't have a cart so it will have to be a travois." I agreed. "How fast can we make one?"

"It will take both of us working together about 5 minutes." Techster explained, "I'd love to beat Jerry and Jenine to the campsite. For a change."

Techster seized the axe and quickly cut 2 X 10-foot long saplings and several smaller trees. Using the machette he removed all of the smaller limbs and laid everything out in front of me. He tossed me a coil of small nylon rope. "Here tie everything together so it forms sort of a triangle and the narrow ends are this far apart."

He turned his back to me and put both of the ends by his waist. I tied a short piece of the rope around the top and bottom crossbars to keep everything in place. Then I dug through our tent and sleeping bag and got out his harness and boots. I passed Techster a pair of thick hiking boot socks, "Here, you'll need these."

He quickly put the socks on his feet as I passed him the boots. Techster looked at the boots each with a pony shoe and the tall heel and remarked, "Great Job I'll pull better with these on." He slid on the boots and laced them up with a smile.

"Next." I said as I held up the harness.

Techster slid on the harness and dropped his wrists. He stood there submissively as I buckled and locked his wrists by his side. Then I slid the ring over his balls, cock, tightened and locked the butt chains. Finally I put the bit in his mouth, buckled the bridle took the reins and gave him a playful swat on the butt.

"Back up so I can fasten and load the travois."

I tied the upper end of the travois to the "D" rings on his draft belt. To stiffen the rig up I added 4 more cross-braces, laid a 3 foot square piece of plywood over the assembly, then a thick piece of canvass. I stacked the cooler, chainsaw, fuel, tent, ground cloth, cooking utensils and tied everything down under a thick blanket.

I took the buggy whip and reins in hand and ordered, "Ok my ponyboy, pull, on to the campsite."

The load was probably about 250 pounds (120 kg) and Techster had trouble getting the load moving.

"Inspiration time" I shouted as I crossed his back and butt with sharp stings of the buggy whip. Being duly "inspired" Techster found the strength and with a lot of effort got the load moving.

"Faster, faster!" I ordered following the orders with lashes of the whip. Sweat rolled down Techster's body as he dragged the load forward breaking small brush and saplings as he went.

After about 30 minutes we arrived in camp. I took a small piece of the nylon rope and tied a hangman's noose. I slid the noose over his balls, tightened the loop and tied it to a nearby tree. "After all I don't want my prize stallion wandering off while I set up camp." I laid the ground cloth and set the tent up, then set up the cook gear on our folding camp table and lit the campfire. The petrol fired camp lantern was pumped and lit. It illuminated a 50 foot circle when hung on the lower limb of a sapling.

* * *

It was nearly dark when Jerry and Jenine made it to camp. Jerry was nude and wearing a harness. The big difference in the harness was that Jerry's hands were cuffed in front of him with a small chain locked around his balls and cock whereas Techster's hands were in leather locking wrist cuffs by his side. Jerry was pulling a modified garden cart with large wheels. The cart was pulled by long poles made from pipes. These pipes were attached where the handle was originally located.

Jenine passed me the other ball stretcher and a remote control unit that looked like a garage door opener. I removed the rope around Techster's balls and promptly buckled and locked the stretcher on Techster. I tied the line to it and noted the small leather box at the bottom of his balls. "The shocker I presume." I asked.

"Yes, the hand control has several settings the red button will stop anything cold in its tracks, while the green button stings and the yellow button is just a buzz. Let's set up the fenceless corral while dinner warms." Jenine said as she set a tripod and slung the stew pot over the fire and unhitched the cart.

With our ponies watching silently as we paced out a circle, laid the wire, set up the battery and mounted the control box on a nearby tree. "Time to put our ponies in the corral." I ordered as I unhitched the travois from Techster's draft harness, took the reins, gave him a slap on the bare butt and using the reins guided him into the corral. Jerry was herded into the corral.

"Time to energize!" Jenine laughed as she removed the magnetic keys that controlled the shockers. Next we removed the bridles from our ponies' heads and hung them on a tree. She flipped on the switch to the electronic corral.

"Now ponies you are wearing the heavy duty shockers that were designed to keep Rottweillers inside an electronic fence. If you get too close to the fence you will hear one beep then you will be shocked, the shockers are set on the heaviest setting so please don't test them. You are being hobbled to eliminate the opportunity for a fast break." Jenine explained as we both locked the ankle cuffs in place and locked their D rings together with a small piece of chain. "Now you are limited to about a 6 inch step."

"Here is your water." Jenine offered as she set up a folding camp table in the middle of the corral. Techster was very thirsty and knelt to drink. Jerry nervously paced around, "Jenine said if I could get out of the corral she would be my slave. I'm going to make a break for it." Jerry trotted toward the perimeter as fast as his hobbles would let him. We all heard the beep and watched him fall to the ground, thrash around and pee all over himself as the shocker disciplined him. Jenine shut off the fence, took my whip and laid a series of savage blows across his back and butt. "That is what you get for disobeying my orders."

She helped him to his feet walked him out to the center of the corral and then stepped back and switched on the fence.

"How was it?" Techster inquired.

"That damned thing could stop a charging bull elephant. For heaven's sake don't test it."

"Congrats old boy, you've just been milked!" Techster exclaimed as he noted the white fluid dribbling from Jerry's cock. "Let me have a look at your harness." Techster said as he knelt down.

"She's got you set up right for electro-ejaculation." Techster remarked as he explained. "Your balls might be the ground, but there is a large brass rivet located on the leather straps of your harness about an inch before your asshole. It has a wire going to it from the control box."

"Dinnertime, come here ponies and be fed." Jenine called.

Obediently Jerry and Techster trotted over to the edge of the corral nearest the campsite and waited. Techie turned off the fence. "Stay ponies, " The women ordered as they clipped leashes to the ball stretchers. The ponies, still hobbled followed as best they could. Jenine and I fed our ponies and gave them sips of beer to quench their thirst. When dinner was finished we clipped the leashes around a small tree and left the pony boys to talk while we prepared for sleep.

I was the first to answer the question, "Where does a pony sleep?" When I exclaimed to Jenine, "I'm tired, I think I'll curl up with a warm pony and go to sleep." I unhooked Techster's leash and led him to our tent. I released his hobbles so he could kneel and go inside. Then I opened the sleeping bag and said, "OK my favorite ponyboy, lie down there." I zipped up the tent door, disrobed, lay alongside Techster and pulled the blanket. Of course I did kiss my pony goodnight. Techster said quietly, "This is the hard part, I can feel your warm, naked body alongside me but I can't do a thing about it."

"Go to sleep now." I agreed patting his hard cock, "If you are a good pony boy I'll offer you some relief in the morning."

* * *

In the morning when I awoke I discovered Techster waiting for me with a broad smile on his face and his erection like a large tent pole holding up the blanket. I mounted him and gave us both a good ride. After the ride I helped my pony boy to his feet and led him down to the cool spring fed pond near the campsite. I washed us both then we sauntered back to the camp for breakfast. My pony was acting very frisky nibbling at my ears and neck and rubbing my butt, backs and legs with his head so I put him in the corral and switched the fence on. I stoked up the fire unfolded the cooking grate and soon the aroma of bacon and sausages was heavy in the cool morning air.

After a heavy rustling in their tent Jenine led her pony to the pond for their morning bath. By the time they returned I had breakfast ready.We sat and ate while feeding our ponies. After breakfast Jenine and I dressed out in our work clothes, long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, a wide brimmed western hat and tall leather boots. Jenine and I would be cutting and clearing the brush and trees to make a wide clear path to the spring-fed pond near the campsite. I put the sun tan lotion on Techster, being extra careful to cover his cock, shoulders and butt. I put the gag-bridle on my Techster pony and tied the reins off to a tree.

I fired up the chainsaw and cut a small tree down. Then I cut it in half and using the nylon rope lashed the piece horizontally between 2 trees at about 4 feet off the ground.

"What's that for?" Jenine asked.

"Hitching post." I explained as I led Techster over to it. I tied a short piece of the line to the hitching post, had my stallion pony, Techster, bend over with his neck against the rail, wrapped three turns around his neck and tied the remaining end off to the rail.

"I like him that way." I said as I laid the crop across his butt. "It shows off his cute ass and exposes him for what torment I may offer."

I grabbed the chainsaw and began cutting trees.

Jenine tied her pony to the hitching post, grabbed the axe and machette. In a few minutes she joined me clearing brush and limbing the fallen trees between our campsite and the pond. After about an hour I began tying the tree trunks and small brush into separate bundles. I said to Jenine, "Its time to put our ponies to work. Let me put on the proper gear. You know the sexy Dom look." I undressed, except for the boots, put on sunscreen and slid my favorite clit clip in place. Jenine took time to admire the crystals and the way they sparkled. Soon she undressed too the reins and put Jerry to work

The ponies perked up as we approached, "OK boys, time to get to work."

I put a white hat with on Techster to keep his balding head from getting sunburned. Jenine unhitched Jerry and led him to a medium sized bundle of brush, while I led Techster to a large tree trunk. He took one look at it and shook his head, "NO!" I picked up the buggy whip and the riding crop, snapped the crop across his butt and said, "Oh Yes!"

Techster nodded Yes and turned around so I could attach his harness to the tree trunk.

I straddled the tree trunk, wiggled his reins, popped him on the back with the whip and he struggled to move the heavy burden. It took him several tries to get the heavy load moving so I gave him some inspiration with the whip. Soon the heavy tree trunk was sliding along up the trial to the campsite. Techster in spite of his 60 plus years and slight senior tummy looked like a young stud sweating and puffing as he strained to keep the load moving. The muscles on his legs and back stood out as his sweaty back glistened in the morning sun.

When we reached the campsite I unhitched him and led him back for another load. Jerry was still struggling with the small brush bundle. I hitched Techster up to the largest bundle of brush and said, "You will beat them to the campsite." I jiggled his reins, and with multiple snaps of the buggy whip inspired him to get the load moving and pass Jenine and Jerry as they struggled up the trail. As we passed them I could hear two things, First, was Techster laughing to himself as the 60 year old pony passed the 30 year athletic pony. The second thing I heard was Jenine's whip snap again and again as she gave Jerry even more "inspiration". Techster must have decided to make it a contest. As soon as I unhitched the large bundle of brush from his draft lines he turned and was heading back for another load.

We trotted down the hill and before Jerry and Jenine reached the drop off area near the campsite we were on the way up the hill with a section of a large tree that must have weighed 300 pounds. Techster had figured how to use his superior weight to get the load moving. He would back up until the draft lines were loose then lunge forward with a snap and keep going until he got to the drop off place. I know Techster was enjoying playing draft pony and I think he has hit that "subspace" endorphin high where he was actually enjoying the slap of the whip across his back and butt.

We must record the "battle of the ponies" I thought as I dragged the camcorder out of the tent and set it up on camp table under a pack of dishes so no one would notice it. I locked the record button, picked up the whip and "encouraged" my pony to go back for another load. At the brush pile I hooked my Techster pony up to another tree trunk. A snap of the whip hit Techster's butt and we were off again. Techster charged forward and snapped the large tree trunk into movement. His boots churned up the packed earth as he strained forward. As we went up the hill on our third load we passed Jenine and her pony who were returning from their first load. I could hear Jenine getting frustrated with her pony's performance. She expressed her displeasure with a crack from the spring steel reinforced leather tawse she had against Jerry's red butt. The slip knots were loosed and Techster was freed to pick up another load.

When we returned to the loading zone I used the reins and steered Techster into the pond. I rubbed in and rubbed his head and legs with the cool water. He bent over and took a long drink in spite of his gag/bridle. Refreshed he charged out of the water and up the slope. He waited patiently as I hooked up another load. The whip stung his ass. He charged up the hill pulling a load that was larger than any before. By the time he reached the campsite he looked back at the large log and smiled. I was enjoying my "Dom" outfit and was getting horny as the movements of the chains and jewels that were attached to the clit clip were teasing me with every step.

The brush pile was down to only 1 very large bundle of branches. Techster trotted to it and waited to be hooked up, with a snap of the whip he was off. In just a few minutes we reached the top of the trail. "OK my ponyboy, the job is done time to remove your harness." I said as I got two pairs of handcuffs out of the tent. I unlocked his hands and allowed him to stretch while I unlocked, slid the straps out of the steel ring around his balls-cock and removed his harness. Then I ordered, "Hands in front." Techster stood there as first I cuffed his hands together, palms out and then snapped the other cuff set around his anatomy between his cock/balls and his body the I locked the remaining cuff to the chain between the pair of cuffs that were locked around his wrists. Lastly I pushed the safety pins on the cuffs around his wrists and cock and removed his head piece and bridle/gag.

I covered his back with 15 sunscreen and using the leash that was still attached to the ball stretcher led him over to the hitching post. He bent over as I took a short piece of rope and draped it over his neck. I walked around in front of him took the rope ends under the bar and tied them behind his head. Finally before I walked off I locked his ankle hobbles together.

"Comfy?" I said as I leaned over to kiss him and play with his cock.

* * *

Jenine brought her Jerry pony over to a tree in front of the hitching post. She released the handcuffs he was wearing and removed the upper half of his harness. She had him reach up around a large tree and snapped the cuffs shut over a branch so he could not slide down or sit down. Next she locked his ankle hobbles together and tied a line around each knee forcing him to squat slightly as his knees were pulled to either side as she tightened the rope. "I have a surprise for you!" she exclaimed as she held up the branding iron. "But first let me prepare you." With that she began stroking his already butt with the tawse. I could see him tighten with every slap. His tight ass was now a bright red.

Jenine walked over to a pot that was on the cooking grid and removed the iron. "Ready?"

Jerry shook his head, "NO!"

Jenine pushed the hot iron against Jerry's right butt and held it there for a while. Jerry's tried to shout, but with his gag it was just a mumble. When she pulled back the bright red brand was obvious. She held up the brand registry for him to see. "Now you are my livestock!"

Jerry's gag was removed and Jenine rewarded him with a kiss.

Jerry was strangely quiet as his wrists were released, his knees were untied, his hobble unlocked and his hands cuffed behind his back. He was led onto the electronic corral. Techster was unhitched from the hitching rail and led into the corral.

When they were left alone in the corral he shared his thoughts with Techster, "Why does this brand make me feel like such a whimp?"

"My brand was part of a personal fantasy of mine and hers was part of her fantasy, so I love my brand" Techster later said he explained. "Don't wear that brand as a submissive thing, wear it as a mark of love. She loves me and to prove it she placed her brand on me so there could never be any mistake."

The ponies stood there chatting while Jenine and I laid out two blankets, "OK my pony, time to take a nap." I was horny as hell and wanted his arms around me and him licking my clit and his big member inside me. I removed his handcuffs and placed them outside of the corral. I lay down on the blanket and started teasing him. Techster rolled over and made me remember why playing adult games can be so rewarding. We both came together then curled up in the warm sun.

I awoke when the first chill of the evening hit me as the sun went down behind the tree line. Techster obviously tired from the day's labors was still fast asleep. Over on the other side of the Jenine and Jerry lay sleeping. I went over and turned on the electronic fence put on slacks, a shirt and started the fire for dinner. Soon everyone was awakened by the aroma of steaks sizzling over the fire. Techster got up and started to walk towards me. He looked at the control box, saw the red light that indicated the fence was "live" and stopped.

"May we come out?"

"Not, unless you put these on and remove your boots." I said as tossed him a pair of handcuffs and a leash.

Techster put the leather handle in his mouth, clipped the leash to his ball stretcher, removed his boots and socks and handcuffed his wrists behind his back.

I shut off the corral fence, took the leash and led Techster back over to the campsite. I tied the handle of the leash around a small tree and had him sit while I fed him dinner. "Eat hearty. Tomorrow you will have to work again."

Jerry heard what I said, looked at Jenine and pleaded, "Oh no! Don't tell me I have to be your pony again?"

Jenine smiled and said, "Yes tomorrow Techie and I want to go riding. You and Techster will be our mounts."

Techster and Jerry just looked at each other with disbelief. Jenine got up and put on just a shirt. It was a somewhat short western type shirt and the cutouts on the side just revealed her brand. "Jerry, that will remind you that I do know what it feels like to be branded. I wear your brand with pride and love."

The women fed the ponies their steaks, salads and some beer. After dinner both ponies were placed in the corral as Jenine and I tidied up the campsite. I shut off the corral fence and led Techster out. I unclipped the leash from his ball spreader and locked it in place. I had Techster kneel and I unlocked the handcuffs and locked the leash closely around my ankle so that in order to go with me Techster had to crawl alongside my foot. He could not stand up without tugging on his balls.

"Good night all, its been a long day, Techster and I are going to sleep." I said, " OK, love, go to the tent."

Techster crawled quickly into the tent. I lay down on the sleeping bag, had him roll over so he would sleep between my legs with my sex as his pillow. "I want to be licked."

Techster quickly discovered that I was still wearing the "Clit Clip" which exposed my clitoris. In no time his tongue was blasting me through orgasm after orgasm. I covered us both with the blanket and went to sleep.

* * *

The morning sun awoke me (as did Techster's movements). Techster was given the key to the leash and moved up so we were face to face. He looked at me and said, "You would not believe the dreams I had last night. I had to sleep with the perfume of your sex. I am horny as all hell!"

Smiling I felt my wet clit and said, "I woke up horny I suspect someone was tongue tickling my clit all night. Don't just lie there; climb up and lets start the day off with a good ride." Techster spent the next 1/2 hour making certain that I really wanted sex before he mounted me and worked his way slowly to a climax.

As we exited the tent I passed Techster his hiking socks, boots, and harness. He quickly put it on the socks and boots then slid on his harness. It took him a while to hook up the straps that went to the ring was trapped around his balls and cock because the ball stretcher/shocker would not let it pass. When he had his harness adjusted so it was comfortable he dropped his wrists and I locked them in place. I gave him a sip of coffee and some bananas for breakfast before hitching up the travois. I rolled up the sleeping bag and made a seat cushion out of it. I tied the cushion to the travois. Techster's bit and bridle were installed and the cap put on his head. "Ready for a trail ride? Do you like my Western Dom outfit?" [ I was only wearing my boots, a large brown western type hat and of course the clit clip.]

He nodded "Yes."

I sat on the seat with the riding crop in one hand and the reins and the reins in the other, popped him with the crop and we were off. I steered him on the path around the pond which was about 2 kilometers and then back to the camp. Jenine was hitching up Jerry as we arrived. I opened our cooler, removed a bottle of sports drink, put a straw in it and slid it past his bit, "Drink up, it's going to be a long day!"

I was thinking of an easy way to keep my ponyboy from running off when I dismounted. Finally the idea came to me. I tied a noose, slid it above the ball stretcher and tightened it just enough so it wouldn't slide off. I led the line back to the travois seat. "Spread your legs!" I ordered with a snap of the crop on his tender ass. When he spread his legs I pulled the line tight pulling his balls between his legs. This way he could not run without hurting himself.

"Parking brake." I explained to Jenine who quickly duplicated it on Jerry.

Jenine pointed to a bright blue ribbon on a tree. "I planned for this during the week and marked the race trail."

I whispered in Techster's ear, "We can beat them on the trail. Jenine is riding the cart, which because it's seating is higher than the travois. That should make the cart tend to tip over. My seat on the travois is lower, more stable. We'll let them lead, and pass them on the part of the trail that runs along the slope near the pond."

Jenine drew a line with a stick on the trail leading to the pond. "Ponies ready?" Techster and Jerry pulled up to the line. Techster dug his boots in and leaned forward. "GO!" Jenine shouted as she laid the flat tawse across Jerry's freshly branded ass. Techster pulled and then held back so Jerry could take the lead. Jerry held the lead for the first kilometer, then as I predicted the cart kept tipping over. This forced Jenine had to lean over one side on the slope and slow down. Inspired by the crop popping on his ass, Techster used this opportunity to pass them by charging through some short brush.

"Faster, open a comfortable lead so we can rest and wait for them!" I shouted.

My Techster pony sprinted down the trail and soon Jerry and Jenine were out of sight. I stopped him, got off the seat, tightened and tied off the "parking brake." Techster stood there with is legs spread as I caressed, fiddled with his cock and nipples I gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Good job pony. I'll have a special treat for you when we finish."

Several minutes we heard Jerry and Jenine approaching, we didn't hear their voices, we heard the popping of Jenine slapping Jerry's butt to urge him on. "Be a good pony and let them pass. We'll pass them later just before the campsite." I ordered as I loosened the parking brake rope. Techster nodded in agreement.

As Jerry and Jenine passed us we could see Jenine was quite competitive and Jerry's ass was bright red. Techster fell in behind them and trotted along looking for an opening to pass on the narrow trail. After about a kilometer we broke into a clearing that was covered by a short grass. Techster burst alongside Jerry. Jerry, inspired by Jenine's whip was not going to be easily passed and put on a burst of speed. Techster took a rough area of the trail to his advantage and slid past. As we passed we could hear Jenine, shouting at Jerry, "How could you let them past? Your cart has wheels, and you're half his age?" Then the relentless slapping of the tawse began again. "Go, Go or I'll really lean on this whip!" Jerry was doing his best and the fact that his back and ass, now bright red with welts, must have hurt slowed him down as it stung with every step.

When we reached the end of the trail back at the campsite Techster leaned against a tree and relaxed as I unhitched the travois and led him down to the pond to drink and cool down. I lay down on a blanket near the corral and said, "Now its your turn. I want to be bound spread eagle and teased to the height on my endurance with my screams echoing throughout the woods."

Techster quickly agreed and soon I was nude.

When Jerry and Jenine reached camp Techster had lost his harness, boots, and bridle/gag. I was tied spread eagle being teased by hand and tongue panting and screaming like a wild animal as Techster brought me from orgasm to orgasm each one stronger than the last. As I started screaming he would slap my thigh and breast with the riding crop. He paused, entered me and soon we were making love on the blanket. When he came he started teasing me all over again. As soon as I was ready to come he stopped. "You need some rest." We took a short nap before he started licking my clit all over again.

* * *

I awoke horny, wet and spread out as he slowly teased my clit again.

"We better save some for when we get home." He chuckled as he released my bonds. Jerry was still wearing his harness, but Jenine was rubbing lotion on his tender red ass. It was getting late and it was time to get back to home and the work-a day world that started all over again. We said our goodbyes as we packed up the tent and camping gear and loaded it on the travois. Techster disposed of the paper waste and packing materials in the campfire. I was walking oddly, all of the sex had left my sex tender. Techster looked at me and said, "After that much stimulation you better ride."

Techster put his horsey boots and harness on and lowered his wrists. "Please buckle the wrists, and tie the "handles" of the travois to the "D" rings on his harness. It is easier for me to pull a load this way." I loaded the camping gear and sat down on the seat. Techster trotted off down the trail. We chatted as I rode down the trail toward our car.

"How was it? Being a beast of burden?" I asked.

"I got into it. It was fun particularly beating Jerry in both the brush and log hauling and the passenger race. Once you got your whip work down I lost reality in an Adrenaline and Endorphine rush. I knew that I could not do anything about my restraint. I had to keep going." Techster turned his head and smiled. "And by the way, these boots and harness design made all the difference. With the tall heels I could dig in with both my toe and heel and out pull Jerry every time. With the harness that held my wrists down by my side at full extension I pulled with both my legs and upper body. This has to be a more comfortable than Jerry's harness I saw his wrists, after a while those handcuffs really hurt."

"What did you think of the electronic corral?" I asked as we trotted along.

"After Jerry's experience I'm glad I didn't test it." Techster looked back over his shoulder at me, "But still I wonder what it must have felt like?"

"Did you know that we each had a controller that we could trigger?"

"No, is it variable?" he asked.

"Yes" I replied, "In three levels from what Jerry got to a mild buzz. Want a demonstration?"

"Why not!" Techster laughed, "Lets sprint to the car. Go ahead, hit the throttle!"

I pressed the yellow button, which was the mildest setting. Techster picked his pace as his balls were buzzed by the shocker, "It that all?" he asked.

"Nope, that was the mildest setting, ready?"

"Go ahead, hit the throttle!" Techster laughed.

I pressed and held the green button. Techster broke into a dead run and we charged down the trail reaching the car in record time.

"Wow! That was an experience!" Techster gasped as he rested against the car.

I laughed as I looked down, he had a very large erection.

"You're not fit to travel like that, never fit past the steering wheel." I explained, "Only one thing to do. This filly needs breeding by her favorite stallion. I bent over the fender of the car and Techster came in slid easily into my moist sex and started moving slowly back and forth. I was sore and it hurt a bit, but felt so good. When I felt he was ready to come I pressed the red of most severe button quickly followed. I could feel Techster stiffen as the blast of come slammed into me.

"How was that pony boy?"

Techster smiled, "I think we'll keep this gadget. It can add a whole dimension to our sex toys. When you hit the control I came like a horny 20 year old!!"

"Ok, I'll keep the key. I like the feeling of control." I said as I tucked the key and the remote control unit into my pocket. Techster didn't say a word he just loaded our camping gear in the car.

He slid into the driver's seat and started the engine. Before putting the car in gear he leaned over and gave me a deep long kiss and I knew that even being a pony boy could enrich our lives. As we drove home I kept fiddling with the remote control. "I wonder where to hide it?" Then I realized the best place in the drawer of the nightstand that on my side of our bed. I hide surprise toys in there and know I can reach it quickly and quietly. I think I'll leave the ball stretcher on Techster for a while. I plan to release him every day or two for cleaning. The shocker is waterproof so he can shower with it on and it is not noticeable under his clothing. Any way you look at it this senior lady is going to add a new "spark" to our sex life.