by RubberH

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She had him! After months of searching, Pilar got word that Mike wasn’t as forthcoming in his financial statements as he claimed. The text from her lawyer said that beneath layers of legal documents and shell companies there were far more assets that she was entitled to share as ‘Community Property’. Well, that was just like him. Mike was a secretive, controlling S.O.B. If she had really known how much of an asshole he was, she would never have married him.

But she did. Pilar had been with the law firm for two years. It was hard, backbreaking work but she was on her way up with a California mover and shaker. Far from the small town Texas home she had left. There she met Mike. Tall, handsome, well-built and definitely rich. He had a couple of high tech security firms which had several Silicon Valley clients. Dating clients was frowned upon at the firm, but it wasn’t a hard and fast rule; so she said yes the first time he asked her out. From there it was a series of dates. Concerts, parties, red-carpet events, and yes, lots of fucking. Oh, he was good! A nice ten incher and with plenty of girth. He had lots of stamina too; maybe too much. He wore her out many times and while Pilar asked him to take it easy, he didn’t. That was a warning sign.

After they were married his attitude changed for the worse. Pilar thought she was an independent woman, but slowly he became more and more controlling. They took long vacations which meant she had to take additional time off from work. When she explained that her work was suffering, he came back and told her she didn’t need to work. She had everything she needed. The best house, car, clothes; she didn’t need a job. After several months, he had worn her resistance down enough that she turned in her notice. Pilar thought that would be the end of it.

He started telling her what to wear, how to talk. “Yes dear, I’ll be right home," or “No dear, I won’t wear the pink dress.” She grew to detest his pushy, domineering attitude. Talking down to her in front of people. Telling her not to order the dessert after dinner.

Yes, he was obsessed about how she looked. Counting the calories with each bite she took and cutting her off even though she hardly had a thing. No sweets or alcohol. All organic food. There was nothing about the way she looked that would give anyone the idea she was anything less than in perfect physical shape. She was 26. Five-two with a nice set of breasts and a ‘to die for’ ass. But Mike wasn’t satisfied.

The last straw in their marriage was when he surprised her on her birthday. Some fucking surprise! He opened the door to the room next to their bedroom. There had been some contractors working on it and she thought it was that new walk-in closet she had asked for. Instead, in the middle of the mirror-filled room was IT.

It stood in the middle of the room. A steel monstrosity, placed in the middle of the room. Wall to wall mirrors reflecting the hideous thing. A fucking exercise bike! No, scratch that. Not just an exercise bike, but an outrageously expensive, top of the line, high-end, computer-guided, internet-capable exercise bike. Pilar looked at Mike who told her that she should use this every day after her morning weigh in.

Several words left Pilar’s mouth. None of them saying ‘Thank you’. Most of them ending in ‘fucker’. The next day she hired the best attorney in the city and filed for divorce. It was brutal, with allegations by Mike of infidelity (none of them true), and mental cruelty to her (with plenty of witnesses on her side). Months of depositions, finger-pointing, delays, continuances and yelling by all parties concerned.

In the end she won out. Mike was arrogant enough to think she would never leave him, so a pre-nup wasn’t considered. He might have been a smart businessman but that time he was tripped up by his own ego.

When disclosure of his assets was made, Pilar got a token of what Mike was worth. He had hidden almost everything except the most obvious (house, car, etc.). His business had no tangible assets as he leased everything. (On paper that is.) Her attorney said that he would keep digging to get what she deserved. Of course, the legal fees would continue to pile up, but Pilar made sure Mike was required to pay these costs.

One day she got a text from her lawyer. The text gave an address to a place near the ocean. Good! Nice beachfront property. Even a one-bedroom shack would bring millions in a sale. She responded that she would meet him at the property and they would try to see just what it might be worth. If it was good enough, maybe she’d keep it.

Traffic was a bitch that day. The freeways were always like that but today seemed especially heavy. Maybe she wouldn’t keep the place if she had to always fight these assholes who...Damn it! Another biker cut between her and another car! She could’ve creamed him if she had been on her phone like that girl in the beat-up Ford. Maybe if she made enough from the sale she could move to somewhere less crowded and more bearable.

She drove down the coastal highway and to the number she read from the text. The space was occupied by a nice-looking beach house, but she also saw the couple and three kids who were living in it. She checked the address on the text and verified it on her GPS. She had entered the wrong address. The property was not on the oceanfront but a road east of the highway. She carefully drove back onto the road and found a turnoff which would take her to the property. It was still overlooking the ocean, a little, and although it wasn’t prime property it would still bring a bundle. It wasn’t a house though. She had come to a small condo complex. Well, a good condo with an ocean view would still bring in a hefty price.

Her lawyer was not there. In fact, nobody appeared to be there. The entry looked rather plain and while it was in good condition, it wasn’t very inviting. Mike did know real estate but this looked like it was going to need a lot of renovation and ‘curb appeal’ to sell. She got out of her car and looked at the mailboxes. Yes, his name was on the box for Unit G. That was stupid, using his own name but what the hell. She had gone this far, why not check it out further.

As she checked the outside she saw just how ugly that building was. It was more a big concrete box than livable condos. She couldn’t see through the windows because there were none on the ground floor. What windows there were on the second floor were small and dark. Maybe this was a business condo rather than residential. If so, that was a waste of real estate when anyone could tell you that people would kill for a place this close to the Pacific.

Suddenly her phone buzzed. A new text from her lawyer. He had to take an emergency meeting and couldn’t get to the property in time. However, his assistant had checked out the condo and even managed to secure a key. A messenger would soon be there with the key. After fifteen minutes the messenger appeared and handed Pilar an envelope. In it was the key and information about the condo. The papers said that Mike had bought it for his security company to use for product demonstrations, but it had been kept vacant and used now as a tax shelter. ‘Great!’, thought Pilar. “Just more money down the drain to fix it up. I’m going to end up in the hole if things get any worse.”

She made her way into the building and found Unit G. It had a high security steel door. She unlocked and opened the door. She pretty much found what she had feared. An empty unit; worse than that. It was the ugliest thing she ever saw. Walls, floors and ceilings of bare concrete. This was a disaster! The windows were small, but they were also made of bullet-resistant plastic and steel shutters could be closed. If you wanted to keep out an invading army this was the place.

Pilar checked out the rest of the condo and noticed something even stranger. The outside of the building looked much larger than the inside. Now maybe that was because of the thickness of the concrete, but something didn’t add up. She then heard a sound behind her. The door to the condo had closed and two steel bolts had slammed shut. She looked at the windows. The shutters were also closed and locked. “What the fuck?!” she exclaimed and tried to open the door. When that failed, she checked the windows. No way could she open them!

“Hi Honey!” came a voice from inside. Pilar looked and saw a red light mounted next to a speaker embedded in one of the concrete walls. “Long time, no see.”

“Mike, you prick! Let me out of here!” she shouted.

“MMMMM...No I don’t think so.”

“You son of a bitch!”

“You always had a temper, but I thought you had more self-control.” Said Mike.

“So, what do you think you’re doing? This isn’t a TV show," said Pilar. “People will..”

“Have no idea where you are.” interrupted Mike.

“My lawyer does.” She then heard Mike laughing.

“What the fuck? What’s going on Mike?”

The speaker just had static. Then Mike spoke again. “Sorry. I had to get a drink. This is hilarious.”

“I’m not laughing, and you’re going to be in cuffs when I’m out of here!” She shouted.

“You got a text on your phone from your lawyer. The phone I paid for and gave you. The same one you texted and called him on all this time.”

Now Pilar was puzzled.

“You do know that one of my companies specializes in telecommunications security?” he continued. “I know every conversation and text you’ve had since we were married. One of our apps can easily make it look like a call or text came from a different party. For you, I sent fake texts regarding the condo. I threw in some other tidbits to keep you on the line..”

Pilar just stared at the speaker and the red light of the camera. “OK, what do you want? I’m not giving up my fair share.”

“There isn’t much to share sweety, at least on paper. Oh, I also forged your name on a letter to your lawyer, along with a check to settle his fees. I confirmed it with another text that will be traced to your phone. You’re pretty much a closed file.”

Pilar pulled out her phone and tried to make a call. It wouldn’t work.

“Remember? Telecom security?” Mike said. “I’ve locked you out.”

Pilar saw a small three by three panel opening out of the concrete wall.

“Now put your phone in it.” Pilar did as she was told. She slid in the phone and it dropped down into a hole. Suddenly there was a flash of light and heat.

“Incinerator. The type used in banks and government agencies for sensitive document disposal. The phone’s crushed, shreaded, fried and totally destroyed.”

Pilar began to sweat. He was going to kill her, and nobody would know.

“Very good.’ Said Mike. “Now take off your clothes and put them in the drawer.”

“What?” replied Pilar “No fucking way!”

“I figured that.” The lights went out, leaving Pilar in a totally lightless room except for the camera.

Pilar started to make her way along the wall, trying to get to one of the windows and pry open one of the shutters. Then she noticed that there was no air circulating.

“Mike. Did you shut off...”

“Yes, the ventilation system is no longer working. Now this is a good-sized room so an individual could last six or even seven hours.”

Pilar’s heart was now racing.

“Of course, in an excited state with you hyperventilating, that time will be cut pretty much in half.” He said., “But I’ve got lots to do. I’m in Costa Rica right now working on a deal, so I’m going to give you a little more incentive.”

The speaker cut off once more and in moments Pilar felt air flowing through the condo. Hot Air! Really hot air! Blast furnace hot! It quickly filled the room. Pilar started choking on the superheated air that was turning the room into an oven.

“Mike please don’t do this.’ She cried. “Damn it Mike, you won’t get away with this!”

Sweat was dripping down her face and body. Her breathing became more labored.

Then the heat stopped and the lights came back on. “You feeling a little more cooperative?” Mike asked.

Pilar stared at the camera. “You bastard.” She said as she began to undress.

“That’s it sweetie.” Mike said. “Shoes, Top, now leggings. That’s it, everything in the drawer.”

Each item went down the chute and a flash of light and heat followed.

“Now the bra and your thong.” Said Mike. Pilar looked at the camera with a look of utter contempt and rage.

“You’re just about done. “

Off came the bra and thong and down the chute they went.

“OK, last little bit. Earrings, watch, necklace and ring. Oh wait, you stopped wearing it.”

Pilar watched as $18,000 worth of her jewelry dropped into the incinerator. The drawer closed. Now she was completed naked, standing in an empty concrete bunker.

“So what now?” she hissed. “Want me to do some jumping jacks?”

“I missed your little sense of humor.” Mike said.

“Just get to it. You sending in some guy with a meat cleaver and a body bag?”

“Nobody is going to lay a hand on you. I promise.” Mike replied.

Pilar was getting tired of Mike’s games. “You promised a lot of things. “

“And I delivered. All I wanted was a little cooperation.”

“Are you going to start that shit again, you motherfu...” Pilar started to say when the light went out again and the heat began to rise.

“Now I’m going to give you a choice to either be a good girl and do what you're told, or you can end up as a rib roast.”

Pilar knew that Mike wasn’t playing any more games. He could do this and nobody would be the wiser.

“OK...I’ll...cooperate.” She said.

The lights came on once more. Another drawer opened in the wall. Pilar looked inside. In the drawer were a set of wrist and ankle bracelets and a collar, all made of a high-density polymer. Several quarter-sized disks were also in the drawer.

“Very light and quite impossible to remove once on.” He said. “Now put on the ankle bracelets.”

Pilar looked at them and with no other options, clicked them on her ankles. They fit snugly but not tight, Very lightweight but she knew they were strong. Next came the wrists and then the collar. She feared the collar as she knew once on it was never coming off. But she closed it around her neck and she heard the locks click shut.

“Now you see those disks? Take the one with the ‘1’ on it and stick it over your heart. Pilar did as she was told. The disk stuck fast to her skin, but there was also a small prick into her skin.

“Jesus, Mike! That hurt!”

“That’s to anchor the sensor just under your skin. Even though the adhesive will hold tight the barb is to make sure it’s not going to fall off. The numbers two and three place on your sides just under the rib cage.” Again she did what she was told. She winced as the barbs stuck her.

“Four and five on each temple; and number six on the back of your neck. Last, put number seven at the base of your spine.” Mike instructed. Pilar stuck the disks on.

Pilar looked at the camera. “Now that I’m going through with your slave girl fantasy, is there anything else?” The sarcasm was heavy in her voice.

She heard movement and looked behind her. A section of one concrete wall was swinging open.

“One of my other businesses is building high security vaults and Panic Rooms. Those places wealthy individuals have in their homes to protect themselves and their valuables from intruders. This is a prototype I used for special customers.”

“You want me to..” Pilar asked, knowing what the answer would be.

 “That’s’ right. In you go.”

Pilar quietly walked into the room. As she walked in she could see that the walls were nearly a foot and a half of reinforced concrete and steel. The walls, ceiling and floors were a stark, flat black. One wall on the far end was completely white. A small opening was on the left leading to what looked like a closet. But what she feared the most was what was in the center of the room facing the white wall.

An exercise bike. No, not the same one Mike tried to make her use. This was vastly different. The frame was heavier; sturdier and it was anchored to the floor. The seat was wide and curved with multiple ridges on the surface. A computer display was in front. Electrical wires and hydraulic lines were enclosed in shielded conduits. The handlebars and pedals were a bit odd as well. The hands and feet would be placed in a sort of clamshell, probably to keep them from falling out. Above the bike were two plastic tubes with mouthpieces attached. The tubes went up into the ceiling. The floor had a steel grate which appeared to be a drain of some sort.

Another camera was facing Pilar. “What’s this Mike? I mean, know what it is, but I don’t get why this is here.”

Suddenly the door to the room closed and the multiple steel bolts were thrown.

“Jesus Christ, Mike! You’re not locking me in here!”

“Well yes, that is the idea.” He said with a slight laugh.

Pilar panicked and threw herself against the door. Failing to find an escape handle, she scrambled around the room trying to find a hidden door or escape hatch. She pounded against the cold concrete, crying like a wounded animal. She wanted to throw things at the camera but there were no loose objects to throw.

After several minutes Mike spoke. “Now there is a way to stay alive in here. Get plenty of food, water and air. To do that, you need to do just one thing.”

“I don’t have any choice do I? “ Pilar asked.

“Well yes, but your alternative is to die either of hunger, thirst or suffocation. All three take a very long time and can be prolonged almost indefinitely, but that’s all up to you.”

“And the bike? Is that to keep me in shape so you can torment me longer?” she asked.

“Kinda, sorta.” He replied. “Mount the bike.”

“Mike, what’s the point?”

“Mount the bike. I’m not going to tell you again.”

Pilar placed her left foot on the left pedal and swung herself over the bike. She placed her right foot on the right pedal. She took hold of the handlebars.

That is when the bracelets locked into the pedals and her hands and wrists were secured inside the clamshells. She struggled to break free, but the restraints held fast.

The lights went out in the room. “Mike!” Pilar shouted. “What the fuck is going on?”

“You didn’t like my birthday present, you ungrateful little bitch. I’ve enrolled you in a very special program, which some associates of mine developed for people who needed to, become more ... motivated.” Mike’s voice ceased and Pilar wondered what was next.

The wall lit up and in front of Pilar and the bike appeared an image of a woman dressed in skin-tight black rubber. She was blond and her hair was pulled back in a long single French braid. She had a cruel look to her. Her dark brown eyes looked as if she was staring right through Pilar. This was just a recording, a simulation or was it?

The woman spoke. “Well bitch, this is your first session and you better impress me. Start pedaling.”

Pilar froze for a moment. The woman looked at her. “I said, move it you little cunt!” The seat gave off an electric shock and Pilar screamed. “MOVE!” shouted the woman. Pilar started pedaling.

“Faster!” came the command and Pilar quickly complied, lest she would be shocked again.

“C’mon, a two-year old can do better!” Pilar quickened her pace.

Time passed with the woman forcing Pilar to speed up and slow down. The incline of the bike changed, forcing Pilar to work harder and harder. The display on the bike showed her heart, pulse rate and respiration rate. Brainwave patterns were also shown.

“Okay cunt, cool off time.” Said the woman and Pilar changed to a slower but constant pace. She ached and her legs burned. Sweat pouring down her body. It was then that she felt something else. The seat was beginning to vibrate and the ridges were rubbing against her pussy.

“Like that, don’t you cunt?” said the woman. “Keep pedaling, just keep on going.”

As Pilar continued to pedal the seat continued its assault on her clit.

“Pick up the pace!” ordered the woman and Pilar pushed harder. “Ohh..Ohhhh..OHHHHH...PLEEASSEE MAKE IT STOP!” she cried out as the first orgasm hit her.

“YOU stop cunt and I’ll make you do the entire course again!” the woman shouted. Pilar wanted to stop, but she feared what would happen to her if she did. She kept going, getting to the brink and then over the top.

Pilar was a wreck after three hours on the bike. When the clamshells opened she didn’t have the strength to dismount. She sat there in a daze. Drenched in sweat and unable to focus her eyes.

The woman looked at her. “Pitiful little cunt. You think this was bad? Wait until the next class. Sonya will chew you up, and Marcus, why he’ll work you so hard you won’t be able to put your legs together ever again.” The screen went blank.

The next class? Pilar slowly regained her strength as she looked around the room, trying to see if she missed any kind of exit. There were mechanical devices with hoses and wiring, but she couldn’t reach them as she was still locked to the bike. After what she thought was a couple of hours the screen activated. The blond woman reappeared but also, multiple images appeared across and down the screen. About 25 people of different sexes, ages and races. All naked and secured to exercise bikes. Pilar saw that one of the images was her.

“People! Listen UP!” said the woman. “We’ve got a new member. She’s taking the open spot in class from now on. You ready Sonya?”

“Ready.” Came another voice. This time it was a muscular black woman who wore a black sports bra and tight spandex shorts. “We have fresh meat I see. Well fresh meat, today’s your lucky day. We’re starting out with a ride through Death Valley.”

Pilar heard the others groan. Some were even crying.

“Oh look, Tubby is crying. Oh, Boo Hoo!” The image of a young blond man enlarged on the screen. Sonya continued. “Go ahead Tubby, cry all you want. You go in front of the pack today and you get to keep the pace.”

The young man was hit with a jolt from his bike seat. “Like that? Like that?” Sonya taunted. “I’ll fry your lily-white balls off if you don’t keep the pace.” And he was hit with another jolt.

The images left the screen and one large picture appeared. It was in the desert.

“MOVE! MOVE! MORE!” barked Sonya. Pilar started pedaling. As she pedaled the room was flooded with light and the temperature rose dramatically. It wasn’t just a picture, it was an exact simulation to the actual desert. Pilar pedaled the bike mile after mile, the heat getting to her.

“Hydration time!” said Sonya and one of the long plastic tubes dropped down from the ceiling and dangled in front of Pilar’s face. Quickly she took hold of the tube with her tongue and pulled the mouthpiece in and began sucking hard on it to get as much liquid as possible.

“Enough!” said Sonya “Let’s get it up to 20!” The tubes retracted and Pilar increased the pace until the odometer got to 20 mph. How long could she keep going at this pace in this heat?

Mile after mile they pedaled. They were all ready to collapse and if anyone slowed they would be shocked. The poor soul who Sonya called ‘Tubby’? What happened to him? She could hear Sonya taunting him but was he able to keep up?

They had gone at least 30 miles when Sonya gave them the order to cool down. Pilar shook as the seat began to vibrate and she had more orgasms. After the fourth one the desert image stopped. The multiple images reappeared. Everyone was in a state of extreme distress.

“Well, well, well.” Said Sonya. “Too hot for you? Let’s have a change of scenery.” The people disappeared from the screen and instead a picture of a snow-covered mountain range appeared. “All right then, just a little ride through the Swiss Alps and back before your next class.”

The room went dark and the temperature dropped. Frigid air. Pilar cried out as the bike’s incline changed to an extremely steep angle.

“Well fresh meat isn’t so enthusiastic about your little trip.” Sonja laughed. “What’s the matter? Too cold for you?” Pilar felt the frigid air beginning to blow much stronger. She felt snowflakes hitting her body. The force of the wind picked up and the snow became ice, then an all-out blizzard.

“Little Tex-Mex not used to a little snowstorm?” taunted Sonja. “That’s what we’re going to call you. Tex-Mex. Look at ‘Fortune Cookie’.” The screen showed a middle-aged Asian woman struggling as the ice hit her body and she shivered uncontrollably.

“C’mon Fortune Cookie, you giving up?” said Sonja. She gave the woman a jolt and the woman cried out. The woman shook her head ‘no’. “You only need 500 miles to be let go, but just say the word and Tex-Mex here gets your spot? Just say it.”

The Asian woman shook her head and with a scream pushed forward on the bike. Her vitals were now on the screen for all the class to see. Her heart beating faster and then...she convulsed, collapsed and the heart rate flatlined.

“Oh, well!” mocked Sonja. “Looks like we have an opening for the next class.”

The snowstorm stopped. The lights came back on and the clamshells opened. This time Pilar got off the bike as fast as she could. She dropped onto the floor.

“Hey Tex-Mex!” said Sonja. “Take a shower, you probably stink. I’ll see you later.” Her image disappeared along with the others in the class. Pilar was alone in the concrete vault. She shivered, feeling the temperature of the room rose slightly, and she saw the ice melting and going down the drain. Slowly she got up and went over to the shower alcove. She got in and looked for a faucet. The walls were just solid concrete. She heard something in the walls, turned and a solid panel slid shut. In seconds she was being sprayed with high pressure jets of soapy water. Her eyes stung from the soap and spit out the water that had entered her mouth. As the water continued to blast her, she felt a churning in her stomach and bowels. She had not gone to the bathroom for some time. All she could do was expel what was in her. The water continued to spray, washing everything down the drain. She was rinsed and the door slid open. The air in the vault had risen in temperature and after a few minutes she was totally dry.

Pilar was exhausted but there was nowhere to sleep but the bare concrete. She lay down on the floor and curled up in a fetal position.

She awoke to the sound of an air horn. She didn’t know how much time had passed, but it was barely enough to recover from the last session.

“Get your lazy ass up Tex-Mex!’, came the voice of a man. Pilar looked at the screen and saw the image of an athletic black man. She knew that she had no choice and mounted the bike. She was locked in and the images of her fellow captives reappeared.

“I see Pretty Boy is still with us.” Said the man. “Well... Tex-Mex. Sonja told me about you. I’m Marcus, but you call me Sir! Let me hear you!”

“Yes.” Pilar said and was hit with a jolt. “SIR!, SIR!” she cried out.

“Alright you bitches. Today is your lucky day. Marcus said and the screen turned into a single road. “It’s Road to Nowhere Day!” Pilar saw most of the class were shivering in fear.

“Hey Pretty Boy, you get to do what I know you always want to do.” Said Marcus. Pilar heard something come down from the ceiling. It was a large black dildo.

“Let me hear you say it. ‘I want to suck your big black cock Marcus’!” he shouted.

The unlucky man was crying.

“Awwww, he is just too shy.“

Pretty Boy was hit over and over again with the electrical shock. Finally he screamed out, “I want to suck your big black cock...Sir!”

“So, do it Pretty Boy!” ordered Marcus and the man took the dildo and began sucking on it. “Let me hear all of you!” he ordered the class.

They all shouted the same thing. Pilar hesitated. Each and every one was shocked.

“Tex-Mex! I didn’t hear you. Everybody says it, or everybody keeps getting hit.” Marcus said.

Pilar had no choice and repeated” I want to suck your big black cock...Sir.” She took the vile thing into her mouth.

“Good. Now we can begin.”

 The ‘Road to Nowhere ‘ was just that. One long continuous straight road. No hills, curves or even scenery. Mile after mile of nothing but straight, flat road, while sucking on the huge dildo. The pace was not quick but it was steady. She didn’t know how much time had passed. In a way she wished that there would be some change.

“Now I know how you all loved that, especially Pretty Boy.” Said Marcus. “Oh yeah, he was sucking my cock like it was his mother’s tit. You want more don’t you?” The image of the man reappeared. He was crying but he nodded his head ‘Yes’. “Well, you and your classmates are in for a treat. I won’t spoil the surprise, but everybody gets a trophy.” The screen went blank and Pilar was freed from the bike. She spit the dildo out of her mouth, and it retracted back up into the ceiling.

Other sessions interspersed with periods of sleep and showers. There were other trainers/tormentors. The blond woman, who Pilar learned was Marsha. An overly perky redhead named Petal, and several others. They each had their favorite victim, and they were merciless in their treatment. Pilar was not an unsympathetic person, but she had no time to worry about anyone else but herself. Mike was going to keep her in this vault until she ended up like the Asian woman – dead.

It was after a grueling trip through the Amazon rainforest that Pilar was taking a shower and heard something coming from the room. She heard someone clanging metal and a voice saying ‘Shit!’. She pounded on the panel and shouted for help but then realized that she couldn’t be heard. Besides, it could be Mike or one of his friends. They were not going to let her out. After a while the sound stopped and the panel slid open. Whoever it was had left and she was alone once more. Then she saw the bike and saw that a change had been made.

The seat had been modified or replaced. It now sported a large black silicone dildo. She looked and trembled at the thing and how it was positioned. Right where her ass hole would be. Mike made her do anal a few times. She complained, but he dismissed her objections.

“Well Tex-Mex! I see you’re ready to start! That’s what I like, enthusiasm!”, taunted Marcus. “Mount Up, Everyone!”

Pilar knew that she had to do it, but could she? She carefully mounted the bike and looked down. A stream of white fluid flowed out of the head and ran down the length of the dildo.

“Now do you think I’d let you have to stick it in you dry?” laughed Marcus. “Everybody gets lube...except for Pretty Boy.”

Pilar heard the cries of the others as they impaled themselves upon each silicone phallus. She felt it enter her hole. She didn’t know if she could take it all. Slowly she lowered herself and gravity did the rest as her rear touched the seat.

“That’s your trophy.” Marcus said. “And today you are going to ride through one of my favorite places.”

The screen displayed a bizarre sight. It was a park of some kind. A big park. With rollercoasters and all types of rides. Then she saw the familiar logo on the buildings, the streets and even on the garbage cans. A circle with two smaller ones on top.

“Welcome to Florida and we’re going to have a real good time. Now, don’t thank me all at once. In fact...”. The dildos lowered from the ceiling. Marcus continued, “ I don’t want to hear a peep out of any of you. Let’s go!”

Pilar took the thing into her mouth and began pedaling the bike. The dildo on the seat moved ever so slightly as she pushed her way through hours of nonstop riding through the various parks in the resort.

Finally, they stopped and dismounted. Pilar struggled to lift herself off not because she was so tired, but the phallus was so large it was almost wedged in her rear. Her hole stayed open briefly as it came out with a small ‘pop’. She could barely put her legs together without pain.

There had to be some way out of this, she thought. She looked again at the door leading to the outside. As she had already seen there was no release lever, button, or other control to open it up. She had to find some way, but now she had to sleep.

The sessions continued. Pilar had no idea of how long she was a prisoner in the room, but looking at the length of her hair it was now past her shoulders. It had to be at least five weeks. Five Weeks! Like the others, she was losing a great deal of weight and the effects of the harsh conditions were taxing her mental and physical strength. Images changed amongst her fellow prisoners. ‘Pretty Boy’ disappeared and was replaced with ‘Goth Cunt’ as Marsha called her. Two others, a transgendered female called ‘Pixie’ and a bleach blond bimbo named ‘Peaches’ were replaced by ‘Mommy’ and ‘Baby Girl’. And they were mother and daughter. Pilar was saddened that they were seeing each other tormented, but were held apart for who knows how far away from each other.

Pilar listened each time the maintenance person worked on the bike. Performing different types of repairs or modifications. She was sealed away in the shower cove, so there was no way she could get past him and escape out the open door. Or was there?

It was after the last session with Marcus that Pilar made her daring move. As the dildo rose up to the ceiling, Pilar took hold of it and pulled as hard as she could. With every bit of her remaining strength she managed to snap it off the hose. She threw it into the corner of the room where the camera did not have a clear view. It was now a matter of time before maintenance would be called to fix it. The problem was the door to the shower, but if she was right, she had a chance.

At the next shower session, Pilar took the dildo and wedged it into the edge of the doorway. The panel slid closed, but the dildo kept it from sliding all the way through. Pilar waited for the maintenance person to enter to fix the equipment. She pushed her fingers into the small opening and managed to grab the edge of the panel. She waited for what seemed like hours when she heard the door open and someone entered. She heard tools being used and carefully she pulled open the panel a few inches. The workman was on a stepladder with his back to her. She strained to pull the panel back enough to squeeze out the opening without alerting him. She crawled towards him and from his open tool bag chose a large mallet. He looked down and saw her, but before he could do anything Pilar rammed herself against the ladder. He fell to the floor and once there she hit him on the head with the mallet.

While he was half conscious, she stripped him of his pants, shirt and shoes. Everything was oversized but that didn’t matter. She took the keys on his belt and ran out of the room towards the condo door. She fumbled with the ring, trying each key until she found the one that would open the door. She turned the key and the bolts drew back.

Then they slammed shut again.

“You were one big surprise.” Came a voice. It was all too familiar... Marsha! Pilar began weeping.

“Hey, hey!”, said Marsha. “No tears now. I have got to say you impressed the hell out of us.”

Pilar was in no mood to listen to her taunts. “Just kill me now! I won’t go back in there!”

“Not going to happen," said Marsha.

Pilar looked at the camera. This was some sort of game. “Tell Mike that.”

“I’m not telling Mike anything. This is just between us girls," said Marsha.

“Then what do you want?”

“Let’s discuss this in a more comfortable setting. Oh, in a minute a couple of people will be coming in to help George out. Sheesh, poor guy! He was just doing his job when you clobbered him.”

It was an hour later that Pilar was sitting in an office overlooking the city. Marsha was seated on a chair across from Pilar. A nude young woman was kneeling next to her.

“Drink? I bet you need one.” Asked Marsha. “Honeycunt, get Pilar a...what would you like?”

“Water...just water.” Replied Pilar. The young woman rose, ran to a nearby bar and fetched a bottle of imported spring water. “So, what now?” she asked.

“Your husband.”

“Ex," Pilar said. The young woman kneeled and presented her the drink.

“Yes, your ex. The rooms he created were for a very unique business. You already probably know what that is.” Said Marsha.

“You kill people. Considering what I went through, the victims disappear and are never seen again.”

“Not necessarily. Long term confinement makes one more mentally pliable. Some are released after they break. Others are not. Technically those ones meet their end by not surviving the environment rooms," replied Marsha, “they either die from hypothermia, exposure, heat stroke, heart attack, extreme weight loss, organ failure or some other physical trauma. The object is to make their lives a living hell until they just give up. If discovered, a medical examiner would be thrown off by what they found. A person with severe sunburn found in the mountains? Frostbite in the West Indies?”

“So why not just put me back in the room and finish me off.” Asked Pilar.

“Because Mike couldn’t let a good thing go on. He started making more demands about his payment. Your imprisonment was supposed to be the end of his demands. He then did something really stupid: He claimed he had evidence and if anything happened to him, someone connected to one of his businesses would send it to the Feds.”

“Mike always thought he was smarter than anyone else.” Said Pilar, a smile on her face. “Looks like he finally got what was coming to him.” Then she realized something. “so what am I doing here?”

Marsha rose from the chair and sat next to Pilar. “If any of Mike’s businesses would stop operating because of his absence, that would tip off his associate. I’m guessing that Mike didn’t trust a lot of people so it would be someone not actually working for him.”

“He’s such a prick. He never had any real friends either.” Said Pilar.

“Then if the businesses would still be operating, nobody would be the wiser that he wasn’t still involved," Marsha explained. “You were entitled to half of everything, but he scammed you. Not a dime of his real assets were found. Well, not quite. We have an excellent team of forensic accountants who managed to find where he hid everything. It’s all actually in your name; in plain sight so to speak. But without you the businesses dissolve. We don’t want that of course. So...”

“I take the businesses, run them as usual and your secrets stay safe.” Pilar replied.

Marsha nodded yes with a large smile on her face. “You understand, completely.”

“What happens when you find Mike’s evidence?” asked Pilar, “you no longer have any use for me.”

“You’d certainly be considered a co-conspirator by the Feds. You’ll keep quiet, I have no doubt of that. The question is, do we have a deal?” said Marsha. She held out her hand. “Deal?’

Pilar hesitated. “I’d like to add a little something to the bargain.”

“Name it, but I bet I know what it is.”

Mike opened his eyes and found himself in a room. It was one of his secure rooms! He also realized he was completely naked.

“Well, it looks like ‘Limp Dick’ is ready for a nice long ride." It was Marcus’ voice.

Mike panicked as he saw the exercise bike with the huge dildo mounted on the seat.

“C’mon, ’Limp Dick’. Time for a nice long trip through the Sahara..Oh by the way, I call you ‘Limp Dick’ cause your Ex asked for a little something additional to be given to you.”

Mike looked down at his cock and balls. They were encased in a high-strength steel chastity device; welded shut!

“Now MOUNT UP!” shouted Marcus. The screen changed to that of Mike’s fellow bikers, with his image squarely in the middle.


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