So Simple, So Deadly

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2014 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; basque; stockings; heels; bond; cuffs; collar; chain; tease; torment; bdsm; pain; lesb; cons; X

It had looked so simple when she had lifted it from it’s wrappings. In fact, my first thought was one of disappointment at it’s simplicity. Nothing like as cunning and utterly implacable as some of our other toys.

My wild lesbian mistress had me dress carefully for what she described as ‘my ordeal’. I clinched my already slender waist in tight with a basque she had bought for me years ago. I knew it turned her on terribly and the desire to ensure I would always be able to fit inside it’s steel boned sides had kept me trim and lean as the time passed. If she ever found I could no longer clinch it about me I dared not think what punishment would be my lot until I could again fit within it’s tight restraint.

I pulled on my sheerest stockings, adjusting the suspenders lovingly and finally slipped my naughtiest heels onto my feet. They gleamed black in any light, and they had damn near six inches of spindly heel at the back with a narrow block under my toes to give my height a huge lift. Wearing them I could look mistress straight in the eye, something that I seldom got the chance to do and which excited me nearly as much as my outfit would excite her.

A fleeting part of me wanted to forget all about my evening bondage and wanted to take things straight to the bedroom, but somehow I knew that was not going to happen. Not tonight. I knew the look in her eyes only too well.

I swayed back into our playroom with a most unsubmissive smile dancing across my lips. Mistress was reclining on her favourite chair, and swung smoothly to her feet as I entered the room. She was sheathed from neck to ankle in gleaming black leather that shone under the lights. Her matching boots were stretched tight about her calves and sprouted heels as narrow as my own, and as she rose I could see there was going to be no looking straight into her eyes tonight.

She walked slowly round me as I came to a halt in the middle of the room. I tossed my hair and turned my head to follow her as she slowly inspected my body as I stood bolt upright on my heels. Her hand slapped my satin sheathed arse and she snapped

“Face front”

I whipped my head front, my auburn hair falling out my face in soft waves as I felt her fingers trace lines about my body. Then that bundle of leather straps was in her hand and the collar was being snuggled about my throat. I felt the material tightening about my flesh and I gasped as I heard the tongue rasping through the buckle and hasp, pulling just tight enough to always remind me it was there.

I could feel the wide leather strap hanging from the back of the collar running the length of my spine, following the firm curve of my tight buttocks and running on down behind my legs until the very end brushed gently against my ankles.

Her strong fingers took control of my wrists as my enquiring fingers darted out to examine the long strap. I could hear the faint rattle of steel behind my back and I wanted to know what was in store for me. Wide cuffs deftly made prisoners of my wrists and moments later my hands hung at my sides. I wondered what Mistress had in mind for me as she stepped back in front of me.

The final strap that unravelled down behind my legs dangled cuffs that swiftly made prisoners of my ankles. I gingerly tested them and found I had about 8 inches of movement between my ankles before the cold chink of a chain snapped rigid.

“I am going to put you though hell tonight little slave. I have one more simple thing to do with our new toy, then I am going to leave you to your own devices. Alone. In this room. And when I come back I will expect to find you still on your feet.” She smiled at this as if there was some secret joke only she understood. “Normally I would gag you, but tonight I rather think I would like to be able to hear your voice pleading.”

Trailing her fingers across my bare arm she slipped behind me and grasped my wrist. It was swung half way up my back and secured with a snap, and moments later my other arm joined it.

With a little wave in my direction she slinked from the room, my eyes never leaving the tightly sheathed curves of her glorious arse as she walked away, lust filling my eyes and my soul.

As the door clicked closed I took stock of my situation. The collar about my throat was snug but hardly intimidating. And my cuffs were nothing like as terrible as some of the steel cuffs was had used in the past. I flexed my arms and heard the steel of the clips that held my cuffs to that dangling length of heavy leather jingle softly. I shifted my heels on the floor and was rewarded with the sound of gently shifting chain links.

I stood there for a few minutes before I became aware of the nagging strain in my shoulders brought on by the way the clipped cuffs kept my arms bent. I allowed my arms to relax and gasped as I felt the strain transmitted straight to the collar about my throat and I quickly lifted my arms again.

As the minutes passed I slowly became aware of the insidious nature of the apparently simple bondage Mistress had put on me. Within minutes my shoulders were aching again and the only way I could get any relief was to let my shoulders uncurl, and the moment I did that my head was being jerked back by the pressure at my neck.

Suddenly desperate to relieve the tension I heard myself let out a gasp as I twisted my shoulders again and they screamed at me. Out of desperation more than hope I shifted my position and as my ankles tried to shift apart the chain snapped taught and my balance went haywire. I found myself taking staggering little steps sideways in a desperate attempt to keep upright.

Finally upright and balanced again I desperately flexed what little movement was available in my shoulders to try and relieve the crying in pain my muscles were experiencing, and somewhere in the distance I could hear myself whimpering.

Moments later my tortured shoulder and upper arm muscles went into spasm and I could hear myself wailing as my throat took the full brunt of the unexpected onslaught and I found myself staggering across the room again as my legs desperately tried to make some sort of balance out of my twitching upper torso.

Somewhere at the back of my mind I was cursing my excessive choice in shoes as I staggered to my left, my tiny ankle chain snapping tight again and nearly tipping me off my feet.

Once again upright I could feel every muscle in my upper arms and shoulders twitching and writhing under the stress of my twisted arms and I could hear myself whimpering and crying as I desperately tried to make myself comfortable in the oh so simple yet oh so insidious bondage.

I could feel the tears rising in my eyes as I felt another wave of spasms rising in my shoulders with no hope of release or relief. And as I felt my wails turning to screams I heard a distant laughter, a chuckling sound that was coming from somewhere to my front. Fighting back the tears I looked up to see my leather-sheathed mistress looking at me.

“Help me” I wailed, “You’ve had your fun, now help me!”

My whole upper body was twitching uncontrollably by now and I felt as if my body would never respond to me again if I did not get help soon.

Moments later I felt a warm hand caressing my breast, my nipple springing to attention under the rough thumbing despite my torment, and I heard a terrible growl joined the wailing of my torment and I knew why I loved my mistress so much.

Everything was a haze as I felt rather than heard the clips that held my wrists captive being unfastened. I felt my arms drop uselessly and the muscles screamed again at their release. She had been right. Mistress had been right. It had been torment, a simple torture beyond belief, and as her strong hand pressed me back on to sofa and her mouth found mine as a hand found my tenderest spots I knew I would never want my wonderfully inventive Mistress any other way.

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