Sophira 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: M+/f; naked; bond; rope; hood; wagon; pole; transport; plot; treason; revenge; hist; cons/reluct; X

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Part Three

“You want me to do what?” At the anger in the young Queen’s voice, the two with her stepped back slightly.

“Your Majesty,” said the woman facing her, “please try to understand. We have to sneak you into the city. Duke Korza’s men will no doubt be watching every gate.” The woman paused. “Sophira,” she finally said, “trust us.”

Sophira gazed at the other woman, her glare softening slightly. “Jenna,” she replied, “I would trust you with my life. But I thought we were trying to put me back on the throne. How can entering the city as a slave do that?”

Roderick, the other person present, stepped forward. “Your Majesty,” he said softly, “as Jenna said, Korza will have people watching anyone who enters the city. Your face would be recognized instantly, and I can’t take enough men along to protect you. However, nobody will pay much attention to a hooded slave on her way to the block.” He smiled slightly. “Besides,” he continued, “who would believe that Queen Sophira would return to reclaim her throne disguised as a slave?”

Sophira stared at him, then shook her head. “You do have a point,” she admitted. “Still, I dislike this idea. I have been made helpless once, and that was more than enough for me. Besides, what if someone decides to examine me? I know that happens quite often to slaves who enter the city.”

“My men will protect you,” Roderick replied. “This, I swear. Anyone who shows interest in you will be told that you are a special gift for Duke Korza, and that you are to remain untouched for your new owner. Nobody would dare touch a slave they think is destined for him.”

“And what of you?”

“Jenna and I will have to sneak into the city separately. Jenna is too well known in and around the palace.” Roderick grinned. “I, on the other hand, am too well known in certain other parts of the city. Neither of us can take the risk of being recognized.”

“Why can’t I sneak in with you, then?”

“I’m afraid that would be too dangerous,” she was told. “Even the route I intend to use involves the risk of being seen. If people along the way see me, they will think little of it. But if they see their Queen sneaking in, the word would spread quickly, and Korza might learn of your return before we’re ready to face him.”

“Sophira,” Jenna added softly, “it’s the only way.”

Sophira glared at the two for a moment, then her shoulders slumped slightly. “Very well,” she said softly.

“Where are all your men?” Puzzled, Sophira glanced around the camp, seeing only five of Roderick’s band remaining.

“They began sneaking into the city last night,” Roderick replied, “once you had agreed to our plan. These five will escort you.”

Glancing at the men, Sophira recognized them to be the ones who, along with Roderick, had apologized for seeing her naked and bound on her arrival. Obviously, Roderick had no intention of allowing any more of his men to see her so. Somehow, the thought comforted her slightly, as did the sight of Dalin, Roderick’s second in command, who would obviously be leading her escort.

“Sophira?’ Turning, the young Queen saw Jenna standing at the front of the main tent.

“It’s time,” the woman said.

“Very well.” Resignedly, Sophira entered the tent, drawing off the short dress that was her only clothing. Naked, she turned as Roderick entered the tent behind her.

“Why are you here?” Suddenly nervous, Sophira covered herself with her hands.

“Again, Your Majesty, I must apologize for seeing you like this.” Roderick’s eyes, she noticed, were locked onto her own. “Unfortunately, Jenna is not skilled at such things as must be done, and I will not allow one of my men to touch you in this way. Therefore, it must be me who does this. When this is over and you are once more seated on the throne, I will accept any punishment you choose for what I am about to do.”

Sophira nodded, commanding her nerves to be still. “Begin,” she said, her voice shaking slightly.

“Yes, You’re Majesty.”

Taking up a rope, Roderick stepped behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, Sophira watched as he drew her arms behind her, placing them forearm to forearm. With quick, deft motions, he wrapped the rope around her arms, binding them together. Once the rope was knotted into place, he stepped back. Experimentally, Sophira tugged at her bonds, finding them tight and inescapable, yet not unduly uncomfortable.

“The legs next?”

“Not until we have you on the wagon,” Roderick replied, looking slightly uncomfortable. “I’m afraid the gag is next.”

Sighing, Sophira parted her lips, allowing the carefully folded wad of soft cloth to be inserted. A strip of cloth, knotted around her head, held the gag firmly in place.

“The next part,” Roderick said, “you will not like. It is, however, necessary to preserve your image as a pleasure slave.”

Curious, Sophira watched as he took up a long rope, doubling it, then slipping the looped end beneath her arm. The ends were passed beneath her other arm. Carefully, Roderick separated the strands, allowing one to pass beneath her breasts, the other above. Feeding the ends through the loop, he reversed direction, wrapping twice around her and pinning her arms to her sides. With each wrap, the strands were separated to pass above and below her breasts. After the second wrap, the ends were fed once more through the loop, then fed over her shoulders, one on either side of her neck.

“My profound apologies,” Roderick said, carefully feeding one strand behind the ropes and between her breasts. The second strand passed over the wraps, only to be fed under them in an upward direction. Grasping both, Roderick drew them tight, pulling together the wraps and pinching Sophira’s breasts between them. Roderick tied the ends off, then stepped back.

Glancing down, Sophira could see her breasts bulging slightly from the ropes pinching their bases, blushing slightly at the sight of her hardened nipples. Raising her eyes, she grunted into her gag, her words of protest rendered unintelligible by the cloth filling her mouth.

“Sophira.” Looking over, she was surprised to see tears in Jenna’s eyes at what she was being forced to endure. “Please forgive us.” Stepping forward, Jenna took the bound Queen’s arm and led her from the tent. Outside, the five men assigned to escort her pointedly turned their eyes away.

Grasping her by her waist, Roderick easily lifted Sophira onto the wagon. Vaulting inside, he guided her to the center of the wagon, where a metal plate had been attached. In the center of the plate was a short metal tube.

“The pole.” Quickly, one of the men handed Roderick a long, stout pole. Stepping behind Sophira, he raised the pole, then carefully slid it down her back. As the pole passed between her back and her bound arms, Sophira could feel her bindings drawn tighter. Slowly, the pole slid down until its lower end slid into the tube. A bolt secured it into place.

“Almost done,” Roderick said, moving to kneel before the helpless Queen. Quickly, he wrapped rope around each ankle, drawing her feet apart and securing them to bolts in the wagon’s floor. More rope, passed around her waist, pulled her tightly back against the pole, so that it nestled into the crack of her ass. Finally, a bag was drawn over her head, plunging her into darkness.

“My men will keep you safe,” Roderick whispered in her ear. “We will meet again within the city. Until then, my Queen.” The wagon lurched as he leapt off.

“Go carefully,” she heard him say. “You carry perhaps the most precious cargo ever seen in this land.” The wagon lurched into motion, causing her to sway helplessly in her bonds.

As she waited out the interminable ride, Sophira pondered her situation. For the second time, she rode, naked and helpless, totally at the mercy of those who had bound her. This time, however, was different. Before, she had been bound against her will, in an attempt to steal her crown. This time, the bonds holding her had been placed with her consent, for the purpose of regaining that crown. Before, the hands that bound her had been rude, thoughtless. This time, the hands had been gentle, caring.

Swaying with the motion of the wagon, Sophira could feel the pole shifting, seeming to slide up and down in the crevice of her ass. Her breasts, pinned between the ropes encircling her, moved hardly at all, yet she felt a throbbing that seemed to begin at her nipples, spreading slowly through her body.

Staring into the darkness, she considered the vulnerability of her position. Those who had taken her from the palace could have done whatever they wanted to her. Roderick, too, could have had his way. She was thankful that those first captors had spared her the indignity of their groping hands. Surprised, she found herself wondering why Roderick had done the same. Sternly shaking off such thoughts, she spent the remainder of the ride plotting revenge, rousing from her schemes only when the sound of voices told her they were entering the city.

Somehow, the ride through the city seemed even longer than the ride to the city. Voices called out to her escort. Sophira found herself grateful for the bag hiding the furious blush on her face at some of the questions and comments her nude, bound body provoked.

At one point, the wagon lurched to one side, as if someone had climbed aboard. Stiffening, Sophira held herself as still as she could.

“Well now,” she heard a rough voice say, “that’s a nice piece of meat you have there. I think I’d like to sample it.” Sophira froze, suddenly terrified of what might happen.

“Be gone, you,” came Dalin‘s voice from behind her. “This one is a special gift for Duke Korza. We are under orders to ensure that she arrives unspoiled. So if you value your manhood……”

“The Duke?” Sophira felt the wagon lurch again as the unseen man hastily exited.

“It would seem,” Dalin said with a soft laugh, “that the good Duke’s reputation is as formidable as we thought.” Sophira heard a soft, slithering sound, realizing only then that Dalin had stood behind her with sword partially drawn in her defense. “Fear not, my Queen,” she heard him whisper. “We are nearly there.”

Moments later, the wagon lurched to a stop. Sophira could feel it shifting as people unloaded. Suddenly, the bag was pulled from her head, allowing her to see that the wagon now stood within a dimly lit shed. Aside from Jenna, who stood before her, the shed was empty of people.

“Your Majesty,” Jenna said, concern plain in her voice, “are you well?’ Sophira grunted into her gag, causing Jenna to jump slightly.

“Of course.” Moving quickly, Jenna untied the cloth holding the gag in place, gently removing the wadded cloth from Sophira’s mouth. Her bonds followed, until Sophira stood free, rubbing softly at the rope marks on her arms.

“Where are we?”

“In one of the older stables of the palace,” Jenna replied. “It’s never used any more, but it still connects to the palace, so we should be able to get in unseen. First, though, let’s get you dressed.”

Gratefully, Sophira allowed herself to be clothed in a fine gown, surprised at how good it felt to be covered once again. As she slipped her feet into elegant slippers, Jenna drew up her hair, artfully pinning it to her head in a fashion currently favored in the court. Satisfied with her Queen’s appearance, Jenna helped Sophira from the wagon, leading her through a door in the rear wall.

Roderick awaited them down a short flight of steps. “Your Majesty,” he said, eyes blazing with satisfaction, “it appears we have arrived just in time. Korza is in the great hall with Solange, prepared to begin her coronation as the new Queen. We must move quickly to stop them.”

Sophira nodded. “Lead the way.”

As the small group moved through the dimly lit passageways, Sophira came to realize how little she actually knew of her home. These narrow corridors, seemingly unused, were something she had never seen. When she asked about them, Roderick grinned.

“This,” he said softly, “is just below the main floor of the palace. These passages connect to every room.” He nodded to short flights of stairs that branched off to either side.

“Secret passages,” Sophira breathed. “So how do you know about them?”

“You can thank Dalin for that. He served here, until one of Korza’s men nearly beat him to death for not bowing low enough. That was when he joined me.”

Sophira shuddered as she remembered her uninvited fellow passenger in the wagon. “It would seem,” she whispered, “that I have a great deal to thank Dalin for.”


“People of the land, we are come upon dark times. The realm needs leadership, yet has none. In this hour, I bring you glad news. I present to you the Princess Solange, sister to our greatly missed Sophira, and rightful heir to the throne.”

The great hall was packed with people. Hidden in a dark alcove, Sophira peeked through a cracked door, watching as Duke Korza addressed the crowd. Standing beside him, Solange was resplendent in the royal robes. Her eyes, dark and malevolent, looked out over the crowd.

“My people,” she said, her voice booming through the room, “I have returned from exile to take my rightful place as your Queen.”

“By what right?” Stepping forward, a man in a cavalry uniform addressed the woman on the dais. “You were exiled by order of your father, our former King. By what right do you now claim the throne?”

“By right of blood,” Solange replied, her eyes flashing. “I am the sole remaining member of the royal family. As my dear sister, Sophira, is gone now, only I remain to rule.”

Hearing enough, Sophira threw open the door. “And if Sophira returns?” she asked loudly, stepping out into the room.

“Sophira!” Eyes wide, Solange stared at her sister, before turning her gaze toward Korza. “But you said…..”

“Enough!” Angrily, Korza pointed toward Sophira. “Sophira is dead, killed by rebels. This woman is obviously an imposter. Arrest her!”

Korza’s men moved toward Sophira, halting as armed men poured through every door. Sword drawn, Roderick stepped past Sophira, standing protectively before her.

“Roderick!” Korza’s eyes widened. “You dare? First you kill our Queen, and now you bring this imposter before us? Do you so desire the throne for yourself?”

Roderick grinned without humor. “You know full well that this is the true Queen,” he said, his voice easily carrying throughout the room. “After all, you were the one who hired me to dispose of her, once you had her abducted from this palace.”

“Lies! Once Solange is crowned, I will see you die for those words!”

For several moments, the two armed groups glared at each other. Finally, Sophira moved to stand beside Roderick.

“Tomarus,” she said, addressing the cavalry soldier, “I know you. You rode point during my coronation procession. Can you not tell if I am real or imposter?”

Tomarus stared for a moment, then slowly stepped forward. Halting before Sophira, he dropped to one knee.

“Your Majesty,” he said fervently, “you are safe. Forgive me for doubting that you yet lived.”

Sophira smiled. “I will remain safe,” she said, “because of men like you.” Raising her eyes, she swept the room with her gaze. “Do any others doubt who I am?”

The room filled with the slithering sound of drawn steel. Korza’s men quickly found themselves surrounded by men with bared blades. Next came the clank of swords dropping to the floor as Korza’s men quickly surrendered.

“Duke Korza,” Sophira said loudly, moving toward the dais, “you have plotted against the crown, against me. You sought to overthrow me and place my sister on the throne, while placing the blame for my death on an innocent man. This is high treason, and I think you know the penalty for such a crime.”

Desperately, Korza turned to flee, freezing when he felt the point of Dalin’s sword touch his chest. For a moment, he stared, and then his head drooped.

Solange, too, sought to flee. Flashing past Sophira, Jenna leaped onto the dais, knocking Solange to the floor and stripping her of the royal robes. Unsatisfied, she stripped away Solange’s undergarments as well, leaving the would-be Queen cowering naked on the floor.

“I have something for you,” she hissed, reaching into a bag slung at her side. As the crowd watched, Jenna quickly bound Solange’s arms behind her. More rope encircled her legs at knee and ankle. Roughly, Jenna forced a wad of cloth into the bound woman’s mouth, securing it with a length of rope around her head.

“My people.” All eyes turned as Sophira stepped onto the dais. Quickly, Jenna stepped forward with the royal robes, but Sophira waved her back, turning to face the crowded room.

‘My rule,” she said, “has been questioned by these actions. So I ask you now, do you wish me to return as your Queen?”

At these words, the crowd dropped quickly to one knee, heads bowed. Only the nobles, standing directly before the dais, remained standing upright. Seeing this, Sophira smiled.

“The people,” she said, “have spoken. Now, hear my words.” Turning, she gazed toward Korza, who still stood frozen at the point of Dalin’s sword.

“Dalin,” she said, “escort your prisoner to a cell to await trial. Afterward, return to take your place as first among the Queen’s Guard.”

Dalin’s eyes widened. “Your Majesty?”

“I owe you….” Sophira blushed slightly “…more than my life. You have proven yourself, and you have earned my trust. I can think of nobody I would rather have protect me.”

Slowly, Dalin’s face split into a wide grin. “Yes, Your Majesty!” Turning, he quickly hustled Korza from the dais.

“As to this one,” Sophira continued, “she, also, will be dealt with. For now, I ask that you leave us.” Quickly, the room emptied, until only Sophira, Jenna, and Roderick stood over the bound, squirming, Solange.

“Jenna,” Sophira said softly, “you are my maid no longer. Tomorrow, you will be declared chief counselor to the throne.” Smiling, she hugged the stunned woman. “After all,” she added, “you have always been my best advisor.”

Beaming, Jenna returned the hug. “Thank you, Sophira,” she said. “I will do my best to advise you well.”

“I know you will,” Sophira replied, then grinned. “Now, if we could only teach you to remember the proper use of titles.”

Turning, she faced Roderick, her grin fading. For a moment, he met her gaze, before dropping his eyes.

“I stand ready to receive whatever punishment you deem proper for my actions,” he said.

“Then hear me. For your crimes, too numerous to list here, you are hereby pardoned.” Roderick raised his eyes to stare at her in shock. “And for your actions in returning me to my rightful place, you may have any reward you choose.” Smiling nervously, Sophira stepped forward, pressing herself against him. “Any reward at all.”

Nodding, Roderick stepped back. “In that case, I want her,” he said, pointing toward Solange, who still squirmed helplessly at their feet. Seeing this, Sophira flushed angrily.

“This is the reward you request?”

“It is. Solange sought power by any means. I look forward to teaching her what it means to have no power at all, no say in what happens to her.”

“In that case, take your reward and leave with my blessing.” Sophira began to turn away, halting as Roderick lightly grasped her arm.

“Your Majesty,” he said softly, “do you know the difference between fucking and making love?”

“By all means,” she replied shortly, “enlighten me.”

“Fucking,” Roderick said, seemingly unbothered by the ice in her voice, “is a purely physical thing. It can be done to gain pleasure, or to give pleasure as a payment, a reward, or maybe to pay a perceived debt. This one,” nodding toward Solange, “I will gladly fuck often”.

“Making love,” he continued, “is something special, something magical, that you share with someone you care for. It is done only because both people desire it for themselves, and for each other. I could never fuck you.” He gazed into her eyes. “However, I would give anything to make love to you one time.”

“You will not,” Sophira informed him sternly, “make love to me one time.” Under his gaze, she smiled softly, feeling her nipples harden. “You will make love to me at least as many times as you fuck her.”

“Is that a command, Your Majesty?”

“It is not. It is a request.” Stepping forward, Sophira wrapped her arms around Roderick’s waist, dropping her head to rest on his shoulder. “A request from my heart. Please say yes.”

In answer, she felt strong arms wrap around her, holding her gently.

Sophira ruled well for many years. With the advice of Jenna, as well as the support of Roderick, her consort, she ended the power of the nobles, raising the common people of the realm to a level they had never before known. Under her rule, the land prospered.

However, it is said that Sophira never quite grasped the difference between fucking and making love. Throughout her reign, Roderick found it necessary to show her that difference often, sometimes even more than once a night. This task, he happily undertook, serving well in that capacity for the rest of their lives.

As for Solange, she earned a unique place in history. Shortly after her failed attempt at the throne, slavery was outlawed throughout the land. In the royal decree, only one exception was specified. Solange was declared to be slave to Roderick. And so, failing in her attempt to become Queen, she spent her life in the palace, surrounded by all the luxury of the royal court, yet partaking in none of it. Jenna named her Queen of slaves, and so she ruled for the rest of her days.

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