Spy Victoria

by Master Flip

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© Copyright 2009 - Master Flip - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; corset; rope; interogation; reluct/cons; X

I sit here in my clothes watching the local news on television, nervous about what I am going to start.  I did this once before, 2 years ago and I was surprised at what happened and how I reacted.  And regardless of my expressed thoughts to my husband since, I have been lying to him.  Thus I’m about to start it up again.  This time though, I’m dressed in a manner my husband would love me to be in..  I’m wearing a tight corset underneath my black with white collar and cuffs coat dress.  The coat dress buttons down the middle with the last button at my crotch level allowing for the dress to come apart up to that button when I cross my legs.  My husband can hardly think straight when I wear this dress and I have to be careful when I cross my legs.  In my modesty I don’t like showing my body above the top of the white lace stockings I’m wearing.  I add to this with my 5” high black felt pumps.  They’re uncomfortable as hell when I’m on my feet and hard for me to walk in since I rarely wear heels higher than 2” normally.

I’m dressed like this because it is our office day.  My husband is self-employed with his business and he travels to conduct his business 8 times a year.  Other than traveling, he is home 300 days a year.  But when he does travel, within two days of his getting home, we must balance the books regarding his trips.  Even if he doesn’t travel, 2 days a month we have an office day to take care of business paperwork.  On office days, he requires me to dress in business clothes, not the everyday clothes I’d prefer to wear.  On those days he requires me to wear a dress or a skirt suit, pumps of at least 3” in height and we do have to work until the work is done.  We usually finish by lunch time allowing us to play office affair between co-workers until bed time.  Today was no different in that respect.  Yet one thing was different.  Until dinner I wore a pair of black velvet heels with gold trim to work in and he still had trouble concentrating on our work which caused us to work until dinner time.  When I changed into the higher heels, he was startled and his concentration was lost.

Now if today was a normal office day, and it being the end of the day, he would start making advances on me.  However, today things are going to be different.  I’m almost finished with my dinner and I’m ready for my last cup of coffee for the day.  I stand to take my plate to the sink and I have to walk right in front of my husband.  I deliberately take short steps and work hard to walk sexy with one foot in front of the other.  I deliberately brush my husband’s right shoulder as I walk past him into the kitchen.  Damn my heels are uncomfortable I thought to myself as I got my coffee.  I shake my head at that thought and focus instead on the longing look my husband gives me as I walk around.  I do notice how my husband craned his neck to watch me enter the kitchen and watching me as I return.  I’m smiling inside at how I can still get a sexual rise out of him even though we are in our mid-50’s.  When he looks at me like that, I feel as young as when I first met him 30 years ago.

Normally I would return to the table, put my cup on the table and sit down, pulling my chair up to the table.  Not tonight though.  When I return with him watching me, I push the chair a little further from the table and with cup in hand I sit facing him.  Once seated I carefully cross my legs exposing myself almost to my exposed crotch before adjusting the hem of the dress to cover up to the top of my stockings.  I give my best little girl grin to him when I see he swallowed hard at watching me seat myself.  Soon it will be time to start my little game with him, I just have to wait for him to get his coffee.  He tries to say something several times, but can’t concentrate.  I finally ask him if he had his last cup of coffee for the day which causes him to get up to head for the kitchen with his plate.  That movement causes me to move into action to get his hat that he loves wearing.  His hat, a black ball cap with gold lettering announcing he is U.S. Army retired.  On that hat are unit crests from his 20 year career of being in military intelligence.  I carefully place it out of sight and sit back down as if I didn’t move while he was away.  I’m back in position just in time for his return.

After we sit back down we begin talking.  He mentions that I’m going to really enjoy tonight and I respond that I know I will.  Then I beg for him to tell me how he will get me to orgasm which he does and I started feeling wetness building in my crotch area.  I finish me coffee as we talk.  Then I start the ball rolling to the thing I’ve been afraid of saying I enjoyed in one of our games.  I loved it when I did this game 2 years ago and my husband interrogated me.  You see, when he interrogated me he would have me bound to interrogate me.  My restrictions from the bondage would grow and change as I was less likely to answer his questions.  Yet I’ve told him that I thought it disgusting how he was turned on tying me up when in reality I was just as turned on it by it too.  And tonight I’m going to let him do more to me than I did 2 years ago. 

I suddenly pick up the hat and start questioning my husband about the symbols on the crests adorning his hat.  Since there are symbols on the hat that are mentioned in the movie the Davinci Code, I use the conspiracy theories of that movie to focus my questions on regarding his hat.  After a few questions by me with answers from me, he interrupts me to ask if I’m sure I want to go that route.  I answer him honestly that I’m prepared for anything he might do before I switch to my best Russian accent (no, I was born and raised with an Appalachian accent which I lost most of).  I continue to press for answers to my questions.

My husband stands and walks out of the room after telling me not to move.  I try to give him my innocent sweet puppy dog eyes as he gets to leave the room.  I know where he is going and my look is to cover up my trepidation and fear of what would happen next.  When he returns he carrying items behind his back and though I suspect I know what they are, I’m still nervous.  He comes over to stand behind me, but to the side of the chair.  He orders me to stand, and I obey.  He gently grabs my arms and pulls them behind me just before he puts his metal handcuffs on me.  These are police cuffs he got from when he was a voluntary auxiliary police officer in another state.  As he cuffs me he goes through the process of reading me my rights as if I’m under arrest.  He finishes cuffing me and the rites at the same time.  His next order is for me to sit down.  I obey, but now I’m not as comfortable with my arms bound behind my back, and for that reason I don’t cross my legs.  It doesn’t matter anyway, because he comes around in front and puts Velcro cuffs on my ankles locking them together.  When my ankles immobilized he is behind me putting a nylon blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into darkness.  He even checks to ensure that I’m in darkness.

He announces to me that since he wasn’t quite ready for this game tonight, he was going to leave me for a few seconds to get ready.  I plead with him to not leave me blind, but I hear him go upstairs.  He is there about 5 minutes before coming back down.  I hear him walk past me into his office and I listen to him do some rummaging in there.  I hear him come back to stand in front of me.   He lifts the blindfold from my eyes and I blink at the light momentarily.  I sit quietly as he explains a new wrinkle in our game.  When he is in his sport coat, he will play the part of her husband and interrogator.  But when he removes his sport coat, he is Brutus the guard of me as a prisoner of the intelligence agency.  He asks if I understand this change and in my most submissive voice I answer yes sir.  As he explained about Brutus he has removed his coat showing he is wearing his Baretta 9mm gun in a shoulder holster.  I’m surprised at how far he will play this game.  After his explanation he runs back upstairs for just a few seconds he comes back down without his jacket on.

He approaches me as Brutus and puts my blindfold back into place.  In darkness again I hear him order me to open my mouth.  I refuse since this is the part I don’t like.  But he pinches my nose and I part my lips to breathe through my clenched teeth.  He tries to force the gag into my mouth, but I’m refusing to open.  He grabs my pony tail and I open my mouth to protest and the leather ball gag is in my mouth.  Before I can push it back out with my tongue, he has it secured in place with the strap at the back of my neck.  I scream and squirm like a very angry wife, which a little of me is angry at the gag.  But he isn’t responding, instead he is removing my Velcro ankle cuffs.  He then takes me by my left arm and orders me to stand up.  I refuse while trying to scream that I won’t until he un-gags me first.  But firmly he gets me to stand and take two steps forward.  Then he’s behind with his hands on my upper arms, guiding me as we continue to walk with his nudging me gently.  I’m still struggling as I reluctantly take the steps he wants me to take.  He guides me up the stairs and then into a room.

He forces me to sit down on a chair.  The Velcro ankle cuffs go back on but that isn’t all.  He now starts putting ropes all over me pinning me to the chair.  When he is done, the only thing I can move is my head, but I’m still trying to talk around the gag he has me wearing.  I feel some drool escape my lips and flowing down my chin, but he wipes that.  I listen as he leaves me in the room, gagged, blind and mostly immobile.  I squirm against the bonds though I know it is hopeless.  Not only am I upset at being gagged, I’m angry at my growing excitement between my legs at being totally under his control.  I’m like this for five minutes before he returns.  He removes the blindfold from my head entirely.

I settle down as I note we are in our master bedroom.  I’m tied up on a folding chair facing my vanity with mirror.  I see myself in the mirror and find myself enjoying the vision of me with the gag in my mouth.  Yet I get madder because I find myself getting more excited at what I see.  Between the vanity and me is a card table and another folding chair.  On the table is more rope, tape, a digital voice recorder, and a pad of yellow legal paper.  I look at my husband and he is wearing his sport coat, talking to me softly about how mean Brutus was.  I see the bulge of his gun under the jacket.  Next he removes my gag and I start in on him about having done that to me.  He quiets me down with the threat of Brutus returning if I don’t settle down and behave.  He continues releasing me of everything but my ankles and wrists, though he does release my hands to be cuffed in front of me. 

He now sits down at the table and begins to question me.  In my best accent I avoid his questions.  He is soft and kind, even reminding me how hot I look and how hot he is.  But for the next hour and a half we play cat and mouse with questioning.  I know how long it we are doing this with the clock that sits on our television over my husband’s right shoulder.  I know that the longer I work at not talking the worst my punishment will be, and though I might find it disgusting, I also find it exciting and keep up the resistance.  At the end of that initial session, he rises and comes to me releasing my left wrist from the cuffs.  Forcing me to lean forward in the chair he cuffs my hands behind my back.  As he leaves, he comments that maybe Brutus can do something that will make me talk.  I scream at him that tape instead of the gag next time.

I wait five minutes before he returns without his coat.  I reiterate that I want tape over my mouth instead of the gag.  He says to me that I’ve just picked my poison and picks up the leather ball gag again.  I clench my teeth but open my mouth when he tells me that I shouldn’t resist so hard.  He reminded me how my resistance didn’t work down stairs and he’d hate to have to force me again with trying to get it into my mouth.  I submit and open my mouth as wide as possible.  He is quick at putting it in my mouth and securing it at the back of my neck.  I sight as I see myself in the mirror and become hotter at the look.  Next he grabs some rope from the table and kneels in front of me winding the rope around the top of my knees.  The ropes are snug but not tight.  He then takes the 2 ends of the rope above and below the rope he just wound tightening the ropes with the second wind and tie off. 

My husband is not an expert with bondage, so he is not quick with the tie up he is performing.  He is even a little shaky in his hands from getting excited immobilizing me like he is doing.  And that turns up the heat on me more as I watch him work.  He secures my knees just above and below my knee cap.  Then he gets me to stand up, though I resist at first feigning being a dead weight, he get to my feet, though I’m unsteady.  He removes my chair which I regret because now my feet are going to feel pain.  With more rope he’s at my feet behind me.  He ties one of the ropes to my ankle cuffs and then brings the other end up over the chain to my metal handcuffs and back to my ankles.  Another loop over the ankle cuff, with a tug to make the rope taught and then ties it off.

Now he unbuttons the front of my dress.  This disturbs me and a scream into the gag, twisting my body to keep him from doing this.  I have no idea what he has in mind, but I’m not liking what I’m thinking why he is doing it.  Yet my futile resistance is ignored as he succeeds in unbuttoning my dress as high as my breasts.  Once again he gets behind me, causing a reaction in me as he raises the hem of my dress up to the top of my corset.  He secures the dress that high and then starts to fool with the back of my corset.  His next order is from me to suck in my stomach causes me to resist and squeal again.  But he doesn’t wait for me to comply as he begins tightening it on.  My corset is one that covers my breasts, but he's only working the portion that is around my stomach.  He pulls slowly but with growing pressure as the corset presses against my stomach.  I’m a little too fat and I don’t see how he sees me as sexy, but he does.  I feel a little pain in my stomach as he is tightening the corset so I instinctively pull in my stomach.  He manages to pull the corset close and tie it off before I can let go.  With his work around my stomach and my sucking in, I feel the swelling in my breast to tighten up around the corset their too.

When he is finished with my corset he pulls my dress back down and comes around front to button me up again.  I sigh with relief as he didn’t do what I thought he might.  He then picks me up a couple of inches turning me slightly before setting me down again.  He tells me he knows the corset is uncomfortable, but he turned me so I could see myself in the mirror with a bit of a profile.  My close fitting coat dress shows a couple of inches of change in my stomach and breasts.  I like the effect on my body the tightening has done and despite the discomfort, I find my shape more appealing.  The effect makes me feel sexier and wetter still.  I didn’t know that I could get this excited, nor had I been this way since early in our marriage.  And even though my rational thinking says I should hate this bondage, my body is rebelling against my mind in looking forward to what is next.  As I have looked at myself critically in the mirror, he is back at the table and picks up my blindfold again.  He turns towards me, picks me up to straighten me back up again the reaches to put the blindfold on.  I grunt into my gag, trying to get him to not do that as I’m enjoying looking at myself.  I emphasize my grunting by twisting my head to prevent that black nylon thing from being put on me.  Of course I failed.  Once back in darkness, he leaves the room again.

He is gone a good 10 minutes.  I’ll bet the bastard is having a cigarette while I’m like this, I think to myself.  I so much want to be mad at him so that I don’t talk too soon, but the growing dampness in my vaginal area is betraying my logic.  We are novices at bondage, but my husband knows how to interrogate me and get me turned on.  And though my logic tells me to hate what he is doing to me, my prolonging this interrogation betrays how much I’m enjoying his control over me.  All this while I’m feeling pain from the corset, in my arms being behind my back and in my toes as they are pushed into the pointed toe of my heels.

He returns and I can tell without seeing him that he has his coat on again.  He is sweet and nice, telling me that it looks like Brutus was mean to me.  I nod my head in agreement.  He removes my blindfold, but then he sits at the table.  He starts asking me questions and is phrasing them as yes or no responses.  He has to because I can’t speak through the gag.  He asks first if I’d like relief from my current restraint.  I of course nod yes as I try speaking too.  My head movement and grunts cause him to smile.  But I continue to get wet.  He tells me the more I answer his questions the easier it will be on me.  He starts with a string of 5 questions that I keep shaking my head no to them for 15 minutes.  Then I surrender and give him the truth on his 8th round of asking the questions.  After question number five, he gets up and removes my gag.  He sits back down and for another 15 minutes he asks me another set of questions that I resist answering.  I finally surrender the correct answers upon his threat of returning my gag.

He now puts the chair back, but he stops me as I go to get the pain off my feet by sitting.  He quickly releases the rope that is holding my hands down my back, then one of the cuffs.  He puts the cuffs back on my wrists in front, then helps me to sit.  He reattaches the rope to my cuffs and ankles, pulling tight enough to keep me from raising my hands more than an inch off my lap.  He returns to his chair and more questions.  Now that the only discomfort I feel is with the tight corset, I find it easy to resist his questions.  But he keeps asking for another 15 minutes.  Then he puts two bottles of water on the table, opening one and taking a drink.  I ask for water as I notice my thirst welling up within me.  He returns to his questions, talking over my pleas for water.  He finally warns me that I’ll get the gag instead if I don’t answer his questions.  Needless to say, I answer 5 more questions honestly.  That causes him to open the second bottle, come over to me to put it to my lips and allow me 3 swallows before we return to answering questions. 

Now with water and being off my feet I feel that even the threat of the gag won’t make me talk again.  So 20 minutes after getting my water, I’m sitting there with my mouth open to take the gag.  This time though he inserts it deeper into my mouth than before, then puts duct tape over.  This in spite of my protests at the position of the gag that was nothing more than grunts coming from my mouth.  Another ten minutes of questions without my defiance and then he is up again, to leave the room.  But he blindfolds me before leaving and he is gone again for another 10 minutes.  Now 3 hours since we started and I feel the wetness of crotch expanding to my thighs and some onto the chair seat.  I’m embarrassed now because I’ve never leaked like this until after his ejaculation.  I guess he is having another cigarette before he returns as Brutus.

I hear my interrogator return, but he is not my husband.  It is Brutus who talks to me.  I get nervous as for what is next for me, but I know that it will increase my wetness, whatever he does.  I feel one arm under my knees and the other at the small of my back and I protest him picking me up.  I’m scared for him that my 135 pounds is too heavy for him, but I’m lifted.  He doesn’t carry me far and then I’m plopped in the middle of our queen sized poster bed.  I’m forced to sit upright by him on the bed, with my legs bent because the rope is not long enough to stretch them out.  I pull my knees in closer to get some slack in the rope between my ankles and wrist.  Then I bend over so that I can scratch and itch on my nose.  I don’t stop with that though, I try to reach the blindfold to move it off my eyes, but he is there to stop me.  With one hand pushing my shoulders back and the other pulling my feet away from my head, I’m stopped.

I hear him doing something with the bed posts above my head first, then at the foot.  He is then on the bed beside me releasing the rope that leads to my ankles and then straddles me across just below my breasts.  He releases my left wrist, but takes the right and secures it to a chain leading from the right post.  Next he’s got my left hand in a cuff chained to the left post of our bed.  I’m getting excited.  Maybe he plans on taking me now, I can only hope.    He gets off of me and opens 2 buttons on my dress.  I lay there as I feel rope on my ankles, 2 different ropes, and then the Velcro ankle cuffs are released.  He gets off the bed and I test my legs to find though roped there is no restriction to their movement.  I’m about to use my legs to push myself further up the bed to get some slack in my arms when my right leg ropes are pulled.  My leg is pulled to one side but kept bent and I lose my ability to push myself up for slack in my arms.  Then my left is positioned identically to the right, but in the opposite direction.  I’m now spread eagle on the bed and the unbuttoning of my dress has allowed my vagina to be laid open to my husband.  He doesn’t do anything for a minute then leaves.  He’s only gone for minute.

When he returns I know it is as my husband the interrogator by the tone of his voice.  He’s talking to me about how mean Brutus was in this position and I nod in agreement.  But I have wetness slowly exiting me onto the sheets of our bed.  He comments on it and asks if I’ve had an orgasm yet.  Still tightly gagged all I can do is shake my head no.  Several more questions, the first just about my gag and current tie-up and then interrogator questions came my way.  I answered them all honestly and was into the fourth interrogator question when I realized I wasn’t even fighting him anymore.  I start resisting again, but he touches my cheek by the tape and tells me I was doing so well, that he was about ready to adjust the gag to be more comfortable if I continue to answer honestly.  I answer the next five questions honestly, of course yes or no answers only and then he removes the tape from my face.  He lifts my head from the pillow and loosens the strap to my ball gag and with my tongue I make myself more comfortable, but I’m disappointed I still have it. 

A few more questions which I’ve now surrendered to answering honestly wishing he would enter me to help my reach orgasm.  I no longer care about the game, I just need my orgasm.  He wakes me from my desires asking if I need more water.  Of course I need water and I say so yes with an emphatic nod of my head.  He lifts my head and removes the gag, then I feel the bottle at my lips and I eagerly accept 3 more swallows.  Then it was back to the questions for him and me lying with the blindfold imagining him taking me here and now.  As I continue to my orgasms, I barely notice his having unbuttoned my dress and opening it to expose my corset.  I keep answering his questions as he is playing with me, helping me towards my orgasm.  I suddenly realize my corset has been unzipped a bit to expose the nipples of my breast.  My extremely hard nipples that he is playing with in his hands.  Then one hand leaves me nipples and starts playing around in my crotch while his other hand and his mouth continue on my nipples.  I moan in pre-orgasmic mode with his play on my helpless body and I start to tell him how to make love to me.

That was my mistake, he put a gag back in my mouth.  This time though it wasn’t the ball gag as he had used before.  It was a mouth spreader gag made of metal with most of the gag on the outside of my mouth.  It really wasn’t a very good gag either.  Though my jaw was immobile, my mouth was wide open and noise could escape.  I just couldn’t say anything intelligible.    Then he removed my blindfold.  He took red lipstick and started applying it to my lips.  I hate red lipstick, but I didn’t protest.  I was too close to orgasm to resist, argue or even try to complain.  When he was done, he kissed me on the lips with his mouth wide open, yet he invaded my mouth with his tongue for the first time in my life. 

Finished with the lipstick he stripped to his shirt and tie and positioned himself between my spread legs.  I raised my head to see him go down to lick my cum from my thighs with his tongue.  Normally I would’ve tried to stop him, but this time I just enjoyed it.  Then he applied KY gel for men to himself, and gel for her to me.  That done, he positioned himself over me as if to enter and I lay back feeling the climax I needed coming with the expectation of his entry into me.  But he started kissing my lips and teasing me with his penis.  I tried to arch to get him into me, but he pulled back which got me even more excited.

I eased back down and again he was positioned at my entrance, but not pushing hard in.  This time I lay back, closed my eyes and silently begged for him to take me as I returned his kisses.  Slowly, ever so slowly, he entered by sliding in with the help of my cum and the KY gel.  The further he entered me the more I neared climax and wished he would get on with it.  Finally he was all the way in and I was screaming in ecstasy.  I had not reacted that way to sex with my husband in 20 years.  But that wasn’t all that I had, it wasn’t my peak.  This was my peak ecstasy in all my sexual encounters before, but not today.  He started his pumping in me and I felt like he was growing larger inside when in reality it was I clamping down on him.  He pumped away on me for a good five minutes then I felt his liquids entering my body.  A good long heavy stream in the first squirt with more to come in the next three pumps.  But that was it, four good squirts out of him and he was as good as he once was in his youth.  But the screams emanating from my gag were like none I had ever done before.  And the orgasm as my husband came was like none I had ever felt before.

Ten minutes after we both climaxed he finally quit pumping as he was going limp and had nothing left to give.  As for me, I was coming off my own climax and felt exhausted.  It was then that he removed my gag and freed my limbs, announcing our little game over.  I was glad that it was over and saddened.  It was the best sex I ever had and the best with my husband in 15 years.  But why oh why did I have to be bound and gagged to have it.  Fifteen minutes I lay there berating myself for what I thought was something disgusting, yet it brought so much pleasure.  I didn’t understand it.

I got up to use the bathroom and to change into my flannel pajamas that I liked to wear on such cold winter nights.  I had to walk in front of the mirror in my still tight corset to get my pajamas and paused briefly to look myself over now that the dress was off and in the laundry basket.  I liked what I saw, but still didn’t understand the attraction my husband had in me with my 20 extra pounds of weight that I could use to lose.  Before I peed, I had to clean up the sticky stuff on the area around my lips of my vagina.  When I did sit to pee, I had forgotten how long I had been since allowed to relieve myself and was amazed at how much I had to get out.  Although I would not admit it to anyone, all I could think of was, will a week for the next interrogation be too soon or not.  I smiled as I thought I would love to do it again.


Authors note:  I know this story seems a bit vanilla to most though it did turn us on.   My wife thinks this kind of thing is disgusting, at least she did until we lived most of what is written here.  Our first try was two years earlier and I wouldn’t learn for 15 months that she was actually a bit turned on.  The above took place on her own accord, though she had suggested she needed it two weeks earlier.  Though I’ve long been turned on to women being bound and gagged, their submission and trust to allow a man to do this, I never in my wildest dreams thought that my wife would enjoy it either.  Of course the names have been omitted or changed because we really are not that free with our having enjoyed this part of our lives yet.  I hope that even though it is very vanilla compared to the other stories on this site, that you all will find it enjoyable.