by Serval

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Nick was told to pack his bag. It should contain all he needed for the weekend, which consisted of his black Timberland boots, a recently bought pair of black walking socks, an even more recently bought black pouch, half a dozen apples, ten carrots, two bags of mixed nuts, Quaker oats and a packet of polos. Maggie meanwhile busied herself packing her own bag.

They drove down to ‘the other’ pony farm. When they arrived at the farmhouse Nick got out and opened the door for Maggie. As he was taking both of their bags out of the boot they were met by two men. The first one introduced himself as Sir Peter and was the owner of the ‘the other’ pony farm. The second man introduced himself as Paul and he was to be Nick’s groom. Lady Magrit handed Paul a sealed envelope with the name Squeeze written on the front. Nick was told to follow Paul and not to worry about the car as this would be parked for him.

Lady Magrit followed Sir Peter up the steps into the farm house. She was met by a man dressed in a maid’s uniform. It was explained that Susie would be her maid for the weekend and carry out any services that she required. Susie’s first job was to show Lady Magrit’s to her room, carrying her bag for her. Susie told Lady Magrit that she was qualified to give her manicures, pedicures and massages. She then showed Lady Magrit the cane hanging behind the bedroom door and told Lady Magrit that she should use it if any of her work did not meet with Lady Magrit’s full approval. Hanging beside the cane was a leather strap on. Lady Magrit made a mental note of its position and wondered how and when she could bring it into play. She had always wanted to use a strap on on Squeeze. It just looked so tempting when he was kneeling with face on the floor and his bum in the air.

Susie made Lady Magrit a cup of tea which she served gracefully and then made sure that Lady Magrit was up to full speed with the agenda for the weekend. First she would take Squeeze for a spin in one of the buggies. While she was doing this Susie would unpack for her, arrange afternoon tea and prepare for Lady Magrit’s return. Susie laid out Lady Magrit’s riding clothes, jodhpurs, a white blouse, a pair of riding gloves and a pair of riding boots. Susie knelt in front of Lady Magrit to take her shoes off and then helped her out of the rest of her clothes, leaving her in only a white bra and knickers. She looked bashful when Lady Magrit told her to take her knickers off as she would need to wear a thong under the jodhpurs. The thong was quickly produced with many apologies and Lady Magrit was helped into her riding gear. Lady Magrit warned Susie that she should be more thoughtful with regard to underwear and that she had earned herself two strokes of the cane that would be administered later.

Meanwhile Squeeze had followed his groom to the tables behind the farm house. Paul took his bag from him and ushered him into his stall. Squeeze was told to undress and be quick about it. As Squeeze did this Paul opened the letter and read it, but kept the contents to himself. He produced a set of arm binders that he put on Squeeze, crossing his arms behind his back. Extra security was added by straps which tied Squeeze’s wrists to his upper arms. Next he put on Squeeze’s head harness to which he attached a rope and tied the other end to the stall. Paul stepped back and admired his handiwork. His pony was now helpless. His arms were tied behind his back, above his bottom, leaving it perfectly exposed, as were his genitals at the front.

He couldn’t complain because a bit had been put in his mouth for this very purpose. Paul patted his pony on his buttocks with his left hand while he searched for Squeeze’s balls with his right hand. A flash of pain made Squeeze wonder about Lady Magrit’s choice of name and why hadn’t he got a female groom? Paul smiled as Squeeze winced. Paul whispered to Squeeze that in Lady Magrit’s absence he was totally in charge of Squeeze and he could do whatever he fancied. And sometimes what he fancied would not be what Squeeze fancied! He then completed putting on Squeeze’s harness, pouch and boots. He led Squeeze into the courtyard just as Lady Magrit arrived.

Squeeze was backed into a pony trap and had reins attached to his head harness. Lady Magrit stepped into the cart, took hold of the reins and told Squeeze to walk on. It was odd at first for squeeze to pull the trap with his arms tied high up his back, but he soon got used to it, also to leaning backwards to slow the trap when it was going down hill. Lady Magrit was also getting the hang of things, although it took a couple of practice shots with the crop before she felt what she considered to be an adequate red mark on Squeeze’s buttocks. By the end of the journey she could land a real stinger every time.

She drove Squeeze out of the farm yard and into the woods behind the farm house. This was all private secluded farm land with no chance of being spotted by strangers. The woods were criss-crossed by little paths that were well signposted to avoid the drivers and ponies getting lost. On the flat bits Lady Magrit made Squeeze trot and then gallop. She was having wonderful fun. She stopped in a small clearing to give squeeze a rest and a piece of apple. Occasionally they would hear other ponies go by but Squeeze’s vision was restricted by his blinkers so he could not tell if they were pony boys or pony girls. Lady Magrit had a clearer view and while she preferred seeing the pony boys straining, she also liked to watch the bobbing of the pony girls’ breasts.

After the drive Lady Magrit left Squeeze with Paul to attend to and strode into the farmhouse. Susie was waiting when she arrived in her room. She felt wonderful after the drive and decided now was a good time get Susie into shape. “Fetch me the cane, please.” Susie hurried off and collected the cane. “Now what position are you normally put in to receive it and what do you wear?”

“I am normally bent over a chair, Madam, with my bum made bare,” replied Susie. Lady Magrit indicated that Susie was to get into position over a chair. When Susie was ready Lady Magrit went up to her and pulled her skirt up over her back, revealing a pair of white cotton knickers with elasticised waist and cuffs. These were pulled down to her ankles to reveal a smooth bum framed by white suspenders and her seamed stockings. The sight of her standing there with her legs apart was really appealing. Lady Magrit could not resist pushing her hand between Susie’s legs to give her balls a gentle squeeze and gave her cock an investigative stroke at the same time.

Although expecting them the two strokes of the cane came as something of a surprise to Susie and she began to whine gently. “Oh do be quiet girl. It was only two gentle strokes. Get on with running my bath please,” said Lady Magrit.

Susie stood up, pulled her knickers and straightened her skirt. “Thank you, Madam,” she said as she shot off into the bathroom to run the bath.

When Susie returned to the bedroom Lady Magrit was already naked, having left her clothes in a heap on the floor for Susie to sort out. She followed Susie into the bathroom and stepped into the warm bath, filled high with bubbles. Susie stood beside the bath and let Lady Magrit soak for a few minutes. She then began gently washing Lady Magrit. She started at her feet and slowly made her way upwards. Lady Magrit opened her legs to let Susie wash both her fanny and her bottom, making sure that she did it properly without lingering too long and taking liberties.

When she had finished all of her body Susie used the shower to wash Lady Magrit’s hair gently. She gave it two thorough washes and rinses before applying the conditioner. Lady Magrit stood up while Susie wrapped a bath towel round her and put a turban on her hair. Lady Magrit stepped out of the bath and Susie dried her carefully before leading her to a chair in the bedroom where she could dry her hair.

After blow drying Lady Magrit’s hair Susie fetched her manicure and pedicure sets. She sat at Lady Magrit’s feet as she dealt with all her nails. Lady Magrit noted with amusement how Susie would chance the occasional glance into her fanny or at her breasts. During the following massage Susie told Lady Magrit where she at put all her belongings in case she needed them while Susie was not about. It was while she was massaging the tops of Lady Magrit’s legs and her bottom that Susie began talking about Lady Magrit’s vibrator and a curious clear plastic object that she had found.

Lady Magrit explained that the curious clear plastic object was in fact a g-spot stimulator and she could feel a subtle change in the way Susie was massaging her as she said this. Susie’s excitement was obvious and her voice became deeper and huskier when she asked if she could have the privilege of using these two items on Lady Magrit after the massage, to which Lady Magrit agreed thoughtfully. Well why not, Squeeze’s parts would be getting lots of attention, but she smiled again as she thought that it might be slightly less pleasurable and definitely more painful for him. She had certainly got the better part of the deal.

After the massage Lady Magrit lay on the bed and spread legs wide in anticipation. She instructed Susie to ‘warm her up’ with her tongue first, which Susie was delighted and honoured to do. Susie was very thoughtful about how she used the vibrator. She ran it up and down the insides of Lady Magrit’s thighs, over her mons venus occasionally, just occasionally, over her fanny lips or her clitoris. She then laid the vibrator right along her fanny and slowly increased the tempo. Lady Magrit moaned gently and swayed her hips in rhythm with the vibrations. Susie let this go on for a little while before plunging the vibrator deep into Lady Magrit eager fanny, sliding it in and out.

Lady Magrit’s moaning got louder and the swaying of her hips changed to a more frantic thrusting motion. Susie decided to change to the g-spot stimulator and it hit the spot within seconds. Lady Magrit began biting her lips and sucking her knuckles as the waves of her orgasm began to wash over. Susie stopped and watched her with a feeling of pride in her work. She cleaned the toys in her mouth as she had been taught, before taking them into the bathroom for a more thorough wash.

This was too good for Lady Magrit. She wanted another orgasm and she wanted a cock! Perhaps she could get Squeeze back from the stalls, but he wasn’t supposed to have any pleasure this weekend. She then hit on the obvious. She walked to the table, bent over it and told Susie to service her and service her well! The slightest hint of an orgasm for Susie would lead to a severe thrashing and her immediate dismissal. Susie was overjoyed. She removed her knickers, pumped her now rigid cock with her hand to ensure that it was stiff. She need not have done this since it had been like a board since she broached the subject of using the vibrator. She oiled herself up and gently slid into Lady Magrit who let out another low moan. Lady Magrit’s fanny was pulsating strongly and quickly grabbed Susie’s cock. It did not take Lady Magrit long to reach her second orgasm. Susie pulled out quickly, unsure in she could resist having an orgasm herself if she stayed inside.

Lady Magrit dismissed Susie for half an hour and went and lay down. She contentedly thought of her two orgasms and the fun she could have with Susie. She would enjoy telling Squeeze all about Susie!

Paul unhitched Squeeze from the buggy and took him back to his stall. He was given a bucket of water to drink from. To get his head in the bucket Squeeze had to kneel down. This forced him to push his arse in the air, but Paul did not seem too interested in this. Squeeze found drinking with his bit on difficult and it took him some time to drink all the water he needed to quench his thirst. The harness was taken off him and his leather arm binder was replaced by rope. A rope head harness also replaced the harness that had been used while he was pulling the buggy. A short rope hobble was put round his ankles and he was lead into the courtyard naked apart from these three pieces of rope. Squeeze saw why. There were two other male ponies being given a wash. They had the same rope harnesses as he had and were also naked. He knew that there were other ponies about as he had caught sight of them through the trees in the woods. He shied back, but Paul pulled him forward and gave him a hefty whack on his buttock with the riding crop he always carried.

Squeeze was tethered to a post with the two other ponies. Paul collected a bucket full of cold soapy water and a sponge and began washing Squeeze from head to toe. The first application of the cold water had Squeeze take on the same dejected look as the other two ponies. It also had the same effect on his cock and balls which tried to shrink back into his body. When Paul had finished washing Squeeze all three ponies were rinsed down with the hose. Each tried to hide from its cold water jet, but the hobbles together with the tethers ensured that they could not move far or fast. At the end of the wash they were all lead back to the stables and left to dry off on the straw in their stalls.

After about half an hour Paul brought Squeeze’s tea. His bit was removed to allow him to eat and drink the pieces of apple and carrot that were put in a bucket for him. He also got another bucket of water to drink. Again he was aware of the wonderful opportunities he was presenting to Paul as he knelt with his head in the bucket and arse in the air! This time Paul didn’t ignore the opportunity. He pulled Squeeze’s balls back through his legs and tied his knees together with the rope hobble, effectively trapping Squeeze’s balls. He stood with one leg either side of Squeeze facing his bottom and practiced flicking his crop on Squeeze’s vulnerable balls.

When he tired of this game he released Squeezes balls and practiced flicking his crop on his arse and making the tip of the crop wrap round and catch Squeeze’s balls. Squeeze could not eat or drink while this was going on and wondered how and if his balls could stand it. He was left alone in his stall for a couple of hours when the ball beating ended. He lay curled up in the straw, wishing that he could get his arms free to stroke and caress away some of the pain in his balls. Gradually the ache wore off and he finished eating all the apple, carrots and nuts, although nuts brought back recent memories!

Susie arrived to help Lady Magrit dress for the evening’s entertainment, which was going to be provided by the ponies, but they didn’t know that yet. Lady Magrit had laid out her underwear on the bed, ready to wear. Susie put on her quarter cup bra, which acted as a platform for Lady Magrit’s breast. Susie ensured that Lady Magrit’s breast were comfortable with her hands and may have lingered slightly too long, but Lady Magrit chose to ignore this. Next to go on was a black lace suspender belt together with seamed fishnet stockings. Susie spent a lot of time getting the seams straight. A pair of sheer see through French knickers went on next. Susie could feel her cock swelling between her legs, but worked hard to disguise this.

On top of this Lady Magrit put a simple white blouse which was thick enough to be modest, but thin enough to show the colour of her bra and nipples. She left one more button undone that was necessary to ensure that anyone who wanted to look would not be disappointed. Her mid length wrap over black dress opened at the front to show off her legs and stockings when see sat down. In the past it had provided easy access was wandering hands and this brought a smile to her face, although she didn’t think that there would be any wandering tonight.

Susie escorted her down to the barn and showed her to her seat. There were two rows of six seats facing the centre of the barn and Lady Magrit was in the second row, between male and female owners. In the middle of the barn were six benches. After introductions Sir Peter announced that the entertainment was about to begin. Six pony girls were brought in by there grooms. Their hands were cuffed in front of them and they had blindfolds as part of their head harnesses. Apart from this they were naked. Each pony girl was led to a bench. While facing it their ankles were secured to the two back legs and then they were bent forward and stretched over the bench. One or two of the pony girls realised that something was about to happen to them, but were too late to pull away and their grooms would have forced then into that position any way. The owners had a wonderful view of six naked bottoms and fannies.

Paul arrived unexpectedly in Squeezes stable and put him back in his leather arm binder and head harness. Instead of blinkers a blindfold was put over his eyes. As he was led outside he felt the cold evening air brush his body before he entered the barn. He could hear people talking and he was sure that there were other ponies in the barn as well. He was then told by Paul that he and five other ponies were being put to stud. They would not know which fillies they serviced and the fillies wouldn’t know who serviced them. There was a catch however; it was a competition for the pony boys to see who would be the last to come, while for the pony girls it was the first to make their stud come.

The pony girls had their fannies lubricated by their grooms while the pony boys were brought to erection by their grooms. This was not a difficult task. The pony boys were then gently entered into the pony girls. The thought of having his cock slid into an unknown fanny was too much for one of the pony boys and he came instantly. All the pony boys were made to withdraw from the pony girls. The pony that came first was immediately taken to the stables and the pony girl who had made him come released and her blindfold removed. She was given the rosette with first on it, much to the delight of her owner.

The pony boys were walked about before being brought back to continue their servicing. They were not all brought back to the same pony girl and they were kept guessing as to whether they were entering the same or a different fanny. Squeeze tried to slow his strokes down, but got a timely reminder to keep the tempo going by the flick of the whip from his groom. This almost pushed Squeeze over the edge, but he was saved by another pony boy coming.

The winning pony girl was released and the loosing pony boy returned to the stable. The remaining four pony boys were walked about again and round three commenced. Squeeze was going strongly and confidently until he tried to work out if he had serviced one, two or three pony girls. The thought of three pushed him over the edge and he was whisked off to the stables. The entertainment continued until there was only one pony boy who hadn’t come. His blindfold was removed and he was allowed to see the remaining filly as he serviced her to completion.

The pony girls and the last pony boy were taken back to the stables for a quick freshen up by their grooms. This consisted of having the lower halves of their bodies washed with a cold water sponge, but this time they were dried with rough towels. In the intervening time the six benches were replaced by twelve chairs. The pony girls and boys were paired up and led out side by side. The pairing was decided by their position in the mating competition. The pair that came last was the first to be bent over the chairs with their bottoms facing the owners. Their grooms then gave them six strokes of the cane. These were expertly applied and the stripes would last well over two days. This would remind everyone of their position in the competition. Five stripes were given to pair that came second from last received, and so on until the winners received just one stroke. The ponies were then led back to the stalls for the night. It was the end of their day.

The owners retired to the drawing room, where they had canapés and champagne served to them by their maids. The mistresses all had male maids dressed in their grey uniforms, while the masters had female maids who wore French maid outfits. They soon split into groups of four or five. Lady Magrit stood between the pony farm owner Sir Peter and Sir Ricard. Sir Peter was keen to find out if all his guests had enjoyed the entertainment. He took mental notes of any suggestions that he thought could improve the entertainment next time he arranged it.

Lady Magrit began chatting to Sir Ricard, telling him that this was the first time that she and her pony Squeeze had been to the farm. She was slightly disappointed that Squeeze had come fourth in the contest. Sir Ricard laughed and said that his pony, Rosie had come third and joked that they two ponies should practice together. Lady Magrit remarked that if was unfair that the ponies should get all the fun and was slightly taken aback when Sir Ricard suggested that she should go up to his room. She soon regained her composure and decided that this was a night that she was going to remember and agreed to accompany him.

On the way to the bedroom Lady Magrit told Sir Ricard how Susie had serviced her earlier that evening. Sir Ricard replied that he had enjoyed the pleasure of having his maid, so that made it even. He said that he would try to out do Suzie’s performance and Lady Magrit replied that anything his maid could offer she could more that match. As she said this she noticed a twinkle appear in his eye and the tiniest of smiles appear.

As they entered Sir Ricard’s bedroom Lady Magrit took off her blouse and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Sir Ricard ran his eyes over her, admiring her magnificent breasts and the curves of her hips. He quickly removed his shirt, trousers pants shoes and socks, standing naked before her. His penis stood out from his body and as though drawn pointed to Lady Magrit’s breasts. His hands followed where eyes had been, scooping each breast off its platform and gently squeezing each nipple. The tiny smile reappeared when he pinched each nipple and looked at the enjoyment in Lady Magrit’s face. That was something he would note and keep for later. His hands slid down her sides and he helped her slide out of her knickers.

They pulled each other towards themselves and let their hands roam all other each other. Lady Magrit backed towards the bed and pulled Sir Ricard on top of her. His trusting cock was soon buried deep inside her hungry fanny. His technique was wonderful, using long slow gentle strokes at first, followed by short fast strokes and then he began sliding his cock in and out with a hard push at the end of each stroke. Lady Magrit was lapping this up. She began sighing and whimpering. This extolled Sir Ricard to increase the tempo slightly but he maintained the powerful thrusts.

After a few minutes this had the desired effect on Lady Magrit and she her first orgasm came flowing over her and she lay limply on the bed as Sir Ricard continued to pump away for a few more strokes. He then withdrew his cock and gently turned Lady Magrit onto her stomach and slid her down the bed. She was now kneeling with her arse in the air and her fanny, although still pulsating was wide open. Sir Ricard mounted her from behind and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. He put his left hand on the small of her back to hold her down and with his right hand grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back. This was how he liked to take women, from behind with him in charge.

It was not long before Sir Ricard’s cock pumped to its own rhythm as he took his orgasm. He withdrew himself and wandered into the bathroom leaving Lady Magrit kneeling over the bed feeling absolutely shattered as she had also come at the same time as he did. She pulled herself onto the bed and lay there waiting for Sir Ricard to return.

When he did so he brought two glasses of champagne and sat in bed drinking them together. He dripped some champagne on his cock and gently guided Lady Magrit’s mouth onto it. She did not need much encouragement and was soon sliding her lips up and down his member. She felt Sir Ricard stiffen, his cock pulsated and he took his second orgasm in her mouth. She swallowed all of his come and licked his cock clean. Sir Ricard noted that she had more than matched his maid and was nearly as good as his pony Rosie.

After a few minutes Lady Magrit got up to leave. She picked her clothes up and did not bother to put them on. There were plenty of other fannies and breasts on display and she did not mind hers being shown off as well that night. She did put her high heels on though, to emphasise the sway of her womanly hips as she walked. She was also proud of the fact that she had been fucked by Sir Ricard and wondered if she would tell Squeeze about him. As she was approaching the door Sir Ricard said, “How about taking the double buggy tomorrow and running our ponies in tandem? We could take a picnic.”

“That would be wonderful”, replied Lady Magrit. “Will you organise it? Shall we say 9:00 am in the court yard?” Without waiting for a reply she left and walked back to her room.


Early the next morning Paul came into Squeeze’s stall. He woke Squeeze and told him that he has to be fully harnessed in just over an hour, so that gave Paul an hour to play with his pony by himself. Squeeze was quickly put into the arm binder and the head harness. Paul started by gently rubbing his hand over the four welts on Squeeze’ bottom. His other hand searched out Squeeze’s nipples. Each was twisted and squeezed in turn, causing Squeeze to wince and sigh loudly. This was nothing compared to when Paul took hold of Squeeze’s balls. He circled the top of the sack with his finger and thumb and slowly pulled them down applying extra pressure with his fingers as he did so. Squeezes balls were held in this grip for five minutes and began to ache terribly.

He then took Squeeze’s left ball in his hand and pushed his thumb sharply into it. This was then repeated with the right ball. Squeeze was left reeling. He was then pushed and bent over the stall and held in place by the rope attached to his head harness. Paul’s hands went on his arse again, but suddenly he felt Paul’s cock pushing at his arse, but through his Paul’s clothes. Paul told Squeeze that he was lucky that has not been given permission to fuck him, but Paul was sure that he would be allowed to one day! Paul then put a leg spreader on Squeeze. He attached a leather parachute round his aching balls and attached a bucket to it. Slowly Paul poured water into the bucket, making it heavier and increasing the ache in Squeeze’s balls. “You’ll certainly know you’ve got balls when they put you through your paces in half an hour’s time,” said Paul. “I’ll come and get you then! Don’t go away!” With that he left.

When Paul returned he gave the bucket a little swing. Squeeze tried hard not to show that the oscillation had any affect on him, although it most certainly did. Paul quickly got him ready for the morning’s exercise. His head harness had blinkers again. The last things to be removed were the bucket and the parachute before his pouch was put on. Paul led him into the court yard and backed him into a double buggy. When he was finally attached Paul slipped a hood over the whole of his head to completely blindfold Squeeze. The hood also had the affect of muffling some of the noises. At first Squeeze tried hard to make out what was going on around him, but then he thought that a real pony wouldn’t be bothered so why should he and he drifted off into his own world.

He was brought back to reality when he felt the trap start to move and sensed that there were other people quite close to him. He could feel their body heat and smell their perfume, even through the hood. His hood was taken off and he found himself harnessed next to a filly. He tried hard to get a good look, well any sort of look at her, but was unable to as Paul was hold his reins tightly and the blinkers were doing their job.

Lady Magrit and Sir Ricard approached the trap was behind. The ponies could hear them approaching, but could not see them due to their blinkers. They only recognised them by their voices. “So this is Squeeze, may I?” With that Sir Ricard took hold of Squeezes aching balls and gave them a good squeeze for good measure. Squeeze tried hard not to grimace, but a sharp wince brought the now familiar smile to Sir Ricard’s face. Lady Magrit stroked Rosie’s buttocks while Sir Ricard fondled her breasts. Lady Magrit and Sir Ricard jumped into the cart with Sir Ricard driving. They set off at a gentle pace and Squeeze glanced over at Rosie to get a glimpse of her wobbling breasts. Sir Peter has been waiting for such a moment and took the opportunity to give Squeeze a good flick with his whip on his left buttock. The lesson was learned.

Squeeze and Rosie were made to work hard for the next forty five minutes. Sir Ricard stopped them in a small glade and got off the trap. He helped Lady Magrit down and took the picnic basket off the back. Squeeze and Rosie were tethered to a convenient branch. This did not allow them to see what was happening behind them in the glade. Sir Ricard took a leather parachute from his pocket and placed in on Squeeze’s balls. From the other pocket he took out a piece of thick black elastic with loops at either end. Sir Ricard found the centre of the elastic and pushed it through the ring at the bottom of the parachute, forming a loop. He then pushed the two ends of the elastic through the loop and pulled tight into a knot called a lark’s head.

The two loops of the elastic were now hanging from the parachute, about thirty centimetres from the floor. He picked up one of Squeeze’s feet and put in one of the loops like a stirrup. It was obvious, at least to Squeeze, what he was doing. The elastic immediately put a downward pressure on his balls through the parachute. This pressure was doubled when his other foot was put in the second loop. Sir Ricard then took two pony blankets from the trap and put them over the ponies to make sure that they did not get cold. It also stopped Squeeze getting a free look at Rosie’s body.

Bottles with long straws were hung round the ponies necks and they were able to take a long satisfying drink. The exertions of the morning had left them very thirsty.

Sir Ricard took a blanket from the trap and laid it on the floor for Lady Magrit and himself to sit on. As Lady Magrit made herself comfortable Sir Ricard spread out the picnic. Lady Magrit could not help noticing the way Sir Ricard kept looking at her and the first tell tale signs of swelling in his jodhpurs. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to having sex out doors. Lady Magrit said that this had always been a fantasy of hers and Sir Ricard suggested that now would be good time to try.

Rosie and Squeeze had been listening to the conversation and Squeeze thought at first that he was going to have sex with Lady Magrit. All of a sudden the reality of what was about to happen hit home. He felt an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. He could hear the noises of the couple behind him but could not see anything. Rosie just looked forlorn. This was not the first pony camp that she had been to and she knew, or had been told by Sir Ricard that he would always take the opportunity to try other partners.

Lady Magrit and Sir Ricard were having great fun with each other. It wasn’t long before Lady Magrit’s boobs were exposed and subjected to licking, sucking and stroking. While her breast received attention Lady Magrit hands hand over Sir Ricard’s cock and balls. She smiled as she felt his cock stiffen through his jodhpurs. After a brief bit of fumbling and giggling the pair had their boots and jodhpurs off. Lady Magrit’s thong did not stay on long. Her arousal was heightened when she saw that Sir Ricard did not wear underwear. Sir Ricard’s tongue found her pussy and she was lapping it up, or rather being lapped up!

Sir Ricard pushed Lady Magrit’s legs over his shoulders and slowly penetrated her eager fanny. This position allowed him to drive deeper into her and it wasn’t long before they both enjoyed a magnificent orgasm.

After a rest, the owners decided that they needed to clean up. They began whispering to each so that their ponies would not hear. The owners walked up to their ponies and untethered them and took their bits out. “Now you know who’s being fucking me”, Lady Magrit whispered in Squeeze’s ear. “My fanny needs a clean. It is full of Sir Ricard’s cum, but don’t worry, you won’t have to do it. Well not this time, as Rosie’s going to. Your job, should you accept it, is to suck Sir Ricard’s cock clean. But then ponies don’t have a choice do they?”

With that Sir Ricard she pushed Squeeze’s face onto his cock. Squeeze tried to shy away, but the harness made him easily manoeuvrable. He dared not shut his mouth although he wanted to and took Sir Ricard’s cock into his mouth. It had a mixed smell and mixed taste. He recognised the smell and taste of Lady Magrit and the taste of Sir Ricard weren’t too strong. He wrapped his tongue around the cock and used his lips to push the foreskin back to give it a thorough cleaning. Squeeze felt quite pleased with himself when he was eventually let up and didn’t receive any punishments.

Rosie was quickly laid on her back with Lady Magrit fanny over her face. Rosie had had to perform this task before. It was not her favourite job, but she didn’t overly dislike it. She had always enjoyed giving Sir Ricard a blow job, so it was no hardship to swallow his cum, even if it was second hand. She was not bisexual so having a fanny to suck didn’t turn her on though. She belonged to Sir Ricard and would do anything he asked. She did this primarily because she wanted to please him, and secondly because she knew that she would receive a punishment if she so much as hinted at disobedience. Sir Ricard’s punishments were to be avoided.

The ponies were put back in the trap and Lady Magrit disappeared into the bushes for a quick pee, while Sir Richard relieved himself against a convenient tree. The ponies were told that if they needed to go they should go now. To this extent they were made to squat. Squeeze was too embarrassed to go at first, but Rosie had no trouble. It wasn’t long before Squeeze empted himself as well, much to his embarrassment.

Saturday Night

As soon as Lady Magrit got into her room Susie began fussing round. She ran a bath and gently took Lady Magrit’s clothes off. Lady Magrit relaxed in her bath and thought through the day’s events. She had enjoyed her ride with Sir Ricard. He was certainly a good lover. It was also fun having Rosie lick her clean. She would have to try that again. Or may next time she came to stay she would ask for a truly female maid. That would be interesting!

Poor old Squeeze she thought. Poor old Squeeze, no way she decided! He was having the time of his life what with all those other ponies about. His balls were getting lots of attention and he had even got his cock into at least one other fanny. She had kept count of how many ponies he had entered last night, but she would never tell him. Sucking Sir Ricard wouldn’t have been his favourite job, but then it wasn’t up to him. The letter she had passed to Paul had told him that he was to make him proficient at blow jobs, this had been Sir Ricard’s idea, and although she had slight concerns about Squeeze having a male relationship she thought the it would be a good test for him. Her mind kept returning to the strap on. She wanted to put Squeeze to that test.

Susie rushed around as fast as her high heels would allow her. While Lady Magrit was out she had been helping prepare that night’s diner. As soon as she had got Lady Magrit ready she would have to change into her waitresses outfit.

When Lady Magrit asked for the strap on to be brought to her Susie’s heart sank. Not that she minded having the strap on used on her, that was rather enjoyable, it was the fact that this could cause her to be delayed getting ready, in which case she would be severely punished at the end of the diner. However, it would be worse if she ignored the command.

Susie got the strap on and an enema for herself. She showed Lady Magrit how the enema was used and was allowed to empty herself in private. Susie carefully buckled the strap on onto Lady Magrit when instructed. She slipped a condom over it, explaining to Lady Magrit that it was more hygienic and less messy this way. Susie knelt on the bed as Lady Magrit was new to using a strap on. This meant that Lady Magrit could stand up. Very slowly Lady Magrit eased the head of the dildo into Susie’s arse. On Susie’s instruction she slowly made each stroke minutely deeper. After a little while the dildo was going in for its full length. Susie leant back to receive the strap on and Lady Magrit began to thrust away. Now this was fun she thought. Her hands moved from Susie’s hips to her cock and balls. While her left hand squeezed the vulnerable balls her right hand pumped Susie’s cock.

The owners were invited to the gala diner, laid on by Sir Peter. It was a formal black tie affair. However, the catering and waitressing was done by the maids. Each maid wore a shiny rubber outfit. The outfit consisted of high heels, long black rubber stockings, suspenders a black top and short skirt with a white pinafore on top. The male maids all have artificial breast in place to fill out their blouses, while the female maids had their breasts exposed for all to admire. It never failed to amaze Lady Magrit that there was such a variety in size and shape of breasts. No wonder men were so attracted to them. Then again all cocks were different, that’s why it was so exciting having a new partner. She assumed that all fannies were also different.

At dinner that night Sir Ricard sat next to Lady Magrit and kept trying to her engage her in conversation. Lady Magrit wanted to get to know more of the owners and kept her replies to Sir Ricard polite but short. She remember how he had held her down when he took her from behind and although delicious she wanted him to know that he could not always get his own way. She was no pony in the making. Lady Magrit thought that next time they were together she might give his balls a little squeeze to remind him who was dominant. But that could wait.

After cocktails had been served two large tubs of sawdust were brought into the room. There was a pink tub for the owners with fillies and a blue tub for the owners with stallions. The owners invited to play lucky dip. Lady Magrit watched with growing interest as the owners went up, dipped in the appropriate tub and revealed their prize. The prizes consisted of pieces of pony equipment and other assorted accessories. There were reins and bits, various types of nipple clamps for the fillies and cbt devices for the stallions. Lady Magrit decided that she wanted something big and nasty.

She was quite disappointed when she drew out a small light package. She opened the package to see she had got a small plastic object. It was a tube about 10 cm long with a couple of rings at one end. Her disappointment turned to intrigue as she read the instructions. She had pulled out a CB3000. The instructions said that this was a male chastity device. It would stop the wearer getting erections and masturbating. It could also be worn for prolonged periods. The instructions said that the wearer would become more docile, attentive and subservient. She could have some fun with this.

She would keep it as a surprise and put it on to Squeeze without him realising what was happening. No, she would have it put on Squeeze by his groom. Squeeze’s life was about to change, all for the better she thought, and he didn’t even know what was coming. Tomorrow he would be in a chastity belt and she would also fuck his arse with a strap on for the first of what would be many times. These thoughts made her wetter and wetter and she had to gain control of herself to stop herself gasping aloud.

She declined the offer of going back to Sir Ricard’s room as she wanted to be alone and just let the thoughts of tomorrow’s fun run through her mind. She did however arrange to go on another ride in the double buggy with Sir Ricard and Rosie.


Squeeze was roughly awoken at six thirty by Paul. He was first stood up and then bent over the rail that closed the stall. He could just make out Paul busying himself about. There were bottles and tubes being hung up and Squeeze was curious as to what they were to be used for. He had been pleasantly surprised and perhaps slightly disappointed that he hadn’t received a caning or anything similar as he had assumed that he was in this position for such a purpose. His arse was certainly vulnerable. He then felt cold sticky fingers lubricating his anus. This was something he didn’t like.

He panicked when he thought that perhaps Lady Magrit had given permission for Paul to fuck him after all. He knew that Lady Magrit would want him fucked one day, but surely not today and without her watching to add to his humiliation. His fears were slightly allayed when he felt the end of a tube being pushed into his arse rather than the cock he had been dreading. As the water began to flow into him he realised what was going on. He just hoped that he could hold the enema and not disgrace himself by discharging it before he was told to.

When the enema was all inside Squeeze Paul removed the tube and told him not to dare to release the contents of his bowels until he was told to. He the led Squeeze to a toilet and had the decency to let Squeeze empty his bowels in private. It felt a great relief as the water gushed out of him and cleansed him. After wards Squeeze had a strange empty and light kind of feeling. Not unpleasant, just different and unusual. He soon got used to it.

Paul then took Squeeze outside for his morning wash and hose down. His leather head harness was put on as soon as his head was washed and roughly dried, which was unusual. A hood was put over his head and he shivered while the rest of him was washed down. The water felt exceptionally cold today. He felt his balls being pushed roughly through what he assumed to be a cock ring. His genitals then received another soaking with cold water. His cock was put into what felt like a tube. He was still too cold to get an erection and the tube slipped on easily. Now Squeeze was intrigued. What had his cock been put in and why? Paul led him back to his stall, but left the hood on.

Lady Magrit got up early that day. She had hardly slept for her excitement. Susie couldn’t do anything right and was constantly getting stinging swipes across her arse with the cane as Lady Magrit wielded it freely. She got Susie to get the strap on out and together with a training dildo. Squeeze would loose the use of his cock and his virginity today. What wonderful presents she was giving him. She hoped that he would enjoy them.

She had Susie instruct her how to put the strap on on, and how to take if off by herself. She soon became proficient and thanked Susie by giving her six strokes of the cane. It was then that she realised what a sadistic mood she was in. She decided that it was Squeeze’s fault for getting her so excited.

When she went into the court yard at nine o’clock she found Rosie and Squeeze waiting patiently for her. They had no choice. Sir Ricard was also waiting. She ignored him and walked up to Squeeze. She took his hood off and gently caressed his chastity belt, which Squeeze could see for the first time. “I hope that you like my prize,” she said. “I won it last night. It is a chastity belt and it will keep you chaste until I decide otherwise. No more orgasms for you, unless I say so.”

Her words slowly sunk into Squeeze. Wow, he had always wanted to try one of these. He felt an erection starting to develop and then stop as the chastity belt restricted his member’s growth, squeezing the life out of it. He then winced as it began to get painful. His cock began to twitch. When it twitched the chastity belt bit in more, causing more pain and then another twitch. It really was a vicious circle in more ways than one. He also realised that his discomfort was there for all to see as Paul hadn’t put his pouch on this morning. He was glad when they set off and the exertion caused him to take his mind off the constricting device and he became flaccid and comfortable.

When they reached the glade where they were to stop for lunch Lady Magrit got out of the trap first and took off Squeeze’s reins before she put a hood on him. Rather than tethering him she led him into the centre of the glade. At the same time Sir Ricard unharnessed Rosie and brought her into a position so that she could watch what was going on.

Lady Magrit forced Squeeze onto his knees, which she kicked wide apart and pushed his head to the floor. With the hood on and his arms tied securely across his back Squeeze was not particularly comfortable. Lady Magrit left Squeeze in this vulnerable state with his arse in the air and his balls open for abuse. A thrill ran through his body in anticipation of what was about to happen. He didn’t know what it was, but he was set up for something. The thrill was checked as his prick began to swell and the CB3000 dug in and began to do its job.

In the meantime Lady Magrit took off her boots, jodhpurs and thong before pulling her boots back on. Rosie admired her pussy and reminded herself of yesterday when she had had to lick her Master’s cum out of it. Lady Magrit went to the back of the cart and took the strap on out of its bag and deftly buckled it into place. She slipped a condom on it before walking purposefully over to Squeeze with a jar of lubricant in her hand.

Squeeze felt the cold lubricant for the first time as it touched his arse. She spread it liberally around his rose bud before easing a finger in. Squeeze still hadn’t realised what was about to happen. His mind was stuck on the enema that he had received that morning. He stiffened as a second finger was introduced and then both digits were removed. It only dawned on him that he was going to be taken by a strap on as the head of the dildo slipped into his well greased arse.

Slowly Lady Magrit eased the whole of the dildo in. This did not take long as it was only a small training dildo. She began to pump away to a slow and steady rhythm. Sir Ricard and Rosie watched the de-flowering with interest. Rosie was then led and knelt down beside Squeeze. Sir Ricard donned a condom, smeared some lubricant on Rosie’s rose bud and began to fuck her arse in rhythm with Lady Magrit. Rosie was used to being fucked anally. One of the stipulations of Sir Ricard was that all his pony girls should be three hole girls.

When the owners had finished giving the ponies a good rogering Sir Ricard pulled out two medium sized butt plugs. These he lubricated and eased into the ponies’ bums. Rosie was also had a dildo slipped into her fanny. The crotch straps of their harness were then adjusted to ensure that nothing slipped out accidentally!

Lady Magrit then appeared in front of the ponies wearing a wry smile. She gently wrapped one gloved hand around Squeeze’s balls while she stroked Rosie’s fanny. Both ponies jumped at the same time, much to her amusement. She then revealed that she had found some stinging nettles and as she was wearing gloves she could pick them and use them. She then went on to sting four nipples. Sir Ricard decided that it would be a good idea to add a nettle to the carriage whip to give the ponies additional encouragement throughout the afternoon.

Sir Ricard and Lady Magrit enjoyed the ride back to the house. The ponies’ bums were red from the joint ministrations of the carriage whip and the nettles attached. During the ride Sir Ricard suggested that Lady Magrit and Squeeze should visit his house in two weeks time. He hadn’t had a stallion to torment for some time and was sure that Lady Magrit would enjoy teasing Rosie.

The Journey Home

Nick put the bags in the boot of the car before opening the passenger door for Maggie. Nick got in and they began their drive home. “Well, have you had an enjoyable weekend?” Maggie casually enquired.

“I was a bit disappointed about not having a female groom,” Nick replied. Maggie laughed. “I choose a male groom for you! I knew that if a chose a female you would try and get your naughty little cock in her, instead your groom wanted to get his cock in you. You never know I might let him next time. That should keep you being good.”

“I was so pleased that you got on so well with Sir Ricard. I was jealous, of course, but I wanted you to enjoy a really good time, get as much sex as possible. It was a shock when we went on the ride and you and he made love in the glade. It was a time of mixed emotions for me and also huge turn on. It was also so unfair to get me to suck his cock clean.”

“I thought that that would test you, but it could have been worse, you could have got Rosie's job of sucking all his cum out of me! I didn’t want to give you the pleasure of doing that there and having the fun of licking my pussy. What did you think when I let you do it the next day?”

“Let me do it, I didn’t have a choice! You know that it has always been a fantasy of mine to clean your pussy of somebody else’s cum. I wasn’t sure if I would like doing it in real life and it was a bit hard at first. It was easier than sucking my cum out of you though. Perhaps I’ll get a taste for it!”

“Well you never know your luck! Now tell me everything that Paul did to you, and whether you liked it or not. Don’t leave anything out. You know that part of his job is to send me a written report about you, how you behaved and what he thinks will improve your training. That is for my eyes only so you won’t have to worry about his suggestions. They will just happen.”

“He enjoyed having me bound and helpless, and I must admit that’s a position I like to find myself in. I was pleased when he told me that you were not going to let him fuck me. He liked to squeeze my balls and you know that I am partial to that. However, he does have a strong grip that he can hold forever! The cane was painful, and I didn’t like the way he kept practicing hitting my balls with whatever he had to hand as it got very painful. The worst thing was the way he made my balls ache before going out in the cart. It really hurt as my balls bashed against my legs as I was running. It took quite some time for the ache to subside, although I think that I am beginning to get used to it now. I also seem to be able to with stand Paul’s assaults on my balls for longer.

Now for the bits that you have been waiting for. I was mortified when you said that you would write a letter to Paul, allowing him to do what he wanted. He had already told me that he was going to fuck me; it was just a matter of time! He used my mouth all the time. I think that I am becoming an expert cock sucker. I am getting used to having it pushed right down my throat, avoiding touching it with my teeth and swallowing cum. I was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t fuck me.”

“Mmmm I’ve now got a little cock sucker, have I? I hope that you haven’t been getting too much in touch with your feminine side! What did you think about the strap on? I loved it and hope that you did too as I intend to send you out to buy one as soon as we get home”

“I’m pleased that you liked using the strap on. Thanks for using a small dildo. It was very strange at first, but then I relaxed and thought of your pleasure and then I began to get used to it. I wouldn’t say that I enjoy it yet though. Are you going to see Sir Ricard again?”

“You had better hope that I do as only he has the key to your chastity belt! We have been invited to spend the weekend with him and Rosie in two weeks time. Can you wait that long for your next orgasm? It may even be longer, we shall see,” smiled Maggie. “I want to rest now so no more talking. You can think about this while you drive, now that I have fucked you first, you are available to whom ever I choose to give you to.”