Spying on Hubby

by The Technician

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Fetish, Fantasy, Spanking, Machine

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What would you do if you didn't know where husband worked?

A newlywed bride doesn’t know where her husband works, and wishes that she knew. Perhaps she never heard the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it.” And oh, does she get it.

This is another spanking fantasy story. I was requested to post one that is a little more real. OK, it’s still a spanking fantasy, but it is a little more real.

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Newlywed Janine Delvittio had a problem. It wasn’t much of a problem for her, but it was a giant problem for her mother who kept bugging her about it. “How could a wife not know where her husband works?” her mother would practically yell at her every time they talked.

Back when they were dating, Bruce had told her that he was in a combination of sales and management at a small, family-owned business. When she asked what the business was, he replied, “I’m absolutely sure you have never heard of it. It doesn’t appear in any of the regular local business listings. Even the phone is unlisted.” He then smiled at her and said, “Besides, it’s in an industry that you’ve also never heard of and most likely wouldn’t understand.” After a pause and another smile, he said, “Let’s just say it is in a highly-specialized, very profitable niche industry.”

Bruce didn’t say what that industry was, and after already having been rebuffed, Janine didn’t ask. He was a real techie nerd so she assumed it was some sort of engineering company, but he didn’t say. So newlywed, Janine Delvittio continued to have no idea where her handsome husband worked.

Other than that, Bruce was a perfect husband. He made good money... very good money. He was a good lover... though Janine sometimes wished he would be more adventurous. He was always home on time. He was never on the road for business trips. And he even helped with the housework. The only negative thing was that he would not tell his bride where he worked.

Janine decided she could live with that one imperfection... but her mother couldn’t. “He might be some mob hitman for all you know!” her mother hissed one day.

“If so,” Janine replied calmly, “all of his hits are local because he’s never gone overnight.”

Her mother dropped the subject for a while. In fact, she didn’t speak to Janine for several weeks. Janine was about to call and apologize when her mother broke first. Then they both apologized to each other. Mom promised to quit nagging about it, and Janine promised to try to find out “the big secret,” as her mother called it.

First, Janine tried the direct approach. At dinner one evening, she brought up the subject of where Bruce worked. In response, he said quietly, “I thought we agreed that was one area which we would not discuss.”

A few days later, she tried the logical approach. Just as Bruce was about to fall asleep, she said quietly, “Most wives at least know what company their husbands work for. There isn’t just a direct deposit at the bank labeled only ‘Paycheck.’”

“Most, but not all,” Bruce replied without even turning over to look at her. “Besides,” he continued, “what if it were something that might come between us? Would you like that?”

Checkmate. Janine decided to try a different approach. She would follow Bruce to work.

One of the advantages of being married to a techie nerd is that they– or at least this particular techie nerd– are extremely predictable. Bruce always left at exactly the same time every morning, and, if it were like his trips to everywhere else, he always drove exactly the same route. So, Janine invented an excuse to leave before him each morning– she said she was volunteering at the local library– and she followed him.

One of the disadvantages of being married to a techie nerd was that he noticed just about everything. She couldn’t stay behind him for too long, so she couldn’t follow him all the way to work in one day. He would surely notice that. Instead, on the first day she waited two blocks from the house in the direction she knew he would go and followed him for about five blocks. Then she turned off. The next morning, she resumed her slow motion chase, picking up where she had left off the day before.

It took almost three weeks before she finally got to watch him turn into a parking lot next to a old, nondescript brick building with no windows. There were what appeared to be loading docks around the back and a single, glass door in the middle of the front. Above the door, a small sign said, “Delvittio Entertainment.”

“Family business,” she said aloud. There was a touch of anger in her voice which became even more obvious as she said sharply, “He didn’t say it was his family!”

She parked her car out front and marched in the front door ready to confront Bruce about his deception.

A bell made a loud “Bong!” as she entered the door and a receptionist looked up at her and smiled. “I’m here to see Bruce Delvittio,” she said firmly.

“You’re late,” the receptionist said brusquely. “You were supposed to be here a half hour ago. Didn’t you read the contract?”

She pressed a button on her desk and two women in fancy yoga pants and white shirts hurried into the reception area. An insignia on the white shirts said, Delvittio Entertainment.

“Take Miss... whoever... into the back and get her prepared” the receptionist said. “Mister Delvittio will be with her in a minute.”

Now Janine was really angry. How many Miss Whoevers had Bruce been meeting at work. She let the two women lead her into the back area and into what appeared to be a small changing room. When they first grabbed at her clothing, she started to protest, but then she decided that she would go along with it and confront Bruce when he finally came into the room.

All the while that the women were helping her remove her clothing, they kept saying, “Hurry, hurry, the clients are already here.” Everything was happening so fast that Janine barely realized that she was being led down a hallway naked.

The two women pulled her into a brightly-lit room. There were large mirrors on all four of the walls and even the ceiling. The mirrors on two of the walls had that slightly black look of one-way glass. The frames around those mirrors were larger and looked more like window frames, including a small ledge at the bottom of the mirrors.

The room, itself, was empty except for a very strange-looking machine which stood in the very center of the room. One of the women pulled her over to the machine by her arms and then pushed her over one end of it. She found herself lying across a wide, thickly-padded shelf that reminded her of those pommel horse things gymnasts used at the Olympics. The other woman grabbed her arms and pulled them across the machine and into a pair of leather cuffs which were quickly wrapped around her wrists. She felt the first woman wrapping a similar pair of leather cuffs around her ankles. There was a whirring noise and her feet were moved outward spreading her legs slightly. Another whirring noise brought her hands almost together. Then the entire machine seemed to shift and grow so that her feet were barely on the ground and her arms were stretched tightly out in front of her head.

She felt something being pushed into her right hand. “This is your safeword ball,” one of the women said. “If things get too extreme, just drop the ball and it all ends.” The woman giggled slightly and added, “... at least for a while.”

“But remember,” the other woman said, “these are some of Bruce’s biggest clients and this sale can make or break the company. I’m sure there is a big bonus in it for you if you make it all the way through the demonstration.”

Janine started to say, “What demonstration?” but before she could get anything out of her mouth, a red, vented ballgag was pushed between her teeth and strapped in place. Then a black leather hood was pulled over her head and also strapped in place. There was a large opening for her mouth, but she was pretty sure that all that showed through that was the red ballgag.

“Close your eyes,” one of the women said and she brushed the front of the hood with her hand. Flaps of leather came down over Janine’s eyes and gripped tightly closed against Velcro strips on her cheeks. She tried to grunt in protest, but the room had become quiet. Evidently both women had left the room.

Janine lay there trying to decide what to do. She could just drop the tennis ball or whatever it was in her right hand and that would apparently end everything. But whatever was going on, the woman had said it was something very important to Bruce.

She now knew that Bruce was involved in something kinky, but decided it was best to go along with it for now and see where things went. Besides, she had often fantasized about her and Bruce doing some bondage play and perhaps a little more. Maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. She felt herself smiling as she imagined the look on Bruce’s face when he finally realized that it was his bride strapped to this machine... whatever it was.

Janine could now hear the soft clanking of metal tubes as something was added to the end of the machine behind her and adjusted. Then she heard Bruce’s deep baritone voice say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Madams and Messieurs, welcome to the very first demonstration of Delvittio Entertainment’s finest and most versatile machine for pleasure and punishment.”

He paused and Janine could hear him picking something up off a shelf or table or perhaps the sill to the mirrored windows. “Today I will be demonstrating the pleasurable aspects of this machine,” he said firmly. After a chuckle, he added, “If you prefer to use this for pure punishment, however, all you have to do is to increase the strength or number of the swats.” He paused and swished something through the air. “Or,” he continued, “you could use one of our supple canes or rigid wooden paddles– perhaps even a holed or ridged one– rather than a smooth, flexible leather paddle like we are using today.”

Janine could feel something moving and could hear the soft sound of a motor running behind her. Then the motor noise stopped and there was a click. Almost immediately she felt a burning pain in her ass cheeks as the leather paddle slammed into her ass.

She tried to scream, but all that came through the ballgag was a high-pitched “Mummmfff.”

“That, Doms and Masters,” Bruce said, “is at a medium setting.” He chuckled again. Janine had never heard that chuckle before. It somehow sounded ominous... almost evil.

“I will now use the remote to turn the intensity down to the lowest setting,” Bruce continued. “I was told this was an experienced slave, but obviously she needs a warm up before we get serious. Perhaps some of you can learn from this when breaking in a new slave or girlfriend.”

The machine again hummed softly, but it sounded higher pitched, like the motor was running faster. Then came the click and once again the paddle slapped her ass. This time it wasn’t nearly as hard. In fact, the sensation was almost pleasurable– not because it didn’t hurt or sting, but because it was as if the smack ignited something in her groin.

“O God!” she said silently to herself, “that almost turned me on.”

She didn’t have much time to think as the motor continued to whirr and once again the paddle slapped her ass.

“O God! O God!” she said more desperately, “that is definitely turning me on.”

“No, No, NO!” she screamed silently as the paddle smacked her ass for the third time. “If this keeps up, I’m going to eventually cum... in here... naked... strapped to this God-awful machine... in front of my husband... and who knows how many other people.”

She shouldn’t have said that– even silently to herself– because as soon as she said it, she began imagining dozens of people sitting behind the mirrored glass windows watching her writhe in her restraints. She had no idea who they really were, but she could clearly see faces in her mind. They were her friends... her teachers from high school... her ex-boyfriends... the girls she once ran around with in college... her Mother! They were all sitting there just on the other side of the glass, and they were all going to see that she was a wanton slut who could be turned on by a spanking. That thought alone nearly drove her to orgasm.

“That’s better,” Bruce said loudly. “She seems to be warming up to things. Time to go back to the medium setting.”
The sound of the motor once again changed. Janine tried to calm herself and relax, but she couldn’t help panting and squirming. Then she heard the click. Maybe her senses were made sharper by all that had occurred, or maybe she was just listening harder. In any case, she was sure that this time she could hear a whoosh as the paddle swished through the air and slammed into her ass.

This wasn’t a gentle slap. This was a solid spank, and the paddle made a loud “Thwack!” as it slammed into her left asscheek.

Janine screamed again, but this time it was not a scream of pain. It was a scream of... excitement. The strong spank had changed the dull burning in her groin into a strong flame that seemed to be slowly spreading from her now dripping cunt to the rest of her body. She pulled frantically against her restraints, not because she wanted to escape, but because she needed to bring her hands down between her legs to somehow put out the flames.

“Click” ... “Thwack!”

The paddle struck again, and this time it had moved slightly so that it struck in the center of her right asscheek.

“Notice,” Bruce said in his measured tones, “that I have also engaged the computer-controlled movement of the paddle. It will slowly move so that it properly covers this slave’s entire ass.” As if to prove his point, the next swat was dead center across both asscheeks.

“The paddle can be programmed to slowly paint her ass red,” he continued, “or it can randomly strike anywhere between her thighs and her lower back... well below the kidneys, of course.”

Again to prove his point, the next “Click, Thwack!” was low on the left side of her ass. That was followed by a strong smack high in the center.

“The release sound can also be muted,” Bruce said, “to make the swats even more random and unexpected.”

Janine tried to prepare herself for the next smack, but there was no click, just a loud “Thwack!” followed by her muffled screams. She took a deep breath and again tried to prepare herself, but the next “Thwack!” came early. She shook and screamed in her restraints, but for some reason that even she didn’t understand, she held on tightly to the safeword ball.

She could feel her body trembling as she awaited the next spank, but it didn’t come. She felt herself relaxing as she thought that maybe it was over, but then there was the soft “Whoosh” followed immediately by the loudest “Thwack!!!” yet. Despite her restraints, she nearly stood up in her bonds. Then she fell back writhing and screaming as the fire from her crotch spread over her whole body.

She lay panting and groaning. She was trying to say, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” but all that came out were rhythmic grunts as the machine continued to smack her ass. The fire became hotter and all consuming. She was now nearly bouncing the heavy machine off the ground with her spasmodic writhing. Her muscles ached and she felt like she was growing horse from trying to shout, “Fuck me!”

Then, through the haze of her lust, she could barely hear Bruce saying, “Now I will demonstrate the ultimate reason for this machine in pleasure mode. If you have the right woman... or man... in this machine, and if you use it properly, they will give you the best fuck of your life.”

Janine trembled as the machine stopped and she could feel Bruce’s hand between her legs. He slid his fingers through her slit and then evidently held them up so the people behind the mirrors could see. “Slicker than a greased pig,” he said loudly.

He then reached further up between her legs and touched her clit. Janine almost exploded when he did that. “Do you want me to fuck you?” he said loudly.

This time her muffled cries, combined with the intense nodding of her head, obviously said “Yes.”

Janine felt naked thighs pressing against her own. Bruce was going to fuck her in front of all of these people! Another surge of fire– even more intense than before– raced through her body. She felt herself pushing back against him as he slid easily inside her. At first she was confused because he felt different, but then she realized that it was because he was wearing a condom. He had never worn a condom when they made love.

Everything else was very familiar. His large size. His ability to go on almost forever. His habit of changing the pace of his thrusts every five or six strokes. All of that was the same. Janine relaxed and let her passion climb. Just before she went over the top, she once again thought, “They are going to see me cum!” That was enough to trigger one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced. She was still moaning softly and squirming in her restraints when she heard the door close as Bruce left the room.

It felt like a long time, perhaps as much as a half an hour later that the two women came back into the room. They removed the hood and unstrapped her arms and legs. One of them had to almost pry the safeword ball from her hands before they led her back to the dressing room.

“Your fee is on the bench,” one of the women said. “Mister Delvittio said to include an extra fifty in the check because your performance helped him sell at least three machines. Who knows what it will do when the video goes online?”

With that both women left the room and let Janine dress. As soon as she had pulled her clothes back on, she hurried down the hallway, past the receptionist, and out the front door. By the time supper was ready, she had washed all of her clothes twice and showered three times.

When Bruce came home he was jubilant. “I made three great sales today,” he said proudly. “I was really worried because it was obvious from the beginning of the demonstration that it wasn’t my regular assistant.”

“Did you find out who it was?” Janine asked softly as she put dinner on the table.

“No,” he replied, “but I would love to know. I’ll have to inquire at the agency we use. She was so enthusiastic about the product that I’m sure she was responsible for two of the three sales.”

“What exactly did you... and she... sell?” she asked sweetly.

“Now, honey,” he replied almost as sweetly, “you know that we agreed not to discuss that.”

For the rest of their meal, the conversation centered around the weather and what they might do on the weekend. After dinner, Janine shooed him out of the room, saying that she would clear the table and load the dishwasher. Bruce usually helped with that, but didn’t object that she wanted to do it alone.

A few minutes later, she brought him coffee in the living room. She was wearing the full apron that she often wore when cleaning up in the kitchen. “What if I accidentally found out?” she asked, smiling at him as she handed him the steaming cup.

“How could you accidentally find out where I work?” he replied, almost laughing.

She waited until he had set the coffee in the drink holder before lowering herself across his lap. As she did so, it was obvious that she had removed her dress and blouse and that the apron was all she was wearing. It was also obvious that her ass cheeks were bruised and swollen.

“I accidentally followed you to work... a little at a time over the past three weeks,” she said as he slowly stroked her swollen and almost purple ass. “And then your receptionist accidentally thought I was the model who would be helping you with your presentation.” She gave a ragged sigh as he ran his hand deeper between her legs. “And then I accidentally came... again and again... as you demonstrated your wonderful machine.”

Bruce softly slapped her asscheek and she pulled in a sudden, sharp intake of breath. “Well, my dear,” he said with a smile, “it looks like you might have accidentally joined the sales force in the family business.”

“And we made a great sale,” she said as she wiggled her ass at him. “So let’s celebrate... softly... with your hand. Then we will go to the bedroom and seal the deal.”

“Welcome to Delvittio Entertainment,” he said softly as he began to give her a gentle, yet firm, hand spanking.

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