Spreader Bar Indignity

by Wishful Husband

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Storycodes: M/f; lingerie; bond; restraints; straps; gag; spreaderbar; tease; torment; voy; sex; climax; cons; X

Summer had ended and I and grown tired of our weekend beach trips. I am not much for the beach but it's my wife favorite place to go. The only plus is she looks so hot in her string bikini and I enjoy her tan lines. For this she had promised me on the first Sunday of the football season she would be my bondage slave for the day.

It was finally the first Sunday of the season and I was watching the pregame show and my wife walked out in her white latex garter belt, silky nude colored stockings and white high heels. She looked amazing, the white garter belt and stockings accented by her deep dark beach tan. My wife has large ample breasts, a small waist and hips, a very shapely ass, and long, lean legs. She has beautiful shoulder length blonde hair and a very pretty face. Spinning around three times, she said, “Are you going to be able to keep your mind on the games?”

Jumping up from the couch I ran to the bedroom to get the bondage bag. Returning to the living room she was standing there with her hands behind her back. Pulling out the padded leather wrist restraints I tightly attached them to her wrists. Next I applied a leather strap pulling her elbows together. Like usual she complained that they were too tight but all I could do was smile. Reaching into the bag I pulled out a two inch black ball gag with a chin strap. She started to complain but I was able to force the large ball deep into her mouth and then I tightly bucked it into place. Taking my time I gently felt her up which made her very aroused while she let out a muffled groan.

“Thank you for keeping your promise, I was hoping you would, so I took a chance and I bought you some new goodies at the Adult store.”


“What's matter you don't like a surprise gift?”


Walking over to the coat closet, I hidden them for this special occasion. First I had brought out a large black colored faux fur blanket which I spread out on the middle of the living room floor. “This should make you horny?”

Walking her over to the very plush blanket I forced her to kneel down on it. Then I pulled out a three foot spreader bar which had ankle cuffs attached to each end. When she saw it her eyes widen and she let out a muffed moan. Kneeling behind her I buckled the left cuff tightly around her ankle. Her legs were too close together to buckle the right cuff so I told her to spread her legs more. She refused shaking her head no while letting out some muffled and unintelligible words. I love ball-gags they always put an end to her complaints. So then I gave her two slaps on her beautiful ass which made her decide to open her legs. I then tightly buckled her other ankle to the other end of the spreader bar.

I became extremely aroused looking down on my wife on her knees her legs wide open, with her torso moving up and down trying to figure out the spreader bar. Dropping down on my knees I started to rub her inner thighs working my way up to her aroused muff. I went to work on it and got her to the verge of an orgasm. Then I got up and walked over to the couch. My wife let out a loud moan and was panting in frustration.

“Let the game begin or is it a show.”

I could not watch the game, my wife was putting on quite a show. She was still on her knees bouncing up and down twisting and straining. Lifting one lower leg at time trying to twist the ankle cuff from the spreader bar. This only caused her to become frustrated.

Getting nowhere on her knees she leaned forward and flopped onto her stomach. It was quite a view from behind her legs wide open, lifting her legs up at the knees trying to kick her way out of the spreader bar. She grew frustrated with this so then she started getting up and down on her knees while

bent at the waist with her head down in the plush blanket. This motion on the fur was causing her to become quite aroused.

She turned her head to me to see if I was watching her. She got up on her knees bent at the waist face in the blanket giving me a gorgeous view of her shapely ass with her legs wide open. She started wiggling her ass while letting out some loud groans, I knew what she wanted. So I got up knelt down behind her and slowly slipped my cock into her very wet pussy. I was trying to take it slow since I was so aroused by the view I didn't want to shoot my load in 60 seconds.

She did her best to move back and forth on my cock but her movement was quite restricted due to her predicament. I enjoyed her efforts but I wanted to get back to the game so I grabbed hold of the straps on her garter belt and rode her hard. We both exploded into orgasm together, I let out a loud groan and she let out loud muffled moans.

Giving her a slap on the ass I got up and went back to the game. She laid down on her stomach and tried to relax a bit. After a while I could tell she was becoming quite frustrated with the spreader bar. Believe it or not my wife is modest and I know having her legs wide open was tormenting her. Getting back up on her knees she was able to fall back into a sitting position, thrashing her legs about trying to break free from the spreader bar. Leaning back she laid on her back she lifted her legs and began moving her legs like she was riding a bicycle another futile attempt to release herself from the spreader bar.

All this struggling, twisting and straining was just making her more and more hornier , she was huffing and puffing while moaning away. Laying on her back with her knees up feet on the blanket, she lifted her butt up off floor with her legs wide open. You could see was straining her muscles making her incredible rack even more taut and awesome. I could not take my eyes off her wide open pussy high in the air, it was so wet, it was glistening.

She was so hot and bothered, I got up and walked over. She dropped her butt back down on the blanket. Kneeling down I grabbed hold of the middle of spreader bar and lifted it up. Usually I grab her ankles and lift them high above and give her a good screwing but now I could use the spreader bar. I slowly inserted my hard cock into her very lubricated love hole. Due to her position I was able to deeply penetrate her and hit her G spot. I took my time thrusting in and out , and it didn't take long for her to go into a quivering orgasm. After some time I exploded inside her love tunnel causing her to let out a muffled scream.

I got up from my knees while slowly lowering her spreader bar. She laid there looking exhausted. Looking at me with her pleading eyes and mumbling something which I think was please untie me. “Did you enjoy that?” She nodded her head yes, I smiled at her and walked back to the couch. Glaring at me she let out an angry “MMMRPHRPH MMMRFPRFP”.

She rolled onto her side then onto her stomach and with great effort she got back up on her knees. Trying to get my attention she was trying to say something which I couldn't understand.

Then she start bobbing her head back and forth which I took for her saying that she was willing to give me blow job. “You know you don’t like giving me head?” Shaking her head no,” why don't you give me some time to recover?” Again she let out an angry grunt. I went back to watching the game while she sat up on her knees with her legs spread wide open. She started going up and down straining herself against her leather straps.

It didn't long and I was hard as a rock. I walked back over, and she lower her head expecting me to remove her ball gag. I didn't want to hear her complaints so I slide myself between her legs and positioned my cock above her pussy, Looking down she let out an angry grunt, “Git-ting up cow girl so she slowly lower herself onto my cock. It wasn't easy for her but she tried to bounce up and down on me while grinding her clit into my pelvis. It took some time before I came again but I got up and went back to the couch. She flung herself forward onto to her stomach and let out a pleading whine.

Should I take out her ball gag or should I release her? You decide?

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