Spring Cleaning

by The SilkMaster

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; blindfold; cons; XX

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Spring cleaning can be so cathartic. All that crap that has accumulated over the winter has finally come to the end of its uses and time to get rid of or be packed away. My sweetie and I were in our purge mode with one of those huge bag dumpsters in the driveway. Anything you can fit in it they will haul away for a little over a hundred bucks.

It was going well until I was in her closet and found a small form fitting knee pillow for sleeping. I remember a few years ago when she called in and ordered it at about 2:00 am one morning from the shopping channel. She used it for a month and now it is in the back of the closet. The back of my mind started churning and I knew it was going to be repurposed.

On our third day of cleaning the house never looked better. The driveway on the other hand looked like a bomb blast had gone off, but come Monday it would be picked up. My thoughts now were on using the knee pillow. My Sweetie deserved a good moment of relaxation after the past couple days. This afternoon we decided on a time for a cuddle. Little did she know I put the pillow with the form fitting curves for her knees under the side of the bed.

Being an afternoon snuggle she knew I would want to make it an “active” snuggle, so seeing my scarf basket pulled out and put at the foot of the bed wasn’t much of a surprise for her.

“I thought we were going to nap?” she said cautiously as she walked in the room.

“Well we both have been working pretty hard this weekend, so I figured winding down, or up depending on how you look at it,” I said, with a little quirk of my neck and semi evil smile.

“I know that smile,” she said, waving her finger back and forth. “You evil man.”

“You give me too much credit, I am not evil, really”

She rolled her eyes a bit as she took off her blouse and bra.

“No, you’re right, binding me up and teasing me for your satisfaction isn’t really evil, yeah, right.”

Pulling down the covers and then taking off my shirt, shoes and socks I said, “I think that you will like it ‘come’ the end. You may or may not be in a position you may not like, but only for a little while... I promise,” holding up three fingers with my right hand.

“Oh, you promise?” she said, as she dropped her pants and panties on top of her sneakers, then kicking them off without untying them and pushing her crumpled clothes towards the hamper.

I was getting some of my custom built scarves out of the basket as she hopped in the bed, pummeling her pillow into submission for her comfort.

I needed a couple of the super long one. Those are either 18 or 15 feet long and 8 or 10 inches wide. Plus quite a few of the regular rectangles.

“What is going through your evil mind now?” she asked as she laid on her side propping her head up looking at me.

“Well, you seem to climax a bit harder when you can’t move much so trust me to handle the sensation part while you handle the excitement part. Is that really evil?”

She rolled her eyes up at me with a smile.

“Let's get started, ok... lay back and let me have your ankles please.”

She complied and I started loosely wrapping one leg then adding the second. There were several wraps as I tucked in the end and pulled it snug. She has beautiful feet and slender ankles.

“Oh I almost forgot,” reaching under the bed, I pulled out the small knee pillow.

“Where did you find that, I thought I threw that out?”

“It was in the back of the closet. I had an idea in my ‘evil’ mind to use it for today’s activities.”

“Rut roh” she said.

Working the pillow to get the grooves just right between her knees was fairly easy. I was thinking I should have put it in before tying her ankles first, but then the fun of pushing and pulling it in wouldn’t have been there.

“Goodness, that is keeping my knees pretty far apart, especially with my ankles bound,” she said as she started to rub her mons.

“I hadn’t noticed it would do that...” I said with a grin from ear to ear.

Once I had it situated where I wanted it, I took another super long scarf and started to wrap just above the pillow on her thighs and over the pillow. It took two scarves to finish mummifying her knees and calves. A smooth satin sheen from knees to ankles, perfect for rubbing and massaging.

“That feels good. I like the colors too,” she said.

I had to pull myself away from massaging her calves and feet to finish up a few things. Grabbing a couple more scarves, I tied each one around the tops of her thighs. This was done very slowly, with a lot of rubbing of the satin on the tops of her thighs and around her pussy, bringing out a few umms and a couple sighs. Inching higher up on the bed, with another handful of satin I started rubbing her tummy and breasts. More sighs, more umms.

“Let me have your hand Sweetie.” I took her hand and wound the scarf around her wrist a couple times then tied it to her thigh scarf. She smiled as I did the same to her other hand.

“Alright, What are you going to do now?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I said, bending down and kissing her gently.

“Yes I would.”

“The world may never know...” I said as I grabbed a couple of pocket squares from the basket and started wadding them up.

“I think you need something to chew on,” I said, bending down and kissing her again.

“Mmmm... Do I get a taste?” she said with a grin.

“Maybe later,” I said, as I wadded the first square in between her lips, pushing it into her cheek as she tried to pout. The second one was gently pushed into the other cheek, kissing her pouting lips as I finished.

I took one of the regular three foot by three foot scarves and folded it into a two inch wide strap and centered it under her neck, pulling the ends up and crossing them through her lips, making a great cleave and knotting them behind her head. Grabbing another I folded it the same and laid the flat center over her lips and tied it behind her too. Another kiss on the silken gag as her eyes showed me her puppy dog pouting look.

Rubbing her tummy and breast with a similar sized scarf, I could see her try to tweak out a smile under all that satin. I kept the scarf mostly on her growing nipples as I folded it into another wide strap. Bending down and kissing and gently sucking each one, while reaching into my basket for the little yellow snake bite kit. Pulling it up so she could see it before I rested it on her chest. Her eyes looked like giant pie plates as she caught a glimpse of it.

“Oh, You shouldn’t see what is going to happen now,” I said, as I wrapped the scarf over her eyes and knotted it behind her head.

Rubbing, massaging and kissing her breasts, slowly working a small fire in her, I took the snake bite kit apart and pulled the smaller suction cup out of the center. While sucking and kissing them, her nipples grew and grew. Wanting to keep them perky I took one of the large suction cups and licked the rim before I squeezed it and encircled the nipple before slowly letting it inflate. She sucked in a big breath as the first one pulled her stiff nipple nipple higher. Doing the same with the other cup brought some squirming but no real complaint.

I kissed her tummy and moved down to her navel, then above her pussy. Reaching down I rubbed up and down her labia as I kissed the crease at the top. Working my lips inside to lick and kiss her clitty. This brought more moans and I am assuming satisfaction groans from her. That crazy knee pillow kept her thighs apart just enough I could work well in there. Taking the smaller suction cup I licked the opening and slid it over her clitoris and slowly let it inflate. Her hips wiggled a bit back and forth. She tried to open her legs wider, then tried to close them, but I had that pillow wrapped in tightly. I held the cup there as she settled into her predicament. Now it was time to get to work.

Getting the small anal plug, six inch dildo, vibrating egg and lube out of the basket I started to work quickly. I lubed the plug and laid it between her thighs while I applied more of the lube to the dildo. Massaging her labia lips again, feeling her own wetness grow, I slid a finger inside and started working it around trying to reach her g spot. With my other hand I pushed some of her own lube down and teased her anus. Her squirming was encouraging me. I started to push the anal plug in. Rotating it back and forth as I pressed and receded it slowly getting close to the bulbous end and backing out a bit before letting it slip past her sphincter. As it settled it filled her nicely.

Reaching up I gripped around each breast, letting her know they were not forgotten. I was careful not to dislodge the suction cups. Sliding the dildo up I rubbed it up and down her pussy teasing a little. I started working it in as I did my fingers. In and out a little bit very slowly going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She kept thrusting her hips up to grab it as I slid it in. Trying to reach it with her hands that were so close but couldn’t reach it.

I could tell she was trying to close her hips to keep it in. Picking up the egg I turned it to medium judging how easily the dildo went in and the lovely scent wafting from her loins would waste time starting on low. Pressing the egg first to the bottom of the anal plug and holding it tightly as I reached up to massage her breasts again. I released one of the cups on her nipple and she brought as much air in through her nose as she could. Pressing it around teasing the stiff nipple for a bit before I reattached it.

As I reached for the other nipple cup I slid the egg up to the base of the dildo. Releasing the other nipple for a little bit before reapplying it. More breathtaking umphs and muffled ahhs continued as I played. Bending down I kissed her gag as I slid the vibrator up to the small suction cup on her clitoris. She jerked her head back and forth away from kiss as the vibe transferred waves of tiny rocking motion to the suction cup.

Moving my hand slowly down her tummy I fingered the top of the little yellow cup as I rolled the vibe around at the base of it. Slowly squeezing the cup pressing air out around the clitty. As it was removed I slid the vibe over the swollen bundle of nerves. Clicking the vibe up to high I started rolling it around back and forth and up and down over her clit.

Her hips started rocking, pressing up and down to get the vibe tighter on her. I helped her out and pressed firmly up and in on the swollen nub. Her hands went into a frenzy reaching for it as she rocked her head side to side. Attempting a muffled scream through the packing in her cheeks. The orgasm struck her hard. She came up on her side towards me, her hips rocking wildly against the little vibe then fell back onto her back.

Winding down took some time as I slid the vibe down to the dildo and turned it back to medium. Resting the egg on the base of the dildo her breathing slowed. I looked up and saw perspiration rolling across her forehead. Pushing the vibe down further it hit the anal plug and kept her pussy and anus in a slow roll. I reached up and slid the scarf that was over her lips down and reached between her lips and pulled the cleave out and over her chin. She spat out the pocket squares as I was pulling them out. She took a deep deep breath and then went into a light pant.

“This proves you are an evil man,” she said, between breaths.

“Are you sure this is evil, or is that a smile I detect on your lips?” kissing them as I finished.

“It’s a smile, and you are evil.”

Her breathing evened out until I took off one of the nipple cups. Their release caused a deep breath to be taken in between her teeth. I cupped the freed breast and massaged the nipple. Another quick inhale as the other nipple was released.

“You’re definitely evil, definitely.”

I bent down and kissed her deeply. Our lips rocked on each other, our tongues danced lightly back and forth as I slid her blindfold off.

As the kiss broke she quietly asked...

“What about my taste?”


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